The Global Fossil Fuel Cartel's Secretive Climate Change Disinformation Campaigns and Obstruction of Fossil Fuel Reductions. Here is how they do it

Last updated 8.5.23

Before exploring the climate change facts that the global fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to see, it is necessary to brief you on what the cartel has been doing for the last 60 years to blind our governments, politicians, the media, and most of our environmental groups to the real urgency, threat level, and true nature of the climate change emergency.



A history as dark as the oil and coal the global fossil fuel cartel sells

The invisible, dominant hand that distorts, underestimates, and unduly influences the climate change information you have been receiving IS the global fossil fuel cartel. Their nefarious behind-the-scenes actions have distorted and significantly underestimated the climate change information coming from:

a. the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC). (Particularly their climate change summary reports.)

b. your government,

c. the media, and unfortunately, 

c. most environmental groups who are using the IPCC's climate change summary reports for the data for their education and planning.

The hidden cartel's climate censorship and disinformation facilitating actions are the main reason our governments have not fixed the climate change emergency over the last sixty-plus years. 

To open your mind to begin to see the cartel's invisible hand censoring and distorting most of the climate change information you are receiving, it is useful to review some history that everyone already knows to be true. The global cigarette industry has a proven record of ten decades of successful misinformation, disinformation, false cigarette health risk studies, and funding of "independent" think tanks to produce questionable research saying smoking was not dangerous. The cigarette industry also has an extensive public record of engaging in many undue influence to delay or prevent government regulation or proper heath risk labeling. 

Like the cigarette industry's tactics, the far better-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation, regulation-delaying practices, and other tactics have successfully kept and censored climate change facts, timeframes, and solutions from you, our governments, and the media for over six decades! 

Does that statement still seem not possible?  For decades, the global cigarette industry convinced the world's politicians and citizens that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer, health problems, or death with only a fraction of the global fossil fuel cartel's 28 trillion dollar-a-year income. How much better could the fossil fuel cartel do the same thing with many thousand times the cigarette industry's resources?

The fossil fuel cartel's lavishly-funded climate censorship actions are as follows:

  1. Global disinformation campaigns to make you believe we are making progress in fixing climate change when we are not.
  2. Global misinformation campaigns by funding think tanks and others to continuously create and spread clever new false doubts or confusion about the causes, consequences, progress, and solutions surrounding climate change and the damages the fossil fuel cartel's products produce (without looking like this false information is coming from the fossil fuel industry.)
  3. Successfully delaying or killing government-level regulations designed to reduce fossil fuel usage or make the fossil fuel industry pay for the deadly pollution and other dangerous, costly consequences its products cause.
  4. Using climate change illusion-building tactics like creating false hopes that new technologies like carbon capture (or old technologies like the increased use of "cleaner" propane) will protect us now, save us at the last minute, or that we do not need to radically reduce our fossil fuel use immediately. The insidious purpose for creating these false hope illusions and false progress distortion campaigns is to make you feel safe and secure when you are not and make you believe we are making the needed steady progress in fixing climate change when we are not. If you think there is no dangerous soon-arriving problem, you will do nothing to demand your politicians act to fix it. 

The global fossil fuel cartel is using the above tactics for one reason, trillions of dollars in profits are at stake. Additionally, they are doing it because if the world's citizens knew the actual climate change facts (found on this website and a few other websites) and they understood that the fossil fuel cartel had deliberately deceived them for decades, they would angrily demand that their politicians radically cut global fossil fuel use immediately. 

If you still think what we say about the cartel distorting, censoring, and unduly influencing our governments, the media, and the climate summary work and climate solutions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) is untrue, click here.  You will discover hundreds of well-documented articles about the many ways and tactics the global fossil fuel cartel uses to ensure that our governments, the media, and the world's citizens do not ever demand reducing global fossil fuel use to the required levels to save their own lives and the lives of their children.

(If you are a science person, click here for a deep dive into how the global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted, manipulate, and censored most of what you hear today about climate change from the UN's IPCC periodic Climate Change summary reports. These summary reports are used as the most trusted source for climate change information and planning by governments, media, and environmental groups worldwide.)

It is bitterly painful when you also finally realize that the global fossil fuel cartel is entirely willing to sacrifice the assets (and lives) of billions of people and your children to satisfy their unquenchable greed for more profit (more super-yachts, more palaces, and more ridiculously luxurious lifestyles for key fossil fuel cartel owners, executives, and investors, etc.)

Please read the ten critical climate change facts the global fossil fuel cartel never wants you to know (found just below).

It will not ease the shock when you also become aware that in the UN IPCC's commonly accepted climate change summary reports were underestimated by about 20-40% or more. Worse yet, your government, the global media, and most environmental groups rely almost entirely on these IPCC's climate change summary reports for everything they tell you about the coming climate change consequences, timeframes, and required solutions.

"Until the general population and our politicians are no longer being systematically deceived by the global fossil fuel cartel about the real threat and urgency of the climate change emergency, little will be done to fix it, just has little has been done over the last 60 years." Dan Hardy



In some ways, one has to admire the brilliance of the world's wealthiest cartel hiring the best lobbyists, public relations firms, and other nefarious influence-wielding staffers that money can buy to dumb down the world concerning climate change and simultaneously thwart any effective effort to reduce its ability to spew ever more toxic greenhouse gas pollution into our atmosphere.

The global fossil fuel cartel has successfully spent the last 60 years making it nearly impossible for the world's citizens to understand the real dangers they face from accelerating climate change. At the same time, the fossil fuel cartel has made it impossible for our politicians to enact honest and effective fossil fuel reductions or other critical fossil fuel cartel regulations. If that is not an absolutely brilliant two-tiered strategy executed with unlimited funds, I don't know what could be better or more effective. 

They have disempowered those at the bottom with little power and deactivated those at the top with absolute power. The global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted human society's critically necessary corrective processes by making it impossible for the general population to rationally look at the actual climate change facts while simultaneously inhibiting our politicians from acting to protect the common well-being. The cartel has brilliantly made it so that "the people can't think and the politicians can't act."

Congratulations to the global fossil fuel cartel and its many minions. You have not only doomed the rest of us to unimaginable suffering and death but also mindlessly condemned yourselves and your children to the same outcome.

What you can do to help fix and stop this dangerous and obscene travesty against humanity and all biological life on Earth

Single-handedly you can break the fossil fuel cartel's well-funded disinformation machine by speaking out in your social networks or sending your social networks the following copy:

"Over the last sixty years, almost every consequence and timeframe we have been told about climate change from our governments, the media, and even most all environmental groups has been underestimated by 20 to 40% or even more. These groups have also unknowingly spread other dangerous climate change disinformation designed to make you feel safe and that we are making climate change progress when neither is true.

If you want to discover the uncensored and actual climate change facts or how this underestimation and disinformation happened, click here to learn how you have been systematically deceived by the global fossil fuel cartel about climate change for over sixty years."

(After you send the above copy to your networks, you will find additional super-easy-to-use tools on our new "Tell a Friend" page to help you spread the word about the fossil fuel cartel's extensive climate change lies. When you send the link or use the social media buttons on this social media tools page, you can privately see how many people you brought to Job One because of your sharing, and you will earn valuable social capital points. 

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Now that you understand the fossil fuel cartel's hidden disinformation role, it is time to discover the ten uncensored climate change emergency facts the global fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to know!

If you are courageous and want to finally know the facts about what the climate change emergency will do to your life, family, business, and future, click here for the ten uncensored climate change facts.

This information is provided by the world's only 100% publicly funded, fully independent climate change think tank, always speaking the uncensored facts to power. Click here, and read. You will never see the climate change emergency the same again!


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