Current Job One for Humanity Volunteer Management and Administrative Positions to Help US Fix Global Heating and Create a More Sustainable and Equitable World.

Last updated 12.3.22


Job One for Humanity is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, which is very rare nowadays. All positions and projects are managed and executed by our many volunteers. 

All Job One volunteers work online and remotely unless they live in the San Francisco Bay Area. All positions are part-time, and you pick when and as little or as much as you want to work on various volunteer actions. We also encourage all volunteers to recruit other volunteers they may know to help you and make the volunteer experience more enjoyable.

Because we do not micro-manage our volunteers, our volunteers are naturally independent, self-organizing individuals who are passionate about fixing the climate and global heating emergency before it is too late.

Our volunteers coordinate as needed with senior volunteer team members' guidance to handle our social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. Our volunteers also do most of our blog postings, as they have done for years.

All our volunteers work in teams with some of today's brightest and most passionate climate educators and activists.



If you think of our organization as a media platform (like Facebook) where passionate climate activists meet electronically to collaborate and coordinate and then independently act on self-chosen, self-organized projects, you would have a good idea of how we get everything done with only volunteers.

It is considered a privilege to serve humanity's collective well-being and survival at Job One for Humanity. Being selected and joining our all-volunteer team is an honor. We attract the best, brightest, and most dedicated individuals who have either done well in their lives or currently otherwise have the free time to volunteer.

As a volunteer, you will make a real difference in helping slow and lessen the worst consequences of our global heating emergency

Below are some of the opportunities for you to play a vital role in protecting the future of humanity from climate change and global heating. You can work entirely online or in your local area. If you are local to the San Francisco bay area, you can join us occasionally at our office. 

We do have a realistic plan for a safe and sustainable future that will work. We need your volunteering time and expertise to get than plan done.

The Steps to Becoming a Job One for Humanity Volunteer:

1. Click here and take the climate change action pledge. It is super short, easy and fast.

2. Look over the volunteer openings below.

3. Look over the newest volunteer projects on this page.

4. Unless otherwise specified in the listing, contact us at [email protected] and include the project or administrative area in which you are interested in volunteering!

5. Provide information on your skills and experience in that area. 

6. Suggest a new project or position if you do not see what best matches your skills and desires. We can always find volunteer projects for willing and skilled hands.

7. To see our getting started guide for new volunteers, which contains everything you need to know to start today, click here.


Help us build new models.

Our Current Volunteer Openings in Order of Priority 

The following positions are listed in order of importance for our organization to continue thriving and speaking climate truth to power. 

There is much to do to save the future, so please email us if you want to start immediately! If you do not see an administrative position below that you would like, be sure to see our volunteer projects page for additional fascinating volunteering projects now available.

All positions below are part-time and conducted online unless you are in the San Francisco Bay area and choose to come to our offices. Some senior-level positions that also will have secure access to our Internet tools, websites, member lists etc., will require us to do a full background check.

Please keep in mind that starting your local preparation and adaptation actions on the Job One for Humanity Plan B to protect and preserve yourself, your families, and your businesses is always your first action behind any other position you may choose. Starting Plan B is everyone's first action because this strategy is similar to what occurs on an airplane if there's an emergency underway.

In an airline emergency, you are always instructed to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help your children or anyone else. That way, you will be able to preserve yourself and your abilities to better manage the crisis and help others. We are in a climate change extinction emergency.

1. Partime Deputy Executive Director (Currently a top priority.)

Our deputy executive Director would help develop and oversee all recruiting, administrative and organizational functions. In addition, they would support the executive director of Job One to manage the non-profit organization and achieve its mission. 

This position includes assisting in most management, administration, mission message marketing, fundraising, and personnel issues. Therefore, proven experience in organizational leadership, administration, non-profit funding, and personnel issues is essential.

Previous non-profit experience is helpful but not necessary. Please also provide any information about your skill sets and previous experience that would be helpful. A history of climate education or climate activism is a real plus.


2. Partime Volunteer Manager (Currently a top priority.)

We have almost 300 worldwide volunteers, and we have also experienced a surge in new people wanted to volunteer. We urgently need a part-time volunteer manager to help manage and keep up with our volunteer growth. You will help our online volunteers stay active and move forward on our highest-priority volunteer projects.

You don't need to be an expert on the climate because your climate researcher-type teammates can help you answer those questions when they arise, but it would be a real plus if you were passionate about protecting the climate in the future. 

This is a unique and exciting position that will require an individual with good people qualities who will help us inspire, train and manage the many new and older individuals volunteering at our organization. You will coordinate with other volunteers worldwide using state-of-the-art Internet networking tools like video conferencing tools, Basecamp project management, and the many community-building platform tools. These internet tools will allow each volunteer and group to separately manage and coordinate many activities and projects, even meetups, events, and actions in local areas.

You will need good prior computer skills and hopefully some motivational, collaborative, and coordination skills. If you're looking for a meaningful part-time online volunteer management position where you can work with wonderful people and make a difference on the most important mission on the planet right now, please let us know.

Provide any information about your skill sets and any previous experience that would be helpful for this volunteer manager position. For example, it is a real plus if you have already worked managing volunteers or with group video-conferencing, Basecamp, and NationBuilder administrative software.


3. Social Media Manager and Coordinator (Currently our top priority.)

Are you familiar with and good with most social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and UTube? We are looking for a social media manager and additional volunteers in this area to help expand our existing social media reach. Our social media manager will create and manage our overall social media message and social media volunteer team. Volunteers will need to have excellent online computer skills. Our website software is, and they have many social media tools for you to use to help spread our messages.

Please provide any information about your social media skill sets and previous experience in this area that would be helpful. Experience with website backend software with extensive social media features is helpful, but not critical, as we can train you on how those tools work.


4. Marketing Manager

Your marketing expertise will be used to further our mission to promote global warming solutions, using our comprehensive plan to end global warming.


5. Celebrity and High Net Worth Coordinator

Our celebrity coordinator will work directly and indirectly with celebrities and high-net-worth individuals who support fixing the climate and their staff to forward the Job One for Humanity Plan steps. This individual should have excellent public relations and communication skills. Experience in dealing with celebrities and high-net-worth individuals is a plus. Please also provide any information about your skill sets and previous experience that would be helpful.


6. Fundraising Specialist

In this position, you will join a partnership of engaged professionals working to educate and organize people internationally and locally to fund profound changes in curbing the threat of climate destabilization. Your experience working with this team on online appeals, with major donors, and in donor development projects will be welcome.


7. Alliance and Partnership Specialist

We seek your expertise in evaluating and initiating partnership opportunities with compatible organizations to further our mission to end global warming. Particular focus will be on collaborations in executing the action steps of our comprehensive Job One for Humanity Plan to end global warming. Click here to see some of the organizational alliances in which we have participated.


8. Online Administrative Support

Are you good with state-of-the-art online mail list administration? We are looking for additional volunteers in this area to help handle our rapid growth. Volunteers will need to have excellent online computer skills. Familiarity with the backend of Nationbuilder is a real plus but not essential if you have worked on other website backend administrative panels. Please also provide any information about your skill sets and previous experience that would be helpful.


9. Website Web Administrator and/or designer

This new position is vital to do normal administrative website back-end tasks and bring online ASAP to activate all of our new Internet support and connection tools. This individual will be helping our Chief Technical Coordinator to update the website and using new features and plugins to empower people to make the necessary climate changes. 

Ideally, you will understand UX/UI (user experience/user interface) and have a good visual design sense. You will also be able to code the site's navigation, design buttons, and other controls for the site, update and maintain the site, and help create a suitable color scheme or incorporate the clients color scheme into the design.

Education: Bachelors degree and 2-3 years of experience in web development.


10. Multimedia Production

Your expertise will be well used in helping to create short podcasts, YouTube videos, and animations to further our mission to promote ambitious global warming awareness and solutions using our new comprehensive plan to end global warming.


11. Project Manager for All Other Ongoing Job One Projects

Help us focus on and execute the critical action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan at a local, regional or global level. This individual will work with staff, volunteer managers, and our partners to facilitate and coordinate the execution of the critical action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan. This individual will have excellent project management and computer skills and excellent motivational, collaborative, and coordination skills.

This individual will have access to our video conferencing tools for working with up to a hundred people at a time and other state-of-the-art collaboration tools. Proven experience in project management and project execution is essential. Please also provide any information about your skill sets and previous experience that would be helpful.


12. Blog Science Editor If you have editor skills with a good understanding of current climate change science, we need your help. You will select and edit new blog articles for our Global Heating Blog.


13. Graphic artists

We need graphic artists to help us tell the climate change emergency story.


14. Computer Science Specialist to help us evaluate, find, or create the best volunteer labor tracking software. We want to find or make the best barter and time tracking software so that volunteers and members without adequate finances can trade/barter their volunteering services with other better-financed community volunteers and members in the new Universe eco-communities. They could also use this barter/trades software for community housing, health, and other Universe eco-community services.


15. Information Researcher Gatherer

We are looking for your research abilities to help develop information that our members can use.


16. Project director/manager for overseeing the creation of sustainable, conservation eco-communities worldwide

Job One for Humanity and are working together to create new global warming safer urban, suburban, and rural conservation eco-communities described in full on this page and its sub-pages. To better manage the risks of the accelerating global heating extinction emergency and our 11 other most critical global challenges, we have started design work on the first of what we hope will be many new sustainable, conservation eco-communities. 



For this position, you will need excellent computer skills, motivational, collaborative, and coordination skills. If you're looking for an exciting volunteer position where you can make a difference in what many acknowledge as the most important mission on the planet right now, let us know you are interested. Please also provide any information about your skill sets and previous experience that would be helpful. If you want to help co-create these new eco-communities as the project director/manager, email [email protected] and put "New Eco-Community" in the subject line. 

If you have not already done so, signup to volunteer here. 

(Please Note: Volunteers are not authorized agents or legal representatives of the Job One Organization. Only our board of directors may make policy and issue written position statements, take action, or publish information that officially represents our non-profit organization. At some point, while volunteering, be sure to read our volunteer policy on the urgency of emergency climate action here.)

17. If you still need to know more about current volunteer projects, positions, or volunteering at Job One before you volunteer 

Please see the three links below:

a. our volunteer projects listings.

b. our guide for all new volunteers to help get them started.

c. if you have not signed up yet to be a volunteer, click here and go to the bottom of the page.

Never forget why you are so important as a volunteer

Our role as a non-profit educational climate think tank is to provide unpoliticized, uncensored, and accurate climate research information and analysis. We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, activists, or for profit business managers. We are climate researchers, analysts, and educators only. 

Our limited climate research and analysis role means that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers must share the climate information and analysis they discover on our website for us! If they do not, our uncensored climate information will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late. 

Without the hundreds of thousands of our annual visitors taking up their survival-critical role in distributing our climate information and analysis, there is little hope Humanity can avoid soon-arriving, near-total extinction climate catastrophes. So please do your part! 

Actively and aggressively share and spread the climate information and analysis found oil our website and, where appropriate, become climate activists helping us to create honest climate solutions. 

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