What is the New Climageddon Book About?

Climageddon explains the Climageddon Scenario - a global warming progression scenario that is becoming more realistic everyday. This is a scenario where we quickly go over one or more of the critical global warming tipping points that quickly first makes our current rapidly escalating global warming irreversible and then extinction for most of the human race likely.

Climaggedon doesn't just tell you about the coming global warming disaster it also provides the most effective steps that we can take to fix it by using the new Job One For Humanity Climate Plan to End Global Warming.

It also tells you who the big winners and losers are going to be economically, politically and environmentally. You will get a insider look at the hell that that will get much worse the longer we fail to fully mobilize to end global warming.

Climageddon_book_cover_r4_113015_(1).pngWhy Get and Read Climageddon?

  1. The risk analysis on global warming done by the world’s leading authority is incorrect and incomplete.  

  2. Global warming is far worse than we are being told.   

  3. Most of what we are doing to fix global warming is insufficient.

  4. While we are all responsible for escalating global warming there is ONLY one group that can act fast enough to save us from going over the climate cliff for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

  5. We may still have little time left to fix global warming before it becomes irreversible if we follow the new Job One For Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan.       

Climageddon Also Discloses…

  1. Recycling, using electric cars, turning down the heat, etc. by themselves will not stop global warming in time — even if hundreds of millions of us begin to do these things.

  2. The shocking reasons why we have made so little progress fixing global warming over the last 30 years.

  3. The possibility that we may have already crossed critical global warming climate tipping points which could make global warming irreversible and cause extreme climate destabilization. This will soon mean a radically worse world for current and future generations.

Climageddon includes:

  1. A explanation of global warming, climate destabilization, critical climate tipping points, theclimate cliffs of irreversible and extinction level climate destabilization, and how these things will likely unfold.

  2. Critical information about why we all will be required to make radical, painful, costly, and difficult changes to our lifestyles, livelihoods and environments to avoid global warming caused irreversible, or extinction level, climate destabilization.

  3. The fatal flaws in the “miracle new technology will save us from global warming” hope.

  4. How to prepare and adapt your life and business strategies to a global warming damaged new world that will be vastly different than today.You will learn how to create global warming emergency survival and backup migration plans.

  5. Learning how to create global warming emergency survival and backup migration plans.

“We can't keep rearranging the Titanic’s deck chairs when the Earth is accelerating towards a climate cliff. Climageddon cuts to the heart of the challenge before us and gives the most important actions we can take to effectively re-stabilize the Earth’s climate.“                                      A Job One for Humanity Team member

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