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On this author's page, you will find important updates or corrections on the Climageddon book since its release as well as links to the other support and action areas mentioned in the Climageddon book.

Important Updates for the Climageddon Book

There have been several updates to the Climageddon book since it was published. They are based on the newest global warming (aka climate change,) research and an updated meta climate systems analysis including the new research.

Below you will find the relevant prioritized updates.

The biggest book update

In the new book Climageddon, it was stated that if we were very, very lucky, global warming may not become irreversible. But one year after publication we now know differently. Global warming has, for all intents and purposes has become irreversible for at least the next 50 years due in part to the continually accumulating or increasing factors found on this page.

No matter where you live, global warming has already reached a state of irreversibility for at least the next 50 years and this major change has real and severe consequences for your future. To hear that global warming has already become irreversible will come as an unwelcome shock to most of you, especially because we have been told by our media we are making progress in managing it.

Unfortunately, almost all of today's mainstream media coverage of global warming is not accurate about the future and this document will begin to prove it to you!


For those of you who doubt in any way that global warming has already reached irreversibility for at least the next 50 years, click the preceding link and read the following new info and link and let us show you how and why irreversible global warming is already here!

Once you have read and understood the new irreversible global warming document you know the biggest single update to the Climageddon book. But, this does not significantly change almost anything else in the book other than:

1. suggesting that the consequences and timetables discussed in the book are even more certain and could be coming sooner than even the book predicts and,

2. the fact that global warming has become irreversible leads up to the second biggest update for the Climageddon book the necessary updating of the Job one Plan.

The second biggest book update

We have had to significantly update, add to and re-prioritize Job One Plan content and action steps from what was presented in the Climageddon book to deal with the new reality of irreversible global warming for at least the next 50 years. We are providing this update free to all Climageddon readers as follows:

Click here for Part 1 of the Job one Plan on how to best prepare yourself, family and business for the unavoidable worst consequences of global warming. (Part 1 was formerly Part 4 of the original Job One Plan found in the Climageddon book. We had to move it forward because global warming is now irreversible and everyone needs to do some basic emergency preparation to survive the unavoidable consequences that are coming while they work on the other Job One steps below.)

Click here for Part 2 of the Job One Plan on the best individual actions to help slow, lessen and adapt to the unavoidable worse consequences of global warming to do what you can to minimize the coming suffering and loss. (This new Part 2 was formerly an appendix in the Climageddon book. Individual actions now have a slightly more important role in helping to modestly slow, lessen and adapt to what is coming. And, at this point, the consequences that are coming are so challenging that any modest slowing, lessening or adaption to them will be vital to saving more people from unnecessary suffering or death.)

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan. It is the collective actions that will work to drastically reduce greenhouse gases down to net zero so we survive global warming. These are the most critical collective actions we must do to prevent the very extinction of humanity and future generations. (This is the original Part 3 of the Job One Plan found in the Climageddon book, but it has been extensively upgraded including a completely new action step 12. It also has been refocused even more deeply upon the single painful and dominant reality that we must make immediate, radical and costly reductions in our fossil fuel energy generation and use.)

Click here for Part 4 of the Job One Plan for radical new ideas on how we can get the very difficult must do survival critical actions of Part 3 of the Job One plan done. (Part 4 has been upgraded by adding religious leaders to the mix of individuals who can have a real influence upon our national politicians to compel them to make the critical government level changes described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

We will also soon have a new downloadable PDF file that includes all 4 parts of the recently upgraded Job One Plan. We will notify all website subscribers and members when it goes up. If you haven't subscribed to the website (at the bottom of every page on our website,) please do so now so that you get all of the new research, newsletters, and updates. 

The third biggest book-related update

In Climageddon I was wrong about the carbon 425- 450 ppm last battle line for saving us from the worst of the Climageddon Scenario. This is now an irrelevant battle line because there is truly nothing we can do at this point to prevent ourselves from crossing it and continuing on to at least carbon 500 ppm as described in detail in this irreversible global warming description. One of the most important reasons for this is, that the key nations of the world are still at least 15 to 30 years away from coming to any kind of near unanimous, immediate and truly effective international agreement for cutting of fossil fuel consumption to prevent adding more carbon ppm to the atmosphere each year and the coming worst 20 consequences of global warming.

I truly believed that once Climageddon was published there would be a stronger reaction by other environmental groups to help enact its effective solutions for radically cutting fossil fuel use. I have been quite shocked and at times disheartened by the general reaction and inaction of other environmental groups to the difficult facts of Climageddon. In fact, only one another global warming education group has come to realize that what is laid out in Climageddon is our real future.

Additionally, once we finally get global agreement and mass mobilization to make the drastic fossil fuel use cuts needed, as mentioned earlier, the projected length of time it will take to technologically move from global fossil fuel energy generation and use and to scale up green energy generation and use to replace it is estimated to take at least another 35-50 or more years! At the minimum, this means that we will be adding new and additional carbon into the atmosphere at the current rate of about three more parts per million (ppm) per year for at least the next 50 years or so and, possibly far longer. (Adding this additional and unavoidable three or more carbon ppm per year for the next 50 or more years also does not include any compensatory calculations for the additional fossil fuel energy use of the human population soaring from 7 to 14 billion people during this period or that many more people will move into the middle class demanding the same high carbon use and comforts of the developed world.

When you look down the road 50 years from now and add the additional and unavoidable 150 carbon ppm [50 x 3 carbon ppm] to our existing carbon 408 ppm total, it is easy to see we are already locked into in an escalating irreversible global warming emergency where we will cross the carbon 558 ppm level.)

The fourth biggest book-related update

Because of the harsh new realities of irreversible global warming we also had to upgrade our mission. We had to drop the old mission focus of ending global warming. Because of irreversible global warming, all we can do now is slow and lesson it so that more people may survive, migrate and get the most critical infrastructure to the far north or far south. Click here see the upgraded mission of Job One for Humanity.

Other Climageddon Current Book Corrections:

Numerous readers have sent me new information that challenges certain information that I presented in Climageddon. I read every one of these carefully and have them in a to-do list to review. Other than the corrections that are listed above, after my review of any reader challenges to the data, I will post any additional corrections needed for the book below.

It may take me a while to get to some of the informational challenges that have been raised by a few book readers due to ongoing book promotions, my work at Job One for Humanity and other backlogs, but I take them very seriously and I will get to every one of them and reply to the readers or critics who have sent me this information with what I discovered in relation to what they have presented.

Current book corrections:

The following is no longer true:

There also could be a survival-critical point where we will have to be open to the possibilities of any existing or new technology... Among many new technology possibilities, we may even have to use distasteful or disruptive stopgap measures on the way to restabilizing the climate, provided that we have a high certainty these temporary measures will not have even worse side effects! For example, fourth generation nuclear breeder reactors, if perfected, are supposed to use and burn the spent existing nuclear waste now being stored at great expense and risk. They will turn stored nuclear waste into a byproduct with a radioactive half-life of just 300 years instead of the average ~10,000 years for many kinds of existing nuclear reactor waste.


There is now no possible way to physically scale-up building enough new nuclear reactor energy generation capacity to replace ALL of global fossil fuel use in the amounts needed (mentioned above) and, in the time needed to save us from the worst consequences that will occur over the next 50 years.  

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