Climageddon is the new encyclopedia of global warming facts, consequences, timetables and solutions


Climageddon is a virtual encyclopedia of global warming (aka climate change,) and the latest global warming research. It’s 450 pages, 80 illustrations and original meta-systems analysis present critical new information that you will not find in any other current global warming book.

It presents current, highly detailed global warming consequence timetables critical and essential for wise future planning for business, government and individuals all over the world. Climageddon also illuminates the eleven most critical global warming tipping points that will strike an appropriate and necessary fear in the minds of mid to long-range planners from every industry. Crossing more of these 11 tipping points will signal the rapid end of humanity and civilization, but only if our governments do not take immediate, radical action.

Climageddon candidly describes the emergency we face today not 10 years in the future. It also provides realistic hope and workable new solutions based upon the new Job One for Humanity Plan for how to adapt to and survive what is now unavoidable for at least the next 50 years. The new Job One plan will also show you how to lessen and slow the coming global warming catastrophes as well as how to stay ahead of the coming global warming-related market unpredictability and losses. 

It even provides information on how to migrate successfully to the remaining safe zones or how to adapt and prepare to endure as long as possible where you currently are located. 

New research and the meta-systemic analysis presented in Climageddon demonstrates that for all intents and purposes, global warming is already irreversible for at least the next 50 years and that the key calculations behind most of our publicly promoted global warming consequence timetable predictions are grossly underestimated.

Climageddon's research lays out a rational case for believing that if something extreme does not happen to immediately correct our grossly ineffective global warming reduction actions, as much as 70-90% of humanity will suffer and die from starvation and the 20 major global warming consequences within as little as the next 30-50 years in what the book calls the Climageddon Scenario.

Climageddon is not just a static book. All book owners also have access to special web pages that present critical new research updates as well as any and all necessary changes or updates that this newer research might require in the book calculations, predictions, and remedial actions. 

The debate on if global warming real or who is responsible, no longer matters in light of the new escalating global warming realities. Irreversible global warming is here and it will last at least another 50 years with unthinkable and unavoidable consequences and catastrophesDo not get caught unprepared or unable to adapt to global warming's escalating 20 major consequences! Get Climageddon today.

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