Job One for Humanity Plan Overview

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The plan includes:

    1. A detailed explanation of the facts about the escalating global warming state of emergency, the consequences and effects of global warming, the global warming tipping points, how global warming leads to irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization.

    2. A comprehensive, systemic, and first-things-first prioritized action plan to slow and lessen global warming in time, versus the often scattered, ineffective piecemeal global warming actions and campaigns commonly promoted today.

    3. How to prepare and adapt your life and business strategies to a new global warming damaged world that will be vastly different than today. You will even learn how to create your emergency survival and backup migration plans.

    4. Critical information about why we all will be required to make difficult, painful, and costly changes to our lifestyles, livelihoods and communities to avoid global warming caused irreversible or extinction level climate destabilization.

    5. The fatal flaws in the hope that “miracle new technology will save us from global warming.

    6. The 16 evolutionary benefits that can be derived from this global warming adaptive challenge for humanity.

The key goals of the Job One Plan

Here is what needs to be done to resolve the escalating global warming emergency before it is too late:

  • To only what is both critical and essential in the properly prioritized sequence to keep us from crossing any critical global warming tipping points. (Crossing any critical climate tipping points could quickly throw us into irreversible global warming and/or extinction-level climate destabilization.)

  • Once the global warming emergency has been eliminated, to then immediately begin a global warming temperature maintenance program to get atmospheric toxic carbon pollution in parts per million (ppm) back down to the safe, long-term temperature and climate stability maintenance level of atmospheric carbon 325 to 350 ppm. We can not be sure that we will not soon cross one or more of the  critical climate tipping points unless we get back down t doo carbon 350 ppm or less at the greatest possible speed and urgency.
“We can't keep rearranging the Titanic’s deck chairs when the Earth is speeding towards a climate cliff. The Job One For Humanity Plan cuts to the heart of the challenge and tells us the most important actions we can take to effectively fix global warming and re-stabilize the Earth’s climate.“  
                                                               A Job One for Humanity Team member

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