Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change; Facts, Causes, Effects, & Solutions

Thirty years of dire warnings have failed to slow the escalating global warming and its consequent climate destabilization. Our decision makers have been blinded to the true urgency of the climate emergency and approaching climate tipping points due to omissions, errors, and inaccurate assumptions in the source information used.

The longer we wait to make the difficult and immediate changes necessary to reverse global warming, the more dearly we, and our children, will pay in costly effort and painful sacrifice. As long as we act together effectively and soon, there is still hope to lessen or slow some of the worst effects of global warming.  

Fixing escalating global warming is the greatest single adaptive challenge and evolutionary adventure in human history. It IS the single most urgent challenge humanity must resolve to survive and thrive!

The new Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan is an effective, “first things first” complete strategy to fix global warming and re-stabilize Earth’s climate using the most effective tools and best facts available to us.

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