Practical and Effective Climate Change Solutions for How to Reduce, Adapt to, and Survive Climate Change Consequences

Last updated 4.19.24

A Quick Climate Change Emergency Summary Overview

This quick overview is designed for those who do not want to know the details on how or why the climate change emergency happened or the detailed science behind the facts and statements further below. Read this full climate change facts article if you want the hows, whys, and detailed science causing the climate change emergency.

The most important quick facts on our current climate change emergency and condition are:

1. For over 60 years, humanity has failed to reduce escalating global warming and climate change. Unfortunately, as a consequence of squandering those six-plus critical decades, humanity will experience an unavoidable and massive die-off, with about half of humanity dying by about 2050.

2. Because humanity squandered those six-plus decades, from now until about 2031, humanity will also experience a dramatic increase in the severity, frequency, and size of global warming-related climate change consequences. After 2031, these consequences will begin to increase exponentially in their severity, frequency, and size.

3. Because of the previous two climate change emergency facts, climate-wise, individuals and businesses worldwide are already actively involved in climate change-related emergency preparations, adaptive climate change resilience-building in their homes and businesses or migrating where necessary.

If you have read enough and want to start on your climate change emergency preparation, adaptive climate change resilience building, or migration actions:

Click here for the emergency preparation information you will need.

Click here for the adaptive climate change resilience-building information you will need.

Click here for the migration information you will need. (Our extensive migration and other emergency-essential information is found in our Member's section. It is easy to become a member.)

If you do not believe the above three climate change facts, please read this climate change facts article, and you will discover why the above three statements are painfully correct. Once you have read the climate change facts article then, continue reading below. There is much valuable information not covered in this summary overview.


Solving the runaway global heating emergency will be challenging and complicated. This is because many things are creating and prolonging our escalating global heating problem. 

Runaway global heating is not only caused by burning more fossil fuels due to ever-increasing human consumption needs. It is also caused by the even more challenging problem of overpopulation. (Overpopulation drives the overconsumption of fossil fuel and many other limited planetary resources.) 

To resolve our current runaway global heating emergency, we will need:

  1. a systemic and immediate multi-government-enforced reduction in fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets. 
  2. widespread individual behavioral change and personal sacrifice towards greater sustainability.  And, ultimately,
  3. to fix the deeper causes of this emergency (beyond fossil fuel burning alone.)

Only systemic governmental planning and enforcement combined with individual behavioral change will save us from ourselves and the worse consequences of our climate nightmare.

Fortunately, you will find the necessary combination of practical individual behavioral change steps and the systemic government actions needed to secure humanity's future from a runaway global heating-driven near-total extinction event in the Job One for Humanity Plan below.

The following page will help you select from among eighty of the most effective climate actions that you can start immediately to do something meaningful about climate change and our deteriorating environmental conditions. The step-by-step Job One for Humanity Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan (below) will allow you to start action steps that are prioritized, practical, and relevant to your situation, resources, networks, and current zones of influence. 

Everyone can find something to do and contribute to in the Job One for Humanity plan. One of the best things about the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan B (below) is that you can choose which actions and sequences of actions best fit your resources and current situation. Choosing and focusing on only one action step at a time will keep you on course and successful. 

As soon as you begin your first climate action step, you become another honored climate activist. 


Despite almost 60 years of scientific warnings about the extinction-level consequences of global warming, our governments are still doing far too little to reduce global fossil fuel usage. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you focus on the action steps of the individual-action-focused Part 2 of our plan first and then go to Part 1 of our plan. While working on either Part 1 or Part 2 of our plan, keep doing whatever you can on the government-action-focused Parts 3 and 4 of our plan when you can get to them. This way, you will work on the most practical and effective actions relevant to your current situation.)

In 2021, the world's leading global warming authority, the IPCC (the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), made the most significant change to its climate position and global warming consequence predictions in its decades-long history! The IPCC now says we can no longer prevent many of the worst consequences of global warming. So all that we can do now is to adapt to them!

But, precisely how can you adapt, lower your fossil fuel use, and replan your lives around the rapidly intensifying climate change and environmental consequences (wildfires, flooding, droughts, rain bombs, extreme weather, hurricanes, wildfire smoke, Derechos, monster dust storms, etc.) that you see more and more every day in the news? 

Our Job One for Humanity Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan will help you do this.

Not only will it describe the many interrelated global warming consequences you will need to prepare for and adjust your life plans around, but it will also provide you with a comprehensive plan of practical fossil fuel reduction, preparation, and adaptation strategies that will be crucial to minimize your climate change-related losses and suffering.

It will even help you learn how to live more sustainable lives and livelihoods to do your part to improve our social and environmental conditions. 

Once the climate and global heating emergency and its negative environmental impacts have been resolved, our plan also contains actions for creating a sustainable prosperity for all.

Many of the Job One Plan action steps will also help improve the 11 other non-climate major global crises that we currently face. 

Here is the honest and tough climate change news

To survive a climate change-driven near-total extinction, we must get Part Three of the Job One Plan done! The only way to get Part Three done with the very little time we have left is to use the long-shot tactics of Part Four of the Job One Plan. 



The Job One for Humanity Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan exists because, for the last 60 years, we have ignored the warnings of our best scientists and we have not resolved the accelerating climate change emergency. Enacting the Job One Plan has the highest possible urgency because we have reached our last remaining window of opportunity. 

If we miss this final window of opportunity, we will go over the first extinction-evoking tipping point. We will then also soon cross the other three extinction-forwarding global warming tipping points. If we cross any of the four tipping points, global warming will go out of our meaningful control for centuries to thousands of years! 

There is a lot of difficult and disheartening news about climate change and global warming emergency on this website. The good news is that we can still survive and thrive for as long as is possible! We can still slow down and delay our current global warming-caused extinction process and save more people over the next 30-50 years, and we can still prevent a global warming-caused near-total extinction process from beginning over the next 50-70 years. 

All we have to do is reach or at least come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets described here! 

The Job One for Humanity Plan is a clear, effective, and comprehensive new plan designed to get us close to reaching 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and deal with our current emergency. For the future of humanity and our civilization, please get started with one or more of the parts and steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan today. 

All you have to do is to select which of the four parts of the Job One Climate Change Resilience plan is right for you and your current circumstances and then begin it. (There are links to and more information on each of the four parts of the plan below.)

"By working on or promoting the action steps of our Job One for Humanity Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan, you are doing something noble and beautiful. You are not only acting to save yourself and those you love, but you also are helping to reduce the suffering and save the lives of billions of others.

You are also becoming a true global heating hero or heroine and a global heating educator or activist." Lawrence Wollersheim

Please do not forget that if you have effective ways to influence your national politicians or government to get close to the survival-required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before it is too late, make it a priority! This political action will allow more people to survive runaway global heating. If you do not have effective political influence, then work on the other more local parts of the Job One Plan that you can influence.



The Good News

We can still slow and fix runaway global heating if we work together to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets. Not only can we still fix this and save a good portion of humanity, but we can also create many surprising benefits for ourselves and even bring about a Great Global Rebirth once we have learned and applied the lessons of this tragedy. (Click here to see the most read page on our website with over two million views. This page will help you see all the benefits that can come into being once we have made the necessary sacrifices to fix runaway global heating and endured the coming climate consequences that we can no longer avoid. 


If you have experienced any damages to your home, business, or farm from climate change-related consequences, you need to begin a lawsuit against all related parties ASAP

There are wealthy companies that have either directed caused the climate change emergency and the damages you have experienced, or that should have informed you of the relevant climate change risks. 

The number of court cases focused on the global climate change crisis and its consequent damages has doubled since 2015, bringing the total number to over 2,000, according to a report led by European researchers last year. More than two dozen US cities and states are suing big oil, alleging the fossil fuel industry knew for decades about the dangers of burning coal, oil, and gas and actively hid that information from consumers and investors. 

If you have just experienced a climate change-related extreme weather event involving any heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms (Derechos), dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather and, you need to begin the process for financial recovery and restitution by reading this page as soon as possible due to time limitations on filing for restitution from harmful acts. This page will connect you to successful law firms handling this specialty.

It is time to recover from any change-related damages you, your home, business, farm, local, or state government may have experienced using successful law firms specializing in this area. Click here if you need to also start the recovery of your financial losses from the perpetrators of climate change.


The Job One Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan for Adapting to and Surviving Climate Change and its Many Interconnected Consequences

Our plan below is a self-motivated, self-organized, self-directed, do-it-yourself (DIY) system. You are the one that is responsible for the preparations and adaptations that are necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from what is coming.

We strongly recommend that you do not depend on others or your government to save you from the coming global heating catastrophes. We also strongly recommend that before you begin any of the Job One Plan steps, you go to our page, which discusses the critical preparation and adaptation time frames depending on your current location or desired future location.

If you live in a high-risk global heating zone, we also recommend simultaneously starting with Part 1. If you do not live in a global warming high-risk area, most individuals should begin with Part 2.

About Part 1 of the Job One Plan

You will learn how to best prepare yourself, your family, and your business for the soon-arriving and unavoidable 20 worst consequences of global warming. Everyone now needs to have basic emergency preparation in place to survive the worst of the continually arriving and many now unavoidable new levels of global warming consequences while they also work on and through the other Job One parts. 

Part 1 also contains the Climate Change and Global Warming Relocation and Migration Manual. You may work on the other steps well as you are working on the steps of Part 1. To Start Part 1 of the Job One Plan now, click here or click the Preparing for Emergencies image below.

Special online support announcement of 2.28.24. The staff at Job One for Humanity have recently helped to cofound a new nonprofit organization called ClimateSafe Villages. This organization was designed to help better prepare (Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan) people for what's coming with the climate. It also helps them adapt and build greater climate resilience in their homes, businesses, and communities. 

In addition to joining Job One for Humanity, please join ClimateSafe Villages as soon as possible. As of this date, we have transferred all our support activities for climate change emergency preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building to this new organization.

Although we helped to cofound ClimateSafe Villages, we are no longer involved with its executive management because, as a think tank, climate change research must remain our primary focus. When asked, we continue advising ClimateSafe Villages on rapidly changing climate change conditions.

At ClimateSafe Villages, hundreds (soon thousands) of individuals are being supported in a great online community and in completing the necessary but often challenging climate change emergency preparations, adaption, and resilience-building. 

Please also join ClimateSafe Villages soon. Good support has proven to be 90% of the reason people succeed in challenging tasks. And please, do not forget to become a member at Job One for Humanity for all of the benefits described on this page.





About Part 2 of the Job One Plan

Here you will learn about wise local, regional, and state political actions and the best individual actions to adapt to what global warming consequences are now unavoidable, as well as how to reduce your fossil fuel use to become more sustainable to help do your individual part to slow and lessen the 20 worse consequences of global warming.

With all of its sub-steps, this step will take some time to complete, but while you are working on it, you can also work on the other action steps of Part 1. By itself, Part 2 will not save us from the harshest and now unavoidable consequences of our past actions and inactions, but it will help slow and lessen global warming and get you moving in the right direction for the future. To Start Part 2 of the Job One Plan now, Click here and then later click the image below to learn about adapting toward the new model of sustainable prosperity. 




You now have all that you need to select where to start the Job One Plan! For the future of humanity and our civilization, please start with one or more of the parts and steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan today!

And, after you have been working on the action steps of the Job One Climate Change Resilience Plan, please email us at manage@JobOneforHumanity and let us know how you are doing. What you say or have learned may be essential to inspiring, supporting, and encouraging others in our monthly newsletter. 

About the Critical Part 3 of the Job One Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan

If you already have connections of real direct influence on government politicians or you do have indirect connections of real influence on politicians through celebrities, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, ultra-wealthy individuals, or national intelligence agencies, Part 3 is the area we recommend you begin.
The needed mass mobilization actions for politicians to take to prevent our near-total extinction are found only in Part 3 of the Job One Plan. It contains what absolutely must be done by our politicians if we are going to have any real chance of avoiding the beginning stages of near-total extinction within as little as the next 50-70 years. 

Unfortunately, it is only the politicians, intelligence agencies, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals that currently have sufficient direct power or influence to enact the challenging government-driven actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan. Only their actions will work to reduce greenhouse gases down to (or close to) the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target levels and then to carbon neutrality and net zero in time to save us from extinction.

Only Part 3 of the Job One Plan, executed successfully, will eventually return us to the safe atmospheric carbon levels of carbon 350 - 270 parts per million [ppm]. (We are at about carbon 420 ppm now.)

The primary action steps described in Part 3 are not actions that can be successfully achieved by individuals who have little direct influence on politicians, intelligence agencies, and 1% of ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals. 

Part 3 focuses exclusively on a single, painful, and dominant global warming extinction emergency reality. We must make immediate, radical, and costly reductions in our global fossil fuel energy use and generation that will be achievable only through a mass mobilized, government-driven, government-enforced, and government-penalized new laws and actions. Part 3 is the single most important part of the Job One Plan if we are to have a livable future.

If we do not find a way to execute this step without further delays successfully, there is no realistic or practical hope we can prevent escalating global warming from passing the mass human extinction-level and proceeding uncontrollably to the near-total extinction level. 

To start Part 3 of the Job One Plan now, click here or click the government building image below. 



Part 3 of the Job One plan even has a Plan B section for governments to do as an "all is lost" backup in case we cannot stop global warming in time to save most of us.


About Part 4 of the Job One Plan: It's our last-chance strategy to get our politicians to get our governments to act to reduce global fossil fuel use before it is too late.

Because of the painful but true reality that our politicians and governments have thus far continually failed to fix climate change, we must focus on bypassing them and their massive failure. Wherever applicable, we must also begin the Climate Justice Now program.

As this climate justice program builds enough momentum, our disinformed, compromised, or cowardly politicians will act, and this detailed program for effective government climate action on climate change will finally be able to be completed.

Unless you have direct personal influence on a politician or group of politicians, we strongly recommend you begin with our Climate Justice Now program and help build the needed momentum so that, eventually, our politicians and governments will act.

If we are unsuccessful in Part 4, we experience near-total human extinction instead of only the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. 



The best news is that if we successfully execute Part 3 of the Job One Plan in time, some of humanity and many other species will survive the global heating, near-total extinction emergency.

To start part 4 of the Job One Plan now, click here or on click the puzzle image above.  

If you have not signed up already on our website, click here (or click on the sign-up image below) and receive free:

a. important updates and alerts on changing global heating conditions, 

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Additional Information on the Job One Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan

What an honest and effective solution and plan must do to end the climate change extinction emergency and threat?

It must:

a. honestly face the real conditions and deadlines present at the time and location at which you find yourself, 

b. diligently locate all of the critical barriers that will keep you from reaching your objective, and it must 

c. use a systematic and comprehensive approach to prioritize all of the critical path actions needed to resolve those barriers before the known critical deadlines or tipping points are crossed to get you to your objective. 

Even more good news

Unlike most all other climate change reduction plans, the Job One Plan for adapting to the climate change extinction emergency does all of the above by:

1. candidly confronting the harsh new reality of just how bad the climate change and global warming extinction threat currently is. (See this page for that reality check.)

2. clearly defining all the critical barriers that must be overcome. (See this page for that reality check.)

3. provide a prioritized and effective plan for ALL critical path individual and collective actions that need to be taken to meet critical deadlines (Found in the Job One Plan links on this page.) 

"No program that claims to have a solution to climate change and global heating can not be called legitimate unless it is designed and focused around knowing when a global heating-driven near-total extinction event will probably occur, how it will occur, and what must be done when to prevent that outcome. The Job One for Humanity four-part program relentlessly follows this critical path and deadline policy." Lawrence Wollersheim

To understand the "if we are lucky" final 2025-2031 crucial action deadline for preventing near-total extinction, click here. To see how that near-total extinction event will unfold in dozens of primary and secondary climate-related consequences, click here. 

How the deadline-driven Job One Global Heating Solutions and Resilience Plan came about

For over 11 years, the Job One for Humanity organization has created a continually updated meta-systemic overview and analysis of all relevant global warming research. (The meta-systemic analysis used for global warming examines the systems and subsystems involved in global warming from a meta-perspective that considers them both as stand-alone and individual systems as well as being interconnected and interdependent with and upon each other. The meta-systemic analysis involves a detailed analysis of processes, contexts, relationships, and the continuous transformations occurring among and between interconnected and interdependent systems and subsystems within the selected analysis area.)

This meta-systemic overview and analysis process creates a highly useful "big picture" and a Hegelian dialectical systems model of the coming global warming consequences, counter-consequences, and timetables.


This ongoing original analysis of the most reliable global warming science has produced the current set of prioritized and practical global warming solutions found in the form of the four-part Job One for Humanity Plan

The Simple Logic Behind the Job One for Humanity Adapt and Survive Plan

If you are looking for prudent actions to survive and thrive through the coming crises for as long as possible, the Job One for Humanity action plan was developed for you. It is based on the simple logic that if we do not come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets when faced with unavoidable mass die-off by mid-century and a highly probable near-total extinction event before the end of the 21st century, it is best to use your remaining time and energy wisely. A wise use of remaining time and energy would include:

1.) Make your remaining time as safe, fulfilling, meaningful, and sustainably comfortable as is possible for as long as you can (Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan.)

2.) Doing everything within your power to prevent near-total to near-total extinction and to save and salvage whatever you can of humanity and civilization for as long as you can --- instead of doing nothing and losing everything --- even sooner! (Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan.)


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