Vision & Mission for Job One for Humanity


To halt the progression of global warming to avoid the looming human extinction event known as Climageddon.



To support a global movement to influence world power centers to avoid the looming human extinction event known as Climageddon. We do this by focusing on Prominent Influencers of those world power centers with direct contact campaigns and targeted, personal messaging, while providing leadership, operational support, and continually updated scientific facts.

About the Job One for Humanity Plan to End Global Warming

Without significant changes in our approach to solving global warming, humanity’s extinction is inevitable. Job One for Humanity offers a unique plan to immediately slow and eventually stop global warming before its worst effects are irreversible.

At a minimum, this plan will enable as many humans as possible to survive longer; at best, it will end the global warming emergency and prevent the extinction event altogether. In the immediate term, our plan will bring pressure on global power centers sufficient to slow global warming. This slowdown will allow the intentional evolution of humanity to continue until enough of us recognize the necessity of taking better care of Earth, thus stopping the devastation before it’s too late.

The Job One Plan Goals Are:

  1. To do only what is both critical and effective in the properly prioritized sequence to slow and lessen global warming enough to keep us from crossing more global warming tipping points. (Crossing more global warming tipping points will rapidly move us into irreversible global warming and extinction level climate destabilization.)

  2. Once the current escalating global warming emergency has been resolved, to then begin a reduction program to reduce atmospheric carbon parts per million (ppm) to the long-term temperature and climate safe maintenance level of carbon 325 to 350 ppm.

The Job One Plan Action Subgoals Are:

  1. Scale up and transition globally to nearly 100% renewable global green energy generation by 2026.

  2. Scale down and reduce global fossil fuel use to ensure achieving carbon neutrality (net zero carbon) for all greenhouse gases by 2026.

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