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The following is a sample letter to give you an idea of what to write to celebrities and influencers to enlist their help in fixing the global warming emergency. The complete Job One For Humanity Plan explains why these letters are important as well as how and where to modify this sample letter for effective personal use for the individuals you want to contact.


Mr. Matt Damon
9601 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA  90210

Dear Mr. Damon:

I am reaching out to you because of your influential position as one of the most successful and widely recognized actors and philanthropists. I am seeking your help as a catalyst for resolving critical global warming perils that threaten people of all statuses and in all walks of life.

You are identified as one who is sensitive and active regarding today’s environmental issues, whether through your work with environmentally aware films such as Promised Land or through the many charities you support, especially Your voice on critical issues of the day is one that is heard and largely respected—by your fans, by the media, and perhaps most importantly, by many political decision-makers.

No issue is more critical than resolving global warming. Those who have studied this at length—including Climatologist James Hansen, Columbia University environmental sciences professor, former astronaut, and former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies—say the window of time for effective climate action is quickly closing, narrowing much faster than has previously been projected. They say we are on the cusp of tipping into irreversible global warming, which could mean extinction-level climate destabilization.

You already have an interest in this, with your appearance in Years of Living Dangerously. But beyond that, why should you specifically get involved? Let me offer three reasons:

  1. Self-interest. As we move closer to irreversible global warming, millions of lives will be disrupted. Many people may perish. Business as we have known it—including the entertainment industry—will become impossible to conduct because the safe and consistent environment needed for film production, distribution, marketing, etc., will become too unreliable and unstable to maintain a continually profitable operation. The ensuing impact will be the crashing of economies, likely followed by the destabilization of governments. Entertainment will become a dispensable commodity. In short, you and your colleagues have a lot to lose if no climate course correction is made.
  2. Sense of Responsibility. We are all responsible for the toxic carbon and methane pollution we put in the atmosphere. Certainly, some bear proportionately more of this burden than others causing more fossil fuel pollution in the creation and maintenance of their industries and their wealth. Movie production, for instance, often involves significant travel for large crews, and/or for promotional or awards activities, which consumes considerable volumes of fossil fuels.

    Another aspect of responsibility, ethical and social, resides within the concept of “wealth obliges,” similar to the old French concept of noblesse oblige. This updated concept implies that possessing great wealth is an ethical obligation to assume reasonable leadership responsibility to promote and protect the common well-being. Your well-known philanthropic efforts exemplify this concept. I applaud you for those.

  3. Timing and “Practical Responsibility.” There is a wide consensus that time is running short on resolving global warming before dire consequences occur. This makes it impractical—even dangerous—to expect that a bottom-up mass movement can coalesce in time to address it. Only a few among us, through heightened visibility and strategic networking contacts, have certain access and influence advantages with large publics and with key decision-makers and politicians. As one of those people, I suggest that you have a “practical responsibility” to carry out your social responsibility to protect the common good in humanity. Without the powerful influence that leaders like you can exert, there is simply not enough time or ability to marshal the resources and actions to resolve escalating global warming before we suffer irreversible consequences.

  4. Other More Negative Reasons to Act. Click here and read this page!

I hope I’ve offered persuasive reasons for your continued and even increased involvement in this matter. More specifically, here is how I’d like to see you exercise your visibility and influence to do your part. I would respectfully ask that you advocate, especially with political decision-makers, for the following:

  • Schedule a global warming meeting of national and world leaders to formally declare a national and international global warming State of Emergency and take action to prevent our current situation from crossing any critical climate tipping points. Crossed tipping points refer to the climate crossing thresholds after which a destructive trend can no longer be reversed and/or in which truly cataclysmic consequences of warming begin to occur, such as extinction-level climate destabilization. This meeting of leaders should treat its global warming tipping point prevention goals as a critical part of this emergency situation. (More information about the global warming tipping points can be found here: )

  • Once the emergency has been eliminated, begin a global warming temperature maintenance program to get atmospheric toxic carbon pollution in parts per million (ppm) back down to the safe, long-term stability maintenance level of atmospheric carbon 325 to 350 ppm. We are currently at approximately 400 ppm, and the rate, especially since the year 2000, has been increasing faster each year. We may soon cross one or more of the critical climate tipping points unless we get back down to carbon 350 ppm.

I believe it will also be necessary to enact new international and national global warming reduction laws that are both verifiable and enforceable. Lack of enforceability has been a continuing flaw so far in attempts countries have made to address global warming. These new laws would incorporate the following:

  • Create a Fee and Dividend-based toxic carbon/methane emission reduction program.

  • Create a new global warming risk analysis as well as mandate annual global warming risk analysis updates.

  • Implement government subsidies and incentives for expanding green energy generation and use, and remove such subsidies from fossil fuel energy generation.

  • Require the creation of a separate global warming emergency reserve fund equal to 5% of national GDP to help pay for escalating global warming disruptions and catastrophes.

  • Create programs to increase natural and technology-driven carbon sequestration.

  • Incentivize divestment from fossil fuel industries.

  • Authorize and require the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and the international and national banking transaction clearinghouses to impose both loan and banking transaction financial penalties and interest penalty fees on any nation or corporation that violates the new global warming reduction laws.

Ambitious goals, yes. But irreversible global warming eventually is a no-win game for everyone. Some of the likely impacts of runaway warming, besides escalating chaotic and dangerous weather events such as droughts and floods, include food and ocean fish stock depletion; water pollution and water table loss; desertification and deforestation; release of previously unknown viruses from thawing permafrost (some already documented); rising sea levels (James Hansen projects as much as 10 feet in as little as 50 years) that make many islands and coastal areas uninhabitable; growing political instability and poverty; mass migrations of desperate, and potentially aggressive, populations overrunning borders to seek climate-safer havens.

Mr. Damon, you have a remarkable level of national and even international visibility and persuasive influence over a wide portion of the public and over many of today's self-interested politicians. You rightly command these peoples’ ears, and your views and advocacy have their respect. I am asking you to make a public declaration on this critical issue, indicating what you will do to help resolve the global warming emergency.

You may have many questions about the details of the various ideas presented in this document. To answer those questions I suggest you go to the website and download the free Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan, which will answer your questions.

I look forward to your taking a prominent role and seeing your public statement. Your reputation of leadership in this area is well known. Please enrich that by becoming an even more outspoken advocate in addressing the escalating global warming emergency we now face, by promoting the specifics presented in this letter.

Thank you for all you have done to date toward a healthier environment. And thank you in advance for raising your profile as a climate champion.





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