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The Job One Plan describes the essential action steps to both prepare for and adapt to the current, but unfortunate reality of irreversible global warming as well as the potential extinction of as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years. (For the precise definition of what irreversible global warming is and how it has come about, click here. 

The Job One Plan Is:

1. a comprehensive “first things first” plan using innovative strategies and the most current science available. 

2. a fully prioritized, deadline-driven plan designed to do only what is absolutely necessary in the most effective sequence of steps. 

3. significantly different from the other global warming resolution strategies and programs being presented today. You will even learn how to create your emergency survival supplies and backup migration plans. 

The Job One Plan Is Designed To:

1. help you adapt your life and business strategies to the growing reality of an escalating global warming damaged world that'll be getting much worse.

2. help manage this emergency before we enter the later extinction stages of what is called the Climageddon Scenario. (The 6 phases of this global warming caused extinction process is described in the Climageddon Scenario here.)

To get the Job One Plan temporarily free, click here.

The Job One Plan Also Contains:

1. Critical information about why all of us will soon be required to make radical, painful, and costly changes to our lifestyles, livelihoods and communities to save ourselves, humanity and our civilization.

2. The fatal flaws in the last chance hope that some new “miracle technology" that does not currently exist or that could not possibly scale-up in time will save us.

3. If you would like to see a detailed summary of the Job One plan individual and collective action steps, click here.

A new book called Climageddon also has the Job One Plan in it. Climageddon also offers a detailed explanation of the key facts about escalating global warming, the 20 most dangerous consequences, the 11 most important tipping points and how global warming has become irreversible and is now leading us toward extinction.

2 Ways to Get the Complete Job One Plan:

a. To get the Job One Plan temporarily free, click here. 

b. To get the full Job One Plan to end global warming as part of the new Climageddon book in either an ebook or printed version, click the Buy the Book button below. The Climageddon book explains all the reasons why the Job One Plan is needed and will work. And, each book purchase will helps support the mission of Job One for Humanity organization to help humanity and civilization survive our current irreversible global warming.


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David Pike, Editor