Will Amazon regret it's 2 new headquarters locations because of accelerating global warming consequences that will soon destabilize its operations?

Amazon's long-term planners who have read a new book on global warming may be already regretting the selection of the...

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Conservatives deny global warming. But, progressives deny how bad it's really going to get and how fast it's coming!

It's not just conservatives denying the facts about global warming. Almost ALL progressives either... 

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We’re Losing the Global Warming and Environmental Protection Races: “So, What Do We Do Now?”

It is time to be honest with ourselves. We are facing a myriad of global warming and ecological crisis rapidly escalating...

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How to Survive Global Warming

Who We Are

Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization with a new plan for how to adapt to and survive the global warming emergency. Our plan is based on current science. It provides practical, prioritized and effective action steps you can start today.

Take Action

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  • How bad global warming really is right now or, how bad it is going to get, is not being honestly discussed in the media or by our politicians. Learn more here.
  • Disasters aggravated by global warming appear to be growing more severe, occur more often and cover bigger areas. Learn more here.
  • Our current global actions to reverse the escalating global warming emergency are not working either fast enough or well enough to save us from more and bigger climate catastrophes and ecological and human systems collapse! Learn more here about a plan that will work.
  • We are no longer be able to avoid the worst of the catastrophic, irreversible or even extinction-level global warming consequences for the greatest majority of the human population. Learn more here.

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