Take action now to survive global warming!

The following are the most recommended sequence of steps to best learn about the escalating global warming emergency and what you can do about it:

1. Read our disruptive mission statement.

Know how and why our global warming educational mission is very different from 99% of all other environmental organizations --- especially how we must respond to the rapidly escalating consequences of global warming. Click here to read our upgraded mission.

2. Learn about our unfortunate new state of irreversible global warming.

Please click here to learn how irreversible global warming will increasingly threaten and diminish your personal finances, safety and future.)

3. Learn how to prepare your family and business for the rapidly escalating consequences of global warming.

4. Download the free Job One for Humanity Plan to learn how you can help slow in lessen the escalating global warming emergency.

Learn about an effective new plan that will help us slow and lessen the worst consequences of irreversible global warming. Click here.

5. Sign up for Our Free Global Warming Blog.

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6. Buy the new book Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It.

It fully documents our currently irreversible global warming, how it came about, the 20 major global warming consequences, and the 11 most dangerous global warming tipping points. Its detailed predictions of coming consequences are already occurring. Each book purchase helps support the non-profit mission of Job One for Humanity organization, which in turn works to help you survive global warming. Get the new Climageddon book by clicking here.

7. Now that you understand what's going on, please sign our most important petitions and pledges:

Sign the Declare a Global Warming State of Emergency Petition

Sign the Stop Saying Climate Change Pledge

Take the Pledge to help solve the global warming emergency and join the honor roll!

8. And if you feel our mission is important and you wanted to succeed:

 Click here and make an easy and fast, tax deductible online donation.



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David Pike, Editor