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Who We Are, What We Do

Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization promoting a comprehensive new plan to end escalating global warming. Our Job One Plan is based on current science, and it provides practical, prioritized and effective action steps you can start today to do your fair share to help end the global warming emergency.

Take Action

If you, or your organization agree with any of the following:

  • Global warming is getting worse at a faster rate than ever before.
  • Past proposals and actions to fix global warming are not working well or fast enough.
  • You are not honestly being told how bad the current escalating global warming emergency really is.
  • We are almost out of time to fix global warming and avoid irreversible, cataclysmic or extinction-level effects.

Then we urge you to get the temporarily free copy of the new Job One for Humanity Plan (a $3.99 value) by signing up for our email list.

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