Emergency Preparation & Migration Survival Kit for Global Warming and Climate Change

(If you have not read this page on the many global crisis-related consequences that are coming, please do so now! This page will make all of the emergency preparation and adaptation steps below make far more sense to you. This page is also Part 1 of the Climate Change and Global Crises Resilience Plan B.)


The not-for-profit Job One for Humanity organization is primarily a place focused on educating individuals and businesses on how to both survive and thrive through the many accelerating climate change and global warming catastrophes. The two sections of Part 1 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Change and Environmental Deterioration Resilience Plan (below) also are your climate change and global warming survival plan or your Plan B if you like.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Resilience plan were designed to help you learn how to prepare for and adapt to it to protect your family and business from the next wave of accelerating global warming-related catastrophes. These catastrophes will be increasing in frequency, severity, and scale! This climate change and global warming survival kit is vital because it also is very highly improbable that we will meet the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

"One has to be well-prepared in advance for what is already coming at us because of both accelerating global warming consequences and our 11 other most global crises. If you are not well-prepared before these emergencies, you will suffer needlessly. You also will not be able to act effectively to help make the many changes humanity needs to survive." Lawrence Wollersheim

In addition to strategies for adaptation, sustainability, and how to lower your personal fossil fuel use Section 2 of Part 1 of the Job One Resilience Plan below contains vital information on climate change and global warming relocation and migration. It shows you the best places and worst places to relocate or migrate to if you are concerned about climate change and global warming. The second section of Part 1 also contains disaster recovery information and actions to take if you have already experienced a global warming disaster. 


Part 1 of the Job One Plan also contains many of the same actions needed to directly or indirectly improve or manage many of the 11 other most critical global challenges we are also facing. 

The single most important reason the Job One plan exists is that no government, corporation, or nonprofit organization (NGO) will ever have enough resources to assist you in recovering from the accelerating cascade of worsening global warming-related consequences described in detail on this page. If you are not making preparations like those described in our Job One Resilience plan, you will be subjecting yourself (and your loved ones) to more needless suffering and losses than you can imagine. 

Welcome to Part 1, Section 1 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Resilience Plan

If you are looking for information on global warming and environmental deterioration emergency preparation and adaptation strategies, as well as potentially needed relocation and migration information you have come to the right place. 

If you do not have connections of direct influence to the government's politicians or, you do not have indirect connections of influence on politicians through celebrities, intelligence agencies, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, or ultra-wealthy individuals, Part 1 and then Part 2 of the Job One Plan are the areas we strongly recommend you begin first. 

But, if by chance, you do have any direct or indirect connections of influence on politicians, we strongly recommend you start with Part 3 of the Job One Plan first. We only have a small amount of time left (until 2025,) to meet near-impossible global fossil fuel reduction targets. The only way we will meet these targets or even come close to them is by our politicians taking the actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

If you are here for information on how to recover from a global warming disaster that you have already experienced, you will find much helpful information (in the second section of Part 1,) and you have our deepest sympathy!

And finally, you can begin any Part 1 action step below in any order that you feel will work best for your current resources and circumstances. When done with that action step, simply select your next action step the same way. 

Why do we strongly recommend doing Part 1 of the Job One Climate Change Resilience Plan before the other three parts of our plan? 

The reason for this is similar to what occurs on an airplane if there's an emergency underway. In an airline emergency, you are always told to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help your children or anyone else. That way, you will be able to preserve yourself and your abilities to better manage the crisis and help others. 

By doing this Part 1 step first, you will be around far longer to help others manage the causes of the global warming emergency and deal with its many consequences!

Like in an airplane emergency, individuals who become aware of the seriousness of the current global warming emergency must first prepare for and preserve themselves and their loved ones. This "save yourself first" action will allow them to have the time freedom and build the resources and resilience for the long remaining battle to slow down escalating global warming enough to prevent our total extinction.

Your Emergency preparations and adaptations

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

Part one of the Job One Plan will help you prepare your family, and small business for the greatest disruptor of the 21st century, our accelerating global warming.

If you have understood what also is in this global warming link, and the many reasons why it will be very challenging to achieve the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets found in this link, the; emergency preparation, adaptation, and the "save and salvage what we still can" strategies (below,) will not only seem appropriate and essential, they will also seem highly rational and wise in relation to the severity of the escalating global warming extinction emergency which we are all now facing. 

A quick overview of the global warming consequences we are facing

The illustration below highlights many of the escalating global warming consequences we are all now facing.



Because we are not currently making anything close to the required levels of the critical 2025 global fossil fuel cuts, in order to be able to survive the now unavoidable consequences, we must immediately begin emergency preparations and start adapting to the new and harsh reality we all now face. 




Most website visitors who have read the above links, as well as other links on our website, have come to the conclusion that even though we still do have the time left to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will not do so because they are so difficult to achieve. They then focus most of their attention and resources on the Job One Plan (parts 1 and 2,) where they know they can still create protective personal solutions.

(If you still have any doubts about why you will need to begin the Part 1 emergency backup plan steps below immediately, be sure to read the following two links. It is doubtful that you will hesitate to create a backup "Plan B," once you grasp the catastrophes and dilemmas we face. Once you realize that our governments will never have enough emergency resources to be able to protect most of us, your backup plan will come together quickly.

Why will it be so hard to prevent a mass human, animal, and biological species extinction event and achieve the 2025 global warming fossil fuel reduction targets?

Our last chance, 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets for individuals, businesses, and nations.) And,

Be sure to read this new article by prestigious climate researchers and research institutes on how our accelerating global warming will collapse much of the world's civilization within a few decades. 

Part One of the Job One Plan: Emergency Preparations and Adaptations for the Next Wave of Global Warming Disasters

“No matter what we do, there will be very severe and unavoidable consequences, especially for the world’s regions, peoples, and ecosystems that are most vulnerable to a hotter climate. That requires a keen focus on preparing for and adapting to the changes that are now inevitable…” —David Spratt, Climate Reality Check.

Just as there are no guarantees in life, there is certainly no guarantee humanity will be able to prevent the current global warming extinction emergency from moving into the final extinction level phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario. This is because it is highly unlikely that humanity and the governments of the world will make the critical 2025 global fossil fuel cuts in time (for the many reasons listed on this page.) 

Meeting the new 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is the most certain way to ensure you, your family, and your small business will have a safe, stable or comfortable future, but that does not currently look to be at all realistic. Therefore, prudence dictates having an emergency backup and migration survival plan at the ready.

If we enter the late second and third phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario within the next 20-50 years and reach the carbon 500 to 600 ppm levels, as much as 70-90% of us will eventually suffer and die in the last Climageddon Extinction Scenario phases 4-6. Additionally, few areas of the planet will be safe or secure for very long if we enter the later Climageddon Extinction Scenario 5 and 6 phases.

This means we must do everything we can to prevent or slow ourselves from entering the late second and third phase of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario. With good emergency preparation in place, smart adaptations, and early migration where applicable, you should be able to live far longer and more comfortably than those who are either unprepared or are denying global warming exists and what is coming.

Even if by some miracle we manage not to enter the later extinction phases (4-6) of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, the following emergency preparedness and adaptation strategies will still be of great help to you. There are many other kinds of emergencies and natural disasters that the same preparation information below will apply. (Click here to see where we are today on the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock.)

The bad news here is that no matter what we do now, there will still be many terrible and escalating future global warming aggravated disasters that will collide with and then disrupt our human economic, political, and social systems. These disasters will cause severe disruption of normal food production and supply distribution (food, medical, etc.) along with ever-increasing local, regional, and national chaos, as well as the complete system collapses of the stability of our economic, political, and social systems.

(The illustrations of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario processes on this page will help you visualize the meltdown of the many different kinds of consequences and crossed global warming tipping points that are coming.) 


Maybe you do not want to begin emergency preparations because you do not think a massive global catastrophe or extinction event could ever happen in modern times?

Looking back through history, you will also discover that 99.9% of every species that has ever lived on earth has gone extinct. To think that this could also not happen to humanity is betting against very strong historic odds.



If one does not know that in all of the past five major extinction events in Earth's history there were always survivors, it would be easy to despair. Even though 99.9% of every species that has ever lived is no longer here, the fact we are here now proves that something always has lived on.

The following emergency preparedness recommended by the Job One Plan is never wasted. This is because the Job One Plan not only assists individuals with strategies to survive the current global warming extinction emergency, it's emergency preparation steps also will help ensure you survive the other 7 major global challenges we also face in other areas.  

If you still think the global warming emergency is not so serious that you need to begin critical emergency supply preparations, watch this 7-minute must-see video by clicking here now! This video is so powerful that even if you know you should get prepared watch it!

In summary, the wisdom of having your emergency backup plan ready for the consequences of escalating global warming is simple:

1. It is always wise to prepare for any real and probable emergencies.

2. Once you have completed emergency backup plan preparations, you will be far more psychologically comfortable working on slowing this emergency down so that more of us will survive longer. (Part 2 of the Job One Plan is about cutting fossil fuel use and sustainably.) 

3. Click here to see the latest preparation, adaptation, and migration deadlines updated on August 24, 2020.

4. It is almost impossible to get prepared during an emergency!

Action Step 1: Build psychological and emotional stability, reserves, and resilience. 

As things continue to get worse, one of the most important things for you to do to survive what is coming is for you to remain emotionally stable. To stay emotionally stable and motivated while you help do whatever you can to slow and lessen our global warming extinction emergency and to survive its now unavoidable coming catastrophes, you will need to enjoy the best of your life now to build and preserve your psychological and emotional resilience (the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness,) and to build reserves in these areas for the times ahead.

To enjoy your life now while you build and preserve emotional resilience and critical reserves take time every day:

1. to do the normal and special things you enjoy and that renew you,

2. for cultivating and enjoying your favorite relationships, (you will need many strong relationships as things continue to get worse,)

3. to do and experience important things you may have delayed, and if you are of a spiritual nature,

4. to draw strength and renewal from your faith and faith community. 

As we move into greater global warming consequences and catastrophes as well as the consequences of the worsening of our other major global challenges described here, it is critical to take one day at a time and always make time to have fun and your renewing experiences and relationships.

The importance of taking one day at a time and doing whatever you can each day to fully enjoy the life that you have right now is that it will allow you to:

a. still have these rewarding experiences while the environment still supports them so that you do not miss what may be your last opportunity to experience the many normal things of life we take for granted. 

b. emotionally and physically survive, and

c. effectively contribute toward the eventual resolution of the global warming extinction emergency and the other major global challenges we face at this time.

 "The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and to endure much." — William Hazlitt, English writer, philosopher, and critic

Never forget that the scope of the tasks before us is daunting and unprecedented. If one fully understands how much has to change in the world for the worse in so little time, one can get overwhelmed quickly. This is why it is important to embrace these perspectives of “one day at a time” and enjoy your normal life right now as one of the first emergency preparation actions you will need to do and continue.



Because of the escalating harsh consequences looming before us and the fact that there are no guarantees we will resolve the global warming extinction emergency and the other major global challenges we now face in time, a final reason to enjoy each day today is that our current lives and conditions may, in fact, be the best they will ever be for decades or more.

Additionally, if you are a person of faith, you will need the strength of your faith and faith relationships to help you make sense of what we must now go through and to endure the psychological and emotional trauma that is coming. At this time, with the massive global challenges and changes facing us, it is a good time to remember and practice the serenity prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

We made the above, Action Step One for many good reasons. Make this step the centerpiece of your emergency preparation and survival plans and you will be far more likely to survive and not miss the precious life that you have now!

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Create an ongoing personal master checklist of things you can do as you read each of the Job One Plan action steps below.

To help you maintain a healthy perspective and provide additional emotional and motivational support we have created the following materials. Click the links in the order given for additional emotional support:

Click here for another effective process for reducing any emotional upset about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment.

Click here for some positive counterbalancing perspectives on the difficulty of the challenges we face with accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment.

Click here to see your deepest worries about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment from the largest possible evolutionary perspective. 

For a super-powerful new emotional support video that we highly recommend, click here.

Action Step 2: Build your necessary backup emergency supplies and resilience for global warming disaster survival and recovery

a. Create an emergency Go-Bag that you can get to quickly in an emergency. Click here for all of the details on how to create your own emergency Go-Bag. You can also buy them premade on the Internet.

b. Create a 30-day emergency reserve (60-90 days would be much better as things get worse) of all necessary survival commodities (food, water, heat, energy, lights, communication devices, medicines, toiletries, self-defense, etc.). 



Also build backup redundancies into your water, power, heating, sewage, and other critical systems. You can do this by having secondary and separate water purification systems, solar, or wind power backup systems, and multiple fuel types. It will be wise to acquire the tools and materials necessary to care for everyday needs, such as keeping warm, cooking, and managing waste with an old-fashioned latrine and safe garbage disposal. Water, sewage, and garbage-born diseases are major secondary death factors in an extended crisis. Prepare now so you and your loved ones will not suffer unnecessarily or die.

c. At the community, business, and national levels, building more resilience also means gathering emergency and essential non-emergency supplies and reserves as mentioned above for the many different consequences of escalating global warming.

Adequate emergency preparation on the community and national levels also gives people more information and time to prepare for local consequences. Without carefully planned resilience and emergency backups built into every level of our interconnected and interdependent economic, political, and social systems and infrastructure, we face unnecessary and avoidable suffering and death.

d. When you're ready to begin your emergency preparedness plan, also go to http://www.ready.gov and click the navigation link. It will provide you detailed guidance for each area of emergency preparedness.

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 3: Create a global warming extinction emergency preparation cash or other valuable commodity reserve fund equal to 5%-10% of your annual income.

A tradable cash, gold, silver, or other valuable emergency trading reserve helps you build financial resilience. Building up and storing an easily exchangeable commodity you can use or trade-in the beginning phases of the emergency is also essential.

As escalating global warming continues, billions of climagees (climate refugees) will eventually need to migrate closer toward the poles to survive a bit longer. No current government, charity, or corporation is prepared for these massive human migrations and the unbearable economic, political, and social stresses these climagees will put on every climate, human, and biological system of our global existence.

As global warming escalates, the accelerating inadequacy of governmental or charity-based emergency assistance to protect you and your family dictates a need for radical individual responsibility and individual preparedness completed well in advance. This minimal 5%-10% tradable commodity reserve will help you cope with the many unpredictable consequences as our local systems go into severe stress, crisis, or eventual collapse.



All communities and governments will also immediately need to work toward putting at least 5% of their total GDP into reserves each year. This level of tradable commodity reserve is essential if they hope to stay politically and financially stable while coping with the rapidly escalating global warming costs. (Please also see Climageddon Chapter 3 in Part 1, which explains and provides all the details for the unbearable financial consequences of escalating global warming.)

Because no community or government will be able to keep up with the continually rising costs of escalating global warming and its consequences, all businesses must also create similar 5%-10% reserves to help them cope with global warming-related supply, manufacturing, distribution, and labor disruptions. Furthermore, if you are an individual, business, community, or nation with considerable debt, reduce that debt as soon as possible. Having lots of debt in a growing unresolved crisis is likely to make you, your organization, or your nation far less adaptable and resilient. High resource liquidity, mobility, and flexibility are a few of the most needed and most useful resiliency qualities in an ongoing or long-term crisis.

Additionally, post-emergency rebuilding and repair will dramatically increase food and insurance costs, emergency housing costs, emergency transportation costs, and other migration costs to temporarily or permanently get out of crisis zones. If you are in a river or lake floodplain, near a coast, in a wildfire, drought, or severe storm area, or near a southern national border, your individual costs will most likely be higher than the 5%-10% suggested reserve. In addition, losses in real estate and farmland values, etc., will rapidly consume your 5%-10% reserves as we cross more global warming tipping points.

Creating these emergency reserves will be difficult in today's debt-encouraging climate. In the United States, an estimated 62% of all families are one paycheck away from bankruptcy, and one-half of all U.S. households are just one emergency away from bankruptcy. Even though it may be difficult to create your emergency reserves, it is critical to surviving this emergency. (If you have trouble saving money for these reserves, we recommend that you get and apply the information in the book Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.)

And finally, a tradable commodity or cash emergency reserve can easily be used while cash is still being accepted. In the later emergency phases, when cash is no longer accepted or is greatly devalued, you will always need to have your five key survival items:

weapons, (Legally obtained, safely stored, and wisely managed. If you have any doubt that you will need weapons to protect yourself and your loved ones from the chaos as order breaks down during the now unavoidable worsening levels of global warming, then be sure to read the two books by Octavia Butler described further down this page. )



medicine, and

small tradable silver coins or other tradable small high-value commodities like alcohol or cigarettes to survive in a new barter system, which will come into being out of necessity.

In the later Climageddon Extinction Scenario phases, as the world starts to unravel, your government will be stretched so thin that you will not be able to depend upon it for protection, water, food, medicine, or even a stable currency to acquire what you need. If you have not prepared for these contingencies long before they are needed, you and your loved ones will suffer far more than the growing number of individuals who are preparing for what's coming.

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 4: Plan now for how you will adapt where you are and/or move critical resources, technology, and infrastructure to handle the escalating consequences of global warming.

Because we have already begun crossing global warming tipping points, individuals, as well as business planners, city planners, long-term corporate and governmental planners of all kinds need to begin restructuring their 5, 10, and 25-year plans, using the least optimistic global warming prediction scenarios (found here,) on how the consequences of escalating global warming will unfold and what infrastructure (medical, manufacturing, food production etc,) will be critical to their personal life, businesses or their employee's personal lives and will need to be prepared, protected or relocated. (Moving or migrating people, resources and infrastructure is covered in action step 5 below.)



Here are several good reasons for using the least optimistic predictions:

1. The many serious errors and underestimation problems in global warming prediction scenarios (see this page and Chapter 7, Part 1 on IPCC underestimation in Climageddon book for all details).

2. The sudden, large-scale unpredictability which each additional crossed tipping point creates. (See this page.)

The pressure cooker illustration below shows you what happens when tipping points are accelerated in their effects by the ever-rising temperatures of global warming. 



3. Atmospheric carbon removal technology and other new technologies won't save us at the last minute. (See this page.)

The amount of emergency adaptation work needed and the short amount of time available make this adaptation and preparation step an immediate planning imperative. For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the headquarters of big tech corporations like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Apple, now have to re-adjust their long-term operational or relocation plans to deal with their low-lying international headquarters facing as much as 13 feet (3.9 meters) of sea-level rise by 2100. (A worst-case scenario of a possible 10-foot [3-meter] rise by 2050 was projected by James Hansen's newest research, with the additional 3-feet [0.9 meters] accounting for coincident king tides and storm surges.)



Adapting or moving critical resources, technology, and infrastructure can also mean moving them into the safer areas near or above the 45th parallel north or near or below the 45th parallel south. During this massive global warming extinction emergency mobilization of critical people, supplies, and infrastructure, never forget that unless we considerably slow and lessen this mess now, survival in those areas will be very, very difficult at best because of poorer soils in general and less sunlight for growing food.

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 5: Evaluate if you will also need to relocate or migrate and if so, plan where and when

Introduction to How to Evaluate if You Should Migrate to a Safer Global Warming Area:

The next evaluation steps of the Job One Plan for relocation and Migration are found in our Global Warming Migration and Relocation Manual. (There was too much information to include on this page.)

This relocation and migration manual also includes detailed information on how, when, and where to select the best remaining safer locations for the US and global migration. This manual also offers essential advice on where not to migrate.

It is costly and time-consuming to migrate to any new location. However, you want to be sure you have all the best and most current information before making that challenging decision. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also use the extensive 6-page section of this website to complete your relocation and migration evaluation. 

For example, the relocation and migration map (just below) will be explained in detail in six additional pages in our member's migration evaluation section. In this area, we also have included a five-page migration land and home purchase checklist. (It took us three years and 12 weeks of staff travel at great expense to visit many global warming safer areas to create a migration plus or minus checklist, optimal migration timeframes, and the other related migration information found in our comprehensive Migration Manual and guide booklet.)

Currently, many global warming safer locations are already being bought by hedge funds, ultra-wealthy individuals, and investment banks. Prices are already rising significantly in the global warming safer areas as more people relocate after each new global warming-related catastrophe.

Worse yet, migration restrictions in many nations keep getting more restrictive. Therefore, it is critical to determine as quickly as possible if you, your family, or your business will need to relocate or migrate in the foreseeable future!

 Chapter_4 (2)_Migrating_45th_Parallel.png

To see the next page of our Migration and Relocation Manual and Section of Step 5, click here!

Our Migration Manual is additional reading and documentation, particularly if you doubt that relocation or migration may be necessary for you or your businesses. Successful Migration at this time of accelerating environmental deterioration because of global warming-related consequences is complex and challenging! 

Before you decide to migrate, be sure to read all of the many dozens of migration pros and cons and how-tos listed in our Migration Manual. Please don't get caught migrating to the wrong place. Instead, educate yourself thoroughly on what we have learned after years of research and physically visiting many locations.

To see some of the pages of the Migration and Relocation Manual, you will need to become a member. Becoming a member is easy, and you will get $35 in valuable gifts. There is far more in the Members section than just our Migration Manual There is information that will make your life a lot safer, easier, and profitable! (Becoming a member also helps support our critical non-profit educational mission!)  

If you still have ANY doubts about our continuously worsening climate change and global warming future and why many will need to relocate or migrate, please read the following links in the order given:

1. How climate change works.

2. Here are the genuine and honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets hidden from you by our politicians.

3. The 20 worst consequences of global warming.

4. The 11 major global warming tipping points.

5. The four extinction-evoking tipping points.

6. Are we headed toward a global warming-triggered collapse?

7. Is global warming out of our meaningful control?


Action Step 6: Get as personally sustainable as possible, as quickly as possible, and create renewable long-term food supplies that you can manage.

Part 2 of the Job One Plan will help you become sustainable as soon as is possible as well as help you radically cut your individual fossil fuel use. One important part of Part 2 of the Job One Plan recommends that you create an urban home or community organic garden if you are in an urban area or, an organic country garden if you are in a rural area.

As escalating global warming worsens within the next 10 years, more reduced or failed crops, soaring food prices, and growing starvation will be amongst the first wave of major consequences to shake populations all over the earth. To survive any length of time as the emergency deepens, you will need to be able to create and manage your own food supply far beyond your initial 90-120 day emergency backup supplies mentioned above.



Garden creation, as well as other kinds of personal food-producing activities, is absolutely essential! Get started as soon as possible learning all the skills and resources you will need to create your organic sustainability garden and other food supplies wherever you live. You will not be able to rely upon normal food distribution as the emergency worsens.

Depending upon your location, within 10 to 15 years if you are not producing most of your food, you will have an undependable, expensive, or non-existent supply and distribution of food. Watch food prices begin to rise steadily and eventually exponentially requiring more and more of your total budget as global warming worsens. This is because the five major grains all will have massive problems dealing with temperatures over 100° for more than 10 days during their growing season, rain bombs occurring at random times during their growing seasons as well as Random and severe droughts and insect infestations due to massive insect migrations.

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.


Action Step 7: Find an existing prepper eco-community, create one of your own, or join our Universe eco-communities team to have a prepared community helping protect you and your loved ones through the hardships ahead

Being in a well-prepared eco-community will be essential long before phases 3, 4, and 5 of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario occur. A prepper is someone preparing, in particular, for anticipated ecological, economic, and social/political catastrophes

The wisest preppers seek survival through sustainable prosperity, resilience, and redundancy practices. Some of these preppers build eco-communities that are also based on important social and economic principles and practices, which will help hold them together as things get worse.

Job One for Humanity in partnership with Universe Spirit has begun the process of supporting the process of building new "survive and thrive" eco-communities on its own in locations all over the world. We call these new eco-communities Universe communities.

These new Universe eco-communities are based on a set of sustainable social, economic, and ecological values and principles that will give them a higher ability to survive what is coming. Deciding to find, join, or build an eco-community to enhance your survival is a complex subject. If you want more information on this, go to the Member's section of this website and click on the About the Universe Community link and its sub-links for all the details, timeframes, locations membership qualifications, etc. 

What this now means is that today you can start the process of applying to become a member of a Universe eco-community right where you currently live, virtually or physically or, you can become part of the new Universe eco-communities being established in areas considerably safer from global warming and the other 11 coming global crises.   

Before you go on to the last absolutely critical action step, we have to tell you the bitter reality of the migration solution super-shocker!

Having said everything we have said above, we are sorry for this additional bad news, but it is essential to know ALL of the facts about the emergency we all face in order to make the best choices for you, your family, and your business as well as the future of humanity.

Here is that bitter reality check.

Unless we make the required radical and immediate fossil fuel cuts shown below, migrating above the 45th parallel north and below the 45th parallel south is only a temporary survival solution partially insulating you from the earliest phases of the Climageddon Extinction ScenarioIt will be a bitter or temporary solution if we do not make the following minimum fossil fuel reductions.

In order to prepare you for the shocking REAL fossil fuel reductions that now must be made, it is first necessary to see just how poorly our previous fossil fuel reduction agreements and actions have fared since we were first notified about the global warming extinction danger by our scientists over 35 years ago. 


What has been hidden from you 

1. We have actually increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century. To make this point alarmingly clear, more than half of all fossil fuel emissions that have been released in the last 25 years and parked in the atmosphere are more than was released in all of recorded history before 1990. 

2. Even though we have had over 20 international conferences on fossil fuel use reduction, and we had international treaties since at least 1993 pledging we would reduce global warming, worldwide we still are about 67% higher in carbon emissions than in the early 1990s. (Atmospheric carbon emissions is probably the best way to measure future global warming.)

3. In 2018 carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2.7% and they are projected to increase once again in 2019.

Yes, intentionally or through ignorance, our governments, the media, and most of the world's environmental groups have not been telling us the REAL facts about how what our REAL lack of any progress whatsoever in reducing the rate of fossil fuel use increases, much less the complete absence of any substantive reductions anywhere across the world in reducing atmospheric carbon.

Keeping the preceding horrific failure of any appreciable efforts to take seriously fossil fuel reductions, or even reducing the rates of increases, now please explore the REAL fossil fuel reductions that must be made to save our future. (If you don't believe we are telling you the facts about our dismal failure in reducing global warming over the last 35 years, click here to view a short video by climate Professor Kevin Anderson in a recent presentation to the Oxford University Climate Society.)



(If you do not understand how fossil fuel emissions of carbon into the atmosphere create global warming, please click here for a set of simple illustrations and then continue reading... 

What must be achieved: The 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

The absolute minimum total fossil fuel reductions that must occur to prevent the likelihood of going extinct within the next few decades are:

a. All industrially developed nations must reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025 and then continue reducing fossil fuel use to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.  Net carbon zero emissions in this solution means that no additional fossil fuel emissions are going into the atmosphere that are not also simultaneously being removed from the atmosphere by natural means. (Only about 20 countries produce 70% or more of the world's carbon emissions.)

Think of developed nations like most members of the G 20 group; Argentina, Australia, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and India. (See technical note 1 near the end of this page for why China and India had to be included in the list of developed countries.) 



b. All developing nations must maintain their total fossil fuel emission levels as they are at the beginning of 2019 and not allow them to go any higher. Then by 2045, all developing nations must also be at net-zero carbon emissions. This allowance for developing nations to stay at the level they are now and gradually reduce down to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 is part of an essential justice and equity equation. The developed nations created their wealth by producing the far greatest majority of all carbon emissions in the atmosphere today, thus causing almost all of our current global warming extinction emergency. (See technical note 2 near the end of this page for more about justice and equity allowances.)


There is much more information including the technical footnotes that will help explain the severity of the above fossil fuel reductions in detail and what our individual, business, and national annual targets would be on this page. We strongly suggest you go to this page of technical footnotes for all of the qualifications and factors legitimizing the above-required fossil fuel reduction amounts and time frames. Especially if you're a techie or researcher, please read all the relevant calculation information on these absolutely essential minimum fossil fuel usage reductions before continuing on... 

Unfortunately, we are not making anything even close to these required levels of fossil fuel cuts. This means that as the global warming extinction emergency spirals further out of control into the last phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, it will be the end of everything—no matter where you are located or how wealthy you are. Yes, you read it right! We do mean the end of humanity and civilization no matter where you are located.

Without in any way diminishing the tremendous value of every person wanting to extend their and their children’s time and quality of life for as long as is possible, it is also critical to realize that even if we are very lucky, your long-term quality of life and survival for much more than 30-50 years will not be possible even in the Goldilocks global warming safer zones between the 45th and 55th parallel north and the 45th And 55th parallel south. It is likely that long before 30 to 50 years from now the many spillover consequences of even the earliest phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario will significantly destabilize your day-to-day lives as you try to deal with a world turning upside down. 

Here’s why.

The only way to reverse the current global warming extinction emergency is to radically and suddenly reduce all fossil fuel burning to the required levels mentioned above. Doing this quickly enough will most certainly lead us to a global economic recession or depression. Additionally, enforcing the required level of immediate global economic hardship from these required cuts is nearly impossible.

Making these fossil fuel cuts will require massive cutbacks in the current methods of our mass production of global agriculture. This is because agriculture depends so heavily on fossil fuels for its fertilizing and pest prevention chemicals as well as in its food growing, processing, and transportation areas. This means as we do make the needed fossil fuel cuts, there will be the social chaos of mass starvation as well.

If you are in a developed country, to help you grasp how difficult these massive global fossil fuel cuts will be, imagine that in the next six years you personally will have to cut all of your home, auto, travel, business, and national uses of fossil fuels by 75%, then cut another 10% from that point each year for the next 10 years. Citizens of the world who did not fully understand both the urgency and critical importance of why they needed to make these radical, immediate, and painful sacrifices would literally throw any politician out of office or would even overthrow any government that tried to enforce these kinds of radical energy and fossil fuel usage cuts to their comfortable or even subsistence level lifestyles and livelihoods.

But there are even worse reasons why migration is only a temporary solution!

In Phase 3 or 4 of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, the greatest mass migration of climagees in human history will be well underway, and vast amounts of land between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south will be all but abandoned. People will migrate because of unbearable heat, mass starvation, the global warming cluster of consequences, crashing economies, failing governments, scarce resources as well as a Mad Max-like social chaos in the most adversely affected areas.

These adversely affected areas will be ruled by warlords and criminals as governments fail. Those forced by poverty or other circumstances to remain between the 45th parallel north and south will find a future of unbearable suffering or death.

As those vast dead zones between the 45th parallel north and south are abandoned, the highly skilled technicians who oversaw the ongoing safety of the many nuclear power plants (Think of (Chernobyl and the Fukushima meltdowns,) and hazardous chemical plants will no longer be there to prevent meltdowns or toxic chemical spills. Governments will also no longer function, providing the security necessary to prevent nuclear reactor meltdowns, toxic chemical spills, or the remaining desperate individuals from raiding military weapons storage facilities and biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons development centers in the unsafe zones.



While the damage from toxic chemical spills or conventional military weaponry will initially be limited, it will be only a matter of time before hundreds of water-cooled nuclear power plants in the global warming unsafe zones meltdown. Like Chernobyl and Fukushima, they will spew their unsurvivable levels of toxic radiation around the world. Worse yet, this accumulating and intensifying radiation from dozens then hundreds of nuclear reactors that have gone into meltdown will remain in our atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years, far past the survival capabilities of any underground shelter ever constructed.

This massive amount of toxic nuclear radiation means that eventually there will be no survivors. It will not matter how well the ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, or nations stock their underground shelters in the far north or far south.

This is because we do not currently have any self-sustaining and continuously repairable energy generation, mechanical, or oxygen-creation technologies that could run continuously underground for hundreds to thousands of years. There are no current technologies that could meet all of the continuous needs of any underground survival group. (There is even a book about an eventual global warming-caused extinction because of abandoned nuclear reactors melting down. It is called Going Dark by Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.)

The nuclear power plant meltdown threat and the military weapons seizures in the global warming unsafe zones do not even include the threat from all of the chemical and biological weapons manufacturing sites that will also deteriorate and leak out their toxins into the environment. If we do not fix this global warming extinction emergency now, it is hard to imagine a worse hell on earth for those unlucky enough to survive.

Additionally, the actions of well-armed angry climagees will eventually overcome any national border defense strategy. Any mined and reinforced border walls or other attempts to secure borders from the hundreds of millions of soon-arriving climagees will not hold, no matter how well-defended.

Conventional weapons caches as well as biological, chemical, and nuclear weapon caches from abandoned, broken, or desperate nations located between the 45th parallel north and south will be used against any wall or fortified border area. Desperate mobs and armies of climagees will do anything to get themselves and their families into these temporarily safer zones (once they too realize what is really going on with global warming.)

Once these climagees get through the last border defenses, they will quickly locate any underground survival bunkers and force them open one way or the other for the critical resources inside. (In most cases, all they need to do is find and seal off the above-ground air intakes until those inside are forced to flee or suffocate.)

If massive amounts of unsurvivable toxic radiation circulating the Earth for hundreds to thousands of years and hordes of vengeance-seeking climagees are not enough to convince you that escalating global warming extinction emergency is not survivable, here are additional survival facts about the situation we will face:

1. A drastically reduced population will also not have enough genetic diversity to survive the onslaught of continuous new bacteria and viruses being released from the melting permafrost or from the northerly and southerly migrating diseases that will flourish in the global warming-created wastelands between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south.

2. Gradual starvation. It is currently estimated that lands above the 45th parallel north and below the 45th parallel south, because of poorer soils and reduced hours of sunlight will be capable of producing enough food for only 200 to 800 million people.

In this future hell, things will be particularly bad for the ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, or nations who did little or nothing to prevent the global warming extinction emergency other than secure themselves a place in the temporarily safer far north or far south. Angry climagees will seek those out who had the power to make a difference and did not, and they will be subject them to the worst punishments of public justice.

Even though wealthy individuals, corporations, and some nations are already secretly buying and/or preparing land in the global warming safe zones at an accelerating pace, (much like smart rats that are always first to leave a sinking ship,) this will not be a better solution for them. In fact, it could be worse. (Click here to read about how many of the world's wealthiest individuals are rapidly buying up land in global warming safe zones.)

As mentioned earlier, mass migrations of desperate, aggressive, and armed climagees (climate refugees) and national armies will eventually overrun any and all border security measures, angrily take their fair share of what's left, and severely punish anyone who they even remotely believe had any significant part in letting this horrific global warming meltdown and catastrophe occur either by commission or omission. This means that ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and nations who did nothing but protect themselves will be at the highest risk.

Eventually, even the hired private security companies of the ultra-wealthy corporations and individuals will eventually turn against their affluent bosses in their security compounds, realizing that they now live in a late-phase Climageddon Extinction Scenario world where only firepower and military-style personal training determine survival, final ownership, and safety. Worse yet, and well worth repeating, the climagee survivors of the most painful and devastating catastrophe in human history will be so angry and traumatized they will seek a horrible vengeance on everyone and anyone they hold responsible for causing or contributing to the catastrophe, or for failing to act when they reasonably could have slowed or prevented the worst of it.

In their unimaginable anger and pain, some of the remaining climagee survivors who desperately fight their way into the remaining temporarily safe zones, like some survivors of the Holocaust, will relentlessly hunt down and bring to justice anyone who they believe knew about the escalating global warming extinction emergency and had the influence or resources to fix it, but did not. Those individuals, corporations, and nations of great wealth will most certainly lose all of their power and all of their resources in the massive global backlash of anger and legal punishments that will be directed toward them.

There will be no place on earth or Swiss bank that will be able to save them and their assets from what will be viewed by the survivors as justifiable legal punishment for their gross and unconscionable global warming crimes of commission and omission against the survival of the whole of humanity.

What all of the preceding means that every person, corporation, and nation must do now

There really is no high success probability long-term backup migration plan or Plan B that is a workable and sustainable alternative survival plan for longer than 30 to 50 years to the unbelievably difficult task of ending the global warming extinction emergency. If we do not radically reduce fossil fuel use immediately to meet the 2025 global targets, even in the global warming safe zones, the risk is simply too high that you and your group or nation will not survive.



This means we must do two things very well; prepare ourselves to adapt to what is now unavoidable while at the same time radically reducing fossil fuel use to the required levels. If we are very lucky and we do these things passionately, we have some reasonable chance of saving a significant portion of the human species and our civilization up to about 50%. Therefore, the only remaining rational and viable plan to resolve the global warming extinction emergency is to enact the required radical fossil fuel cuts described earlier and execute the critical action steps of Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

Because the required critical fossil fuel cuts are currently not even close to being met and the horrific consequences that will happen to us in the last phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario (if we allow them to occur,) we are now left with the key global warming fact central to all of the educational efforts of the Job One for humanity mission and organization:

The one and the only way for any of us or our children to survive long term is to solve the nearly impossible task in front of us. And, for that to realistically happen, progressive thinking individuals must prepare to survive as long as possible in order to keep working as effectively as possible on parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan. (Part 3 of the Job One Plan has the best chance of slowing and lessening global warming enough so that we do not cross the final catastrophic tipping point of carbon 600 ppm and humanity and civilization go extinct!)

Luckily, when there truly is only one way to solve an impossible task, we almost always choose that way. In part, this is because we are fully motivated and fully focused. We know the truth that there is only one way out!

There is a story from an ancient Chinese military manual called the Art of War by Sun Tzu that reinforces the idea that, even though the task is nearly impossible, when you are fully motivated, focused, and committed to a single remaining course of action, you will often surprisingly succeed.



In this story, a wise Chinese general was cornered at the banks of a large river by an opposing army many times larger than his own. His only means of escape was to get his army across the river before they were attacked. This general had also previously placed enough boats on the bank of the river for escape with his army should that need arise.

As the larger army approached, pushing the smaller army closer to the river, this general gave the order to his most trusted lieutenants to rush to the boats and burn them. When his army saw their only means of escape was being destroyed, they became wildly angry and charged toward the general. The army demanded to know why their trusted general had burned their escape boats and condemned all of them to certain death at the hands of a vastly superior army.

The general calmly said, “We will win this battle or we will die. There is no other alternative and no escape.”

His army now knew their only option was victory or death. Filled with such clarity and single-mindedness of purpose, they fought with such reckless intensity, they defeated the opposing army many times their size.

Now that you truly understand the rapidly approaching endgame consequences of our global warming extinction emergency, you too should no longer retain any illusion of long-term escape for you or your family business or nation. What you may not have realized yet is that our 30 plus year failure to control the escalating global warming extinction emergency and its many consequences means that we too have, in effect, already burned our escape boats.

This is the perilous point that we have come to. If we are lucky, we have 3 to 6 years left to exercise some control over the accelerating emergency and make the required critical fossil fuel cuts.

What do you have to lose and what rational alternative do you have than to act now by getting prepared (parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan,) and help us make these cuts by executing parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan?

By doing nothing, even if we fail, your inaction will only shorten the critical time frame necessary to move people, technology, and infrastructure to the far north or far south so that you or those you love can be temporarily safe and live a little bit longer with less suffering.

Most people would agree that living for a temporarily longer period with a better quality of life is far better than suffering more and dying soon. Better yet, if we act wisely together to radically cut fossil fuel use now and we are lucky, humanity and civilization will continue. In the end, we either cooperate and work together or we all die together.

Action Step 8: Work together passionately and wisely to slow and lessen the avoidable pain, suffering, and death that is and will be caused by accelerating global warming 

Once you have prepared and done what you can on parts one and two of the Job One Plan it is critical to warn other progressive thinking individuals who either believe that global warming is real or who actually understand the dynamics of the global warming extinction emergency about the content of this website in the Climageddon book.



You will need as many of these progressive thinking individuals as possible on your team and/or in your migrating new eco-communities both to survive yourself and to be effective on the most critical steps three and four of the Job One Plan.

Once you have expanded the team of individuals willing to acknowledge and deal with the reality of our out of control global warming, if we want to survive, what we absolutely have to do for a permanent solution is resolve the burning of fossil fuels problem once and for all before it triggers the mass extinction phases 4 and 5 of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.

A single simple and constant survival truth to never forget

What we do know with certainty is, that no matter what, and in spite of all of the challenges and bad outcomes that are possible, the single constant truth for our best possible global warming outcome is that --- the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

a. the more people we will survive to carry on our civilization, and

b. future generations will suffer far less from an increasing sequence of severe global warming consequences (as described fully in what is called the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.)

Review the following Climageddon Extinction Scenario illustration starting from the bottom up! The illustration below reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening consequences and tipping point processes that will occur as global warming continues to escalate toward our extinction. The top of the illustration below shows you the later Climageddon Extinction Scenario consequences, the bottom shows you the earlier consequences. For now just get a general idea of all the global warming consequences, tipping points, and human system factors that will be interacting and colliding as the Climageddon Extinction Scenario unfolds in phases and waves. 



Every effective action to rein in global warming that we enact in enforcible law will help slow or lessen the suffering and death to come! The key here is to focus on only the most effective actions in a prioritized and critical deadline-driven order so that more of us will survive longer and live better lives.

To see a quick overview of the Job One Plan, click here. 

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 9: Carefully Watch Our Accelerating Global Warming and Other Related Consequences and Their Warning Signs to Wisely Stay Ahead of Them for as Long as You Can

We have written very detailed lists of science-based consequence predictions for what will happen when global warming and our 11 other global crises worsen. They and their warning signs are found on this page. 

Copy and print out these warning signs from this key page as soon as possible! Learn them well and put them where you can review them quickly. You will be hearing about them occurring more and more in the news as conditions worsen.

Because you will see the whole chain of converging and cascading consequences worsening step-by-step, you will better know when to take your next level of emergency preparations or even when to migrate if you are in a less ideal global warming location. You and your loved ones will be wiser and better informed about what you may have to do next, unlike those who will not be aware of these critical warning signs. 

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 10: If you are also of a spiritual nature, your faith can provide a critical and powerful motivation to help you persevere and survive what is coming

Your strong spiritual faith will help you endure the many severe hardships and sacrifices as the global warming process escalates until it is finally resolved.

There are other benefits of bringing the strength of your faith into this emergency:

i. There is a personal spiritual growth benefit in the evolutionary process itself whenever you overcome significant obstacles and challenges. You grow in both character and spirit.

ii. Restabilizing our climate and environment will give you a powerful opportunity to live and grow your faith with what many refer to as the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.).

iii. You can demonstrate that managing global warming and being a good steward of the Earth is fully compatible with your best understanding of the Great Mystery and its intentions to sustain life on the planet (as believed in many faiths). As this happens, you will be demonstrating the power and influence of your faith and the world's religions.

The biggest silver lining here is that when individuals of faith and the great religious groups of this world collectively demand we do what is necessary to stop catastrophic global warming and the degradation of our environment, a great moral leverage will be in place to help ensure we are successful.

Your personal faith shared with others will help demonstrate that humanity is completely capable of lessening, slowing, and eventually resolving the global warming challenge if:

i. we are realistic about what is effective and what is not with the time we have left,

ii. we do the "first-things-first" on critical path effective actions,

iii. we cooperate as a unified and coordinated force.

Together, our many life-affirming faith and spirit communities can help extend the existence, stability, and quality of life for the present generation, as well as for future generations.

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise."

— Aldo Leopold, American author, ecologist, and environmentalist

And finally, looking at the biggest evolutionary picture from the lens of your faith will give you great strength in this crisis for several additional reasons. 

Your faith-in-action supports your belief in the idea of the Great Mystery, which has:

a. originated evolution and the universe, and

b. which also has successfully maintained and transformed the universe for billions of years in an overall progressive directionality.

Therefore in faith, it is also highly likely that the Great Mystery will continue to supportmaintain, and transform the universe in one way or another until the end of time.

Therefore, it is entirely within both reason and the tenants of an enlightened faith to trust that the Great Mystery will continue supportingmaintaining, and transforming the progress of life in the universe --- no matter how bad our challenges and future may look at the moment.

For a super-powerful new video that we highly recommend for emotional and spiritual support due to global warming or environmental emotional upset, click here.

Action Step 11: If you are going to build or join a climate resilience group or eco-community to increase your ability to adapt and survive, you will need this resource

Among both individuals and groups, there will be continuous stress, anxiety, PTSD, and even suicides as the global warming emergency worsens. Therefore, understanding and managing it will be critical.

Suppose you are planning on building or joining a climate resilience group or eco-community to improve your chances of survival. In that case, we strongly recommend that you have strategies to deal with the tremendous individual and collective stress, anxiety, PTSD, and even suicides that will affect this group as climate conditions worsen. To implement this, we recommend getting this new book by Bob Doppelt, Transformational Resilience: How Building Human Resilience to Climate Disruption Can Safeguard Society and Increase Wellbeing. (We recommend this book even though it dramatically understates the dangers of the many accelerating global warming consequences found here.)

This book will help prepare both its individuals and the group as a whole to constructively cope with the rising interlinked psychological and psycho-social-spiritual traumas and toxic stresses generated by the global warming emergency. It will also help you use these traumas and stresses as transformational catalysts to come together across racial, religious, ethnic, and gender lines to do what is needed to reduce the emotional and psychological stresses of this emergency to manageable levels and create better conditions for everyone.

If your group or eco-community is not dealing with this aspect of critical emergency preparation, it is highly unlikely it will survive all that is coming.

In Summary of Part 1, Section 1 of the Job One Climate Change Resilience Plan

Because of what you are reading on this website and the extremely limited time remaining to save humanity from likely extinction, each of us must "work for the best" (to radically reduce fossil fuel usage,) while also having wisely "prepared for the worst" possible outcomes to protect ourselves, families and businesses from now unavoidable consequences. Once we have prepared for those worst possible outcomes, we must then forget about those preparations and focus ALL of our attention and efforts toward meeting the fossil fuel cuts that need to occur for humanity and civilization to go on.

Just as there are no guarantees in life, there is also no guarantees humanity will be able to resolve the escalating global warming extinction emergency before it moves into the later phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario. Therefore, prudence dictates having an emergency survival plan for yourselves and loved ones, as well as having our businesses, community, and nation at the ready long before it will be needed.

From the preceding, you can see that there are many steps to getting ready for what is coming. If you have decided to migrate, it is essential that many other individuals who also believe in sustainable practices and progressive values migrate north as well. No matter how well-prepared you are you will not be able to survive alone. You will also need a community of similar values and vision to survive what is coming!



Additionally, the more individuals who do believe in sustainability and progressive values that move north, the more likely that the social and political situation in these northern areas will also forward these activities and values. If we do survive, this is also very good because those are the kind of values which will be essential to:

a. learning the necessary lessons of the global warming extinction emergency for adapting in the future, and

b. creating a just and peaceful future if humanity and our civilization do survive.

It is truly unfortunate that many groups of religious fundamentalists and political conservatives do not believe that global warming is real. They will be trapped by their own ideologies which will blind them to the escalating warning signs until it will be too late. They will stay too long in the unsafe areas and the value of their business, homes, and investments will eventually crash.

Making matters worse, when they finally do try to migrate to the safe zones too late in the mass migration process, they will find the most suitable land already occupied and even the least suitable land selling at prices they could not afford even if they did still have their previous assets fully intact. No one deserves this fate, but unfortunately many will continue to deny the global warming realities and will not hear about the Job One Plan in time and will suffer needlessly for it.

The ultimate bitter truth here for us all is that:

a. humanity will be very, very lucky if it keeps from crossing the carbon 600 ppm extinction tipping point and into the final Climageddon Extinction Scenario phases.

b. those who migrate wherever necessary and then organize themselves into strong and sustainable eco-communities will have the best chance of surviving as long as possible and being as comfortable as possible through the worst of the coming times.

c. While we work toward achieving the best possible outcomes, we must also prepare and adapt so we can still "save and salvage" as much as is possible of humanity and civilization for the future and future generations.

Here are a few other quick summary ideas from the document above to keep in mind:

Build resilience into your existing personal, community, and national systems. To establish your basic personal recovery resilience, create at least a 30-day reserve of all necessary survival commodities (food, water, heat, energy, lights, toiletries, communication devices, maps, medicines, and self-defense, etc.).

Build backup redundancies into your water, power, heating, sewage, and other critical systems. Do this now so you and your loved ones will not be unprepared, suffer unnecessarily, or die.

Emergency cash or tradeable commodity reserve helps you build early phase financial resilience by building up and storing an easily exchangeable commodity now that you can easily use later when needed. In the later Climageddon Extinction Scenario phases, when cash may be no longer accepted or is devalued, you will need to have food, water, medicine, weapons, and maybe small silver coins or other in-demand tradeable commodities to survive in a barter system that will surely evolve.

Mobility will be a key life-saving capability during the worst phases of the global warming extinction emergency and mid-to-late Climageddon Extinction Scenario phases. Our crisis-surviving ancestors have repeatedly proven the validity and importance of this mobility (migration) principle.

No government or charity will be able to respond to the ever-increasing global demands for more emergency resources and services as the costs and other consequences of escalating global warming increase in frequency, scale, and severity with each degree of temperature increase.

Being physically and psychologically prepared for emergencies is the most basic form of insurance. It existed long before we ever began paying premiums to today’s insurance companies.

The more people who know when and where to migrate, the more people who will have a better quality of life for a longer period of time.

In addition to the necessary physical emergency preparations, to survive and thrive while dealing with what's coming, you will need to build and preserve your psychological and emotional resilience.

The emergency climate preparedness recommended in the Job One Plan is never wasted. The Job One Plan not only assists individuals with strategies to survive the current global warming emergencies and catastrophes but also helps ensure you survive our many other major global challenges and emergencies.

If we do enter the later phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, we are in a no-win situation. No areas of the planet will be safe or secure other than on a temporary basis.

Individuals who prepare to survive ecological catastrophes like our out-of-control global warming are known as eco-preppers. There is an extensive network of Prepper websites dedicated to different survival and preparedness strategies and philosophies.

Because we have already begun crossing global warming tipping points, business planners, city planners, long-term corporate and governmental planners of all kinds need to immediately begin restructuring their 5, 10, and 25-year plans, always using the least optimistic climate prediction scenarios for how the consequences of escalating global warming will unfold. We will be very lucky if the worst we get is anything even close to the IPCC’s current least optimistic projections! (See the new book Climageddon for more accurate prediction scenarios for our global warming future.)

Never forget, it's not just any land in the north that will be safe. It is a fertile land with abundant water that will not destabilize in escalating forest fires, droughts, rain bombs and that is isolated or protected enough so you can survive the marauding hordes desperate and destitute climagees who themselves waited too long to migrate.

What we do know is, that no matter what, and in spite of all of the challenges and bad outcomes that are possible, the single constant truth for the best possible global warming outcome is that the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

a. the more people we will survive to carry on our civilization, and

b. that future generations will suffer less from the ever-increasing sequence of global warming consequences (as described fully in what is called the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.)

To help you keep track of the 4 critical global warming deadlines mentioned above, please see this blog post.



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What's next in the background while you are working on section 2 of Part 1 of the Job One Climate Change Resilience Plan

You are urgently needed, and you can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something meaningful to contribute and do in the many action steps of the four parts of the Job One Plan.
While you are working on your next recommended critical adaptation step of the Job One Plan (Part 2), we strongly recommend that you also read over Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan.
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If you do not have any direct influence on your politicians and you feel the urgency to do something significant, you might want to start with Part 4. Part 4 is particularly important because it describes the role, responsibilities, and consequences the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations will experience in this emergency. 

It contains many tools for individuals who do not have any direct influence on their politicians to creatively help them influence their local, regional or national politicians. It also contains essential reading for individuals on why many wealthy individuals, corporations, etc will want to help us solve this emergency!

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About Part 2 of the Job One Plan on How to Adapt to the Global Warming Emergency by Adapting, Becoming More Sustainable, and Using Less Fossil Fuels  

The Job One Plan Part 2 is on the public areas of our website. In it, you will take adaptive actions to make your lifestyle and livelihood more sustainable. The critical reasons you will be working to adapt and make your life and lifestyle more sustainable are:

1. Part 2 shows you how to reduce your individual fossil fuel use to the required minimum levels described to reach the 2025 goals.

2. You will need to institute all of these adaptative and sustainability practices to survive the massive global food crop failures and the lack of production and distribution of other essential items due to global warming consequences and side effects.



Click here for Part 2 of the Job One Plan on the best individual adaptive actions to help slow the unavoidable 20 worst coming consequences and make yourself more sustainable.

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan for the critical government-driven actions we must get done to have a legitimate hope to slow down the now unavoidable consequences and extinction. Click here for Part 4 of the Job One Plan on how we can get the critical actions of Part 3 of the Job One plan done.

How to keep the difficult and disruptive facts on this page in a balanced and positive perspective

We will be able to avoid or delay some of the coming global warming consequences, while other consequences are unavoidable due to our ignorance, incompetence, inaction, or selfishness. Despite the types of consequences we now face, we can learn from their feedback and adapt and evolve. No matter what we face, we can keep working toward achieving the best possible remaining outcomes. 

We can make a significant difference and stabilize and save the future by executing the comprehensive Job One for Humanity global warming action plan. We also can maintain the perseverance needed to succeed by regularly reviewing the many benefits which we will unfold as we work successfully on this together.

While we persevere, we must never forget that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities. We must continually realize that we are engaged in the most critical and meaningful evolutionary adventure in human history! This adventure is nothing less than removing the global warming extinction threat and, in so doing, indirectly improving most of the world's 12 other major challenges.

(This page is derived substantially from the 2016 book, Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. It has been updated with new climate research since 2016 as applicable. Climageddon is Available on Amazon.)

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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-07-29 15:58:48 -0700
    Dear Ed,

    We are already trying to do that at Job One for Humanity in a very poorly financed way. Some staff and individuals who have been reading our website have contacted us about creating a sustainable community that can survive all of the things in the Climageddon Scenario. What your comment adds to the consideration is that we should contact wealthy individuals to help us create these hail mary locations.

    Would you like to be a part of our efforts?

    Check out what we have done already at: https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/members_only_migration_information
  • Ed Cockrell
    commented 2019-07-26 13:58:13 -0700
    Lawrence, two rich guys (Musk and Bezos) talk about living on Mars or on spaceships as possible ways to continue humanity post Climageddon. They also spend lots of money related to their concepts of survival in space. Would it not be less fantastical for a government or group to prepare outposts on our actual planet Earth that could be hardened with advanced survival technology to create a hail Mary chance that some small group of humans might preserve knowledge and genetic variety that would allow a human presence to continue on Earth in its version 2.0 climate? It might not work, but should the attempt be made? Are you aware of any such attempts being talked about or planned?
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-02-19 15:36:04 -0800
    I found some additional from the Climageddon book to respond to your comment about nuclear energy being part of the mix. The three different areas are in separate quotes.



    “There also could be a survival-critical point where we will have to be open to the possibilities of any existing or new technology, even if that technology seems improbable or far-fetched. Stating that we may have to use wise and appropriate technology solutions does not negate the serious warnings (Part 2, Chapter 2) about an overly-optimistic or distorted over-reliance on new technology solutions as the main way we end the global warming emergency without first and also changing our polluting and destructive fossil fuel-consuming ways.

    Among many new technology possibilities, we may even have to use distasteful or disruptive stopgap measures on the way to restabilizing the climate, provided that we have a high certainty these temporary measures will not have even worse side effects! For example, fourth generation nuclear breeder reactors, if perfected, are supposed to use and burn the spent existing nuclear waste now being stored at great expense and risk. They will turn stored nuclear waste into a byproduct with a radioactive half-life of just 300 years instead of the average ~10,000 years for many kinds of existing nuclear reactor waste.”

    “Keeping carbon emissions at or below the already unsafe level of carbon 450 ppmv will not be achieved by any conservation, increased energy efficiency, or other gradual fossil fuel reduction tactics currently being implemented. To maintain our current standard of living with our growing population without further exacerbating global warming, a new, non-carbon polluting nuclear power plant would have to be built every day. Because this is not currently happening and, in fact, may be impossible (even if it was a fully desirable solution), the only remaining solution to radically reducing fossil fuel use is economic collapse.”

    “Fund appropriate technologies to help us rapidly achieve complete global green energy generation by 2026. Appropriate new technologies will have a major role in the long-term retooling and reorientation of our economy to facilitate the final transition to green renewable energy. It can improve smart grid systems, energy storage capabilities, electricity-based mass transportation, retrofitting buildings, sustainable agriculture, zero waste, and more. Appropriate green technology can even help provide access to cleaner, greener, cooking for the poorest 3 billion people who spend hours each day collecting solid biomass fuels and burning them for cooking.”

    “d. Fund other new technologies as an emergency backup if we fail to meet the two critical 2026 targets (mentioned above), but only after we have funded the actions above. This is our last chance plan for when all other remedial actions of the Job One Plan have failed to slow or lessen escalating global warming and we are about to go over the climate cliff into irreversible global warming and Phase 2 of the Climageddon Scenario.

    In spite of the grand promises new technologies may offer in helping us reach 100% global green energy generation faster, there are critical warnings about any rushed or desperate implementation of new technologies. When used for last chance geoengineering such as pulling carbon pollution out of the atmosphere, it will be at our peril.

    The key warnings about using new technologies to resolve the global warming emergency are: Do not allow new technologies to lull us into a false sense of comfort that we can continue to pour more carbon and methane pollution into our atmosphere—or preserve the dying fossil fuel energy generation business model. The emphasis on the development of these new technologies must always be to move past the fossil fuel energy generation age. There can be no turning back! We have entered the age of green energy generation, and we need to go forward full speed to get us out of the existing escalating global warming emergency. Do not blindly believe that potential remedial geoengineering technologies will save us from what is coming. Relying heavily on miraculous new technologies to save us is a dangerous strategy and should never replace the primary focus of doing the most in-harmony-with-nature actions and the other systemic actions recommended in the Job One Plan. These actions do not carry the potential disastrous side effects of many new technologies employed as last chance solutions implemented in the most desperate of times and situations. We must never forget that almost all new technology is based on mechanical, three-dimensional engineering principles that are far simpler than the principles of complex adaptable systems like the biological and climate systems of our precious planet. Engineering is generally a simple and linear three-dimensional set of cause-and-effect actions. Biology and the climate are complex adaptable systems with nonlinear, self-organizing, and unpredictable spontaneously emergent qualities. They should be seen as having many more non-cause-and-effect “dimensions.” They also have far more unknown and complex tipping points, interconnectivities, and interdependencies than are found within the limited mechanical rules and solutions characteristic of the nonliving, mechanical world. When one blindly applies mechanical solutions to complex adaptive systems such as our biological and climate systems, the results are usually unpleasant surprises in the form of unintended negative consequences. Never allow our individual or collective hubris about our many great mechanical engineering accomplishments to blind us to the risk of overlooking the possibility that new mechanical technology solutions applied to global warming’s complex adaptable systems may in fact produce equal or even greater damage than the problem they’re meant to solve. For example, placing massive amounts of sun-reflecting particles into the complex adaptive system of the atmosphere and global climate is being widely discussed as a mechanical new technology solution to the global warming emergency. What if, as an unintended side effect, those particles blocked the normal rainfall in a nuclear-armed country like China and caused immediate mass starvation and death? With its own population dying before its eyes, where do you think the Chinese government would point its nuclear weapons, or from whom would they demand immediate restitution? The unintended risks could easily and quickly get out of hand, leading to unpredictable and potentially worse consequences if any of the nations harmed have nuclear weapons. Additionally, once our ecological and climate systems have been stressed beyond their respective tipping points and points of no return, it will be far too late to develop or deploy any technologically useful geoengineering repair or cooling mechanism. For additional information on the many problems and dangers of geoengineering solutions to the global warming emergency, see these articles by Andrew Revkin,111 Chelsea Harvey,112 and John Vidal.113 New technologies directed toward maintaining fossil fuel use should never become a fix, substitute for, or cause a delay in the rapid transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, healthier green energy generation. Using technology to strip out the ongoing pollution damage to our atmosphere done by fossil fuels in order to continue using fossil fuels is equally foolish and inhibits or delays resolving the real cause of the problem. New technologies should not be used to extend the use or lifespan of fossil fuels by increasing fossil fuel consumption efficiency or conservation. Research has repeatedly shown that using technology to increase fossil fuel consumption efficiency or conservation increases overall fossil fuel use rather than reducing it. This is because of the economic savings that increased fossil fuel energy efficiency or conservation provides, acting to create more cash resources to buy or use more things dependent upon using more fossil fuels. This is known as Jevons’s paradox.114”

    Lastly be sure to see our website page http://www.joboneforhumanity.org/carbon_capture_won_t_save_us_in_time
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-02-17 12:22:00 -0800
    Dear Tim,
    In our book Climageddon we discuss in detail how and when to use nuclear.
  • tim stadler
    commented 2019-02-17 00:11:18 -0800
    Where do people think energy to replace fossil fuel will come from if we don’t embrace nuclear, it may be the lesser of two evils if it even fits in that category. The problem with these type of sites is they make simple statements about reducing fossil fuels with little or no real options. I was thinking of making large donations to this site, but their nuclear stance makes me question their overall thought process.
  • Job One For Humanity posted about YOUR Climate Change Resilience Plan on Job One For Humanity's Facebook page 2018-10-04 10:18:14 -0700
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