10 Essential Climate Change Facts The Fossil Fuel Cartel Never Wants You to Know

Last Updated 6.16.24.

The continually updated facts below contain the uncensored climate science behind the current climate change consequences, solutions, timetables, and the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets. The information below will help protect your home, family, local community, and future generations. 

This article was published by Job One for Humanity, an independent climate change think tank founded in 2008. The article below is not for children under 16 due to its serious adult matter.

A Quick Climate Change Emergency Summary Overview

This quick overview is designed for those who do not want to know the details on how or why the climate change emergency happened or the detailed science behind the facts and statements further below.  Read this full article if you want the hows, whys, and detailed science causing the climate change emergency.

The most important quick facts on our current climate change emergency and condition are:

1. For over 60 years, humanity has failed to reduce escalating global warming and climate change. Unfortunately, as a consequence of squandering those six-plus critical decades, humanity will experience an unavoidable and massive die-off, with about half of humanity dying by about 2050.

2. Because humanity squandered those six-plus decades, from now until about 2031, humanity will also experience a dramatic increase in the severity, frequency, and size of global warming-related climate change consequences. After 2031, these consequences will begin to increase exponentially in their severity, frequency, and size.

3. Because of the previous two climate change emergency facts, climate-wise, individuals and businesses worldwide are already actively involved in climate change-related emergency preparations, adaptive climate change resilience-building in their homes and businesses or migrating where necessary.

If you have read enough and want to start on your climate change emergency preparation, adaptive climate change resilience building, or migration actions:

Click here for the emergency preparation information you will need.

Click here for the adaptive climate change resilience-building information you will need.

Click here for the migration information you will need. (Our extensive migration and other emergency essential information is found in our Member's section. It is easy to become a member.)

If you do not believe the above three climate change facts, please read the rest of this article, and you will discover why the above three statements are painfully correct.


Here are four factors to review before you read the challenging ten facts below:

1. If you do not understand the basics of what causes climate change and global warming, please click here to learn from illustrations of how climate change happens before reading the rest of this article. 



2. For the last 4-6 decades, almost everything you have heard in the media, from your government, and from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) about climate change has been underestimated by about 30 to 60%. This has happened primarily because of a multibillion-dollar global disinformation campaign perpetrated by the global fossil fuel cartel.

If you do not already believe that for decades, almost everything you have been told about climate change consequences, timetables, and solutions has been distorted or falsified by about 30 to 60%, please click here and read a detailed summary of the global fossil fuel cartel's global disinformation practices and its other criminal tactics. 

3. To help deal with so much challenging climate change news, at the end of the article, we have provided links to practical and effective solutions tailored to honest climate change solutions and resilience-building actions that you can personalize to help solve the climate change emergency and maximize your local preparation and resilience-building situation and resources.

4. We do not expect you to believe the following ten climate change facts unquestioningly. After each point, you will find an expanded version with more details and links to the more profound climate science and analysis. 


For over a decade, we have publicly challenged any climate change scientist, think tank, university climate department, national intelligence agency,  corporate or investment risk analyst department, or big environmental groups (like World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy, Earth Justice, Sierra Club, Conservation International, Rainforest Alliance) to disprove any of the following ten climate facts and analysis below wrong. As of this date, no individual or organization has ever successfully challenged the validity of what you are about to read. 

However, the best proof of the validity of the ten climate facts and analyses below is when you personally experience or see one of the consequences of climate change discussed in the news. Nothing will convince some individuals until they personally experience or witness the record-breaking extreme weather and other events described below. 

The ten uncensored climate change facts the global fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to know

The first seven facts are serious. The last three are more hopeful and solution-focused. If you have read this link on the global fossil fuel cartel's billion-dollar climate change disinformation campaigns, you will be far more able to evaluate what you are about to read. If you still believe the 28 trillion dollar-a-year fossil fuel industry has been telling you the truth about climate change, it will be tough for you to digest this uncensored climate change data.

Fact 1. Our politicians and governments have failed to fix the climate change emergency for the last six decades.

Our governments are not even making any effective progress or even close to the required progress on lowering greenhouse gases that could save humanity from eventual mass extinction. This failure is primarily because of the multibillion-dollar, decades-long ongoing climate change disinformation campaigns and the continuous and pervasive coercive influence of the global fossil fuel cartel on our politicians and governments.

It is a horrible shock to hear that our governments have not made any effective or the required fossil fuel reduction use progress when the news, most environmental groups, and our politicians keep telling us climate change progress is being made.

Here is the simple proof that we are not making ANY climate change reduction progress, which the global fossil fuel cartel never wants you to see. Measuring atmospheric greenhouse gas levels is the most accurate measure of climate change reduction progress. The graph below shows the story of the three primary fossil fuel-burning atmospheric greenhouse gases: carbon (CO2), methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O). The numbers at the bottom of the illustration are the AD dates in history. The IPCC is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. AR6 is the IPCC's climate summary report. NOAA is the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. PPB is parts per billion. PPM is parts per million.

Please notice how fast greenhouse gases have risen in the gray vertical rectangles on the right. Also, at around 1800 AD, greenhouse gases begin to increase far beyond any earlier levels. About 1800 AD was the beginning of the fossil fuel-burning industrial revolution. Particularly, notice how, from about 1950 to 1980, the rates of toxic and poisonous greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere began rising exponentially. 



As you can see from the above, our governments have failed to make any real progress in reducing global fossil fuel use (as shown in the actual reduction of the three most significant and most dangerous greenhouse gases). If our governments had made real and honest progress, the lines on the greenhouse gases graph above would go down and not up at even faster and steeper rates.

Yes, the global fossil fuel cartel's wealth, disinformation, and undue influence tactics have caused our politicians worldwide to block the critical fossil fuel reduction regulations that would reduce global fossil fuel use to the levels required to save humanity and our future. The global fossil fuel cartel has also compromised the world's climate media coverage and the UN's IPCC climate change summary reports so that the media and the IPCC consistently censor and significantly underestimate:

a. the coming severity of climate consequences, 

b. the timetables for the most severe climate consequences and 

c. the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets to avoid an endless chain of ever-worsening climate change catastrophes. 

It is also time to remind you about the single most significant force preventing our governments from ending the climate change emergency for what it is. Our governments and the media have been compromised and victimized by the biggest corporate fraud in history perpetrated by the global fossil fuel cartel.(How this happened with a multi-billion dollar global disinformation campaign and other criminal acts is described here.

The big takeaway from fact number one is simple. If anyone tells you that humanity and your nation are making real and honest progress in fixing the climate change emergency, this climate information source:

1. does not understand climate change,

2. is repeating lies they have been told about climate change progress or

3. is intentionally lying to you for some undisclosed interest. 

Below is a graph with a shorter timeline for atmospheric carbon (C02.) As you can see, it has risen steadily for the last 60 years. This graph once again highlights the horrifying truth that despite what you hear in the media, your government, and every ill-informed environmental group not wanting to discourage its donors, there has been no real progress in reducing a dominant cause of the climate change emergency, which IS rising greenhouse gases.



Fact 1: Call to Action: Share this no-real climate change progress information with everyone in your network.


Fact 2: Because of the global fossil fuel cartel's fossil fuel disinformation campaigns and coercive tactics to delay the correct fossil fuel reductions, by 2025-2031, the severity, frequency, and scale of climate change-driven extreme weather events will increase dramatically, and far beyond where it is today!

Climate change-driven extreme weather events are defined, in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods, flooding, sea level rise, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal, unseasonal, or record-breaking weather related to rapidly accelerating climate change.

This sudden 2025-2031 dramatic increase in climate consequences is due to the accumulating, synergetic, and increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution effects from over 200 years of fossil fuel burning and our crossing major climate change tipping points and climate feedback loops during the 2025-2031 period. 

If you remember nothing else from this section, remember this golden rule of climate change:

"The higher the average global temperature rises, the more severe, frequent, and larger the areas will be affected by the many primary and secondary consequences of climate change."




Fact 2: Call to Action: Share this dramatic increase in climate change consequences arriving soon information with everyone in your network.


Fact 3: Today's legitimate, survival-preserving global fossil fuel reduction targets require all developed countries and governments (including China and India) to compel their citizens and businesses to reduce ALL fossil fuel use by about 75% by about 2025. 

The 2025 legitimate global fossil fuel reduction target is so high today because our governments wasted sixty years delaying global fossil fuel reductions when the required fossil fuel reductions could have been far more gradual and manageable. Our politicians, our governments, and the media are dead wrong when they tell you we must reduce global fossil fuel use only by 30- 40% or 50% by 2030, 2040, or 2050.

If we continue to use the global fossil fuel cartels unduly influenced and grossly underestimated global reduction targets, billions of us will die far sooner than you could imagine. If we are fortunate and our governments act today, we may still have until 2031 to reach that 75% level of global fossil fuel reduction.



Fact 3: Call to Action: Share this correct fossil fuel reduction target with everyone in your network.


Fact 4: Significantly missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and crossing the last chance atmospheric carbon 450 parts per million (ppm) threshold will lead humanity into a rapidly accelerating cascade of worldwide climate change-related catastrophes.

It means:

a. Somewhere between carbon 425 and carbon. 450 ppm, we will enter the second phase of runaway global heating. We just crossed the carbon 425 ppm threshold in March of 2024. (Runaway is defined as a thing running out of our control!) 

b. When carbon 450 ppm is crossed, we trigger the first mass extinction climate change tipping point. (More will be said about these tipping points at the end of the ten facts in the Climageddon Feedback Loop section.)

c. When the carbon 450 ppm threshold is crossed, the average global temperature will rise quickly toward and to 3 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.  

d. When we reach 3 degrees Celsius about preindustrial levels, we will once again cross even more climate change tipping points, activate more climate feedbacks, pass more points of no return, and intensify more of the primary and secondary climate change-driven and related consequences. Somewhere between carbon 425 and 450 ppm, we enter the climate change death spiral where humanity loses effective control of its climate stability and future for hundreds to thousands of years.

(The primary and secondary climate change-driven consequences are described here.)

e. Once we pass 3 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels, we will be unable to stop the average global temperature from rising to 4, 5, and likely 6 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

e. At 3 degrees Celsius and above, we will then face near-certain mass extinction by about 2050 and a near-total human extinction from about 2050 to 2070. (Near-total human extinction means that, at best, we might save about thirty percent of humanity, and at worst, as little as one to two percent of humanity.) 

We are almost out of time to save ourselves and most of humanity. On February 3, 2024, the atmospheric carbon level reached carbon 426.50 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere. About one year ago, on February 8, 2023, our atmospheric carbon level was 420.12 ppm. 

That is a one-year total increase of six carbon ppm of toxic polluting carbon entering our atmosphere. Our post-industrial age average annual growth in atmospheric carbon was between 1 and 3 carbon ppm.

Accordingly, this one-year carbon six ppm increase may be humanity's last screaming warning signal. (In a White Paper we published in 2017 called Climageddon, we forecast that humanity would eventually reach the carbon five ppm per year level, but not nearly this soon.) 

We have just begun the generally considered irreversible second phase of runaway global heating, estimated to occur sometime between 2025 and 2031. This second phase is completed when we pass carbon 425 ppm and finally cross the carbon 450 ppm threshold. (Irreversible here means that we will not be able to get the dangerous and toxic carbon and other polluting greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years._

The renowned former NASA climate change scientist James Hansen warned the world that we would enter the first phase of runaway global heating when we passed the atmospheric carbon level of 386 ppm. That occurred in 2015.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand that staying below this last-chance carbon 425- 450 ppm threshold level is the absolute minimum we must do for about 50% of humanity to survive.

Even fewer people understand that the currently required 75% reduction in global fossil fuel use that we must quickly achieve is the ONLY effective remaining option to keep us from crossing the carbon 425- 450 ppm threshold and tipping point. 

If we are very fortunate, we may have as long as 2031 to do this, but only if we do not cross our last chance carbon 450 ppm threshold. (We really should not even cross the carbon 425 ppm level because it is still uncertain, but somewhere between carbon 425 ppm and crossing carbon 450 ppm is where we WILL cross into phase 2 of runaway global warming. That exact carbon ppm tipping point level is not possible to determine yet.)

Today, there is no more critical climate change target, deadline, or consequence to remember than this last chance for humanity to not pass beyond the carbon 425-450 ppm threshold because:

a. If humanity crosses the final carbon 450 ppm threshold, climate change consequences will increase dramatically in severity, frequency, and size far beyond the gradual year-by-year growth of climate change consequences we have experienced before crossing the carbon 425 ppm threshold. What you have seen or experienced in climate change consequences before we reached carbon 425 ppm is "a day at the beach" compared to what we will begin to experience from carbon 425 ppm and beyond. (These climate change-driven consequences are described here.)

b. If humanity crosses the final carbon 450 ppm threshold, only a tiny portion of humanity will survive.

c. After we cross carbon 450 ppm, any survivors will have to live through an unbearable climate change consequence hell and nightmare for centuries to thousands of years.

d. If we pass the carbon 450 ppm threshold, climate adaptation strategies will only slow humanity's near-total extinction process, where about 30% to as low as 2% of humanity will survive.

e. Click here for our Red Alert that on Feb 3, 2024, for the first post-industrial time ever, atmospheric carbon rose above the carbon 425 ppm threshold.

We radically reduce global fossil fuel use immediately, or most of us die far sooner and more painfully than is imaginable." Dan Hardy, climate change researcher

(This unfolding carbon 450 ppm and beyond future and climate change hell is described in full here.)

Never forget that crossing the carbon 450 ppm threshold and tipping point is the critical "point of no return" for centuries to millennia. It is the point of no return where everything that has made our climate stable and conducive enough for humanity to flourish for the previous 10,000 years will become dramatically more unstable, making survival more difficult at faster and faster rates. 

Carbon 425-450 ppm is currently the critical tipping point at which humanity triggers the physical climate change processes and consequences, which bring about its own mass extermination. Also, do not be surprised to quickly see the total cost of all climate change damage in your nation rise toward (and then eventually exceed) 5% of your nation's total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) now that we have crossed the carbon 425 ppm threshold. 

Additional reading for this critical Fact 4:

(Read this article for full details on why and how the last-chance carbon 450 ppm threshold is critical to your survival. It explains all of the climate science on this survival-critical issue.) 

(Click here to see the extensive climate science supporting why we must immediately reduce global fossil fuel use by 75%.)

(Click here to see what is most likely our best hope and the only remaining way to prevent humanity from crossing the carbon 450 ppm tipping point and threshold to extinction.)

Acknowledgment of the carbon 425-450 ppm last-chance threshold was first published in a Job One For Humanity white paper in 2016 and later as a book called Climageddon. In the white paper and book, passing the carbon 425-450 ppm last-chance threshold was called Phase 1 of the Climageddon Scenario. (The Illustration below is from the Climageddon white paper and book.)




Fact 4: Call to Action: Make everyone in your network aware of the carbon 450 ppm last chance threshold and tipping point.


Fact 5: No matter what we do now, the mass extinction of about half of humanity by about 2050 is a near-certainty---unless we stay below our last-chance carbon 450 ppm threshold.

This mass extinction is solely because our fossil fuel-compromised governments and politicians have not effectively reduced total global fossil fuel use during the last six decades when we could have gradually met the necessary reduction targets. Unavoidable mass extinction will also occur because we will cross more climate tipping points, cross more climate feedbacks, pass more climate points of no return, and accelerate other climate consequences. (For exactly how this mass human extinction will occur, see this page.

Our climate change-driven mass extinction process will initially be driven by worldwide crop failures, low crop yields, global soaring food prices, and mass starvation caused by climate change-driven extreme, record-breaking, and unseasonable weather, severely disrupting regular growing seasons. Additionally, about half of humanity will go extinct by about 2050 because of increasing regional and national conflicts arising directly from mass climate change migrations and the rapid escalation of the primary and secondary climate change-driven consequences

Well, before we reach humanity's predicted climate change-driven mass extinction by about 2050, the likelihood that humanity will destroy itself near-totally in much larger multi-regional or global conflicts before 2050 is exceptionally high. Here's why.

After we have crossed our last-chance atmospheric carbon threshold and tipping point, humanity's mass extinction by about 2050 will be driven mainly by starvation, mass migrations, and localized conflicts. However, due to climate change's many accelerating secondary consequences, there is also an exceptionally high probability of much larger conflicts occurring. 

These secondary consequences include intensifying smaller-scale localized resource conflicts, creating much larger-scale national, international, and global conflicts.

The many extinction-accelerating secondary consequences of climate change are described fully about halfway down this page. We strongly recommend reading them because they will help you viscerally and intimately understand climate change's secondary consequence-driven coming suffering and death. 

(Click here also to learn why human extinction by about 2050-2070 might be only near-total extinction, not the far worse total extinction, but only if we do not keep our atmospheric carbon levels below the carbon 450 parts per million. level.)



Fact 5: Call to Action: Make everyone in your network aware of the carbon 450 ppm last chance threshold and tipping point.


Fact 6: With little remaining time left to act, the only effective way to save about 50% of humanity after 2050 from near-total extinction is for our governments to immediately enact laws forcing all developed nations (including China and India) to reach the required 75% global fossil fuel reduction target to prevent our crossing the carbon 450 ppm final threshold (sometime between 2025 -2031.)

At this point, many readers wonder if things are so bad that all of humanity will go extinct? That is not probable. There is good news here, even with such horrible previous climate news. It is highly improbable that ALL of humanity will go extinct due to accelerating climate change.

Click here for the many surprising reasons that it is highly unlikely that all of humanity will perish because of escalating climate change.

Life will go on for many who understand, prepare for, and manage the climate change emergency! This good news is explained with many illustrations here. The preceding link is one of the most important pages on our website for maintaining a rational perspective and emotional balance in the face of so much bad climate news. It has been read millions of times.)

Fact 6: Call to Action: Make everyone in your network aware of the carbon 450 ppm last chance threshold and tipping point. Push your politicians to act now!


The following three facts are focused on the facts for "what we need to do to save humanity from climate change mass or near-total extinction."


Fact 7: We must bypass our cartel-disinformed, compromised, cowardly, or incompetent politicians and governments and use the new Climate Justice Now program (or something else that is effective) to radically reduce global fossil fuel use to prevent crossing the carbon 450 ppm last chance threshold.

Individual fossil fuel reduction actions alone (even if done by hundreds of millions of us) will not save about half of humanity perishing before 2050. This is entirely because of 60 years of grossly negligent government and politician ineffectiveness created and enabled by the global fossil fuel cartel's mighty invisible hand controlling and disinforming our leaders.

And here is the challenge and the dilemma. 

1. Only massive government-enforced action to reduce global fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025 (maybe 2031 if we are super-lucky) can keep us from crossing the carbon 450 ppm threshold and save the post-2050 climate survivors from the even worse and almost certain near-total extinction process (occurring from about 2050 to 2070.)

2. Our politicians and governments are not making the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions and have not done so for the last 60 years.

This extreme danger means that we must bypass our politicians and governments until they start to act meaningfully and effectively to fix the climate change emergency. How we, as individuals, small businesses, and local community governments, effectively do this bypass is what we call the Climate Justice Now program. (This critical Climate Justice Now program is described on several pages beginning here.)

At some point, after we have globally enforced the Climate Justice Now program on the perpetrators of the climate change emergency, our misinformed, compromised, or cowardly politicians will finally begin to act at the state and national governmental levels to complete the many necessary government climate change fossil fuel reduction actions and climate restoration actions found in great detail here.

The good news is there is still a tiny remaining window of time until we cross the last chance carbon 450 ppm threshold and tipping point, allowing us to save much of the post-2050 remaining half of humanity, but again, only if collectively we:

1. Tell everyone you know who has been the victim of climate change consequences and has suffered financial losses about the Climate Justice Now program so they can get financial restitution and be made whole. 

When you tell anyone harmed by climate change about the Climate Justice Now program and the thousands of individual, business, and government global restitution lawsuits as described here, these lawsuits against the cartel will eventually push our politicians away from the cartel and toward protecting the lives and wellbeing of their citizens by fixing climate change.

Eventually, the Climate Justice Now program and other effective programs will push our politicians and governments to radically reduce global fossil fuel use to get close to the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Here are the detailed climate actions our governments must enforce

Here are additional effective ways to get our politicians to force our governments to finally act on effective fossil fuel reduction targets.

2. Individual actions to reduce their own fossil fuel use, as described here. While massive individual fossil fuel reductions are now too little and too late to save about half of humanity before 2050, they can still play a significant role in what percentage of humanity survives after 2050.

(See this critical page to understand the vital role that our steadily accumulating individual actions to reduce global fossil fuel use will play in a secondary role to help save humanity once humanity finally forces its politicians and government to act after humanity has hit the climate change catastrophe "rock bottom." Steadily accumulating individual actions could help make the difference in as much as 30% of humanity surviving after 2050. If individual fossil fuel reduction actions do not continue to grow significantly, as few as five percent or less of humanity could survive until about 2070.

If we do not find some practical way (like the Climate Justice Now program) to immediately reduce global fossil fuel use to the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target level (to prevent crossing our last chance carbon 450 ppm tipping point), there is only the slightest possibility that there will be a world that you and I would want to or could inhabit not long after 2035-2040.


Fact 7: Call to Action: Make everyone in your network aware of the Climate Justice Now program, especially if you have suffered climate change-related loss or damage.



Fact 8: Everything our fossil fuel cartel-compromised governments are currently doing to fix the climate change emergency is "far too little, far too late." Therefore, humanity must also adopt key emergency preparation action steps found in our climate change Plan B.

 Because effective government global fossil fuel use reduction is not happening fast enough to achieve the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, our organization strongly recommends that all individuals, businesses, communities, and nations immediately begin our Climate Change Plan B.

Plan B contains many actions, particularly the urgently needed emergency preparations, critical adaptations, and resilience-building actions for the many climate change catastrophes we can no longer avoid.

If you live in a climate change high-risk area, Plan B also might include climate change migration or relocation (or, in the government doublespeak, climate change-driven, Managed Retreat.) (Only about five percent of the world's available land areas will be climate-safer locations where people will have the best chance to live longer with the fewest and least severe consequences of climate change.)

By enacting their Plan B emergency backup and resilience-building plans before 2025 -2031, when climate change consequences will begin to rise radically, prudent individuals and organizations are ensuring they, their loved ones, businesses, local communities, and nations will have the best chance to make it through the many coming unavoidable climate change catastrophes. 

Many individuals also join or create urban, suburban, rural, hybrid, or virtual climate change-resilient eco-communities to support their Plan B actions. These new, supportive, climate change-resilient communities are discussed in the video below and are discussed in detail here. We call the community-building efforts Climate-Safe Villages. 



If you want to see a series of powerful graphic timeline illustrations on how little time we have left to prepare and adapt as the climate worsens and gets more out of control, see the MIT Club of Rome's original collapse study and its four subsequent verification studies (done by outside independent research groups,) along with other more recent climate change-related collapse research, by clicking here.

The following is one of many global collapse timeline illustrations found on an essential climate change timeline summary page by clicking here. As you can see from the graph below, things start collapsing fast around 2030 when we are projected to cross the carbon 450 ppm last chance threshold and tipping point.


Fact 8: Call to Action: Start your climate change emergency preparation and adaptation program immediately. Don't count on your government to care for or save you, your family, or your business. With all of the climate catastrophes that are coming, they will never have enough resources.


Fact 9: There is still a lot of good news about climate change to counterbalance government climate inaction.

Humanity can still:

a. save much of the other half of post-2050 humanity (if our governments finally act.)

b. obtain these many worthwhile benefits in the step-by-step process of finally fixing the climate emergency. 

c. learn from the painful lessons coming from the climate catastrophe so we never let them happen again. 

d. experience many previously unattainable benefits inGreat Global Rebirth once the climate change emergency is finally fixed! 



Fact 9: Call to Action: Continually balance the bad climate change news with whatever good news you can find (like that above), or emotionally and psychologically, you probably will have it far harder than necessary.


Fact 10: We have no time left to be diverted or deceived by wild or unproven at-scale "new technology" Silicon Valley get-rich-quick IPOs or other government-funded climate change schemes.

There is no viable substitute for achieving the required radical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target, or we will face near-total extinction from the unstoppable unfolding of the primary and secondary climate change consequences.

No miracle "new technology" (like carbon capture or geo-engineering) currently exists at the needed scale or cost efficiency to save humanity from our accelerating global heating nightmare before about half of humanity is dead by about 2050. So, hoping for some "new technology" to be discovered and save humanity at the last minute before our critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction deadline and that can be scaled up in time without horrible side effects--- is another global fossil fuel cartel disinformation campaign, personal strategy destined for failure, and a costly illusion dooming much of humanity to extinction. 

Even if there was some safe, effective, and at-scale new technology climate change and global heating solution happening sometime in the future, no new technology climate change solution exists right now that is safe, effective, and at-scale, which could prevent us from crossing our last change carbon 450 ppm mass to near-total extinction threshold and tipping point. (Click here to see why the carbon 450 ppm threshold is our last chance to prevent mass human extinction.)

The only thing at this 11th hour that can keep more post-2050 climate survivors from experiencing near-total extinction is to immediately reduce ALL global fossil fuel use and get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. It is that simple.

If you are curious about why it is highly unlikely for humanity to go totally extinct, please read this article. On this page, you will also see there is a place for appropriate, legitimate, and side effect-safe new technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about the timeframes in which humanity will experience climate-related and other global catastrophes, please review the timeframe illustrations on this page.

Fact 10: Call to Action: Don't be deceived by the stream of bogus climate change progress news and the "too little too late" high-tech solutions that do not prevent our passing carbon 450 ppm by 2031 or sooner. Demand immediate, honest global climate change fossil fuel reduction needed to save yourself, your family, your business, your local community, and your nation.




If you still do not believe what you have just read in the ten facts above or that almost everything you have been told about climate change for the last 4 to 6 decades has been massively distorted or falsified by the global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation campaigns, please click here and read this indispensable cartel disinformation article.



Click Here Now if You Are Ready to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.

The hidden Climageddon Feedback Loop is why global warming consequences will be far worse than you are told.


The following article illuminates the three critical and interacting climate change factors and forces that will facilitate and then accelerate the extinction of much of humanity over the following 3-5 decades. These three critical climate calculation factors are collectively and woefully missing from almost all climate change calculations done by climate researchers with a single specialty, such as glaciers, water vapor, forest carbon absorption, sea ice coverage, ocean temperature, carbonization, currents, etc.

These three interacting factors and highly disruptive forces will be explained shortly, but first, it is necessary to illuminate the hidden danger of already accelerating climate change. Most people will acknowledge that global warming is accelerating. Over the last two decades, it has accelerated by about 50% from one decade to the next. This acceleration in global warming is in perfect lockstep with the key atmospheric greenhouse gases (carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide), as shown in the graph below.


This massive 50% acceleration in global warming over the previous several decades contradicts everything you are hearing in the media from our authorities telling us that we are making progress on fixing global warming. (In case you still do not believe the 50% increase, James Hansen, the world-renowned climate scientist, recently verified this dangerous 50% acceleration in global warming over the last two decades. Click here for this new verification 2024 study by James Hansen.) 

The following Climageddon Feedback Loop process explains the powerful and regularly unaccounted-for climate system forces that, behind the scenes, are rapidly accelerating global warming temperatures and intensifying climate change consequences. The effects of the Climageddon Feedback Loop process also explains why the climate change emergency has now grown beyond humanity's effective and practical control.

For decades, most of the world's single-specialty climate scientists have overlooked, hidden, denied, ignored, or grossly underestimated the effects of the Climageddon Feedback Loop as a major factor in the accuracy of their climate change calculations. Almost all of our single specialty climate scientists have overwhelmingly failed to include within their calculations the critical cumulative and synergetic effects of ALL other interacting and interdependent climate change systems and subsystems probable, likely, or potential:

a. crossed climate tipping points,



b. inherent or interconnected feedback loops, and

c. non-linear reactions commonly found within the systems and subsystems of complex adaptive systems.

The following illustration helps to demonstrate nonlinear reactions in complex adaptive systems like the climate. In the illustration, system A in the climate is connected to system B, but because they are complex adaptive climate systems, they can and will produce nonlinear, highly unpredictable effects in climate system or subsystem C.





The above three climate-related factors and forces inherently feed into and fuel each other to create the Climageddon Feedback Loop process.

There are about a dozen major climate change systems and subsystems that are interconnected and interacting in most normal climate change transactions. They are glacier melting or glacier break-off status, sea ice coverage, ocean temperature, ocean carbon absorption, ocean currents, methane and carbon release from permafrost, methane release from coastal ocean areas, atmospheric water vapor, the albedo effect, and soil and forest carbon sequestration or carbon release factors. (There are other climate factors and subsystems, but these are the major ones.) 

If all of the climate's probable, likely, and potential crossed tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions are not accounted for in climate change analysis and forecasts designed to give us accurate climate change consequence timetables and climate solutions, any real chance to fix the climate change emergency before near-total extinction will slip through humanity's fingers before our leaders and humanity ever realizes its last climate-fixing opportunity is gone.

The illustration below shows what happens before a tipping point is about to be crossed. Just before the collapse, it will start to oscillate faster and faster to higher and lower oscillating levels.




Understanding how the three factors and forces of the Climageddon Feedback Loop interact is critical to humanity's future. The Climageddon Feedback Loop occurs whenever more crossed climate tipping points, feedback loops, and triggered non-linear reactions interact and accelerate each other's effects in what can become a near-endless feedback loop.




The three factors and forces of tipping points, feedback loops, and nonlinear reactions interact in the climate to create a new and much larger or mega feedback loop (the Climageddon Feedback Loop) of and between themselves. This now-activated Climageddon feedback loop will continuously fuel and accelerate new levels of rapidly increasing heat and intensify climate change consequences.




In the Climageddon Feedback Loop, more tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions are pushed into being crossed or activated at faster and faster rates. This once again triggers or accelerates other and more climate tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions in other climate systems and subsystems. This, in turn, fuels and creates the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction spiral of ever-increasing and ever more severe climate change consequences at even faster rates!

As the Climagageddon Feedback Loop continues to expand and accelerate as described above; eventually, all that Humanity will be able to do is prepare and adapt and hope that you can live as comfortably as possible under the extreme climate change conditions never seen before by humanity.

The monster climate crisis and extinction threat are hidden by ignoring the Climageddon Feedback Loop in current climate change analysis and predictions.

Today, most climate scientists have not simultaneously included calculations, algorithmic values, or reasonable allowances for ALL or even most of the probable, likely, or potential crossed climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions from the dozen most important climate systems and subsystems in their final climate change calculations. This dangerous and gross underestimation issue helps to create a delusional climate change "Perfect Day scenario," with no nasty climate tipping points, feedback loops, or non-linear reactions to ruin their "Perfect Day" climate change forecasts. 

Consequently, our current real climate change risks and threats are not accurately provided to those with the political and financial power to act. Because of this, governments, businesses, and the world's citizens have not been informed of the accurate and real climate change consequences and time frames we currently face. They have been grossly misinformed about their climate future! 

The widespread failure of climate scientists to include the Climageddon Feedback Loop process and scenario in ALL of their climate change calculations explains why the current global warming temperature predictions and time frames that humanity is being given are so far off from what is already occurring and will occur. (We appear to be regularly meeting or exceeding our current worst-case climate change scenario predictions precisely because, in part, of the omission of the Climageddon Feedback Loop in those predictions.) 

The undisclosed and uncompensated for Climageddon Feedback Loop is the main reason that humanity has already passed into phase 2 of runaway global warming. Phase 2 of runaway global warming is really bad because it means half or more of humanity will perish by about 2050.

If we do not make radical worldwide fossil fuel reductions immediately, as much as 95% of humanity or more will likely not survive past 2070. Global temperatures will be in runaway mode along with the climate change consequences, and we will be living in climate hell.

To help you understand the global warming-driven side of the coming "Great Global Collapse," leading to mass human extinction, review the following runaway global heating illustration starting from the bottom up! 

Starting from the bottom, this illustration reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening and interacting consequences with climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and nonlinear reactions included in the projections.

The top of the illustration shows you the later phases of the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction model processes and consequences. The bottom of the illustration shows you the earlier consequences.

For now, get a general idea of all the runaway global heating consequences, tipping points, feedback loops, and potential non-linear reactions that will be interacting and colliding as well as amplifying and multiplying each other as the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction scenario unfolds over time in phases and waves. 

Remember to review tahe following illustration from the bottom up, beginning with the heating effect of escalating global warming!



(Full explanations for climate tipping points, feedback loops, potential nonlinear reactions, and consequences are here, and in the next link for the 20 worst global warming consequences.)


Points of no return 

Tipping points also have a point of no return that, when crossed, will always lead to the particular tipping point being crossed and a system crash. Today, you hear very little about the points of no return in some climate change system tipping point. This is another area of high risk and deep concern for humanity's climate future. Unless we also understand these points of no return for any particular climate change tipping point, we will keep crossing more and more dangerous climate change tipping points.



What to do:

Click here to review the most important climate change information and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family from rapidly accelerating climate change consequences.

More Supportive Information

1. The Climageddon Feedback Loop process also invisibly accelerates and significantly distorts the committed and "baked-in" future temperature warming calculations the public is being given. To see far more accurate calculations for future committed global warming temperatures and timeframes that do include values for the many forces of the Climageddon Feedback Loop, click here.)

2. Please click here for a full explanation of the obscene "Perfect Day" climate change calculations distortion that has plagued the climate information being given to the public about their climate change futures. Then please click here for even more on how the public has been denied the necessary truth about our horrible current climate situation.

3. There are at least 11 major climate change tipping points. There are also many factors about tipping points that most people do not understand. To learn more about these two critical issues, click here.

4. Job One for Humanity does include many calculations, algorithmic values, or appropriate allowances for probable, likely, and possible crossed climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions from the dozen major climate systems and subsystems in their final climate change calculations, consequence timeframes forecasts, and recommended solutions as seen in the ten facts and links found on this page. (Our research and analysis methodology can be found on this page.)


In Summary: 

"When you think about climate change, never forget that everything is controllable but the overwhelming forces of Mother Nature. 

Humanity can still control wars, conflicts, pandemics, economic crashes, etc. But when Mother Nature gets too much atmospheric greenhouse gas (carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide), nothing under human control (like geoengineering) will slow her rage in time to save most of us. Mother Nature will, inevitably and painfully, reestablish a new living balance for all of Earth's life." Dan Hardy

The relative stability of the climate of your younger memories is gone forever. Every day, as humanity burns more fossil fuels (which adds even more greenhouse gas pollution to our atmosphere), we will continue to break new records and make today's existing climate change problems and weather much worse for our future and the future of our children and future generations. 

Please keep in mind:

 A. Unless one has the right target for the cause of a problem, it is unlikely one will be able to solve that problem. We have not solved the climate change problem for 60 years because we are not dealing with the real cause of the problem, the global fossil fuel cartel.

The only way to stop the cartel and finally fix climate change is to:

1. hold the cartel financially responsible for the many losses and damages caused by their products and actions. Click here for information on a detailed now program for how to get financial restitution to the victims of climate change.

2. Hold the senior executives of the cartel and the marketing public relations and lobbying firms responsible for any criminal acts committed. We are talking about the most senior C-suite executives. (We are not talking about lower-level managers or employees of fossil fuel companies and their enabling corporations. The most senior, highest-paid executives are making the critical decisions destroying humanity and our environment of the cartel and its enabling corporations.)

The real cause and blame for all of the current pain, death, loss, and damage caused by climate change is the global fossil fuel cartel. Until we focus on the fossil fuel cartel as the correct and primary, past and ongoing cause of climate change and take all the profit out of their wrongdoing, the climate change emergency will only get worse, resulting in mass extinction and social chaos.

Don't let the billions of dollars and decades of fossil fuel cartel climate change disinformation and criminal actions win! Help disempower the cartel also with the following critical climate change loss and damage financial restitution action.

If you or someone you know has experienced any damages to your home, business, or farm from climate change-related consequences, you (or they) must begin a lawsuit against all related parties ASAP. The good news is that it is now far easier to do than ever before. 

According to a report led by European researchers last year, the number of court cases focused on the global climate change crisis and its consequent damages has doubled since 2015, bringing the total number to over 2,000 in over 28 countries. More than two dozen US cities and states are suing big oil (described here), alleging the fossil fuel industry knew for decades about the dangers of burning coal, oil, and gas and actively hid that information from consumers and investors. 

If you have just experienced a climate change-related extreme weather event involving heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms (Derechos), dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, or abnormal unseasonal weather, you need to immediately begin the process for financial recovery and restitution by reading this page as soon as possible. This page will also connect you to successful law firms handling this climate change loss and damage specialty.

B. At least half of humanity has already been condemned to horrible suffering and death because the global fossil fuel cartel has secretly hidden, distorted, manipulated, and underestimated the actual facts and dangers of the climate change emergency for more than 60 years from our governments and the media. Because of the fossil fuel cartel's behind-the-scenes manipulation of climate change facts, our governments, politicians, and media have kept the world's citizens in the dark about the true nature and urgency of the climate change threat. Consequently, our governments, politicians, and media have not mobilized the essential public understanding, support, or action to fix the escalating climate change emergency. 

It is not accidental that our governments and politicians have utterly failed for 60 years to fix what truly is humanity's greatest escalating threat (other than immediate global thermonuclear war.) To protect their trillions in profits, the global fossil fuel cartel has deliberately been very busy using their every asset to make it impossible for the world's population to grasp the actual facts about our accelerating climate change extinction emergency. (Click here for the full article detailing 60 years of billions of dollars in global fossil fuel disinformation and other criminal activity.)

C. Because of our government's 60 years of previous ineffective climate change actions, the half of humanity that will perish by about 2050 will mainly and unjustly occur in poorer third-world countries, which did not create the majority of the fossil fuel greenhouse gas air pollution.

D. Unless our global governments act to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, the future of climate change is simple. Our current record-breaking and extreme weather will continue to break more records and will suddenly get far more extreme from 2025-about 2031 and then rapidly worsen from there.

E. The climate change emergency will no longer affect only your children or grandchildren. If you are a senior citizen living in many parts of the world, you are already experiencing the predicted consequences of climate change. As a senior citizen, you can no longer escape what we leave as a bitter climate legacy for our children and grandchildren. From now until the government acts, you, with everyone else, will be experiencing the steady intensification of many of the worst consequences of climate change. 

F. Over the following decades, humanity is headed into an extraordinarily dangerous transitional period. However, wise individuals and businesses with access to uncensored climate information have already begun their Plan B preparations and adaptations to ensure that they can save and salvage as much of their families, businesses, and our collective future as possible. 

G. Many terrible and unavoidable consequences of climate change are already out of our control. All we can do now is vote, prepare, adapt, reduce our personal fossil fuel use, and build climate change-resilient and ClimateSafe communities while forcing our governments to reduce global fossil fuel use. These are the save and salvage climate change "good deeds" still under our control where we can still do as much climate change good as possible. 

(Click here to see when we think humanity will finally be successful in getting our politicians and governments to act effectively to fix the climate change extinction emergency.)

H. By about 2035, it is estimated that 50-70 million people from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world will try to enter the United States and Canada illegally. This mass migration will be because of the consequences of climate change, primarily affecting stable food production. The consequences of accelerating climate change will make living in their countries impossible.

Because climate change consequences severely affect stable food production, it will make a living in their own countries impossible to survive in; it is estimated that about 50-70 million people will try to enter the European Union and the Scandinavian countries from Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Similar numbers of climate migrants from Southern China and Southeast Asia will attempt to enter southern Russia and Ukraine.

"Migrate of die" climate migrants (climagees) seeking climate asylum, mainly from the developed countries responsible for the climate change emergency near or above the 45th parallel North, will continue to be an unsolvable problem for the world until our governments make the radical fossil fuel cuts needed to reverse the accelerating consequences of climate change.

I. We have a horrible climate change dilemma. If we do not get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, about 50% of humanity will perish before 2050 because of 60 years of government inaction on the emergency. If we do get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, 50% of humanity will still perish by 2050 because of Garret's Climate Change Dilemma. The good news is that if we get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets, at least some of humanity, as much as 30%, will survive from 2050 to 2070 and beyond.

J. A wise way to think about the climate change risks and threats delineated in the above article is to think as follows:

1. Between 2025 and 2031, the severity, frequency, and size of areas affected by climate change consequences will dramatically and dangerously increase, and these dramatic increases will continue unabated for decades. The worst climate change consequences are not beginning around 2060-2100, as you are currently being told.

2. Prepare and adapt now! Do not wait until 5, 10, 20, or more years from now.



K. As of this date, our think tank predicts massive and dramatically increasing climate change-driven catastrophes from 2025-2031. These extreme weather catastrophes will result in widespread food production collapse and social system-related collapses in weaker nations. 

Because of what is arriving soon and will continue to worsen from 2031-2050, we have entered a time when emergency preparation and adaptation for these climate catastrophes is mandatory for survivalConsequently, our research team and many of our volunteers as individuals have transferred more of their work, free time, and resources over to:

1. preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building actions for their families.

2. helping to forward the much larger climate change preparation and adaptation actions of the worldwide collaboration called Climatesafe Villages. And,

3. focusing on the Climate Justice Now program because we believe it has a reasonable chance to help humanity get to the minimum global fossil fuel reductions that will at least save 30% to, at worst, 2% of humanity.

As of this date, our climate research team also now believes that:

a. it is so highly unlikely that humanity will make the minimal critical level of global fossil fuel use reductions in time that we will not be able to save at least 50% of humanity. (Click here to see the 30 powerful reasons why humanity will not act in time.)

b. only two remaining actions have any realistic hope of getting humanity to meet the minimal required global fossil fuel reductions. (These minimal required reductions are needed to keep humanity from crossing beyond the carbon 450 ppm last-chance threshold where only about 30% to 2% of humanity survives.)

The two actions that have any reasonable chance of getting global fossil use under control are:

1. The rapid global expansion of the Climate Justice Now program. And,

2. The ongoing mass die-off of much of humanity, which paradoxically will help save the rest of humanity. (Please see this amazing article, which explains how Mother Nature will do what our politicians and governments could not or would not do. Most individuals are stunned as they read the link that explains how Mother Nature, along with a few critical actions from humanity, saves humanity from itself.)

We believe that the combination of the two above actions will most probably eventually save a small portion of humanity.

L. Please take the additional time to read about the scope, scale, and facts of the accelerating climate change emergency, including its catastrophic consequences and timetables linked below. This information will profoundly change how prudent individuals plan their lives and future.

The widely accepted Prudent Avoidance Principle is a precautionary principle in risk management. It states that reasonable efforts to minimize potential risks should be taken when the actual magnitude of the risks is unknown. There are many knowns (discussed above) and many unknowns concerning our future of the climate change emergency. Isn't it about time that our governments start taking effective, reasonable actions to minimize not only the known risks but also our serious and unknown climate change risks?

Short-term Timeframe: If you want to see how the accelerating climate change emergency will disrupt your life this year and beyond, click here for our detailed 2023 and beyond climate change consequence predictions.

Long-term Timeframe: If you want to see a series of powerful graphic timeline illustrations on how little time we have left to prepare and adapt as the climate worsens and gets more out of control, see the MIT Club of Rome's original collapse study and its four subsequent verification studies (done by outside independent research groups,) along with other more recent climate change-related collapse research, by clicking here.



By widely sharing this document person-to-person, you personally help neutralize the cartel's well-funded climate change disinformation campaigns. 

Once widely shared, this knowledge will help illuminate the true urgency of our runaway global heating extinction emergency. Moreover, understanding the true urgency of the worldwide heating emergency will eventually create the necessary public demand to get our politicians to begin a government-enforced global fossil fuel reduction plan that will work. 

The worst consequences of the runaway global heating extinction emergency will not be prevented or lessened unless:

1. You do your part to help educate others about today's uncensored climate facts before it is too late. 

2. We get our politicians to act. Click here for how to do that.

3. You get active on the many scalable solutions in the Job One for Humanity Plan B. 


To learn more about climate change research and analysis processes used by our independent,100% publicly funded think tank that created this page, click here.


Receive Our Free Climate Change & Runaway Global Heating Updates!


Please share this article everywhere and help neutralize the fossil fuel cartel's multi-billion dollar climate change disinformation machine!

It is the best way to help support our non-profit organization and build a better climate future for everyone!

Click here if you want to learn the procedure for how to challenge the validity of our ten climate change facts and analysis.

For answers to all of your remaining questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


If Job One for Humanity had more climate researcher resources and access to a supercomputer, we could more accurately determine climate change time frames and consequences found here.

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  • Tannia Falconer
    commented 2022-06-10 22:23:40 -0700
    If this text above comes from “science persons”, why is it so hard to stop the official narrative about the main causes of climate change? Why is there so much hesitancy and fear to talk about the real primary cause of climate change?? Are political and economic pressure more important than life itself? Or is it a massive cognitive dissonance that prevents us from addressing the issue?

    There’s no time left to keep talking about the same supposed causes we have talked about for decades. Nothing has changed and nothing will change until we address the elephant in the room.

    ANIMAL BASED DIETS (death diets), mainly in the countries with highest GDP (coincidence?), are the cause of the chaos we have headed since the Bruntland Report was issued 35 years ago.

     It has been scientifically proven, shown, written by academics and experts for decades now, that the best way to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus stop climate change from going in the same path, reverse and stop deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil loss, water pollution, restore 3/4 of the agricultural land used now to feed animals for human consumption, reverse the most damaging chronic diseases in humans and stop the unethical and immoral raising and killing of trillions of animals per year (for pleasure and money, not for need), is to TRANSITION TO PLANT BASED DIETS. (https://ourworldindata.org/land-use-dietshttps://sentientmedia.org/the-climate-crisis-secret/https://climatenexus.org/climate-issues/food/animal-agricultures-impact-on-climate-change/; https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31728489/https://www.fao.org/3/a0701e/a0701e.pdf; https://www.drmcdougall.com/newsletters/a-healthy-vegan-diet-can-save-our-planet/;

    Why is it so hard for all the “experts”, environmentalists, ecologists and “climate changers” to accept this? Do they find it so hard to transform themselves that they rather evade talking about this topic? (More cognitive dissonance) Why is pleasure and money more important than planet Earth and the non human (and human) species?

    This is what the main focus and efforts should be placed on. The rest are patches and we have seen it for over 50 years. Let’s take deeper action by going vegan now! (or at least start with plant based).
  • Richard Mercer
    commented 2022-04-18 17:40:22 -0700
    I do not like all the talk on the internet saying we shouldn’t depend on technology fixes. This is wrong. We have tools now, to get much of the way there, or most of the way. Solar, Wind, geothermal, and energy storage are the Only things that will make a big enough dent in CO2 emissions fast enough and cheap enough.
    There has been too much exaggeration and misinformation about the environmental impacts of these. Michael Moore’s movie is chock full of disinformation about renewable energy and EVs, pathetically so.
    I understand about reducing consumption and all that, and population size. But it will take time we don’t have, if we think those are the only solutions. It would take generations to reduce population or even stop its growth. And it will take time to change how people think about consumption. I live a pretty simple life, drive only about 5,000 miles a year, buy very few consumer products, compared with most Americans and rejected materialism nearly 50 years ago.

    Yes the IPCC has been too conservative, but the real problem is the massive PR campaign of disinformation funded by the fossil fuels industry and its allies.
    Not to mention the dumbing down of nearly half the U.S. population by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, all the other alternate reality media outlets that conservatives pay attention to almost exclusively. I’ve been debunking climate change deniers on the internet for years, and for most of them, I might as well be talking to a sidewalk, or a 4th grader. It’s a national embarrassment.
  • Frank De Munter
    followed this page 2021-12-17 09:44:32 -0800
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