About Job One for Humanity

Job One for Humanity is a non profit organization promoting a comprehensive, “first things first” plan to fix escalating global warming and to re-stabilize our climate.

The Job One for Humanity Plan for personal and collective action uses the most effective strategies and best current science to give you practical and effective steps you can start today to slow and end escalating global warming. If you believe there is more to learn about global warming, or if you, or your organization believe that:

  • "Global warming is already a serious problem"

  • "Global warming is getting worse"

  • "Past solutions for global warming are not working"

  • "We are running out of time to fix it to avoid irreversible global warming and it's cataclysmic effects..."

...then we urge you to buy the new Climageddon book, containing the full and upgraded Job One For Humanity Plan. Your book purchase helps support the social benefit mission of Job One for Humanity to end global warming.




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