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"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

Mission Introduction

Because of the gross misinformation of the public about our current global warming emergency as well as new global warming research, we have been compelled to upgrade our mission to reflect the new realities of global warming which is now out of our meaningful control for at least another 50 years. 

Our mission and role must now be "to do our best to awaken, warn and motivate our fellow men in a way that embodies cooperation, empathy, and justice." We comfort where we can, share grieving where necessary, but still argue that in this Global warming caused “descent of civilization,” there is much that we can do individually and together.

A major good news of the new Job One for Humanity upgraded mission is that the most unthinkable global warming news (found on this page) may still be preventable by immediately enacting the greatest mass mobilization in human history of our civilization's resources as described below and in our free Job One Plan Part 3

Most of our world is ensconced presently in some form of global warming denial, and not just the most obvious kind related to whether global warming is real or not. Most of the world isn't even close to realizing how bad global warming is right now or how bad it's going to get --- far sooner than anyone he's telling you except organizations like ourselves.

Our collective job then is to prepare ourselves, our families and those who are able to see, feel or understand the harsh reality that is coming. It will not be pretty or easy.

Our world will change dramatically; the world we have lived this past half-century will look like a gossamer-illusion in just a short 10, 20 to 30 years from now.

Our new mission is now to help those we can to navigate this uncertain, perilous, and threatening future that is our banquet of now unavoidable unthinkable global warming consequences.

Our Full Mission

Because of these new global warming realities as (found on this page,) our new mission must now be:

a. to awaken, warn and motivate both you (and society,) to act proactively in relation to:

1. our out of meaningful control global warming and its now unavoidable worst consequences that will last for at least the next 50 years,

2. global warming's escalating 20 worst consequences as well as its 11 key tipping points,

3. the most important remaining global warming near extinction and extinction tipping points of carbon 500 ppm and carbon 600 ppm (parts per million.) (Once we cross this final 600 ppm tipping point we enter extinction-level global warming and the last phases of the Climageddon Scenario.  Once we cross the carbon 500 PPM tipping point we will have a 4°C increase in average global temperature and all ice on earth will begin melting. Anything at or above a 4°Celcius increase in average global temperature would be incompatible with an organized global society and would be beyond adaptation!)

4. the new global warming consequence prediction timetables and model called the Climageddon Scenario. (This is very critical prediction information will keep you from being surprised so that you have adequate time to prepare for the unavoidable coming consequences.

b. to help you do everything within your power to cause a cut in all global carbon emissions in half by 2020, then cut in half again by 2030, and then cut in half again each decade out to 2050 as the only honest solution with any realistic hope of keeping us safe. We either do these fossil fuel cuts to this level or most of us under 50, our children and our grandchildren (eventually as much as 70-90% of the population,) will die from global warming escalating consequences as soon as 2030-2050 (depending on where you live in the world.) To save our self from this final catastrophe and extinction we will need to get our governments immediately enacting the radical, painful and costly fossil fuel use cuts by law as well as the other critical actions required for humanity to survive, see Part 3 of the Job One Plan and Part 4 of the Job One Plan. This way we will help slow and lessen the escalating consequences of out of control global warming in what will have to be nothing less than the largest mass mobilization of resources in human history. 

Never forget, if we fail, there is literally no livable future you would want to inhabit if we do not make the required critical fossil fuel cuts mentioned previously. Never forget we are not talking about vague statistics and probabilities here, but the lives of you, your family and billions of other individuals, families, and children all over the world! Click here to see your first action steps on the Job One plan.

c. to help you prepare for (Part 1 of the Job One Plan,) and adapt to (Part 2 of the Job One Plan,) our escalating global warming emergency

(if you have not done so already, please click here to learn exactly what out of control global warming means and how it unfolds over the next 50 years. You will learn how it will increasingly attack your financial resources, safety, and future. The good news is that if you know what is coming and when it is coming, you can prepare and adapt and avoid a lot of the coming suffering and loss. In the case of escalating global warming, knowledge is not just power, it is survival!)

d. To help inclined individuals and groups create sustainable, self-organizing and independent eco-communities in global warming-safe locations to help make sure that enough of these new communities are established and well-prepared to survive the escalating onslaught of inescapable global warming catastrophes. These new experimental communities will be essential to helping carry forward the survival of humanity, human culture, and civilization. (See the Universe Community sections of our sister website for all the information you will need to do to create and self-organize your own sustainable eco-community in a global warming-safe zone.)

e. Once we have survived the global warming emergency and have learned the hard experiential lessons it will teach us, we (this organization and these new eco-communities,) will promote a new and proven understanding of sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods to help transform the coming traumatic global warming collapse into a springboard for building a better world that will thrive again for hundreds of generations. (Click here to learn about that new Sustainable Prosperity.)

How our mission will be executed:

  1. We use the best climate science available.
  2. We do only what is deadline and effectiveness prioritized in the proper sequence to save as much of humanity and civilization as we can.
  3. We use the free Job One Plan to help individuals slow and lessen what is now unavoidable, cope with the emotional implications of our now out of control global warming, create emergency preparedness, and effectively adapt as long as we can for a difficult future. 
  4. We vigorously promote that there is no other way to survive this emergency unless we come together immediately and cooperate as one human family. This is because if we do not cooperate in a massive global emergency mobilization of ALL of humanity's required resources there will be NO winners! Even the ultra-wealthy will only survive temporarily migrating to the far north. Our core message is quite simple. Either we all cooperate on resolving this emergency immediately or we all die!  
  5. We promote the honest global warming hope that ONLY if we prevent ourselves from crossing the carbon 600 ppm final battle line, will there still be a small window of opportunity for humanity and the best of our civilization to survive.
  6. We foster tapping into our deepest philosophical and spiritual reserves to help us endure and make sense of the tremendous suffering and sacrifice ahead.
  7. We promote utilizing this unprecedentedly difficult and urgent situation to enhance and expand the meaning and purpose of our lives, and to help us develop and broaden our character.
  8. We promote maintaining as positive of a perspective as is possible throughout all of the coming hardships. Click here to see a summary of the 16 surprise positive perspectives on things that can happen in this emergency that might help you sustain your positive perspective through this challenge.
  9. We actively promote enjoying your life today as fully as is possible because there are no guarantees and we may not succeed.
  10. We practice that there is no one to blame for this out of control global warming emergency. For the last three decades, our current governmental systems have so protected or incentivized fossil fuel use that curtailing it was all but impossible. Additionally, the climate is so complex that only a handful of individuals had both the intellectual bandwidth and the years of climate study to fully grasp how global warming would get out of our control and become out of control so fast. Those few individuals did not have sufficient governmental influence to prevent global warming from becoming out of control. The last thing we need to do is to polarize and waste resources in energy-depleting blame.

A quick overview of some of the substeps to achieving our full mission above are:

  1. To help individuals first understand and then predict the next wave of global warming-aggravated disasters that almost all of us will inevitably experience either now, soon or in the near future. Click here for that information.
  2. To help individuals, wherever possible, to adapt locally to the new realities of out of control global warming. Click here for details on how to do this.
  3. To help individuals create the emergency backup plans and emergency supplies they will need for short-term recovery from the escalating consequences of global warming aggravated disasters and out of control global warming. Click here for details on how to do this.
  4. Where local adaptation strategies are neither possible nor wise, to help as many people as possible migrate to global warming-safe locations. This also means relocating essential key infrastructure near or above the 45th parallel north, near, or below the 45th parallel south. Click here for details on how to do this.
  5. to educate individuals and groups on how to create their personal lifestyles and livelihoods toward a true Sustainable Prosperity.  This along with key collective actions by our governments will in turn also help slow and lessen the speed of this rapidly unfolding catastrophe. (If global warming caused extinction seems unrealistic to you, please see the phase-by-phase global warming extinction process as it unfolds described in the Climageddon Scenario overview here or more fully in the new Climageddon book.)
  6. To provide individuals with effective new strategies designed to help them recover from the damages of the early phases of global warming-aggravated disasters physically and financially. Click here for this new information on disaster recovery,
  7. To promote the necessary mass global mobilization and governmental actions for radically cutting increasing green energy generation, in order to help save as many individuals as possible and preserve the critical infrastructure of civilization, 40

For additional important areas of global warming information and news:

If you want to learn the story of our organization and more about how this just recently upgraded mission statement came about, click here.

Click here for some surprise benefits of our global warming emergency. (We strongly recommend that everyone reads this good news section to help counterbalance the difficult news about our current global warming emergency.)

To learn more about the full Job One Plan that will is designed to achieve the mission above, click here.

If you want to know how the gross misinformation of the public catastrophe occurred as mentioned above, click here and go to the section How this Gross Misinformation Occurred.

If you want to learn the most accurate way that you can personally tell if we are making progress in reducing global warming, click here.

If you feel our mission is important to your future and you want to see it succeed:

Click here to make a fast, easy tax-deductible online donation.

Mission Statement Version 4.o, December 5, 2018


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  • Maureen Murphy
    commented 2018-07-09 15:41:22 -0700
    We must find the courage to meet this challenge. The consequences are too far-reaching if we don’t.
  • Michael Mielke
    commented 2017-10-31 13:03:59 -0700
    This is simply great!

    Blessings all around to JobOne for the courage and foresight.
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