How Pandemics Like Covid-19 Are Caused or Exacerbated by Climate Change and Global Warming

You be the judge on why our governments are not talking to us seriously enough about how climate change and global warming are both creating and exacerbating pandemics?

Most people do not know that pandemics and new epidemics are just one of many predicted "normal" consequences of the escalating climate change and global warming emergency. COVID-19 like Ebola, MERS, and SARS (to name just a few dangerous diseases,) will continue to be caused and/or exacerbated by global warming. The reasons climate change and global warming have helped to create COVID-19 are listed below.

How escalating climate change and global warming are creating and/or exacerbating pandemics like Covid19:

1. Increasing global warming is quickly destroying the natural habitat of wild animals. This forces the wild animals (like bats) into closer proximity with humans making it easier for the animal viruses (zoological viruses,) to cross over into humans. According to the best science we have now, this has already happened with the COVID 19 virus.

2. Increasing global warming is and will continue to cause increasing crop failures, hunger, and famine. This will force desperately impoverished and starving individuals to hunt, capture, live in closer proximity, and butcher and eat more wild animals. This will once again make it easier for wild animal viruses to cross over into humans. This was also an important component part of the original COVID 19 outbreak in a wild animal "wet" market.)

3. Increasing global warming is melting increasing amounts of millennia-old tundra and permafrost, releasing long trapped tens of thousands of year-old frozen bacteria and viruses that humans have never seen or developed immunities to. There are also many infectious organisms stored in ancient sea ice and glaciers that will be released into the water system as this ice melts. (20) These melting processes may also cause new types of diseases like COVID-19 for which we currently have no antibodies or medicines. Additionally,

4. Increased heat from global warming in the atmosphere will spread exisiting tropical diseases, epidemics, or pandemics to northern and southern areas as well as higher altitudes where they have never been before—and where most of the population has no immunity. These are tropical diseases like West Nile Disease, Zika, Rift Valley Fever, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Cryptococcus Gattii Fungus, and Chagas Disease, all of which are rapidly moving north and appearing in the news on a regular basis.

Tropical diseases rapidly spreading north and south are due in part to migrating humans, animals, and insects trying to escape their heat and/or water-stressed ecosystems. Other diseases likely to spread due to global warming to epidemic or even pandemic levels are new and old strains of avian flu, cholera, plague, Ebola, and tuberculosis.

The above means that it is inevitable that we will be seeing more COVID-19 type pandemics, but not every hundred years as has occurred for the last few thousand years. Because of the consequences of our escalating climate change and global warming emergency, global pandemics could quickly become an every decade or sooner occurrence. 

And yes, there are other reasons to watch for in the continuing spread of COVID19 or other new diseases once they are present:

1. They will be propagated because of densification and urbanization — think Wuhan or New York — but particularly (as we may soon see) because of the severe overcrowding of vulnerable people in the burgeoning slums and barrios all over the developing world. Think Brazil or India. 

2. They will also spread and thrive because three billion people still lack basic hand-washing facilities and more than four billion lack adequate sanitation services.

On another note

Please do not forget that we have only six years left to reduce our global fossil fuel use enough to prevent a global warming caused real mass extinction event from unfolding over the next 30-50 years. This coming mass extinction event will be far, far worse than the Covid19 pandemic. 

This mass extinction process will be caused by crossing four critical global warming tipping points. Find out what these four tipping points are here!

While we struggle through this pandemic, we cannot forget the far bigger, new battle ahead of us truly is, the global warming extinction emergency!






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