Job One for Humanity Plan Overview

Escalating global warming is the most urgent threat humanity must resolve now to survive. The Job One Plan to end global warming describes the essential action steps that may be our last best chance to resolve the global warming emergency before we pass the critical thresholds where global warming becomes irreversible.

The new Job One Plan is designed only to:

  1. First slow and lessen global warming, then eventually

  2. End the emergency before global warming becomes irreversible and we enter the later stages of the Climageddon Scenario.

It is a comprehensive “first things first” plan using innovative strategies and the most current science available. It is a fully prioritized plan designed to do only what is absolutely necessary in the most effective sequence of steps.

It is significantly different from other global warming resolution strategies and programs being presented today. It is not the intention of the Job One plan to challenge those current programs. Job One hopes to augment and refine the existing programs of other organizations with a fresh infusion of ideas, strategies, and perspectives so that we are best equipped to succeed on the monumental collective task in front of us.

Quick Overview of Job One Plan

    1. A detailed explanation of the facts about the escalating global warming state of emergency, the consequences and effects of global warming, the global warming tipping points, how global warming leads to irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization.

    2. A comprehensive, systemic, and first-things-first prioritized action plan to slow and lessen global warming in time, versus the often scattered, ineffective piecemeal global warming actions and campaigns commonly promoted today.

    3. How to prepare and adapt your life and business strategies to a new global warming damaged world that will be vastly different than today. You will even learn how to create your emergency survival and backup migration plans.

    4. Critical information about why we all will be required to make difficult, painful, and costly changes to our lifestyles, livelihoods and communities to avoid global warming caused irreversible or extinction level climate destabilization.

    5. The fatal flaws in the hope that “miracle new technology will save us from global warming.

    6. The 16 evolutionary benefits that can be derived from this global warming adaptive challenge for humanity.

How to get the Job One Plan:

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