The Climate Justice Now Program: Get Justice and Financial Restitution for Climate Change Victims

Last updated 3.14.24. 

Over 2,000 lawsuits in at least 28 countries have been filed against global fossil fuel cartel members. These lawsuits currently involve hundreds of billions of dollars in loss and damage actions.

Over the next ten to fifteen years, it is estimated that the global fossil fuel cartel will eventually be forced to pay out trillions of dollars in loss and damage reparation payments to governments and in loss and damage judgments to private individuals and businesses in litigation worldwide. 

Eventually, the total worldwide climate change loss and damage payouts from all fossil fuel cartel litigation will be exponentially larger than all of the billions of dollars paid in cigarette, asbestos, and opioid judgments.



About Job One for Humanity's Climate Justice Now program

The Climate Justice Now program is designed around a simple goal that embodies the most profound meaning of climate justice. It is also based on a simple legal principle:

Those who have caused, facilitated, or enabled climate change loss and damage must be forced to pay for that loss and damage and be held liable for any criminal actions committed while doing so.

Homeowners, businesses, insurance companies, innocent investors, local, county, state, or national governments, or their innocent taxpayers must never be required to pay for the climate change loss and damage caused by the intentional and decades-long acts of the perpetrators of climate change. 

In other words, when you take all of the profits away from those parties causing climate change, the climate change crisis will end.


Why the Climate Justice Now program must expand worldwide?

There are many good reasons why the Climate Justice Now program must rapidly expand worldwide:

a. no previous climate change treaty has lowered or slowed greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning, which causes global warming. 

b. none of the previous 28 COP international climate change conferences sponsored by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have lowered or slowed greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning.  

c. not even decades of massive worldwide climate change street protests have stopped or even slowed climate change from worsening at even faster rates! 

d. every national, state, and local government aware of the climate change emergency has also utterly failed for over 60 years to do anything that has lowered the ever-rising toxic and polluting greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.

e. Our politicians are so fossil fuel cartel compromised that nothing will get done to reduce global fossil use adequately or in time to avert mass extinction. (Our governments have failed primarily because of a massive, multi-billion dollar, decades-long climate change disinformation campaign created by the global fossil fuel cartel as described here.) 

f. If we do not focus most of our combined efforts on something more effective than what has been done for the last 60 years, we will soon experience a climate change nightmare resulting eventually in a global Climageddon event.

There is no doubt that our fossil fuel cartel-compromised politicians and governments have utterly failed to control the escalating climate change emergency. The best proof of their gross and embarrassing total failure is the ever-rising amounts of carbon (C02,) methane (CH4,) and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.



Atmospheric carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide levels ARE the most valid objective measurements that clearly show if our fossil fuel cartel-paralyzed politicians and governments are making legitimate progress in fixing climate change. 

As of February 3, 2020 our atmospheric CO2 level was carbon 426 ppm. Looking at the atmospheric carbon graph (CO2) just above and then the greenhouse gas graph with methane and nitrous oxide on it a bit further down this page, it becomes painfully evident that anyone who is telling you that we are making progress on fixing climate change and preventing escalating endless climate change catastrophes, either: 

1. does not know how to read an atmospheric carbon, methane, or nitrous oxide graph (all of which are getting worse at even faster rates) or

2. does not understand the complex climate change science, or its mathematics, and physics, or 

3. has financial interests incentivizing their actions to keep the global public ignorant of climate change's real danger and risk level. (Click here to see humanity's current uncensored actual climate change risk level.) or,

4. Is lying through their teeth for some other unknown reason.

The greenhouse gas graph below highlights today's painful story of all three major atmospheric greenhouse gases: carbon (CO2), methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O), which come from burning fossil fuel and its toxic pollution.

The greenhouse gas graph is from the United Nations IPCC summary report. The numbers at the bottom of the greenhouse gas illustration below are the historical AD dates.  

Notice how, from about 1950 to 1980, the rates of toxic and poisonous fossil fuel-caused greenhouse gases going into our atmosphere began to rise exponentially. 



After looking at the above two graphs showing the actual results of everything our politicians and governments have done to reduce global fossil fuel use over the last 4-6 decades, only someone in complete denial or delusional would still say we are making any global fossil fuel reduction progress, or that what we are currently doing to reduce fossil fuel use is working!

Our accelerating global heating threat is now so great that we have no other choice but to bypass the disinformed, compromised, or cowardly politicians who have failed to protect us. To protect the future of humanity, we must bypass and act directly using the three parts of the Climate Justice Now program.

A considerable part of the new Climate Justice Now program is to:

a. share the results and information from ALL of the climate change perpetrators' worldwide crimes on display in a completed online public trial found here.

b. do everything possible to support new worldwide lawsuits to help the victims of the perpetrators of climate change receive full financial restitution for the damages they have suffered as a consequence of climate change.

c. connect with and collaborate with all of the other organizations worldwide working for climate justice now on common projects and events.



What is the True Urgency of the Climate Justice Now Program?

There are two main reasons:

1. At this point, current climate science also strongly suggests that only a worldwide and rapidly scaling up the Climate Justice Now program has any realistic hope of preventing humanity from crossing the last-chance atmospheric carbon 450 ppm near-total extinction threshold.

If we cross the last chance carbon 450 ppm threshold and tipping point, we enter into the second phase of runaway global warming, and about half of humanity will perish by 2050. That tipping point threshold of carbon 450 ppm will come up in eight years (or considerably less if we keep adding more carbon annually at the current 2024 rate of almost six carbon ppm.)

Click here to learn why reaching carbon 450 PPM is our eventual mass human extinction.

(Click here for a deeper dive into the climate science on why the carbon 450 ppm threshold is humanity's climate change point of no return for the critical climate stability essential to human life.) 

2. Over the last 60 years, the world's many environmental groups have also totally failed with every strategy and tactic they have ever used to reduce or even slow the amount of toxic global warming accelerating greenhouse gases going into our atmosphere. Because of points 1 and 2, the urgency to find a truly effective way to fix climate change immediately (like the Climate Justice Now program could not be more real!

Click here to see those strategies that work too slowly for our current threat level.

Click here to see the strategies that will not work in time.


Why the Climate Justice Now program will work to lower greenhouse gases where many past environmental and climate programs have failed

There is an old and wise saying:

"The quickest way to solve a problem is to remove all profit from everyone who benefits from the problem. The problem will then "magically" begin to disappear." 

With every lawsuit filed and every lawsuit won, the fossil fuel industry has less profit and, therefore, less ability to continue to pollute the atmosphere and environment with its deadly toxic products. 

Our new Climate Justice Now program is critical because:

1. It exposes the actual perpetrators of climate change in many new ways and the climate change facts the perpetrators never want anyone to know. 

2. It allows the victims of climate change consequences to get financial restitution for their losses and damages from the perpetrators of climate change. 

3. It can rapidly take the profit out of the climate change perpetrator's wrongful actions and rapidly and significantly diminish the perpetrator's resources and ability to continue its toxic, polluting actions on all humanity and biological life.

With far fewer resources, the global fossil fuel cartel will not be able to explore new fossil fuel deposits, nor will it be able to extract those fossil fuels and add them to the marketplace. The remaining fossil fuel supplier's costs will rise so high that they must raise their prices far beyond where they are now, which will incentivize and speed the transition to green, nonpolluting energy sources. With enough successful lawsuits, it will become impossible for the global fossil fuel cartel to continue selling its toxic, polluting products.

When individuals, businesses, local communities, and state and national governments file their lawsuits for loss and damage (and in some areas of government criminal acts), we bypass the failures of our politicians and our slow-moving fossil fuel conflict-ridden legislatures. We put direct power and direct action directly into the hands of individuals, businesses, local communities, and state and national governments. This direct action strategy with powerful profit-removing consequences is our best chance to save humanity from crossing the last chance, carbon 450 ppm extinction accelerating tipping point.


Here are the audiences for the Climate Change Now program and its climate change victim financial restitution information

In this surge of worldwide litigation against the perpetrators of climate change, many different types of climate change victims are now suing the perpetrators of climate change:

a. home buyers (who were not accurately told how climate change could or would risk or damage their home purchase by real estate brokers or mortgage companies.)

b. farmers, farm cooperatives, and farmers’ associations. (Farmers are currently disproportionately suffering massive financial losses from crop failures and low crop yields due to escalating climate change-related consequences. Climate change-driven extreme weather events are defined, in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods, flooding, sea level rise, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal, unseasonal, or record-breaking weather related to rapidly accelerating climate change.)

c. business owners (who have suffered loss and damage because of the many primary and secondary consequences of climate change.)

d. investors who were not accurately told how escalating climate change could or would threaten or risk their investments. (Many investors have suffered losses in various traditional and non-traditional investment vehicles where the actual climate change risks contained within those investments were inadequately disclosed or significantly underestimated and where if a non-negligent, due diligence review had been done by those offering such investments, those investments would have had to reveal significantly higher possible to probable climate change consequences and climate loss-related risks.) 

e. local governments and local agencies. (Local taxpayers are being forced to pay for cartel-caused climate change damages that insurance company policies do not cover and they did not cause.)

f. state attorney generals and national government agencies. State and national taxpayers are getting stuck with the soaring costs of climate change consequences as more insurance companies cancel climate change-exposed insurance policies. (More state attorney generals and government agencies are filing litigation against the cartel to recover the financial losses and damages for their taxpayers.)

g. undeveloped nations who also have experienced vastly disproportional climate change loss and damage in relation to the total fossil fuel pollution they have produced or put in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution about 1800 are now using the courts to recover their climate losses and damages instead of continuing to beg and wait for the “too little too late” help they were promised at international climate conferences.

h. companies involved in green energy generation or green energy products. The fossil fuel cartel had extensive programs to stop or reduce green energy subsidies or stop or slow laws that would have made the global transition to green energy far easier and faster. Had it not been for the global fossil fuel cartel's anti-green energy actions, the world would be decades ahead in the green energy transition, and our current climate change consequences would be far less. (See this online trial for more information.)

i. climate change activists around the world.



Here are the Climate Justice Now program's main parts

Part 1: is the online public trial of the perpetrators of climate change and their crimes. This online trial details decades of cartel toxic pollution, disinformation, and criminal actions. It succinctly explains why worldwide law firms, attorneys, and government authorities will eventually recover trillions of dollars in climate change loss and damage awards and settlements for their clients or countries.

Law firms, attorneys, and government authorities are currently using this online trial to quickly get their litigation teams up to speed on cartel litigation, crimes, and tort charge options. The many new disclosures in this online cartel public trial have unsettled and even surprised the most hardened and well-educated climate change activists. This page also includes support organizations for whistleblowers on cartel crimes.

Click here for Part 1, which is an online public trial of the perpetrators of climate change and their shocking crimes against humanity over the last 4-6 decades.

It is a must-read for even hardened climate change activists and researchers because it lays out the full spectrum of serious crimes committed by the perpetrators of climate change, many of which have never been seen before.

Part 2: Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial and for ongoing litigation against the global fossil fuel cartel. We just moved this page because it is expanding quickly.

Part 3: lists existing financial climate change damage restitution court cases against the perpetrators of climate change, lists law firms that can help you with litigation against the perpetrators of climate change damage, and provides powerful tips on filing a climate change damage restitution lawsuit for damage that you, your business, or your government have experienced. Click here for Part 3.

Part 4: Click here for a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately starts removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.

Part 4: Click here for the most critical actions needed to stop the ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel from destroying humanity and achieve climate change justice.

Click Here to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.

Volunteers Needed for Climate Justice Now

We are actively recruiting new volunteers worldwide to work specifically on promoting the Climate Justice Now program and its actions. Click here to become a volunteer in the Climate Justice Now program and help forward the justice actions described on this page and throughout the Climate Justice Now pages.

Are you a witness, or do you know of any witnesses to the global fossil fuel cartel's crimes?

There are now several worldwide Climate Change WhistleBlower support organizations helping to surface and protect old and new witnesses willing to speak to the media and in trial courts about the many past and ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel. If you are a witness or know a witness, please connect them to the following group or to your local criminal and legal authorities.

For the Climate WhistleBlowers Websites, click here. 

Click Here to Get Free Alerts When We Receive New Anti-Cartel Evidence or Adverse Cartel Judgments or New Law Firms or Governmental Agents Who Have New Climate Change Damage Litigation Against the Global Fossil Fuel Cartel or its Members.

You will Also Receive Free Climate Change Consequence Alerts and Climate Science Updates!

Please Note: We have just launched our Job One for Humanity Climate Justice Now program in January of 2024. More law firms, attorney generals, national litigation tams and evidence are being added regularly to the existing our existing resource lists as more anti-fossil fuel cartel organizations and allies continue to forward us new information.


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