Vision & Mission for Job One for Humanity


  • to slow our current irreversible global warming enough to avoid the extinction of humanity.

(For the precise definition of irreversible global warming click here. The phase-by-phase global warming extinction process is described in the Climageddon Scenario here.) 

  • to help create a sustainable prosperity for all once the global warming emergency is resolved.


to help avoid the worst consequences of the escalating global warming emergency by:

1. Resolving humanity's most pressing global challenge, irreversible global warming and the probable extinction of as much as 70-90 percent of humanity in as little as the next 30 to 50 years due to crossing more global warming tipping points.

2. Providing accurate facts and strategies to the global warming educational movement to help:

a.) adjust its no longer deadline appropriate strategies, 

b.) prepare for an escalating global warming future of ever-worsening catastrophes and,

c.) avoid the later extinction level phases of the Climageddon Scenario. 

3. Help to create self-organizing and independent, sustainable new eco-communities in global warming-safe locations that are well-prepared to survive the inevitable onslaught of irreversible warming catastrophes that we will not be able to stop no matter what we do at this point. (See the Universe Community sections of this website for all the information you will need to do to create your own self-organizing and independent local eco-community.)

4. Creating lifestyles and livelihoods of Sustainable Prosperity while resolving this emergency, which will in turn help create a sustainable and prosperous future for all. (See the Sustainable Prosperity section of this website for details.)

About Our Job One for Humanity Plan to End Global Warming

At a minimum, the Job One plan will enable as many humans as possible to migrate and survive longer in global warming-safe locations. At best, it will end the global warming emergency and prevent the extinction of humanity altogether. If we do survive this evolutionary challenge, there is the hope that enough of us will finally recognize the necessity of living more sustainably and taking better care of Earth, thus preventing another global warming emergency from ever occurring again.

The Key Job One Plan Action Goals Are:

  1. scale up and transition globally to nearly 100% renewable global green energy generation through a global mass mobilization effort.

  2. scale down and reduce global fossil fuel use to ensure achieving carbon neutrality (net zero carbon) for all greenhouse gases through a global mass mobilization effort. And,

  3. Once we have reached carbon neutral, begin a further carbon reduction program to reduce atmospheric carbon parts per million (ppm) back down to the long-term temperature and climate-safe maintenance level of carbon 325 to 350 ppm.

How The Job One Plan Key Goals Are Executed:

  1. Using the best science available.

  2. Doing only what is both critical and effective in the properly prioritized sequence to slow and lessen global warming enough to keep us from crossing more deadlines and global warming tipping points of no return.

Click here for information about the Climageddon Scenarioin the new book Climageddon: The global warming emergency and how to survive it.


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