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"CLIMAGEDDON could not have come at a more critical time in the climate debate. With several US protection agencies at risk of losing funding, tensions rising on the political stage, and continued denial of the effects of rising temperatures, the public needs to know now more than ever what is ahead of us, and Wollersheim proves himself up to the task.With a clear, easy to follow sequence of chapters, he builds a solid foundation in showing us how we got here, what's coming, what we have to do to mitigate the damage, and how we can effectively push for change in an increasingly hostile political climate. The true gem in this book is its sense of real, practical hope. While the steps of the Job One Plan may seem complicated at times, they offer the public an answer to the devastating question of what to do--especially when the reality of what's happening to our planet sinks in. A must-buy for anyone questioning global warming and what can be done about it."Anne Persons on April 28, 2017

"This book about destructive creation as core of the evolutionary process is a major reasoned step forward for all those concerned about the fallout from global warming. It is by the same token an illustration of Roy Bhaskar’s ontological philosophy meant to re-totalize dialectic and thus promote complexity thinking (Dialectic: The pulse of freedom, 1993). In both works, what can appear as strictly “negative”, is seen as the natural force of “negativity” that challenges those who can “think” to address the gap between how humans think and how nature works.The author lays bare the many missed chances strewn around our civilization for early interventions into global warming as well as the many remaining opportunities. By putting global warming into the biggest possible perspective, he is both theoretically sound, empirically up to date, and pragmatically realistic. His book is carried by the hope that we will want to avoid evolution to switch mankind to a lower-level order of existence.This book should become a must-read for every intelligent and informed person, as well as a foundation of literature about citizenship. It should also help to combat fake news and the denial of the significance of scientific research."By Otto laske on May 3, 2017

"This book should be read by every government official, every schoolteacher, and every citizen. There is no crisis more urgent than our impending climate crisis. Yet the world remains in denial. The EPA strikes climate evidence from its website. The administration turns its back on hard won regulations and clean energy bills. We must understand what is coming down, the complexity of it, the future scenarios, dangers, and what we can do NOW to at least address and possibly mitigate the worst of it. This book backs it all up with hard science yet is easy to read, if not disturbing. Read this book and then buy it for your friends."By Amazon Customer on May 4, 2017

"Climageddon opens a door to “Big REALity” that most of us need to look through but few can.Now, what this means must be explained……….Big REALity looks at our human situation from the perspective of what is going on from more comprehensive Earth Systems Science approaches. This is critical because it BREAKS THROUGH the siloed and specialized approaches to the risks associated with the Climate-Energy-Ecology-Economics-Equity Crisis.None of the interlocking and interdependent parts of the Overarching Crisis can be effectively viewed separately.The Big REALity encompasses first the Climate Chaos Crisis.To avert the worst effects of the Climate Crisis, and the ending of functional civilization, humanity must slash its fossil fuels use and emissions immediately and drastically. Climageddon explains why and how. Thereby, Climageddon is a must-read for anyone who can read and understand the 6th grade scientific facts that it details and explains.Perhaps more importantly, Climageddon differs from the endless number of books and articles that keep analyzing the climate crisis by continually representing that “we must do something about this big threat, and here are the details of the problem.” To begin with, the details of the crisis are very difficult to absorb unless the book or article explains how to respond effectively and at scale. Few books or articles even try to suggest effective responses, and those that do try fall far short of what leading scientists would agree are sufficient or timely responses.Climageddon explains how to deal with the Scope of the Climate Crisis, then its massive Scale, and finally the Urgency we must muster.2017 is the year that humanity must begin to understand that Scope, Scale, and Urgency or abandon our best hope to continue to expect a viable future on a (relatively) healthy Mother Earth. Then, immediately, we must respond.Or else.Climageddon is the tool for both understanding and response. This book should become a must-read for every intelligent and informed person."

By Jean Arnold on May 9, 2017


"Climageddon: The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive it. - This Breakthrough is being released on Earth Day, April 22, 201

Released to coincide with the Global Warming Emergency Mobilization Week running from Earth Day through the global climate marches on April 29th, Climageddon is unlike any preceding global warming warning book.  

Climageddon radically disrupts what most informed individuals currently believe. In its new model of our destabilizing climate, called the Climageddon Scenario, it uses big data analytic methodologies to predict the likely progression of global warming consequences rapidly coming our way.

Climageddon is a 440+ page tour de force loaded with dozens of illustrations that make complex climate processes easier to understand. It pushes readers to rethink outdated or inaccurate ideas about how global warming will really affect their families, finances, physical security, and future. It is a 180° turn-about from the usual information found in most global warming books. 

Climageddon is a 180° turn-about from the usual information found in most global warming books. In May 2006, Al Gore stated in An Inconvenient Truth that we had “10 years left to avoid a tailspin of epic proportions involving extreme weather of all kinds.” Ten years later, we have missed all of Al Gore's action targets and Climageddon now says we have 6 to 10 years to avoid the tailspin of irreversible global warming, which unchecked will eventually lead to extinction.

A few of Climageddon’s well-documented positions and conclusions are:

1.  Global warming is much worse than we are being told and its effects are coming faster and with more ferocity than anyone is prepared for.   

2.  The common belief that gradual progress is adequate in global warming reduction is completely misguided.

3.  Current global warming progression and risk assessments are hiding rapidly approaching extreme risk levels. Disruption is coming for our markets, businesses, nations, and families.

4.  We are already in an undeclared global warming State of Emergency, and it's too late for organizing grassroots bottom-up solutions.

5.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars will be lost by the individuals, businesses, and nations most uninformed and unprepared for the massive changes coming. Even worse, the most expensive and devastating global warming consequences will not occur in 40 to 80 years as we are being told. They are already occurring and more will occur in less than half that time.

6.  If we are lucky, we have another 6 to 10 years left to make the costly, painful, and radical changes needed to prevent losing whatever remaining control we have left to prevent irreversible global warming from becoming an inevitability. (Those critical changes are described in prioritized and sequenced action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan found in Climageddon.)

7.  If we fail to respond immediately and irreversible global warming occurs, extinction-level global warming will follow.

8.  There is a clear and final global warming battle line we must not cross. It is very near, and staying on the safe side of that line will be the greatest adaptive challenge humanity has ever faced.

9.  If we do successfully execute the actions described in the Job One for Humanity Plan and we complete those actions within the critical 2026 deadlines, our civilization should survive, and eventually our world will recover from the damage we have already created

Just as global warming has become the great disruptor of the 21st-century, Climageddon will be the great disruptor of much of what we believe about global warming and much of what we are failing to do.

There is little doubt that word-of-mouth will make this book a must-read for those interested in global warming issues and education. It will also become a must-read for individuals and businesses that will be severely impacted by the rapidly unfolding Climageddon Scenario such as investment bankers, stock and commodity investors, city, corporate, and government planners.  It is also essential due diligence reading for farmers, business, and real estate investors.  The content of Climageddon must be understood by intelligence agency risk and threat analysts, and by relevant futurists.

Gradualism related to our escalating global warming emergency is deadly.  We either declare that climate change is already global State of Emergency or we give up any chance for a future for humanity and, most other life will perish with us, as well."

Michael Mielke, Association for the Tree of Life.


“If we ignore the issue of climate change, humanity faces certain peril, and the five billion year evolutionary experiment on this planet comes to a catastrophic turn, if not an end. This well researched book moves beyond politics to sound science, and even proposed solutions. Climageddon may be the most important book of our time. Everyone needs to be informed about this.”    

 Anodea Judith, PhD author of The Global Heart Awakens, Eastern Body, Western Mind


"If Rachel Carson's Silent Spring sounded a clarion call to the harmful effects of indiscriminate use of pesticides, Lawrence Wollersheim's Climageddon sounds a far more urgent wake-up call to the global climate warming crisis precariously close to the tipping point. With compelling research, challenging data, and ever-escalating argument, Wollersheim paints a daunting picture about humanity's survival at the very brink. Although the situation is indeed direly urgent, he assures us it's not totally hopeless, if we can finally summon the significant individual and collective will to stem the mounting tide. Climageddon comes not a minute too soon to arouse that necessary will into timely action."

William Kueppers, PhD  


“In Climageddon Lawrence Wollersheim presents a valuable discussion of the threats posed by global warming should we fail to immediately mobilize our global resources to manage and control its rapidly escalating consequences. Climageddon not only highlights the urgency of our task, but also discusses a range of options to help reduce our risk.”  

James Olson, author of How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save the Future


“There is an ancient and famous question: “Why is this book different from all other books”? Unlike the complexity that springs from a similar question asked at every Passover Seder, this one is easy to answer. This book is different from all other books because its author, Lawrence Wollersheim, has amassed the courage to look all aspects of Anthropomorphic Climate Change right in the eye, and systematically, fearlessly, pin them to his collector’s boards in a frighteningly harmonious and completely understandable pattern. The result is the most honest, realistic, complete, integrated, and solution-centered summary work yet written in English on human-caused climate disruption. To fully integrate Climaggedon into your heart and mind will guide you, successfully, through the surrounding climatic “Slough of Despond” that makes John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress feel like a playground game.”

Michael Dietrick MD [email protected]  


"On any planet on which sentient life emerges and forms an industrialised civilisation, its survival will be threatened by something like global warming.  A key step in surviving will be the emergence of a book that clearly identifies the problem and sets out what they must do to overcome the problem.  On this planet at this time, Climageddon is that book."  

John Stewart, author Evolution's Arrow


“This thoroughly researched call-to-arms pulls no punches as it lucidly argues that the destabilizing impacts of climate change are far greater and much closer than we have been led to believe. Likely scenarios are painstakingly laid out and they only go from bad to worse. “Which do you prefer,” writes Wollersheim, “partial economic collapse now, or total economic collapse later, with the bonus collapse of civilization?” These options are not hyperbole; disconcertingly realistic, they are grounded in a lengthy cascade of data, charts, links, tipping points, and quotes from leading climatologists and geo-engineers. There are solutions, but they require massive collective will to initiate: “How do we educate the people of the world that to save the future and future generations, they must now expect less, have less, and be less economically comfortable?” It’s gut-check time for humanity, and the clock is ticking.”

Matthew Gilbert. Founder/Curator  Cinema Noēsis: Films for Evolving Minds


“Climagedden, a book well written and concise when it comes to scientific facts about Global Warming. The information found in this book is a real eye opener for people who are unaware of the dangers and consequences we will all be facing in the near future due to our continued use of fossil fuel. The viable solutions in the latter chapters are well thought out and very doable.”

Gordon Chu


"Wollersheim’s mastery of meta-systemic analysis and his firm grasp of the crucial issue of tipping points makes his book a must-read for anyone who has the courage to face facts about climate change. His contribution to the climate debate cannot be overstated."

Byron Belitsos, author of One World Democracy and Healing a Broken World


“Lawrence Wollersheim has clearly done the kind of in-depth research needed for such a complex and huge issue as climate change, and is willing to go beyond almost anyone else in presenting the hard realities that we must face and choices we must act on at this crucial juncture in history. For those of us courageous enough to take the red pill and get informed with what is really going on and the options we still have at this late date, this book is a must-read.”

Vinit Allen, Executive director, Sustainable World Coalition


"If you have children, grandchildren or care for anyone of a younger generation then you have an obligation of the heart to not only read and heed the au courant harbinger that is to be found in Climageddon but to also be a herald of it's contents. Climageddon could be mankind's one and only saving grace. Are you willing to take a chance that it isn't? IMHO a must read compendium..."

                                                  David T Pike,  News Blog Editor


"Climagedden" is the end of denial. For the first time, a meta-study of hundreds of climate-change research papers puts the big picture together in plain language. It trumpets the call of One Job for Humanity. This is not politically correct views, but the unvarnished truth. And it's better to know, so we can come together to force urgent change. End your personal denial and join reality!”

Grant Rudolph, neuro psychologist.

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