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We, the citizens of our nation and of our Earth, are endowed with certain rights, powers, and obligations, which demand we act both individually and collectively to protect and preserve the ongoing evolution of life on Earth, including our future generations.

Based upon a preponderance of scientific evidence we recognize our global climate is rapidly warming and becoming increasingly unstable due to human-caused carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels. We also recognize that in spite of 35 years of credible warnings, global warming is still rising!

We the citizens of this nation and of the world have seen global warming-aggravated weather, like the record-breaking hurricanes and wildfires. We have already witnessed the "worst in centuries" droughts, floods and dust storms, or alternating super cold then super warm winters, or extreme storms or, rain bombs where weeks or months worth of rain falls in a few hours or a few days. We see with our own eyes that something bad is happening to the normal stability of our seasons and that, all of these global warming-related consequences are getting worse!

If we do not immediately change our global fossil fuel burning behaviors before more critical global warming tipping points are crossed, this destabilization of our climate will continue causing ever-increasing suffering, crop failures and unthinkable starvation and devastation within both current and future generations.

Furthermore, if we do not hit the required must hit fossil fuel reduction targets of 75% in all developed countries by 2025 (as described fully here), it will eventually precipitate the extinction of as much as 70-90% of humanity as well as the extinction of much of our other biological life in as little as the next 30-50 years. 

If we do not make the now-critical required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions, we further recognize that because of numerous climatic and human factors, for all intents and purposes global warming will also be out of our meaningful control for at least the next 30-50 years.

Our consequent and soon unavoidable global warming consequences, which will be occurring over the next 30-50 year time period, have now become the single greatest disruptor and threat multiplier, accelerator and amplifier of the security risks of all nations, comparable in total impact over time only to the total impact of immediate global nuclear war.

We face a world in which escalating average global temperature rises will lead to mass starvation and then the destabilization of normal social, economic and political life already affecting millions and soon billions. People all over the world will be forced to deal with ever-escalating climate catastrophes, major resource depletion, and mass migrations. (If necessary, see this page for additional proof the statements of this paragraph are true.)

Nearly all of the other 6 existing major global problems our world faces today will also worsen due to the threat multiplying, accelerating and amplifying disruptive consequences of escalating global warming.

As average global temperatures continue to rise, all of the ecological, economic and political problems (listed below) will also cross-react with each other as well as with the 11 key global warming tipping points increasing the frequency, severity, and scale (size) of these crises.

  • Food and resource depletion (Overshoot.)
  • Severe droughts, floods, and wildfires
  • Rising sea levels
  • Water pollution and water table loss
  • Desertification and deforestation
  • Ocean fish stock depletion (Overshoot.)
  • Growing economic inequity, poverty, and instability
  • Political instability and injustice
  • War and regional conflicts
  • Increasing potential of pandemics and other health crises

Despite 35 years of education, study, and discussion about the near-certain extinction level effects of human-caused carbon and methane pollution of our atmosphere, global warming temperatures have escalated to levels that have already passed some serious tipping points and moving ever-closer to passing other more critical global warming tipping points.  In fact, many global warming consequences have already become irreversible for centuries to thousands of years.

In order to honestly manage the global warming emergency, we must immediately stop the continued rise of average global temperature. This can only be done by radically and immediately reducing the human-caused production of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. (Click here to see the challenging fossil fuel reduction targets we now must hit.)

Failure to successfully achieve the required fossil fuel reduction targets for ourselves and future generations is no longer a survivable option.

As global citizens of every nation on Earth, we ask you, our national leaders to:

formally declare a national and international global warming State of Emergency.

And then at this same emergency meeting of world leaders:

a. pass enforceable and verifiable laws that would immediately and radically reduce global fossil fuel usage to the required 2025 levels to save humanity, and 

b. call for the immediate allocation of all necessary resources, personnel, and actions (like those described in Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan,) to quickly resolve this global warming State of Emergency to sustainably protect, preserve, and advance the continued evolution of all humanity and life on Earth and to protect humanity and our civilization from extinction.  

By signing this petition now (in the box below,) I am personally notifying my national politicians of my demand for their immediate meeting and their immediate action on the contents of this emergency petition.

I further pledge to act together cooperatively with others as one human family to help resolve this escalating global warming emergency until it is resolved.



See Key information about this petition, and how it will be used.

Learn more about the story behind this nonprofit organization's mission and why this petition must go worldwide and be presented to politicians all over the world by clicking here.

When you sign the petition you are also giving the Job One for Humanity Organization permission to send you global warming emergency progress updates no more than once a month.

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  • Sergio Baroni
    signed 2018-12-31 14:06:29 -0800
  • Warren Birkinshaw
    signed 2018-12-31 13:32:55 -0800
  • Denise Romesburg
    signed 2018-12-31 13:07:44 -0800
    Denise Romesburg
  • Nicole
    @puffpuff31 tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-30 18:10:46 -0800
  • Nicole McCray
    signed 2018-12-30 18:10:21 -0800
    What is wrong with the government to let it get this far?
  • Gregory Rosasco
    signed 2018-12-30 06:03:53 -0800
    Gregory Rosasco
  • Evelyn Aron
    signed 2018-12-29 18:59:50 -0800
  • brenda w
    signed 2018-12-29 18:27:22 -0800
  • Barbara Hindi
    signed 2018-12-28 12:25:33 -0800
  • Lion Goodman
    signed 2018-12-28 11:47:15 -0800
    Let’s prove to the Universe (and wise beings and civilizations elsewhere in Universe) that we have the capability of cleaning up our own mess, we are capable of managing our own planet and all its inhabitants, and we are worthy of the gifts that Universe has given us.
  • David Lewis
    @ShiptoShoreNB tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-28 10:48:21 -0800
  • David Lewis
    signed 2018-12-28 10:47:57 -0800
    The world needs a WWII style mobilization now.
  • Terron Dodd
    signed 2018-12-28 10:33:42 -0800
  • Anthony Canta
    signed 2018-12-27 23:39:28 -0800
  • Aaron Little
    signed 2018-12-21 17:39:54 -0800
    While we common folk likely cannot access accurate statistics about the gravity of global warming, with coverups rampant, pessimism’s voice that it is too late, and the sheer amount of shit/alternative facts we drown in these days, we have witnessed enough firsthand on our farms and in our orchards and vineyards to know that we cannot adequacy feed our societies much longer without drastic carbon emissions cuts now. Thorium nuclear plants NOW. Start building TODAY. Coal plants shut down and diesel vehicles discontinued TODAY. Tax incentives for buying new AND USED hybrids and electrics TODAY. Tax the life out of lamb and beef, pork and cheese, and remove food tax for fish, poultry, eggs, and plants. Increase gas tax, and raise registration taxes for trucks, SUVs, and vans for personal use versus transport. Increase cigarette tax. Make huge tax incentives for urbanization to build up and exorbitant taxes for it to sprawl out. Tax the top 10% to pay for launching a clean energy “Green Deal” to fuel the economy and future for our children. Preserve communal gardens and natural parks. Libertarianism is ill-suited to human nature, which often needs a swift kick in the pants to change before it ends up fucked in the ass with no lube. To Hell, which is where this planet is headed, with Trump, the GOP, corporate Dems, and all climate-crisis denying and sell-out leaders. All their work ensures their children will be able to lounge by the pool with a view of the Baltic Sea of the Hudson Bay guzzling “Romanée-Conti” with 15% alcohol (barf!) to forget that our children are dying from lack of access to scarce resources. Sell-outs do not represent us. This is about prosperity for the planet not the top 10%. We have to chose one of the other. Thank you for doing the right thing and showing some gratitude for this sick planet we call our home, truly even our mother. #In the living years
  • Sheena Smiddy
    signed 2018-12-21 16:27:01 -0800
    Sheena Smiddy
  • Sarah Luzietti
    signed 2018-12-21 06:56:49 -0800
    Sarah Luzietti
  • Ronald Morland
    signed 2018-12-17 15:56:05 -0800
  • Lawrence Moshier
    signed 2018-12-17 13:42:31 -0800
    Lawrence Moshier
  • Tahar Ben Achour
    signed 2018-12-16 18:46:10 -0800
    for the future of our planet
  • Dwayne Odom
    signed 2018-12-15 03:12:28 -0800
  • Brent Woods
    signed 2018-12-14 12:58:35 -0800
  • Aditya Mishra
    signed 2018-12-14 11:06:22 -0800
    Aditya Mishra
  • Alan Angel
    signed 2018-12-13 14:33:36 -0800
  • Ebony Voigt
    signed 2018-12-13 12:54:13 -0800
  • Founder
    @BoneyPam tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-13 11:39:04 -0800
  • Pam Boney
    signed 2018-12-13 11:38:42 -0800
  • alejandra ornelas
    signed 2018-12-13 08:15:07 -0800
  • Arianna Bowe
    signed 2018-12-13 03:00:48 -0800
    Arianna Renee Bowe
  • Rachelle Santana
    signed 2018-12-12 18:17:45 -0800
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