The 4 Most Critical Climate Change Global Warming Tipping Points and Deadlines to Know to Survive


The not-for-profit Job One for Humanity organization is primarily a place focused on educating individuals and businesses on how to both survive and thrive through the soon-coming climate change and global warming challengesAt the end of this article, to counterbalance these highly disruptive global warming facts, you will find a link to a comprehensive four-part plan for what you can do to help manage the global warming emergency!

You will also find a link to the many surprising and significant benefits that you and humanity will acquire as we resolve the global warming challenge, opportunity, and adventure. We must not forget "that our greatest challenges are also our greatest opportunities." 

(Special Note: When you read this page, also please keep in mind is that our government leaders have utterly failed to prepare for or see the coming pain and suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you read the following it should become obvious that our government leaders are also not adequately preparing for or seeing the global warming extinction emergency for what it is. By the time you finish this article, we believe you will also understand that the already ongoing global warming emergency will be far, far worse than COVID-19 pandemic!)


The four tipping points below are the best overview of our global warming and climate collapse future. To help you process the following uncomfortable news, at the end of this article, we have provided some good news! You also will find a plan for what you can do to help slow and resolve the global warming extinction emergency, while we still have the time to do so.

There are just four critical global warming tipping points and deadlines to never forget:

1. the 2025 climate cliff,

2. the 2042-2067 (or earlier,) extinction-criticalrunaway global ice melting tipping point level,

3. the 2063-2072 (or earlier,) extinction-acceleratingrunaway massive methane release tipping point level, and

4. the post-2072, runaway rising global warming temperature tipping point level.

Of these four tipping points, 2025 is the most important. Once we cross the 2025 tipping point, any realistic or practical control of our global warming future to prevent mass extinction is all but over for centuries to thousands of years. If we pass the following four critical deadlines and tipping points, not only will we experience mass human, animal, and biological extinction, we will also experience widespread economic, social, and political chaos within our lifetimes! 

That is a powerful statement, but we can prove every bit of it to you in the materials and links on this page.

The current global warming consequences will be like a day at the beach compared to what is coming if we trigger the four global warming tipping points described below. (Those current consequences are massive and escalating wildfires, heat waves, droughts, flooding, rain bombs, extreme and record-breaking weather, bomb cyclones, sea-level rise, etc. Click here for all 20 of those consequences,)

Once you understand the four tipping points and deadlines, you can plan for your future safety or your smartest business moves in a rapidly deteriorating environment. The following sections will discuss most aspects of these global warming tipping points in detail.

But, before you can fully grasp the insane danger of crossing any of the four key tipping points below, you will need to understand how we measure carbon in the atmosphere. (Much of today's atmospheric carbon is caused by burning fossil fuels.)

How we measure global warming and what increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere tells us about future global warming 

Before you can fully grasp the danger of crossing the four key tipping points below, you will need to know how we measure carbon in the atmosphere. (Carbon is the main greenhouse gas which we are creating by our fossil fuel use that is causing global warming.)

Atmospheric carbon from fossil fuel burning is the main human-caused factor in the escalating global warming we are experiencing now. The current level of carbon in our atmosphere is tracked using what is called the Keeling curve.. The Keeling curve measures atmospheric carbon in parts per million (ppm).

Each year, many measurements are taken at Mauna Loa, Hawaii to determine the parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere at that time. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (1) around 1880, before we began fossil fuel burning, our atmospheric carbon ppm level was at about 270. Here is the current Keeling curve graph for where we are today:

Keeling Curve Monthly CO2 graph, via (2)

As you can see, we are not doing very well. As of June of 2019 we are at about carbon 414 ppm. 

No matter what you hear in the media, if the total carbon ppm level is not going down or carbon’s average ppm level per year is not falling or at least slowing its steep increase, (3) we are not making any significant progress on resolving the escalating global warming emergency. Total atmospheric carbon and carbon’s average ppm level per year are the most dependable measurements of our progress and a predictor of what will be happening with global warming and its many consequences.

How do we know if we're making honest progress in reducing carbon dioxide to reduce escalating global warming?

There are at least two ways we will be able to tell that we are making honest progress in reducing global warming:

1. When we see our average annual increase in carbon ppm levels (currently at about 3 ppm per year) begin dropping, remaining at the current level, or at least rising at a slower rate.

2. When we start seeing the above Keeling graph levels dropping from the current carbon ppm level (approximately 414 ppm) to carbon 350-325 ppm. (How we do this is in the free Job One Plan.)

A quick look at the historic rise of carbon in the atmosphere

On average, over the last 60 years, for every additional 25 parts per million (ppm) of carbon that goes into the atmosphere, our average global temperature goes up .5 degrees Fahrenheit or about .25 degrees C. On average, over the last 6 decades, we have been adding about an increase of 3 + additional carbon ppm into the atmosphere each year.

If you look at the trendline on the graph above, you can clearly see we are in serious trouble! In spite of everything you are hearing about all we have done to reduce global warming over the past 30+ years, you can clearly see that global warming from increased atmospheric carbon is not only continuing to get worse, but it is also getting worse at an even faster rate. 

It is also critical to understand that the ever-increasing damage that we are doing to our life-critical environment is primarily because of our carbon pollution of the atmosphere and its consequent global warming. Worse yet, this warming will not reverse itself for hundreds to thousands of years from now!

What you will find below is the how, when, and why the next wave of crossed global warming tipping points will not only severely worsen our lives but also bring about the extinction of most of humanity. Before that extinction occurs we will experience escalating economic, political, and social chaos within our lifetimes.

When reading the four tipping points described below, keep in mind that:

1. we are almost out of time to do something about them (unless we get close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets) and

2. the following four tipping points both define and highlight the key elements and essence of what makes up our current global warming extinction emergency.

3. the first three tipping points trigger an unavoidable mass extinction by mid-century. The last tipping point triggers total extinction not long after that.

To set the final stage for your discovery of the 4 critical tipping points and deadlines, it is also advantageous to review what is happening in our climate right now:

1. At our current atmospheric carbon levels, we are already experiencing more and worsening extreme droughts and storms, wildfires, rain bombs, bomb cyclones, hurricanes, and other wild and unseasonable weather.

2. At our current atmospheric carbon level of about 414 ppm, the stability of the bellwether West Antarctic ice sheet has already been breached and this ice loss is now irreversible. (This ice sheet plays a critical role in rising sea level. This ice sheet is also an excellent example of one of many critical global warming tipping points  the world has hurdled past far faster than anyone had predicted or foreseen.)

3. The Earth's temperature has risen radically (exponentially) since the industrial revolution from the previous stable range it held for thousands of years. It will continue to rise radically as we fail to reduce our global fossil fuel use. Please notice how the average global temperature is rising faster and faster over shorter and shorter periods of time.

Since 1970 alone average global temperature rose from preindustrial levels from .7 degrees Celcius to 1.4 degrees Celcius. That is a faster average global temperature rise than has occurred in over one million years! At our current increasing fossil fuel use rates, we will soon cross the 2.0 - 2.7 Celcius degree increase from preindustrial levels mark sometime near 2025. 

(The red line is rising temperature and the blue line rising atmospheric carbon measured in ppm.)

Based upon the foundational global warming measurement and other information from above, you are ready for what will happen over the next few decades if we go over what we call the carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff, and do not come very close to meeting these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. 

Here are the four critical levels of global warming tipping points we will cross in the near future

Below please find the four most important global warming tipping point levels within our complex climate system, which will involve interacting climate, biological and human systems, and subsystems. Those four tipping point levels are:

1. The climate cliff tipping point level. (This tipping point initiates the beginning of a runaway process for triggering more and more global warming tipping points at faster and faster rates. Once we start this runaway tipping point process the average global temperature will continue to rise out of our control powered by the laws of physics and the natural forces of the climate system. )

2. The extinction-critical, runaway global ice melting tipping point level. (ALL ice and ALL glaciers on Earth will enter a near-unstoppable process of a complete meltdown! (Sea levels could rise up to 10 feet over decades and up to 220 feet over several centuries.)

3. The extinction-accelerating, runaway massive methane release tipping point level. (Massive amounts of methane gas start being released from ocean coastal shelves and the world's permafrost.) And,

4. The runaway rising global warming temperature tipping point level. (This final global warming tipping point level leads to a total extinction event. This is because of our average global temperatures rising so high that Earth's atmosphere is ripped off into space and everything dies.)

It is important to note that every advanced national intelligence agency around the world with adequate long-term climate research funding already knows about the above four tipping points and precisely what will happen when we cross them. (Just like they knew that we had to be prepared for the next pandemic.) Yet, they chose to keep this information a carefully guarded national secret and not urge their politicians to adequately and publically prepare or act. 

The reason for this secrecy may be simple. If you knew your governments were secretly preparing to save themselves and their key personnel from what you about to read, you probably would be angry, fearful, and in panic. Widespread public anger and fear would substantially interfere or delay governmental efforts to secretly prepare their survival plans. To think that the best-resourced national intelligence agencies do not have this information as well as the big data meta-systemic analysis skills to review current climate research studies and see the coming extinction emergency is naive beyond belief.

We know the previous is a lot to take in. After you read about the detailed consequences of crossing these four critical global warming consequences below, we think you too will understand why governments have chosen to keep this information secret and are trying to protect themselves first. This secrecy and public denial of the global warming extinction emergency is not only logical for their survival but also necessary if anything is going to survive! 

After you finish this article you will also know the most probable cause of an inevitable World War III if we let this extinction emergency get out of control. That inevitability will be a massive nuclear, biological and/or chemical war for the last global warming safer zones where a tiny desperate portion of humanity may be able to survive if we do not cross the fourth and final tipping point.


Your preparedness, survival and the speed of crossing more global warming tipping points

When you cross a global warming tipping point, things generally get a whole lot worse a whole lot faster. Therefore, as you read the four levels of extinction-evoking tipping points below it is important to keep in mind that as we cross more global warming tipping points the global warming consequences will also get worse and worse, faster and faster!

They will not grow gradually and linearly. They will grow exponentially over time. (In the graph below the red line is an example of a linear gradual growth trajectory and the red line is an example of exponential growth curve and trajectory.)

The exponential growth of global warming consequences after we cross the four levels of tipping points discussed above means that few people or governments will be able to stay up with these escalating consequences for very long, but only if we do not come very close to hitting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. It also means that unless you have made emergency preparations and adaptations, and/or have migrated (where necessary) well before these four levels of tipping points are crossed, you will probably not have the time to do so later as things get worse faster and faster.

This is because the social, economic and political systems will become more and more unstable and chaotic faster and faster as crossing more global warming tipping points pushes us into a steeper and steeper exponential curve (the green line above) of increasing severity, frequency and scale in our global warming consequences. If you have not prepared well in advance for what is coming, you will find yourself in a living hell!

The next section will discuss the four most dangerous tipping point levels in detail. In these four levels of tipping points, it also contains the four most critical reasons why we have only about 6 years left (until about 2025,) to slow down an unavoidable mass extinction process as well as our crossing the other total extinction-evoking global warming tipping points described below. As you read about these four major global warming tipping point levels our current extreme extinction threat will become vividly real to you.

The first critical tipping point that we will cross at or before 2025 

Critical new climate research update of 8.12.20: 

In the Job One's original analysis and calculations in 2016-17, we calculated that the first climate cliff triggering a chain of runaway global warming tipping points would occur somewhere between the carbon 425-450 ppm levels. Due to new research and the systemic re-analysis of older studies, that level and the starting lower temperature associate with the climate cliff has changed. (Runaway means the thing that is on a runaway course (in this case global warming,) will continue on, by and of itself, and it is out of practical control.)

The beginning temperature limits for the older climate cliff has to be changed from its previous temperature level of about 2 -2.7° C above preindustrial levels. The new climate cliff and the latest starting tipping point for beginning runaway global warming is now staying below an average global temperature increase of 1.5C

One of the reasons for the new 1.5C climate cliff now being acknowledged is that there is considerably more atmospheric carbon emissions than was previously predicted. These additional carbon emissions come from other amplifying carbon feedbacks and carbon sink failures. These extra carbon feedback and carbon sink issues will start to show up as a 1.5C average global temperature increase around 2025. 

New research shows that staying at or below a 1.5 C level is the only temperature level that excludes the runaway global warming threat as well as crossing critical global warming tipping points leading to the mass extinction of most of humanity by mid-century. Staying below the older 2C average global temperature increase only minimizes but does not exclude, the mass extinction of most of humanity by mid-century. 

By mid-century when the suffering and survival of most of humanity is at stake, just minimizing this global warming extinction threat is insane! Additionally, in its eventual effect, any average global temperature increases above 2C is moot. It is moot because any temperature increase of 1.5 to 2C triggers runaway global warming and a mass extinction event fueled by crossing more critical global warming tipping points! Worse yet, if nothing is done by our governments to radically slow and reverse a temperature increases above 1.5C, total extinction is also our eventual future. 

Supporting this 1.5C new climate cliff is Siberia permafrost field research (rather than less accurate computer modeling) by Anton Vaks which puts the permafrost "thaw-down" at 1.5C. This research means that when the world's permafrost crosses this 1.5C tipping point, it begins a near-continuous permafrost meltdown. 

After we reach this 1.5 C temperature increase, all carbon and methane will eventually be released from the permafrost. This release and other human-made carbon and methane releases put us squarely on the fast track for the worst global warming prediction scenarios. (Click here for more documentation on the permafrost meltdown.)

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has calculated that reaching carbon 420 ppm is equivalent to a 1.6C average global temperature increase from preindustrial levels. If we can stay below a 1.5C temperature increase, we would have to keep our atmospheric carbon level below 386 ppm, but as of 2020, we are already at carbon 414 ppm.

This 386 carbon ppm level also means that 2015 was around the year we had already crossed over the 1.5C climate cliff. Because we went over the climate cliff in 2015 and because any average global temperature increase of 1.5 to 2C triggers runaway global warming, and we can no longer stop a mass human extinction event by mid-century.

At this time, all we can do is slow and delay that mass extinction consequence by a government-driven mass mobilization, which would have to radically reduce global fossil fuel use to meet the life-critical 2025 targets. If the world governments act immediately to meet the 2025 target, more people will live longer and a bit more comfortable. And, maybe we can still save humanity from the only thing worse than mass extinction, total extinction. 

Here is how having already crossed the climate cliff and accelerating the runaway tipping point process works

The new carbon 386 ppm tipping point level is called our last chance climate cliff because it truly was our last window of opportunity to keep from going over the atmospheric carbon climate cliff and into the runaway multiple global warming tipping point processes. Once we go over this climate cliff, our average global temperature will inevitably rise to considerably above 1.5C - 2°C (possibly as much as 3.2 C in eventual equilibrium warming,) far, far faster than has ever occurred before over geologically scaled time spans. This means that what used to happen over millennia or centuries with our climate systems will now happen over decades in numerous tipping points.

Unfortunately, rapidly rising average global temperatures is not the worst effect of crossing the carbon 386 ppm level and climate cliff. These fast temperature rises will also create an additional and powerful climate momentum factor in addition to the existing atmospheric carbon climate momentum that will not only push our average global temperature even higher even faster, it will also literally force many of the 11 critical global warming tipping points (below) to be crossed much faster within the global climate and its subsystems. 

(The illustration below lists the 11 major global warming tipping points. The arrows between the shown tipping points indicate that these tipping points also interact with each other and can trigger each other's main or subsystem tipping points. When this happens global warming temperatures will soar faster and faster triggering even more climate and human system tipping points.) 

(We strongly recommend that you click here to learn more about what each tipping point above is and how they will work to bring us closer to mass and total extinction. This tipping point detail page covers what happens when you cross each of the above global warming tipping points, how they accelerate global warming temperature rise, how they accelerate global warming consequences, and how they cause sudden and complete climate, biological and human system collapses as well as how they make any possible recovery from crossing these tipping points impossible or much slower, harder and more expensive. This expanded tipping point reading will help you "see" the tremendous impact that global warming tipping points will have on your future.)

What to expect after we already have crossed the carbon 398 climate cliff in rising temperatures

If we have already passed carbon 386 ppm level, within about 5 years (2025 or less,) we can expect to lock in an eventual total increase in average global temperature of about 1.5C.

In August of 2020, we are now at carbon 414 ppm. If we continue to the carbon 425 ppm level, within about 5 years (2025 or less,) we can expect to lock in an eventual total increase in average global temperature of about 2 -2.7° Celsius (4° - 4.9° Fahrenheit) from preindustrial levels. At just this 1.5 -2.7° Celsius increased average global temperature level, millions more will starve and millions of additional people from all over the world will eventually be forced to either migrate or die.

Once we went over the carbon climate cliff of 386 ppm and hit 1.5 Celsius average global temperature increase level, the total heat-producing momentum of all of the previous carbon and other greenhouse gases that we have ever put into the atmosphere (particularly all that additional carbon we have added over the last 50 years,) along with the other factors mentioned on this page, will quickly and inevitably continue to push our average global temperature even higher as well as trigger the crossing of even more tipping points at an even faster rate!

This also means that since we have gone over the carbon 386 ppm climate cliff, we have triggered this next level of climate system tipping point crossings (and additional heat-producing momentum,) we will be basically locked into continually increasing temperatures for as much as the next 30-50 years as well as crossing even more tipping points! 

If we cross the carbon 425 carbon ppm tipping point, we will reach the next key carbon and temperature transition threshold level, where, because of crossing more future global warming tipping points at an even faster rate, we will be unable to stop ourselves from continuing uncontrollably to average global temperature increases of 3°, 4°, 5°, and 6° Celsius (5.4°, 7.2°, 9°, and 10.8° Fahrenheit respectively.) 

Once we cross the 2° Celsius carbon 425 ppm level, the even higher mass extinction accelerating temperature levels of 3°, 4°, 5°, and possibly even 6° Celsius will be all but locked in. This uncontrollable continuous rise in average global temperature which will cause mass starvation, death, and migration will be due primarily to:

1. the major global warming consequences will continue to intensify and cross-react as heat rises. The following illustration below will help you to visualize how future global warming consequences will intensify separately and together as we cross more tipping points and global temperatures rise.

Imagine all of the global warming consequences whirling around and colliding into each other and amplifying each other because of the agitation and "boiling effect" of ever-increasing heat. This is similar to how the rising heat under a steam cooker churns, whirls, and collides the boiling water inside the steam cooker faster and more violently. 

As increasing heat boils our planet, the above global warming consequences will intensify! (To learn more about exactly how the escalating 20 worst global warming consequences will cause mass starvation, death, and migration as well as social, economic, and political chaos, click here.)

2. more of the global warming consequences (listed above) will go into positive feedback loops as temperatures rise. Think of a positive feedback loop as a small stimulus that then amplifies a specific effect or consequence to be bigger and bigger. For example, if you hold a microphone too close to a music amplifier there will be an irritating scratchy distortion of sound that "feeds back" to the amplifier getting louder and louder the longer the microphone is held closer and closer to the amplifier source. 

3. our being unable to stop ourselves from crossing more global warming tipping points. Crossing more tipping points will once again trigger other positive feedback loops and points of no return within the systems and subsystems of the global climate. It will also cause global warming tipping points to cumulatively interact with each other,

4. our continuing to cross "points of no return" within the global warming tipping points processes. (Tipping points are illustrated further above.) Tipping point processes have within them definite points of no return. Once a tipping point's point of no return is crossed, crossing that tipping point is all but inevitable. Once that occurs, things usually collapse quickly and recovery is usually slow, difficult, and costly or completely impossible.


5. the accelerating heat-producing carbon and other greenhouse gas momentum, (we continue to add more fossil fuel burning carbon to the atmosphere each and every additional year (at about 3 carbon ppm per year,)

6. numerous serious human system inertia and other human system mal-adaptation factors will make it difficult to fix this extinction emergency or recover from it. (Described in detail on this page.)

Because of the preceding, we have no other rational alternative other than to prevent ever crossing into this next highly dangerous transitional carbon 425-450 ppm threshold range and tipping point. At our current rate of carbon and other greenhouse gas atmospheric pollution, entering this range will begin, unfortunately, sometime around 2025 if we do not get very close to the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets. 

There is something we can always be certain of in this horrible emergency. No matter what and in spite of all of the challenges and bad tipping point outcomes that are coming, the single constant truth for the best possible global warming outcome for humanity in this emergency is that the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

a. the more people we will survive to carry on humanity, life and our beautiful civilization, and

b. future generations will suffer less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences.

In the illustration below you will see a red vertical "Must never pass, last chance battle line and range of carbon 425 to 450 ppm." As you can see, going over the carbon 425 ppm leads us to a very steep downward darker red slope toward our own rapid extinction. (The illustration below also shows at what carbon ppm levels the six distinct phases of a Climageddon extinction scenario and countdown will occur (i.e CS Phases 1-6 below.) After you read the rest of this document, we strongly recommend that you also review the detailed year-by-year global warming consequence timetables found in the Climageddon extinction scenario and countdown. As a reminder, the Climageddon extinction scenario and countdown will be linked again at the bottom of this page.)



Here is what is most important to remember about any failure to get very close to our 2025 reduction targets and going over the climate cliff tipping point:

1. After we also go over the carbon 425-450 ppm range. We will cross so many more tipping points so fast, there will be little we can do to prevent total extinction.

The pure mathematics and physics of atmospheric carbon and the other greenhouse gases will take over after we go over the carbon 425-450 ppm level. This will drive our temperatures ever higher up to and through at least two more extinction evoking tipping points and many other global warming consequences described further below.

If we do not make the 2025 targets, our final window opportunity to effectively control our own destiny regarding preventing the final extinction evoking tipping points from being crossed literally closes. This is why our last chance carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point is truly our most important first non-climate cliff tipping point to understand and respect. (More about what causes this near-complete loss of control of our global warming future will be explained in the other following tipping point sections below.)

2. Once we cross carbon 386 ppm as we have already done and we reach the carbon 425-450 ppm level, there will be so much global warming temperature increasing momentum built up from all of the previously emitted carbon (and other greenhouse gases,) that it will propel us near uncontrollably to even higher temperatures even faster! After we cross the climate cliff, stopping this ever-increasing global warming temperature increasing momentum will be like trying to stop a gigantic boulder from rolling faster and faster down a cliff that keeps getting steeper and steeper. 

3. In case you're still somehow thinking or believing technology will save us at the last minute, no new carbon removal technologies (what we call magical carbon sucking unicorns,) will be able to save us in time. This is because even those who believe this technology might save us are projecting that they will not even be available at the earliest until sometime after 2050. This will be long after the damage is done and long after anything can be done for the billions of people who will suffer and die! (Please click here if you still have any illusions about new carbon removal technology miraculously saving us at the last minute. The science found there will help you to understand that the only way out of this imminent catastrophe is to radically reduce fossil fuel use globally to meet the 2025 targets.)

4. According to James Hansen one of the world's most important climate researchers, just a carbon 450 ppm level would eventually correspond and develop into an average global temperature increase of 6° Celsius (10.8° Fahrenheit) in this century and the complete end of human civilization as we’ve come to know it. 

5. We are in an unacknowledged global warming extinction emergency and so far our governments are not even close to being on pace to hit the critical 2025 targets. 

6. If we fail to hit the 2025 targets we lose our last chance to be able to stop ourselves from going over additional far worse global warming tipping points which will cause mass human extinction and economic, political, and social chaos within our lifetimes!

7. If we fail to hit the 2025 targets, global warming consequences will begin accelerating exponentially in frequency, severity, and scale.

Please see the blue Atmospheric CO2 carbon graph ( above) to see how dangerously close we are to this critical carbon 425 ppm tipping point already. 

Additional thoughts on the critical importance of the carbon 425-450 ppm first extinction-evoking tipping point

Because we have ignored 35 years of warmings, we are already deep into the global warming trajectory toward the collapse of civilization. This collapse outcome is highly likely because nine of the known global warming and climate change tipping points that regulate the state of the planet have been activated.

Most of the above activated tipping points can trigger abrupt and significant releases of carbon back into the atmosphere, such as the release of carbon dioxide and methane caused by the irreversible thawing of the Arctic permafrost.

After global warming tipping points are crossed, additional warming would become self-sustaining due to both positive feedback loops within the climate system and the mutual interaction of these global warming tipping points. It is best to think about these nine interacting global warming tipping points within the climate system like a row of dominos. 

These climate system tipping points are so interconnected that knocking over the first couple of "dominos" will most likely lead to a cascade knocking over many, if not all, of them. Once the above global warming tipping point "dominos" begin their falling cascade, we are already at a criminally negligent point of no return.

Distinguished Professor of Meteorology Michael Mann from the University of Pennsylvania recently stated that once we reach the carbon 405 ppm level in our atmosphere, a 2 degrees C average global temperature increase is already baked in! Once that happens there is nothing we can do to stop it! As of June 2020, we are currently at carbon 416 ppm.

Because of these global warming tipping points and positive feedback loops, Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director emeritus and founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, believes that if we go much above 2° C, we will quickly get to 4° C anyway and, a 4° C increase would spell the end of human civilization.

Johan Rockström, the head of one of Europe's leading research institutes, warned that in a 4°C warmer world, it would be "difficult to see how we could accommodate a billion people or even half of that. Not even a rich minority world survive with modern lifestyles in the post 4°C-warmer turbulent, conflict-ridden world". 

Many other climate scientists have warned that once the climate warms 4 degrees C over our preindustrial average global temperature, human adaptation to these temperature levels will be all but impossible!

Leading Stanford University biologists, released new research recently showing species extinctions are accelerating in an unprecedented manner. This rapid loss of biodiversity is another likely tipping point for the collapse of human civilization. (These are the same Stanford biologists who were first to warn us that we are already experiencing the sixth mass extinction on Earth.)

Soon we will lose control of the tipping points for the Amazon rainforest, the West Antarctic ice sheet, and the Greenland ice sheet in much less time than it's going to take us to get to global net-zero emissions. There is also a crucial way to think about this race to get to net-zero emissions before we cross more extinction-evoking global warming tipping points. 

Imagine that the captain on the Titanic suddenly sees the iceberg in front of him. To slow and steer the Titanic, he needs at least 3 miles, but he is only 1 mile away from the iceberg. In this example, the titanic is already doomed the moment the captain notices the iceberg.

This Titanic example is not much different than our current situation. We have already gone over the carbon 386 ppm climate cliff and we are doing very poorly in trying to reach the last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and get closer to net-zero emissions. We have wasted so much time over the previous 35 years ignoring valid scientific warnings; we honestly may not have enough time remaining to "steer" away from extinction. 

We already have a baked-in minimal 1.5 - 2 degrees C in average global temperature increase and, we have initiated the global tipping point cascade effect, which will quickly get us to 4°C and the collapse of civilization. This alone will likely rapidly take us to a far less habitable planet and climate regardless of any additional global fossil fuel emission reductions we might now make.


In the image above, the Planetary Threshold dividing line is the climate cliff previously mentioned of carbon 386 ppm. As one can see, once we cross that carbon 386 ppm Planetary Threshold line, the stability of the planetary climate rapidly collapses into an over-heating uninhabitable Earth!     

The most probable positive feedback loops, points of no return, and tipping points to occur or be crossed after we have crossed the carbon 386 ppm climate cliff are as follows:

1. Decreased albedo from reduced snow cover and melting Arctic ice increasing the earth's heat,

2. Increased sea ice and glacier melt resulting in additional sea-level rise,

3. Increased atmospheric water vapor increases resulting in more extreme weather,

4. Increased permafrost and tundra heating releasing more carbon and methane and which results in more heat and more disease epidemics and possible pandemics. This once again speeds up the whole process of more positive feedback loops and crossing more points of no return and tipping points

Please also note that melting permafrost in the tundra is because the northernmost areas are warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. This permafrost melting also has the potential to cause local and global pandemics caused by ancient viruses and bacteria being released from the permafrost. Already in Siberia they have had localized anthrax and smallpox outbreaks because of the decomposition of ancient frozen animals from the melting permafrost and tundra which residents either had no immunity to or who were not prepared to deal with these outbreaks due to lack of available vaccines. 

5. Decreased carbon capture from the world's forests as temperatures rise and forests go from removing carbon from the atmosphere to carbon-neutral, no longer removing carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon neutral is the state that occurs before overheated over-stressed forests begin to release carbon back into the atmosphere.

(Click here to learn more about each item listed above.)

The most likely major tipping point to be crossed and worsen after we crossed the carbon 386 climate cliff tipping point

There is am extinction-evoking tipping point area that is the most likely first candidate to significantly accelerate the beginning of the end of humanity. It is the increased melting of summer and year-round arctic polar ice due to global warming.

It will truly have profound effects not only on worldwide weather but more importantly, on lowering global crop yields and increasing global crop failures. It will cause an accelerating massive global starvation, which will then also destabilize national economics, politics, and society.

In the summer, when Arctic ice melts there is less cooling of all of the growing season areas affected anywhere by arctic weather. The more polar ice melts each year the less cooling and the more heat in and during these critical growing season areas. 

To make matters worse, food crops are more sensitive to heat when there are droughts and, they are more sensitive to heat, rain bombs, and cold spells when they are just beginning to grow. Unfortunately, because more ice is melting in the Arctic ocean almost every summer and staying melted longer in the year we are losing more and more critical cooling for our absolutely vital food crop growing season. 

The five major food grains are the largest source of the world's food supply. They are corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, and sorghum.

All of these grains have upper and lower temperature limits. Most of them cannot survive more than 10 days during their growing season over 100° Fahrenheit particularly, if this heat comes early in their growing season or when their soils are drought dry.  

Because of the continually increasing loss of the cooling effect on growing regions below the Arctic because of the continually diminishing Arctic ice, the number of growing season days with temperatures over 100° will continue increasing steadily as more and more Arctic ice melts and remains melted longer throughout the year.

Because melting Arctic ice also affects and disrupts the jet stream and ocean currents like the Gulf Stream, you will also have radical and unseasonable cold spells appearing during the prime crop growing seasons around the world. This will also reduce food yields and produce more crop failures during the fragile growing season.

This means that the world is going to continue to experience more and larger crop reductions and failures as more polar ice melts and stays melted longer. To make matters even worse, corn is one of the largest food staples for humanity and it is also one of the most sensitive crops to increasing 100 degrees plus temperatures and drought.

The following is from Wikipedia:

“Since 1979, the minimum annual area of sea ice in the Arctic has dropped by about 40%, as measured each September. From sea ice models and recent satellite images, it can be expected that a sea ice-free summer will come before 2020. Models that best match historical trends project a nearly ice-free Arctic in the summer by the 2030s. However, these models do tend to underestimate the rate of sea ice loss since 2007.” (If you would like to see a video of how more polar ice is melting each summer as the years go by click here for this NASA video.)

The increasing melting of arctic polar ice is a clear warning sign of increasing global warming and future serious reductions in major future crop yields as well as serious increases in future crop failures. This means not only higher prices but ever-increasing food scarcity and increasing global starvation.

This is not something far-off in the future. It is already happening in many areas of the world.

It is also already causing major migrations. This expanding and increasing polar ice melting is a major “canary in the coal mine” for increasing future mass starvation not way off in 2100 as we have been told but in the near years and new few decades to follow.

Already in the growing belt of the United States, we are seeing increased and record-breaking heat, droughts, rain bombs, and other extreme seasonal weather that is having a direct effect in reducing crop yields and crop failures in the most vulnerable areas. This pattern of greater crop yield reductions and crop failures will continue to increase as long as more polar ice disappears and the Arctic remains relatively ice-free into longer and longer summers. As the process of massive crop reductions and failures expand and continues, mass starvation will begin to destabilize all of our other economic, social, and political systems. 

Additionally, reduced polar ice also reduces the albedo effect, which simply is that white snow or ice reflects heat back away from the earth and out into the atmosphere keeping the earth cooler. As more Arctic polar ice is melted the darker polar oceans absorb the heat, and then heat up more, which once again, causes more global warming.

As temperatures continue rising, the time frames in which we will be crossing more of the tipping points listed above will get shorter. But that will not be the only significant effect of melting Arctic ice due to global warming. Paradoxically, according to new studies, because of melting Arctic ice we will also have more extreme cold and heavier snows during the US winters. 

In general, increased crop yield reductions and crop failures will increasingly occur because of arctic ice melt, increased heat, increased droughts, increase cold spells and increased extreme weather storms that will make it more and more impossible for modern agriculture and the major food crops to survive throughout their current growing seasons. There are estimates that crop yield reductions and crop failures will average 5 to 10% or more for each degree that the average global temperature rises until the planet becomes so warm that far too many days of the growing season will be at 100° or more. This will make successfully growing the world's major grains all but impossible.

The current climate cliff and 1.5C temperature increase threshold was the last threshold for excluding humanity's mass extinction threat by mid-century. Staying below 1.5C was also the last threshold where we still could have prevented a significant acceleration in crossing other more dangerous global warming tipping points. Without even reading the three extinction-accelerating tipping points below, one can see that while you do your best to encourage our governments to meet the 2025 targets, it is also now wise to start your personal global warming emergency backup plan and "Plan B!"

In summary

What not coming close to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets means and what is at stake:

1. If we fail, we will not be able to slow down a now unavoidable mass extinction event. (Mass extinction means that most of humanity dies by mid-century.)

2. Only by coming very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets do we have any reasonable chance of preventing an even worse total extinction event from ending all of humanity and civilization.

The second global warming tipping point which we will cross as soon as 2042-2067 or earlier creates a runaway global ice melt

Failing to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is simply not a rational option! But, if we do fail, here is more on how mass human extinction, as well as economic, political, and social chaos, will become our shared future from crossing the next 2 critical global warming tipping points within the next few decades. 

As the current carbon rises, we will cross the carbon 500 ppm near-extinction level as we continue crossing more of the 11 critical global warming tipping points within the climate’s many systems and subsystems, but now at an even faster rate. Once we go over the climate cliff, we will inevitably cross the carbon 500 ppm level as soon as 2042-2067 or earlier. (Which tipping points we cross and how much and how fast we add additional carbon to our atmosphere will determine when in that 2042-2067 time range we will hit carbon 500 ppm.) 

When we cross the carbon 500 ppm level, ALL ice and ALL glaciers on Earth will enter a near-unstoppable process of a complete meltdown! Yes, you read that right! At carbon 500 ppm we begin the melting of all global ice.

Crossing the carbon 500 ppm threshold has, in fact, repeatedly happened in Earth's geological history. When it has occurred, the sea level inevitably rose to the 70 meters (230 feet) range. At our current annual carbon ppm emission rates, we will reach this catastrophic carbon 500 ppm range in just 20-25 more years. Worse yet, this global melting tipping point may not reverse itself for centuries to thousands of years once we stop carbonizing our atmosphere.

If we cross that critical tipping point passing the atmospheric carbon level of 500 parts per million (ppm), our average global temperature will eventually soar to 4°C (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit). At 4°C, a large portion of humanity (hundreds of millions to billions) will die of starvation (or die and suffer from increased heat's 19 other related consequences) and, governments and society will collapse in most areas of the world between the 35th parallel north and the 35th parallel south.

Even though it will take many centuries for the seas to rise the full 230 feet, there still will be shocking spurts of sea-level rise within those centuries where the sea level rise up to 10 feet or more in just a few decades as it also has done repeatedly in Earth's past. 

Take a moment to visualize the seas eventually but steadily and in spurts rising 230 feet and what this will mean to our coastal cities, our national borders, and the generations that follow us. Take a moment to visualize the ever-increasing massive worldwide crop failures because of the ever-increasing heat and the consequent mass suffering of slow starvation as we approach and pass the carbon 500 ppm level.

Take a moment to let the following really sink in. Anything at or above a 4°Celcius increase in average global temperature would be incompatible with an organized global society and would be beyond adaptation! This temperature and carbon level would also virtually guarantee we will hit carbon 600 ppm. When we cross the carbon 500 ppm tipping point we cross a steeper even more slippery slope and we will quickly reach the carbon 600 ppm extinction level tipping point within another 25-30 years (as soon as 2063-2072 or earlier.)

When this happens we will greatly accelerate the process of crossing even more global warming tipping points. As a type of positive feedback loop, this will once again further spike the average global temperature. 

It will also help you to understand how fast future global warming will intensify using the illustration below if you imagine all of the global warming tipping points whirling around and colliding into each other because of the "boiling effect" or agitation of ever-increasing heat. This is much like how the rising heat under a steam cooker whirls and churns the water inside faster and faster. (To learn more about how crossing critical global warming tipping points like those in the illustration below, accelerate consequences, causes sudden and complete system collapses, make recovery much slower, harder and more expensive, and function, click here.)  

Please keep in mind that as we pass this second tipping point, global warming consequences will continue to accelerate exponentially in frequency, severity, and scale.

The third global warming tipping point we will most probably cross as soon as 2063-2072 or earlier creates runaway methane releases

We will most probably also cross the carbon 600 ppm final extinction level which will result in raising the average global temperature to 5°C (9 degrees Fahrenheit) and bring about massive methane clathrate releases from ocean coastal shelves as it has done before in the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum 56 million years ago, and most notably the Permian–Triassic extinction event, when up to 96% of all marine species became extinct, 252 million years ago. (Please click here to watch a short video that brilliantly explains the extinction process once we start releasing methane clathrate from our coastal shelves. New research shows we actually begin this new methane release process once we reach 5°C and by 6°C, it is in full bloom. Also, methane releases from the permafrost will also increase at significantly faster rates at these higher temperatures.) 

Because methane, when released as a gas from methane clathrate is 86 times more potent than carbon as a temperature increasing greenhouse gas, it will once again rapidly spike up the average global temperatures once again. The following is a methane graph (found at in which you can see how total atmospheric methane levels from all sources have exponentially skyrocketed particularly during the last 50 years.

If it continues to rise from there toward the carbon 600 ppm final tipping point and an average global temperature of 5°C, it will eventually bring about the extinction of most if not all of humanity (most of humanity by mid-century) and the end of civilization as we know it in the final phases of the Climageddon Scenario.

(Please note: Unless we hit the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, there is no mathematical way for us to prevent crossing the carbon 500 ppm tipping point where all ice on earth will melt! Beyond its mathematical certainty, there are numerous climate scientists who believe that crossing the carbon 500 ppm is ALREADY inevitable because we will soon cross other climate, biological and human system tipping points covered on the top of this page. This does not even include the other accelerating global warming positive feedback loops already occurring throughout our climate system. (Positive feedback loops enhance or amplify changes; this also (like tipping points,) tends to move a system away from its equilibrium state and make it more unstable.) 

The same climate scientists who believe that we cannot prevent crossing carbon 500 also believe that no matter what we do, we have already missed our window of opportunity and control to prevent carbon 600 ppm. Furthermore, they believe that once we have crossed the carbon 500 ppm level, we will not be able to keep from reaching carbon 800 ppm (the near-final phase of the Climageddon Scenario.) (Reaching carbon 800 ppm would once again be because of continuing to add more carbon into the atmosphere and because of the total accumulating effects of crossing more and more global warming tipping points that will continue occurring even more rapidly after we cross the carbon 500 ppm threshold.)

Our reading of the current science indicates that if we do not immediately enact the previously described 2025 radical fossil fuel reductions, we will cross the carbon 600 ppm level. But, if we do enact the necessary radical 2025 fossil fuel cuts immediately, there is still an acceptable yet small possibility that we can still slow down our crossing the carbon 600 ppm final tipping point or, at least long enough so that we can save some small portion of humanity and transfer needed infrastructure into the global warming safer zones. (We may be able to save humanity from extinction by also immediately enacting ALL of the actions described in part three of the Job One Plan.)

At worst, even if we can not still prevent crossing the carbon 600 ppm level, we can at least, slow it down as well as some of the other worst coming global warming consequences. While even slowing down our crossing the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point will be a Herculean task of massive global governmental cooperation and mobilization, the probability that we can at least temporarily, slow and delay some of the other of the 20 worst global warming consequences by hitting our 2025 targets is still reasonable, but more importantly, this will allow us more time to get prepared for the many global warming consequences we can no longer avoid no matter what we do.)

It is important to be realistic for your future planning. As you can see the probability that we will cross the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point is far too high. Additionally, the final window of opportunity to prevent crossing the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point will close by 2025 if we have not made the radical and immediate radical fossil fuel cuts necessary. This is because of the:

a. temperature momentum already "baked" into the climate system (the existing carbon 413 ppm level already in the atmosphere,)

b. the additional 3 or more carbon particles per million we continue to add to the atmosphere each year (as we continue failing to adequately reverse our fossil fuel use,) and

c. The additional global warming tipping points we will continue to cross I didn't even faster rate we will continue to cross I didn't even faster rate if we miss our 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets. And finally,

d. If we fail to reach or come close to the 2025 reduction targets, we are not just facing a mass extinction event we are facing total extinction! This is because we will cross the carbon 600 ppm-level. This is the level where we will also enter the beginning phases of run-away global warming! (If you are not sure about how much worse it can possibly get if we enter a run-away global warming total extinction phase, click its link in the previous sentence.)

Never also forget that at 5°C which will occur once we hit carbon 600 ppm and above, a large portion of humanity will die by mid-century of starvation because of the devastating effect that increased heat will have on crop failure or from global warming's other 19 worst consequences or 11 key tipping points.) Economies, governments, and societies will collapse in many areas of the world between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south. 

As we reach the carbon 500 ppm and carbon 600 ppm tipping point levels, we will also cross into the later and most dangerous later phases (4 and 5) of the 6-phase of what we call the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and Countdown model or Climageddon Scenario. Review the following Climageddon Extinction Scenario illustration starting from the bottom up! The top of the illustration below shows you the later Climageddon Scenario consequences the bottom shows you the earlier consequences.

The largest illustration on this page below, the Global Warming and the Climageddon Scenario Cascading Meltdown reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening consequences, tipping points, and human system processes that will accelerate as global warming continues. These consequences, tipping points, and human systems will also synergetically and cumulatively collide with each other and adversely interact. It is these ever-increasing interactions among and between worsening global warming consequences, tipping points, and human systems that will make each of these things worse faster and faster.

This illustration reflects the core of the final processes that will lead to our mass extinction as well as into global economic, political and social chaos. Its three levels of global warming interactions (consequences, tipping points, and human systems,) highlight the continuous onslaught of emergencies, crises, and catastrophes that we are already experiencing and which foretell our eventual extinction.

Starting reading this large illustration only from the bottom up because that is how it will unfold. 

Take a moment and think about the bitter reality that when we reach the carbon 600 ppm tipping point (which can occur as soon as 2063-2072, or possibly earlier,) we trigger the final processes that will bring about the extinction of most of humanity by mid-century. (Which tipping points we cross and how much and how fast we add additional carbon to our atmosphere will determine when in that 2063-2072 time range we will hit carbon 600 ppm.)  

But, long before we have reached the carbon 600 ppm level tipping point, global civilization will have begun collapsing. At or near carbon 600 ppm the unlucky survivors will enter into an ecological and climate hell and a new dark age that will make those survivors of the following centuries curse us and wish they were dead.

(The global warming consequences, tipping points, and human system factors (shown above,) will be interacting and colliding with each other in 6 distinct phases and waves. At some point, after you finish this document, we strongly recommend that you read about the 6 phases and waves of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and countdown here. In detail it describes the timetables and consequences of our global warming future if we miss the 2025 targets.)

Please also keep in mind that as we pass this second tipping point, global warming consequences will continue to accelerate exponentially in frequency, severity, and scale.

How the three previous extinction-evoking tipping points of carbon 425, 500 and 600 ppm create a no-win condition where global warming management becomes out of humanity's future control

What most people do not fully realize is that at some soon point after passing the first tipping point of carbon 425-450 ppm, we will no longer be able to avoid unimaginable future global warming catastrophes or mass extinction. After we cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff, our loss of control is because we will begin triggering:

  1. ever more natural climate system tipping points.
  2. much larger naturally occurring methane releases from the tundra, permafrost, and ocean shelves.
  3. additional natural carbon releases from our deep oceans, trees, and soils and our own failure to reduce our global fossil fuel use. 

Eventually, these natural systems will also go into positive feedback loops with each other or cross their own internal tipping points. These positive feedback loops will once again increase the average global temperature. This further triggers increased-heat caused releases of evermore naturally generated methane and carbon, which once again, further increases average global temperature in an endless cycle. Unfortunately, these increasing temperatures will go on and on until after we are gone where the Earth can finally correct itself hundreds or thousands of years in the future. 

Unlike humanity's remaining ability to control and regulate its use of fossil fuels, if we cross the carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point, control of our future transfers to nature's control! There will be nothing we can do to keep the other natural sources of carbon and methane from crossing their own internal tipping points or entering into positive feedback loops.

Once we pass the carbon 425-450 tipping point, nature takes over and global warming becomes a runaway train of ever-increasing average global temperature lasting for centuries or longer. 

Humanity's total inability to control these large, complex natural systems, tipping points and positive feedback loops IS the most crucial reason why we cannot fail to meet the 2025 global targets. If we do not meet the 2025 targets, as soon as 2025, we will let any remaining control of the global warming extinction emergency slip out our hands for many human lifespans. 

We do not have until 2050, 2040 or 2035 to make the required global fossil fuel reductions to save ourselves as many governments and fossil fuel companies want you to believe. We also do not have until even 2030 to make the required fossil fuel reductions as many prominent but ill-informed environmental groups want you to believe.

We have only until 2025 to make the required global fossil fuel reductions to prevent going over the carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff and losing all meaningful control of our global warming future. 

This extinction emergency creates a series of compelling 600 trillion dollar questions hanging in the air: (600 trillion dollars plus is the minimum estimate for the total global warming damage costs that we will occur if some of us manage to survive.)

1. Why aren't the brightest minds in the world's intelligence agencies screaming at their national politicians about meeting the 2025 targets and this nearly out of control extinction emergency?

2. Why aren't they making our politicians understand this is our last chance window of control to keep a dark and destructive new Pandora from getting out of her box? 

3. Why aren't our intelligence agencies (as well as the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations,) getting our politicians to realize that they have exp1osed ALL of humanity to an imminent and an irrational extinction threat level? (More will be said about this in the next section.)

The above listed natural system climate tipping points and positive feedback loops are complicated, but we have further simplified their descriptions and interactions on this pageThis page also will help you understand how the increasing methane releases from the tundra, permafrost, and ocean shelves will occur as well as how massive new carbon releases from our deep oceans, trees, and soils will occur.

The extreme and imminent threat that humanity has only faced in one other area

Because escalating global warming and its tipping points are happening at a global level, we find ourselves at an extreme and unconscionable threat level. In just a few decades, the threat of the global warming extinction emergency will wreak its havoc on almost everyone.

The current global warming threat is extreme because:

  1. Its consequences are already intensifying in severity, frequency, and scale and will soon begin doing so exponentially.
  2. Its tipping points will continue to be crossed at faster and faster rates. These crossed tipping points will produce more heat increases even faster as well as massive climate, biological, and human system instability, chaos, and crashes.

The time nearness of this threat is imminent because our emergency is developing on a timescale of just a few decades. This is very unlike the centuries or millennia developmental timescales which have occurred in each of Earth's five previous major extinction events

Our current extinction threat is no longer just possible or probable. Once we cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff, the extinction threat becomes near-certain. When we pass the carbon 500 and 600 ppm tipping points, it IS a certain human, animal, and biological extinction catastrophe. 

Once we go over the carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff, our extinction threat level rises to a level comparable to the threat level of a highly probable global nuclear war occurring soon. This is why the extreme threat level is merited. The accumulated destruction caused by global warming over the coming decades has the full capability of equaling or exceeding the devastation, suffering, and death of a global nuclear war. 

Our politicians have ignored 35 years of scientific warnings. Our politicians have utterly failed to do their jobs. Our politicians have failed to protect us and manage this imminent and extreme threat, which not only threatens their nation and citizens, but also the survival of humanity and civilization itself.  

Our politicians have successfully managed the global nuclear threat for the last 75 years. They also have done almost nothing over the last 35 years relating to the equal and eventually even higher risk of global warming extinction. Our global warming extinction emergency will unfold as the "ultimate disruptor" over the next 3 to 5 decades. Already it is causing considerable global financial loss, death, and hardship. 

While you are legitimately panicking over all of this bad news, never forget that only by meeting the 2025 targets can we prevent Earth's sixth great extinction. Never forget that the global warming extinction emergency is not just the greatest disruptor of the 21st century, itis also the ultimate no-win game!

If you still have any confusion on how crossing global warming tipping points will lead us to mass extinction within your lifetime, please click here for detailed global warming tipping point documentation. (Click here for information to help you overcome your legitimate panic or remember this link as you read the next even worse news section.)


The fourth and most dangerous global warming total extinction tipping point, which we will begin crossing into after 2070 creates runaway global warming temperatures and total extinction

Welcome to humanity's ultimate mass extinction vs. total extinction dilemma. In many places on our website, we have laid out the global warming science, which indicates that we are already facing an unavoidable global warming-caused mass extinction event within our lifetimes. (If by chance, you still do not believe this, click the previous link. After you read that link, please read about the global warming-caused tipping points at this link. This second link will make the step-by-step unavoidable mass extinction process painfully clear!) 

One huge reason why this mass extinction event will occur and is now unavoidable is that we have ignored 35 years of scientific warnings. We missed the chance to fix global warming when we could have easily made the needed gradual changes to keep escalating global warming from reaching our current catastrophic point. This mass extinction event could cause the deaths of most of humanity by mid-century. Such a massive die-off would be due to soon crossing critical global warming tipping points as well as the combined future consequences of global warming particularly, mass starvation due to global crop failures of the most climate-sensitive crops. 

This mass extinction event is also unavoidable because we will soon (about 2025) be unable to stop ourselves from crossing the three previously mentioned most dangerous global warming tipping points. We will be unable to stop ourselves because we will be unable to achieve the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets!

More regrettably is the fact that the mass extinction of a vast portion of humanity is not the worst global warming tipping point and global warming future consequence that we are facing. If we do not make or come reasonably close to the radical 2025 global reduction targets for our global fossil fuel use, we will also face the very beginning stages of a very real total extinction event. 

A total extinction event could begin in as early as 50-70 years in the form of very high average global temperature and very high atmospheric carbon levels, which will support initiating the final runaway-global warming processaka the runaway greenhouse effect. (Runaway global warming is also referred to as extinction-level global warming.)

Run-away global warming describes the circumstances in which the global climate destabilizes catastrophically and permanently from its original state—similar to what happened on Venus when the planet lost its atmosphere out into outer space. Runaway global warming is thought to have occurred to Venus 4 billion years ago, because of a very high carbon-rich atmosphere and exceptionally high average surface temperatures.

Runaway global warming will create a literal Climageddon meltdown where nothing will survive because there will be no atmosphere. This total extinction event will enter its first phase as soon as our average global temperature rises at or above 5- 6 degrees Celcius. 

At a 5-6 degree Celcius increase in average global temperature, the massive additional tipping point releases of methane from coastal deposits and permafrost will quickly further skyrocket atmospheric carbon levels and average global temperatures to new levels faster than at any previous time in humanity's history. This will also trigger, initiate and accelerate the first phases of runaway global warming.

Here is how this happens. At a 5-6 degree Celcius temperature increase, the costal deposits and permafrost begin releasing methane at exponentially higher rates, or in other words, the "methane timed bomb" goes off. 

This will take us from the 5-6 degree Celcius atmospheric carbon level of 500-600 parts per million (ppm) far too quickly to the atmospheric carbon levels of carbon 800 ppm, carbon 1,000 ppm, carbon 1,200 ppm and even to carbon 1,600 ppm and beyond. For reference, our climate was stable for hundreds of thousands of years at about carbon 270 ppm. We are currently at about carbon 415 ppm. (The recent carbon 270 to 415 ppm increase occurred since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which was powered by burning fossil fuels.) 

The Final Lose/Lose Shocker: We will not survive even the first 2 tipping points if our politicians and governments do not immediately work together and mass mobilize  to achieve the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets

There are other hyper-critical factors to be carefully planned for in the nightmare carbon 500 and 600 ppm global warming scenarios we are already facing in our not too distant future. As if the proceeding was not enough to convince any rational individual that they need to do everything within their power to get their governments to come as close to the 2025 reduction targets as is possible to slow and lessen global warming so they can survive a bit longer, there is yet more terrible news. 

As global warming worsens toward passing more of the above levels of tipping points, we will also have to deal with ever-escalating humanity and civilization-ending chaos, instabilities, and realities such as the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Nuclear Reactor Meltdown. Once temperatures rise 4 degrees Celcius (in about 22-42 years and at about the carbon 500 ppm level), nuclear reactors found within global warming unsafe zones between the 45th parallel north and south will no longer be safe. They will no longer be able to be kept secure or maintained by functioning governments as global warming worsens.

If these nuclear reactors go critical and meltdown without stable and secure maintenance, it will not matter where you migrate to in the world. At 4 degrees Celcius, the combined consequences of global warming will cause most of the world's weakest governments to collapse as well as many stronger governments.

If nuclear reactors are melting down in many areas of the world where there are collapsed governments is far-fetched, consider that we have had the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown in Russia and the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan. These were both stable governments with extensive precautions, security, and maintenance people to ensure this would never happen.

Worse yet, once temperatures rise to 5 degrees Celcius (in about 43-53 years and at about the carbon 600 ppm level), nuclear reactors will be melting down everywhere because even the strongest countries will now be collapsing. This means that no location or deep bunker will be safe from the continuous massive radiation fallout from hundreds of Chernoby-like nuclear reactors melting down. Once these reactors go critical, they will spew deadly radiation for centuries to thousands of years! (Currently, there are about 420 nuclear reactors used to generate power in the world today. There are also about 200 research reactors.)

Unfortunately, this same kind of nightmare holds true for all biological or chemical weapons or toxic chemicals stored in any areas with collapsing or collapsed governments. Once those areas are abandoned, lawless, or in chaos, these toxic commodities will either be seized for weaponization or will slowly leak out and poison areas far beyond their original locations. Scenario 1 is a no-win everyone dies eventually scenario because there are no bunkers existing that can keep people safe for centuries to thousands of years from these threats!

Scenario 2: Welcome to World War III. We could easily enter into a global warming-caused total extinction event without the final runaway global warming total extinction tipping point being crossed. This can easily occur as global average temperatures reach anywhere from a 2+ to 4 degrees Celcius increase.

At those increased temperature levels, there will be increasing mass starvation and a mass migration of desperate climagees (climate refugees.) To survive, countries in the many unsafe zones between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south will demand land and resources from those countries in the safer zones. Regional and international conflicts and wars will break out over the safer land areas and remaining food and other resources. 

These wars will be of ultimate desperation between the nations in the safe and unsafe areas. They will undoubtedly include chemical, biological, and even tactical nuclear weapons. Any weapons available by the desperate nations or groups will be used to force those governments in the global warming safer zones to open their borders to the billions of "migrate or die" desperate climagees.

Because there will not be enough resources available in the safer zones to support the billions of climagees, the most vicious wars the world has ever seen will likely be fought over the safest remaining areas on Earth in what will likely be humanity's desperate last fight for survival! If this occurs as it is likely it would it is doubtful anyone will survive this hellish new nuclear, biological and chemical Would War III.

Scenario 3: Migration Lotteries that Won't Work Well Enough. Critical large scale food production above the global warming safer 45th parallel north or below the 45th parallel south will be highly limited. This food crisis will be because of the soil quality and the lower seasonal sunlight levels will be grossly inadequate for using traditional or existing food production methods.

We will not be able to grow enough food for the desperate billions of climagees migrating to these safer areas. Somehow the governments of the world will try to find a way to cooperate and to fairly and wisely limit how many people can occupy the limited safer zones and still be fedTrying to limit the number of desperate climagees who can inhabit the few remaining global warming safer zones by force or special lottery will be beyond difficult.

Any such action will of itself create unimaginable social chaos, panic, and conflict that will keep those living in the global warming safer zones under continuous threat. At best because of the nuclear reactors, toxic weapons, and the coming border wars, anyone living in those limited, safer zones will only have temporary relief.

Scenario 4: Lack of Genetic Diversity. If you do not allow enough genetically diverse individuals from the global warming unsafe zones to migrate, there will not be enough genetic diversity to survive the waves of new diseases that will burn through the far north or far south. These new diseases will emerge because of thousands-of-year-old unknown and known pathogens being increasingly released from the melting permafrost (which humanity has never seen before and has no immunity.) Additionally, these global warming safer zones will also be under threat from new pathogens or existing pathogens that are always mutating or spreading because of the breakdown of health services as the world tumbles toward global warming mass extinction. Only adequate genetic diversity will guarantee that at least someone will survive. And,

Scenario 5: Our Inability to Move Infrastructure Fast Enough. For any of us to survive similarly to what we are used to, the world's critical infrastructure needed for a functioning modern civilization must be moved to the safer far north or far south zones within the next 5-15 years. To do this we must wisely use whatever relative political, economic, and social stability that remains. (These safer zones most generally exist above the 45th to 55th parallels north or below the 45th to 55th parallels south.)

This means that to save even a small percentage of humanity, we should already be moving critical industries like medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc. The bad news is that this is not happening as well. This infrastructure move also involves moving administrative, policing, and other social structures into the limited "Goldilocks" global warming safe zones.  

From the above additional 5 scenarios, even the most optimistic person will recognize nothing will save them other than only temporarily. From the totality of everything they are facing, they will also realize that it has come down to this final simple truth --- we either cooperate and work together to meet the 2025 targets or we die together.

We are no longer in just an emergency to prevent global warming from getting worse. We are no longer in just an emergency to prevent global warming mass extinction.

We are in an all-out war to prevent total human, animal, and biological extinction and economic, social, and political chaos and collapse. As long as we keep thinking about gradually managing the vague threat of "climate change," we are focusing on the wrong target.

We will fail in preventing our own extinction. Our governments need to shift their focus to meeting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets at all costs! This new focus is the only way to slow global warming mass within our lifetimes and prevent total extinction. (The specific action steps needed to get our governments to meet the 2025 targets are found within Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

If we fail, no wealthy individual, corporation, or nation will be able to use its wealth to escape the instability then chaos, collapse, and extinction!

From what you have read so far you can see that we are in a no/win game if we do not get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, but there are always those wealthy and arrogant individuals, corporations and nations who will believe their wealth will insulate and save them from what is coming. Here is what they will face in the future that should convince them that this is a no-win game for them as well.

In spite of wealthy individuals and corporations already buying land and facilities in safer northern countries, they will not be safe there either. The mass migrations of desperate, aggressive, and armed climagees (climate refugees) and national armies will eventually overrun any and all border security measures. These locked out climagees will angrily take their fair share of what's left and severely punish anyone who they even remotely believe had any significant part in letting this horrific global warming meltdown and catastrophe occur either by commission or omission.

Eventually, even the private security companies of the ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations hired to protect their compounds in the safer zones will eventually turn against their affluent bosses, realizing that they now live in a late-phase Climageddon Scenario world, where only firepower and military-style training determine temporary ongoing survival, final ownership, and safety. Worse yet, and worth repeating, the climagee survivors of the most painful and devastating catastrophe in human history who breakthrough into the safer zones will be so angry and traumatized they will seek a horrible vengeance on everyone and anyone they hold responsible for either causing or contributing to the catastrophe, or for failing to act when they reasonably could have slowed or prevented the worst of it.

In their unimaginable anger and pain, some of the remaining climagee survivors who desperately fight their way into the remaining temporarily safe zones and like some survivors of the Holocaust will relentlessly hunt down anyone who they believe knew about the escalating global warming extinction emergency and had the influence or resources to address it, but did not. Those individuals and corporations of great wealth will most certainly lose all of their power and their resources in the massive globalized backlash of anger and punishment that will be directed toward them.

There will be no place on earth or Swiss bank that will be able to save them and their assets from what will be viewed by the survivors as justifiable punishment for their gross global warming crimes of omission or commission against the survival of the whole of humanity.

Things will be even worse for wealthy corporations or individuals or nations who act in ways to profit from the escalating global warming catastrophes, real estate, and market crashes, and the coming other 20 worst consequences as they are unfolding. When those wealthy individuals or corporations are identified by the enraged climagee survivors for their unconscionable commissions and omissions, it is highly likely that ALL of their wealth will be removed from them as well as from all of their trusts, secret bank accounts, businesses and all of their heirs for their crimes against humanity and the future. It is highly likely that such responsible individuals, corporate executives, and politicians will be put into hard labor camps for the rest of their natural lives.

Please do not mistake that the Job One organization is promoting any form of an illegal individual climagee survivor or group vengeance against wealthy corporations, individuals, or nations in any way whatsoever or at any time! All we are disclosing here is these are the most probable and natural human anger reactions by surviving individuals who have suffered unthinkable consequences and the pain of probably losing everyone and everything they have loved.

Our organization promotes and believes only in the peaceful execution of fair and equitable justice by impartial individuals, properly constructed courts, and the rule of law. As an organization, we hold that what is transpiring now (allowing global warming to worsen to near extinction levels beyond recovery for all but a few in less than centuries) is ultimately a matter of ignorance.

Global warming is incredibly difficult to understand in the first place, but the ignorance of personal greed or excessive comforts being valued over the common well-being of society makes solving this challenge even worse. We only mention the highly probable outcomes for those ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations who act to make matters worse or fail to act when they should have acted to educate about the problem and in the hope that through this educational warning, the ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations will wake up that this is the ultimate no-win game even for them, and that we should never go down such a dark path.

As if the previous was not enough, the fate of those wealthy individuals and corporations who migrate to the temporarily safer global warming zones near the 45th parallel north or south will also have to deal with and solve the following devastating problems some of which have been mentioned earlier.

At some point, even the world's wealthiest individuals corporations and nations will recognize their money and power won't save them from this monster. They will realize that we either cooperate and work together or die together.

They will eventually understand that the consequences of our current out of control global warming will last from centuries to thousands of years and no one can survive all of the previously listed consequences even for one century with our existing technology. 

The REAL crisis, challenge and ultimate global warming question for our collective and individual future is...

"How do we prevent a global warming-caused total extinction event from occurring, while we are simultaneously dealing with an unavoidable mass extinction event, which is already occurring?"

The above is the most important global warming question that no politician or global warming education organization is currently honestly addressing! Yet, there is no more critical question for the survival of humanity that must be faced and managed or, there will be no more humanity!! 

This is the central question at Job One for Humanity which we are facing and managing in an honest, adult manner. In facing the global warming emergency over the last 11 years, we have been continually forced to create and update a science-based remedial plan that if honestly executed, has a reasonable probability of preventing the total extinction of humanity. 

This new plan is ultimately practical in that it also helps individuals make the critical emergency preparations and adaptions needed to deal with our steadily unfolding mass extinction process while also still promoting all of the key actions that must be done by our governments to prevent the total extinction of humanity.

What is also essential to keep in mind when you are considering the four global warming tipping points, mass extinction or total extinction is that a mass extinction event is already unfolding. And, it is accelerating at a continually accelerating pace, which will come to full realization throughout the next 30-50 years.

The great news of the Job One Plan to better manage the global warming extinction emergency is that...

1. if we can get our governments to act effectively on this emergency and meet the 2025 targets within the next 6 years, those of you who start preparing and adapting now, should be able to survive and thrive much longer through what most of humanity will not.

2. The only way to solve the dilemma of preventing a global warming-caused total extinction event from occurring, while we are also simultaneously dealing with an unavoidable mass extinction event which is already occurring, is to begin the Job One Plan action steps in that fit with your current circumstances!

Click here to overview the 4 Parts of the Job One for Humanity Plan to resolve the global warming emergency and prevent total extinction. Here you can learn what you can do to protect your family, business, and nation during the unfolding mass extinction event while at the same time helping to execute the most effective governmental actions required to resolve our total extinction emergency.

Please keep reading. The next sections will help motivate you to make the best possible actions in spite of all the bad news...

The hard facts for why must we press on and meet or get as close to the 2025 targets as is possible in spite of all the above challenges

If we do get close to the 2025 targets, as much as 50% of humanity will suffer and die due to starvation over a relatively short period (1-2 decades.) As horrible as much as 50% of humanity as well as a lot of animal and biological life suffering and dying is, this outcome is still far better than having most of humanity die by mid-century or even all of humanity suffer and die if we fail to reach or come very close to the 2025 targets. 

There are three things we can always be sure of during this global warming extinction emergency. In spite of all of the challenges and adverse global warming outcomes that are possible and discussed above, the single constant truth for the best possible outcome for humanity is that; the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting or getting as close as possible to the 2025 targets:

a. the more people that will survive longer to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization into the future, (See Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan for how to do this.)

b. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences and catastrophes, and

c. we will "buy" ourselves more time to prepare and adapt to what we can no longer avoid, (see the global warming Plan B and survival kit here.

More people surviving longer and more people having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared for what is coming is an undeniable good particularly when you weigh it against the unavoidable consequences of doing nothing or failure to make the needed sacrifices to get global warming under control. 


(Read this if you are discouraged or, you don't believe we can meet the last-chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) 

As the research and analysis verification links in this document reveal, there no longer such a thing as a program of gradual fossil fuel reduction being a viable alternative any longer. We squandered that option with our last 35 years of procrastination, denial, and delay in effectively reducing our global fossil fuel use.

Crossing the carbon 425-450 ppm threshold and climate cliff brings about:

1. unavoidable rising temperatures for many decades,

2. crossing more dangerous global warming tipping points even faster, and 

3. a recovery process that will take hundreds to thousands of years.

Letting atmospheric carbon go over the 425-450 ppm climate cliff is not only insane, but it is also unconscionable under any rationalization!

Because of our lost 35 years of denial and delay, what we need to do now will need to be radical, painful, and costly. That is now the price of our future if, we want to have any future at all.

Don't be fooled. This emergency is not far off in the future.

This emergency is not a "get to it later" problem for your children in their later life. It will directly affect you and your children within your lifetimes. 

From now until 2025, if we are not close to being on-target for reaching our life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will know we are locked in to the path of high probability extinction. If that happens, we will be forced to see if we can save and salvage any livable future for humanity for the second half of this 21st century and for the centuries to follow. 

What this implies is that we also will soon know if we are at the end of history and everything humanity has ever cared about. We will know if gone will be life, love, family, art, music, sexual intimacy, motherhood, and everything else. 

We do not often engage in conversations about the extinction of our species, but now is the time to do so. Failure to hit the 2025 reduction targets means the destruction of humanity is on-the-line --- within our lifetimes! That is precisely what we at Job One mean when we say we are in a "global warming extinction emergency."

Right now this self-made suicidal tragedy is already affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. Over the next 10 to 20+ years; it's just going to get worse even faster, affecting billions.

Most people do realize that mass human, animal, and biological extinction within their lifetime is unthinkably horrible. What they do not realize is that the global warming catastrophes and dying will start long before this extinction process runs its full course. Within the next decade or two, we will begin seeing a significant and massive acceleration of global warming disasters, catastrophes, and deaths.

These disasters will continue to increase in frequency, severity, and scale in an oscillating pattern where the oscillation of these weather extremes becomes worse and worse and occurs at closer and closer intervals. Long before this global warming-fueled mass extinction reaches its peak, our economic, political, and social systems will experience widespread chaos and collapse.

If you can imagine hell on Earth, you would be adequately seeing our developing future if we miss the 2025 targets. But, there are very good reasons to...

The good news

1. At this point, we recommend that you click here and watch this 4 Minute Global Warming Video by Greta Thunberg given at the United Nations on September 23, 2019. It may help you to understand and feel the seriousness of the global warming-caused mass extinction emergency we now face.

2. To prevent mass human extinction within our lifetimes, we must all stay calm and carry on. We must also get the world's politicians to act because we are not safe or secure until they do!

In the priority order given below, we must come together in action to take the following three life-critical action steps before it is too late:

a. if you can directly influence any politicians, get them to understand this emergency and then execute the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reducing actions (found prioritized in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

b. if you have any direct or indirect connections to the world's elites (ultra-wealthy corporations, individuals, celebrities, philanthropies, etc.,) get these elites to recognize this emergency is a no-win game for them as well.

Help them realize that no amount of money, power, or fame will save them in the long run. Once they understand this, many of them will use their powerful direct influence on the world's politicians to get them to get the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets achieved on time. (Please see Part 4 of the Job One Plan for help with this step.) 

c. while doing a and b above as individuals and as businesses as best as you can, meet the critical fossil fuel reduction targets listed above and as described in the fossil fuel reduction actions found in Part 2 of our Job One Plan. 

No matter what and. in every circumstance we face, the following still holds true. The more and faster we reduce global fossil fuel use, the more individuals who will survive longer and the more individuals who will suffer less

The big remaining question is...

are you going to do your urgently needed part to make these last chance fossil fuel reductions happen? 

Your and your children's immediate future depends upon the choices you make right now about how to deal with this life and death emergency.

Please stop being fooled by the fossil fuel lobbyist funded illusion that there is ANY time left to make gradual or comfortable fossil fuel reductions! Only the radical 2025 fossil fuel reductions described in this document will slow down the coming global warming consequences enough to have any fair chance of preventing mass human extinction within our lifetimes. And,

we will either succeed together, or we will die together!

At this point, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you have read and the enormity of the challenge of what we must do to survive. You may believe that the level of reductions required is impossible. You may also believe the task is so enormous with such a low probability of success, why even try.

The following story should help you to begin to deal with those ideas and emotions.

The wise general

A wise Chinese general was cornered at the banks of a large river by an opposing army at least 20 times larger than his own. His only means of escape was to get his army across the river before they were attacked. This general had also previously placed enough boats on the bank of the river for escape with his army should that need arise.

As the larger army approached, pushing the smaller army closer to the river, this general gave the order to his most trusted lieutenants to rush to the boats and burn them. When his army saw their only means of escape was being destroyed, they became wildly angry and charged toward the general. The army demanded to know why their trusted general had burned their escape boats and condemned all of them to certain death at the hands of a vastly superior army.

The general calmly said, “We will win this battle or we will die. There is no other alternative and no escape.”

His army now knew their only option was victory or death. Filled with such clarity and single-mindedness of purpose, they fought with such reckless intensity, they defeated the opposing army 20 times their size.

Now that you better understand the rapidly approaching extinction consequences of our global warming extinction emergency from the science and analysis in the links above, you too should no longer retain any illusion of any long-term escape for you or your family, business or nation from immense suffering and likely extinction --- if we do not deal with the reality of this emergency.

What you also may not have realized yet, is that our 35-year failure to have previously started effective fossil fuel usage reductions means that we too, in effect, have already burned our escape boats! Because of this, like the Chinese army, we either win or we die.

This is the perilous and sad point that we have come to because of our inaction and ineffectiveness in addressing global warming and the required fossil fuel reductions for almost 35 years.

The good news is if we act wisely cooperatively and immediately to radically cut fossil fuel use to the above targets, humanity and civilization will have a chance to continue. 

So what do you have to lose? What rational alternative do you have than to act immediately to radically reduce your personal fossil fuel use? What legitimate excuse is there for you to not to help us get our governments to enforce the required radical fossil fuel reductions by the necessary deadlines and that only governments can achieve? 

The reality is, failure is no longer a conscionable option.

There is a fifth tipping point that few are willing to talk about, 2025-2030 "migrate or die" tipping point

If we miss our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, and if you live in a global warming unsafe zone, you will need to migrate either before or near 2025 to about 2030 of we are lucky. The global warming safer areas are generally above the 45 parallel north or the 45 parallel south as shown above or below the orange lines in the illustration below.

If we miss the 2025 deadline by a considerable amount, near or around 2025-2030 real estate prices will also begin to drop significantly (or even crash,) in some global warming higher-risk areas (from the red Equator line to each of the orange 45-degree lines.) They will also begin to soar in many global warming safer areas.

The reasons for this are:

1. A predictable mass extinction event will be unfolding at a continually accelerating pace and, it will come to full realization throughout the next 30-50 years. It will also unfold faster and faster because more extinction-evoking tipping points will be crossed faster and faster as the carbon ppm levels continue to climb in the atmosphere. This means that you will have less and less time to prepare, adapt, and migrate as the global warming extinction emergency gets worse at faster rates if you do not get started soon.

2. At some point by around 2030, there will have been so many global occurrences of extreme or record-breaking storms droughts, heatwaves, floods, rain bombs, bomb cyclones, hurricanes and unseasonable weather which causes more severe disasters and catastrophes that no intelligent person will be able to continue to deny the evidence of their own eyes or their increasingly painful experiences. At that point, far more people will begin to migrate to the very limited global warming safer areas. 

In response to the increased migration pressure real estate prices will rise rapidly (even skyrocket,) in more and more of the limited global warming lower-risk areas.

3. Like what has already happened in Europe with Middle Eastern and African climagees (climate migrants,) nations in the global warming safer areas will either be closing their borders or making immigration so restrictive that fewer and fewer climagees will still be able to migrate much after 2025-2030.

There will be a negative 2025-2030 tipping point for allowing the mass migration of individuals and businesses out of the global warming high-risk zones into the safer zones. Once this tipping point is reached, the safer zones will close down all migration!

It will be unwise to allow yourself to get caught on the wrong side of this perilous 2025-2030 tipping point.

Click here to learn more about the safer (lower risk,) and unsafe (higher risk,) global warming zones as well as wise global warming migration options.


The most important things to remember on this page!

1. There is only one real global warming deadline and tipping point that is necessary to burn into your mind at this time. Everything depends on what we do with the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets:

a. If we hit the 2025 targets, we prevent mass extinction in our lifetimes.

b. If we miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, there will be a mass extinction of much of humanity within our lifetimes!

c. If we do not get very close to the 2025 targets, everyone goes extinct in a total extinction event! And,

d. If we miss the 2025 targets by a significant amount, the best we can hope for is that we have cut global fossil fuel usage enough so that we slowed down the mass extinction processes sufficiently so more of us can live a little longer!

2. If we miss the 2025 targets, no new technology can scale up fast enough to save us! Our ability to maintain any real or meaningful control over this emergency ends just after we enter go over the climate cliff and breach the carbon 425-450 ppm range in 2025.

3. It is the pure physics and mathematics of global warming temperature dynamics that will take over after we go over the climate cliff to drive our temperatures ever higher past 3, 4 and 5 degrees Celsius.

4. If we do not make the 2025 targets, our last chance, and the final window opportunity to effectively control our own destiny regarding preventing even worse extinction level tipping points from being crossed literally closes! If we go over the climate cliff, the worst consequences of global warming will not only increase in severity, frequency, and scale, they will also come at us faster and faster. Eventually, everything we depend upon in an organized society for our survival becomes so unstable that organized society can no longer exist. At that not too distant point, we then starve to death, or die in resource scarcity collapses or conflicts or, in "migrate or die" chaos, or in national conflicts.

5. The largest illustration on this page above, the Global Warming and the Climageddon Scenario Cascading Meltdown reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening consequences, tipping points and human system processes that will accelerate as global warming continues. These consequences, tipping points, and human systems will also synergetically and cumulatively collide with each other and adversely interact. It is these ever-increasing interactions among and between worsening global warming consequences, tipping points and human systems that will make each of these things worse faster and faster.

This illustration reflects the core of the final processes that will lead to our mass extinction as well as into global economic, political, and social chaos. Its three levels of global warming interactions (consequences, tipping points, and human systems,) highlight the continuous onslaught of emergencies, crises, and catastrophes that we are already experiencing and which foretell our eventual extinction if we fail to reach the 2025 targets.

6. While you personally can do some things on your own to reduce global warming, there is nothing you can do individually (or even in large groups,) to effectively hit the 2025 targets. It is now a government responsibility to save us. The 2025 targets can only be achieved by governments working together and immediately issuing new global warming reduction laws and then verifying and enforcing that they are followed to hit the 2025 targets.

7. Not getting very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is the ultimate no-win game! It is total extinction.

8. Escalating global warming is the ultimate no/win game unless we come close to meeting the 2025 targets! 


(Many key areas of this document were derived from the Climageddon extinction scenario and countdown document. It breaks down the complex global warming processes at the next level to help prove to you that the technical details above are accurate. If you have not yet read about the six phases of the Climageddon extinction scenario, which will take you level-by-level through the consequence and timetable details as humanity moves ever closer to extinction, we strongly recommend doing do so now by clicking here.)


9. What most people do not understand about global warming tipping points

Most systems like the global warming climate system cannot be easily fixed once you cross a crucial tipping point without a long recovery time and severely high costs. These long recovery periods and high costs are due to:

1. The whole or significant part of the system completely crashing. Some system tipping point crashes are entirely unrecoverable, and others will take hundreds to thousands of years. By the time this system recovers, it's too late, and the damage has already been done.

2. There is so much previous momentum in the system that what you did decades ago is now driving current and future consequences.

3. There is so much inertia in other parts of the system that you can't change in time; you will not be able to prevent the worst global warming consequences from occurring.

What most people have a hard time understanding about global warming is that:

a. there is a finite window of opportunity (realistically until 2025,) where we still have some control of our global warming future, and 

b. when you cross critical global warming tipping points, that window of opportunity is gone, usually for centuries to millennia while you are suffering all of the consequences of a crashed system.

To learn more about the 11 key global warming tipping points click here.

10. If you only remember the following things from this page you will understand the core message of this page and our website: 

The core message of our website is simple and straightforward:

Fact 1: Our governments were not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are equally unprepared for the escalating global warming emergency. Our governments have ignored 35 years of persuasive global warming warnings by our best scientists, just like they ignored our pandemic scientists' advice. 

Fact 2: Our governments are not telling us the truth about how unbearable and bad global warming is going to get. Many catastrophic global warming consequences are going to arrive far sooner than we are being told. Some of these coming catastrophic global warming consequences are already unavoidable!

Fact 3: If we keep going the way we are now, our governments are about five years away (2025) from missing our last theoretical opportunity to reduce global warming enough to be able to control our global warming futures. This means that we will not be able to prevent the most catastrophic global warming outcomes from occurring over the next several decades. (Only government-driven efforts by all nations can save us at this time. It is far too late for individual actions to achieve the fossil fuel reductions needed.)

Fact 4: If we keep acting the way we are now, we will not reach our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Despite the horrible odds of not hitting the 2025 global reduction targets, we still must do everything we can do to come as close to meeting these targets as is possible. 

If we come close to these 2025 targets, we can at least slow down a human, animal, and plant species mass extinction event, which will unfold over the next 30-50 years. (Click here to read about the four extinction evoking global warming tipping points that we will cross in the next few decades that will push us over the cliff into a mass extinction event.) 

The great news here is that by just getting very close to the 2025 targets and as well as dealing with these 12 other critical global challenges, we can still give ourselves the needed time to prevent a total human extinction event from occurring. (Part 3 of our Job One for Humanity Plan will show you how our governments can get this done and save us. 

Fact 5: Because we are so far behind in effectively reducing global warming to come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as well as our failure to adequately deal with these 12 other critical global challenges, this is NOW also the proper time for wise individuals to create their own Plan B. This Plan B is a global warming emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plan.

With this backup plan in place, you can still "keep working for the best after you have prepared for the worst." 

This way, you also will have your Plan B ready. You will not be unprepared for the mass suffering and death from the rapidly escalating consequences of the global warming emergency interacting with these 12 other critical global challenges!

It is not just Job One for Humanity saying these scary things anymore. Hundreds of climate scientists now feel we cannot keep global warming below a 2°C increase. This means that all we can do right now is prepare for and adapt to what's coming. (If needed, click here to review the many reasons why it is highly unlikely we will reach our 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and why we must begin preparing ourselves.)

The above is all you have to remember about global warming and your future. Most of the pages of our website are about showing you the exact science behind these simple statements so that you can always verify what we are saying is true. You can start or continue that verification process here.

The ultimate and still remaining global warming critical question for every person, business, religion, and the government on Earth

We were grossly unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic despite repeated warnings by our scientists. We are woefully unprepared for the coming global warming extinction emergency and we have once again have ignored the warnings of our scientists.

If we continue to fail to act effectively, we face unavoidable mass human extinction for most of humanity by mid-century and total extinction within as little as 50-70 years.

We have already all but lost the battle to avoid global warming mass extinction by our being so far away from hitting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

The ultimate remaining global warming question for every person, business, religion, and the government should be most concerned about at this time is:

"Will we, at least, come close enough to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets so that humanity can avoid total extinction?"

Click here to see where we are today on the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock.

If you want to find out what you can do to prevent crossing the last chance 2025 deadline and tipping point, click here to learn more about the Job One for Humanity Plan.


To learn more about what you can do to prevent extinction click the image just above.

Help us get the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals met by signing the global warming extinction emergency petition now.

Created by the Job One Research Team

How to keep the difficult and disruptive facts on this page in a balanced and positive perspective

We will be able to avoid or delay some of the coming global warming consequences, while other consequences are unavoidable due to our ignorance, incompetence, inaction, or selfishness. Despite the types of consequences we now face, we can learn from their feedback and adapt and evolve. No matter what we face, we can keep working toward achieving the best possible remaining outcomes. 

We can make a significant difference and stabilize and save the future by executing the comprehensive Job One for Humanity global warming action plan. We also can maintain the perseverance needed to succeed by regularly reviewing the many benefits which we will unfold as we work successfully on this together.

While we persevere, we must never forget that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities. We must continually realize that we are engaged in the most critical and meaningful evolutionary adventure in human history! This adventure is nothing less than removing the global warming extinction threat and, in so doing, indirectly improving most of the world's 12 other major challenges.

Still Feeling Sad, Angry, or Anxious About Global Warming? Here is what to do.

Click this link and start feeling better.

Important technical details 

It should be noted that many, many climate scientists have had the courage to say we are already well past the point of effectively stopping global warming from reaching a 2 degree Celcius increase in average global temperature (above our pre-industrial temperature levels.) When our average global temperature reaches a 2 degree Celcius increase, we have crossed over the last carbon 425-450 ppm battle line, and we have gone over the carbon climate cliff. This means that the mass extinction-evoking global warming tipping points described on this page will soon be triggered.

In essence, what these "it is already too late" climate scientists are now saying is:

a. We have already gone past the midnight hour on the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock. 

b. All we can do now is prepare for and adapt to the horrible list of consequences described in this article. 

c. We will not be able to avoid a mass extinction event and die-off. And,

d. The only thing our governments (not us as individuals) can still do is slow, save, and salvage what we can to still prevent a global warming-driven total extinction event. To do this, they need to slow down the accelerating rise in global temperature from the rate that it is now. This will allow more of us to survive a little bit longer to get prepared. (On this page, you will find our Plan B for how to prepare for and adapt to the many consequences we can no longer change.)

Our organization, which has done over a decade of extensive research analysis on the global warming emergency and which has created this Doomsday Clock, has also aligned itself with the many climate scientists who have said we are well past the point of effectively stopping global warming from reaching a 2 degree Celcius increase. (On this page you will find the almost two dozen reasons why our organization now also believes that global warming has gone out of our reasonable control and that we will face unavoidable mass extinction with just a few decades.)

If that is our current position, it is only natural to wonder why we have also created and are promoting the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock? The answer is simple. 

We wanted to promote the extreme urgency of the global warming extinction emergency so that our governments finally begin to significantly reduce global fossil fuel use to at least slow down the current global warming acceleration curve enough to prevent a total extinction event. Also, if more people understand the urgency of our emergency, they also will do what they can to slow it down and, they will have more time to prepare for and adapt to the upcoming horrific global warming consequences. As this happens more of humanity and civilization can also survive longer and most importantly, we still have a chance to avoid total extinction. It is just that simple! (Click here to see the many effective government actions needed to slow down the total extinction nightmare so more of us can survive longer.


Please send this article to politicians and social media all over the world. Ask your politicians what they are doing to prevent the coming mass extinction of most of humanity by mid-century?

Ask them why they are not adequately managing the greatest threat multiplier and global problem amplifier of the 21st century by enacting the governmental steps described here!

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