How accelerating climate change and global warming will cause mass extinction and economic, political and social chaos within our lifetimes

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Climageddon helps uncover the world's biggest global warming secret

Here it is.

Without the stringent 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets being achieved, (found on this page,) we will cross over four critical global warming tipping points. Because of the horrific consequences of these crossed tipping points, as much as 70-90% of humanity will die in as little as the next 30 to 50 years, and there will be unbearable global economic, political and social chaos!

Yes, you read that right.

National intelligence agencies in developed countries, well-funded think tanks, and the world's richest investment bankers and hedge funds have at least some partial access to the advanced global warming analysis found within Climageddon from either their own internal research facilities or from exclusive private climate research sources. Many of those who know the above dire consequences to be accurate are already quietly buying up land in safer global warming zones, and they are doing what is necessary to prepare for the worst worldwide die-off in human history.

But, why isn't your government telling you about this?

Are those in political or financial power keeping this information secret to protect themselves and their families or their assets before they let the rest of us know about it? Or, are they legitimately trying to prevent public panic because they believe average citizens like you and I can not deal with this news and global emergency?

The Climageddon book will show you the scientific evidence on how bad global warming really is, how bad it is going to get, and, how soon the worst of the now unavoidable consequences of global warming will destabilize you, your family, business or nation.

It describes the 20 worst global warming consequences, and it also lays out the 11 most critical global warming tipping points that should strike terror in the minds and hearts of everyone involved in short-term, mid-range, and long-range essential planning. Understanding the 11 global warming tipping points is critical because crossing a few more of them over the next several decades will initiate the end of humanity and civilization.

Having the systemic analysis found within Climageddon also shows you how to stay ahead of the coming global warming-related financial market unpredictability and crashes. These will occur naturally because of the escalating consequences of continually rising temperatures on food crops, related businesses, and global political stability.

Climageddon is a virtual encyclopedia of global warming. Its 80 illustrations, 450 pages, and original analysis make the latest global warming research understandable --- even if the global warming crisis is new to you! It also provides a complete plan of workable solutions to the global warming extinction emergency in the new Job One for Humanity Plan. This new plan will help you to be one of the few that will be prepared and hopefully survive what is coming.

For those of you facing a rebuilding or relocation question after surviving a global warming-related catastrophe, Climageddon provides information on how, where, and when to migrate successfully to one of the few remaining global warming safer zones.

The research and the meta-systemic analysis presented in Climageddon clearly demonstrates, global warming is nearly entirely out of our meaningful control for as long as the next 30 years and that the critical calculations behind our previously most trusted public global warming consequence and timetable predictions have been grossly underestimated.

Climageddon's comprehensive research explanations and analysis lays out a rational case for believing that if something extreme does not happen to immediately correct our grossly ineffective governmental actions to radically reduce fossil fuel use to meet the 2025 targets, as much as 70-90% of humanity will die from starvation or from the other global warming consequences, within as little as the next 30-50 years.

Do not get caught unaware, unprepared, or unable to adapt to what is here now and is going to grow worse!

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