The Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock Bringing Us Ever-Closer to Climageddon


It is hard to hear about another even more significant threat than the current COVID-19 pandemic and our already occurring (and probable) 2-5 year global recession (or depression.) Yet, if we do not address another global threat while we still can, it will be infinitely worse than the global pandemic and the global recession combined.

Today, so much or our daily lives are being changed and limited. During this time so full of restriction, stress and pressure will naturally build-up. 

Luckily, many of us are finding ways to positively use this stress, pressure, and physical restriction. We are making the stress into a powerful motivator to rethink how the world is managed and how it could be.

Unfortunately, while we are working our way through the current mess, we will also need to face and manage the accelerating global warming emergency before we run out of time!  

If we don't get global warming under control very soon as you will see, we will experience a series of apocalyptical extinction events that will make all of the sufferings and sacrifices we will encounter during the current pandemic and recession seem like a day at the beach.

How the Doomsday Clock Works  

The Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock below shows us how close we are to losing control of our future regarding global warming's most catastrophic and extinction-evoking consequences. The midnight position on the Doomsday Clock marks the year 2025 where the over-arching forces and processes of nature within our climate system will have removed our global warming "driver's seat."

(The links in this article will take you to the necessary documentation for the facts presented below.) 

The 2025 Global Warming & Climate Change Doomsday Clock

To prevent passing beyond midnight (2025) on the Global Warming Doomsday clock, we must meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. If we do not meet these targets, we will pass beyond, and then through several critical global warming extinction-triggering tipping points. 

If we pass these critical tipping points, the systems and subsystems of our climate, atmosphere, and ecosystems will seize control from us due to the immutable laws of physics which directly relate to the amount of fossil fuel carbon pollution we have put into our atmosphere. 

If the Global Warming Doomsday Clock reaches the midnight position, we will cross the last battle line of carbon 425 parts per million. We then become impotent and ineffective "back seat passengers" riding on the vehicle called Earth. Unfortunately, this will also cause us to move inevitably faster towards crossing additional global warming extinction-evoking tipping points.

If we pass the carbon 425 ppm battle line, we will also go over the climate cliff. The illustration below shows our last battle line for atmospheric carbon and the climate cliff. The vertical, red dotted line is the carbon 425 ppm level. (The Climageddon Scenario extinction model and its six phases mentioned in the illustration below are described in more detail here and further below.)


If we fail to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets we will trigger and begin an uncontrollable and unavoidable mass extinction process, which will eventually kill as much as 70-90% of humanity over the next 3-5 decades.

Here's why we have only until 2025 to prevent an uncontrollable global warming doomsday process from beginning?

There are several reasons why we have only a few more years left to meet the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and save the world from triggering an unavoidable mass extinction process: 

1. If we fail to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we can no longer stop ourselves from crossing over two or three of the four most critical extinction-evoking global warming tipping points. These first two or three crossed extinction-evoking tipping points will initiate an unavoidable mass human, animal, and biological extinction process, which will kill as much as 70-90% of humanity through starvation, resource conflicts, and other related consequences over the next 3-5 decades.

(Click here to read about these post-2025 extinction-evoking global warming tipping points which we can not pass beyond.) 

(Click here to read about the necessary 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target. All developed nations have to reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025. Underdeveloped nations, which did not cause the current global warming emergency, have lower targets. Lower targets for underdeveloped nations are both fair and morally just since they played a much smaller part in creating the current global warming extinction emergency.)



2. Global warming is not taking place in a vacuum where the world is not dealing with other major global crises. Once we go over the 2025 global warming climate cliff, we will make humanity's 12 other critical global crises so much worse that humankind's survival beyond a few more decades would be unlikely. For most of humanity's 12 other critical global crises, climate change, and global warming are simultaneously the great disruptors of the 21st century and threat mega-multipliers

Here is a brief listing of these other 12 critical global challenges:

Global Challenge 1: Resolving the current COVID-19 global pandemic, 

Global Challenge 2: increasing global economic instabilities, 

Global Challenge 3: ever-rising over-population, 

Global Challenge 4: rising global resource depletion, 

Global Challenge 5: escalating pollution of lands, air, and waters. 

Global Challenge 6: loss of biodiversity, 

Global Challenge 7: growing economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty. 

Global Challenge 8: escalating regional and international terrorism, conflicts, and war, 

Global Challenge 9: Mass migrations, 

Global Challenge 10: New COVID-19 like pandemics and other new and old disease epidemics, will likely occur every decade. 

Global Challenge 11: increasing political instability and collapsing governments, and 

Global Challenge 12: Our failure to evolve effective global governance. 

(If needed, click here to see a detailed description of humanity's 12 other most critical global challenges. You will discover more about how the accelerating global warming threat multiplier will make most of the other 12 challenges far worse, creating the Climageddon Scenario.  

At this location, you can see the consequences and timeframes leading up to our extinction unfold within the six distinct phases of the Climageddon Scenario. You can also click the image below to take you to this scary deep dive into our future.)

3. Most people do not understand that our climate system has dominant momentum factors built into it. This momentum is so strong that what we do today to reduce global fossil fuel use will not show up in results (like average global temperature reduction) for about 20-30 years. 



We are also dealing with the global warming momentum problem because we have ignored 35 years of global warming warnings by our scientists. We should have begun significantly reducing global fossil fuel use 35 years ago. Having ignored those many and extensive warnings, we now have until 2025 to reach the much more difficult 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Your June 24, 2020, Doomsday Clock Wake Up Call

As of June 2020, we are currently at 416 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in our atmosphere. This well above the carbon 405 ppm level, which would have kept our eventual average global temperature below 2 degrees C. We are in deep, deep trouble and our leaders still seem to be avoiding the global warming emergency reality. 

Although the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic did slow global fossil fuel use for the first four months of 2020, global fossil fuel use has begun to rise again as more people go back to work and come out of shelter-in-place restrictions. Even with the pandemic temporarily lowering global fossil fuel use, we are still a long, long way from the critical 25 % annual global fossil fuel reduction levels that all developed countries (including China and India) must meet for 2020. 

This means if we continue using fossil fuel as we currently are, the global fossil fuel reduction amounts that we must meet by 2025 will need to be considerably higher. Any higher targets for 2021-to 2025 would be horrible because the needed reductions until 2025 are so high they are already very tough to meet.

To help give the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock 2025 battle the needed additional context for its high urgency and call to action, consider the following:

Michael Mann, the Distinguished Professor of Meteorology from the University of Pennsylvania, has stated that once we reach the carbon 405 parts per million (ppm) level in our atmosphere, a 2 degrees C average global temperature increase (about 4 degrees Fahrenheit) is already baked into our future! Once that happens, there is nothing we can do to stop it! 

Because of global warming tipping points and positive feedback loops, Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director emeritus and founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, believes that if we go much above 2° C, we will quickly get to 4° C (about 7° Fahrenheit.) He also says a 4° C increase would spell the end of human civilization.

Johan Rockström, the head of one of Europe's leading research institutes, warned that in a 4°C warmer world, it would be "difficult to see how we could accommodate a billion people or even half of that. Not even a rich minority world survive with modern lifestyles in the post 4°C-warmer turbulent, conflict-ridden world". 

Many other climate scientists have warned that once the climate warms 4 degrees C over our preindustrial average global temperature, human adaptation to these temperature levels will be all but impossible! It long past the time to initiate radical global fossil fuel reduction. And,

According to James Hansen, one of the world's most famous climate researchers and one of the first to warn us about our possible extinction, a carbon 450 ppm level will eventually develop into the beyond doomsday average global temperature increase of 6° Celsius (about 11° Fahrenheit.)

Click here to see a graph of today's atmospheric carbon level. This continuously updated graph will best show our progress or lack of progress in reversing our global warming emergency. If it goes up, things are getting worse. If it is going back down, moving back toward the safe carbon 350 ppm level, it is good.

Here are some other sobering quick statistics on the current effects of global warming to also consider:

a. twenty-one million people have been forcibly displaced because of climate change since 2008.

b. seven million premature deaths occur each year due to poor air quality from burning fossil fuel and other related air pollution sources. 

c. eighteen million acres of forest are lost each year.

d. twenty percent of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon forest.

e. twenty-eight thousand species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation.

f. It’s estimated that 25% of the world’s total greenhouse gas production comes from deforestation alone. As a result, stored carbon from forests is now being released into the atmosphere instead of being captured.

If you would like to see a phase by phase very detailed consequence and timeframe description of precisely how accelerating global warming will bring about the mass extinction of humanity within just a few decades, click here to learn more about the Climageddon Scenario extinction model and countdown.

But, it is not all horrible climate change and global warming news. There is good news...

Like the COVID-19 global pandemic, our political leaders and governments are not managing this emergency properly, but our climate change and global warming doomsday are not an inevitability! We still have until 2025 to make the critical global fossil fuel reductions necessary. And, there is a realistic and practical plan to help us do this and survive and thrive. 

It is called the Job One for Humanity Plan. (To learn more about the Job One plan, click here or click the image below.)



There is a real urgency here to address the climate change and global warming emergency. It is crucial that you act now. We have so little time left to protect our future.



Click here to get started on the Job One Plan and...



There is little time left to reduce global fossil fuel use to meet the 2025 global targets. This lack of time means we immediately need to hit the ground running. 

The Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock is ticking. No matter how big the challenge is or how short the time to get it done, we need to deal with the global warming emergency and humanity's 12 other critical global crises. 

To do this, it will help to remember that we need to remember to stay calm and carry on! 

A quick summary of the key takeaways from the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock page

1. We have only until 2025 to act or, global warming crosses extinction-triggering tipping points and goes out of our collective human control for centuries to thousands of years.

2. If we pass beyond global warming extinction-triggering tipping points, it will be because the forces of nature (the systems and subsystems of our climate, atmosphere, and ecosystems) have seized control. This loss of human control will happen because of the immutable laws of physics relating to our atmosphere's escalating fossil fuel carbon pollution levels

3. If we fail to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and cross the extinction-triggering tipping points within decades, there will be an unavoidable mass human die-off (as much as 70-90% of humanity.) 

4. If we get our governments to act immediately to achieve the 2025 global targets using the effective fossil fuel reduction steps (described here,) we still have time to adapt, save ourselves, and thrive! 

5. Global warming is the greatest disruptor of the 21st century. It is also a threat mega-multiplier for these other 12 critical global challenges.

Other than avoiding nuclear war, the global warming extinction emergency has become the prime driver for having a future for humanity on Earth. If we allow global warming to go out of our control by missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, there is little hope we can avoid global warming mass extinction or control the escalating consequences of the world's other 12 other critical challenges.

The above is all you have to remember about the Global Warming Doomsday Clock and your future. Many of the pages on our website will show you the exact science behind these five simple statements to verify what we are saying is true.

According to our policy of respectful disruption, we dedicate the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock to…

In our humble opinion, it is now necessary to call out and identify the following supposed leading organizations that have repeatedly failed to create or promote effective global warming solutions that deal with the real urgency of the global warming emergency and its current deadlines.

These organizations and individuals are:

Group 1: The Environmental Defense, the Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council, and the Hewlett and Packard Foundation. These organizations control over 70% of global warming education money in the US. Yet, they are still not educating about the correct fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, or effective global warming solutions that will prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction.

Group 2: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Green New Deal's creators and promoters, and the Grantham Foundation. (The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation's global warming extinction emergency education is so minimal it is pathetic. The little it does is focused on the IPCC's seriously underestimated consequences, targets, and global warming solution deadlines. At times the Gates foundation appears to forward biological systems under-informed techno-optimism.  It seems to be seeking to turn planetary geoengineering into a new profit center for Bill and Melinda Gates empire related or future entities. 

The Green New Deal is loaded with wrong targets, wrong timetables, and inadequate "too little too late" solutions that will doom us while we think we are saving ourselves. 

Through its founder, the Grantham Foundation continually warns about how bad the future is going to be but fails to put its funding where its predictions point i9n effective ways. It appears they are using the foundation's dire warnings to help sell investment products in another related corporate entity.)

Group 3: To be added on January 1, 2021.

For years, we've swallowed the global warming delusions offered in a Matrix-like movie blue pill. This blue pill was the nonsense models of utopian tech and cheery tales of fast enough green growth that could replace global fossil fuel use in time to save us.

Today, even these blue pill enthusiasts are beginning to wallow in their doubts and anxieties concerning their grossly underestimated global fossil fuel reduction targets, techno-optimism, and belief in a super-rapid green energy generation transition that will save us in time.

Click here to see what our governments and the largest environmental groups must do to prevent the climate change and global warming doomsday from occurring!

Click here to review our policy of respectful disruption.

If you want a livable future, here is one thing every reader of this "it is time to wake up" article can and should do right now!

Please forward this article to friends and share it on social media when you are done reading it. We are an all-volunteer organization, and we can't wake up the world to the 2025 doomsday deadline by ourselves. 

Please help us get the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock into the awareness of millions and then billions of our fellow citizens around the world. Feel free to translate it if the search engine automatic translators are not working well enough in your native language.

We are running out of time! 


Important Technical Details for the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock

Many global warming educational organizations are using different Doomsday Clock dates. Many promote that all nations of the world have to reduce their total fossil fuel use by 50% by 2030. This 2030 date is too little too late and is dead and dangerously wrong for many reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons is because this 2030 target date ignores the principles of equity and international justice, namely proportional responsibility for harm caused. It demands that all of the undeveloped, poorer nations reduce their annual fossil fuel use the same percentage amounts as all of the wealthy and developed nations. This demand for the same percentage amount of fossil fuel reduction even though the wealthy developed nations have caused almost all of the global warming and atmospheric carbon pollution problems that we now face is inherently unfair.

The correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets mentioned above do allow the poorer, undeveloped nations to cut their annual fossil fuel use considerably less than the wealthy developed nations. And with these 2025 targets, we still get to the overall needed global fossil fuel use reductions to prevent crossing the climate cliff and its extinction evoking tipping points. 

There are also many other reasons some global warming educational organizations are still promoting erroneous 2030, 2025, 2040 ad 2050 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Many additional technical reasons for why these other deadlines are wrong are found in the Special Technical Notes section at the bottom of the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets description page. 

On this 2025 global target detail page, you will also discover more information about how the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions are shared equitably between wealthy developed and poor undeveloped nations as well as links to the science behind the validity of the 2025 targets. 

We know the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock and materials can be upsetting.

If you need to hear some good even great news about our global warming extinction emergency, click here. This surprise good news page is the most read page on our website, having been viewed several million times.


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