Critical Government-Driven Actions Needed to Slow and Fix a Runaway Global Heating Triggered Near-Total Extinction Event

Last Updated 2.18.24.

The independent and 100% publicly funded Job One for Humanity climate change think tank produced the following article. 


Our politicians and governments have failed to fix climate change or even slow it down. But there is a clear and simple reason for their failure. Our politicians and governments have been paralyzed and made ineffective by a decades-long, multibillion-dollar, highly sophisticated global climate change disinformation program designed and paid for by the global fossil fuel cartel. If you have not already read the detailed proof that this statement is not an exaggeration by any means, please do so here before reading the article below so that you have the correct perspective on who really is to blame for the climate change emergency we all now face.

Because our politicians and governments have been compromised, no climate change treaty, no international climate change conference (like the United Nations COP conferences), and not even decades of massive global climate change street protests have stopped climate change and global warming from worsening at even faster rates!

The danger is now so great that it is time to bypass disinformed, compromised, or cowardly politicians and governments and act directly to remove all profit from the wrongdoing of killing millions of people and destroying the future of humanity. One powerful way to bypass our failing politicians and governments is with the new Climate Justice Now program.

Here is the simple scientific and mathematical proof that are politicians and governments are horribly failing us and not making ANY effective climate change reduction progress, (which by the way, the global fossil fuel cartel never wants you to know.)

Measuring atmospheric greenhouse gas levels, (which directly cause global warming) is the most accurate measure of actual climate change reduction progress by our politicians and governments. The graph below shows the story of the three major fossil fuel-burning atmospheric greenhouse gases, carbon (CO2), methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O).

To help you understand the graph below, here are the abbreviations used in the graph. The numbers at the bottom of the illustration are the AD (After Death of Christ) dates in history. The IPCC is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. AR6 is the IPCC's climate summary report. NOAA is the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. PPB is parts per billion. PPM is parts per million.

On this telling graph, please notice how fast the three key greenhouse gases have risen in the gray vertical rectangles on the right. Also, at around 1800 AD, greenhouse gases increase far beyond any earlier levels. (About 1800 AD was the beginning of the fossil fuel-burning industrial revolution.)

Particularly notice how from about 1950-1980 the rates of toxic and poisonous greenhouse gases going into our atmosphere begin rising exponentially. 



From this greenhouse gas graph above, it is evident that anyone who is still telling you are politicians and governments are making real or meaningful progress on fixing climate change and preventing escalating climate change catastrophe after catastrophe either: 

a. does not know how to read a atmospheric carbon, methane and nitrous oxide graph (all of which are getting worse at faster rates) or

b. does not understand the complex climate change science, mathematics, and physics, (probably because of the global fossil fuel cartel this information programs) or 

c. has financial interests in keeping the global public ignorant of climate change's current real danger and risk level. (Click here to see humanity's real climate change risk level.) 

Because of the above painful but true reality, we must focus on the Climate Justice Now program first. When this program gets enough momentum and restitution justice success, our disinformed, compromised, or cowardly politicians will act, and the program for government action on climate change found below will finally be able to be completed.

Unless you have direct personal influence on a politician or group of politicians, we strongly recommend you begin with our Climate Justice Now program and help build the needed critical restitution and justice momentum so that, eventually, our politicians will act.


A critical part of recovering from our worsening climate change emergency is finally having our governments finally do what is necessary and required to end the crisis. Our governments can still slow and fix runaway global heating if they work together to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets. Please also remember that many, but not all, of the climate consequences, are still avoidable and unnecessary.

Our runaway global heating situation is scary. It will require governments, individuals, businesses, and nations to make painful sacrifices they have never made before. It also will require everyone to take fossil fuel reduction actions they have never done before. Making these life changes will be very challenging.
They will require understanding the benefits of why they are making the difficult changes described below. Without that understanding, it would be very tough to maintain motivation long enough to complete the needed changes.

Not only can our governments still fix our climate nightmare, achieve many surprising benefits, and save a good portion of humanity, but we also may be able to bring about a Great Global Rebirth (once we have learned and applied the lessons of our climate tragedy.)

If you have not done so already, click here to see the most-read page on our website, with over two million views. This page will also help you see the many benefits and a possible Great Global Rebirth that can come into being once our governments and we have made the necessary sacrifices to fix runaway global heating and we have endured the coming climate consequences that we can no longer avoid.

Now that you understand the many payoffs for fixing the runaway global heating extinction emergency, it is time to consider how challenging it will be.


Welcome to Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan: Critical  Governmental Actions on the Climate Change Emergency

"As hard as it is to digest, we have wasted six decades in no or ineffective government actions to reduce global fossil fuel use. At this 11th hour, no amount of tree planting, bogus carbon capture schemes, carbon-sequestering, carbon trading, geo-engineering, or other actions other than the direct and immediate radical reduction of global fossil fuel use can save us within the very small amount of time we have left to still control our climate change futures." Lawrence Wollersheim

The following critical action steps can only be effectively enacted by politicians and governments through binding, verifiable, and enforceable national and international agreements. They must also be done and completed with a Manhattan Project-like urgency. (The Manhattan Project was a super-rushed highest priority research and development undertaking during World War II that produced the first nuclear weapons in about four years. No expense or resource was denied to this highest priority project.)

Without the following actions being done in this style and urgency of a Manhattan-like project or mass mobilization by all the major to mid-range population-sized governments of the world, there is little to no hope we can avoid the extinction of about half of humanity and economic, political, and social chaos by or before mid-century.



Unfortunately, individual actions to reduce fossil fuel dependency, even if done by hundreds of millions of us, will be far too little and far too late to save the future from endless and increasing runaway global heating catastrophes!

It is now time for the rest of the bad news. Despite the fossil fuel reduction progress you hear touted in the media, the current global heating reductions are not occurring at any level even close to the critical levels that would keep us safe from the extinction of about half of humanity occurring by mid-century.

Hopefully, government-driven actions to slow runaway global heating like those described below will occur in time, in part, because of the courageous extinction warning work of individuals in organizations like:

1. Job One for Humanity 

2. Extinction Rebellion and Green Peace

3. Greta Thunberg,

4. The millions of global school children in the Fridays for the Future monthly walkouts,  and,

5. courageous climate researchers who will not be silenced about the climate extinction emergency even when financially or academically punished or physically intimidated, as well as 

6. the few brave individuals in the world's intelligence agencies who are shouting at bosses to shout at their politicians this is our last chance to avoid a runaway global heating-driven global collapse and near-total extinction event. (Please note that runaway global heating caused near-total human extinction is not total extinction. Nor is near-total extinction the same as our unfortunate and unavoidable current path to the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. This critical difference between the two is that total extinction is highly improbable because of the many natural and human counteractions that will ramp up as runaway global heating consequences worsen. So, if you want to see the good news (which we strongly recommend) about why total human extinction caused by the consequences of runaway global heating is not our future and should not be worried about, please click here.)

These organizations and individuals are demonstrating the courage and persistence to try to convince their national politicians that the accelerating runaway global heating extinction emergency is a no-win game leading to the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Hopefully, in addition to the organizations and individuals mentioned above, our governments and politicians will eventually act because the 1% ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and others whose vast self-interests and assets will incentivize them to use their powerful influence to get our politicians and governments to realize that now (and up until 2025,) is our last effective chance to respond successfully.

If our governments don't act immediately, we will pass through atmospheric carbon tipping points levels that will bring about increasing human deaths starting at carbon 425-450 ppm (parts per million.) We will also pass the carbon 500 ppm extinction-accelerating tipping point and carbon 600 ppm beginning of the neat-total extinction tipping point. (These 3 carbon ppm atmospheric tipping point levels caused by the burning of fossil fuels will be explained in detail further below.)

All of the action steps of Part 3 of the Job One plan below are designed to both meet and reflect the most critical and deadline-prioritized legitimate targets we must achieve to resolve our current runaway global heating extinction emergency before it is too late. 

Think about all of the actions below as the necessary hitting of an emergency brake on a train that is just about to go out of control and over a cliff in a real emergency. If we do not hit the emergency brake right now by executing the following action steps that will help ensure we will achieve or come very close to our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, our current and unavoidable mass extinction event could easily become a near-total extinction event.

To maintain your motivation to complete these new and challenging tasks below, we strongly recommend that you regularly read and re-read this page with the many individual and collective benefits we will receive when we successfully get the runaway global heating under control. It is the most-read page on our website, with well over 2 million views.

(If by chance, you do not have any realistic or significant influence on your national politicians, there is still plenty you can do at local, regional, and state political levels. (Click here and see Step 1 to learn about those important actions.)


If you think current government programs like the Green New Deal or net-zero by 2035, 2040, 2050, etc., can save us, you are in for a massive shock as you learn about what is actually needed to save us.


Executive Summary of the Key Government Action and Recovery Steps That are the Most Urgent to Execute

The following is a brief overview of the critical deadline-prioritized actions that governments must do immediately. These and other key actions are explained in greater detail further below. An extraordinary and unprecedented emergency will always require extraordinary, costly, and unprecedented actions.

The first two actions below are the most urgent and radical deadline prioritized government-enforced action steps we need to complete by 2025 to save at least half of humanity. After the first two actions listed below, the other actions will also need to be done, but we will have more time to complete them as long as we are successful with the first two actions by 2025.

If we fail to get the first two actions done, the later actions after the first two will not save us from near-total extinction. Only by completing the first two steps below does humanity maintain control of its runaway global heating future.

1. Declare a formal national and international climate change and runaway global heating extinction emergency to let the public know that a mass mobilization of humanity's needed resources and great sacrifices by individual citizens are now required to prevent humanity's near-total extinction.

The climate change emergency consists of the many direct, indirect, primary, and secondary consequences of climate change and runaway global heating. But most importantly, to save as much of humanity as possible at this very late stage of the climate battle, we must first set a firm "last stand" atmospheric carbon (C02) limit in parts per million (ppm) limit of carbon 425-450 ppm.

If we go above carbon 450 ppm, we will push the average global temperature above 2 degrees Celsius. After 2 degrees Celsius, there will be no way to stop runaway global warming from crossing many more climate tipping points and feedbacks, which will cause increased global temperature levels of 3, 4, 5, and 6 degrees Celsius. Only a tiny portion of humanity (about 5%-10%) will be able to survive a 3-4-degree Celsius increase, and their lives will be a living hell. 

As of June 2022, we are at about carbon 421 ppm. Average global atmospheric carbon levels are the best way to measure global fossil fuel reduction progress. They are also the best indicator that average global temperatures will go either up or down based on our global carbon levels going up or down.

As you can see below, our worldwide government's last 60 years of efforts to lower carbon in the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning have been a total failure!



2. Enact enforced global rationing for ALL fossil fuel use (oil, gasoline, kerosine, methane, coal, etc.) so that the developed world gets very close to reducing its total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025.

If we are very fortunate, we may have as long as until 2031 to reach the 75% global reduction target of all fossil fuels for ALL developed countries, including India and China. Only by reducing global fossil fuel use by 75% and not crossing the atmospheric carbon level of 450 parts per million (ppm) can we prevent the later phases of runaway global heating and cascading crossed climate tipping points and feedbacks. If we cross the carbon 450 ppm level, there is no way humanity can stop the near-total extinction of humanity.

Getting this step two done will also require the world's political leaders and nations to create new, verifiable, and enforceable climate laws and treaties to get close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets in time to save us from near-total extinction. Without these government-enforced laws to meet the 2025 targets, it will not happen.

After 60 years of international governmental failure in managing the global heating emergency, with the time we have left, only the enforced rationing of all fossil fuels in all nations will work to save some of humanity.

If you have any doubts about either the urgency of the (2025-2031) deadline or the critical importance of why we need to enact enforced fossil fuel rationing (and then work on the rest of the essential governmental actions of Part 3 of the Job One Plan listed below,), please click here and review the ten most important facts about runaway global heating and our destabilizing climate. Also, see the four extinction-accelerating tipping points of our current phase of near-irreversible runaway global heating.

Unfortunately, politicians and nations will also face the horrible Garrett's Climate Dilemma when they do make the needed global fossil fuel cuts. Garrett's Climate Dilemma is the dilemma that demonstrates that to save at least half of humanity through critical global fossil fuel cuts executed now, no matter what we do, the other half of humanity will perish from starvation and the other primary and secondary climate consequences by mid-century. 

That is a horrible climate reality to have to face. Still, the only worse climate change reality is that if we do not do what is necessary to radically reduce global fossil fuel use NOW, 90% to 95% of humanity (or more) will eventually perish. This extinction will happen because of the interaction of the many interconnected climate, ecological, economic, and political processes and consequences (discussed in horrifying detail on this page.) Even worse, post-near-total extinction survivors will live in a hell on earth and forever curse everyone who let this happen.

The world waited too long to fix global warming. The painful climate bill has come due, and our politicians now need to inspire their citizens to endure the great sacrifices now needed to save about half of humanity post-mid-century.

It bears repeating that without the 75% global fossil fuel reductions by 2025 to maybe 2031, enacted through government-enforced fossil fuel rationing; there is little realistic hope that humanity will be able to prevent its near-total extinction. 


The following are additional critical actions also to be done by our politicians and governments immediately after steps one and two are done

3. Create a revenue-neutral, Fee and Dividend-based climate change reduction program. This program will help fund the many fossil fuel transition needs, job retraining needs, the huge costs of managed climate change retreat, etc. It will also help to incentivize the new desired non-fossil fuel-dependent behaviors immediately. 

The Fee and Dividend program will not fund all fossil fuel transition needs. Other needed sources of funding for this massive global transition are discussed below. (Using The Fee and Dividend, not the Carbon Capture program, is critical!)

4. Using part of the Fee and Dividend and other transition taxes collected, create a central global broadcast center that would further educate and warn the public beyond our politicians' and governments' initial call to sacrifice. It would inform the public about the current runaway global heating extinction emergency and provide continuous accurate runaway global heating education.

It would utilize our politicians and other respected opinion leaders to help educate the public about the many huge sacrifices and suffering we must endure to save the future for ourselves, our children, and future generations. The broadcast center would explain that we had wasted almost 60 years since we were first warned about the extinction threat of runaway global heating from rising fossil fuel use. Because of this, the required global fossil fuel reductions would be radical, sudden, and painful.

Moreover, the public needs to know that these required immediate, radical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions would cause a steep global economic recession or depression. (Click here to see Professor Garrett's research on why a steep global economic recession or depression will be inevitable to save the future of humanity from accelerating runaway global heating.) 

Suppose the world's citizens did not understand what had happened and why. They will not be inspired to make the necessary sacrifices or endure the inescapable suffering due to the required, sudden, and radical fossil fuel reductions. If they do not understand the required sacrifices and suffering, it is doubtful the world's citizens will cooperate or ever make the required changes.

They may even revolt against the required fossil fuel reductions. This is why a simultaneous broadcast function and its public education processes are essential right at the beginning of the radical transition off fossil fuels.

5. Allocate adequate funding for national and international non-fossil fuel industry job transition training, support, and recovery. The radical fossil fuel reductions needed cannot be made without this funding already in place and ready. It must be there to help and support everyone hurt by the sudden and radical reductions in global fossil fuel use. (These radical reductions are needed to save the other half of humanity.)

These massive financial subsidies and funds can come from any and all sources, including the Fee and Dividend program and additional tax assessments wherever needed. It even may be necessary for ALL governments to print lots and lots of new money that will temporarily cause extensive harm to their economies to save the lives of most of their citizens. 

Without this funding ready to assist all workers and companies who will lose their jobs in this rapid forced energy transition, there will be massive resistance to the needed changes and even riots and violence. Furthermore, without this financial support and public cooperation, we will never be able to make all of the critical global fossil fuel reductions in time to save us. (This expensive funding requirement could also be funded by using the other new fees and taxes mentioned below in this document.)

6. As an essential part of the climate emergency declaration and to raise finances to cover expenses to fund a rapid green energy transition, ALL governments must terminate ALL fossil fuel industry tax breaks and subsidies.

7. Scale-up green energy generation to replace fossil fuel energy generation as fast as quickly as possible. This action will help lessen some economic and other hardships as we leave the use of fossil fuels to meet the 2025 targets. But, it cannot serve as a substitute for immediately cutting global fossil fuel use to come close to the 2025 targets. As this MIT study shows, green energy generation is a "too little too late solution" for the runaway global heating extinction emergency. It is something we must do in the long run, but it will not save us over the shorter period or replace hitting the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.  

8. Scale up sustainable agriculture as fast as possible to replace most of our atmosphere-polluting current fossil fuel-based agriculture. This action will minimize mass starvation as fossil fuel availability is reduced for agricultural uses.

There will be unavoidable mass starvation because of these radical fossil fuel cuts, which is inevitable. Please click here to read about this horrible Garrett's Climate Dilemma that our politicians and humanity must face. Garrett's Climate Dilemma explains in part why they must push sustainable, non-fossil fuel-dependent agriculture as hard as possible so we can save as much of humanity as possible.

Part of encouraging agricultural sustainability will be to lace hefty new taxes on all global cattle, pork, and some poultry mass production to discourage their consumption globally. (This is because they produce so much methane and use fossil fuels to feed and transport them.)

9. Radically increase global natural carbon sequestration to help achieve global net-zero carbon. To save ourselves from the worst consequences of escalating runaway global heating, we must also rapidly expand our natural carbon sequestration actions. These actions are also partially effective in reducing existing carbon ppm levels in the atmosphere while radically reducing the global use of fossil fuels. 

10. at the right time, inform each nation's citizens that the climate consequence-driven extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century is now unavoidable. They must honestly let their citizens know that humanity must now make great and difficult sacrifices to save the other half of humanity because of their own six decades of government inaction or ineffective climate action. Unless the public adequately understands what has happened and why they may be unwilling to make the necessary hard sacrifices to save the younger generations and the other half of humanity. 

To inform their citizens thoroughly and adequately, our politicians and governments must inform their citizens about these critical facts about our climate and runaway global heating conditionsGiving the public this horrible news will also allow them more time to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually as best as possible. If done correctly and soon, it should help prevent widespread public panic and inspire a new level of global cooperation to save the younger X, Y, Z, and A generations as described in Plan B below.

11. Create, adequately fund, and execute a climate change-managed retreat plan in which our governments buy the homes and buildings of businesses in all runaway global heating high-risk areas at market value. A managed retreat can also mean our governments purchase the properties now and could even lease the properties back to the original owners until these owners are physically forced to relocate because of escalating climate consequences. 

If governments do not start managed retreat from high-risk climate areas now, there will eventually be a massive real estate crash in affected areas. Moreover, those property owners who do not get bought out soon are likely to get far less than the market value later during the height of the climate crisis. If that is the case, they will be stuck paying for most of the losses themselves. 

Climate change-managed retreat from all our global climate high-risk areas before climate calamity strikes will eventually cost hundreds of trillions of dollars. The Fee and Dividend program alone will not fund this and all of the other fossil fuel transition needs. Other needed funding sources for our massive and critical global fossil fuel transition are discussed further below.

12. Activate an emergency backup Plan B for each nation in case we fail totally. (That national emergency backup Plan B is listed further below.)

13. Ensure national intelligence agencies take over and provide accurate annual climate consequence timeline predictions, required fossil fuel reduction amounts, and verified progress reports on how each nation is doing in coming close to its 2025 targets. With so little time left to save ourselves from near-total extinction, progress verification and progress feedback must be swift and precise. Additionally, the UN's IPCC has failed horribly at this task.

14. If eventually necessary, use United Nations military forces to take over Brazil, Indonesia, or any other country, that continues to burn and destroy vast tropical forests for the production of palm oil, livestock production, or other agriculture, causing more carbon and methane into the atmosphere, which continues to put the whole world at risk.

These areas are the earth's lungs and produce 20% of all oxygen needed for humanity to survive the other coming climate catastrophes. These forests must be preserved if humanity is to survive. All previous efforts to get these nations to stop their slash-and-burn tactics on these critical remaining tropical forests have failed.

Key background reading to understand better the urgency and importance of the above 14 actions: 

This page will help build your understanding and motivation to keep pushing Part 3 below forward.

To understand the final 2025-2031 crucial action deadline for preventing near-total extinction and why we are in runaway global warming, click here. 

To see how that near-total extinction event will unfold in dozens of primary and secondary climate-related consequences, click here.)

Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.



Important information about how the government action needs to be done

"There can be no margin for error whatsoever whenever there is a real and imminent threat of total human extinction." Lawrence Wollersheim

Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan below contains ALL of the most critical and deadline-prioritized government-driven climate and runaway global heating (aka global warming) reduction actions needed to prevent near-total human extinction within the second part of the 21st century. It is a comprehensive and complex plan in which only stable governments have the resources necessary to execute its many parts near-simultaneously.

Part 3 of the Job One Plan was designed to educate politicians and activists on the minimal simultaneous actions our governments must enact and enforce to save those who will survive the unavoidable pre-mid-century global heating-driven mass extinction. The great news is that if the government actions below are done as described and as prioritized, we will be able to save much of humanity and most of the plants, animals, and living systems of our beautiful planet. 

Although Part 3 of Job One Plan focuses on the governmental mass mobilization actions required to resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency, many of those same government actions below will also improve many of our 11 critical global challenges.

Keep in mind that as you read the action steps listed below, they cannot be rolled out slowly, piecemeal, or sequentially, or they will never be successful or in time to prevent near-total extinction. 

There will be those who read the following required government actions and think they cannot be done because they are economically or politically impossible. Of course, they are absolutely correct for all normal crises. But this is an extraordinary and imminent extinction-level emergency and crisis. In this extinction emergency, extraordinary and impossible actions that are not economically viable will have to be done and become the new norm. Almost all of us will die if the two critical actions listed above do not get done. (The other actions also need to get done eventually.)

Eventually, we at Job One believe that they will get done. This is because when our governments finally do understand we ALL are facing unprecedented suffering, death, and near-total extinction with decades, to save themselves, our governments (our politicians and their families) will do whatever is necessary, impossible, or that creates a severe but temporary hardship to the economy. Without a doubt, our politicians can be fully relied on to save themselves and their families once they finally realize the runaway global heating nightmare that they too are trapped in. 

Part 3 of the Job One plan for mass government mobilization also includes a last chance Plan B also consists of critical "save and salvage" actions for our governments. The Plan B section below consists of additional actions our governments will need to begin once they realize they have already failed to act in time to prevent a now unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

Please read the rest of this page carefully because if our governments do not act to slow down the current accelerating runaway global heating, there will be no livable long-term future that any of us would want to endure. We will face a near-total human extinction event as soon as 2070. This extinction process will also cause the death of many plant and animal species and critical planetary living systems. 

No global heating remedial program that claims to have a solution to climate change and global heating can not be called legitimate unless it is designed around knowing:

a. when a global heating-driven near-total extinction event will probably occur, 

b. how it will occur, and

c. what must be done when to prevent that outcome.

The Job One for Humanity four-part program relentlessly follows this critical path and deadlines policy.

And finally, the government-required action list below was created using current climate science, climate tipping point theory, the principles of systems theory, and the multiple perspective analysis tools of dialectical meta-systemic thinking. 

"No individual or group alone, no matter how dedicated, can solve a problem that spans multiple systems. Climate change is such a problem. Only a multi-government-driven, multi-systemic approach will work." Lawrence Wollersheim

(Special Notice: If you have been harmed by climate change consequences, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Climate Justice NOW program, which helps the victims of climate change consequences get financial restitution. Obtaining legal restitution is another powerful way to make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for the damages it has caused worldwide and to inhibit its future ability to harm millions more people with the toxic atmosphere-polluting poison from its products. Click here for our Climate Justice Now program.)


Part 1: The Expanded Critical Governmental actions needed to Slow Down a Human, Animal, and Biological Mass Extinction Event by Mid-century to prevent our near-total extinction 

(Please note these are not in the same order as in the overview above.)

Here are all of the deadline-prioritized Job One Plan government-driven action steps needed to radically reduce global fossil fuel usage, slow the consequences that are now unavoidable, and slow our crossing the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point where we begin the near-total extinction stages. There is no longer any time or excuse for the delay! 

Escalating runaway global heating has already passed crisis levels. We are facing the most serious of possible consequences when we allow ourselves to pass through the final extinction level atmospheric carbon tipping point of carbon 600 ppm. The following graph of atmospheric carbon (CO2) in parts per million shows where we are now and that we are racing exponentially towards the three extinction evoking runaway global heating tipping points which are described in detail further below.


The reason to begin these critical deadline-prioritized actions now (no matter what) is because we will need to at least slow and lessen the coming consequences with these massive fossil fuel reductions described below so that:

a. more of us can live longer and more comfortably, and
b. we have more time to prepare, adapt, and migrate to save and salvage what we can of humanity and civilization.

Action Step A: Demand an immediate emergency meeting of the world’s political leaders to declare an international Climate Change and Runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency and to enact the critical 2025 runaway global heating emergency global fossil fuel reduction targets, laws, or treaties.

"There is a simple concept that often gets lost in today's proposed runaway global heating remedial strategies. We have wasted 60 years of climate warnings. To reduce climate change and runaway global heating, we have to reduce the carbon that is going up into the atmosphere, causing runaway global heating. In order to do that, we must directly, immediately, and radically reduce the global burning of all fossil fuels which are putting carbon into the atmosphere. There is no other proven method that can scale up in time to save us from extinction." Lawrence Wollersheim 

We cannot afford to waste another year, much less another 5-7 years, waiting for the next ineffective climate change climate conference like the UN Paris Climate Conference of 2015[1] (COP21). To grasp how ineffective our past 20+ climate conferences have been, it is first necessary to see just how poorly our previous fossil fuel reduction agreements and actions have fared since we were first notified about the runaway global heating extinction danger by our scientists over 40 years ago. 


What has been hidden from you 

1. We have actually increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century. To make this point alarmingly clear, more than half of all fossil fuel emissions released in the last 25 years and parked in the atmosphere are more than released in all recorded history before 1990. 

2. Even though we have had over 20 international conferences on fossil fuel use reduction and international treaties since at least 1993 pledging we would reduce runaway global heating worldwide, we still are about 67% higher in carbon emissions than in the early 1990s. (Atmospheric carbon emissions are the best way to measure future global heating.)

3. In 2018, carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2.7%, and they are projected to increase once again in 2019.

Yes, intentionally or through ignorance, our governments, the media, and most of the world's environmental groups have not been telling us the REAL facts about how our lack of any REAL progress whatsoever in reducing the rate of fossil fuel use increases, much less the complete absence of any substantive reductions anywhere across the world in reducing atmospheric carbon. (If you don't believe we are telling you the facts about our dismal failure in reducing global warming over the last 60 years, click here to view a short video by climate Professor Kevin Anderson in a recent presentation to the Oxford University Climate Society.)



(If you do not understand how fossil fuel emissions of carbon into the atmosphere create global warming, please click here for a set of simple illustrations and then continue reading... 

From the preceding, it is easy to see that we are already in an unacknowledged and dangerous runaway global heating State of Emergency; we need to demand an immediate emergency meeting of the world’s leaders (in any forum possible) to publically declare this State of Emergency so that we can better acknowledge what this crisis means to the future of humanity and acknowledge the urgency for beginning the correct additional steps needed to resolve it and prepare for its now unavoidable consequences.

With a global public declaration of a worldwide runaway global heating State of Emergency in place, the world and all its nations will be on notice, fully authorized, and legally and morally obligated to:

a. start preparing for its consequences,

b. create necessary new enforceable and verifiable laws or treaties and allocate sufficient resources to resolve this escalating emergency before it is too late.

Supported by this worldwide declaration of a runaway global heating extinction emergency, we, as corporations, organizations, and individuals, will be more aware of the challenge and better able to mass-mobilize the necessary top-down-driven global actions before it's too late. This first "runaway global heating extinction emergency" declaration step is important because, without mass public awareness that we are in fact, in a runaway global heating extinction emergency from our governments, there is little political will or urgency to act appropriately upon what this emergency now demands (i.e., allocate the budget, personnel and other resources needed to resolve it.)

Click here to sign our petition demanding a national and international declaration of a runaway global heating extinction emergency. (After seven years of our organization demanding a runaway global heating extinction emergency be enacted, the United Nations IPCC has finally started calling escalating climate change a general emergency but unfortunately has not yet had the courage to formally declare it what it is --- a national and international extinction emergency.)

If necessary, click here to read more about why this declaration of a runaway global heating extinction emergency is so important.

If still necessary, click here to read the details of the three runaway global heating extinction-evoking tipping points and deadlines that will bring about mass human, animal, and biological extinction within your lifetime. 

Action Step B: At this same emergency meeting, have the world’s political leaders declare and adopt the 2025 national and international atmospheric carbon parts per million (ppm) reduction targets.

These are the global carbon reduction targets that will honestly resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

"To date, no other proposed climate solutions except radically reducing global fossil fuel use to come close to 2025 target levels have either proven themselves workable or can scale up in time to prevent our near-total extinction." Lawrence Wollersheim

The following is what should have been done decades ago when we were first warned by our best scientists about the dangers of runaway global heating.

These essential new goals for humanity's survival are:

Step 1: To do only what is critical and effective in the properly prioritized sequence to slow climate change enough by getting close to the last chance targets of the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions to keep us from ever crossing the first extinction-triggering tipping point of carbon 425 to 450 ppm and eventually the final near-total extinction human tipping point of carbon 600 ppm.

At this point, the only way that this is still possible is if all worldwide governments enact government-enforced fossil fuel rationing for all their citizen's fossil fuel uses. 

If we cross the carbon for 425 to 450 ppm tipping point, we will inevitably cross the carbon 500 ppm near-extinction tipping point. Crossing the carbon 500 ppm near-extinction tipping point (where all ice on earth will melt) is the most slippery of slopes. It will move us rapidly toward the very high probability of crossing the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point and the last phases of the Climageddon Scenario within most of our lifetimes.

Step 2: Once the 75% reduction target has been achieved and net-zero carbon has been achieved, we then need to begin the necessary secondary actions (described further below) to further reduce atmospheric carbon ppm levels to the long-term temperature and climate-safer maintenance levels of carbon ppm somewhere between 270 and 350 ppm. 

The following graph shows three of the primary greenhouse gases in parts per billion (PPB). All three greenhouse gases have been increasing rapidly since the Industrial Revolution (about 1750.) Furthermore, they have been growing exponentially since 2000.

Below, you see the complete and utter failure of the IPCC and our governments in doing anything effective to reduce fossil fuel-related greenhouse gases causing our accelerating global warming over the last 60 years.



To resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency and keep us from ever crossing the unthinkable carbon 600 ppm extinction level tipping point taking us into phases 3-5 of the Climageddon Scenario, there are several additional and essential global mass mobilization targets, deadlines, and sub-targets on how we successfully achieve the goal of not crossing the carbon 600 ppm tipping point, which also must be publically acknowledged and agreed to in the emergency meeting of our world leaders.

The targets and sub-targets that must be successfully accomplished and are critical to resolving the runaway global heating extinction emergency are as follows:

i. Mass mobilization to radically scale down and reduce all global fossil fuel use. The absolute minimum amount we need to reduce fossil fuel use to slow and prevent the processes of likely going extinct in the next few decades is as follows:

a. All industrially developed nations must reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025 and then continue reducing fossil fuel use to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. Net carbon zero emissions in this solution means that no additional fossil fuel emissions are going into the atmosphere that is not also simultaneously being removed from the atmosphere by natural means. (Only about 20 countries produce 70% or more of the world's carbon emissions.)

Think of developed nations like most members of the G 20 group; Argentina, Australia, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and India. (See technical note 1 near the end of this page for why China and India had to be included in the list of developed countries.) 



b. All developing nations must maintain their total fossil fuel emission levels as they are at the beginning of 2019 and not allow them to go any higher. Then by 2045, all developing nations must also be at net-zero carbon emissions. This allowance for developing nations to stay at the level they are now and gradually reduce down to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 is part of an essential justice and equity equation. The developed nations created their wealth by producing the far greatest majority of all carbon emissions in the atmosphere today, thus causing almost all of our current runaway global heating extinction emergency. (See technical note 2 near the end of this page for more about justice and equity allowances.)


c. The efforts to reduce greenhouse gases also must now include the production, use, and recycling of plastics. New studies show that the production, use, and recycling of plastics now shockingly produce more greenhouse gases globally than the current global use of coal. (Please see this article for more information on this new plastics and climate change research.)

Please note: There is much more information, including what our individual, business, and national annual targets would be, and the technical footnotes that will help explain any qualifications or other technical factors involving these targets and deadlines in detail. We strongly suggest that if you are a researcher or techie, go to this page and read all the qualifying information on these absolutely essential fossil fuel reduction levels and deadlines before continuing on...

ii. Radically increase natural carbon sequestration to help achieve net-zero carbon. To save ourselves from the very worst consequences of runaway global heating, we must also rapidly engage and expand natural carbon sequestration actions that directly and effectively reduce and draw down the existing carbon ppm levels in the atmosphere while we are also radically reducing the global use of fossil fuels. Surprisingly, we can do this while avoiding unproven new technologies with risky outcomes.

Natural sequestration is the only way we should use to achieve net-zero carbon because there are so many unforeseen or even worse consequences trying to use new technologies to remove atmospheric carbon to achieve net-zero carbon. Natural sequestration does not need cap and trade laws as they are ineffective for the radical carbon reductions we now need.

By harmonizing with nature’s many existing mechanisms to reduce and “eat” carbon in the atmosphere and investing globally in reducing deforestation, promoting reforestation, land/soil restoration, restoration or enhancement of carbon sinks and agroecology, we can avoid the use of risky new technologies. We can also wisely use these existing natural technologies to increase the use of biochar and the successful implementation of other non-natural means of carbon sequestration, such as improved and expanded carbon farming. For more information on carbon sequestration, see this article by Umair Irfan.[7]

The global deployment of the above atmospheric carbon reduction and sequestering measures has the potential to reduce and offset 20% of the current emissions of CO and other greenhouse gases. As a side benefit, the more natural methods mentioned above will also create wealth for the poorest 3 billion. (Many of the above carbon sequestration actions will occur in our poorest nations and help provide work for many in those nations. Also, see ”the global climate’s heat-controlling systems and subsystems” here for more information on the Earth’s natural systems, many of which can be used to remove massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.)

iii. Continue to mass mobilize to scale up to 100% renewable and least toxic global green energy generation as fast as it is technologically possible to replace fossil fuel energy generation. We need to bring new and existing green energy generation technology online and to full capacity at a speed of infrastructure transformation, deployment, and mobilization never before achieved in human history. Scaling up green energy generation to replace fossil fuel energy generation is going to be a tremendous challenge, as described in this latest research from MIT. (Please note that this subgoal is focused only on global green energy generation, not merely building more efficient, less polluting electric appliances or electric cars that will still be getting their electricity mostly from fossil fuel energy generation. As this MIT study shows, green energy generation is a "too little too late solution" for the runaway global heating extinction emergency. It is something we must do in the long run, but it will not save us over the shorter period or replace hitting the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.  (Please note that this step is not a substitute for first radically reducing your fossil fuel use to help meet the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets. Unless it is hydroelectric or geothermal, green energy generation also has many toxic by-products.)

iv. And, if some of us survive this runaway global heating mass extinction emergency, continue to eliminate all fossil fuel sources until we reduce our key greenhouse gas back to the safe carbon level of carbon 270-350 ppm, which has existed for hundreds of thousands of years before the fossil fuel-powered Industrial Revolution began. (We are currently at about carbon 413 ppm.)

v. Immediately also begin to also execute an orderly Plan B backup plan to save, salvage, and transfer as much of humanity and civilization as is possible into the safest global warming zones. This critical Plan B must be implemented because, as things stand now, we are likely unable to prevent crossing the final extinction level tipping point of carbon 600 ppm. If we begin this salvage and transfer operation now, while we still have time, at least a smaller part of humanity and civilization can possibly still survive. (More will be said about this critical salvage and transfer emergency backup plan below in Section 2 of the Preventing Extinction Action Plan.) 

(Please note: if we do not hit the 2025 radical global fossil fuel reduction goals listed above, there is now no mathematical way for us to prevent crossing the carbon 425-450 tipping point range, which will lead directly to crossing the carbon 500 ppm tipping point where all ice on earth will melt! Beyond this very scary mathematical atmospheric carbon heat-producing certainty, there are numerous climate scientists who believe that crossing carbon 500 ppm is also inevitable because we will soon cross many of the other climate, biological and human system tipping points covered on the top of this page. The previously mentioned factors will lead to the inevitability of crossing the carbon 500 ppm tipping point does not even include the other runaway global heating positive feedback loops already occurring throughout our climate system. (Positive feedback loops enhance or amplify changes; this tends to move a system away from its equilibrium state and make it more unstable.) 

It is important to be realistic for future planning. The probability that we will cross the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point is very high. Additionally, the final window of opportunity to effectively slow crossing the carbon 600 ppm tipping point will close very soon (in a matter of just a few more years, 2025 and not decades) if we have not made the necessary and immediate radical fossil fuel cuts.) This is because of both the temperature momentum already "baked" into the climate system (the existing carbon 411 ppm level already in the atmosphere) and the additional three or more carbon particles per million we continue to add to the atmosphere each year as we continue failing to adequately reverse our fossil fuel use.)


Action Step C: Have the world’s political leaders create new, verifiable, and enforceable national and international climate laws and treaties necessary to achieve the 2025 global warming reductions in time to save us from extinction. These laws will include government-enforced fossil fuel rationing.

Once our politicians have declared a worldwide runaway global heating State of Emergency and have agreed upon national and international global warming reduction goals and subgoals, several categories of new national and international laws or treaties will be needed to ensure effective action. The categories of laws or treaties described below must be enacted simultaneously because they function as an integrated system, which will have the highest probability of success in the little time we have left to slow crossing the carbon 600 ppm threshold.

The many categories of new laws or treaties below are required in part because both the climate and human society are complex adaptive systems, so resolving the runaway global heating extinction emergency will require an integrated systems-level approach involving many categories of laws or treaties covering these areas. These new laws or treaties are also needed to successfully reach the critical subgoals of net-zero carbon and 100% green energy generation as soon as is technically possible in a mass mobilization of humanity’s resources. Please note some temporary but strictly limited critical exceptions in immediate or complete reductions of fossil fuel use may also need to be temporarily allowed within these new laws or treaties for military use, space exploration, limited air travel, as well as other critical, medical, and chemical uses of these fuels.

If any area of the following categories of verifiable and enforceable laws or treaties is not enacted, the probability of achieving the necessary level of success in time to save us from going over the carbon 600 ppm battle line or one or more of the critical global warming tipping points is perilously lessened. If you think of enforceable and verifiable international and national laws or treaties as the most essential and critical fulcrum point that helps to maximize successful top-down-driven leverage to prevent humanity’s extinction, you will have fully grasped their true importance. This single step is by far the most important action step.

Here are the key areas of new, verifiable, and enforceable global warming reduction laws or treaties we must demand to be enacted:

1. Government-enforced fossil fuel rationing for all citizens that will ensure they reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

2. Demand new international and national climate laws or treaties that will rapidly remove government subsidies and tax breaks from all fossil fuel energy generation and industries.

The fantastically wealthy $28 trillion a year global fossil fuel industry is much more dependent on global government handouts than is widely realized. In 2015, governments worldwide subsidized the fossil fuel industry with an estimated $5.3 trillion[8], giving this dying industry 50 times more than the $120 billion[9] that went to renewable energy subsidies. Governments are thereby unconsciously paying for their nation’s runaway global heating caused self-destruction!

Amazingly, some fossil fuel subsidies went to boost oil consumption. In effect, taxpayer dollars from around the world are being used to subsidize more toxic fossil fuel pollution, runaway global heating, and its catastrophic and unhealthy consequences.

All fossil fuel tax breaks must also be removed.

3. Demand new national and international climate laws or treaties to create a revenue-neutral, Fee and Dividend-based atmospheric carbon reduction program.

The Fee and Dividend plan will work because it puts a price on carbon fossil fuel use equal to their environmental damage and accomplishes this through market economy mechanisms. The Fee and Dividend plan’s rising fee on carbon pollution incentivizes a rapid shift from toxic fossil fuels to clean green energy. Its direct dividend payments to all those individuals, companies, and nations that reduce their fossil fuel use are the profit motive and self-interest key that will strongly incentivize the rapid transition to green energy generation essential to our survival.

This Fee and Dividend plan is also revenue-neutral and not the investment banker-friendly, grossly flawed Cap and Trade program continually promoted by the fossil fuel industry, its lobbyists, investment bankers, and the fossil fuel-related, owned, or influenced media

Fee and Dividend laws or treaties would quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by placing a fee on carbon dioxide (CO2) or equivalent gases. This fee would be levied against all fossil fuels at their point of entry into the economy.

Almost 100% of the collected revenue would be returned as a monthly, quarterly, or annual direct payment to every citizen, business, or nation that uses less fossil fuel energy or moves to green energy. Hence the concept that this fee is revenue-neutral. This revenue-neutral feature would protect low and middle-class citizens from the rising consumer costs associated with the carbon fee and the critical rapid transition to green energy generation. It will quickly spread the financial benefits of the green energy transition to every area of the world.

In the U.S., current proposals would start the fee at $15 per ton of CO2 equivalent (3/4 of a penny per pound) and raise $10-$20 per ton each year (1/2-1 penny per pound). The fee would continue to rise until total U.S. CO2 equivalent emissions had been reduced to 10% or less of U.S. CO2 equivalent emissions in 1990. (The projected carbon fee is estimated to reach $40-$100 per ton quickly.)

To protect national businesses from actions of other countries that do not have or enforce equivalent carbon Fee and Dividend pricing mechanisms, a compensating border adjustment would be enacted. All goods coming from countries without a Fee and Dividend carbon price equivalent would be subjected to an equivalent compensating fee at the border of the fee-compliant nation. Goods leaving a compliant nation for sale in a fee noncompliant country would be reimbursed that fee at the compliant nation’s border at the time of export.

No other program will be more effective and faster to adopt globally than the Fee and Dividend plan because it:

Financially stimulates low-carbon innovation and the creation of jobs in green energy generation.

It is the fairest current revenue-neutral method of motivating and mobilizing the critical and necessary high-speed transition to green energy generation and away from fossil fuels.

Offsets individual citizen's higher energy costs with direct dividend payments for conservation and going green.

Immediately and radically reduces emissions in all sectors and areas globally, thereby moving toward carbon neutrality (net zero carbon) by strongly incentivizing carbon pollution reductions and efficiencies.

Creates a stable, predictable carbon price benchmark for business planning and puts the carbon fee at the source (well, mine, or port). This way, businesses don't directly absorb costs. Carbon fee border adjustments will also encourage other nations to price carbon similarly to avoid paying the difference at other national borders. This will help create a competitive and level fossil fuel reduction playing field amongst the nations.

It is not easily exploitable by investment bankers and other wealthy special interests who could use current Cap and Trade plans to delay or defer expanding green energy generation while continuing carbon pollution and making vast fortunes buying and selling Cap and Trade credits for owners and Wall Street brokers. Think of Cap and Trade as the “business as usual” scheme of the wealthy few to maintain the status quo for as long as possible. Think of the Fee and Dividend plan as the fairest plan for the well-being of the many as well as the fastest possible transition facilitator to green energy generation for almost all of our energy needs.

It is quickly implementable and is a rational, transparent, and simple policy.

It will quickly generate widespread public support because of its direct and near-immediate financial dividend payments.

It is a great policy tool that has an excellent chance of being implemented politically. This is because both liberals and conservatives can support it. What makes it an attractive policy for conservatives is that the program creates minimal bureaucracy and does not expand the size of the government. Citizens are free to use their dividends as they choose, presumably partly to reduce their use of carbon to offset the increased cost of carbon due to the carbon fee. Its appeal to liberals is that it will help keep the environment safe.

At every level where rapid and effective change away from fossil fuel dependence will be necessary, the Fee and Dividend program has the greatest hope of motivating and immediately mobilizing the necessary green energy generation, use, and effective energy conservation changes that will keep the greatest possible amount of fossil fuels in the ground forever. Please note that these funds will also help compensate or retrain those individuals, companies, or nations who will suffer as the needed fossil fuel reductions are enforced. But, they will not be nearly enough for all the compensation or retraining needed. (See further below for the other necessary revenue-raising actions to be taken to raise enough money to cover all of the compensation and retraining that will be needed.)

No known fee measure (other than Fee and Dividend) will act as quickly or effectively to lessen the escalating global heating extinction emergency and avert crossing more runaway global heating tipping points. (If you are still uncertain about the details of how the Fee and Dividend plan will work to finance the various actions listed above, please read this Wikipedia article here.)

What the new Fee and Dividend program fees will be used for

In addition to paying dividends for reducing fossil fuel use, part of the Fee and Dividend plan proceeds will also help finance the following critical activities. In priority, those critical activities are:

A. Establish a central, honest global broadcast center that would serve primarily to warn and educate. It would warn people about the current runaway global heating extinction emergency and provide accurate runaway global heating education and public relations support in mass mobilization-type campaigns on why we all have to comply with many difficult, painful and costly global warming reduction laws or treaties and other changes that will suddenly be enforced by our governments so that we may survive. 

There will be tremendous sacrifices, changes, and losses involved in implementing the needed global fossil fuel reductions at every level. If there is not an honest educational process on the many negatives that will be widely experienced in the critical emergency transition to green energy generation, people will feel betrayed and become very upset and angry. It will then become much harder to make the needed reductions because people will feel they have been blindsided and not adequately prepared or educated about what must happen to save the future. 

These educational programs would also explain the equal or even better survival, health, and economic benefits our transition to clean, green energy and away from fossil fuel will produce. Right now, the public media is not telling the real story of both the positives and the negatives, and too many of our climate experts and climate organizations are also not telling the real and full story because of political and economic pressure overriding their research.

This honest broadcast center and public educational process are critical because the general public is not ready for the rapid transition required and the resulting radical changes in energy generation and energy distribution. It will take nothing less than a massive accurate global public relations and education program to help the general public understand why these rapid changes are needed, why these changes are beneficial to their futures, why individual self-directed actions alone are not enough, and why the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency is everyone's worst enemy.

We can never forget that change usually evokes fear, and the now-needed radical changes will evoke massive fears. If there is not a massive government-endorsed and funded educational and public relations program about why these difficult changes must be immediately enacted, the general population will become violent and revolt. Any politicians endorsing the needed changes will be thrown out of office if this educational and public relations step is ignored. We will be back to zero, and nothing significant will be done to further reduce global warming.

The financial dividends of the Fee and Dividend program will help lessen that fear and help stimulate adoption, but any sudden, radical, and costly large-scale change will still evoke intense fear, resistance, and counteraction. The successful use of large-scale public education and public relations is not unprecedented. A large-scale education and public relations program is exactly what was used to mobilize the United States in World War II and was foundational to its later victory.

Over time, the citizens of the world will be brought to understand, through these education and public relations programs, the severity and immediacy of the challenge that the runaway global heating extinction emergency presents and the sacrifices that needed to be made. These education and public relations programs must take place concurrently with top-down enforcement of the new global warming reduction laws or treaties. Although many individuals will quickly comply with their national laws or treaties, many others will not commit themselves to any collective effort to remedy this emergency unless they better understand why it is necessary. Over time, this global education and public relations campaign will help the current culture’s transition from the dying fossil fuel age into the life-promoting green energy age. If this global education and public relations campaign is done correctly, the population of the world will begin to feel a powerful sense of common and collective destiny and high moral purpose, knowing their rational actions are saving themselves, their children, and future generations.

The most challenging thing this new runaway global heating broadcast center will have to do is educate about the negative consequences and dilemmas that will need to be endured if we are to get close enough to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets to save humanity. Here are several of the worst of those negative dilemmas that the world will have to go through to reach or get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets:

1. the world will naturally go into a steep global economic depression and probably a worldwide economic depression until we can completely scale-up green energy generation to replace fossil fuel energy generation.

2. Up to 50% of the world's population could die of starvation in the transition to green energy generation because fossil fuels are a primary reason powering the world's agricultural and husbandry successes. The dilemma here is that if we fail to reach or get very close to the 2025 targets, most if not all, of humanity will eventually die from the later phase consequences of runaway global heating.

There are also many other painful negatives and sacrifices the public will need to be educated about to endure the consequences of our failure to act four decades ago when we still had time left to make the changes in a much more gradual and less painful way. (For a more complete list of all of the educational challenges dealing with the negatives and dilemmas that this broadcast center will need to manage as we move away from fossil fuel energy generation, please see this page.)

B. We must create adequate national and international new job transition training and recovery subsidies and funding that would assist all individuals, businesses, and nations that will suffer significant financial losses or closures because of the rapidly falling use of fossil fuels. For example, carbon Fee and Dividend revenues will help compensate and assist developing nations in stopping using fossil fuels. It will also help developing nations leapfrog over the building or expanding any current fossil fuel energy generation systems directly into building or expanding green energy generation systems like solar or wind power. 

We cannot forget to financially both compensate and subsidize and actively assist all of those individuals, businesses, and nations who will be harmed financially in this rapid transition away from fossil fuels. This support would naturally also include providing new job training in positions for the new green economy or positions in other industries.

This step is critical to the success of all global fossil fuel reduction procedures, especially when the needed 2025 reductions are so severe. It is the unsurfaced fear of change and how it will harm the current status quo, which is a major source of the inertia that has prevented humanity from effectively managing the runaway global heating extinction emergency over the last 40 years.

If we do not handle this fear of change by assuring those whose jobs, livelihoods, or assets are threatened that we will assist them in this energy transition and minimize their losses, it is doubtful we will be successful in coming close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. To cover all of the energy transition costs, simultaneously, all worldwide governments may have to print more money and engage in deficit spending. This monetary action may need to be done for years to ensure social stability during the critical and radical 2025 transition away from fossil fuels.

(Please see the following research article on cultural trauma, social inertia, and climate change for a deeper understanding of the critical early importance of implementing this fear of change management and compensation step.) 

(More will be said further below on what additionally will need to be done beyond the Fee and Dividend revenue to raise adequate funding to cover all of the compensation and retraining that will be required as the radical fossil fuel reductions are enforced.)

C. Fund the rapid scaling-up of the transfer of sustainable agriculture technology (SAT) to current proponents of fossil fuel-based agriculture. This SAT is essential because fossil fuel use will be radically reduced to meet the 2025 targets, and if sustainable agriculture technology is not widely available, there will be massive global starvation. 

(Please keep in mind that points B and C above deal with the critical political and practical issues of getting the radical reductions in global fossil fuel use executed successfully before 2025. Without these two things being done simultaneously with the radical fossil fuel reductions, there is little to no possibility those individuals and industries who will be severely adversely affected will ever politically allow those reductions to happen --- even if they know it means their own later and eventual demise.)

D. Fund appropriate technologies to help us rapidly achieve complete and non-toxic global green energy generation as soon as is technologically possible. (See MIT study on those realistic timeframes.) Appropriate new technologies will have a major role in the long-term retooling and reorientation of our economy to facilitate the final transition to green renewable energy. It can improve smart grid systems, energy storage capabilities, electricity-based mass transportation, retrofitting buildings, sustainable agriculture, zero waste, and more. Appropriate green technology can even help provide access to cleaner and greener cooking for the poorest 3 billion people who spend hours each day collecting solid biomass fuels and burning them for cooking. (Please be sure you understand the definition of appropriate technologies.)

Appropriate new technologies are not some new upgraded version of nuclear power or scaling up the older versions of nuclear power. Nuclear power is not the solution. It is another cool new set of problems that avoid the real solution which is radically reducing global fossil fuel usage to the levels mentioned above. Additionally, there is no possible way to physically scale up building enough new nuclear reactor energy generation capacity to replace ALL of global fossil fuel use in the amounts needed (mentioned above) and in the time needed to save us from the worst consequences that will occur over the next 30-50 years.  

E. Fund other possible new technologies as an emergency PLAN B backup plan if we fail to meet the scale-down fossil fuel use targets (mentioned above), but only after we have first well-funded the actions detailed above and the major world focus is on radically cutting global fossil fuel use to come close to the 2025 targets. This is our last-chance-plan for when all other remedial actions of the Job One Plan have failed to slow or lessen escalating global warming, and we are about to go into out-of-control runaway global heating and Phase 2 and 3 of the Climageddon Scenario. (Please see this page which describes precisely when and how new technologies like geo-engineering may or will be helpful to save what is left of humanity.)

In spite of the grand promises that are being touted about how new geoengineering technologies may help us suck carbon out of the atmosphere, there are critical warnings about any rushed or desperate implementation of these new and unproven technologies. A myriad of unsolved problems attend the proposed “geoengineering” technologies, not the least of which is they are still in the “theoretical drawing board stage,” have no economically proven working models, they cannot be scaled to draw down carbon as computer-modeled, and much more.

Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) are particularly troublesome, and these currently nonexistent technologies are built into current IPCC prediction models. One overwhelming reason they are not feasible any time soon is that some examples of them require growing carbon crops on land the size of India each and every year for decades. The world does not have anything close to this amount of land to lend to a carbon capture scheme because the land is already being used for food crops for human use and consumption. When the choice is starving hundreds of millions of people to grow carbon-capture crops to remediate what humans did in the past, then we must say that this plan is nonsense and look for other technologies. And as Professor Kevin Anderson explains in his lucid video in March 2017,[2] that nonsense is just what many of the international IPCC models now suggest.

The key warnings about planning for nonexistent or economically unproven new technologies (particularly those that will save us by sucking carbon out of the air,) to resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency are:

We cannot allow new, nonexistent, or economically unproven technologies to lull us into a false sense of comfort that we can continue to pour more carbon and methane pollution into our atmosphere—or preserve the dying fossil fuel energy generation business model. The emphasis on developing these new technologies must always be to move past the fossil fuel energy generation age. There can be no turning back! We have entered the age of green energy generation, and we need to go forward full speed to get us out of the existing escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Before demonstrations at scale with proven economic viability, we cannot expect that the “theoretical drawing board” of geoengineering technologies will save us from what is coming. Relying heavily on miraculous new technologies to save us is a dangerous strategy and should never replace the primary focus of doing the most in-harmony-with-nature actions and the other systemic actions recommended in the Job One Plan. These actions do not carry the potentially disastrous side effects of many new technologies employed as last-chance solutions suggested in the most desperate of times and situations.

We must never forget that almost all new technology is based on mechanical, three-dimensional engineering principles that are far simpler than the principles of complex adaptive systems like the biological and climate systems of our precious planet. Engineering is generally a simple and linear three-dimensional set of cause-and-effect actions. Biology and the climate are complex adaptable systems with nonlinear, self-organizing, and unpredictable spontaneously emergent They should be seen as having many more non-cause-and-effect “dimensions.” They also have far more unknown and complex tipping points, interconnectivities, and interdependencies than are found within the limited mechanical rules and solutions characteristic of the nonliving, mechanical world. Frequently, applying mechanical solutions to complex adaptive systems such as our biological and climate systems results in unpleasant surprises in the form of unintended negative consequences.

We cannot allow our individual or collective hubris about our many great mechanical engineering accomplishments to blind us to the risk of overlooking the possibility that new mechanical technology solutions applied to global warming’s complex adaptable systems may, in fact, produce equal or even greater damage than the problem they're meant to solve. For example, placing massive amounts of sun-reflecting particles into the complex adaptive system of the atmosphere and global climate is being widely discussed as a mechanical new technology solution to the runaway global heating extinction emergency. What if, as an unintended side effect, those particles blocked the normal rainfall in a nuclear-armed country like China and caused immediate mass starvation and death? With its own population dying before its eyes, where do you think the Chinese government would point its nuclear weapons, or from whom would they demand immediate restitution? The unintended risks could easily and quickly get out of hand, leading to unpredictable and potentially worse consequences if any of the nations harmed have nuclear weapons. Additionally, once our ecological and climate systems have been stressed beyond their respective tipping points and points of no return, it will be far too late to develop or deploy any technologically useful geoengineering repair or cooling For additional information on the many problems and dangers of geoengineering solutions to the runaway global heating extinction emergency, see these articles by Andrew Revkin,[3] Chelsea Harvey,[4] and John Vidal.[5]

We also cannot expect to extend the use or lifespan of fossil fuels by increasing fossil fuel consumption efficiency. Collective experience and research have repeatedly shown that using technology to increase fossil fuel consumption efficiency or conservation frequently increases overall fossil fuel use rather than reducing it. This is because of the economic savings that increased fossil fuel energy efficiency or conservation provides, acting to create more cash resources to buy or use more things dependent upon using more fossil fuels. This is known as Jevons’s paradox.[6] 

In further qualification to what is been said in the section above, it is necessary to state that:

New technology will always play some role, but not the role everyone is hoping for --- the role of the miracle last-minute savior. The essential role that new technology will play will be in providing breakthroughs that will allow increased food production in the poor soils and the sunlight-poor growing seasons of the far north and the far south. New technology will no doubt also provide new solutions to moving our infrastructure to the safe zones as well as creating new types of more sustainable infrastructure and energy generation and use. New technology will also supply many other breakthroughs that will facilitate those who do survive to live longer and more comfortably.

Another major factor to consider when you hear people or organizations vigorously promoting geoengineering or new technologies as our savior from climate change is that this is also part of the decades-old disinformation strategy of the global fossil fuel cartel to distract us from the complex, painful, and radical global fossil fuel cuts that we must make right now and before we cross the 2025 deadlines. They are the invisible well-funded promoters of the inaccurate belief we do not have to radically cut fossil fuels right now because sometime in the future, new technologies and geoengineering will remove all of the toxic carbon pollution they have put into our atmosphere and, therefore, don't worry, just keep using lots of fossil fuels and keep making our fossil fuel cartel trillions of dollars a year.

If you do not believe this is a decades-old and heavily proven global fossil fuel cartel disinformation strategy to create false and unrealistic hope surrounding the capabilities and time frames of new technologies and geoengineering, please click here first, then on this additional link.



4. Demand new international and national climate laws or treaties that will incentivize full divestment from the dying fossil fuel energy generation industry.

The fossil fuel industry is dying as the green energy revolution grows. While it may be difficult to accept these radical changes, this is as it should be. One important realization related to this change is to understand that the fossil fuel world will, by necessity, die for no other reason than we cannot continue to run our world economies on lower quality, harder to get, dirtier, and more expensive fossil fuels. The reliance on tar sands, super-polluting processes like fracking, and dangerous super-deep drilling systems will only worsen soon. So, it is not a matter of “if” the fossil fuel era will end, but “when.” As the public begins to understand the urgent necessity of leaving fossil fuels behind, and as the runaway global heating extinction emergency is increasingly illuminated and substantiated, fossil fuel-related industries will go the way of dinosaurs. Consequently, many people heavily invested in this dying industry will sooner or later suffer huge financial losses.

To prevent the unscrupulous from trying to profit from this dying industry unfairly, new laws or treaties need to be enacted to:

A. incentivize fossil fuel divestment and

B. punish those “gaming the system” to stop windfall profiteering on the sudden and rapid changes in production, pricing, distribution, carbon fees, or inventories that this dying industry will experience as fossil fuel use radically shrinks and the green energy revolution rapidly expands.

How might the system be gamed? As an example, the fossil fuel industry might hear ahead of its competitors that Fee and Dividend per ton carbon fees are going to go up again on a certain date on any fossil fuels that will be subsequently removed from the ground. Before the new carbon fees take place, a fossil fuel producer could accelerate its extraction process many times beyond normal by creating an out-of-the-ground large non-taxable inventory. This would allow that business to “game the system” and obtain windfall profits on the fossil fuels it just quickly stockpiled. The new laws or treaties must prevent all such activities.

5. Demand new national and international climate laws and treaties to tax all fossil fuel profits at significantly higher rates.

Governments will need to provide a massive retraining of fossil fuel industry-related employees and fund many retooling projects while subsidizing new green energy infrastructure. Considerably higher taxes on remnant fossil fuel profits may also need to be authorized and legislated.

6. Demand new national and international climate laws and treaties mandating that fossil fuel (and other) corporations pay for past and current environmental and health damages caused by their products.

It has been recently discovered that some fossil fuel companies like Exxon appear to have known their products were causing runaway global heating damage and degradation for over 50 years. This suggests that a reasonable interpretation of their actions could be seen as knowingly harming or intentionally harming the health air, water, and land belonging to all of us.

If these allegations are “proven” by legal action, Exxon will be guilty of offloading the pollution damage and health costs of their products onto the citizens and taxpayers of their respective nations while they kept all the profits from their knowingly destructive acts. If this is demonstrated, the intentional harm projected upon the public should be seriously penalized, and appropriate restitution should result.

New laws or treaties requiring fossil fuel-related companies to pay for past and present health and environmental damage should be enacted simultaneously as the other global warming reduction-related laws or treaties mentioned in this document. The world's governments will need restitution payments as part of the funding to repair past fossil fuel damage and facilitate the fast migration to clean green energy generation. Click here to see an article describing how to get financial restitution for damages you have suffered in global warming-aggravated storms.

7. Demand new international and national climate laws or treaties that will rapidly remove government subsidies from the production of cattle, pork, and chicken and also demand massive additional taxes to be placed on all cattle, pork, and chicken production.

The world's cattle, pig, and chicken production produces massive amounts of methane gas. It also requires vast quantities of fossil fuels and cattle feed and destroys land needed for the carbon capture natural sequestration strategies. If we hope to meet the 2025 targets, we must also radically reduce all global cattle, pork, and chicken production. Some estimates indicate that 30-40% of all carbon and methane going into the atmosphere is coming from cattle, pork, and chicken production.

8. Demand new international and national climate laws or treaties that mandate the creation of emergency recovery reserve funds equal to 5% of national GDPs.

This is another way to raise the required revenue in order for each nation to cope with the rapidly rising costs of escalating runaway global heating catastrophes. The modern world has never experienced the rising scope, scale, and frequency of loss and destruction that will continue to accumulate and accelerate as runaway global heating moves toward crossing more tipping points and deeper into the Climageddon Scenario phases. (To see that loss and destruction in detail, click here.)

Some estimates have suggested that if we survive, it will eventually take $200-$600 trillion dollars to repair the damage. To put that amount in perspective, that is roughly 4-6 times the total annual GDP of the entire world’s economic systems.! Unless we create a minimum 5% emergency reserve fund for each nation, it is difficult to conceptualize how we will be able to constructively ameliorate continuing and runaway global heating catastrophe costs.

9. Whenever needed, enact a special extinction prevention tax assessment on the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, nations, philanthropies, and trusts to ensure adequate financing for all of the government's runaway global heating resolution actions listed above and below. 

This is because all of the funding measures described above will likely not be enough. It likely will take one or many runaway global heating extinction emergency tax assessments on the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, nations, philanthropies, and trusts to adequately fund all the above emergency and transition needs.

This is particularly true regarding the compensation and retraining of all of the individuals, companies, and governments most harmed by the required global fossil fuel reductions during our extinction emergency.

No matter how many additional tax assessments it takes on the ultra-wealthy, those with the most to gain, lose, or preserve must also give the most. Additionally, it is the patriotic, moral, ethical, justice, and legal responsibility of those with the most resources in this extinction emergency to come forward and help save humanity while protecting themselves!

In part 4 of the Job One Plan, we strongly recommend that you start reading in the section called, Why the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies are the most responsible for the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency and saving us from extinction. Please also read the two sections below it. In those sections, you will find many compelling reasons why the wealthy entities paying these additional taxes ultimately will not want to fight or resist them. 

Those ultra-wealthy entities being required to pay these assessed additional taxes might also benefit from seeing how these payments have additional relevance to the social, economic, and political ideas, benefits, and principles behind the Indian Potlatch or even the Jewish Jubilee.

In the end, if we do not work together on this unfolding global catastrophe with everyone paying and sacrificing what they must, there will be no winners anywhere!

10. Demand new international and national climate laws or treaties that will provide government subsidies and incentives for expanding green energy generation without toxic by-products.

We have to scale up non-toxic green energy production. Specifically, we will need to mass-mobilize the production and use of non-toxic green technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, high capacity non-toxic battery storage, hydrogen fuel cell or light-duty electric vehicles, and more efficient end-use devices, especially in appliances, lighting, air conditioning, and industrial processes. 

11. Demand the governments of the world also start preparing to triage the tremendous psychological and emotional trauma that will be experienced by both climagees and survivors.

Because of the unimaginable trauma that will occur as the fossil fuel to green energy generation transition takes place, and as runaway global heating progresses and its worst consequences unfold phase by phase, there will be a special need for many additional pre-trained and ready qualified, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and ministers of all faiths. These individuals will be urgently needed to help everyone recover from the many forced or inhibited survival and migration-related traumas or the deep survivor's guilt in those lucky enough to survive or get to safe zones in time.

If any of the best of humanity is to survive in the safe stones in reasonably healthy psychological or spiritual terms, this need for a massive healing and processing of the emotional and psychological traumas by an adequate number of qualified professionals must be planned in advance and taken into careful consideration.

In the face of the severe levels of trauma that will be experienced by politicians, administrators, and the military who will have to make and enforce the life and death decisions at our borders and the many traumatized individuals and families trying to cross those borders or survive wherever they are, there is no other option but to anticipate this coming emotional and psychological crisis and start preparing for it immediately.

12. Demand the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and other power centers call for an immediate emergency meeting of the world’s leaders, as well as facilitate verification and enforcement of runaway global heating reduction laws or treaties.

Without a global government that has verification and enforcement powers, individual nations or corporations will have incentives to “cheat,” thus gaining competitive advantages. This is because they believe they are immune to outside verification, enforcement, or punishment.

Unless some kind of effective international mechanism is put in place for global verification and enforcement of these new global warming laws or treaties, they will be as ineffective and toothless as the reduction pledges, promises, and intentions of the various IPCC conferences. Without strong verification procedures and globally enforceable penalties evenly applied to all structures and negotiated agreements, there is little hope we will change our ways in time and not go extinct.

Luckily, there are several strategic and innovative ways to ensure all global warming cheaters, treaty violators, or treaty non-signers gain no competitive or other advantages. Some individuals may initially be uncomfortable with bypassing the failed IPCC structures in the manner described below, but please keep an open mind.

We are in a desperate corner and forced to utilize the most effective methods with the right resources—even if the agents of this new solution are not perfect or have checkered histories.

If the solution proposed below makes you uncomfortable, after reviewing it ask yourself: What other current options have any proven track record or realistic hope of being more effective? We are potentially going to be trapped in the perfect storm of perfect storms. To adapt an old saying, we need to consider any port in a superstorm.

In the title of this section, we mention the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These organizations already have a track record of facilitating the negotiation of international agreements and treaties. They also have a history of managing and, in some cases, assisting with enforcing those international agreements or treaties. Additionally, many of the world’s largest corporations and nations have already developed some level of trust and confidence in their existing relationships with these organizations. If requested to do so, the World Trade Organization (WTO) could be tasked to:

A. help negotiate the necessary international global warming reduction laws and treaties with adequate verification and enforcement penalties,

B. arbitrate disputes over execution or implementation of resulting law or treaty enactment issue areas, or specific parts of these.,

C. set up mechanisms to verify that nations or corporations are complying with the negotiated global warming laws and treaties, and

D. impose fees and penalties on trade deals or trade items from any nation or corporation shown to be violating the global warming reduction laws or treaties; increasing trade penalties could accompany repeated violations to always ensure the prompt removal of any profit incentive for ongoing violations.

Also, if requested to do so, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could:

1. collect and hold in trust all global warming law or treaty violation penalty fees,

2. Disperse global warming fees and penalties collected,

3. impose additional interest penalty fees on every existing bank loan for any nation or corporation caught violating the new global warming reduction laws or treaties; these increased interest penalty fees could also independently escalate with repeated violations to a level that replaces any cheating profits with equal cheating penalties, and

4. on the basis of repeated gross violations of global warming laws or treaties, nations or corporations could even be denied loans.

Additional tools and power centers for enforcing and collecting penalties on carbon pollution cheaters:

There are other well-established international power centers capable of penalizing any corporation or nation—across international borders—that might seek to cheat and violate the negotiated international global warming reduction laws or treaties. Among these power centers are the international and national banking transaction clearinghouses that handle the clearing and processing of the world’s banking transactions.

Once these and similar international organizations act to collect violation penalties, here's how it would work. These transactional banking clearinghouses would impose a small additional penalty fee on every banking or checking transaction of any nation or corporation caught violating the new global warming reduction laws or treaties.

All collected transactional interest penalty fees, Fee and Dividend fees, and other fees or penalties could eventually be directed to the IMF or another similar international banking organization that would act as trustee for holding all collected funds. These collected funds could then be dispersed to various areas (as mentioned above in the Fee and Dividend section). Proper dispersal of these funds could be overseen by qualified legal and accounting administrators and a panel of runaway global heating experts from all nations.

13. Demand new national and international climate laws and treaties that ensure sufficient legal and financial punishment for all politicians, corporations, individuals, and nations that continue to violate the new national and international climate laws and treaties.

14. Ensure climate justice for all nations while executing all of the above action steps.

For almost all of the above actions, those instituting the critical actions above must also take into consideration that there must be justice in this transition to a new clean energy world and economy. This also means a justice that benefits poor nations, people of color, displaced workers, and poor communities. It includes jobs with a family-sustaining wage that maintain the right to unionize. This justice also includes an equitable response to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities, and the front-line communities most affected by runaway global heating.) 


ACTION STEP D, Part 1: Demand world political leaders require their respective national intelligence agencies and national security agencies to take immediate and full responsibility for re-analyzing current climate change research and rapidly reporting the updated security threats, predicted consequences, and new timetables, and monitoring their nation's fossil fuel reduction progress as well as the progress of other nations.

It's time to stop engaging in the false hope that the highly politicized and underfunded Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change of the United Nations (IPCC) can or should be taking on the lead research and analysis responsibility for the future of humanity or producing accurate reports which include tipping points!

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the currently recognized world authority on runaway global heating consequences, time frames, and remedial actions, has consistently politicized the climate science and grossly under-estimated the actual runaway global heating consequences, time frames, and corrective actions. 

The most significant danger with this gross under-estimation is that the world's governments, intelligence agencies, national reserve banks, corporations, think tanks, risk assessment firms, hedge funds, investment bankers, and insurance companies all use the IPCC's grossly underestimated summary reports for their planning and strategies. This widespread use of seriously unreliable climate prediction information means they and the rest of us are in for a series of tremendous climate consequence shocks because of the many calculation problems with the IPCC's climate work.

For those who do not believe that the IPCC climate calculations are unreliable to a very significant level, in the links below you will learn precisely how the IPCC constructs and calculates its climate consequence risk scenarios, timetables, and recommended climate change remedies. Unfortunately, you also will discover that there are many, many very serious climate calculation and process problems going on within the IPCC. The additional problems below further call into question the current reliability or risk analysis usefulness for the IPCC's current consequence prediction scenarios, timeframes, and climate remedies.

In the links below, you will discover precisely why the IPCC's reports cannot be trusted. You will also learn why we need to have the world's largest intelligence agencies independently and immediately redo all of the IPPC climate calculation work by eliminating their gross underestimation, including missing climate factors, and removing or updating all other IPCC errors.

The immediate survival of humanity is at stake. We can no longer rely upon the IPPC's climate calculations to survive.

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more.

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the books" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations by including unproven and non-existent "carbon sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. 

Click here to see the IPCC's Perfect Day problem with its computer climate modeling.

Click here to see the eleven key climate change tipping points that have been mostly excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use we must reduce each year globally. 

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see the IPCC's huge atmospheric methane calculation problem.

Because of the above information on the IPCC, it is time to recognize and publicly “reassign” the full final responsibility for creating a complete and accurate risk analysis for the current and future security threat levels of the runaway global heating extinction emergency to our respective national intelligence agencies and security agencies.

There are many other good reasons for “transferring” the critical climate change and global warming research and analysis responsibilities besides that, the IPCC has failed to carry out its mandate effectively:

1. Runaway global heating is the one common security threat to all nations, which, if not managed correctly, will eventually destabilize our global civilization. They have the best and brightest staff analysts. They also know that if they continue to fail to properly inform their politicians to protect the world, they also fail to protect their nation and their own families.

They know escalating runaway global heating is the ultimate no-win game where we will all come to a painful end if their politicians do not have all of the non-politicized facts and then act effectively to protect and preserve our common well-being. The intelligence agencies already know that if the runaway global heating extinction emergency reaches late Phase 3 or Phase 4 of the Climageddon Scenario, it is the beginning of the end of civilization itself! Click here to see the step-by-step unfolding of a runaway global heating-triggered global collapse and extinction process.

Because of the sheer power of self-preservation, it is realistic to believe many courageous individuals within our intelligence agencies will sooner or later fight through whatever bureaucratic or political resistance exists to ensure their respective politicians fully understand that climate change and runaway global heating are the largest single and escalating security threat the world faces in the 21st-century.

2. Intelligence also agencies have the mandated first and final legal responsibility to speak truth to power. Excluding global thermonuclear war, runaway global heating is the single most serious risk to both national security and humanity. Therefore, the responsibility for accurate climate and runaway global heating risk analysis and reporting to our political leaders must be “re-assigned” to respective national intelligence agencies and national security agencies. These intelligence agencies are ethically and legally obligated to present this security information clearly and simply enough to their respective politicians to fully understand the scope and scale of all risks, time frames, and consequences involved.

3. Intelligence agencies of the world have the budgets, resources, research capabilities, and expert analytic capabilities to do these annual risk analysis updates far better than an easily politically influenced and grossly underfunded agency like the IPCC. Our well-funded intelligence agencies are far more capable of accessing and hiring the best climate scientists and related researchers to review and re-quantify the escalating security threat of runaway global heating than any other existing entity or organization. 

4. The politicians of any nation whose intelligence agency has produced such reports and briefings will tend to give those reports and briefings more credibility and legitimacy than any presented by an underfunded, under-resourced, and expertise-challenged UN agency. Consequently, it would be immeasurably more difficult for our politicians to ignore these credible dire warnings.

Having climate change and runaway global heating reports produced by national intelligence agencies would also help to educate and motivate the public. The key issue is “believing” the truth that we are in the middle of a runaway global heating extinction emergency of the scope, scale, and urgency presented here. In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt used this as the catalyst to engender a US mass mobilization for warfare. Most people don’t recall that Roosevelt had begun planning and preparation for this mass mobilization and the military was ready to swing into full-scale action. Business was also ready to support the effort.

Currently, with our fractured political system and with mobilization to leave the fossil fuel era remote and still only a suggestion, the first issue is to provide the optimal credibility mechanism so that the US and the nations of the world, along with their citizenry, can “believe” that immediate mass mobilization is truly necessary. Our national intelligence and national security agencies can best substantiate the reality of the dire crisis we find ourselves in as described here and that they are the most likely organizations and entities that can be “believed.” Having these highly credible sources educate the public on why radical fossil fuel reductions must take place immediately is critical. This public education factor could also have the beneficial side effect of creating a more accurately informed citizenry, which will better hold their politicians to account for any delays in taking immediate action to resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

5. Regular reports and briefings from respective intelligence agencies may well be crucial for political systems and their respective publics. For some time to come, it will likely be necessary to both combat and neutralize the anti-science, climate denial propaganda machine abundantly financed by a dying fossil fuel industry. These intelligence agency reports would also serve to validate and confirm good climate science, as well as accurate consequence prediction models and time frames. This validation and credibility factor will be indispensable to politicians as they ask their citizens to make the many costly, difficult, and radical sacrifices now needed to save humanity and civilization.

Despite the military entanglements and extreme nationalism that pervades the histories of national security and intelligence agencies, these intelligence agencies are still one of the best current mechanisms for persuading the world’s political systems and the public that the common enemy, the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency is real. There may be no more credible organizations available to illuminate the overwhelming common plight we all face.

While climate scientists and related disciplines have provided the complex information basis that asserts that the runaway global heating extinction emergency is actually at the scope, scale, and urgency explained on this website, the unfortunate reality is that the “relatively” uncomplex information related to the runaway global heating extinction emergency is both disputed and obscured by vested financial interests. Trillions of dollars are at stake for the dying fossil fuel industry, and it will be defended! Therefore, the world’s intelligence agencies are one of the best last remaining options for both correcting the IPCC’s gross underestimations and their other fossil fuel reduction target and climate consequence deadline flaws as well as for establishing high credibility for the correct climate change and runaway global heating information.

6. In general, there is sufficient intellectual capability, financial resources, and access to information, along with qualified, self-interested people within intelligence agencies, to fix the IPCC climate calculation mess.

ACTION STEP E, Part 2: Have the world’s political leaders demand annual climate change and runaway global heating updates from their respective intelligence agencies, which going forward will always include deadline-based projection scenarios that include crossing more tipping points.

In spite of the escalating climate emergency, runaway global heating update reports are far too infrequent (about once every 5 to 7 years from the IPCC). Carbon ppm levels are rising about 3 parts per million (ppm) each year when they should be dropping dramatically. Each increase in carbon ppm in our atmosphere again tolls the warning bell of IPCC failure.

Unfortunately, by continuing to rely on the IPCC for accurate climate change information, we are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result—the classic Einsteinian definition of insanity. Our tipping point-prone escalating climate emergency is far too dangerous and moving far too fast to not have annual updates by the most qualified parties with the greatest resources and vested security interests.

We must also create a comprehensive climate change and climate change annual risk report that will include all of the deadlines for the consequences of crossing runaway global heating tipping points. By having every major intelligence agency in the world produce an annual national update on the current state of the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency for both politicians and the public, we would also be creating inherent checks and balances against underestimation, errors, or intentional deceit by rogue intelligence agencies, outlier governments,  or conflicting nongovernmental organizations.

These multiple annual reports coming from many different intelligence agencies would quickly expose any nation hiding critical runaway global heating information for their own temporary financial or other benefits. In time, these national intelligence agencies and the individuals within them would also see the many benefits of cooperating on research and sharing confirmable and comprehensive risk analyses.

Similarly, it would be against the interest of rogue national intelligence agencies to be caught hiding critical information or falsifying information for a perceived temporary national benefit when the other nations’ intelligence agencies publish their contradicting annual climate change reports. As an extra safeguard against deceptive practices, once the multiple intelligence agency annual climate change reports have been made publicly available, leading climate scientists from around the world can review them, looking for common patterns, omissions, or errors within and between these multiple intelligence agency reports.

Similar to how the scientific method works in advanced scientific systems, peer review and consolidation by non-intelligence community scientists would reveal additional valuable information that single intelligence agencies might miss or misrepresent, as well as reveal omissions that could serve to benefit any single nation inequitably. The intelligence agencies that produce the most accurate annual climate change reports will gain prestige worldwide and become the standard for credibility and reliability. This will likely result in increased funding and budget discretion for the best agencies. 

How the three extinction-evoking tipping points of carbon 425, 500, and 600 ppm create a condition where runaway global heating management becomes out of humanity's future control

What most people do not fully realize is that at some soon point after passing the first tipping point of carbon 425-450 ppm, we will no longer be able to avoid unimaginable future runaway global heating catastrophes or mass extinction. After we cross the carbon 425 ppm tipping point, our loss of control is because we will begin triggering:

  1. evermore natural climate system tipping points.
  2. much larger naturally occurring methane releases from the tundra, permafrost, and ocean shelves.
  3. additional natural carbon releases from our deep oceans, trees, and soils. 

Eventually, these natural systems will go into positive feedback loops with each other or cross their own internal tipping points. These positive feedback loops will once again increase the average global temperature. This further triggers increased-heat caused releases of evermore naturally generated methane and carbon, which once again, further increases average global temperature in an endless cycle. Unfortunately, these increasing temperatures will go on and on until the Earth finally corrects itself hundreds or thousands of years in the future. 

Unlike humanity's remaining ability to control and regulate its use of fossil fuels, if we cross the carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point, control of our future transfers to nature's control! There will be nothing we can do to keep the other natural sources of carbon and methane from crossing their own internal tipping points or entering into positive feedback loops. Once we pass the carbon 425-450 tipping point, nature takes over and runaway global heating becomes a runaway train of ever-increasing average global temperature lasting for centuries or longer. 

Humanity's inability to control these large, complex natural systems, tipping points, and positive feedback loops IS the most crucial reason why we cannot fail to meet the 2025 global targets. If we do not meet the 2025 targets, as soon as 2025, we will let any remaining control of the runaway global heating extinction emergency slip out of our hands for many human lifespans. 

We do not have until 2050, 2040, or 2035 to make the required global fossil fuel reductions to save ourselves as many governments and fossil fuel companies want you to believe. We also do not have until even 2030 to make the required fossil fuel reductions as many prominent but ill-informed environmental groups want you to believe.

We have only until 2025 to make the required global fossil fuel reductions to prevent going over the carbon 425-450 ppm and losing all meaningful control of our runaway global heating future. 

This extinction emergency creates a series of compelling 600 trillion dollar questions hanging in the air: (600 trillion dollars plus estimates the total runaway global heating damage costs that we will incur if some of us survive.)

1. Why aren't the brightest minds in the world's intelligence agencies screaming at their national politicians about meeting the 2025 targets and this nearly out-of-control extinction emergency?

2. Why aren't they making our politicians understand this is our last chance window of control to keep a dark and destructive new Pandora from getting out of her box? 

3. Why aren't our intelligence agencies (as well as the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations) getting our politicians to realize that they have exposed ALL of humanity to an imminent and irrational extinction? (More will be said about this in the next section.)

The above-listed natural system climate tipping points and positive feedback loops are complicated, but we have further simplified their descriptions and interactions on this pageThis page will also help you understand how the increasing methane releases from the tundra, permafrost, and ocean shelves will occur and how massive new carbon releases from our deep oceans, trees, and soils will occur.

The extreme and imminent threat that humanity has only faced in one other area

Because runaway global heating and its tipping points are happening at a global level, we find ourselves at an extreme and unconscionable threat level. In just a few decades, the threat of the runaway global heating extinction emergency will wreak its havoc on almost everyone.

The current runaway global heating threat is extreme because:

  1. Its consequences are already intensifying in severity, frequency, and scale and will soon begin to do so exponentially.
  2. Its tipping points will continue to be crossed at faster and faster rates. These crossed tipping points will produce more heat increases even faster, and massive climate, biological, and human system crashes.

The time nearness of this threat is imminent because our emergency is developing on a timescale of just a few decades. This is very unlike the centuries or millennia of developmental timescales which have occurred in each of Earth's five previous major extinction events

Our current extinction threat is no longer just possible or probable. Once we cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff, the extinction threat becomes near-certain. When we pass the carbon 500 and 600 ppm tipping points, it IS a certain human, animal, and biological extinction catastrophe. 

Once we go over the carbon 425 -450 ppm tipping point, our extinction threat level rises to a level comparable to the threat level of a highly probable global nuclear war occurring soon. This is why the extreme threat level is merited. The accumulated destruction caused by runaway global heating over the coming decades has the full capability of equaling or exceeding the devastation, suffering, and death of a global nuclear war. 

Our politicians have ignored 35 years of scientific warnings. Our politicians have utterly failed to do their jobs. Our politicians have failed to protect us and manage this imminent and extreme threat, which not only threatens their nation and citizens, but also the survival of humanity and civilization itself.  

Our politicians have successfully managed the global nuclear threat for the last 75 years. They also have done almost nothing over the last 35 years relating to the equal and eventually even higher risk of runaway global heating extinction. Our runaway global heating extinction emergency will unfold as the "ultimate disruptor" over the next 3 to 5 decades. Already it is causing considerable global financial loss, death, and hardship. 

While you are legitimately panicking over all of this bad news, never forget that only by meeting the 2025 targets can we prevent Earth's sixth great extinction. Never forget that the runaway global heating extinction emergency is not just the greatest disruptor of the 21st century, it is also the ultimate no-win game!

If you still have any confusion on how crossing runaway global heating tipping points will lead us to mass extinction within your lifetime, please click here for detailed global warming tipping point documentation. (Click here for information to help you overcome your legitimate panic or remember this link as you read the next even worse news section.)

The Death and Extinction Spiral We Enter if We Miss the 2025 Global Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets

If we fail to hit our 2025 targets, the annual global fossil fuel reduction targets for the following year(s) will have to be increased even more than our already near unbearably 2025 targets. Consequently, these targets will be far less likely to be achieved in the following years!

If we fail, in addition to dramatically increasing the already high probability of the "game over" conditions and crossed tipping points described in this document happening, the following will also most probably happen:

1. We will have to shift even more resources and people onto the world's emergency backup plan (below,) to prepare for and adapt to the next wave of runaway global heating's unavoidable and escalating consequences.

2. As we continue to fail to hit our even more severe fossil fuel reduction targets (needed to compensate for missing the 2025 targets,) we will be forced to once again shift even more resources and people onto the world's emergency backup plan and operations until most of the world's resources and people become tied up in either recovering from current runaway global heating damages or preparing for the next wave of damages trying to avoid extinction.

Click here to see our new runaway global heating and climate change Doomsday Clock.

Part 2 Our Now Critical "Plan B" Government Emergency Backup Plan Actions: 

Special notice: it is essential to realize that everything described below, which our governments must do as their internal emergency backup plan to save at least some part of humanity, must also be done while our governments are also simultaneously completing all of the global fossil fuel reduction actions described above!


Here are the critical adapt and survive Plan B emergency backup actions for the World's Governments Because We Have Already Entered Into the Era of Mutually Assured Climate Extinction.

Key Guiding Principle: We need to Save and Salvage Whatever We Can, before it is too Late!

We will miss our required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets if our politicians and governments keep going as they are now. These missed targets will cause humanity to unavoidably lose half of the global population by mid-century. This mass die-off will primarily be because of our politicians' and governments' 60 years of inaction or ineffective action on fixing escalating global heating emergency. 

Unfortunately, even if we come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets but do not get close enough, we will still face a highly probable near-total extinction by 2070-2080. 

We need to prepare ourselves NOW! The unavoidable deaths of half of humanity by mid-century will produce widespread social, economic, and political chaos illustrated by the many climate change consequences and processes described in painful detail on this page. 

We now have to deal with the painful reality that humanity may fail to save much of itself from the climate change extinction emergency. Part of that possibility is facing the fact that we currently are doing very poorly in getting close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

What this means on a national level is that we need a national-level emergency backup plan or a PLAN B, as it is often called. 

On a national level, as part of our Plan B, we must prepare, adapt, and save and salvage whatever we can before it is too late. We need to build some level of near-total to total extinction resilience quickly. (Ideally, we should be building an international extinction resiliency, but we currently have no genuinely effective international global governance that could do this for us.)

At some point, our politicians and governments will finally begin to do everything they can to come as close to the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets as fast as they can. Still, unfortunately, at the same time, they must simultaneously also manage the current runaway global heating process of multiple threats and multiple consequences.

Our governments can enact a climate change extinction prevention process and Plan B by moving critical resources, technology, infrastructure, and at-risk populations into the global warming safer zones as soon as possible. But this must be done wisely, equitably, and orderly way.

The following governmental-level Plan B resilience section describes the many actions our governments must manage for a large portion of humanity to survive. The genuinely shocking and painful measures below are necessary because, as things stand now, the odds are not very good that we will get very close to the last-chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets for quite a while. This failure to come close to the legitimate reduction targets means that the percentage of human survivors will be pretty low.

For our politicians and governments to effectively manage a global warming-driven extinction and collapse process, they also will have to evolve new forms of international and global governance and cooperation quickly. This new global governance would need powers to verify, enforce or punish any nation that tried to game or cheat making the complex global Plan B changes required to save whatever portion of humanity and civilization we can for the future. 

Only our national governments collaborating in tight alignment can slow down our current runaway global heating enough to allow more people to survive, live longer, and live more stably. But, unfortunately, the probability of our governments cooperating internationally like this before it is too late to save humanity from near-total to total extinction is very low. 

Please click here to read the many near-insurmountable challenges our national governments must overcome to save humanity from the current climate change-driven extinction process.

Please click here to view a detailed description of the many climate change-driven step-by-step processes of mass human extinction.



This Plan B government-level resilience backup plan will prepare our nations and humanity for the worst possible outcomes. At least, with this governmental level, emergency backup Plan B successfully executed, we can save and salvage more of humanity. Then, hopefully, those survivors can re-populate the earth and preserve the best of our civilization. 

If you still doubt that immediately beginning a government-driven and well-resourced Plan B backup and resiliency plan against climate change failure is necessary, please read this page.




The key runaway global heating government actions to save and salvage what we can while we still have time

Global warming and these other 11 poorly managed critical global challenges we currently face are most likely getting a lot worse before they get better. While the actions below are directly focused on the more immediate threat of the runaway global heating emergency, indirectly, they too will also be helpful to make things more survivable as our other critical global challenges continue to worsen.) 

Action Step 1. Our governments must begin moving critical resources, technology, key infrastructure, and our younger at-risk populations into the global warming safer zones in a wise, equitable, and well-managed way. 

For our long-term future and safety, essential resources, infrastructure, and crucial genetic and social diversity transfers will need to be executed simultaneously as the other individual and business action steps (above) are being done. If things continue to go wrong as they are now, this government action step may turn out to be the most important action taken for the future of humanity and for preserving civilization.

Of all of the things to be done in this step, working out a migration plan for a fair and equitable migration lottery for all those younger individuals who have not already migrated will be the most challenging. This equitable migration management is critical because of the poor soils and shorter growing seasons above the 45th parallel north or below the 45th parallel south.

Those above the 45th parallel north or below the 45th parallel south areas of deficient soils and inadequate sunlight will not be able to grow enough food to feed our current human population. Because of this food production limitation, a fair lottery will be essential to the survival of humanity and civilization.

Even before this lottery begins, our best scientists must determine how much food can be grown in those global warming-safe areas and what the maximum allowable population should be. These calculations are based on the total amount of food needed for that existing population while maintaining adequate food reserves for unplanned and unexpected contingencies. Once they have those calculations, they can set initial and/or adjust lottery migration allocations as conditions change. 

Even before the final number of people that the remaining global warming safe zones will support with adequate food production, we must also mobilize the necessary agricultural resources to scale up food production but only in sustainable and non-fossil fuel fertilizer-dependent ways. This intense scaling-up of sustainable agricultural production output will allow for the rapid increase of new climate migrants (climagees) coming to those safer zones as well as to compensate for the generally more deficient soils, reduced sunlight and shorter growing season found there.

One more thing must be said about the migration lottery. It must be almost entirely for individuals under 30 or those older than 40 with young children. The older generations have failed to pass on a livable legacy to the younger generations. The older generations have also lived far longer and more stable lives than the younger X, Y, and Z generations ever will. Therefore, generational justice demands that the most survivable remaining areas go to the younger generations.

The lottery cannot be hijacked or dominated by wealthy individuals, politicians, high-level government agency staff, corporations, or any nation. No special interest group or nation can unjustly control or determine who can migrate based on privilege, position, wealth, politics, or any other national, cultural, or social categorization.

Politicians and the ultra-wealthy top 5% of the world's citizens especially must be excluded from this lottery because, through either commissions or omissions, they have allowed the climate change extinction emergency to grow continually worse for over 60 years. They had the power of influence to stop the climate nightmare, and they did not. Climate change justice demands they be left behind. 

If it is not a fair and just lottery, based upon what is essential for humanity and civilization to survive and an equitable representation of all of the categories mentioned above, then those left behind will fight to the death and eventually bring about the end of everything. This new lottery failure conflict will occur because those who feel the lottery was unfair will invade the safe zones. They will use whatever nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare technology has been left behind in unsafe zones.

Those with any decision power over who is allowed to migrate can not be allowed to use their political, military, or financial positions, advantages, or privileges to place themselves, their families, friends, allies, or business interests in any better position than any other individual citizen in the unsafe zones in these lotteries. 

Any random lottery winner selection methodology must draw only from a pool of the most qualified climagees with the essential skills and sufficient genetic diversity for the new world we will be living in. It must also have independent safeguards to prevent fraud, bias, and any form of selection favoritism.

This lottery must also allow for the following types of necessary diversity; genetic, national, racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, sexual orientation, gender identity, rural/urban/indigenous, and rich/poor. Communities most affected by global warming damage, which also have contributed the least to the climate change emergency, should receive special consideration if justice is to be served.

Having enough genetic diversity will be extremely important because most of humanity by mid-century will eventually die. This will occur as we approach the final global warming extinction tipping point of carbon 600 ppm. 

Because of the very limited numbers of additional individuals that the global warming safer areas can sustain and feed the lottery selection for legal migration to the global warming safer zones must be just and fair to be viewed as credible and so that it has the best chance to work. 

There are many good reasons for executing this last chance to save humanity and civilization migration, lottery, and infrastructure transfer backup plan simultaneously with the other action steps described at the top of this page. Here are just a few reminders:

First, we are fighting for the very survival of humanity over the next 30 to 50+ years. Most, if not all, of humanity and civilization will end if we fail to slow and lessen global warming enough not to cross carbon 600 ppm and we fail to move our critical infrastructure and essential populations to the far north or the far south in time. 

Secondly, Our fossil fuel "bill of consequences" has come due, and there's no way to escape it. We now have to deal with the horrible accumulated consequences of the fossil fuel carbon pollution of our atmosphere for the last 200 years (since the industrial revolution began. ) Additionally, we also have to deal with the extra accumulating consequences from fossil fuel burning over the next 30-50+ years where we will undoubtedly reach the carbon 500 ppm level (and most likely reach carbon 600 ppm extinction level.) 

Thirdly, the fossil fuel pollution that we have now and will continue to put into our atmosphere for the next 30-50+ years will last for centuries to thousands of years! If we stay on our current path of "too little fossil fuel reductions too late," things will not be better for those who are lucky enough to survive. Our children and future generations will curse us for our selfishness and blind stupidity. They will suffer for many centuries before their climate will re-stabilize and carbon in parts per million level to drop back down to the pre-industrial safer carbon level of 350-270 ppm. (As mentioned earlier, we are now at about carbon 420 ppm adding about three additional carbon ppm each year.)

Forthy, the amount of emergency adaptation work needed and the short amount of time available (from now until about 2031 as things get progressively to exponentially much worse) makes this immediate adaptation and preparation and planning an imperative! Adapting and moving all necessary critical resources, technology, and infrastructure will take a lot of time. This mass transfer means moving them into the safer areas near or above the 45th parallel north or near or below the 45th parallel south. (You do not want to move much above the 55th parallel north or much above the 55th parallel south.)

And finally, these transfers will be a massive undertaking, requiring new levels of cooperation between nations never seen before.

This mass population transfer and the demands for climate justice also mean:

1. Moving willing people that are already suffering and are the most vulnerable today to the worst global warming consequences. This initial series of mass migrations must be done without panic and in a well-organized and well-supported way. These first migration relocations also will be a necessary rehearsal for the additional millions of people that will need to be relocated each year as global warming worsens and makes growing food and surviving impossible in many areas.

2. Moving hundreds of millions of willing people (eventually as many as several billion) from the most unsafe global warming zones into the safer zones. This mass migration will be fraught with challenges that will require profound international cooperation at unprecedented levels. This ongoing year-by-year migration will, by necessity and urgency, become the greatest migration in human history.

Without question, this "Great Global Migration" needs to begin now! If we wait until it's too late, there will be panic, chaos, and severe local, regional, and national conflicts, if not all-out international war, as the remaining trapped populations and any lottery losers desperately try by any means possible to migrate far north or far south.

People will eventually realize that what is happening today is not random, lousy weather. They will finally see our worsening climate as an increasing pattern of storms and other extreme weather consequences regularly increasing in frequency, severity, and scale that has not been seen for thousands of years, if ever. Once they realize this, many more will migrate because they finally realize "it is migrate or die."

By about 2029, we estimate that at least 2-5% of the world's population will have figured out that the wild climate fluctuations and seasonal extremes they are witnessing are not random or freak occurrences. They will have figured out that the climate is destabilizing steadily and rapidly. They, too, will realize the climate catastrophes we are already experiencing are showing a clear pattern of ever-increasing severity, frequency, and scale (the size of the area they are covering). 

Once these hundreds of millions of people realize they need to get out soon or get caught in the suffering, chaos, and death of crashing and soaring real estate, economies, and market prices (depending upon which area you're leaving or moving to,) they will migrate, and they will migrate desperate and fast! 

Once these hundreds of millions migrate, others will see and hear about it. Then those people will begin migrating so they do not get caught with no place to move to or too few resources left to get there.

To avoid the potential chaos of the Great Global Migration not well managed by cooperating world governments, our governments need to act NOW and not ten years from now. 

As part of necessary climate justice, those nations which have caused the most fossil fuel burning atmospheric pollution and damage, which has caused global warming, must also take in the most climate migrants to the highest level that farming in that nation will support. 

Lastly, to make the new migration lottery system work effectively, individuals already living near or above the 45th parallel north or near or above the 45th parallel south cannot and should not be removed to make room for new climagees. This existing resident removal strategy would only cause more conflict, delay, and confusion, further complicating an already massively complex undertaking.

Action Step 2: Pass new laws to prevent all unfair profiteering by any individual, corporation, or nation seeking to exploit the extinction emergency or the mass migrations to safer areas. It is critical to set severe penalties and to remove all profit from any entity charging more than the reasonable pre-emergency prices for food, global warming safer lands, or anything else. 

Actions Step 3: Moving critical infrastructure also includes moving the world's artistic, architectural, and cultural heritage from unsafe global warming zones to safer zones for preservation. The best of our art, architecture, and cultures also makes us human. These things contain critical elements of our history and who we are that will help keep us sane while going through this catastrophe.

Action Step 4: Move all needed global plant and animal diversity into the safest remaining areas.

Many needed plants and animals will be unable to migrate on their own in time to avoid extinction. Almost in Noah's ark fashion, our governments must begin cataloging and making provisions to get all needed global plants and animals into the safer areas where they can survive and may be required.

Action Step 5: Educate and incentivize the citizens of every nation to begin their emergency preparations and backup plans. To be successful in saving the future, it is not only governments that must start acting in this area. Simultaneously, every citizen also needs to be responsible for themselves and become a part of the greatest mobilization of resources and people in human history. It is unlikely any government will have enough resources to protect all of its citizens. That is why you must begin your own Plan B preparations and planning. (The Job One plan has specific steps to help you do this. Click here to begin this section.)

Action Step 6: We must ensure that ALL nuclear reactors, nuclear and biological weapons, and toxic chemical manufacturing sites within all unsafe global warming zones are secured.

Secured means that all remaining more stable governments have an adequately resourced and ready backup plan to manage these contingencies as the less stable governments and economies collapse in the unsafe zones. 

As global warming worsens inside the global warming unsafe zones, the political systems and nations will destabilize, and most of them will collapse. Once those political systems collapse, there will no longer be stable and organized procedures, staffing, or resources for ensuring that:

1. any nuclear reactors within those areas do not meltdown and go critical or that, 

2. nuclear or biological weapons within those areas are not stolen or triggered or that, 

3. toxic chemical manufacturing sites within those areas do not leak.

If any of this happened, it would not only threaten the survival of that particular area, region, or the nations within that unsafe zone but also the whole world's survival. 

Take a moment to imagine the hundreds of nuclear reactors in the global warming unsafe zones becoming new Chernobyls and Fukagimas one after another. There would be no place on earth nor any bunker that would keep you safe from this massive amount of radiation circling the planet for decades to hundreds to thousands of years. 

Now take a moment to imagine all of the biological and chemical weapons and toxic chemical manufacturing sites in the unsafe global warming zones becoming compromised and leaking their slow and painful death out into the world. Surviving this would be a living hell and nearly impossible.

The preceding worst-case nuclear, biological, and chemical catastrophe will likely happen if the nations of the world do not preemptively cooperate in this additional emergency preparation area. The world's nations need to realize that our escalating climate change emergency is a no-win game unless they collaborate and make the best possible decisions to preserve the human species and our civilization.

If the governments of the world do not thoroughly do this action step two, there is no rational or reasonable hope that even the smallest part of the human race will survive to save civilization and repopulate the earth within the global warming safer zones. 

Action Step 7: Each government must create multiple archives containing all human knowledge needed for the post-collapse and post-dark age periods. These multiple archives must survive the post-collapse and probable new dark ages for decades to centuries.

These archives will be essential to the survivors for rebuilding the world. The hope is that when survivors rebuild, they will use the archived knowledge and the many painful lessons of the great extinction and collapse to create a Great Global Rebirth.

Governments must also begin planning how to make the post-collapse dark ages as short as possible. The longer the post-collapse dark age period lasts, the lower the probability much of humanity will survive it. The longer the new dark age lasts, the likelihood of this tragedy empowering the Great Global Rebirth also diminishes radically. 

Action Step 8: While the governments of the world are doing all of the action steps in 1-6 above, it is critically important that they also engage in the radical fossil fuel reduction action steps described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan. These additional steps are absolutely essential to slow down global warming enough so we still have adequate time left to prepare, adapt, and migrate so at least some of humanity will survive.

Never forget that getting close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is our last best chance to prevent reaching the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point. Unfortunately, it is highly probable that we will cross the carbon 600 ppm final extinction-level tipping point.

(Please see this page if you have doubts about why it is highly unlikely that we will reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. This page will also help explain why our world leaders must enact this governmental-level emergency backup Plan B while passing the other action steps listed here in the Job One Plan.

Action Step 9: As soon as possible, our governments must honestly inform their citizens that the climate consequence-driven extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century is now unavoidable. 

They must honestly let their citizens know that we must now make great sacrifices to save the other half of humanity because of their own six decades of inaction or ineffective climate action. Unless the public understands what has happened and why they may be unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to save the younger generations. 

To inform their citizens thoroughly and adequately, our politicians must now tell them about the ten most important facts about our climate and runaway global heating condition

Giving the public this horrible news will also allow them more time to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually as best as possible. If done correctly and soon, it should help prevent public panic and inspire a new level of global cooperation to save the younger X, Y, Z, and A generations.

Additionally, any politician who failed to effectively cut fossil fuel subsidies over the last six decades or order the correct critical fossil fuel reductions must voluntarily exclude and bar themselves (and their families) from any climate migration or enhanced safety program benefit in any global heating safer area. This justice-inspired benefit restriction is because these politicians are the most responsible for failing to do their jobs concerning the decades-long escalation of the climate and global heating extinction threat. And finally,

Action Step 10: Our governments must also convince the older generations to help finance the younger generations getting prepared or migrating and rebuilding in new, safer locations.

It is the right thing to do for those generations who have not had as much time to live as the older generations. It is also the right thing to do because the older generations have a greater responsibility for restitution. This greater restitution and climate justice responsibility is valid because, despite six decades of valid scientific warnings, they allowed the runaway global heating extinction emergency to occur on their watch. 

Action Step 11: As a crucial part of the governmental Plan B, all major fossil fuel-polluting nations must begin to educate their citizens about their obligations under the principles of climate justice. They must thoroughly educate their citizens about the sacrifices that most nations in global warming safer zones will have to make because of climate justice factors. 

It is climate justice for the nations that have created the most fossil fuel pollution (mostly the northern and developed countries) to take in the desperate victims of their fossil fuel pollution acts (mainly refugees from the southern and under-developed countries.) However, unless global warming safer nations actively begin this climate justice educational process today, there will be tremendous turmoil and conflict. This conflict will occur as hundreds of millions (to billions) of "migrate or die" climate refugees mass migrate out of the global warming high-risk southern areas into safer northern regions and nations.

Action Step 11: Humanity must simultaneously work to discover ALL of the deepest causes of the climate change extinction emergency and then begin fixing every cause of the climate change emergency to prevent such a global catastrophe from ever occurring again.

Action Step 12: Humanity must learn to live in a new sustainable relationship with Earth's existing resources and ecosystems.

A smaller humanity will need to learn how to live with far less so those who survive may thrive again.


Never forget that the critical deadline prioritized actions needed for this Plan B can only successfully occur if the nations near, above, or below the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south work together and cooperate with all of the other nations within the runaway global heating unsafe zones. If fear takes hold, and the global warming safer nations close or restrict borders and do not cooperate, the conflicts/wars that will occur between the unsafe zones and the safe zones will most likely also end humanity. Humanity will find its bitter end in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare or the other toxic meltdown consequences described above. (For more on this see the later phases of the runaway global heating Climageddon Scenario.

We do need to begin transferring willing populations and critical infrastructure from high risks unsafe zones to low-risk safer zones immediately! We need to start to put the resources in place and negotiate the treaties (or whatever resources and manpower is necessary,) to ensure that the nuclear sites, the biological and chemical weapons sites, and the toxic chemical manufacturing sites in the unsafe zones go on being correctly maintained no matter how bad it gets in those zones.

There is much to transfer, build, or prepare. There is little time left to save the even smallest part of humanity and our civilization. Only by immediately beginning the above governmental emergency backup plan steps do we have any reasonable hope that human life and civilization will go on.

There are additional good reasons for using the least optimistic predictions for any backup plan as well as for recovery or long-term survival plans, they are:

1. The many serious errors and underestimation problems in runaway global heating prediction scenarios (click here for all the details or see Chapter 7, Part 1 on IPCC underestimation in Climageddon book).

2. The sudden, large-scale unpredictability that each additional crossed tipping point creates. (See this tipping point page or the tipping point chapter in Climageddon. Also, see the updated Climageddon Scenario details here

3. We will be very, very lucky if the worst we get is anything close to only the 'IPCC's current least optimistic consequence and timeframe projections! And,

4. If you are involved in mid to long-range planning in any industry, you will probably lose your job if you fail to adequately plan for the new realities of the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency. (Please note that implementing the above backup plan also means our local and regional business planners, city and zoning planners, long-term corporate and, national governmental planners must begin radically restructuring their current 5, 10, 25, and 50-year plans. This time they need to use the least optimistic and far more honest climate prediction scenarios [found on this website here as well as in the new Climageddon book.] 

For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the headquarters of big tech corporations like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Apple, now have to readjust their long-term operational or relocation plans to deal with their low-lying international headquarters facing as much as 13 feet [3.9 meters] of sea-level rise by 2100. This means these billion-dollar high-tech Silicon Valley headquarters buildings will be experiencing first-floor flooding within as little as 20 to 30 years. [A worst-case but far more realistic scenario of a 10-foot, 3-meter rise by 2050 was projected by James Hansen's newest research, with the additional 3-feet, 0.9 meters accounting for by coincident king tides and storm surges.)

Never forget that unless we get the governments of the world to cooperate and manage action step 2 above, there is vastly smaller hope humanity will survive no matter how well prepared we are.

Click here to see our new runaway global heating and climate change Doomsday Clock.

Putting it All Together

Why only top-down government-driven mobilization is now essential for us to survive runaway global heating

It should be clear by now that to be successful and reach the  2025 global fossil fuel targets, we need to effect massive, high-speed change through top-down driven action. We cannot resolve this climate change extinction emergency and save ourselves in time without a mass mobilization of the world through:

  1. government and/or internationally driven, verifiable, and enforceable laws and treaties,
  2. massive public education programs at all levels to convincingly explain why painful changes are required. These programs would also explain the fantastic survival, health, and economic benefits that our transition to clean green energy will produce.

This does not mean that only top-down critical deadline prioritized action is required to achieve the 2025 targets and the Job One Plan goals. Some public bottom-up individual and group actions will also be needed to get things happening on the 2025 targets. 

Individuals and groups like Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion are already a forceful bottom-up push. This is because they honestly warn that we are facing imminent mass human, animal, and biological extinction. Unlike many other environmental groups, they promote the required radical global fossil fuel reductions at or close to the 2025 targets.

Helpful bottom-up actions will also involve the public demanding changes be made by those politicians with real influence. And finally, once we end the runaway global heating extinction emergency, bottom-up actions will also include doing whatever is necessary to maintain a stable climate.

The window of opportunity for preventing near-total extinction is extremely short. This forces us to emphasize the top-down approach using the legitimate power of governments to verify and enforce compliance with any new laws or treaties necessary to save us in time.

Here is why the time is short. It will take about 5 years to reach the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets deadline. It will take another 15-20 years to cross the mass extinction carbon 500 ppm tipping point where all ice on earth will begin to melt. Once we pass carbon 500 ppm, it is near certain we will cross the final carbon 600 ppm mass extinction level tipping point. Because of these critical deadlines and tipping points, it primarily will be by top-down, government-driven action based on the necessary laws or treaties, that will give us the required enforcement, and verification of global fossil-fuel reductions that are needed to save us in time.

Relying mostly upon educating and then changing individual behavior from the bottom up or even in groups is too little too late and is doomed to failure. This is also because there is not anywhere close to enough time remaining to break through the world's massive runaway global heating ignorance and the resistance held by almost all of the population toward almost all of the radical reductions we all will be required to make. Only fast change derived from the legal, structural, and cultural power of universally enforced and verified national and international laws or treaties has any hope of being successful and overcoming ignorance and resistance with so little time left. 

The pure beauty of enacting the needed laws or treaties is that they have the best chance of creating the greatest mass mobilization of national and international resources in human history! They should be highly effective because of their market-force financial and non-financial incentives, dividends, disincentives, and penalties. Enacting new global warming laws or treaties responds effectively to the uncomfortable reality that only top-down regulatory action coordinated with a top-down global public education program will be able to save us in time.

The good news here is that at all levels, rational governments, corporations, and individuals will rapidly reorganize themselves to take advantage of the dividends and incentives. They will also organize themselves to avoid disincentives and penalties.

These incentives and disincentives will directly reduce both national and international fossil fuel atmospheric carbon pollution at the fastest possible rate. Because of these enforceable laws, cooperation can be rewarded at every level and failure to cooperate can be appropriately penalized at every level.

Other challenges regarding enacting all of the needed new laws or treaties

These are some additional challenges:

  1. All of these various types of international and national laws or treaties in the different categories must be enacted together to create an effective, comprehensive, and integrated systemic solution to runaway global heating. If laws or treaties in only one or two of the above categories are passed, it will greatly slow the pace of solving our runaway global heating extinction emergency, as well as seriously imperil the probability of achieving success.

  2. There will likely also have to be some emergency deficit spending by many governments in order to make the transition from fossil fuels to green energy to prevent unthinkable disasters. Deficit spending is not a dirty word or an unusual or unproven thing. Deficit spending was used in World War II and specifically in the United States to help save a great portion of the world in a previously declared State of Emergency called war. Deficit spending is currently happening in almost every nation in the world. If deficit spending were such a morally or financially bad thing, the greatest portion of the population would not be given credit cards and most of the world governments wouldn't be able to function.  When one accepts the reality that this emergency is far worse in total eventual damage than World War II and parallels the global extinction threat level of nuclear war, deficit spending by our governments is not only appropriate, it is demanded. If our governments do not deficit spend in this even greater emergency, as they did in World War II, it would be a gross dereliction of their legal and moral responsibilities to protect the lives, livelihoods, and futures of the members of their nations.
  3. There will be horrendous side effects as we radically reduce global fossil fuel use in the form of The Great Dying. Agriculture without fossil fuels for equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides will mean massive reductions in global food production. Initially, small organic farms will not be able to provide enough food for the world's current population much less the projected additional billions over the next 30 years. There also will be many other unforeseen and horrendous side effects and consequences from the rapid global transition off of fossil fuels.

    There will be mass starvation when we rapidly come off our current fossil fuel-empowered agricultural system. 50% or more of the human population could perish in the Great Dying and in the rocky transition from fossil fuel use to other substitutes.

    Paradoxically, as we radically cut global fossil fuel use, we also may be finally creating the motivating conditions to get humanity to live within the limits of the carrying capacity of the earth. Ironically, the massive fossil fuel reductions may also teach us that infinite and continual growth economics is simply not possible in a finite space such as the earth.

    No matter how bad the many side effects and consequences of the radical reduction in global fossil fuel use are, they will ultimately be far, far less destructive, and less painful than the loss of most (if not all,) of humanity as well as our civilization.

The challenge of our fossil-fuel-free future

We must eliminate the use of almost all fossil fuels to reach the 2025 targets and then eventually begin the process of drawing atmospheric carbon levels back down to safe levels (carbon 325-350 ppm). We also must be functioning worldwide on green energy generation, almost exclusively, except for a few special exemption areas. This will require nothing less than a heroic effort and a massive runaway global heating extinction emergency mobilization. It will also create a great sense of moral purpose because we know that to save humanity and our civilization this is what must be done. Because of the scale and immediacy of this emergency, it is to be expected that both fact and fear are utilized to help motivate us to be successful.

The runaway global heating extinction emergency will inevitably force us into new levels of local, national, and international cooperation

In the past, humanity has cooperated successfully on critical climate issues. We have successfully created international laws, treaties, and agreements regarding the pollution of the atmosphere caused by the gas/liquid refrigerant Freon®. Freon was formerly used in refrigeration and air conditioners. When it leaked out, it rapidly degraded the ozone layer of the atmosphere and created holes in it. Those rapidly-widening holes in the atmosphere’s protective layer of ozone would have greatly increased the incidence of skin cancer in the areas directly beneath them.

We acted quickly because of the escalating danger of a “hole in the ozone” that would have eventually harmed almost everyone on earth. If we did this successfully before with Freon’s pollution, we should be able to do it again with the fossil fuel industries' toxic carbon and methane pollution!

The solution to reversing runaway global heating depends upon radical and immediate global changes in how we produce energy, how we pollute the atmosphere, and how we cooperate collectively as humans. These needed changes are far larger and needed far faster than any change of this scale has ever been previously achieved in human history. Consequently, resolving runaway global heating will require more of Earth's inhabitants to mobilize and cooperatively work together than has ever occurred in the past.

The silver lining bonus for trying to survive runaway global heating is that human global cooperation itself will have to rise to a new and higher evolutionary level that has never been seen before!

To survive the threat of escalating runaway global heating, which transcends national interests and national borders, we will be forced to create a new and greater international cooperative union of nations and peoples that will form an enforcement and verification-empowered global governance well beyond any existing international cooperative structures like the United Nations. This itself would also be a huge evolutionary advantage and advance for humanity!

“The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation—a force for construction and destruction.”    — Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist, professor of Ethical Leadership, New York University

One small act you can do right now

If you have not done so already, there is one quick, small act you can do immediately. Click here to sign the emergency meeting petition calling for an immediate gathering of world leaders to resolve the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency and enact steps like those called for in the Job One Plan above. We need to do what we can to get this emergency meeting going fast!  Your next vaccination

How to Get the Above Critical Deadline Prioritized Government-Driven Actions Actually Done

There are two critical and practical ways to get the above done in time to save us from near-total extinction. If possible, do both things below at the same time for maximum effectiveness and so little time left: 

1. Direct and continuous protesting of our politicians everywhere they go until they act as described here.

2. Direct influence of our politicians through the powerful influence world's 1% wealthiest individuals and corporations. We must convince them what will happen if we do not hit the 2025 targets. 

We have to make sure the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations understand the unthinkable snowballing consequences and how this is the ultimate no-win/no-escape game for them, their children, their assets, and their legacies. If we reach the politicians (and those 1% wealthy individuals and corporations that influence and control them) with the real no-win/no-escape message, we have an excellent chance to be successful! 

Click here for this part of the Job One Plan. It contains many tools and tips for individuals who can directly influence the ultra-wealthy to convince politicians to act.

Dealing with the Emotional Impact of all this Difficult and Bad News

Because most of you who have understood the previous difficult actions (who do not fall into a defensive denial,) will naturally and appropriately feel shocked, sad, angry, or even betrayed because we have waited so long to get started on them, the most logical and the best thing to do to deal with those often overwhelming feelings is to continue to work for "the best" while you prepare for "the worst," in case we fail. What this means is that you will need to focus as much as your energy and resources on just two main action strategies:

a. Get busy on getting the 2025 reduction targets met by getting our governments enacting and enforcing the laws needed to reach the 2025 targets.

b. Get busy with emergency preparations and adaptations for you, your family, and/or your business for many of the now unavoidable consequences that will be arriving soon. (Click here to begin this process.)

These two action-based strategies will minimize the natural feelings of being shocked, sad, angry, or feeling completely betrayed by our current world leaders until you can get additional emotional support or assistance from other outsides sources or from working through the Kubler Ross model on your own.

There is only one thing we can always be certain of in this emergency. No matter what, and in spite of all of the challenges and bad outcomes that are possible or probable, the single constant truth for the best possible runaway global heating outcome for humanity is that: 

a. the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use the more people that will survive to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization into the future, and

b. the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use the fewer future generations will suffer far from the ever-increasing sequence of runaway global heating consequences and disasters.

Help us get the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals met by signing the runaway global heating extinction emergency petition now.


Master Summary

  • We will not be successful unless the government-driven actions above are extinction-preventing critical deadline prioritized!
  • We must never cross the final catastrophic carbon 600 ppm tipping point or it is the end of humanity and civilization!
  • Which would you rather learn about: what is easy and makes you feel comfortable, or what will save you and your family’s lives and future?
  • The new and ongoing risk analysis and reports for runaway global heating must be assigned solely to those most responsible, those most qualified, and those whose advice has the highest levels of rational influence on our national politicians. Ongoing risk analysis for runaway global heating must be wholly placed in the intelligence agencies of every nation—the correct place of highest responsibility for all national threats and risk analysis.
  • We cannot resolve runaway global heating in time to save ourselves unless we can mass mobilize the world from the top down through new verifiable and enforceable national and international global warming reduction laws or treaties.
  • We need to come to the collective realization there is no such thing as an allowable amount of carbon and methane emissions anymore or any remaining carbon budget that we can safely burn. Today, there are only damaging carbon and methane emissions to our health and future. Climate catastrophes are already occurring with increasing frequency, scale, and severity at as little as 1°-1.5° degree Celsius (1.8°-2.7° Fahrenheit) of temperature increase.
  • The new national and international Fee and Dividend laws or treaties will help the world to change its fossil fuel behavior at the greatest possible speed.
  • We cannot resolve runaway global heating in time unless we mobilize the world through the proven power of financial incentives and penalties. Financial incentives and penalties are time-proven facilitators for rapid and radical behavioral change.
  • Without the new global warming remedial laws or treaties having strong, enforceable penalties, some nations or corporations will always cheat. Without strong penalties, cheating will spread into the nations and corporations that would be unfairly penalized by the economic advantages accruing to non-compliant nations and corporations. If this is allowed to happen without sanction, we will not solve the runaway global heating extinction emergency in time.
  • Among the proposed global warming laws or treaties that need to be passed, the verification and penalty enforcement mechanism laws or treaties are the most critical to making all of the other global warming reduction laws or treaties work.
  • New, enforceable, and verifiable international and national laws or treaties to end global warming are the most critical maximum fulcrum and leverage point within the Job One Plan government-driven actions to ensure ending runaway global heating in time. Getting these new laws or treaties passed is by far the most important action we must achieve to survive.
  • We have a choice: immediately decommission the world's largest conglomerate, the fossil fuel industry, with all of its related painful costs and problems—or lose humanity and civilization. We either go all-in on green energy generation, or we watch everything we love suffer and be destroyed.
  • By completing the Job One Plan action steps as soon as is technologically possible, we preserve an honest and rational hope of still saving ourselves. If we act effectively, together, and immediately, we should be able to keep from crossing more runaway global heating tipping points and entering the later stages of the Climageddon Scenario.
  • Make the commitment to help end runaway global heating. It will change your life for the better. It will also release powers, potentials, and opportunities that simply would not have appeared had you not made that decision and committed to putting it into action.
  • The Job One Plan was designed to focus exclusively upon correctly answering the most important runaway global heating question: What will actually work in the limited window of effective control we have left to save ourselves from crossing more runaway global heating tipping points, which will eventually bring about the later phases of the Climageddon Scenario? With your help, the Job One Plan may be our best hope to resolve the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency.
  • Runaway global heating is the single most urgent threat humanity must act upon and resolve to continue to survive and thrive.
  • Even with using Job One’s new strategies, there are no guarantees we will be able to end runaway global heating in time to avoid global catastrophe. But if we successfully collaborate and innovate together on the key government-driven action steps of the Job One Plan and, if we are very lucky, we might just be able to slow and lessen the worst of the coming catastrophes so that some of us will survive.
  • Stop using the term “climate change!” “Climate change” is a term that feeds false illusions and confusion about what is really happening with runaway global heating. If we are ever going to create the necessary widespread awareness within the public to slow down and eventually reverse this emergency, it is imperative that we all stop using the term “climate change” and refer instead to “climate destabilization” or “runaway global heating.” It is time for us to stop allowing the clever fossil fuel industry lobbyists to control the conversation by defining the language and ideas about how we think about runaway global heating and the emergency we now find ourselves in.
  • Click here to see where we are today on the Climate Change and Runaway Global Heating Doomsday Clock.
  • A critical part of recovering from our worsening climate change emergency is finally having our governments do what is necessary (above) to end the crisis.

(All of the preceding and additional information about the escalating warming emergency can be found in the Climageddon book. Get your copy now! Your book purchase helps support the social benefit mission of Job One for Humanity to end runaway global heating.)

Click here to see our new runaway global heating and climate change Doomsday Clock.

Special Note on Reaching the Politicians Before it is Too Late

How the following required fossil fuel reductions will happen in time to save us is ONLY by our politicians taking the actions described below. If you do not have connections of direct and real influence on government politicians or, you do not have indirect connections of real influence on politicians through your connections to celebrities, intelligence agencies, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, or ultra-wealthy individuals, we strongly recommend you also go to Partthat has creative ideas for creating a non-direct influence on our politicians that anyone can do.)

Additionally, if you think that we can make all of the needed global fossil fuel changes and reductions by grassroots mobilizing with the general public from the bottom up, please see this page on why that will be very, very, very challenging.

We have also just released a critical timeframe update for coming climate consequences and catastrophes based on newly released climate science.



Things have changed recently with the climate in big ways. The climate change emergency is getting worse far faster than most people understand. Our new climate timeframes update affects ALL previous climate emergency preparation and adaptation timeframes we have previously provided. This critical update shortens those timeframes considerably.

Do not let your family or business get caught off guard without understanding why the climate change preparation and adaptation timeframes have recently changed so significantly.

If you are a member, log in to this location using the same email address you used when becoming a member. Then go to this Critical Climate Change and Global Heating Timeframes link in our Member's section.

If you are not a member, it is easy to become one, and you can still get some great gifts by clicking here. Your membership will also help keep our unpoliticized, unbiased, and non-profit climate think tank operating.

We want to support your successes and your suggestions relating to Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan

They can also inspire and help others who are also working on the various action steps of the Job One Plan. Each month we will select feedback, success stories, and informational tips from these emails or the members-only area and include them in our monthly newsletter.

Email us at ([email protected]) if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions relating to Parts 3 or 4 of the Job One Plan or if you feel stuck. We will get back to you in two business days or less.

Our ongoing email support is critical if you want the best chance of success. Extensive research has shown that having support for completing a task can be up to 90% of the why that task was completed successfully. 


What's next?

You are urgently needed, and you can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something meaningful to contribute and do in the many action steps of the four parts of the Job One Plan.
We strongly recommend that you read Part 4 of the Job One Plan. Part 4 is particularly important because it describes the role, responsibilities, and consequences the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations will experience in this emergency. Part 4 also offers many creative ideas that individuals with little or no direct political influence can do and still make a meaningful difference. Part 4 also contains essential reading on why many wealthy individuals and corporations will want to help us solve this emergency. 

Our new runaway global heating risk analysis, adaptation, relocation, and migration consulting services

For individuals, businesses, or governmental bodies that desire individualized assistance, qualified members of the Job One for Humanity team are available for custom consulting on all aspects of climate change and runaway global heating consequence risk analysis, adaptation, relocation, or migration for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, or local, regional, or national governments. Click here to learn more about our individualized consulting services.

Other Climate and Runaway Global Heating actions

Click here for Part 1 of the Job one Plan on how to prepare yourself, your family, and your business for the unavoidable 20 worst coming consequences.

Click here for Part 2 of the Job One Plan on the best individual actions to slow and lessen the unavoidable coming consequences.

Click here for Part 4 of the Job One Plan on how we can get the critical actions of Part 3 of the Job One Plan done.

Sign the Declare a Runaway Global Heating State of Emergency Petition

If you are so motivated, become a volunteer yourself by clicking here. 

Now that You Know more About What We are Doing Please Help Support Job One for Humanity with a Tax-deductible Donation

Our all-volunteer organization works hard to prevent runaway global heating extinction within our lifetimes with honest facts and programs. And we are significantly underfunded for what we could do.
If you feel our all-volunteer organization has helped you, please help us get the word out and save the future by making a tax-deductible donation right now. Click here to donate so we can reach and help far more people all over the world.


(Special Update 11.2.2020: Because it is now a virtual mathematical and political impossibility to reach (or even come close) to our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, our organization has modified our runaway global heating management action plans to deal with this new reality. The main consequence of this new reality is that all we can do now is slow down this mass extinction process through a governmental mass mobilization of correct actions as described above.
The more we slow down runaway global heating the more people will be saved it is that simple 
Click here to see all of the reasons why after 60 + years of inaction or ineffective action a mass extinction event is mathematically, economically, and politically unavoidable.
Click here to see our appropriately modified and updated "new reality" Job One for Humanity runaway global heating action plan It contains what you need to do personally to prepare and adapt to what is coming! It has your personal Plan B for the future.)

End Notes

[1] Job One for Humanity. "The dirty secrets behind the new Paris Climate Conference (COP21) agreement they don't want you to know." Job One for Accessed December 9, 2016.

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[9] Sara Matasci. "What are Some Renewable Resources? Examples of Alternative Energy." August 12, 2016.

Special Note: Some climate scientists also believe that no matter what we do, we have already missed our window of opportunity to prevent reaching carbon 600 ppm and, that once we have crossed the carbon 500 ppm level, we will not be able to keep from reaching carbon 800 ppm (the near-final phase of the Climageddon Scenario.) 

Our reading of the current science indicates that if we do not immediately enact the radical fossil fuel cuts described earlier, we will cross the carbon 600 ppm level. (We could hopefully cut enough fossil fuel usage by immediately enacting all of the actions described in this part three of the Job One Plan.) And, just slowing our crossing the carbon 600 ppm tipping point will be a Herculean task of massive global cooperation and mobilization, but the probability that we can at least temporarily, slow and lessen many of the other 20 worst global heating consequences is still quite good.)

For answers to all of your questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


Version 8.7

If you are interested in understanding the science and analysis procedures we used to present the above information, click here for a technical expiation of our climate research process.

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