What Is Climageddon?

Armageddon is a biblical term used to refer to an end-of-the-world scenario. Climageddon’s title appropriately combines the words climate and Armageddon because global warming has evolved into a credible and imminent end-of-the-world scenario.

Climageddon contains new timetables and consequence progressions, as well as a new prediction model for how the interconnected processes and interdependent systems creating global warming will interact and unfold. Some of Climageddon’s new premises about how our global warming future will occur are disheartening. Others offer situation-appropriate hope for the difficult consequences and choices we will soon face.

The key premises of Climageddon concerning global warming are:

  1. We are in an undeclared global warming State of Emergency!

  2. In spite of over 30 years of scientific warnings, conferences, and international agreements, global warming is not getting better. It is getting worse at a far faster rate than we are planning or preparing for.

  3. We have been given inaccurate and incomplete predictions by the United Nations authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for when the main consequences of global warming will occur, as well as how bad those consequences will be. In part, this is happening to protect national and corporate fossil fuel economic interests.

  4. Global warming has irreversibly destabilized several critical climate areas—and dangerous climate stability transition points have already been crossed.

  5. The most expensive and worst consequences of global warming will not occur in 40 to 80 years as we are being told. They are already starting and many will occur in less than half that time.

  6. Continued global warming will create economic devastation at every level. Hundreds of trillions of dollars will be lost by those individuals, businesses, and nations most uninformed and unprepared for the massive coming changes.

  7. There is a clear and final global warming battle line we must not cross. It is very near, and staying on the safe side of that line will be the greatest adaptive challenge humanity has ever faced.

  8. There is still time left to make prudent global warming emergency backup preparations to improve your odds of surviving this emergency (described in the Job One Plan in Part 2 of this book).   

  9. If we fail to act effectively to reverse escalating global warming, there is enough time left to slow down and lessen its consequences, as well as partially mitigate the mass suffering, death, and the collapse of our economic, political, and social systems. With this extra time, we might find new ways to adapt.

  10. If we completely fail to stop the worst consequences of escalating global warming, there is also still time left to relocate a small percentage of the world’s population (along with essential infrastructure and supplies) north of the 45th parallel north and south of the 45th parallel south. These locations will be temporarily more survivable and civilization will continue for a while longer.

  11. If we do immediately execute the actions described in the Job One for Humanity Plan and we complete those actions within the critical 2026 deadlines given, though it will be costly, painful, and difficult, humanity and our civilization should survive, and eventually our world will recover from the damage we have done.

  12. We have many grave global warming problems and challenges that have barely been discovered, or only partially understood. That will be true throughout our encounter with this pivotal emergency for the 21st century. Our current global warming emergency presents a spectrum of new dilemmas that will necessitate life-and-death decisions unprecedented in human history.

  13. Critical proprietary predictions and information concerning the consequences of global warming are currently unavailable outside of specialized wealth-privileged investment advisory circles or national intelligence analyst circles. Climageddon will disclose much of this obscured or intentionally withheld information, and prepare you for how to evaluate and use it by providing the necessary factual foundation found within Part 1 of this book.

What's next

In the next chapter, the basics of what causes global warming, how the climate works, and what causes the climate to destabilize into dangerous conditions are explained. Fair warning: you will be amazed by how powerful and how long-lasting the worst effects of today’s global warming pollution are and will become.

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