Our Position on Global Warming & the Future.

There have been gross miscalculations and major errors by global warming authorities, climate scientists and most of today's environmental organizations which have hidden critical global warming tipping points and created a false optimism about new global warming reduction technologies and our future success in reducing global warming. There has also been a major downplaying of the now unavoidable, 20 worst consequences of global warming coming soon to our future. 

Click here to read more about the gross miscalculations that have created the current turn for the worse into irreversible global warming.

For the precise definition of irreversible global warming click here

To see a graphic overview of the 20 worst global warming consequences, click here.

To see a graphic overview of the top 11 global warming tipping points, click here.

Because of these gross miscalculations and this false optimism, global warming has become irreversible and unless we soon prepare for, adapt to and/or migrate as appropriate, as much as 70-90% of humanity will die because of new crossed tipping points and other climate factors in as little as 30-50 years.

What You Can Do

To see what to do to help slow and lessen this emergency so that more of us will suffer less and survive, read about and start the new Job One Plan by clicking here.

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