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Last Updated 11.22.22

Welcome, Climageddon Book Readers to our Climageddon updates and reader support page!


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We have made numerous free updates for the Climageddon book since it was published for the following reasons:

1. These post-publication updates needed to be made due to new climate research.

2. The current rapid worsening of our current climate and the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

3. Far fewer global fossil fuel reductions were made than were agreed to in subsequent international climate treaties. And,

The upgrades that you will find below replace all of Part 2 of Climageddon (the climate action plans for how to fix global heating,) and they also replace the conclusion to the book due primarily to climate conditions being far worse than even Climageddon projected.

The 7 most important Climageddon book updates

The following are the most important updates to the Climageddon book since it was released. Further below is an expanded explanation of all of the important Climageddon book updates:

1. Here is the updated global fossil fuel reduction plan that must be successfully executed before 2025 to reach the critical reduction targets to save our future. Click here for the new full story on these radical fossil fuel usage reductions including all of their qualifying factors. This is a major upgrade based on newer research from the book. 

2. Here is our new and well-updated "Plan B" plan to solve the many continually evolving obstacles, dilemmas, and puzzles that the runaway global heating extinction emergency now presents. We basically had to rework the whole Job One plan you saw in the book to meet the new realities on the ground! This page will take you to all of the action plan materials that update and replace Part 2 of Climageddon.

3. Here is a quick and short summary page of all the critical changes in climate change conditions since the Climageddon book was published.

4. This is the second most important update page on our website that weaves together all of the new and older research since the book was published.

5. Here is the updated global warning rapidly escalating dangers and tipping points list. It adds more detail and new information on the key tipping point now leading us to extinction.

Unfortunately, our governments have further politicized and watered-down the real global warming facts so much that our first step toward an honest solution must be to cut through the fossil fuel industry "spin" and then squarely face what is going to happen to us at this late stage if we do not hit the new 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.)

6. Here are the updated current biggest obstacles that we must overcome by 2025. (Here you will discover why this is a mega-challenge even for the best and brightest minds in society today.)

6. Click here and go to the Members pull-down menu to see the extensive new materials we have created for evaluating if, when, and where one should relocate or migrate because of accelerating global warming. They are far beyond what we included in the Climageddon book. (All individuals who purchased Climageddon are given a free one-year membership and support for that membership.)

Here in number 7 below is what replaces the former Conclusion to Climageddon.

7. Click here for detailed new updates on learning how accelerating global heating along with our other 11 major global challenges is leading us into a global collapse and mass to total extinction! There are over 80 primary and secondary consequences sequenced out on this page.

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All Climageddon book purchasers also get free access to the members-only section of our website for 1 year. In addition to the book updates listed below on this book update and support page, the members-only section of our website contains additional new materials beyond what was found in the book.

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Please read the rest of this page first and then explore the rest of the members-only links. In the members-only links, we have done a lot of new work on the migration issues and we have added much more detail to the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.

Even though as a book purchaser you get one year of free access, please also donate and help us achieve our mission.

More about this Climageddon book support, update, and author's page

Climageddon book readers are becoming activists. Numerous readers have written to me as the book's author and told me how they are mobilizing within their own countries to enact various parts of the new Job One Plan. One reader has started on a fictional novel version of Climageddon to help people get the message. Several readers are working on creating sustainable eco-communities in global warming safer zones.



Special Update of April 30, 2022:

Job One for Humanity and are now working together to create new urban, suburban, and rural communities as briefly described below. 

If you are interested in helping us or learning from what we are doing send us an email as described below.

To deal with the reality of accelerating global warming, the 11 other most critical global challenges, and the many coming catastrophes, we have started creating the first of many sustainable eco-communities. These new communities would also have a high potential to survive and thrive in the safest global warming locations and have the best chance to survive the 11 other global challenges that are rapidly worsening.

These intentionally designed communities will have a new system of personalized democratic political management that will better serve the community's wellbeing. They will also have new fair exchange-driven economic models. 

We hope that someday these new economic, political, and social models that we will be creating will become a new, better model for the post-collapse future worldwide. 

These communities will be developed using open-source models. Anyone joining and contributing may use all of the information we have assembled and branch off on their own at any time to form their unique urban, suburban, or rural new community.



We plan for this first new rural community to eventually have up to 500 people, so we are looking at potential land purchases of up to 2,000 acres.

This first community is designed to be a place for the best of appropriate modern technology, sustainable gardens and farms, (an agrihood) net-zero energy construction, a focus on ongoing personal growth and education, off-the-grid independence, green energy generation, complete recycling, environmentally sensitive policies.

It will also be a place where humanists, individuals who value rationality and science, and individuals with progressive spiritual practices will feel comfortable.

If you want to help co-create these new communities, email [email protected] and put "New Sustainable Community" in the subject line.



Our initial volunteers are also completing a discussion forum for the project. These volunteers have also set up a project management software that allows volunteers to work independently on this new community creation project that is compatible with their skills and interests.



If you want to be involved in helping to co-create this new community, we also suggest the following: 

1. Read this page first so you get a quick general idea of what is happening with the global warming emergency.

2. Read this critical page next.

3. Then read this page for why it is necessary to get prepared NOW. 

4. Next read this page to learn more about us. and,

5. If you are still interested in helping co-create this community, email [email protected] and put "New Sustainable Community" in the subject line.

We will contact you when we finish with the volunteer project management software, and we are ready to take on the second wave of volunteers. 

Once you email us your interest, we will also keep you informed on our progress in creating this new community. 

b. We will be releasing a global warming safe land and home purchase checklist with scores of items to help you select the safest global warming locations in the US and around the world. Hopefully, this will be done in late November or early December.

As soon as you have reviewed the above key new documents you will see how much things have worsened since Climageddon was published.

Climageddon is changing lives. Please do not forget to write a review on Amazon!

Please go to this Climageddon book review link on Amazon and write a review. The more reviews Climageddon gets, the more people will see it because more reviews make it more visible on Amazon. Check out its many great four and five-star reviews on Amazon here!)

Additional Job One Plan Action Plan Links 

Quick and Easy Personal Action Steps:

  • Donate to support the great not-for-profit, tax-deductible mission of Job One for Humanity.
  • Spread The Word and share the Climageddon book link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail +, Reddit, Tumblr, and Digg, etc.

Job One Personal Petitions and Pledges to Sign:

Sample Letters and Information for Job One Plan Action Steps:

Become a Job One Volunteer:

Become Global Warming Emergency Mobilization Organizational Ally or Partner with Job One:

Create an independent Job One Plan meetup, study or action group in your local area:



Last Updated 9.31.2022

If you are interested in understanding the science and analysis procedures we used to present the above information, click here for a technical expiation of our climate research process.

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