About Job One for Humanity

Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization working for the benefit of society.

Its main mission is to candidly warn and effectively prepare society for the escalating current consequences, as well as the soon-to-be arriving worst consequences of our unfortunate state of irreversible global warming.

In order to help you (and humanity) survive our current state of irreversible global warming, we forward the free Job One for Humanity Plan, which is a comprehensive “first things first” plan.

The Job One plan is designed to help individuals and groups:

  1. make the necessary advanced emergency backup and recovery preparations before it is too late,
  2. wherever possible in your current location, implement global warming adaptation strategies,
  3. wherever applicable, plan and execute successful migration of individuals, families, businesses and communities to areas that will be much safer from the 20 worst consequences of global warming. And,
  4. once we have survived the 20 worst consequences which can no longer be avoided, the Job One plan also provides effective lifestyle and livelihood action steps to help us re-stabilize our climate and weather at or near its original state --- a state which has successfully sustained humanity for thousands of years.

The Job One for Humanity Plan uses only the best of current science to help you, your family, and your business survive (and even thrive,) through the worst of our escalating global warming emergency.

Click here to see your first action steps on the Job One plan.

In Summary

If you believe there is more for you to learn about the irreversible global warming crisis, or if you (or your organization) believe that:

  • "Global warming is becoming a serious problem"
  • "Past solutions do not seem to be working to reduce the escalating global warming danger and threat"
  • "Global warming is steadily worsening and increasingly harming our environment, economy and future survival"
  • "We are out of time to avoid the soon arriving far worse weather and climate catastrophes or even extinction. It is now time to immediately begin preparing and acting in order to survive the now unavoidable 20 worst consequences of global warming."

...then we urge you to follow your curiosity…

First, click the Learn navigation links at the top of every page on this website and then…

Read the complete and free Job One for Humanity Plan to survive irreversible global warming.





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