About Job One for Humanity

Last Updated 1.18.24.

We present uncensored climate change information, analysis, solutions, and timeframes to the world's citizens.

Job One for Humanity, founded in 2008, is a 100% publicly funded, independent climate change think tank. Job One is part of a 30-year-old US, IRS-recognized tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

We provide a holistic "big picture" climate overview and uncensored dialectical meta-systemic analysis of the inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems and sub-systems creating our current climate change and runaway global heating emergency. The central principle we use when proposing climate change solutions is "are these solutions effective, practical, and good for the common well-being."

Job One For Humanity is also active in researching climate change justice issues, particularly concerning helping victims of climate change get financial restitution from the global fossil fuel cartel perpetrators of the climate change emergency. Job One also maintains a list of worldwide law firms and lawsuits filed against the global fossil fuel cartel members for climate change damages.

It has received the highest Platinum trust rating for financial transparency from Guidestar, an independent organization that examines nonprofit organizations' financial and other actions. 



Job One for Humanity supplies science-grounded climate change consequence analysis, timeframes, risk assessment, and solutions to educational, climate, and environmental organizations worldwide without charge. We also provide a fee-based climate analysis, risk assessment, and solutions service to insurance companies, governments, and businesses affected by climate change emergencies.

Job One for Humanity never accepts funding or donations from fossil fuel-related industries or businesses.



We believe that every citizen deserves the same climate change future threat and risk uncensored information as has been developed in the major national intelligence agencies. We also think every citizen should also have the same climate information purchased at great expense by wealthy hedge funds, investment banks, and billionaires from specialty risk-analysis firms. 

Our free climate analysis ensures that every citizen can protect themselves, their families, and their businesses equally, as well as those with the privileges of high-security governmental positions or great wealth. Unrestricted, un-politicized, and uncensored climate change risk and threat knowledge is critical for citizens to understand their real challenges and wisely initiate survival-related emergency preparations, adaptations, or relocations for the coming avoidable and unavoidable climate catastrophes wherever needed.

Our climate articles and climate emergency analysis are completely un-influenced and uncensored by any political agenda, political party, or other financial or fossil fuel lobbyist intervention. Unlike many other climate and environmental nonprofit educational organizations, we refuse to knowingly take any donations from fossil fuel lobbyists, producers, or fossil fuel-dependent industries to ensure no possible conflicts of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest. 

We promise our fully-independent climate change think tank will always tell you the full and uncensored climate truth and what many often do not want to hear about our current climate change emergency. Unfortunately, this climate information IS the painful same climate change information you need to protect yourself and your future.  

Job One for Humanity offers those interested in understanding the climate change emergency an opportunity to effectively fix it by providing:

1. uncensored and un-politicized climate change facts, tools, and analysis to manage climate change, and

2. a qualified and realistic hope based on honestly facing our current climate conditions and effective, prioritized, and deadline-driven remedial actions.

At Job One for Humanity, we strive to provide an honest account of the climate and human condition at this tenuous moment in history, one that does not give up on the obligation to act but also does not turn away from the inevitable grief when we confront our current condition and the structural limitations to fixing it.

At Job One, you are always encouraged to enjoy and take advantage of our current climate stability level while passionately working with us to help fix the accelerating climate change emergency.



How Job One for Humanity does its climate change analysis and projections

While we do not do in-house original climate research, we use the published research papers of independent and respected climate scientists and climate research from organizations like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA.) 

Many climate research papers and summary materials reviewed or used by this organization in its analysis, prediction, or recommendations are also found listed:

1. in this extensive but still partial master list of these related or relevant climate research papers and summaries.
2. in many available video presentations by the climate scientists or researchers describing their own research. Click here to see an example in the video of the renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson presenting the climate emergency at Oxford.
3. in the body of many of our web pages, in the links on those pages, or in the end notes or technical notes found at the end of many pages.

We provide our climate and global heating educational information for individuals and organizations with the understanding that they will independently evaluate it and decide upon its usefulness and accuracy based on the best climate science and analysis currently available.

As an organization, we speak climate truth to power and always treat our visitors and members as adults who can process painful facts. We candidly speak climate truth to power also because there is no time left to hide or sugar-cote the facts surrounding the runaway global heating emergency.

Our website pages offer an appropriate, proportional, and rational hope that we can still fix the climate and save humanity from the climate's worst possible extinction possibilities. We base this measured hope solely upon current climate science and advanced dialectical metasystemic analysis processes. 

We are the only non-profit think tank telling the unvarnished truth on how bad the runaway global warming extinction emergency will become and preparing individuals, businesses, and nations for the unavoidable, soon-arriving climate and global heating consequences.

All the runaway global heating and climate change remedial actions we recommend are provided on a self-motivated, self-organized, and self-directed, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis. Although we will answer climate questions and provide encouragement through our member support system, you are responsible for spreading the word and telling others about this website's climate information and tools. Responsibility for the preparations, adaptations, and global heating remedial actions necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from what is coming remains as it should exclusively with you.



How Our Research, Review, and Dialectical Meta-Systemic Analysis Processes are Unique 

Using the principles of system theory and dialectical meta-systemic thinking applied to the climate and global warming as a complex adaptive system composed of many systems and subsystems (ocean temperature and acidification, forests, soils, atmosphere, glaciers, sea ice, and ice shelves, ocean currents and the jet stream, tundra and snowpack conditions), we review and then analyze current and past climate change research and public climate summaries for:

1. errors, 

2. omissions, 

3. previously unrecognized positive connections or negative patterns in or between climate studies and the climate's systems and subsystems,

4. unseen interconnections or consequence connections within and between climate studies, and the climate's systems and subsystems,

5. the unseen or hidden politicization, censorship, or the watering down of climate science by governmental agencies or other types of agents or lobbyists in public climate summary reports. 

The problems in 1-5 above can significantly affect the validity of current and future statements or positions concerning climate consequence timetables or the frequency, severity, and scale of climate consequences. Using system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we also review research papers and public statements on the climate for:

1. discernable or hidden biases, and

2. undeclared financial or other conflicts of interest.

The above two problems have become more prevalent and have resulted in significantly underestimated negative climate consequences in public climate summaries and statements. Climate think tanks, individuals or groups operating as unknown fossil fuel lobbyists, and climate researchers funded by the fossil fuel-related industries have become the biggest offenders in this area. 

Instead of our analyzing only one area of specialized climate studies like the oceans, glaciers, ice and snow packs, planetary temperature history, water vapor, soils, forests, or greenhouse gas factors on temperature and the atmosphere, we analyze climate research on how it holistically applies and interrelates to all different areas within and between the climate's interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent systems and subsystems. 

Using the tools of dialectical metasystemic thinking, we examine climate studies, their positions, and the related interactions of the climate system and subsystems through 28 different dialectical analysis perspectives and lenses. This allows us also to see, consider and value natural or human counteractions that may occur in response to the various primary and secondary consequences of climate change and global heating.

After that extensive analysis, we make climate consequence severity and time frame predictions and remedial recommendations for the correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts to minimize human loss and suffering. Our final analysis, forecasts, and recommendations always include all needed adjustments to compensate for any problems, errors, omissions, underestimation, or politicization which we discover in current climate research or summaries. Click here to see the many errors, underestimations, and politicization we found in a major recognized source of global climate research and recommendations. 

Unlike many other climate change think tanks, we do provide prioritized, critical-path, and deadline-driven solutions to the climate change emergency. These solutions are based upon accurate global fossil fuel reduction targets and avoiding the most dangerous climate tipping points and climate feedbacks deadlines that we currently face. 

Job One for Humanity is currently helping expose the current intense politicization of climate science. This intense politicization of science by the media, governments, and even the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acts to critically underestimate our actual and current climate consequences, timeframes, remedies, and condition.

Unexpectedly, our independent climate change analysis has turned us into reluctant whistleblowers exposing how popular and politicized climate data has been distorted to serve the hidden interests of those who gain financially (or in other ways) from the ongoing global use of fossil fuels and hiding the real danger the public faces from the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Please note that our education materials, because of their serious and adult nature, are not meant for adolescents under 16! 


Important information about the validity and reliability of the climate science found on the Job One For Humanity website

The scientific method deals in probabilities, not certainties. This is especially true for making climate change predictions, given the complexity of factors that interact to create the climate. While scientific findings on climate change necessarily include uncertainty, the process of deciding public policy for dealing with climate change seeks a certainty that science cannot provide.

In this situation, many concerned climate researchers and scientists urge the application of the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle asserts that policy-makers have a social responsibility to prevent public exposure to harm when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk — even though there can be no assertion of certain risk.

Climate science has shown we are well beyond mere plausible risk with today's runaway global heating emergency. Instead, we are now at probable to highly-probable climate risk levels. Therefore the precautionary principle must be applied and should've been used many decades ago.

Because climate science is constantly evolving and will always be some inherent level of uncertainty, we continually update our climate analysis and conclusions as new climate research becomes available. Wherever possible, we present predictive information in data ranges (such as carbon 425-450 ppm or temperature increases of 2 C to 2.7, etc.) Based on the climate data we are reviewing, we do our best to present what we understand to be the most accurate climate picture. However, as mentioned previously no one can establish 100% scientific certainty about any future phenomena. 

Therefore, we also maintain a wise and continual openness to scientific falsification. We invite our website visitors to make up their minds about the usefulness and validity of our current climate analysis, conclusions, and remedial action steps. And, if you see any error in our climate data, presentation, or predictions, please present your criticism and documentation to [email protected] for review.

We also acknowledge that due to the paucity of climate tipping point and climate feedback loop research, Job One for Humanity could be partially or even wholly wrong concerning any of its predictive climate analysis regarding future levels of average global temperature, atmospheric carbon, global warming consequences, global warming timetables, or correct global fossil fuel reduction targets.

We fully appreciate that the climate is a very complex adaptive system. Many unknowns remain about how it and its subsystems react with each other and with other human, geological and ecological systems outside the climate. 

If you wish to challenge the factualness of anything on our website, please see this page for how to do that.

Our Advisory Board

We are an all-volunteer organization

We are an all-volunteer organization, which is very rare these days. Our volunteers are independent and self-organizing The are individuals committed to fixing climate and global heating emergency before it is too late. 

The core of our organization is made up of our climate think tank climate analysts and researchers who have volunteered their time. In many ways, one could define us as a unique and partially crowdsourced climate think tank. 

Our volunteers self-organize to handle our climate research and analysis, social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. In addition, our volunteers do all of the Climate Change Blog postings as they have done for years.

If you also think of our organization as an information-sharing platform like Reddit or even Facebook groups, you would have a good idea of how we communicate and share improvements in climate-related matters.  At Job One, passionate climate analysts, researchers, and activists meet online to collaborate, share observations, and discuss and share practical solutions. Then they go out to independently act upon their self-organized climate change educational or remedial projects. 

(Click here to see a profile of our members, volunteers, and the audience of curious visitors who will most benefit from our website.)

According to Google statistics, as of March 5, 2022, over the last five years, 4.5 million unique visitors have come to our website to review our independent and non-politicized climate and global heating analysis and research. Additionally, scores of Facebook climate change newsgroups regularly display, like, and comment upon our original climate analysis and climate emergency articles.

When we say that we are an independent, non-profit organization, our organizational independence is derived from 100% public funding, with our average donation being $23. And, we never knowingly accept donations from organizations or individuals actively profiting from or forwarding the interest of the fossil fuels industry.

Our website has easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. Our website illuminates the "big picture" physics and math-determined interactions of the climate's many complex adaptive systems. 

Our mission is currently educating individuals and businesses on preparing for adapting to many severe climate consequences we can no longer avoid! Our focus is to support and work with those individuals, businesses, and groups that are bravely facing these many severe climate change consequences. At the same time, those groups are also encouraged to actively work to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can.

We are in a self-created climate nightmare. Our organization will always work toward creating the maximum good possible within the horrible climate and runaway global heating situation we all now face.

We will do everything we can to help individuals, businesses, and groups survive this long-term extinction and collapse threat so that post-emergency, they might eventually be able to birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society, what we call the Great Global Rebirth.



An Important Update to our Mission and Goals

Our overall mission strategy is always based on the principle of focusing on working wholeheartedly toward the best possible climate outcomes while also simultaneously being aware of and preparing for the worst possible climate outcomes.

In March of 2022, Job One For Humanity once again reviewed the climate science and updated its position on climate change and the runaway global heating emergency. It concluded that:

As the result of ignoring 60 years of valid scientific warnings and our not resolving the climate change and rising global heating emergency, we have already locked ourselves into the beginning phase of runaway global warming and the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Mass human extinction is now inevitable and unavoidable because we have already gone over the runaway global heating climate cliff when we reached the carbon 386 ppm level. Unfortunately, at our current carbon 420+ ppm level, we are making our extinction occur faster because we will cross even more climate tipping points and amplify climate feedback loops at faster rates. 

The good news is that we can still save much of the other half of humanity, but only if we get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as soon as possible. The even better news is that when we finally fix runaway global heating, there will be many positive benefits and possibly a Great Global Rebirth

This first mass extinction-level event of about half of humanity by mid-century will result primarily from mass starvation due to climate change-related crop failures, low crop yields, and soaring food prices. It will also be caused by growing resource shortages and increasing regional and national conflicts as tens of millions of starving climate refugees seek to find new homes.

If humanity does not get close to making the required and radical 2025 global fossil fuel use reductions (as described in detail on this global targets page,) humanity will also face an even worse second extinction-level of near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070. (Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity could possibly experience is near-total extinction (about 50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Accordingly, we have had to update our prior mission and goals because of the preceding and the increasingly severe global climate change and global heating consequences. Because the likelihood of coming close to the 2025 global targets for fossil fuel reduction is currently so low, part of our mission upgrade was to create a new Plan B for the runaway global heating extinction emergency. 

With our new Plan B, while we are still working diligently on preventing near-total extinction, we have shifted a significant amount of our mission focus to also helping individuals, families, and businesses to become aware that they now need to start preparing themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically for what can no longer be avoided; the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

We are actively helping them adapt and build climate resilience (and other kinds of resilience) both in their homes and businesses and in essential local, regional, and national systems. Our new Plan B reflects our upgraded mission and focuses on maximizing all the possible human, biological and ecological good within our extremely difficult and painful current climate position by:

A. preparing for, adapting to, and building enhanced human and biological resilience to survive climate change's ongoing catastrophic or unavoidable consequences while time remains to do so.

This getting prepared step also means that it is time to educate and prepare humanity for the many huge sacrifices we have to make to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And it is also time to start preparing humanity for the unimaginable and unavoidable, soon-arriving suffering.  

while simultaneously working to prevent the worst consequences by,

B. pressing our governments hard and continuously to enforce radically cutting global fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets to slow down runaway global heating sufficiently so that we can avoid near-total human and biological extinction and more of humanity can live a little longer and more securely. (We can no longer save half of humanity, but we still have a chance to save much of the rest of humanity.)

C. pressing our governments for the creation of effective global climate governance that has the power to make effective global climate law with the ability to verify, enforce, and punish violators. Without effective global climate governance, we will never be able to at least:

1. slow down the current climate-driven extinction and collapse,

2. manage the coming and now unavoidable climate-driven population collapse and sudden global decline, and 

3. wisely and equitably create and manage the post-global heating collapse recovery processes.  

But first and foremost, we must quickly force our governments to create effective global climate governance that has the power to make effective global climate law AND the ability to verify, enforce, and punish violators! Without this empowered global governance mechanism, we can not adequately reduce the climate risks and threats to minimize the effects of near-total extinction.

Runaway global heating is a global emergency that only can be fixed globally. If we do not get this global climate governance working soon, humanity will suffer far more than ever needed and worse than can be imagined.  

D. And, if we do not get close to the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, with the hope that a good portion of the human population will survive we:

1. help younger individuals and families migrate from high-risk global heating areas to safer areas before it is too late to make these moves, (We forward the position that younger generations (X.Y Z, and A) who did not create or ignore the runaway global heating extinction nightmare have a far greater right to occupy the remaining global heating safest lands and to survive longer.)

2. support building many urban and rural new ecologically sustainable communities worldwide for our younger generations that:

a. might also allow at least some small part of our younger generations to survive where they are currently living, through the coming climate-change-propelled global collapse, extinction, and possible rebirth process and cycle, 

b. might learn from and apply the many hard lessons of runaway global heating and the other ecological, economic, and political consequences which will happen to us because of the ultimate consequences of our current overconsuming, highly unsustainable, and inequitable lives.

If there are survivors in these eco-communities, they and their eco-communities would serve as "beacons of light" modeling the critical new ideas, new values, and new behaviors for an eventual Great Global Rebirth. To see what these new ideas, new values, and new behaviors might look like, click here and look at Benefit 1.

(Please be aware that the continuous pain and suffering any survivors will go through is so immense and unimaginable that many survivors will wish they had died in the Great Global Collapse. For most, survival will be closer to a subsistence existence. Because surviving runaway global heating will be a living hell, we must lessen that hell for survivors by getting as close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as is possible.)

3. help our governments develop crisis plans for managing the sudden and massive loss of life and unfolding social and economic chaos from now until mid-century from the unavoidable runaway global heating consequences. 

Because of our 60 years of inaction and ineffective action on the global heating emergency, the informative creative destruction that will occur as half the human population unavoidably goes extinct is unconscionable and the greatest horror in human history. Yet, it is also an equally powerful opportunity to create a better world and even a great global rebirth. (To learn more about the many benefits, improvements, and new societal values that could emerge for humanity from this unsought-after evolutionary challenge and opportunity, click here.)



About Your Role at Job One for Humanity

Our role as a non-profit educational climate think tank is to provide unpoliticized, uncensored, and accurate climate research information and analysis. We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, activists, or for-profit business managers. We are climate researchers, analysts, and educators only. 

Our limited climate research and analysis role means that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers must share the climate information and analysis they discover on our website for us! If they do not, our uncensored climate information will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late. 

Without the hundreds of thousands of our annual visitors taking up their survival-critical role in distributing our climate information and analysis, there is little hope Humanity can avoid soon-arriving, near-total extinction climate catastrophes. So please do your part! 

Actively and aggressively share and spread the climate information and analysis found on our website and, where appropriate, become climate activists helping us to create honest climate solutions. 

About Job One for Humanity and the Worldwide Fossil Fuel Industry

We have already experienced several attempts at our organization and mission being infiltrated and thwarted by agent provocateurs seeking to act in a way to harm the organization, moving its mission forward. The global fossil fuel conglomerate is the world's largest single industry, producing about 1/3 of the Earth's total gross domestic product, about $28 trillion annually. They are very unhappy with us publishing uncensored climate change research and analysis, not to mention the required and honest global fossil fuel reduction targets found here.

Our wide and free distribution of this uncensored climate analysis and solutions has caused many individuals, organizations, and governments to see that they have been deceived by previously fossil fuel-influenced climate information. Because we are an independent and uncensorable climate change think funded 100% by the public, and our climate analysis and research solutions are distributed worldwide, we believe we have recently reached the near top of the fossil fuel industry's most disliked organizations. We consider that to be an honor.

The Climate and Humanity's Future

Humanity's future depends on how fast we can slow and lessen the worst effects of the runaway global heating extinction emergency. Our next 3 to 9 years will determine humanity's future viability and survival. (If you would like to see the analysis of many factors that bought us to the realization that, at best, climate change is only 3-9 years away (2025-2031) from going out of our control for centuries to millenniaclick here.)

We understand that the above is a distressing and problematic climate update. But, the good news is, if our governments mass mobilize and get us close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we still will be able to save as much as half of humanity! We will also be able to save many of our beautiful planet's plant and animal species and other living systems. 

So, let's get busy and work together to save and salvage what we need to survive and what we dearly love.

(Please note: The above climate and runaway global heating facts are currently being censored or altered by the actions of powerful fossil fuel industry lobbyists upon the media and our governments. Yet, widely visible climate and runaway global heating consequences and current climate science-based predictions support the above statements as accurate.)

The above-updated mission means that our primary organizational focus is to support and work with individuals and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable and severe global warming and environmental consequences, while at the same time, some of which are working to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can. 

Things are going so bad in global efforts to slow accelerating climate change that our nonprofit organization has recently focused our mission on serving those individuals and groups who want to adapt to, survive and thrive through the coming Great Global Collapse and the extinction of much of humanity.

The higher purpose for trying to adapt to and survive what is coming (beyond survival itself) is to take the painful lessons learned from the causes of the Great Die-off and the Great Global Collapse and use that wisdom to create a Great Global Rebirth for humanity's survivors. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to help individuals, groups, and their children survive this long-term climate nightmare so they may eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society.

Since 2008, the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization has been educating about the global warming extinction emergency. Some websites believe you are too weak to deal with the increasingly bad global warming news, or they dummy down their information so much that it is nearly useless. They act like if they did tell you the disheartening new research concerning the global warming emergency, you will not stick around to help, volunteer, or donate.

We will never do that. Our nonprofit global warming educational organization will tell you what few other global warming websites will tell you.

We will always give you the most accurate and current science available, no matter how painful.

We will make it understandable with lots of illustrations. 

We will always treat you as an adult who can deal with and manage the truth about our current global warming emergency. And,

We believe that once you do understand the science of this emergency, you will do your part to help us fix or adapt to it.

Our website is loaded with easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. Our website illuminates the "big picture" physics and math-determined interactions of the climate's many complex adaptive systems. 


1. Sign the Petition to Declare a Runaway Global heating State of Emergency!




Please note: We do not test, recommend, promote, or sell climate change-related products

Job One for Humanity does not test, recommend, promote, or sell climate change mechanical products of any kind! Instead, we are a climate change think tank. For our climate change analysis work, we review published climate change-related studies or other reliably sourced, science-grounded climate data that illuminates some result or problem related to the climate change extinction emergency.

We are not just facing climate catastrophes. We are facing a massive climate change consequence-driven human extinction (possibly even most of humanity.)

We created a four-part climate change solution plan to deal with this deeper mass extinction truth. Please review all four parts of our plan, and then feel free to let us know if you think we are missing anything.

Start with this page:


Next, go to Part three of our climate change solution, which is a complex, comprehensive statement of what governments must do.


Are you feeling sad, upset, depressed, angry, or anxious about the climate change emergency?

There is a lot of horrible news to digest about global warming. Any person who realizes that our governments are not doing enough to save us from unthinkable suffering and loss will naturally experience sadness, anger, depression, or significant anxiety.

The Job One for Humanity staff also has had to digest all the dreadful global warming news. To get our team through it emotionally, we learned about something called the Kubler Ross model of change. This emotional management model helped our team deal with all of the challenging emotions that today's global warming news evokes. 

We felt it would be irresponsible to leave our readers without some of these tools to manage the intense feelings that the climate change emergency can create. Accordingly, we are providing the following images and tools that should help you come to emotional terms with the new realities of global warming. Here's how these global warming caused emotional reactions, transitions, and healings usually look for most people:

1. If you're like most people, what you have learned about the climate change emergency will cause you to initially react with denial and shock. 


2. If you have the tenacity to explore more concerning how bad our governments have let global warming become, you will likely also become frustrated and angry at "how could our politicians and governments ever allow this to happen.

3. If you continue examing the facts of the global warming emergency and its solutions, you will most likely then enter into a bargaining or experimenting phase to find some way to deal with such disturbing and disruptive information on your life and future.

4. If you continue verifying the facts of the climate change emergency as well as its honest but difficult and painful solutions, you will most likely next enter into a transitional feeling of grief or depression. 

5. As you work your way through your grief or depression, you will eventually come to a level of acceptance of what is scientifically accurate. (Even though it is currently is being suppressed by the fossil fuel industry, mass media, and the politicians owned by the fossil fuel industry.)

A bit more about the Kubler Ross Model emotional management model

The five primary emotional transition levels above are vital parts of the Kubler Ross model. Over time, this model is a useful tool to help you deal with the global warming denial, anger, fear, grief or anxiety that any healthy person would experience once they truly realize the current nature of our global warming emergency.

The Kubler Ross model is used to help people deal with the medical news that they are going to die. But, it still has powerful relevance here.

This is true because as you wrestle with the new global warming realities, you will most likely go through these five emotional phases over and over again. You will do this in numerous waves until you finally reach a profound and deeply stable state of acceptance, peace, and hopefully motivation to do whatever you can to reduce this threat.

When you finally realize how bad our climate change emergency is, the challenging emotional effects are a real thing! If you don't believe us, please click here to read about a new report called, The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Why the U.S. Mental Health Care System Is Not Adequately Prepared.

Reaching necessary emotional acceptance and getting into action

Once you reach a level of emotional acceptance for what you have learned about the climate change emergency, you will be more willing and ready to begin new ways to solve the climate change emergency. You also will find yourself being better prepared to make new decisions on how to adapt and integrate this critical information into your life and business. 

You may begin even emergency preparations for the unavoidable coming global warming consequences. This way, you are better able to protect yourself, your family, and your business and wisely maximize the chances of staying out of harm's way.

Once one reaches the critical state of emotional acceptance of the reality of what one is facing, most mature adults do as they have done for millennia. They accept what they cannot change and start finding ways to adapt to it. (There are also many adaptation steps found in the Job One Plan.) They also accept the truth of the bad news, and they get busy working on whatever they can do to change and improve it. (In this case, they get active on the Job One Plan action steps.) 

We at Job One have found that the best thing to help minimize the emotional pain and trauma is to get busy completing the action steps of the Job One Plan. This is true even if you have not fully reached the acceptance level of your emotional recovery. The Job One Plan's many action steps proactively focus your attention on what can still be done. This focus on the needed action also minimizes your available attention on the negatives (once they have served their purpose of redirecting you to action on the deeper truths of this emergency.)

Therapy or support groups also can help you work through having the painful realization that humanity is in the worst existential crisis in its history and, we do not have much time left (until 2025,) to effectively prevent mass extinction. Therapy or support groups can also help get you motivated to do whatever you can on the many action steps of the Job One Plan.

As you continue to understand the scale of our climate change emergency, you may also come to realize that our lives and our children's lives are going to be far shorter than we ever imagined. But that still can be changed if we immediately react to the challenge of radically reducing our global fossil fuel usage to meet the 2025 targets!

One last emotional recovery tip 

Not everything about our global warming extinction emergency is emotionally disheartening. There are many surprising benefits to this emergency. Click here to read the single most read page on our website on these many benefits. At Job One we review this list regularly to maintain the mental well-being of our own staff. We also discovered that regular review of this good news and benefits list was critical to keeping our volunteers on-mission and maintaining their motivation as well. 


Because most of you that have understood the previous facts (that do not fall into a defensive denial,) will naturally and appropriately feel shocked, sad, angry, or even betrayed, the most logical and the best thing to do to deal with those often overwhelming feelings is to work for "the best" while you prepare for "the worst," just in case we fail. What this means is that you will need to focus as much as your energy and resources on just two main action strategies:

a. Get busy on getting the 2025 reduction targets met by getting our governments enacting and enforcing the laws needed to reach the 2025 targets. (Click here to learn what you need to know to get started on this.) and,

b. Get busy with emergency preparations and adaptations for you, your family, and/or your business for many of the now unavoidable consequences that will be arriving soon. (Click here to begin this process.)

These two action-based strategies will minimize the natural feelings of being shocked, sad, angry, or feeling completely betrayed by our current world leaders until you can get additional emotional support or assistance from other outsides sources or from working through the above Kubler Ross model on your own.

No matter what, and in spite of all of the challenges and bad outcomes that are possible, the core constant truth for the best possible global warming outcome for humanity is that:

a. The faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the more people that will survive to carry on humanity. 

b. The faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the less future generations will suffer from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming catastrophes.

Help us get the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals met by signing the global warming extinction emergency petition now.

Other related information:

If you would like to know more about how this gross misinformation of the public over a 30-year timeframe concerning the global warming extinction emergency occurred, click here and go to the end of the page to the subtitle, How this Gross Misinformation Occurred

You can also review this page to prove to yourself that we are not exaggerating how bad our future will become for all of those who are unprepared for it.
To understand more about the year-by-year sequence of consequences on how billions will die, migrate or perish in global warming-related resource wars, click here and read about the Climageddon Scenario.
Be sure to also check out our recently upgraded mission here!
And, In case you are wondering...

How Was This Horrendous Global Warming Nightmare Ever Allowed to Get to this Point?

The current global warming remedial strategies forwarded by our governments, most environmental organizations, and the IPPC will not save us in time because they are simply not acknowledging to either themselves or to the public the painful new reality that we have already reached the level of out of control global warming for at least the next 30-50 years. Because they are not acknowledging that this new reality exists, they are not also not preparing for or dealing with it!

There are many reasons the pre-mentioned organizations are not telling the full truth about our global warming future. Some organizations and nations are truly ignorant and have not put all the research pieces and probable timelines together at the necessary systems or meta-systemic analysis level. Some organizations and nations fear the public will panic if they tell the whole truth. Some organizations and nations are keeping this news private to a privileged few so that those individuals or nations can seek or maintain security or economic advantages.

If we as individuals are consciously paying attention to the destabilizing climate around us, it is not hard to see reality is already "forcing" us to face the bad global warming news in the form of increasingly more severe, frequent and larger scaled global warming consequences.

The good news here is that as adults, many of us have already learned the valuable lesson for the need to face bad news and painful realities. We have also learned that whenever we do not face the reality of some important problem and deal with it, that particular reality (problem,) not only gets worse, it also usually lasts longer.

As an organization we have the courage and duty to speak out about these difficult global warming truths, but please do not mistake us for some kind of survivalist organization or apocalyptic community just because we inform you candidly about the soon-coming and life-ending consequences of our current out of control global warming extinction emergency. 

We are a non-profit global warming education organization working for the benefit of society. 

Our message is simple. Because global warming has already become out of our meaningful control for at least the next 30-50 years, we need to adapt to this new reality and try to slow down the worst of it so that we have more time to prepare and/or migrate so that more us can survive as best we can. Our hope is also that those who do survive will learn from what has happened and from those lessons they will be the "seeds" of a better future. 

It's time to accept the bitter reality that the battle to keep our current level of global warming from continuing to rise steadily for as long as the next 30-50+ years and prevent now unavoidable consequences is near certainly over! We now need to face and process this difficult reality and slow down global warming in any way we can while also moving on to whatever we can still save and salvage. 


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