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How accelerating global warming will cause a mass extinction and economic, political and social chaos within our lifetimes

Your Global Warming Emergency Survival Guide

Special COVID-19 global pandemic update of 4.10.2020 relevant to the content in the Climageddon book

There are vital lessons from the ongoing disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic that directly relate to our global warming emergency and the materials discussed in the Climageddon book. With COVID-19, we did not listen to the science and research, and we failed to prepare for what was an inevitability. We are once again doing the same thing with the global warming emergency as you will fully discover in Climageddon. This failure to listen to the science and research will, unfortunately, have far worse consequences than COVID-19 on the world's economic, social, and political systems and survival.

In one twisted way, the COVID-19 pandemic is a wonderful blessing to the global warming eduction movements. It has caused a radical drop in global fossil fuel use --- precisely what was needed to have any realistic hope of reaching the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Mother nature has started what we were not able to do, and now we must find a way to use this COVID-19 radical drop in fossil fuel use and momentum to continue forward to meet the critical 2025 targets. The ideas the Climageddon book presents are more important than ever if we are to save the future and prevent a mass extinction event that will make the suffering of the COVID-19 global pandemic look like a day at the beach.

Let's hope the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to listen to the science and research on the escalating global warming extinction emergency before it is once again, too late to prevent global chaos! 

Climageddon helps uncover the world's biggest global warming secret

Here it is.

Without the stringent 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets being achieved, (found on this page,) we will cross over four critical global warming tipping points. Because of the horrific consequences of these crossed tipping points, as much as 70-90% of humanity will die in as little as the next 30 to 50 years, and there will be unbearable global economic, political and social chaos!

Yes, you read that right.

National intelligence agencies in developed countries, well-funded think tanks and the world's richest investment bankers and hedge funds have at least some partial access to the advanced global warming analysis found within Climageddon from either their own internal research facilities or from exclusive private climate research sources. Many of those who know the above dire consequences to be accurate are already quietly buying up land in safer global warming zones, and they are doing what is necessary to prepare for the worst worldwide die-off in human history.

But, why isn't your government telling you about this?

Are those in political or financial power keeping this information secret to protect themselves and their families or their assets before they let the rest of us know about it? Or, are they legitimately trying to prevent public panic because they believe average citizens like you and I can not deal with this news and global emergency?

The Climageddon book will show you the scientific evidence on how bad global warming really is, how bad it is going to get and, how soon the worst of the now unavoidable consequences of global warming will destabilize you, your family, business or nation.

It describes the 20 worst global warming consequences, and it also lays out the 11 most critical global warming tipping points that should strike terror in the minds and hearts of everyone involved in short-term, mid-range, and long-range essential planning. Understanding the 11 global warming tipping points is critical because crossing a few more of them over the next several decades will initiate the end of humanity and civilization.

Having the systemic analysis found within Climageddon also shows you how to stay ahead of the coming global warming-related financial market unpredictability and crashes. These will occur naturally because of the escalating consequences of continually rising temperatures on food crops, related businesses, and global political stability.

Climageddon is a virtual encyclopedia of global warming. Its 80 illustrations, 450 pages, and original analysis make the latest global warming research understandable --- even if the global warming crisis is new to you! It also provides a complete plan of workable solutions to the global warming extinction emergency in the new Job One for Humanity Plan. This new plan will help you to be one of the few that will be prepared and hopefully survive what is coming.

For those of you facing a rebuilding or relocation question after surviving a global warming-related catastrophe, Climageddon provides information on how, where, and when to migrate successfully to one the few remaining global warming safer zones.

The research and the meta-systemic analysis presented in Climageddon clearly demonstrates, global warming is nearly entirely out of our meaningful control for as long as the next 30 years and that the critical calculations behind our previously most trusted public global warming consequence and timetable predictions have been grossly underestimated.

Climageddon's comprehensive research explanations and analysis lays out a rational case for believing that if something extreme does not happen to immediately correct our grossly ineffective governmental actions to radically reduce fossil fuel use to meet the 2025 targets, as much as 70-90% of humanity will die from starvation or from the other global warming consequences, within as little as the next 30-50 years.

Do not get caught unaware, unprepared or unable to adapt to what is here now and is going to grow worse!

Special Climageddon Book Bonus: All Climageddon book owners also will have ongoing electronic 1-year membership access to our exclusive website book support pages that will present new research and all other necessary book updates.)

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Get Climageddon today. (Special Bonus: All book owners also will have electronic access to special web support pages that present additional new research as well as any and all necessary updates that this newer research might require to the original Climageddon book release.)

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  • Steven Salmony
    commented 2022-11-26 14:37:26 -0800
    Few experts in population biology, related fields of science, demography and economics appear ready and willing to see what is in front of naked eyes. Too many experts have confused cause and effect and thereby vitiated the coherence of mind and clarity of vision required to sensibly interpret evidence of whatsoever could be objectively correlated with reality. As a consequence, they appear to find the ecological science of human population dynamics simultaneously unbelievable yet virtualy irrefutable.

    We do not have a food production problem. Food harvests are abundant; food is sufficient to feed the human community plus many more. The problem is food redistribution. Granted the fair and equitable redistribution of available food to the human community writ large would lead in all likelihood to a temporary, exacerbating increase in absolute global human population numbers; however, limiting total global food production that humans consume would in the course of space-time return Homo sapiens to balance within the natural world.

    Consider biomimicry, the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. For a moment let us assume that nature has the answers to the problems human beings have induced by relentlessly increasing the human food supply, and must now confront and overcome. By following the laws of the natural world, by changing our way to conform with nature, humans would consciously and deliberately mimic nature’s way where we find that all resources (including food to feed a growing population) are categorically limited by the size and finite resources of the planet which is our planetary home, the house humans have filled beyond its natural carrying capacity through the massive deployment of complex systems and inventive technologies.

    One of the worst mistakes of the second half of the 20th Century has been and continues to be generated by the United Nations. A delusion in the form of a meme, or unquestioned cultural transmission, has been viewed as real and spread virally by misusing the imprimatur of science upon which the meme is not actually based. Large scale human organizations have held tightly to versions of the same meme prior to this time period. Most experts became captives of a satisfying false cultural transmission: humans must continuously increase food production to feed a growing population. This misperception/misconception of reality cloaks our view of the way the world really works with regard to the population dynamics of all species within the evolutionary ‘tree of life’, including Homo sapiens.

    There are hallmarks that define a deluded cultural transmission. They include political convenience, economic expediency, social suitability, religious tolerance, and legalization. All seem necessary for a false meme to become culturally prescribed. Purveyors of false memes willfully ignore the questioning of ideas upon which their misinformation is based - a hallmark of science. Without the support of science we find ourselves in a festering haze of delusion.

    With regard to its population dynamics, our evolving memetic species has a vital task. Substitute a scientifically founded meme for the unquestioned false one. Then the new meme would be: increases in the total production of food for human consumption lead to a global population increase of H. sapiens. We would acknowledge not only that we have a food distribution problem but also a problem derived from our tragic failure to use available ways and means to prevent unwanted births humanely.

    How the human community chooses to act in response to this daunting predicament is something others more capable than I will have to address and find a way to overcome. Years ago, before the 21st century began to unfold, my spouse advised me not to communicate the ecological science of human population dynamics until I had a solution to the existential situation disclosed by the evidence. I told her then and say to all now, I do not have answers to the thorny questions or solutions to difficult problems the heretofore uncontested science raises. Please allow me to add the belief that any program of action to rein in the size of the human population by limiting the human food supply must begin by taking simultaneous steps to feed the human community as well as to save the flourishing of life (i.e., biodiversity) as we know it.

    It is neither necessary nor sustainable to continue increasing food production to feed a growing human population. To the contrary, such a determination ultimately carries with it profoundly harmful consequences. In the case of H. sapiens the species eats itself out of house and home.
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2017-06-12 07:44:30 -0700
    Hi Jim,

    I’ve sent Vincent several private emails answering his query as well as another team member answered his query with research references showing he was dealing with old the longer accurate information. We are also just about to post the following additional answer to a book update and correction page:

    Version 1 Updates and Corrections for the Climageddon Book: In chapter 2 of Part 1 of Climageddon, in a section called How long carbon dioxide remains in our atmosphere, the following was stated:

    Carbon dioxide is currently the most important greenhouse gas related to global warming. For the longest time, our scientists believed that once in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide remains there for about 100 years. New research shows that is not true. 75% of that carbon will not disappear for thousands of years. The other 25% stays forever. We are creating a serious global warming crisis that will last far longer than we ever thought possible.

    “The lifetime of fossil fuel CO2 in the atmosphere is a few centuries, plus 25 percent that lasts essentially forever. The next time you fill your tank, reflect upon this…[the climatic impacts of releasing fossil fuel CO2 to the atmosphere will last longer than Stonehenge… Longer than time capsules, longer than nuclear waste, far longer than the age of human civilization so far.” —“Carbon is forever,” Mason Inman

    It needs to be corrected in one sentence as follows:

    “25% of that carbon will not disappear for thousands of years. In terms of a human lifespan the rest stays virtually forever.”

    The point that was being made is that the carbon we put in the air today will be the curse of those who come behind us for a very, very long time, and we need to take our ongoing carbon pollution far more seriously.

    Additionally, how long carbon stays in the atmosphere is still an ongoing scientific discussion. Several long-term climate models, though their date details differ, all agree that anthropogenic CO2 takes an enormously long time to dissipate. If all recoverable fossil fuels were burned up using today’s technologies, after 1,000 years passed, the air would still hold one third to half of the CO2 emissions. “For practical purposes, 500 to 1000 years is ‘forever,’” as Hansen and his colleagues put it. In this time, civilizations can rise and fall, and the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets could melt substantially, raising sea levels enough to transform the face of the planet. See also: http://www.nature.com/climate/2008/0812/full/climate.2008.122.html
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2017-05-03 05:00:54 -0700
    Hi Vincent,

    Give me a day or so to look back over my notes. I have over 10,000 pages of research I reviewed in writing Climageddon.

    I do believe this was in a David Spratt climate report, but I do not have eidetic memory so please don’t hold me to that until I can actually find the reference.

    I appreciate you bringing this up and the final answer will be great for the Climageddon FAQ we are construction.

    Lawrence Wollersheim
  • Don Morgan
    commented 2015-11-07 11:39:57 -0800
    Wow, looks like a great book!