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If you are decision-maker in an organization sympathetic to the ideas and action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan and/or the ideas expressed in the new book, Climageddon, your organization can help by becoming an independent collaborating partner or ally in the Global Warming Emergency Mobilization (GWEM) to end the global warming emergency. We at Job One for Humanity are facilitating this undertaking.

Join the Movement to Protect the Future of Humanity and Our Civilization

It will take nothing less than a massive mobilization and collaboration among hundreds or thousands of organizations to end this emergency in time to keep us safe. Please download the free Job One Plan overview to see our prioritized, deadline-driven and practical plan to end global warming before it is too late.

Please email [email protected] and tell us how you would like to collaborate. We are open to other ideas that would be useful in our two organizations working together to prevent irreversible global warming and human extinction.


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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2018-06-09 13:14:52 -0700
    Dear Aleister,

    Thank you for your courage in facing a very tough reality and your kind words about my new book, Climageddon. Your insight into sharing this difficult global warming emergency message with those of sufficient intelligence and spiritual grounding to face and help manage it - is exceedingly wise.

    Would you also consider two things? One, writing a review on Amazon about the Climageddon book. It really helps us reach more people with the message.

    And two read more pages on our website particularly the recently upgraded Our Story. After you’ve done that sufficient examination of the near fully upgraded Job One Plan only on our website and not in the older version in Climageddon would you consider giving us your opinion and/or becoming a volunteer?

    Sincerely, Lawrence Wollersheim

    Executive director
  • Aleister Mraz
    commented 2018-06-09 00:45:51 -0700
    I read on Reddit about the Arctic temperature being 45 degrees Fahrenheit above normal back in February. This seemed extreme, and I thought to do some research… Since then, over the past four months I have done a great deal of research about the climate, ecosystem, and biodiversity on Earth. While I had been informed before, my worldview has been turned on its head: I had expected to live for many decades (as most do, I guess), but realized that the emergency we are in does not guarantee that. I have gone through the “five stages of grief”, and I have further rejected acceptance to two different schools that had accepted me into their MFA programs, given that there is simply not enough time. Meanwhile, my thesis for an MBA from SUNY Albany in New York State is due next week, and I have been writing it on sustainability and in particular, why there has been inaction in moving to a green economy. It was only a few days ago that I found “Climageddon”; this book consolidates and summarizes all of the research I have found over the past four months in one location. I am fully on board as someone who is 100% dedicated to resolving the global warming emergency. I have informed those intelligent enough and “spiritually fit” enough in my life regarding the situation, and will continue to do this tirelessly until we make it over the hurdle. Thanks to Lawrence Wollersheim for confirming that the conclusions from all of my research of disparate sources are true; that is truly one of your book’s strengths, as you mention therein.
  • Aleister Mraz
    followed this page 2018-06-09 00:19:18 -0700
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2018-05-22 10:20:23 -0700
    You’re right David! Unless this is picked up by the artists and movies not enough people understand how bad it is and why we must act immediately!
  • Judy Hinch
    commented 2017-07-20 11:25:13 -0700
    Mass media must be involved. Someone must bridge between the scientists and public and be a voice for science to speak louder
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