How to Set Up a Local Climate Change Emergency Action Group

Last update 1.6.23 

Suppose you are sympathetic to the climate change analysis of our climate change think tank and our Job One for Humanity Climate change Plan B.  In that case, help us fix the runaway global heating extinction emergency by setting up an independent, self-organizing meetup, study, or action group in your local area.

We have teamed up with Join-A-Hub to help you make this happen. Click here for more information on Join-A-Hub, or click the image below.




JAH provides support tools on our website to help you do this and help enlist community participants who will, in easy steps, start action hubs about education on the global warming emergency and prepare communities for survival factors we must establish within this decade. A new phase and concerted effort begins.

Join-A Hub has robust local group support tools on our website to help you do this, but you and your team will create and manage local area events, actions, and your local group support tools. 

Join-A Hub online tools will help you maintain a local database that integrates with an action-oriented local website and event manager, as well as many other support features. 

Our local group coordinator or one of our other volunteer team members will share successful new action strategies as they become available. 

If you are interested in creating or being a part of a climate educator and local activist group, email ([email protected]). Tell us about yourself, your skills, where you're located, what you'd like to do, and anything else that would be useful in evaluating our best ways of working together.



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