The16 Surprise Benefits of Global Warming

As you learn about the enormity of the current irreversible global warming emergency you may become disheartened. You may even become depressed as you face the very real possibility of the extinction of humanity and the end of our civilization, which will likely occur if we do not immediately and radically change our fossil fuel burning ways in what can only be achieved through the greatest mass global mobilization for energy transition in human history.

Out of sheer necessity and to maintain the mental well-being of our own staff, we discovered that regular review of this "surprise" benefit list was critical to keep our team together and their morale up. 

The list below looks at the big picture. It envisions the many evolutionary benefits that are possible as we work together and cooperatively toward surviving the current global warming emergency.

We hope that you will read and use this global warming benefit list whenever needed to keep your spirits up throughout the long and difficult remedial process ahead of us. This list is also continually being upgraded with new global warming benefits as they are discovered or as they are shared with us.

Global Warming Benefit 1  -  Global Warming is the greatest collective adaptive challenge and evolutionary adventure in human history. As the single greatest "exterior" global threat and disruptor humanity has ever faced, it will force us to transform and grow in global cooperation, evolutionary maturity and as one human family. 

Global Warming Benefit 2  -  There will be positive climate wildcards that will benefit some parts of the world at least temporarily. Some of those wildcards might also be in the form of new technologies that could help us dramatically reduce fossil fuel use and radically increase green energy generation and use.

Global Warming Benefit 3  -  As we fully engage with the the climate re-stabilization process (the Job One for Humanity Plan) we will also be creating the natural foundation for a long-term Sustainable Prosperity for everyone.

Global Warming Benefit 4  -  Despite the threat before us, we can still fully enjoy our daily lives as we work together to resolve the many challenges of irreversible global warming.

Global Warming Benefit 5  -  By being forced toward a sustainable future, we create hundreds of millions of new, well paid green energy jobs. 

Global Warming Benefit 6  -  irreversible global warming will inevitably force us into new levels of local, national, and international climate cooperation.

Global Warming Benefit 7  -  We still have time to get prepared and to build emergency reserves and resilience into our local and international preparedness systems. Click here for how to do this.

Global Warming Benefit 8  -  There are unique spiritual, meaning and character building benefits to people of faith and faith communities in forwarding the climate re-stabilization process.

Global Warming Benefit 9  -  We can re-stabilize the climate without making it a polarized battle of us versus them.

Global Warming Benefit 10  -  We can trust 13.8 billion years of evolutionary success and momentum to help get us through this climate destabilization adaptive challenge.

Global Warming Benefit 11  -  In resolving climate destabilization we will be forced to pilot new, and better lifestyles, livelihoods, and community models.

Global Warming Benefit 12  -  Once we do eventually stop adding new carbon and methane pollution to the atmosphere each year we will establish a new stable global average temperature and climate although it will take centuries or thousands of years.

Global Warming Benefit 13  -  Ongoing scientific research on global warming and the destabilizing climate is effectively warning all rational individuals about the great global warming challenge and emergency before us. (For more information on climate destabilization, go to the the bottom of our global warming glossary by clicking here. It has the full definition of the 3 kinds of climate destabilization.)

Global Warming Benefit 14  -  Because we cannot completely eliminate the escalating pain, suffering, and death due to irreversible global warming, we can at least still work together to effectively slow and MINIMIZE it and save as much as we can.

Global Warming Benefit 15  -  The destructive creation of climate destabilization will facilitate necessary structural and systemic benefits in our societies, economic systems and our governments that may not be possible by any other means. (Go to the the bottom of our global warming glossary by clicking here. It has the full definition of the 3 kinds of climate destabilization.)

Global Warming Benefit 16  -  Even if we do not stop climate destabilization in time for humanity to survive, from a “Big Picture” evolutionary perspective, there are still many benefits for the remaining planetary life and the evolution of our universe. See the new Climageddon Book for a detailed explanation of this complex benefit.

The surprise benefits of global warming listed above are fully explained in new Climageddon Book.

All of the preceding, and more information about both the benefits of global warming and the escalating warming emergency itself can be found in the Climageddon book. Get your copy now! 

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  • commented 2017-07-23 13:46:39 -0700
    thank you very much for a well written articles and videos. As a researcher on climate change and sustainable development. I would like to be guided on how to reference this book as well as more latest updates on climate change vs sustainable development.
  • commented 2017-07-07 09:53:36 -0700
    Out of curiosity I searched for “benefits of global warming”. Up comes this childish list of sixteen cutely phrased identical reasons to use global warming as an arguing point to conquer global warming. That’s a clear signal the writer is a parrot with access to voice recognition software.
  • commented 2016-12-25 04:15:00 -0800
    Exceptionally well written. Environment has carrying capacity or outer limits, exceeding those any
    catostropes can happen. this is very well depicted in a movie produce many years back , tittled RATOPOLIS A shorter version few minutes video is also awailable. people have ran away. please look it up on google, you will find it. There is most recently published book " We are borrowing from our Children . must read. appreciate your 16 points benifits. Impactable action needs COCREATION

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