PLAN B for Managing Climate Change and the Runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency

(If you have any doubts about either urgency or the critical importance of why you need to work on PLAN B of the Job One Plan at this time, please click here and review the ten most important facts about global heating and our destabilizing climate; before continuing with this page. This page should also help fuel your motivation to start PLAN B below as soon as possible.)


Solving the runaway global heating emergency will be challenging and complicated. This is because many things are creating and prolonging our runaway global heating problem. 

Runaway global heating is not only caused by burning more fossil fuels due to ever-increasing human consumption and resource needs. It is also caused by the even more challenging problem of overpopulation. (Overpopulation drives the over-consumption of fossil fuel and many other limited planetary resources.) 

To resolve our current runaway global heating emergency, we will need:

  1. widespread individual behavioral change towards far lower fossil fuel use and greater sustainability. (This will require significant personal sacrifice.) 
  2. a systemic and immediate multi-government-driven and government-enforced reduction in fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets. And ultimately,
  3. once the current global heating emergency is under control, we will need to fix the deeper causes of the runaway global heating emergency (beyond fossil fuel burning alone.)

Only systemic governmental planning and enforcement combined with massive individual behavioral change and necessary sacrifice will save us from ourselves and the worse consequences of an accelerating climate nightmare before it is too late.

Fortunately, you will find the necessary combination of essential individual behavioral change actions and the systemic government actions needed to secure humanity's future from the threat of a runaway global heating-driven near-total extinction in the Job One for Humanity Plan B below.


Welcome to the Job One for Humanity Plan B for managing and fixing the accelerating avoidable and unavoidable consequences of climate change and the runaway global heating emergency. 

Plan B for climate change exists because we are doing terribly in reaching the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

The good news is that the more of Plan B below that we complete, the greater the percentage of humanity we can still save from the suffering of the extinction-level consequences of runaway global heating.  

Our Plan B below is designed to help individuals, businesses, and governments:

a. prepare for the coming global heating consequences,

b. adapt to the coming global heating consequences,

c. slow down the coming global heating consequences,

d. survive the coming global heating consequences, and

e. eventually resolve the many causes of the runaway global heating emergency,  

The catastrophic or unavoidable consequences of the runaway global heating emergency are:

a. these primary and secondary global heating consequences, which will be regularly increasing in severity, frequency, and scale,

b. crossing dangerous climate and global heating tipping points and amplifying climate feedback loops at faster rates, and,

c. the unfortunate and interconnected worsening of society's 11 other current major global crises.

For humanity to survive the above worsening runaway global heating-related consequences and have a livable future, three crucial things need to happen:

1. Individuals must vote for politicians who understand the ten critical facts of runaway global heating and why getting close to the 2025 targets is a life and death matter for ALL of humanity. 

1. Individuals, businesses, and nations must immediately create and begin executing their individual Plan B emergency preparation backup, adaptation, and survival plans. (Our adaptation plans include better climate political voting, becoming more sustainable, and cutting consumption wherever possible.) And,

3. All of our governments must mass mobilize and immediately enforce global fossil fuel reductions to get close to the 2025 global reduction targets. (This will slow down runaway global heating-related consequences enough to avoid total human extinction) 

At this time, we all need to begin the steps of Plan B that, as an individual, we can control because the current odds of coming close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are not good. Unfortunately, our politicians either do not understand we are fighting for the survival of the last half of humanity (because the other half of humanity is already lost by mid-century), or they are blinded by the financial benefits of the fossil fuel industry lobbyists.

Please note that Plan B is a self-motivated, self-organized, and self-directed do-it-yourself (DIY) system. You are the one that is responsible for the preparations and adaptations that are necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from what is coming.

We strongly recommend that you do not depend on others or your government to save you from the many coming and unavoidable runaway global heating catastrophes. And finally, we also strongly recommend that before you begin any of the Job One Plan B steps below, you go to our page, which discusses the critical survival preparation and adaptation time frames you will need to know depending upon your current location or desired future location.

We also strongly recommend that at some point, you read the many benefits of getting the runaway global heating emergency under control. It will help keep you motivated and on-task as you work your way through the challenging changes we all must make to hope to survive what is coming.


The World's Plan A for fixing climate change and runaway global heating has failed, and it continues to fail. It is time to begin your personalized Plan B for runaway global heating resilience and survival. 

Plan A for climate change was having our governments set and enforce targets that would have gradually reduced global fossil fuel use over the last 60+ years. It has failed horribly! (See graph below.)

If we were even remotely successful with Plan A, more carbon and methane would not be choking our atmosphere, the planet would not be rapidly overheating, the environment for other biological life would not be deteriorating, and we would not be on the edge of the unavoidable extinction of half of humanity by mid-century. Furthermore, we would not be staring down the high probability of near-total human extinction beginning as soon as 2070 or sooner. (Click here to learn why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Resolving the accelerating runaway global heating emergency is critical to our future because it also is related to and contributes to the rapid worsening of almost all of our 11 other global crises.

The carbon and methane graphs below illustrate just how horribly Plan A was a complete failure in reducing the critical global heat-creating greenhouse gasses. 

The first atmospheric graph below shows the three primary greenhouse gases of carbon, methane, and Nitrous Oxide in parts per billion (PPB). All three of these greenhouse gases have been increasing rapidly since the Industrial Revolution (since about 1750.) Worse yet, they have been growing exponentially since before 2000!

The rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere directly increases our average global temperature. The graphs below painfully illuminate the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and our government's gross inability to do anything effective to reduce global fossil fuel-related greenhouse gases over the last 6 decades. 



The rapidly escalating primary and secondary global warming-related consequences of this decades-long failure by our governments now compels intelligent individuals, businesses, and nations to create a runaway global heating resilience Plan B to protect themselves now that Plan A has failed and looks like it cannot and will not ever succeed. 

You can also see the Plan A gross failure in the rapidly increasing atmospheric methane (Ch4) graph (below) in parts per billion. (Methane is about 80 times more potent for heating up the atmosphere.) This methane graph starts at the beginning of the fossil fuel-powered Industrial Revolution (about 1750 with the widespread use of coal.) The methane Ch4 graph begins to rocket up at the beginning of the 1900s when additional types of fossil fuels came into more widespread use.

Increased fossil fuel-derived atmospheric methane always increases average global warming temperatures in big ways. 


With our new Plan B, while we are still working on preventing near-total extinction, we have shifted a significant amount of our mission focus to helping individuals, families, and businesses to become aware that they now need to start preparing themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically for what can no longer be avoided; the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

Yes, we can no longer avoid the extinction of about half of humanity, and we ALL need to get busy on our personal Plan Bs if we want to suffer less and have our children be among the survivors. However, we do not expect you to blindly believe us when we say this massive extinction event is unavoidable. Therefore, we have provided materials so you can see in painful detail both the how and why this mass extinction event will occur by about mid-century.

After reading this page, you will understand why this will occur. It will become even more apparent as you continue watching the carbon and methane in our atmosphere rise and as higher and higher global temperatures lock in with each new tipping point crossed. The cumulative primary and secondary effects of runaway global heating consequences will illuminate how the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity could occur by mid-century. (The how of a runaway global heating-driven mass extinction is found on this page.)

Only by understanding both why and how mass extinction will happen will you genuinely grasp the accuracy of our warning and that, unfortunately, we also face near-total, but NOT total, extinction. (Near-total extinction is defined as about 50 to 90+ percent of humanity going extinct. For why it is highly improbable that humanity will go totally extinct from global heating, click here.) 

When you finish both these why and how pages, you will not doubt the reasonableness of our strong warnings about unavoidable mass (about half) extinction. While reading this article, please also remember that many of the consequences mentioned are avoidable and unnecessary.

We can still slow and fix runaway global heating if we work together to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets. Not only can we still fix this and save a good portion of humanity, but we can also create many surprising benefits for ourselves and even bring about a Great Global Rebirth once we have learned and applied the lessons of this tragedy. (Click here to see the most read page on our website with over two million views. This page will help you see all the benefits that can come into being once we have made the necessary sacrifices to fix runaway global heating and endured the coming climate consequences that we can no longer avoid. 

(If you still doubt your need to begin your personal, business, or national Plan B to survive the runaway global heating extinction emergency, see the "Still have ANY doubts...." heading near the bottom of this page.)

If done correctly and soon, PLAN B should help prevent WIDESPREAD public panic and inspire a new level of global cooperation to save the younger X, Y, Z, and A generations.


Where to Begin the Four-part Job One for Humanity Plan B for Runaway Global Heating Solutions and Building Resilience

It is now time for wise individuals, businesses, and nations to become climate activists and begin Plan B before it is too late! It is a plan where everyone can find something to do and contribute to this plan.

"No program that claims to have a solution to global heating can not be called legitimate unless it is designed and prioritized around knowing when a global heating-driven near-total extinction event could occur, how it will occur, and what must be done when to prevent that outcome. The four-part Job One for Humanity Plan B relentlessly follows this critical priority path and deadline policy." Lawrence Wollersheim

There are four parts to this Plan B resilience-building plan. You can do them in the order that best suits your current resources and the current climate situation.

(Special climate conditions update of 8.16.2022: Despite almost 60 years of scientific warnings about the extinction level consequences of global warming, our governments are still doing far too little to reduce global fossil fuel usage to prevent a very hard and painful climate consequence landing. Additionally, The Thwaites "doomsday glacier" has just been predicted to be 3-5 years from its collapse. New research also shows the Arctic is not heating up twice as fast as previously believed. Instead, the Arctic is heating four times as fast. These last two climate changes greatly accelerate the arrival of many painful consequences that were predicted to arrive decades later.

Therefore because critical climate consequences will now occur far sooner than previously predicted, we strongly recommend that you focus on the action steps of Part 2 of our plan first and then go to Part 1 of our plan. Then, while working on Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One Plan, whenever you can get to them, keep doing whatever you can on the government-action-focused Part 3 and 4 of our plan below. This way, you will be doing the most practical and effective actions relevant to our current climate condition.) 

The four parts of the Job One for Humanity Plan B:

If you happen to live in a high-risk global heating zone, we recommend you start with Part 1. If you do not live in a global warming high-risk area, most individuals should begin with Part 2.

Part 1: covers individual and business runaway global heating emergency backup preparations,

Part 2: covers local, regional, state, and national voting and crucial and necessary adaptations for individuals and businesses. It also includes ways to immediately reduce your personal and business fossil fuel use and increase your disaster resilience and sustainability. 

This step will tell you what a few other organizations will say to you. Electric cars and solar panels are not enough. 

You (and all of us) will have to consume far less and make many sacrifices to live more sustainably. (Electric cars and solar panels cannot scale up fast enough to replace fossil fuel in time.)

Part 3: covers all governmental actions needed to slow and then resolve the runaway global heating emergency and prevent near-total human extinction. Click here to learn why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (about 50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Part 4: covers last-chance strategies to get our governments to act before it is too late and we experience near-total human extinction instead of only the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Part 4 is mostly for individuals who directly or indirectly feel that they can reach and influence their high-level politicians.

Part 4a: covers the critical save and salvage whatever we can backup plan actions and strategies for execution by the world's governments, but only if things keep going as poorly with slowing down runaway global heating as they are going currently.

Please note Parts 3 and 4 of Plan B below are the most critical parts of Plan B for humanity's survival. Parts 1 and 2, and 4A of Plan B are essential for the survival of individuals or businesses that want to try to survive the coming cascade of climate catastrophes.

We strongly recommend focusing on doing everything you can do within your zones of influence to forward parts 3 and 4 while simultaneously also working on parts 1 and 2. This simultaneous prioritization is crucial because the worse we do on parts 3 and 4, the harder it will be to survive using the best actions and strategies of parts 1 and 2.

If you have effective ways to influence your national politicians or government to get them to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before it is too late, make it a priority! If you do not have effective political influence, then work on the other more local parts of the Job One Plan, Parts 1 and 2, that you can influence.

"By working on and promoting the Job One for Humanity Plan B for runaway global heating, you are doing something noble and beautiful. You are not only acting to save yourself and those you love, but you also are helping to reduce suffering and save the lives of billions of others. You are a true global heating hero or heroine and a runaway global heating educator or activist." Lawrence Wollersheim 

How to get the best results on Plan B of the Job One Plan

We want everyone to be successful and survive what is coming. For Plan B, we offer the following essential tips:

Step 1: Click here to sign up for our free Plan B support. This support sign-up step is critical if you want the best chance of success. Extensive research has shown that having support for completing a task can be up to 90% of the why that task was completed successfully. 

Step 2: from the steps below, choose a first Part B task that is easy for you to do and start. This first task could also be a task that is best suited for your current resources and situation. Additionally, if some area below uses your favorite skills or is an area you are already passionate about, that could be a good area for you to start first as well.

Step 3: Focus on completing that first task until it is done. 

Step 4: Next, choose the easiest remaining task and stay with it until it is done. Using this method, you will build task completion momentum, and at some point, you will be done with all of the steps.

Step 5: If you have any task-related problems or questions, email us at [email protected] to see if we can help.

Step 6: Use the knowledge, experience, and successes you have gained in the steps below to help educate, support, and motivate others. If you send that information to us, we might put it in our monthly newsletter to inspire and inform others. (We can post it anonymously or with only your initials.)

Step 7: If you have not already signed the climate action pledge, please do so by clicking here. It will help motivate and kick start completing your first selected task.

In this focused, step-by-step process, you will successfully create the needed preparations and climate change resilience for yourself, your family, or your business.

Part 1: Critical Emergency Preparation Actions for Individuals and Businesses

The Job One Plan provides the essential resilience emergency preparation information you will need for you, your family, and your business. You will need this information to stay physically safe from the accelerating consequences of global warming and the other 11 global crises for as long as possible.

In Part 1 (and in the Members section of this website), you also will find critical information on how to relocate or migrate (if needed) and create or join a sustainable eco-community. 

Being part of a well-prepared and well-organized sustainable community also will be essential for your longest possible well-being! If you seek to once again thrive and if you make it through the unfolding Great Global Collapse, long-term sustainability must also include being physically, emotionally, and even spiritually sustainable.

Click the Preparing for Emergencies image below to go to Part 1 of the Job One Plan now!




Part 2: Critical Adaptation and Sustainability Actions for Individuals and Businesses

This part of Plan B provides the information you will need to vote wisely on local, regional, state, and national levels and adapt to what is coming, reduce your personal or business fossil fuel use, and become more energy resilient and sustainable. Reducing our fossil fuel use is critical to getting close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Additionally, becoming more sustainable will be critical to your survival as many parts of society will break down in the later phases of the die-off of much of humanity by mid-century.

Part 2 information also will be a great aid in learning how to survive for the longest possible time. Part 2 of the Job One Plan contains the how-to manual for creating sustainable prosperity and a thriving post-collapse future.

Click the Sustainability Best Practices image below to go to Part 2 of the Job One plan now!



Part 3: Critical Actions for the World's Governments to Slow Down and fix the Runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency

Click here to learn about what it will take to get our governments to slow down and delay the global warming-caused extinction emergency enough so that some can survive longer and more comfortably. 




Part 4: Last chance influence strategies to get our governments to act before it is too late 

Part 4 is mostly for individuals who directly or indirectly feel that they can reach and influence their politicians.

Click here first for our billionaire's plan.

Click here next for our plan for mass protests by the young.

Click here for other less effective ways to get our governments in action.

If we can get our governments to act, we will, at worst, only experience near-total human extinction. Near-total extinction leaves anywhere from about 50% to 10% (or less) of humanity surviving.

Click here to learn why total human extinction is neither likely nor probable and natural and human systems eventually will mobilize and kick in to counteract the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Part 4A: Critical Save and Salvage Government Backup Plan Actions if we keep going as we are now

After you have familiarized yourself with the three links above in Part 4, please click here to read about part 4a.

"There can be no margin for error whenever there is a real and imminent threat of total human extinction." Lawrence Wollersheim


Depending on your current location, you should still have time to prepare for and adapt to the myriad of now unavoidable runaway global heated-related primary and secondary consequences.

To help you determine how much time you have to prepare, adapt, or relocate, we have provided the runaway global heating and interrelated crisis timetable below. 

Keep in mind that this timetable significantly depends on your current location's safety and global warming risk level. If you are in a higher-risk area, the timeframes are shorter. Also, please keep in mind that while you are preparing and adapting keep relentlessly pushing our governments to radically reduce global fossil fuel use so that more of humanity will be able to survive near-total extinction.



Click here for the critical survival and safer location-relevant deadlines and timeframes to know for personal and business survival.

Now that you know the critical timeframes, it is time to work toward the best possible climate outcomes while still preparing for the worst possible climate outcomes. Wise individuals or businesses will work for the best and prepare for the worst:

a. by making the necessary personal and business 75% fossil fuel use reductions to do their part to get us close to the 2025 global targets. (Part two of the Job One Plan will help you do this.) 

b. by demanding their national politicians enforce the reduction of global fossil fuel use to get us close to the 2025 targets. (This action step is mainly for individuals who can directly influence their national politicians. (See Part three of the Job One Plan to see what our governments must do.) 

c. by making the necessary emergency preparations and adaptations to build their climate change resilience. This resilience will be essential to manage the worst of the coming climate consequences successfully. (If you are fortunate, well prepared, and in a safer global warming region, you could survive 30-50 more years. (Part one of the Job One Plan will help you do this.) 

d. by making new climate change decisions concerning what they want to do about the accelerating climate consequences. This might include re-planing their lives or re-adjusting their priorities to focus on the meaningful and important things they may have delayed or failed to do.

Compelling reasons for you to start your Climate and Runaway Global Heating Resilience Plan B at this time

Individuals, businesses, or nations that are preparing a runaway global heating-driven resilience Plan B believe that:

1. they see an unavoidable and inescapable cascading convergence of consequences, which will create a stream of horrific catastrophes, and human and natural system collapses. This coming nightmare is because of the many amplifying, multiplying, and disruptive interactions between our 12 worsening critical global crises.

2. with so little time left before runaway global heating consequences and other global crises accelerate to unbearable levels, they now need to use the remaining time and available resources for executing their emergency resilience backup Plan B. And for individuals,

3. they do not have any practical way to personally execute the political influence steps of Part three of the Job One Plan B. These steps would slow down the runaway global heating accelerator of the coming catastrophes and system collapses.

4. If you want to review additional climate science on why about half of humanity will go extinct by mid-century, click here. We want you to have all of the climate science and analysis behind our half of humanity going extinct by mid-century statements. Hence, you will know that the many painful and difficult changes you will soon need to make on the Job One Plan B are genuinely warranted.

Many Job One for Humanity's staff, members, and website visitors do not see the runaway global heating extinction emergency as an either/or issue. They see it as a both/and issue. 

This both/and issue strategy means that they are:

a. working on their own emergency resilience Plan B backup actions below. (Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan.) And

b. if they have any direct or indirect political influence, they are also working on Part three of the Job One Plan to slow down the global warming consequences that we can no longer avoid as best as we can.

The rationale behind this individual both/and strategy is that the more we reduce global fossil fuel use to come as close as possible to the 2025 targets:

1. The more individuals that will survive longer and suffer less.

2. The more time the world will have to prepare for and adapt to the worst of the coming consequences. 

The good news is that although we can no longer avoid the dieoff of much of humanity by mid-century, we can still prevent near-total extinction by coming at least close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Moreover, if we come close to the 2025 targets, we will keep ourselves from crossing the carbon 600 ppm level. (Carbon 600 ppm is the atmospheric carbon level where we will also enter the final phases of run-away global warming! If you are unsure how much worse it can get if we enter a run-away global warming, please click this link.

And finally, because runaway global heating is the biggest disruptor and threat multiplier of all our other major global crises, when we improve runaway global heating, we also indirectly improve most of our other global crises. And at the same time, we slow the pace of these other crises crossing their own internal tipping points.

It is just that simple!

In Summary

Never forget that the actions needed for this Plan B for humanity for the climate, runaway global heating, and many of the other critical global challenges we currently face can only successfully occur if the wealthier nations near, above, or just below the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south work together and cooperate with all of the other nations within the global warming unsafe zones. If fear takes hold and the global warming safer nations close or restrict borders and do not cooperate, the conflicts/wars that will occur between the unsafe zones and the safe zones could most likely also end humanity. Humanity could find its bitter end in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare or the other toxic meltdown consequences described above. (For more on this, see the later phases of the global warming Climageddon Scenario.

Because we are doing so poorly reducing greenhouse gases to the required 2025 targets, we do need to begin transferring willing populations and critical infrastructure from high risks unsafe zones to low-risk safer zones. We need to start to put the resources in place and negotiate the treaties (or whatever resources and manpower are necessary) to ensure that the nuclear sites, the biological and chemical weapons sites, and the toxic chemical manufacturing sites in the unsafe zones go on being correctly maintained no matter how bad it gets in those zones.

There is much to transfer, build, or prepare. There is little time left to save humanity and our civilization from near-total extinction. Only by immediately beginning the above governmental resilience emergency backup plan steps do we have any reasonable hope that enough of humanity and civilization will go on.

There are additional good reasons for our using the least optimistic climate and runaway global heating predictions for any backup plan as well as for recovery or long-term survival plans, they are:

1. The many serious errors and underestimation problems in global warming prediction scenarios (click here for all the details or see Chapter 7, Part 1 on IPCC underestimation in Climageddon book).

2. The sudden, large-scale unpredictability that each additional crossed tipping point creates. (See this tipping point page or the tipping point chapter in Climageddon. Also, see the updated Climageddon Scenario details here

3. We will be very, very lucky if the worst we get is anything close to only the 'IPCC's current least optimistic consequence and timeframe projections! And,

4. If you are involved in mid to long-range planning in any industry, you will probably lose your job if you fail to adequately plan for the new realities of the escalating global warming extinction emergency. (Please note that implementing the above backup plan also means our local and regional business planners, city and zoning planners, and long-term corporate and, national governmental planners must begin radically restructuring their current 5, 10, 25, and 50-year plans. This time they need to use the least optimistic and far more honest climate prediction scenarios [found on this website here as well as in the new Climageddon book.] 

For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the headquarters of big tech corporations like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Apple, now have to readjust their long-term operational or relocation plans to deal with their low-lying international headquarters facing as much as 13 feet [3.9 meters] of sea-level rise by 2100. This means these billion-dollar high-tech Silicon Valley headquarters buildings may likely be experiencing first-floor flooding within as little as 20 to 30 years. [A worst-case but far more realistic scenario of up to 3-6 -foot, 1-2-meter rise by 2050 was projected by James Hansen's newest research, with the addition of another 3 feet, 0.9 meters accounting for any coincident king tides and storm surges.)

Never forget that unless we get the governments of the world to cooperate, manage, and execute the action steps above, there is vastly smaller hope humanity will survive no matter how well prepared we are.

Hopefully, at some point, even the world's 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and nations will recognize their money and power won't save them from the runaway global heating extinction monster. They will realize that we either cooperate and work together or die together. Click here to see our program to reach the 1% to get them to act by helping them realize the horror, suffering, financial loss, death, and physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas that will be experienced and will continue to grow as global warming and climate change accelerate will be physically and emotionally wholly unbearable to the point that life will not be worth living! 

At this point, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by what you have read and the enormity of the challenges we must overcome to survive. You may also believe the task is so enormous with such a low probability of success, why even try.

The following story may help you begin dealing with those ideas or emotions.

The wise general


A wise Chinese general was cornered at the banks of a large river by an opposing army at least 20 times larger than his own. His only means of escape was to get his army across the river before they were attacked. This general had also previously placed enough boats on the bank of the river for escape with his army should that need arise.

As the larger army approached, pushing the smaller army closer to the river, this general gave the order to his most trusted lieutenants to rush to the boats and burn them. When his army saw their only means of escape was being destroyed, they became wildly angry and charged toward the general. The army demanded to know why their trusted general had burned their escape boats and condemned all of them to certain death at the hands of a vastly superior army.

The general calmly said, “We will win this battle, or we will die. There is no other alternative and no escape.”

His army now knew their only option was victory or death. Filled with such clarity and single-mindedness of purpose, they fought with such focused intensity they defeated the opposing army 20 times their size.

Now that you better understand the rapidly approaching extinction consequences of our global warming extinction emergency from the science and analysis found on this website, you too should no longer retain any illusion of any long-term escape for you or your family, business, or nation from immense suffering and likely extinction --- if we do not deal with the reality of this emergency.

What you also may not have realized yet, is that our 60-year failure to have previously started effective fossil fuel usage reductions means that we too, in effect, have already burned our escape boats! Because of this, like the Chinese army, we either win or we die.

This is the perilous and sad point that we have come to because of our inaction and ineffectiveness in addressing global warming and the required fossil fuel reductions for almost 35 years.

The good news is if we act wisely, cooperatively, and immediately on the above Plan B, and we radically cut fossil fuel use to close to the 2025 targets, humanity and civilization may have a chance to continue. 

So what do you have to lose? What rational alternative do you have than to act immediately to begin your global heating Resilience Plan B as well as radically reduce your personal fossil fuel use?

What legitimate excuse is there for you not to help us get our governments to enforce the required radical fossil fuel reductions by the necessary deadlines and that only governments can achieve? (This is done in Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan.)

The reality is, that failure is no longer a conscionable option.



Still have doubts about needing to start our Plan B to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from the accelerating consequences of runaway global heating?

Only if you still have doubts about the seriousness of the accelerating dangers of our current runaway global heating emergency, read this section. 

To understand the 2025-2031 crucial action deadline for preventing near-total extinction, click here. 

To see how that near-total extinction event will unfold in dozens of primary and secondary climate-related consequences, click here. 

Click here to learn why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (about 50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

If you are interested in the many reasons why Plan A for climate change has not even come close to succeeding, see the 28+ reasons found on this page. This page will help remove any remaining doubts you still might have about why you should be starting Plan B. 

An essential positive perspective on the above disruptive runaway global heating and climate change news

Despite the many types of challenging runaway global heating consequences and past fossil fuel reduction mistakes that we now face, we can still learn from their feedback, and we can adapt and evolve to make life as good and as happy as possible. No matter how severe the coming global warming consequences might become, if we wisely play the remaining cards that we have been dealt with, we can still achieve the best remaining possible outcomes

We can make a significant difference in reducing global fossil fuel use to stabilize and save some parts of humanity's future. We can execute a comprehensive fossil fuel reduction and survival plan like Plan B of the Job One for Humanity Plan

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will occur as we work successfully on this project together. Although we are now in what could be called a Great Global Collapse process triggered by accelerating global warming, this collapse process will eventually offer equal to (or even greater than) long-term benefits in the form of a potential Great Global Rebirth beyond the coming suffering and loss.

First read this page (that has been read almost 2 million times) and then read this other critical global warming benefit page.  On these pages, you will find the many often hidden surprise benefits of the global warming challenge. You also will find a framework and the positive possibilities for what could be called a post-collapse Great Global Rebirth, no matter how bad the collapse process gets.

Our organization believes that at least some of us can persevere through this temporary time of emergency. To do so, we need to remember that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities. We can never forget that we are engaged in nothing less than the most critical and meaningful evolutionary opportunity, challenge, and adventure in human history! 

This is our last opportunity to slow down the near-total extinction threat by getting close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targetsOnly by reaching these targets will we be able to remove the even worse threat of near-total extinction. 

And, when we come close to these 2025 targets as a beautiful bonus, we will also significantly improve many of the world's other major challenges (listed here.)



Get started today on the Job One for Humanity Plan B Survive and Thrive plan today. Help save and salvage as much of humanity and our beautiful civilization as possible.

If you are still uncertain about how bad runaway global heating is going to get

If you still are uncertain about how bad it is going to get, we also strongly recommend that you read:

a. this page. It will lead you to all of the most relevant current runaway global heating research information on this on our website. 

b. this article in the New Yorker magazine.) 

Last Updated 9.31.2022

If you are interested in understanding the science and analysis procedures we used to present the above information, click here for a technical expiation of our climate research process.

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