Job One for Humanity Plan Mission

Having and knowing the correct global warming goals and subgoals is the best, and possibly the only way to end the global warming emergency and re-stabilize Earth's climate.

The key goals of the Job One Plan

  1. To do only what is both critical and effective in the properly prioritized sequence to slow and lessen global warming enough to keep us from crossing more global warming tipping points. (Crossing more global warming tipping points could quickly move us into irreversible global warming and extinction level climate destabilization.)

  2. Once the current escalating global warming emergency has been resolved, to then begin an atmospheric carbon reduction program to reduce carbon parts per million (ppm) to the long-term temperature and climate safe maintenance level of carbon 325 to 350 ppm.

The key subgoals of the Job One Plan

The critical subgoals that will most likely keep us from crossing more global warming tipping points are:

  • Reduce all global fossil fuel use as fast as technically possible to ensure achieving carbon neutrality (net zero carbon). 2026 is the critical global carbon neutral target date to still keep us within the window of meaningful control. (Some temporary, but small exceptions would need to be created for military, airlines, space travel, and other critical plastic and chemical uses of fossil fuels.)

    • This subgoal will require keeping 90% or more of all existing carbon and methane fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, tar sands, etc.) in the ground and never burned.

  • Transition globally to 100% renewable global green energy generation as soon as technically possible. 2026 is the critical target date for this subgoal as well.

We need to bring new and existing green energy generation technology online or to full capacity at a speed of infrastructure transformation, deployment, and mobilization never before achieved in human history.

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