The Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock to a Global Collapse

In this article of many disturbing climate change facts, you will discover:

1. why there is a unique doomsday clock just for the climate change and global warming issue,

2. how global warming is pushing us quickly toward the mass extinction of much of humanity by 2050, global collapse, and the Sixth Great Extinction Event in Earth's history,

3. why there is so little time left to fix the global warming accelerator of the doomsday emergency,

4. a comprehensive plan for what you can do to help prevent this doomsday emergency while we still can,

5. the many step-by-step consequences, processes, critical relationships, contexts, and catastrophic transformations that will lead us up to 12-midnight on the global warming doomsday clock if we fail to take the required fossil fuel reduction actions,

7. an emergency preparation plan if we fail to get this emergency under control, and 

6. a well-needed counterbalancing good news and the surprising benefits which we will obtain as and if, we work together to prevent the global warming doomsday emergency.



It is hard to hear about another even worse threat than the COVID-19 pandemic and our steep global recession. Yet, if we do not address this additional rapidly accelerating global threat while we still can control it, it will be far worse, last far longer, and be far more painful than the current global pandemic and the global recession combined.

Unfortunately, while we are working our way through the COVID and global recession emergency, we now also need to face and manage the accelerating global warming emergency before we run out of time! This is particularly true for generation Z, generation X, and Generation Y (the Millenials) who will be battered by the worst consequences of accelerating global warming long before 2040.

As you will soon see, if we don't get global warming slowed down and manage it better, we will soon experience a series of apocalyptical, End Times worthy, cataclysmic extinction events (doomsday events) that will make all of the sufferings and sacrifices that we are encountering during our current global pandemic and recession seem like a day at the beach.

Before you read the information below on the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock, we strongly recommend that if you have not done so already, please read the nine most important facts about global warming today.

What is the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock and how does it work?

Almost everyone has heard about the Doomsday Clock created initially by a group of nuclear scientists not long after the advent of dropping the first atomic bomb in 1945. The goal of this first Doomsday Clock was to warn the world how close we were coming to nuclear war and doomsday. Today a new kind of Doomsday Clock is needed to better manage a new threat in addition to older global risks.

The Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock (below) tells us how well we are managing the global warming emergency and how close we are to a new doomsday scenario. It shows us how close we are to losing control of our future, specifically, but not exclusively from global warming's most catastrophic and extinction-evoking consequences. 

The 12-midnight position of 2025 on the Doomsday Clock below marks the point where the over-powering processes and physical forces of nature within the climate system will have technically and mathematically removed us from any significant or meaningful control over our global warming future and its many consequences.

The Global Warming Doomsday Clock strikes midnight when we enter 2025. This new Doomsday Clock exists because if we have not reduced our global fossil fuel use to come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will, in fact, be looking at doomsday.

The 2025 Global Climate Change and Global warming Doomsday Clock

How can we prevent a climate change and global warming doomsday (aka Climageddon?)

To prevent passing beyond midnight on the Global Warming Doomsday clock, we must meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before 2025! If we do not meet these targets, we will go over the climate cliff and quickly pass through and beyond several global warming extinction-triggering tipping points. Once the climate cliff threshold is crossed, it is the increased speed at which far too many new global warming tipping points will be crossed, which makes this threshold our last battle line. (More about the post-climate cliff accelerated tipping point crossing process is described on this page.) 

If we miss the 2025 targets and we pass these global warming tipping points, the systems and subsystems of our climate and atmosphere will seize control from us. This loss of control will be due to the immutable laws of atmospheric physics, which directly relate to the amount of fossil fuel carbon pollution we have put into our atmosphere.

This massive doomsday meltdown of all global warming consequences mixed with all of the escalating repercussions from our 11 other major global challenges is also known as the Climageddon Extinction Scenario. (The 11 other major doomsday-enhancing global challenges will be described down this page.)

When the Global Warming Doomsday Clock reaches the midnight position, we will have also crossed the last battle line (aka the climate cliff. This battle line and cliff are delineated by reaching the level of 425 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in our atmosphere. Once we cross that battle line, cliff, and tipping point, Nature takes over, and we become impotent and ineffective "back seat passengers" riding on the vehicle called Earth. 

The graphic illustration below shows our last battle line and climate cliff for the level of atmospheric carbon. See the red vertical red dotted line. It is the carbon 425 ppm last battle line level. 

The Climageddon Extinction Scenario model and its six phases (CS Phase 1, 2,3, etc.), also mentioned in the illustration below, are described further below. For now, all you need to know that with each increase in carbon ppm level and new CS Phase showed below:

a. the curved line becomes a darker red color, and 

b. the intensifying global warming consequences bring us closer to mass extinction by mid-century and eventually total extinction beginning as soon as 2070.)




If we cross the last carbon 425-450 ppm battle line and climate cliff, we will cross 1-2 additional extinction-triggering tipping points and begin the uncontrollable and unavoidable mass extinction process. This extinction process will eventually kill much of humanity by mid-century. 

The carbon 425 ppm climate cliff occurs because of many complex climate factors that converge and trigger a significant acceleration of both the global warming process and many global warming consequences. (To read the precise, detailed, and complex processes, steps, actions, and reactions that take place as we cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff, please go to this page and go to the section called, "The first extinction-accelerating tipping point that we will cross at or before 2025: the carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point." )

If we go over the above carbon 425 ppm climate cliff and then trigger the next extinction-accelerating tipping points, we will experience most of the consequences described further down this page. As you will soon see for yourself on the blue Atmospheric C02 (carbon) graph in the next section and from our current carbon ppm level, we are already far too near the carbon 425 ppm Climate. The following historical chart partially explains why the Global Warming Doomsday Clock is our last "wake up" call!

Why the Global Warming Doomsday Clock is our last global warming extinction prevention "wake up" call?

As of April 2020, we are currently at a seasonally adjusted 414 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in our atmosphere. This carbon 414 level is well above the already hazardous carbon 405 ppm level. The carbon 405 ppm level is the last level that would have kept our eventual average global temperature from rising to and above 2 degrees C. 

As you see from the graph below, we are in (and for a long time have been in) deep, deep trouble. Yet, our leaders still seem to be avoiding the bitter realities of the global warming emergency. 



Additionally, the regular public protests intended to motivate our politicians to act on global warming have all but stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic did slow global fossil fuel use by about 17 percent for the first months of 2020, global fossil fuel use has begun to slowly rise once again as more people go back to work and come out of shelter-in-place restrictions. 

Even with the pandemic temporarily lowering global fossil fuel use, we have fallen short on previous annual targets. We are a long, long way from meeting the yearly global fossil fuel reduction levels that all developed countries (including China and India) must meet for 2020 and each year until the 2025 last-chance deadline. 

This means if we continue using fossil fuel as we currently are, the global fossil fuel reduction amounts that we must meet by 2025 will need to be considerably higher to make up for previously missed annual targets. The now required higher targets for 2021-to 2025 will be nearly unbearable and extremely difficult to meet

To help give the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock battle the needed additional context for its high urgency and being our last "wake up" call to action, please also consider the following. Shortly you will learn about the long-term effects.

The global warming "wake up" call statistics:

a. already twenty-one million people have been forcibly displaced because of climate change since 2008.

b. seven million premature deaths occur each year due to poor air quality from burning fossil fuel and other related air pollution sources. 

c. eighteen million acres of forest are lost each year.

d. twenty-eight thousand species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation.

e. twenty percent of the world's total oxygen supply is produced in the Amazon forest.

f. It's estimated that 25% of the world's total greenhouse gas production comes from deforestation alone. As a result, stored carbon from our forests is now being released into the atmosphere instead of being captured.

g. Directly or indirectly, air pollution, mostly from fossil fuels, causes approximately 11 to 13% (about 1 in 8) of all deaths globally each year. According to a recent World Health Organization survey, 40 percent of deaths linked to outdoor air pollution are from heart disease; another 40 percent from strokes; 11 percent from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); 6 percent from lung cancer, and 3 percent from acute lower respiratory infections in children. 

China has the most air pollution fatalities, with nearly 1.4 million deaths a year. India has 645,000, and Pakistan has 110,000. To put this in perspective, fossil fuel burning caused air pollution at just its current levels, kills more people each year than malaria and AIDS combined!

h. According to James Hansen, one of the world's most famous climate researchers and one of the first to warn us about our possible extinction, a carbon 450 ppm level will eventually develop into the beyond doomsday average global temperature increase of 6° Celsius (about 11° Fahrenheit. We will reach the carbon 450 ppm level in as little as 12 years or less!


Why do we have only until 2025 to prevent a global warming doomsday and Climageddon? 

There are three reasons why we have only a few more years left to meet the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and save the world from triggering an unavoidable mass extinction process. Those three reasons are: 

Reason 1:

(Many climate scientists and researchers believe this is the biggest reason by far!)

If we fail to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, global temperatures will continue to rise faster and faster, and we will not be able to stop ourselves from crossing over more of the four mass extinction-triggering global warming tipping points. The first two (or three) of these tipping points sit at the threshold needed to initiate a mass human, animal, and biological extinction process, which will be out of our control, and which, will kill much of humanity by mid-century through mass starvation, resource conflicts, and these 20 other consequences

To verify Reason 1 is scientifically valid, please read the following documentation and analysis:

Click here to read about how and when the four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points will occur. This extinction tipping point page provides the critical science on how we already moving too close to going over four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points.

Crossing the fourth and last tipping point will lead to what is called runaway global warming, total extinction vs. mass extinction and a doomsday beyond our worst religious predictions and prophecies. (Runaway global warming is where the average global temperature keeps rising until Earth's atmosphere is ripped off into space like what is believed to have happened on Venus.)

Click here to read about the necessary 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets for all nations. In general, all developed nations have to reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025. Underdeveloped nations, which did not cause most of the current global warming emergency, have lower targets. Lower targets for underdeveloped nations are both morally just and fair since they played a far, far smaller part in creating the current global warming extinction emergency.



Reason 2:

Most people do not understand that our climate system has dominant momentum factors already built into it. This accumulating past momentum is so strong that what we do today to reduce global fossil fuel use will not show up in results (like average global temperature reduction) for about 20-30 more years. We are dealing with the global warming momentum problem because, in part, we have ignored 35 years of global warming warnings by our best climate scientists.

We should have begun significantly reducing global fossil fuel use 35 years ago. Having ignored those many and extensive warnings, to save ourselves from a Climageddon Extinction Scenario running its full course to runaway global warming, we now have only until 2025 to reach the difficult 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.



Reason 3: 

(Please note: Many individuals believe this is the second biggest reason we will soon face doomsday.)

The accelerating global warming emergency is not taking place in a vacuum. There are many other global challenges getting worse and making global warming worse. The world is dealing with 11 other global challenges (described below) that provide a powerful interactive, inter-connected, and inter-dependent context in which the accelerating global warming emergency is occurring.

These 11 other global challenges will accelerate many of the worst global warming consequences (described further below.) Simultaneously, the accelerating global warming emergency will also multiply or amplify many of the worst consequences of these 11 other global challenges.

Because of the negative consequences of how all of these global challenges feed off each other, once we go over the 2025 global warming Climate Cliff, we will make most of humanity's 12 global challenges so much worse that humanity's survival is unlikely. If we miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, what we will face is the eventual near-complete collapse of our global civilization within a matter of 3-5 decades.

Here are today's 12 most dangerous global challenges fueling the high likelihood of the first great global collapse in human history. When you are reading them think about how they can and will affect each other as they worsen:

Global Challenge 1: Resolving the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Directly and indirectly, the current COVID-19 pandemic is due in significant part to the loss of natural wild animal habitat caused by global warming and other man-made causes such as eating more wild and not domesticated animals, the exploding and hungry world populations crowding into urban areas, and the overall deterioration of global health services. 


If a vaccine is ever found, the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to go on around the world until mid to late 2021 or even into early 2022 before everyone is vaccinated. If no vaccine is found, like what has happened with AIDS, Lyme disease, and many other viruses over the last 30 years, we will be living with the effects of COVID-19 until a “herd immunity” is developed and if that immunity is even applicable to this virus. A somewhat safer global herd immunity could take as many a 3-5 years to develop.) 

Worse yet, it is estimated we will have a new pandemic threat about every 5-10 years because of the consequences of rising global warming. Most people have no idea that pandemics and new epidemics are just one of many predicted "normal" consequences of the escalating climate change and global warming emergency. 

New pandemics, like COVID-19, like Ebola, MERS, and SARS (all of which have occurred about every ten years) will continue to be caused or exacerbated by accelerating global warming. The many reasons global warming has helped create COVID-19 and will create many more pandemics and epidemics are listed in this eye-opening article.

Global Challenge 2: increasing global economic instabilities that are leading to regularly reoccurring national and global recessions or depressions over shorter and shorter time periods. (These recessions and depressions are fueled by existing economic weaknesses, lack of financial reserves, huge national deficits, low financial system resilience, and major unexpected shocks or events (like COVID-19,) hitting the global markets and global financial systems.

COVID-19 is predicted to create a global financial recession or depression that could last until late 2022 or even until 2025 or longer. (Up to ten years for recovery from a COVID-19 global recession or depression is not that long when you consider that ten years is the time it took to recover from the 2008 global banking and housing meltdown and recession. The graph below is for projected world gross domestic product [GDP] growth during the pandemic. The worse case predictions may be optimistic.)


Global Challenge 3: ever-rising over-population, the Earth has the carrying capacity for about 1and 1/2 billion to 2 billion people maximum as shown in the illustration below. On average, about 141 million people are born every year, and 50 million people a year normally die.

We are currently at near 8 billion people racing to 9.8 billion by or before 2050. (Please click this carrying capacity link for more about why our beyond carrying capacity and rapidly rising overpopulation challenge is extremely dangerous to everyone's future.)


Even though we are far, far over sustainable population levels already, no government other than China seems willing to set a one child per couple policy! Future and current generations will suffer unthinkable catastrophes because, as humanity, we failed to manage the size of our global population to match the sustainable carrying capacity of our global environment and the Earth's available resources.

One could easily say that overpopulation and its inherent over-consumption beyond our carrying capacity is also a major cause behind today's global warming emergency. Please also note that as the global population continues to rise, the additional population serves to further amplify and multiply the most harmful consequences of almost all the 12 global challenges and consequences listed on this page.) 



For a candid and balanced article on the immense suffering caused by our overpopulation global challenge, please see this article, Population, the Great Knee-Jerker: A Holistic Survey and Plea to Reduce Suffering.

Global Challenge 4: Over-consumption causing ever-rising global resource depletion (aka overshoot) caused by overpopulation, toxic pollution of water, lands, and air, crop failures, overfishing, topsoil loss, resource distribution injustice, and the massive “overconsumption and waste” of the Earth's finite resources. Global resource depletion will significantly increase food shortages and cause soaring food prices leading to more starvation and mass migrations. For example, the following are estimates of when only a few of our critical global resources will be depleted; freshwater 12 years (2032), fish stocks almost totally gone by 2050, adequate topsoil for crop growing gone by 2070. (See this page to see 90 percent of fish stock already overfished and to see charts on how this loss will throw much of the world into starvation.)

Of particular concern is the depletion of phosphorous critically needed for crop fertilizers. Adequate access to this could run out in as little as 35-45 years.


If you still do not believe that massive resource depletion and overshoot is a huge soon-arriving problem? Watch this fantastic resource overshoot video with great graphics and global resource depletion amounts and time frames in simple illustrations by Hugh Montgomery, a noted English professor. (We strongly recommend you watch this video for all of the food and non-food resources that are in an accelerating depletion peril. [Forward the video to the 10 minutes and 30-second mark to begin watching Professor Hugh Montgomery's compelling graphic presentation.])

There are also many other critical mineral and non-mineral resources that will also run out soon, click here for more about these.

Global Challenge 5: escalating pollution of lands, air, and waters. Ongoing and accelerating toxic pollution kills crops, fish stocks, and poisons our air, water, and soil creating and accelerating all types of global health, social, and economic problems. (Ocean heating and ocean acidification from carbon from global warming will eventually kill off much of the oceans' oxygen-producing plankton. These plankton are responsible for as much as 50% of all oxygen produced on the planet.) 


Global Challenge 6: loss of biodiversity, we are having more plants and animals go extinct than at any other time in human history. This is due to an ongoing and accelerating loss of natural habitat due to overpopulation, global warming, overuse, pollution, etc. (Leading Stanford University biologists, who were first to reveal that we are already experiencing the sixth mass extinction on Earth, released new research this week showing species extinctions are accelerating in an unprecedented manner, which may be another tipping point for the collapse of human civilization.)


Global Challenge 7: growing economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty. Today less than 1% of the world's population owns more than 50% of all wealth. Over for the last several decades, this ownership percentage continues to grow in favor of the wealthy.

Growing economic inequality and poverty often increase food shortages and often cause food prices to soar leading once again to mass starvation and mass migrations. This year (2020,) 130 million people are lacking adequate food and could starve to death. COVID-19's effect on the world economy could double that number of the next few years. Over the following decades, global warming consequences will raise that number into the hundreds of millions eventually rising well past a billion.) 


Global Challenge 8: Escalating local, regional, and international criminality, conflicts, terrorism, and war. Expect these population-destabilizing security and stability threats to increase in their intensity, frequency, and scale. This threat escalation will occur from the urban and rural local levels to regional and international levels.



Vastly increased levels of survival-driven criminality, conflicts, terrorism, and war will be due to the world experiencing almost all of the global challenges on this page getting steadily worse. Global nuclear war or widespread chemical or biological war is also a real and escalating threat as most of the global challenges on this page worsen. Nations with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons will compete to the death for the few global warming safer lands or the dwindling food supplies and other resources.

Please note that there is another Doomsday Clock created decades ago by concerned atomic scientists worried about nuclear war. As of 2020, they have re-set their clock to 100 seconds before midnight. Although this earlier Doomsday Clock was initially focused on the threat of nuclear attack, they have now expanded their clock to include global warming equal to nuclear war and other factors, as described in their 2020 statement of global risk.


Global Challenge 9: Mass migrations, political and economic instability, increasing terrorism, conflicts, and war plus global warming and many of the other listed global challenges on this page will both create and expand sudden, massive migrations of millions then billions of desperate refugees and climagees. During this phase, as most of the listed global challenges on this page intensify, various stronger governments will order precautionary evacuations of selected individuals and groups to limit casualties and losses from their most vulnerable areas. Before 2030-2035 because of global warming alone, the world will see hundreds of millions of climagees (climate refugees.)

Global Challenge 10: New COVID-19 like pandemics as well as other new and older disease epidemics that will likely flare up every decade. This will in part be due to global warming melting of the permafrost, loss of natural animal habitat, eating more wild animals, overcrowding, less resilient health systems, mass migrations, wars and conflicts, and many of the other challenges and consequences listed on this page.

Additionally, new and older disease epidemics will occur more frequently and be more severe because of the abuse of antibiotics in animal product production. This abuse has resulted in bacteria that are now resistant to every known type of antibiotic. Worse yet, because of accelerating global warming, more COVID-19 type global pandemics could come as often as every decade. The AIDS virus became widespread in the late 1970s, the SARS virus in 2003, the MERS virus in 2012, and the Ebola virus in 2013. Click here for more about how escalating global warming may begin producing COVID-19 like pandemics every decade. 


Global Challenge 11: increasing political instability and collapsing governments. Fueled by existing internal and external conflicts, soaring deficits, and the intensifying global challenges listed on this page, poorly managed nations with weak economies and low existing resilience will fall first. In 2020 we already see numerous countries on the verge of economic or political collapse. As the increased stresses of these listed global challenges continue to increase upon all nations, stronger nations will also steadily collapse. And finally, what is the most dangerous challenge and collapse accelerator of all.


Global Challenge 12: The ever-accelerating global warming emergency. This global warming emergency is causing escalating desertification, sea-level rise, flooding, deforestation, reef collapse, droughts, wildfires, extreme storms, and the spread of diseases through epidemics and pandemics. All of these global warming specific consequences are increasing scale, severity, and frequency as our average global temperature continues to rise. 

Accelerating global warming is the single greatest disruptor and global threat multiplier of the 21st century. It can directly or indirectly significantly amplify and multiply the adverse consequences of almost every other global challenge listed on this page. The global warming emergency of itself, if not resolved soon, will cause the deaths of much of humanity by mid-century. Worse yet, because of global warming long before 2050 we will also cross three extinction-evoking global warming tipping points. (These three critical global warming tipping points are described here.)

Global warming is also very bad for the world's economy. The rising consequences of the global warming emergency will consume larger and larger percentages of every nations Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP.)

As global warming reaches its later Climageddon Scenario phases, it will become more likely that we will destroy ourselves in a massive war or nuclear conflict over the remaining resources or global warming safest lands.


Excluding the challenge of having no real global government (which is an evolutionary, structural, and developmental issue) and immediate global thermonuclear war, our out of control global warming is the single most dangerous global challenge today. It is also the most dangerous global challenge because:

a.) It is also the most immediate and probable meta-trigger for the growing possibility of a chain reaction of whipsawing and simultaneous ecological, economic, social, and political catastrophes and converging global system collapses involving directly or indirectly most of the other critical global challenges listed above.



If you think about accelerating global warming as a brightly burning match that will ignite the highly explosive and destructive "fuels" already existing within most of the other 12 critical challenges listed above, you would have another good idea why we have to get the global warming emergency under control as our immediate and top priority.

b.) Global warming is a severe security threat already unfolding. It is causing substantial global problems right now and, it is rapidly growing toward crossing four critical extinction-evoking tipping points.  It is in fact, already all but out of our control. It can and will end most of the human species within our lifetimes if we do not act soon! 

When you are done reading this page which describes the many detailed steps and processes of the global collapse process below, please also see the Climageddon Scenario extinction prediction model for all details on both the consequences and timeframes of the global warming emergency.


How the major global warming consequences will unfold as disruptors and threat multipliers accelerating and amplifying the Climageddon Countdown as well as the global collapse process.

We will experience the following global warming-related consequences. As time passes, they will and increase in frequency, severity, and scale. All of these consequences when taken collectively will create a great confluence of chaos.

Many of these consequences are interconnected and interdependent. Some also exist in transforming relationships and interconnected processes that can amplify or multiply the other's consequences or, in effect, disrupt our abilities to control these consequences.

When reading the following global warming consequence list, keep in mind that the consequences listed earlier on the list are occurring now or will be occurring first. The consequences listed near the end of this list will take longer to unfold. (For those interested in more specific times or timeframes in which the following global warming consequences will occur, please see the 6 phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.)

No single global warming consequence below creates doomsday entirely of itself. But, cumulatively and synergetically, as these consequences increase and unfold in waves, they will bring about climageddon and a global warming doomsday.

And finally, the consequences listed below are the critical and powerful warning signs to watch for in the news for you to know that the global warming emergency is accelerating and worsening in your area. 

Here are the critical first set of quality-of-life warning signs and predictions for your immediate and long term future.

Many of the following consequences are occurring today at some level. Most of the consequences below will rapidly increase mass migrations from global warming higher risk areas into global warming lower-risk regions.

In 2019 the United Nations estimated 100 million individuals migrated to safer countries or areas because of their homelands' deteriorating climate. Look for future climate migrations to soar into billions of people over the following decades. These massive accelerating migrations will create a whole series of new problems and emergencies unseen in human history.

Most of the following consequences will significantly increase in frequency, severity, and scale over the next several decades unless we reach the 2025 targets:

1. increased atmospheric heating which increases average global temperature,

2. shrinking sea ice and ice shelves, glaciers and snowpack,

3. extreme storms of all kinds, (hurricanes, tornadoes, Derechos, rain bombs, bomb cyclones, etc,)

4. droughts,

5. desertification,

6. fires and wildfires,

7. flooding and sea-level rise, (Saltwater in coastal areas will also push up freshwater levels in areas close to the coast and create a new kind of flooding in areas never seen before.)

8. we cross the mass extinction-preventing carbon 425 ppm climate cliff and last battle line to prevent a mass extinction event from unfolding. This crossed climate cliff begins a major acceleration for crossing more global warming tipping points. Once we cross this tipping point, we pass a point of no return and we begin an unavoidable and continually worsening mass die-off of much of humanity by 2050.

If we continue as we are now, we are projected to cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff by 2025. (Please read the precise, detailed, and complex climate processes, actions, and reactions that take place as we cross the carbon 425 ppm climate cliff. Go to this page and the section called, "The first extinction-accelerating tipping point that we will cross at or before 2025: the carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point," or click on the image below.) 




Distinguished Professor of Meteorology Michael Mann from the University of Pennsylvania recently stated that once we reach the carbon 405 ppm level in our atmosphere, a 2 degrees C average global temperature increase is already baked in! Once that happens there is nothing we can do to stop it! As of October 2020, we are currently at carbon 414+ ppm.

Because of global warming tipping points and positive feedback loops, Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director emeritus and founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, believes that if we go much above 2° C, we will quickly get to 4° C anyway and, a 4° C increase would spell the end of human civilization.

Johan Rockström, the head of one of Europe's leading climate research institutes, warned that in a 4°C warmer world, it would be "difficult to see how we could accommodate a billion people or even half of that. Not even a rich minority world survive with modern lifestyles in the post 4°C-warmer turbulent, conflict-ridden world". 

Many other climate scientists have warned that once the climate warms 4 degrees C over our preindustrial average global temperature, human adaptation to these temperature levels will be all but impossible!

9. increased releases of methane from melting tundra and permafrost, (methane as a heat-producing greenhouse gas is about 80 times more powerful than carbon,)

10. accelerating reef collapses around the world, which negatively affects fish spawning and feeding areas, which causes more collapse of global fish populations, which causes more human starvation around the world. (This is because fish protein is a major source of food for the world's poorer populations.)  

11. ever-increasing crop failures (because of heatwaves, rain bombs, droughts, flooding, wildfires, and other extreme weather) increasing mass starvation and causing soaring food prices. (Please note that the world's five principal grains (rice, wheat, maize [corn], millet, and sorghum,) are particularly vulnerable to crop failure when temperatures are near or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit more than 20-30 days during their regular growing periods.)



12. new disease outbreaks, epidemics, and more COVID-19 like pandemics in areas where they have never been before. (This is due to loss of natural animal habitat, eating more wild animals, additional melting of the permafrost, overcrowding, less resilient health systems, and mass migrations. Because of accelerating global warming consequences, we could soon be experiencing COVID-19 type pandemics as often as every decade.)

13. increasing economic losses. (most nations will spend an ever-increasing percentage of their total gross domestic product (GDP) directly or indirectly paying for the many growing consequences of the global warming emergency. (Estimates for how much of a nation's total GDP will be spent on dealing with rising global warming consequences run from about 5% within a decade to as high as 30% within about 30 years.)

14. as the preceding consequences occur, real estate prices will drop and then begin steeper declines in the areas most affected by global warming consequences. In the areas most affected by global warming consequences, related insurance coverage prices will keep rising, and cancellations will also increase. 

Simultaneously, real estate prices will rise and continue rising in the few areas that will be least affected by accelerating global warming consequences. As the listed global warming consequences increase in frequency, severity, and scale, the described destabilizing real estate pricing and the unsettling insurance changes will increase at even faster rates.

15. as the preceding consequences occur, home and business insurance rates will rise steadily in the areas most affected by global warming consequences. At some point, insurance companies will begin canceling existing home and business insurance within all global warming high-risk areas. At the same time, home and business insurance rates will be much more favorable in the few places that will be least affected by accelerating global warming consequences

As the following global warming consequences occur, home and business insurance rates and insurance cancelations will increase at even faster rates. When home and business owners can't get fire, flood, and other critical insurances at manageable rates, it becomes far more challenging to maintain or sell existing homes or businesses. This growing uninsurability eventually causes the resale prices of homes or businesses to crash.

16. clean drinking water scarcity,

17. forests that were a major stabilizing force absorbing carbon become neutral in their carbon absorption and stop taking carbon from the atmosphere. Some forest locations like the Amazon and the Boreal die-back/collapse are already releasing their vast carbon stores, pushing temperatures higher even faster. As global warming worsens, many more forests will release carbon instead of absorbing it,

18. toxic air pollution from global burning and use of fossil fuels (millions are dying every year from this alone,)

19. mass human migrations to the global warming safer zones (You will hear about these mass migrations more frequently in the news. They will often be described as conflict migrations. These actually are mass migrations initially caused by global warming consequences making living conditions unbearable. These unbearable conditions then cause the local population to react or rebel because of their many global warming-enhanced hardships.),

20. decreased albedo from reduced snow cover, ice, and sea ice extent. When enough sunlight and atmospheric heat reaches ice it melts the ice. This also causes more Arctic, Antarctica, and global heat because of the lowered albedo effect of less ice being present. This decreased albedo effect also increases ice, wetland, or permafrost melting.

This is very bad because melting permafrost contains truly massive amounts of carbon and the much worse than carbon methane gas that would also be released into our atmosphere, rasing average global temperatures and pushing us much closer and far faster into a self-accelerating runaway global heating scenario.



21. The runaway melting of ALL global ice on Earth as a tipping point. This is the second major global warming extinction-accelerating tipping point estimated to occur when we reach carbon 500 ppm sometime from 2042-2067. 


When we cross the carbon 500 ppm level, ALL ice and ALL glaciers on Earth will enter a near-unstoppable process of a complete meltdown! Yes, you read that right! At carbon 500 ppm we begin the melting of all global ice.

Crossing the carbon 500 ppm threshold has, in fact, repeatedly happened in Earth's geological history. When it has occurred, the sea level inevitably rose to the 70 meters (230 feet) range. At our current annual carbon ppm emission rates, we will reach this catastrophic carbon 500 ppm range in just 20-25 more years. Worse yet, this global melting tipping point may not reverse itself for centuries to thousands of years once we stop carbonizing our atmosphere.

If we cross that critical tipping point passing the atmospheric carbon level of 500 parts per million (ppm), our average global temperature will eventually soar to 4°C (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit). At 4°C, a large portion of humanity (hundreds of millions to billions) will die of starvation (or die and suffer from increased heat's 19 other related consequences) and, governments and society will collapse in most areas of the world between the 35th parallel north and the 35th parallel south.

Even though it will take many centuries for the seas to rise the full 230 feet, there still will be shocking spurts of sea-level rise within those centuries where the sea level rise up to 10 feet or more in just a few decades as it also has done repeatedly in Earth's past. 

Take a moment to visualize the seas eventually but steadily and in spurts rising 230 feet and what this will mean to our coastal cities, our national borders, and the generations that follow us. Take a moment to visualize the ever-increasing massive worldwide crop failures because of the ever-increasing heat and the consequent mass suffering of slow starvation as we approach and pass the carbon 500 ppm level.

To read the precise, detailed, and complex climate processes, steps, actions, and reactions that take place as we cross the carbon 500 ppm tipping point, please go to this page and go to the section called, "The second global warming tipping point that we will cross as soon as 2042-2067 or earlier: It creates a runaway global ice melt," or click on the Atmospheric CO2 (carbon ppm) image just below. (We are currently in 2020 at about carbon 414 adding as much as 3 new carbon PPM per year.) 



22. animal and insect migrations, 

23. loss of biodiversity,

24. at some point, the "big consequence" or group of global warming consequences so enormous that the emergency can no longer be ignored will occur. It will take a single global warming catastrophe in a developed country that will cause society 1/2 to 1 trillion dollars in total damages for the world to finally take this seriously and act.

When this 1/2 to 1 trillion dollar catastrophe happens, far more people globally will take notice and finally begin preparing for further predicted worsening disasters or migrating if needed. Once this single incident financial critical cost point is reached, the facts of the escalating Climageddon that we all will face will no longer be able to be hidden from the average citizen.

Be sure to watch for this critical financial warning signal because once it occurs, many things relating to managing global warming and its consequences will begin to change at a much faster pace. But unfortunately, it will likely be far too late to resolve the worst threats.



25. ocean acidification, (Ocean heating and ocean acidification from carbon from global warming will eventually kill off much of the oceans' oxygen-producing plankton. These plankton are responsible for as much as 50% of all oxygen produced on the planet.) 

26. jet stream disruption, (additional disruption of seasonal weather patterns,)

27. oceans overheating and instead of absorbing atmospheric carbon, they begin releasing it (which also further increases global heating, all of which results in more heat speeding up the whole process of more positive feedback loops, more points of no return, and more crossed tipping points.)

28. soils overheating and instead of absorbing atmospheric carbon, this will cause the soils to also begin releasing more carbon back into the atmosphere further increasing heat,

29. slowing continues in the Atlantic Current. This further destabilizes global weather and our normal seasons.

30. increasing amounts of methane are continuously released from methane clathrate crystals on coastal shelves because of ever-warming oceans. This further increases heat, possible ocean current change resulting in extreme weather changes, all of which once again results in more heat speeding up the whole process of more positive feedback loops, more points of no return, and crossing more tipping points

The carbon 600 ppm level creates the beginning of the runaway mass methane release tipping point. This is the third major global warming extinction-evoking tipping point estimated to occur sometime from 2063-2072 or when we reach carbon 600 ppm, whichever comes sooner. 

When we cross the carbon 600 ppm final extinction level it will result in raising the average global temperature to 5°C (9 degrees Fahrenheit) and bring about massive methane clathrate releases from ocean coastal shelves as it has done before in the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum 56 million years ago, and most notably the Permian–Triassic extinction event, when up to 96% of all marine species became extinct, 252 million years ago. 

Please click here to watch a short video that brilliantly explains the extinction process once we start releasing methane clathrate from our coastal shelves. New research shows we actually begin this new methane release process once we reach 5°C and by 6°C, it is in full bloom. And to make matters even worse, additional methane releases from the permafrost will also increase at significantly faster rates at these higher temperatures.) 

Because methane, when released as a gas from permafrost or fracking or as a gas from methane clathrate is 86 times more potent than carbon as a temperature increasing greenhouse gas, it will once again rapidly spike up the average global temperatures. 


The above is a methane graph (found at in which you can see how total atmospheric methane levels from all sources have exponentially skyrocketed particularly during the last 50 years up until the current date and month. 

(Please take the time to read the precise, detailed, and complex processes, steps, actions, and reactions that take place as we cross the carbon 600 ppm tipping point. Go to this page and go to the section called, "The third global warming tipping point we will most probably cross as soon as 2063-2072 or earlier: It creates runaway methane releases accelerating the total extinction threat," or click the global methane level (CH4) image above.

31. massive tectonic plate weight change from weight changes in melting ice and rising seas above the tectonic plates causing increased earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, all of which except the earthquakes and volcanoes results in more heat speeding up the whole process of more positive feedback loops, more points of no return and crossing more tipping points.

32. The runaway global warming total extinction tipping point. This is the final global warming extinction tipping point estimated to begin when we reach carbon 750 ppm sometime from 2070-2090. (Please read the precise, detailed, and complex climate processes, steps, actions, and reactions that take place as we cross the carbon 750 ppm tipping point. Go to this page and go to the section called, "The fourth and most dangerous global warming total extinction tipping point, that we will begin crossing into sometime after 2070: It creates the runaway greenhouse gas effect global and total extinction," or click the image of the atmosphere being ripped off the planet below.


We strongly recommend that you copy the above global warming emergency warming signs and consequences and post them on a wall. As you hear new media reports you will be able to see the consequence patterns evolving and this will assist you to adjust your emergency preparations.

Why global warming is the single greatest driver and disruptor as well as global threat multiplier or amplifier for the collapse of our civilization well before the end of the 21st century?

Global warming can directly or indirectly significantly amplify and multiply the adverse consequences of almost every other global challenge listed above. Our global warming emergency of itself, if not resolved soon, will cause the deaths of much of humanity by mid-century. Worse yet, long before 2050, we will cross several extinction-evoking global warming tipping points (described here.)

Global warming is also very bad for the world's economy. The rising consequences of the global warming emergency will consume ever larger and larger percentages of every nations Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP.)

Excluding the global challenge of having no real global government (which is an evolutionary, structural, and developmental issue) and immediate global thermonuclear war, our near out of control global warming truly is the single most dangerous global challenge today and driver for the collapse of modern civilization. 

Why global warming is the keystone for the rapid collapse of global civilization?

It is essential to think about accelerating global warming as the keystone of impending global collapse. This is because it will speed up the consequences or collapse of most of the other global challenges. 

If you have seen a Roman architectural arch, you already know a little about what a keystone is. It is the central, usually triangular-shaped stone at the top center of the curvature. It is also the critical supporting stone that holds all the other stones in place and maintains the integrity and strength of the arch. If you pull a keystone out of a Roman arch, the whole arch immediately crumbles and ultimately falls in on itself. 

That is also what will figuratively happen with civilization if we continue to let global warming get worse.

Imagine a Roman arch made up of global warming (which is our climate) as its keystone. Now imagine the other global challenges listed above as the remaining stones holding up the arch of our civilization.

In this image, global warming is the keystone that will lead to the ultimate collapse of our global civilization when it crumbles due to accelerating heat. Unfortunately, our accelerating global warming challenge will also facilitate the collapse of our global civilization in the quickest and surest way. The only other global challenge that will lead to a quicker and more certain global civilization collapse is an immediate global nuclear war.

Do not forget that when the global warming keystone begins to collapse, it also forces the other global challenges to have intensified consequences and themselves begin collapsing far faster than we can be prepared for or from which we can recover. If the global warming keystone collapses (by crossing more and more of its internal tipping points as described in the six Climageddon Scenario phases), every projected time frame relating to global warming's consequences and the consequences of the world's other global challenges would also radically change for the worse. 

Outcomes that were predicted to be many decades away could now become just a few decades away. At the least, the consequences and timeframes indicated in these six Climageddon Scenario phases would be significantly speeded up!

Up until now, the focus of this article has been mostly on global warming. But, at this point, it is critical to also see the collapse of our civilization as a separate and far more significant issue hidden within the global warming emergency and this Doomsday Clock. 

When accelerating global warming multiplies and amplifies the consequences of the other global challenges, it becomes the hot, lit match that can rapidly expedite the adverse effects of the other global challenges causing them to explode. This explosion of adverse consequences across most of our global challenges would eventually result in the complete or near-complete collapse of our global civilization.  

Worse yet, the multiplying and amplifying effect of accelerating global warming on the other 11 global warming challenges could also shorten the Climageddon Extinction Scenario predicted time frames for the coming social, economic, and political consequences and their resultant potentials for system collapse and chaos, by as much as 10-30 percent or more.


How the worst global warming Climageddon consequences will interact with, accelerate, and amplify our other 11 major global challenges!

Many of the following global consequences are occurring today at some level. Most of the following global consequences directly or indirectly will significantly increase in severity, frequency, and scale as we grow closer to a global system collapse and a doomsday for much of humanity by mid-century. 

When reading the following global collapse consequence list, keep in mind that the consequences listed earlier on the list are occurring now or will be occurring first. The consequences listed near the end of this list will take longer to unfold. (For those interested in more specific times or timeframes in which the following global warming consequences will occur, please see other sections further down the page or, the 6 phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.)

All of these consequences when taken collectively will create a great confluence of chaos. No single global challenge-related consequence below creates doomsday entirely of itself.

But, cumulatively, synergetically, and as these consequences unfold in more and more waves of increasing severity, frequency, and scale, they will eventually bring about global collapse and consequently, doomsday. The consequences listed below are also critical warning signs to watch for in the news for you to know that the global collapse process is worsening or accelerating in your area. Many of the following consequences are also powerful drivers that continue to accelerate mass migrations.

Here are the critical second set of quality-of-life warning signs and predictions for your immediate and long term future:

1. Because of increased global warming and other global challenge-related work disruptions, the total human capacity to work outside or produce inside will go down significantly. This will cause more business and product distribution interruptions, business, and personal uncertainty as well as more unemployment and homelessness.

2. There will be less food available from failed and shrinking food crops due to many of the extreme climate consequences such as extreme heat, droughts, flooding, rain bombs, nonseasonal weather, and other extreme weather events.

3. Many food prices will rise considerably more than the normal cost of living increases. (For example, fish prices will rise considerably as the remaining over-stressed fish stocks are depleted to near extinction.

4. More people will be starving.

5. The cost of living, for repair, maintenance, building, or rebuilding in global warming safer areas will continue to rise significantly. There will be more homelessness everywhere.

6. There will be increasing pandemics, disease, and epidemics as conditions worsen and health services are stretched thin.

7. There be rapidly increasing mass migrations of starving, sick, and unemployed people fleeing from the many growing climate consequences and an ever-increasing number of unstable or collapsed economies or nations. (Hundreds and hundreds of millions of individuals will migrate out of Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia as temperatures continue to rise and conditions worsen faster in those areas.)

8. There will be widespread, survival-driven criminality by larger and larger portions of starving, unemployed, homeless, or migrant populations. (Imagine increasing numbers of desperate individuals and groups trying to stay alive by any means possible. Now imagine your favorite dystopian movie like Mad Max. This will give you a small taste of what the future struggle to stay alive will be like as most of the global challenges mentioned earlier continue to worsen.

9. Because of the growing survival-driven criminality, migrations, and social and political chaos, governments will impose states of emergency and martial law resulting in increased severe restrictions, suffering, and the loss of many hard-won human rights. Nations will be forced to become more military and totalitarian in their control of the population to deal with the growing losses, chaos, and shortages of essential resources.

10. As the social, economic, and political chaos spreads, it will trigger more regional, national, and international conflicts and more conventional wars. There also will be a significantly large potential for a nuclear, biological, or chemical war. These conflicts and wars will be due to increasing food and other resource scarcity, scarcity of global warming-safe land, unstoppable mass migrations, and the other consequences listed on this page.

11. When all of the above items are taken collectively, it will cause even the strongest nations' economies and political systems to collapse. 

12. Once many of the national governments have collapsed, the nuclear reactors, chemical, and biological weapons, and their manufacturing, service, and storage facilities will become compromised. This is because there will be no of few functioning national governments to maintain basic safe operations or security for these sites. Hundreds of millions will sicken and die as nuclear reactors go critical and meltdown spewing toxic radiation worldwide. Millions more will sicken as die from the releases of insecure biological weapons and industrial chemicals. If too many nuclear reactors go critical and meltdown, the radiation circling the planets will kill off everything.  

13. As all of the above intensifies, human suffering and global deaths will continue to rise exponentially. Human deaths will eventually reach mass extinction or even total extinction levels, and what we have known to be our civilization will collapse. Mass extinction is much of humanity by mid-century.

14. If there are any unlucky survivors after the global collapse, they will most likely enter a new Dark Age. But, this will not be like the Dark Age that occurred during the Middle Ages. It will be far worse because most of the natural resources available during the original Dark Age already will have been depleted, and much of the planet will be toxic. And finally,

15. If we do not experience total extinction in a complete runaway global warming event, and we make it through the post-collapse new Dark Ages, in that case, it will take centuries to thousands of years for nature and the climate system to come back into balance. Only then will the conditions suitable for humans to thrive once again exist-- if any humans are left at that time. 

Hopefully, at this far distant time, any surviving bands, clans, tribes, or communities still functioning will have learned the first great global collapse lessons, and they will have changed their behaviors. They will now model the needed new behaviors, such as the principles of sustainable prosperity and the principles of evolutionary success, among other new possible policies to finally resolve all of the issues raised in the global challenges described above. 

If these survivors have genuinely learned the lessons from the first great global collapse of civilization, they will develop a new worldview and new more fair, and workable economic, political, and social systems. This new worldview will provide the tools and opportunity for a tremendous new re-building and reboot of humanity. 

Humanity will have an opportunity to experience a unique renaissance where humankind and nature come into a balance that allows both to flourish once again. Whatever is left of humanity will hopefully once again, restart the greatest evolutionary adventure in our history.

Fasten your seat belts. Strap on your shoulder harness and put on your helmets. We are entering the extreme turbulence of the beginning of a global collapse process. The COVID-19 pandemic and the current global recession/depression are just a very small beginning of it.

Unfortunately, it is going to get a whole lot worse before our governments take our current emergency situation seriously and act! The baby boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) are likely to be the last generation that will experience any near-continuous measure of stability, security, and safety during their lifespans. But even they will have a very rough ride as they approach the end of their years.

And finally, we strongly recommend that you copy these global collapse warming signs and consequences and post them on a wall. As you hear new media reports you will be able to see the patterns evolving and this will assist you to adjust your emergency preparations. 

What happens when most of our 12 global challenges "feed" into each other's worsening consequences?

The future is not just a single global challenge getting worse. It is almost all of them getting worse at the same time as well as these global challenges pushing other global challenges faster and faster toward their internal tipping and collapse points. This means that those living today (and future generations) will face a cascading convergence of worsening global catastrophes, which collectively will crush the probability and possibilities of having a stable, reasonably predictable, or liveable future.

If left managed ineffectively as they are now, hundreds of millions then billions will suffer and die. Paradoxically, because so many will die, many of the above challenges will lessen dramatically or be radically reduced because there will be so few people left competing or fighting for survival.

There could also be a point where most of the coming mass die-off will not be coming solely from starvation, global warming, or other global challenges. It will come most likely from new scarce resources or border wars that could even go nuclear, biological, or chemical as the few remaining stable nations try to retain their national boundaries and survival. 

Take a few moments at this point. Ask yourself the following questions. How long do you think humanity can muddle on into the 21st century without effectively resolving the global warming emergency and the 11 other critical global challenges as they continue to get worse; 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, 2070, or the end of the 21st century? Most well-informed people think humanity will be lucky to make it into the 2040s or 2050s.

Now ask yourself, are our leaders and governments being effective in handing all most or even any of these 12 critical global challenges to our future?  

The reality is that no existing emergency preparedness program, government, NGO or international organization is even remotely close to being prepared for, or capable of recovering from the large scale convergence, whipsawing, and amplification of almost all of Earth's greatest global challenges fueled and accelerated by the great disruptor and keystone threat multiplier of accelerating global warming.

The "Great Convergence" of all of these 12 global challenges creates a whole planetary system emergency never before seen or experienced in human history. This "Great Convergence" is also the 'perfect storm of perfect storms' and the most likely spiraling initiator and combined cause for the extinction of the human species and the collapse of civilization within a few decades. (The latest 2004 update of the Club of Rome study antici­pated that by around 2050, with a “business as usual” industry and world population growth, over 70% of humanity could perish. Everyone left on the planet would be severely impacted.) 


At this location, you can see the many consequences and timeframes leading up to humanity;'s extinction unfold within the six distinct phases of the Climageddon Scenario extinction model. You can also click the image below to take you to this same scary and detailed deep dive into our future.)

The last shocker on what happens when you mix escalating global warming consequences with the escalating consequences of the other global challenges?

All of the previously mentioned consequences interacting, multiplying, or amplifying each other will then eventually push more of our human systems ever closer toward or over their own internal tipping points. This means that eventually, more of our ecological, economic, and political systems will crash and it will be the weaker countries will collapse first under the ever-increasing weight of these rising internal economic, political, and social climate-related catastrophes and crashes.


As more of the world's weakest nations collapse from the mounting consequences of global warming and our other global challenges, they will create even more desperate climagees. These climagees will first be in the tens of millions, then hundreds of millions, and eventually in the billions! 

As rising climagee migrations seek to enter any remaining stronger or safer nations, the stronger nations will also begin to experience more severe local, regional and national breakdowns in law and order. They will also then experience even greater stresses upon their own economic, social, and political systems.

Eventually, even in spite of declaring martial law and other draconian measures to keep wave after wave of climagees out and their nations safe, the world's strongest nations will also begin destabilizing and collapsing from the weight of the many accumulating consequences listed on this page.

It is now time to fasten our seat belts, attach our shoulder harnesses, and put on our helmets and protective gear. The world is heading into extreme turbulence due to the convergence of accelerating global warming and the worsening of our other 11 major global challenges.

How does the Climageddon Extinction Scenario model relate to the apocalyptic religious prophecies of Armageddon and the End Times? 

When you consider all of the above consequences existing within an inter-connected and inter-dependent whole system, it will not be hard for individuals of particular religious faiths to see many of the critical prophecy consequences of Armageddon and of the End Times (aka End days, End of Days) or Rapture unfolding in modern consequences and forms. 

As a science-grounded organization, our job is to alert the public to danger and work to help resolve it. We do not support the acceptance of the Climaggedon Extinction Scenario occurring as a forgone fact. We also do not forward that the Climageddon Extinction Scenario is connected to the End of the world caused by God's will, God's harsh final judgment day, or as a way to separate righteous people from the evil-doers in what's called The Rapture

God is not polluting our atmosphere with carbon and methane. We are! Every time we drive our fossil fuel-powered cars or heat our homes with the fossil fuels of the long-gone Industrial revolution, we are causing the problem to persist and get worse. We are in the 21st-century Information age and the era of the internet, yet we persist in using the energy solutions of the 1900s.

Our organization sees the Climageddon Extinction Scenario as being due to our decisions and our businesses' and national leaders' flawed decisions and behaviors. 

We do not accept or believe that this human-caused convergence of global warming-related catastrophes is the Armageddon of End Times or the second coming of the Messiah. We do not think that religious individuals should do nothing about this emergency, as about 11% of religious individuals believe. We believe that if there is a God, he or she would want us to care for and steward the gifts of his/her creation (Mother Earth,) and then clean up our own messes.

Do not forget that unlike many of the End Times religion's prophecy consequences, the Climageddon Extinction Scenario's consequences will unfold far slower. The Climageddon Extinction Scenario will cause far more long-term suffering until we experience total extinction. But again, acting together can still have until 2025 to prevent the global warming extinction emergency from unfolding. 

For more on how the acceptance of End Times apocalyptic religious prophesies and strategies work against being responsible for and doing something about our accelerating global warming crisis, please see this great article!

A positive survival perspective to help counterbalance the previous disruptive global warming and climate change news.

Despite the many types of challenging global warming consequences and past fossil fuel reduction mistakes that we now face, we can still learn from their feedback, and we can adapt and evolve to make life as good and as happy as is possible. No matter how severe the coming global warming consequences might become, if we wisely play the remaining cards that we have been dealt, we can still achieve the best remaining possible outcomes

We can yet make a significant difference to reduce global fossil fuel use to stabilize and save the future of humanity by executing a comprehensive reduction and survival plan like the Job One for Humanity global warming action plan

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will unfold as we work successfully on this together. (Click here to review those benefits.) 

We can persevere through this time of emergency. We just need to remember that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities.

We are engaged in nothing less than the most critical and meaningful evolutionary opportunity, challenge, and adventure in human history! It is our last opportunity to slow down the mass human extinction threat by getting close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Only reaching these targets will fully remove the total extinction threat. In reaching these targets, we also significantly improve many of the world's other major challenges.

Get started today on the Job One for Humanity global warming reduction and survival plan. Help save and salvage as much of humanity and our beautiful civilization as is possible.



There are many other positive, perspectives, possibilities, and options for doomsday prevention.  

It is not all horrible climate change and global warming news. There is other good news about what we can still do to survive and thrive. We still have time left to make critical global fossil fuel reductions necessary to slow down the coming consequences. And, there is also a realistic and practical plan to help us survive and thrive. 

Here is what should be done by priority:

1. Sign the global warming petition that will go to our politicians by clicking here or clicking the button below.

2. Here is what our governments need to do immediately! Only government action can save us at 11:55 pm on the Climate Change doomsday clock. It is too late for individual actions alone to prevent hitting midnight on the Global Warming Doomsday Clock.

3. Here is what we need to do to prepare, adapt, or migrate until our governments act responsibly and save humanity and our global civilization (as described in the link just above.) To learn more about the Job One Doomsday Plan B, click here or click the image below.



4. Here is what we need to keep in mind while we are doing the Job One Plan. We need to see this as the greatest challenge, adventure, and opportunity in human history. We need to see this challenge as also having many incredible benefits. (Click here to see these many inspiring benefits. This is the most read page on our website. It has been viewed over 2 million times.) 



There is a real urgency to address the climate change and global warming extinction emergency. It is crucial that you act now. We have so little time left to protect our future, humanity, and civilization.

Click here to get started on the Job One Plan and...

The Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock is ticking. No matter how big the challenge is or how short the time to get it done, we need to deal with the global warming emergency and humanity's other critical global crises as listed above. 

If you want a livable future, here is one easy thing every reader of this article can and should do right now!

Please forward this article to friends and share it on social media when you are done reading it. We are an all-volunteer organization, and we can't "wake up the world" to the global warming extinction emergency and the global collapse issue by ourselves. 

Please help us get the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock into the awareness of millions and then billions of our fellow citizens around the world. Feel free to translate it if the search engine automatic translators are not working well enough in your native language.

Please also send this article to politicians and social media all over the world. Directly and repeatedly ask your politicians what they are doing to prevent the coming mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century? Ask them why they are not adequately managing the greatest global problem threat multiplier and amplifier of the 21st century by enacting the critical governmental action steps described here!

Who is The Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock Dedicated to?

In our humble opinion, it is now necessary to call out and identify the following leading social benefit organizations that have repeatedly failed to create or promote effective global warming solutions that deal with the real urgency of the global warming extinction emergency and its current deadlines.

These organizations and individuals are:

Group 1: The Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council, and the Hewlett and Packard Foundation. These organizations control over 70% of global warming education money in the US alone. They have not educated about the correct fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, or effective global warming solutions that would prevent a mass human, animal, and biological extinction by mid-century.

Group 2: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Green New Deal's creators and promoters, and the Grantham Foundation. (The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation's global warming extinction emergency education is so minimal it is pathetic. The little it does is focused upon the IPCC's seriously underestimated consequences, targets and global warming solution deadlines. At times, the Gates foundation appears to forward a biological system under-informed techno-optimism.  Its techno-optimism seems to be seeking to turn planetary geoengineering into a new profit center for Bill and Melinda Gates empire or related future entities. 

The Green New Deal is loaded with wrong targets, wrong timetables, and grossly inadequate "far too little far too late" solutions that will continue to doom us while we think we are saving ourselves. 

Through its founder, the Grantham Foundation continually warns about how bad the future is going to be but fails to put its funding where its predictions point. It appears they might be using the foundation's dire warnings to help sell investment products in another related corporate entity.)

Group 3: To be added on January 1, 2021 in the annual update to the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock.

For years, we've swallowed the above global warming delusions offered in Matrix-like movie magic "blue pill." Today, some of the above "blue pill" enthusiasts are finally beginning to have doubts and anxieties concerning their grossly underestimated global fossil fuel reduction targets, techno-optimism, or belief in a super-rapid green energy generation transition that will save us in time.

Click here to see what our governments and the largest environmental groups must do to prevent the climate change and global warming doomsday from occurring!

Click here to review our policy of respectful disruption.

We know the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock materials can be upsetting, and here is some additional help.

If you need to hear some good even great news about our global warming extinction emergency, click here. This surprise good news page is the most read page on our website, having been viewed several million times.

Never forget that "our greatest challenges are also our greatest opportunities."

In Summary

You now know:

1. why a doomsday clock for climate change and global warming needs to exist.

2. the many step-by-step consequences, processes, critical relationships, contexts, and transformations leading up to midnight on the climate change and global warming doomsday clock.

3. the many key warning signs of a rapidly approaching mass extinction event and a global collapse. These clear warming signs will become more severe, frequent, and widespread in scale as this emergency grows worse. (Keep track of these critical warming signs in the news and get prepared!)

4. there is a comprehensive plan for what you can do to help resolve the global warming doomsday emergency, but we must act NOW! 

5. there is essential counterbalancing good news, and there are surprising benefits we will acquire as we work together to resolve the global warming emergency.

6. if we miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will pass midnight on the Global Warming Doomsday Clock, global warming will be beyond our control! When that happens, the many consequences described on this page will continue to unfold with greater severity, frequency, and at greater scale, and we will face our own doomsday far sooner than we are prepared for.

7. the unmanageably painful and horribly short lives that generation Z, generation X, and Generation Y (the Millenials) will experience long before 2040 if we do not meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and get this monster under control. Older generations have failed for over 35 years to face and resolve this growing emergency, Unless Generations z, x, and y act now to get their politicians to act immediately, there is little to no hope the younger generations can avoid a soon arriving doomsday. What you see in the warming sign consequences listed above is the most likely dismal future of generation Z, generation X, and Generation Y.

8. Carbon capture will not save us in time and giving it attention or credibility now is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic when we should be steering away from the iceberg.

9. We are making far too little progress on the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets to come anywhere even close to meeting the 2025 targets. This ongoing failure means we have very little chance of avoiding mass extinction for much of humanity by 2050, global collapse, and the Sixth Great Extinction Event in Earth's history. Click here to read about the tremendous obstacles we face trying to reach the 2025 targets.

10. Our chances look so low in reaching the last-chance 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets, it would be wise for you to put your Plan B into action. Click here to see our Plan B.

11. the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock could just as easily be called the Global Collapse Doomsday Clock. If you are of specific religious affiliations, it could also be called the End Times Doomsday Clock, the Armegeddon Doomsday clock, or the Climate Apocalypse Doomsday Clock.

The latter religious terms could be considered applicable in that the consequences are similar to what will happen if we go past midnight on the global warming doomsday clock. As described above, those many consequences will both include and far exceed all of the pain, suffering, and death of End Times, Armageddon type apocalyptic religious prophecies. 

Please share these critical nine global warming facts with everyone you can and, please sign this

Global Warming Emergency Petition


Technical Details for the Global Warming and Climate Change Doomsday Clock

1. It should be noted that many, many climate scientists have had the courage to say we are already well past the point of effectively stopping global warming from reaching a 2 degree Celcius increase in average global temperature (above our pre-industrial temperature levels.) When our average global temperature reaches a 2 degree Celcius increase, we have crossed over the last carbon 425-450 ppm battle line, and we have gone over the carbon climate cliff. This means that the mass extinction-evoking global warming tipping points described on this page will soon be triggered.

In essence, what these "it is already too late" climate scientists are now saying is:

a. We have already gone past the midnight hour on the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock. 

b. All we can do now is prepare for and adapt to the horrible list of consequences described in this article. 

c. We will not be able to avoid a mass extinction event and die-off. And,

d. The only thing our governments (not us as individuals) can still do is slow, save, and salvage what we can to still prevent a global warming-driven total extinction event. To do this, they need to slow down the accelerating rise in global temperature from the rate that it is now. This will allow more of us to survive a little bit longer to get prepared. (On this page, you will find our Plan B for how to prepare for and adapt to the many consequences we can no longer change.)

Our organization, which has done over a decade of extensive research analysis on the global warming emergency and which has created this Doomsday Clock, has also aligned itself with the many climate scientists who have said we are well past the point of effectively stopping global warming from reaching a 2 degree Celcius increase. (On this page you will find the almost two dozen reasons why our organization now also believes that global warming has gone out of our reasonable control and that we will face unavoidable mass extinction with just a few decades.)

If that is our current position, it is only natural to wonder why we have also created and are promoting the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock? The answer is simple. 

We wanted to promote the extreme urgency of the global warming extinction emergency so that our governments finally begin to significantly reduce global fossil fuel use to at least slow down the current global warming acceleration curve enough to prevent a total extinction event. Also, if more people understand the urgency of our emergency, they also will do what they can to slow it down and, they will have more time to prepare for and adapt to the upcoming horrific global warming consequences. As this happens more of humanity and civilization can also survive longer and most importantly, we still have a chance to avoid total extinction. It is just that simple! (Click here to see the many effective government actions needed to slow down the total extinction nightmare so more of us can survive longer.

2. Many global warming educational organizations are currently using different critical fossil fuel reduction dates. Many promote that all nations of the world have to reduce their total fossil fuel use by 50% by 2030. This 2030 date is too little too late and is dead and dangerously wrong for many reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons is because this 2030 target date ignores the principles of equity and international justice, namely proportional responsibility for harm caused. It demands that all of the undeveloped, poorer nations reduce their annual fossil fuel use the same percentage amounts as all of the wealthy and developed nations. This demand for the same percentage amount of fossil fuel reduction even though the wealthy developed nations have caused almost all of the global warming and atmospheric carbon pollution problems that we now face is inherently unfair.

3. There are also many other reasons some global warming educational organizations are still promoting erroneous 2030, 2025, 2040 ad 2050 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Many additional technical reasons for why these other deadlines are wrong are found in the Special Technical Notes section at the bottom of the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets description page. 

4. The correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets mentioned above do allow the poorer, undeveloped nations to cut their annual fossil fuel use considerably less than the wealthy developed nations. And with these 2025 targets, we still get to the overall needed global fossil fuel use reductions to prevent crossing the climate cliff and its extinction evoking tipping points. On this 2025 global target detail page, you will also discover more information about how the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions are shared equitably between wealthy developed and poor undeveloped nations as well as links to the science behind the validity of the 2025 targets. 

5. Consider the following regarding a 4C average global temperature increase. Though scientists by 2010 had made 4C the new 2C, no-one will be alive to experience 4C. Fortunately, after the IPCC 1.5C Report, they backpedaled and made 1.5C the danger limit and in 2020 called for the immediate and rapid decline of global emissions for mitigation. Any temperatures above 2C are moot because 1.5 to 2C triggers end of the world runaway global warming, and many climate researchers believe that it's probably already triggered.

6. There are five highly likely reasons why our 12 most critical global challenges (described above) have not been solved or will be nearly impossible to resolve. The following are not all of the reasons that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to resolve the above global challenges. As mentioned above, our failure to successfully manage these 12 global challenges will expedite doomsday and the collapse of our global civilization.

Here are only the most important and overarching reasons we will most probably not resolve the 12 global challenges before global catastrophe and collapse:  

Reason 1: Our failure to evolve effective global governance with the needed legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers to solve all of the global challenges that cross national borders. If you think about it deeply, you will discover that this critical evolutionary failure of not having yet developed effective global governance is a core structural cause of why most of the above global challenges have not been resolved, and they continue to worsen. 

Even though it looks like someone manages the well-being of the planet as a whole from the United Nations or our international treaties, this is an illusion! No one governing body is effectively or responsibly driving the global "car," and it is speeding toward a cliff without a driver. 

Reason 2: Wealthy vested interests have compromised the effectiveness of our national governments. More often than not, our national government's decisions are not based on the general population's long-term wellbeing. They are based on increasing the short-term financial and power advantages of a very few ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations funding politicians openly or secretly. Consequently, decisions favoring the interests of the privileged ultra-wealthy most often harm the general well-being of the many. 

Reason 3: We have hunter/gatherer's brains developed before the stone age, trying to manage the twenty-first century highly complex, self-organizing global systems. The physical structure of our minds has not advanced in over a million years. Our biological brains were developed in response to the simple stone-age demands of hunting and gathering food. 

Our stone age brain structure cannot sufficiently understand or do all of the complex data, analyses, and calculations needed to manage complex adaptable systems like the global climate, the global economy, the global environment, and balancing and managing international and global politics without endless war and conflicts. 

The average planetary IQ is only about 100. Even genius-level individuals (IQ 140 and up) cannot stay up with the ever-increasing amounts of new information and ever-increasing technical and other global system complexities. To cope, our stone-age brains automatically revert to behaviors based on emotions, self-interest, and the comfort of superstitions. Consequently, we regularly do not understand or see the most severe problems within the various global systems until it is too late to avoid the worst possible catastrophes, i.e., the global warming extinction emergency and the ongoing collapse of global civilization. (Both of which are occurring because of either the convergence or the amplification of the global challenges listed above.)

Reason 4: Most of our current leaders have both stone-age minds and stone-age leadership qualities.
We are still evolving members of the ape family. We proudly try to distance ourselves from our ape animal roots by calling ourselves, humans. Despite our cultures continually trying to make us unaware of being evolving animals, we are all still mostly subject to our ancient biological animal drives, and so too it is with our current leaders.

Most of our current leaders had to have a high degree of stone-age alpha male qualities, or they would have never become leaders in their area. Those stone-age alpha leadership qualities are used to command the pack with fear of violence, actual violence, and deceit. They most often use these and other aggressive intimidation tactics for maintaining their power, privilege, and self-interest.

Stone age alphas will give excellent lip service to the common goals or the greater good of all, but they are always cleverly protecting and forwarding their own interests or adding to their assets, most often, at the expense of those they lead.

Unless society can remove these unevolved stone-age alphas from group leadership positions, it will continue to have the world we have now, and it will be far more difficult fixing it.

This deficient stone-age leadership problem means societies worldwide will soon need to establish minimum levels for their leaders' cognitive, social/emotional, and moral developmental levels. To manage the complexity and vast amounts of modern society information, our societies should also set minimum educational and intelligence levels for all critical leaders. We also need to ensure our leaders are well versed in scientific falsification methodology, basic logic, systems thinking, ethics, and dialectical meta-systemic thinking (Otto Laske.)

Not only should there be minimal developmental and skill levels set for all critical leadership positions, but there also should be recommended levels for cognitive, social-emotional, and moral development, education, and intelligence. This way the population can make better choices about who to elect or choose for their leaders for critical positions. (Luckily, science has already laid out the highest levels of human cognitive, social-emotional, and moral development in the works of Abraham Maslow, Claire Graves, Robert Kegan, Lawrence Kohlberg, and Otto Laske.

Today's world does not need more aggressive, self-centered, and genetically confident stone-age alpha leaders. We need more of the new and evolved alpha leaders. 

To successfully solve the world's current challenges, societies must eventually remove all stone-age alpha leaders from its most crucial power positions. It must replace them with the best-educated, smartest, and most cognitively, social-emotionally and morally developed new alpha leaders.

With these highly-evolved new alpha leaders, we will have the leaders needed for today's complex world. They will be the leaders genuinely dedicated to using their skills and gifts to resolve our current problems in ways that truly improve the collective's overall wellbeing.

For more about dialectical meta systemic thinking, click here.

Reason 5: Fundamental Evolutionary Flaws in Human Language

Human language is produced in the brain in layers. Human language is initially learned, in infancy, based on memorized sound patterns. The patterns are associated, not with logic, but with emotion. The next brain level, again in early childhood, groups sound patterns of simple words and simple-logical phrases. These are referred to as Single Sentence Logic (SSL). These two processes, each with their own brain layer, work very fast. This fast response provides a substantial survival advantage in a hunter-gatherer environment.

It is not until much later in a child's development that the ability to handle intricate word patterns like paragraphs, pages, books, and libraries, on a logical basis, is formed in additional separate layers. The problem is, this brain structure leads to significant difficulties for complex modern communications. It takes a relatively long time interval to process complex issues. 

Many private, corporate, and governmental forces want to manipulate people. Using quickly presented, short "sound bites," filled with emotional "trigger" words, they can effectively saturate the fast layers, blocking higher levels of thinking in most people. As social complexity explodes, most people's ability to understand and resolve complex problems is entirely overwhelmed by the media's bombardment with very rapid emotional triggers.

Reason 6: The explosion of technology and complexity is not compatible with how human brains evolved

The explosion of technology has also introduced extreme complexity into how we use tools and instruments, and into all commercial and social interactions! For all the technical elements to work together, very complex sets of rules and information are required. We would have to memorize many thousands of pages of detailed directions. To fully engage in all our commercial and social interactions, we would also have to memorize many thousands of pages of law books, and read and remember all the words in every contract and agreement we sign. This high complexity also means actions and decisions must be made much faster. Timing becomes critical, and every piece of technology-dependent information must be precise. There isn't time to check into the reference material. Human brains can't do even a small fraction of this. So, people don't do it. They make up their own "workarounds" (i.e., superstitions), which, of course, are not compatible with anyone else's. The result is, interactions with both machines and other people constantly don't work the way we expect! 

Reason 7: Evolved human psychology drives individuals toward self-centered individual survival

Humans cannot escape the numerous strong survival drives that have been hard-wired into them over millions of years of vertebrate evolution.

Because of the rapidness of messaging, we can't take the time to research and understand complex issues or correctly operate equipment. To "cope," the human brain invents "shortcuts" - i.e., "superstitions" about what has been said or how things work. Because of the continual breakdown of equipment and interpersonal interactions and the rapid emotional media assault of messages, individuals believe they are being assaulted. The assaults are interpreted as "threats" by our evolved self-centered personal defenses for survival. They are direct attacks on our inherent concepts of individual freedom. Our "fight or flight" defenses evolved to deal with "tangible" adversaries. Our brain uses the invented superstitions to assign "blame" for their pain. The blame must have a "name"! This complexity and flawed language vs. freedom dichotomy directly explains the current extreme polarization of social groups, governments, and political beliefs.

Ironically, before science broke open our vast understanding of nature, the forces of nature, in the form of demons, were the most common culprits. With such thinking largely discredited, our made-up superstitions are now more often aimed at each other! These "selfish gene" drives lead to social conflict and violence. When confronted with this, society's response has gone from simple admonishment to putting people in prison or even putting them to death. The problem is, these drives run so deep, even this entire range of responses has failed. The results have been 12,000+ years of war and conflict. To reach a peaceful, sustainable future, radically new approaches are needed for managing the self-interest vs. community-interest conflict. A patchwork of fixes has not worked and will not work.

Reason 8: Our stone-age impaired brains are also being attacked and compromised by 4th generation mind control technology enabled by supercomputers, advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) software, and today's social media and search platforms. This social media-enabled mind control attack of hidden manipulation is not only enhancing tensions and polarizing people worldwide. It is also causing people to no longer be able to reason out or understand what is true or fake.

This mind control is dangerous because, without the ability to see and know truth from falsehood independently, the world will continue making terrible decisions on our many global challenges. Social media fake news propagation is also super-charging racial, ethnic, religious, and national political tensions worldwide to make matters worse. This super-charging effect will eventually and most certainly produce more racial, ethnic, religious, and national conflicts, maybe even new race, ethnic, religious, and national wars.

Before we describe the basics of 4th generation mind control, we strongly recommend to first watch the shocking Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma. It will set the necessary foundation for you to understand the invisible tactics used and to know why fourth-generation mind control is already another severe and vast problem inhibiting our ability to solve our current global challenges. Additionally, the everyday use of fourth-generation mind control by social media companies is not only inhibiting our ability to think and solve our global challenges; it is also significantly accelerating the worse consequences of those challenges.

In this new documentary, you will hear top executives from Silicon Valley's most prominent social media companies telling you the world is in a new grave danger, and that we must regulate and remove this danger immediately. They also will warn you that AI and supercomputers have twisted social media into a new form of ultra-sophisticated, hidden nano-manipulation whose fundamental purpose is to get you to change your opinions, beliefs, and sense of identity to ultimately change your behavior without either your awareness or conscious consent.

Once you have viewed the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma, you are ready to continue with this brief explanation of the four generations of mind control:

a. First-generation mild control is almost as old as humanity. It appeared in ancient Egyptian and other cults where a member was put through many highly restrictive, cathartic, and stressful experiences. This process would often also involve the use of drugs and a fake death and a "miraculous drugged "rebirth from the "death" experience. The reborn individual would then assume the cult's new identity because the cult had saved their lives.

The subject usually also became a fanatical true believer. First-generation mind control was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Think of it as a one-by-one assembly line. (For more, see the initiation rites of Hashish Assassins.)

b. Second-generation mild control was advanced in the 1950s when modern psychology tactics were integrated with many ancient first-generation cult tactics. The Russians, Koreans, and the Chinese all used second-generation tactics in their Gulags and though-reform prison camps on political dissidents. The Koreans made second-generation mind control effectiveness famous when the captured US Air Force pilots and used it so effectively that the pilots went on International TV and denounced America and the American way of life.

Second-generation mind control was more refined and also less time-consuming. Numerous handlers were still needed in the prison camps to execute the program to apply and maintain continuous stress on the subject until they broke. Think of an assembly line that could produce more cost-effective mind control victims whose opinions, beliefs, and identity had been radically changed. (For more, search the descriptions of what was done in Korea to downed US pilots during the Korean war.

c. Third-generation mild control was advanced in the 1960s by cults like Scientology, the Moonies, and Hare Krishna. Here coercive influence tactics of modern psychology were integrated with many of the ancient first-generation cult tactics. Unlike the Russians, Korean, and the Chinese Gulags and their use of thought-reform prison camps, these modern cults had refined the mind control tactics to newer micro-influence levels no longer requiring physical constraint or physical abuse.

Third-generation mind control was less time-consuming and labor-intensive because it could be done not one-by-one, like in earlier mind control generations, but on a whole group of people at the same time. This group application was achieved by controlling almost every area of their existence by the cult. (What they wore, ate, thought, did, etc.)

Stress was still applied continuously but more skillfully, secretively, and gradually in micro-steps. Think of a faster, better coercive influence group assembly line, which also could produce more cost-effective mind control victims whose opinions, beliefs, and identity had been radically changed more efficiently and faster. (If you read George Orwell's 1984, you will have a good idea of what life was like inside these third-generation mind-control cults. For more, search for what was done to victims of the cults mentioned above in the many lawsuits filed against them.)

d. Fourth-generation mild control began not long after the creation of social media, and Silicon Valley launched the new search platforms. Fourth-generation mind control makes the very significant big jump from an individual or group application to mass application. No longer did one have to be imprisoned or even be in a high-control, high restriction cult to be the victim of this new hidden and even more dangerous mind control.

Fourth-generation mind control uses supercomputers, artificial intelligence, complex algorithms, the psychology of influence and behavioral change, tightly controlled echo chambers, and some earlier generation deceit and hidden influence tactics. Fourth-generation mind control can create a meaningful and continuous influence over the subject in gradual nano-steps. These nano-steps make it even easier to change the subject's opinions, beliefs, and even their core sense of who they are (their identity), and they have no idea this is even being done.

Fourth-generation mind control is the least time-consuming and labor-intensive because it is done mostly by machines. It is being done to billions of people simultaneously, not just the small groups as in third-generation mind control. Stress is still applied continuously but far skillfully, secretively, and more gradually than in any other generation.

Think of a faster, better mass production assembly line that can more cost-effectively produce billions of mind control victims over the next few decades. Think of it as the fastest, most invisible, and advanced technology of modern civilization being used against our stone-age brains. Yes, our stone-age brains will never have a chance unless we regulate and ban them from being used on our children or manipulating every person now using social media. (For more, watch the Social Dilemma documentary on NetFlix. In clear and precise ways, it will show you the many subtle and invisible ways that today's social media is using fourth-generation mind control to invisibly change your opinions, beliefs, identity, and behavior without your awareness or consent.

Reason 9: Our current form of democracy has reached its limits.

"Democracy," or more specifically, "Athenian Democracy" in the form of a Republic, as it is now implemented worldwide, is incompatible with the technology produced conditions of modern society. Ancient Athens had a small, sparse population, simple technology, and relatively similar self-sufficient farmers. Their culture was dominated by one national religion and very homogeneous practices. This simple "social environment" continued well into the 18th century. It allowed the concept of "majority voting" to work and provide most people with an "acceptable" outcome. ALL these factors have now changed.

We now have huge populations with hundreds of interspersed beliefs and cultures that are radically different. A hyper-specialized workforce breaks down the prevailing "agricultural culture" that bonded most people. Additionally, complex, hyper-integrated new technologies force all of these cultures to adopt narrow approaches for communication and interaction unfamiliar to all of them. All of the alternate forms of democracy currently in use or being discussed rely on the limiting singular "winner" outcome of "majority voting" to determine social action. In societies with hundreds of competing cultures, no "singular result" can come anywhere near close to providing most people with an acceptable result. The result is, most people "feel" the result of any government decision, which always has many provisions that don't address their needs, as a "government tyranny" against them. The product is population unrest and distrust or hate of government around the world.

In ancient Athens, with a population under 100,000, "congresses" of as many as 4,000 citizens were assembled as "representatives". These were predominantly farmers, making decisions for farmers. Even so, a very sophisticated machine was built to ensure that every representative was selected without bias or allegiance to a social group!

Today, a few hundred people (politicians) are chosen to represent hundreds of millions of citizens, each with very different job skills, social situations, educational backgrounds, etc. The requirements for preventing bias or allegiance, which the Athenians in 500BC already understood, was a cornerstone for democracy to work and have been thrown to the wind. So, not only is the majority wins "singular result" a major flaw, the process that actively steers representatives into the hands of political parties and industrial "lobbying" completely severs any logical connection between current "democracies" and the original implementation of that term. By design, contemporary "democracies" can only be hotbeds for corruption and government failure. "Democracy" must now evolve to new forms that solve all the 8 problems listed above if we are ever to solve our critical global challenges (described above.)


(Special Update of 11.1.2020: Because it is now a virtual mathematical and political impossibility to reach (or even come close) to our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, our organization has modified our global warming management action plans to deal with this new reality. The main consequence of this new reality is that all we can do now is slow down this mass extinction process, but not avoid it. 

Click here to see our appropriately modified and updated "new reality" Job One for Humanity global warming action plan.

Click here to see all of the reasons why this mass extinction event is mathematically, economically, and politically unavoidable.)

Additional Documentation and Reading on the Science and Analysis of this Article

1. Click here to read about these post-2025 extinction-evoking global warming tipping points. We said we will remind you of the importance of the detailed tipping point science and the extinction-triggering process descriptions. This page provides the timeframes for each tipping point and the critical science on the process for how we go over the four extinction-evoking tipping points, which leads to runaway global warming, total extinction, and doomsday. 

2. Here is what our governments need to do immediately! Only government action can save us at 11:55 pm on the Climate Change doomsday clock. It is too late for individual actions alone to prevent hitting midnight on the Global Warming Doomsday Clock.

3. Here is what we need to do to prepare, adapt, or migrate until our governments act responsibly and save humanity and our global civilization (as described in the link just above.) To learn more about the Job One Doomsday Plan B, click here.

4. For information on all 11 major global warming tipping points and how global warming tipping points work, click here.

5. For detailed descriptions of the 20 major consequences of global warming, click here.

6. Click here to read about the necessary 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target. All developed nations have to reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025. Underdeveloped nations, which did not cause the current global warming emergency, have lower targets. Lower targets for underdeveloped nations are both fair and morally just since they played a much smaller part in creating the current global warming extinction emergency.

7. If we fail to hit the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets there are other deadlines and timetables critical to know for the changing preparation and adaption timeframes for the accelerating global warming emergency. Please click here and go to our member's area critical timeframe update on these issues as soon as possible. This timetable October 2020 update is vital if you want to prepare your family or business for what now appears to be unavoidable!

8. Click here for a full timetable of consequences found within each of the 6 phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario. 

9. Why we have failed for over 35 years to face and resolve this growing emergency.

10, Why carbon capture techno-optimism is like believing in magical carbon sucking unicorns. 

11. For information about, Climageddon the global warming survival guidebook, which also goes into much additional global warming consequence detail, click here.

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