What Will Finally Get Our Politicians to Act and Fix the Runaway Climate Change Emergency?

Last Updated 2.18.24. This is the new Part 4 of the Job One Plan.


Our politicians and governments have been paralyzed and made ineffective by a decades-long, multibillion-dollar, highly sophisticated global climate change disinformation program designed and paid for by the global fossil fuel cartel. If you have not already read the detailed proof that this statement is not an exaggeration by any means, please do so here before reading the article below so that you have the correct perspective on who really is to blame for the climate change emergency we all now face.



The Job One for Humanity independent, non-profit climate change think tank has reviewed 60 years of the failed climate change remedial actions caused by the global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation campaigns and undue influence over our governments, the media, and the climate and environmental movements. This analysis has produced a "new" critical action strategy change that can still save humanity from accelerating climate change and mass extinction before it is too late.



To save humanity in time, our governments must enforce critical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions fully described here. But Our governments are not doing that because our compromised, cowardly, and disinformed politicians are not demanding the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction actions. We must get our politicians to demand and enact the required reductions. 

This means that:

1. Our politicians must learn the correct climate change facts, not the global fossil fuel cartel censored and distorted versions of climate facts fed to them, our government agencies, and the media. (Click here for a summary of what critical climate facts most politicians do not know.)

2. Our politicians must be warned about the rising tide of thousands of lawsuits being filed against the global fossil fuel cartel. These lawsuits concern the cartel's products causing worldwide consequences and damages related to climate change. These lawsuits are prosecuting the cartel's disinformation and undue influence programs on politicians to prevent passing effective laws that would enforce meaningful reductions in global fossil fuel use. Their disinformation programs have prevented the public from understanding the real climate change threat. 

These politicians must be warned that they will soon be on the wrong side of history. They could have any past involvement in squashing legitimate fossil fuel use reductions exposed as more lawsuits are filed and more whistleblowers come forward to tell more of the hidden story. 

When you begin protesting politicians as described below, be sure also to warn them the tide is turning and not to be on the wrong side of the fossil fuel cartel's sinking ship. (if you haven't done so already, please read the three parts of the powerful Climate Justice Now program, which starts on this page. They will help you create many new ways to get the sinking ship message across to our politicians. As of 12.4.23, the Climate Justice Now program is our most recommended action to lower global fossil fuel use under current conditions.)

3. Our politicians must learn from and be forced by their citizens to immediately resolve Garret's Climate Change Dilemma, which has been hidden from them by the direct and indirect actions of the global fossil fuel cartel. (Click here to learn about the personally painful decision all politicians must now make to resolve Garret's Climate Change Dilemma and save at least half of humanity or less.)

Getting our politicians to face Garret's Climate Change Dilemma and then have the courage to do what needs to be done to resolve it, even though its resolution will crash the world economy and cause the deaths of billions by about 2050, is now the most important climate question and dilemma in human history. Garret's Climate Change Dilemma needs to be resolved because if our politicians do not face and resolve this dilemma, nearly all of humanity will perish by 2050-2070.

With the short time we have left to control our climate change futures, our analysis highlights that only by directly and continuously protesting of politicians wherever they go, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will we have any realistic hope of getting our politicians to get our governments to do what is required. (What is specifically required is that our governments must reduce global fossil fuel use to get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) 

You might be asking how we protest politicians 24 hours a day. Using the recommendations described below, you and your teams can do that and fix the climate change extinction emergency before it is too late.

Here are the sections in this article:

1. The World's History of Climate Change Remedial Failure

2. About the Accelerating Climate Change Extinction Emergency and the Short Time We Have Left to Save Much of Humanity. 

3. The Primary Strategy and Reason for Directly Protesting the World's Politicians

4. Critical Tips for Successfully Protesting Politicians

5. Ideas for Creative Politician Protest Posters

6. A Secondary Politician Protest Strategy for Using the Influence of Billionaires to Get Our Politicians to Act

7. Conclusion

8. Important Documentation and Potential Question Links


1. The World's History of Climate Change Remedial Failure

For over 60 years, our politicians and worldwide governments have utterly failed to manage fossil fuel-caused climate change, which could have prevented:

a. our rapidly rising global heating and,

b. mass human extinction occurring by about mid-century. 

In case you still believe your politicians and governments have been protecting you from the accelerating consequences of climate change, below is a shocking graph showing all of the three major fossil fuel-related, global heating-causing greenhouse gases, carbon (CO2), methane (CH4) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O) over the last 2,000 years. The best and most reliable way to determine the success or failure of our politicians (and government's) fossil fuel reduction programs is to measure the total amount of fossil fuel-burning byproducts (greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) over many decades.



The above exponentially accelerating graph proves that our politicians and governments have completely failed to fix the accelerating global warming emergency. This is brutally true over the last six decades when greenhouse gases have risen exponentially! Unfortunately, the very painful bill for this unconscionable long-term climate change failure is due.

Worse yet, over the last three decades, no United Nations, IPCC climate conference (including COP 27), no politician, no government action, and no mass educational movement by any climate or environmental group has also done anything even remotely successful to slow down the rapid increase of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

This exponential atmospheric carbon increase again signals the severity of this political failure and that our climate change emergency is worsening faster than ever. (See the non-existent atmospheric carbon-reducing results from all previous UN climate change conferences below.)



The above painful climate change graphs also mean that what is currently being done in the world's climate and environmental education and activist movements, and by independent climate activists to fix the climate change emergency, is also not working! Therefore, climate change educators and activists cannot keep using the same strategies again in 2023 and beyond and expect different results. 

The climate and environmental movements have to radically and immediately shift their tactics to whatever will work within the extremely short time we have left to slow runaway global heating, or we will not only face a mass and unavoidable extinction by mid-century, but we will also face near-total extinction by 2070-2089. (We only have from 2025 to 2031 (if we are fortunate) to make the correct required global fossil fuel reductions as described here.)

Our climate change think tank's analysis has produced a critical strategy update to save humanity from climate change extinction. Here are the two remaining and practical ways that could work to save humanity from near-total extinction in the little time we may have left to do so (2025-2031.)

One is direct, the other less direct but still potentially workable:

1. Engage in continuous, direct physical protest of our politicians everywhere they go until they act to fix the climate. Our politicians will need to create, vote in, and enforce all of the new climate laws required to successfully get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets needed to save us in time from near-total extinction. (Those laws and actions are described in links further down this page.)

2. Less directly, get to our politicians through educating and protesting (when needed) the world's billionaires, wealthiest individuals, and corporate executives. Get them to use their powerful influence on our politicians. (After you review this article, we have provided a link at the end with many tools and tips for individuals who can directly influence billionaires to convince politicians to act.)

If possible, do both for maximum effectiveness. We have so little time left before the climate goes out of our control. The true urgency of the accelerating climate change extinction emergency demands all climate and environmental organizations and activists abandon all previous failed strategies and adapt to the two new more-effective strategies (below.) This is the only way to protect our future and the future of generations X, Y, Z, and A. 

The article below also contains many detailed tools and tips for individuals who want to focus on item one above and immediately begin to directly influence their local, regional, state, and national politicians to act. At the bottom of this article, you will find information and a link to the second less direct strategy that also has a high probability of working in the time we have left to reach and influence our politicians.

At the end of this article is additional documentation links that will cover your critical questions about the strategies below. Please feel free to comment, criticize, and offer more effective strategy suggestions that could work to enact the global fossil fuel reduction requirements found on this page within the remaining 3 to maybe at best 8-year time window humanity has left to prevent a climate change-driven near-total to total extinction.


2. About the Accelerating Climate Change Extinction Emergency and the Short Time We Have Left to Save Much of Humanity.

It demands we focus only on effective climate change strategies. Here's Why!

We are in phase one of a runaway global heating extinction emergency and running out of time. Because we have squandered six decades in government ineffective actions, half of humanity will unavoidably die by mid-century. All we have left to do now is what is required to prevent a global heating-driven near-total extinction event!

If we are very fortunate, we have only 3-8 years (2025-2031) to maintain control of our global heating future and prevent the even worse near-total extinction. (If you still have doubts that this 3-8 year deadline is our last window of opportunity, click here.

In a genuine emergency, one has little time left to act and fix the crisis. Therefore, we must operate at levels of genuine urgency. 

This means direct, peaceful, and legal protests of our politicians commensurate in intensity with the climate change-driven extinction dangers we face. We do this to ensure that the climate change emergency and its many related consequences will be slowed and resolved before we enter the second phase of irreversible runaway global heating, also occurring sometime between 2025 and 2031 or shortly thereafter.

We can still prevent near-total human extinctionbut only if we act immediately and get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. If we act too late, there is no collective or individual escape for anyone, even for billionaires and the world's wealthiest individuals.


3. The Primary Strategy and Reason for Directly Protesting the World's Politicians

It is 90 seconds before midnight on humanity's climate change doomsday clock. No time is left for any indirect strategies to fix the climate emergency.

The reason is simple.

If we do not prevent humanity from crossing our last chance carbon 450 ppm threshold, not much of humanity will be alive by 2050-2070. Few of us will be left because we will trigger crossing so many additional climate change tipping points and feedbacks that we will enter Phase 2 of runaway global heating. Phase 2 will be irreversible for centuries to thousands of years.

If we enter Phase 2 of runaway global heating, global temperatures will continue to rise uncontrollably until most of humanity is dead. This mass die-off will then cause drastic reductions in our global fossil fuel use, and the Earth will recover in centuries to thousands of years. New technologies will not be able to save us from the mass human die-off because they would need to fully function at scale today to keep us from crossing the carbon 450 ppm threshold. 

Click here to see the extinction-accelerating Four Phases of runaway global heating.

Click here to see the radical global fossil fuel reductions we must implement today to prevent crossing the atmospheric carbon 450 ppm threshold to mass extinction.



We certainly have no more time for strategies that produce only some detectable level of progress but will never get us to the climate change critical path survival deadlines we must meet to survive. 


Today, worldwide environmental and climate movements must face their collective climate change remedial failure over the past decades. While we still have a small window of time left to control our climate futures, these organizations must immediately refocus their efforts upon ONLY direct politician influence strategies that will:

a. directly reach our politicians on a real and personal level and 

b. get our politicians to enact and enforce the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before we are out of time. (Click here to see everything our politicians must do to get our governments to enforce the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions and get us close to them.)

There is no rational hope remaining that humanity can be protected from a climate change-driven extinction process unless we get our politicians to act on this immediately! If anyone tells you otherwise, they either do not understand climate change science or the current climate change condition, or they have some other hidden agenda or conflict of interest.

The two direct-action politician protest strategies discussed in this article offer a timely and workable new way forward. The two direct-action politician protest strategies are about you making your voice known directly to your local, regional, and national politicians.

Direct action is required because our politicians are the only ones who control our governments and who are:

a. either allowing global warming causing actions to continue or,

b. are NOT engaging in effective global warming remedial actions.

The world's politicians have not listened to many loud warnings of respected climate scientists and climate educators for over 60 years. At this point, they can no longer claim climate change ignorance when almost every day, they too see more severe, frequent, and larger-scale climate change catastrophes worldwide in their global newsfeeds.

Because of the scale and rapid approach of the accelerating climate change extinction danger, it is time to legally and directly protest to our politicians to protect the future of humanity and all living things. Nothing could be more effective in the time we have left than directly and continuously protesting, blaming, and shaming your politician's climate ignorance, inaction, or disclosed or undisclosed conflicts of interest.

To be successful, worldwide climate and environmental organizations (and individual climate activists) must do this creatively, wisely, and persistently. Organizations and individual climate activists worldwide must immediately begin peacefully protesting their local, regional, and national politicians at their offices, homes, country clubs, golf courses, laundry, favorite restaurants, gymnasiums, grocery stores, on their vacations, and wherever else they go. Protest them even when picking up their children from their schools. (Further down this article, we provide more specific protest tips and ideas for protesting success and protest signs.)

Do not be angry. Just be persistent, and create jaw-dropping protest signs. Be like Greta Thunberg, the humble teen who sat quietly day after day in the nordic cold near her school with her stop climate change protest signs. You need to make your creative climate protest signs tell the story of these politicians' unique ignorance, incompetence, or conflicts of interest on the greatest threat, global disrupter, and threat multiplier of the 21st century.

Make sure the world's politicians clearly understand the unthinkable snowballing effects of climate change's primary and secondary consequences. Make sure they know our accelerating climate change emergency is also the ultimate no-win, no-escape "game" for them, their children, their assets, and their legacies. 

Wherever these politicians go day or night, persistently, patiently, protest and publicly shame and blame them for their climate change political actions or inactions. Do this in front of their families, peers, friends, neighbors, business or service associates, strangers, and relatives. Do this without hesitation or relief until they finally get the message that if they do not act immediately to radically reduce local, state, national, and global fossil fuel use to get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, their inaction or actions that harm or delay fixing climate change will:

a. be the primary cause of the climate-driven eventual suffering and deaths of their loved ones --- not to mention most of the rest of the billions of members of humanity.

b. They will eventually be personally held legally, morally, and financially responsible for the climate change-related damages and deaths their inaction or ineffective action causes. They will be held personally liable because only their gross negligence and lack of proper due diligence in investigating the real dangers of the climate change emergency and its known primary and secondary consequences could reasonably EVER allow such an unconscionable cascade of harm to befall the public. 

c. They will eventually be voted out of office as their constituents experience evermore climate change consequences becoming more severe, frequent, and covering larger and larger areas. At some point in the not-too-distant future, their supporters will feel betrayed and angry that their politicians did not do their sworn political duty and fulfill their oaths concerning such well-documented and well-known climate change consequences and extinction risks. 

Make sure these politicians understand that you know that they are the only ones with the direct legal power to make our governments enact and enforce the necessary local, regional, national, and global fossil fuel reductions to reach the 2025 survival-critical targets in time to make any real difference and save us from going extinct. 

Our politicians must also be made to realize the painful truths that:

a. Their 60 years of inaction have already doomed half of humanity to unimaginable and unavoidable suffering and death by mid-century. 

b. They have no time left to delay any longer. They must pass laws to create immediate, effective action to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And,

c. If they fail to act immediately, they will also doom humanity to a climate change-driven, near-total extinction by 2070-2080 and possibly even total extinction (if they again do nothing or do "too little too late" actions once again.)

At some point, individuals who witness your continuous protests, whether they be peers, family, friends, neighbors, business or service associates, strangers, children, or relatives, will most likely begin to ask the politician being protested what is going on and why. Some individuals close to the daily lives of this politician already know the climate change emergency is real and has to be fixed immediately, or everyone is in dire peril, and most of us will die. 

Some individuals seeing your highly-public, never-ending shaming and blaming, will also join your efforts and begin to directly influence that politician to reconsider their positions on climate change and finally act to fix it before it is too late. Eventually, under continuous pressure, most politicians will change sides because of the accumulating personal and professional costs of not changing positions. Not supporting the required actions to save humanity from extinction at every level will simply become too much to bear. Eventually, these politicians will understand their own severe personal and political climate change risks because of your protest actions.

Do not underestimate the power of your continuous peaceful public shaming, blaming, and protesting in front of this politician and those closest to the politician's personal daily life. It is unfortunate that politicians who fail to face the climate change extinction emergency and its horrendous consequences leave us with no other effective remedial alternative in the short time we have left.

NEVER hesitate to publicly blame and shame any politician who has done their climate change homework so poorly that they also still believe the extensive fossil fuel industry-funded climate change disinformation and misinformation campaigns. These fossil fuel industry-funded disinformation and misinformation campaigns:

a. hide the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets,

b. promote ridiculous fossil fuel industry profit-friendly, "business as usual" climate change "solutions" and,

c. grossly distort the real timeframes and deadlines for climate change's worst consequences.

Likewise, never hesitate to publicly blame and shame any politician who is simply incompetent or has any hidden or disclosed conflicts of interest preventing or keeping them from passing the correct, honest climate change legislation that will save the lives of billions of people. There is no time left to put up with political incompetency or conflicts of interest.

Yes, we know this is a BIG ask of you to work together in teams to protest your politicians immediately, but what is the alternative? How else will our politicians ever do the right thing to save the many beautiful creations of our civilization and much of our planet's life? Isn't it worth the effort and sacrifice of doing this now rather than suffering slowly until most of us are dead simply because we are too distracted or too busy and miss our last opportunity to act? 




4. Critical Tips for Successfully Protesting Politicians

Here are critical tips for how to directly and effectively protest politicians:

1. Treat yourself as the bonified climate activist and climate change leader you have been waiting for!

Unfortunately, the foremost climate leaders of the past are mostly burned out, retired, have been compromised by fossil fuel money, or have lost their way and are pushing indirect or ill-informed climate remedial strategies that have no hope of preventing the near-total extinction of humanity in the little time we have left to do so. 

Even if you are not affiliated with any climate or environmental educational organization, you still must act independently to protest politicians not protecting you from imminent climate change catastrophe. Self-organize your protest actions and gather local friends to help support your protests. Divide the protesting work so the politician always faces continuous protests. 

Remember that "you never need anyone else's permission to do good work in the world." So please do not wait for any other person or organization to start protesting in your area. Get started now, or it will be too late for us all.

If you are in generations X, Y, or Z, unfortunately, the protest burden is even heavier on you to start protesting immediately. Let's face the painful generational climate change facts. Older generations and the baby boomers have done little and are still doing little. 

Generations X, Y, or Z, along with generation A (those born from 2010-2025), will suffer the longest and most, financially and physically, before the climate change emergency eventually kills most of them off. Never forget that the younger generations directly and relentlessly protesting your politicians are humanity's and your last practical hope for survival and the future.

If generations X, Y, and Z do not come together and protest against their local, regional, and especially national politicians, there will not be enough global pressure on the world's politicians to succeed. As a result, we will not be able to compel our politicians to take the required remedial climate change actions and make the necessary global fossil fuel reductions in time to save us from a climate change-driven near-total extinction to total extinction process. 



With or without the support of existing local, regional, or national climate or environmental education organizations, all generation X, Y, or Z members must self-organize these politician protests, create the meetups, newsgroups, and other needed support groups that will keep them going until their politicians change their climate positions and actions. The climate change fate for the future of humanity now squarely rests upon the shoulders of generations X, Y, and Z doing everything legally allowable to ensure their politicians act in time.



2. Before publicly criticizing, shaming, or blaming any politician, always get them and their staff the most up-to-date educational materials on the runaway global heating extinction emergency (like those found on the JobOneforHumanity.org website.)

Give them one last "benefit of the doubt" and a chance to learn what you already know even though, as responsible politicians, they should have researched and known this climate change information decades ago. 

Be aware that many politicians already know the truth about how bad the climate change extinction emergency actually is. They have a high enough security clearance to have been briefed by their national intelligence agencies about the coming global climate change nightmare.

Surprisingly, they still do not act to effectively stop it. This inaction is partly because they misinterpret the public's will, and the politicians fear losing their well-paying positions and pensions more than all else. (For more on this political reason why properly climate-informed politicians still do not act, see the political theory of the Overton Window.) 

Furthermore, many politicians, even those who appear to be in favor of reducing global fossil fuel use, have been deceived about our current climate change condition and its legitimate solutions by the well-financed misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the global fossil fuel industry. The comprehensive and decades-long misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the 28 trillion dollars a year global fossil fuel industry have not just blinded our politicians.

They have also adversely affected the media's coverage of the rapidly rising climate change threats. Worse yet, the lobbyists of the fossil fuel industry have also polluted and corrupted the accuracy of the United Nations' periodic climate change summary reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was once widely believed to be the world's leading authority on climate change and an "honest broker" of climate science. Unfortunately, it has also become another co-opted tool for fossil fuel industry climate disinformation and misinformation. (Please click here to learn more about why the IPCC's climate change summary reports can no longer be trusted. Be sure also to read the enlightening sub-menu links off the main link.)  

After the politicians and their staffs have been provided current climate change information, the correct fossil fuel reduction targets, and other accurate climate solution information (like found on the JobOneforHumanity.org website) and they still do not stop their actions or inaction harmful to resolving the climate change extinction emergency or they continue to support incorrect "too little too late" fossil fuel industry-friendly fossil fuel reduction targets, then persistently begin to criticize, shame and blame them publicly. 

At the same time or when appropriate, also make it widely known to the media that you did provide that politician and their staff with the correct climate change fossil fuel reduction targets, solutions, and consequence deadlines. This extra educational step will strengthen your public protesting position because the politician and their staff will no longer be able to publicly claim ignorance of the climate change emergency. You will also be viewed as fair-handed when you educate first and then criticize, blame, and shame these politicians for their continuing ignorance, incompetence, or conflicts of interest. 

3. When you protest against any politician, always notify the appropriate local, regional, and national media when and where you will be protesting that politician.

Trust that the media will give your clever, continuous, and highly controversial (in their eyes) politician protests lots of repeated coverage as you evolve and refine your protests.

The media knows politicians are some of the least-trusted and most disliked individuals on earth. They also understand that the media-viewing public will be enthralled by how these politicians cannot escape your continuous, peaceful, and creative protesting wherever they go. 

The media-viewing public will also marvel at watching how, one by one, these ignorant, incompetent, or conflict-of-interest-ridden remaining politicians will eventually take new climate change-resolution favorable actions. (These new positions will lead them to vote for everything our governments must do to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before it is too late. To see all that our government must now do because of their 60 years of climate change inaction, click here.)

When in front of the media, be sure to have your politicians asked what they have learned from and what they will do about the escalating nightmare of Garett's Climate Change Dilemma.

4. Never forget that we are all compelled to peacefully protest our politicians at this difficult, almost too-late point.

We protest now also because:

a. our last remaining action window of opportunity is so small (we have only until 2025 to 2031 to prevent a near-total extinction event from occurring around 2070-2080.)

b. we are just about to enter the beginning of a second, soon-to-be irreversible phase of runaway global heating. 

We must also become protestors of every politician who diminishes or unintentionally or intentionally presents climate change illusions or false, misleading, or significantly underestimated climate change information about the real dangers and deadlines of the climate extinction emergency we all now face. 

Do this because any politician presenting climate illusions, delusions, false, misleading, diminishing, or significantly underestimated climate change information about the facts, dangers, and deadlines of our climate change extinction emergency is actively and consciously hiding the real climate change risks and urgency of this emergency from society. Today's politicians are doing this in many ways:

a. by making society think that the nation and the world is making the correct fossil fuel reduction deadlines and the required progress to avert climate change catastrophe and mass extinction when we are clearly not making progress. Or,

b. by making society think that the climate emergency is currently being correctly solved when that is also grossly false.

Both assumptions are dangerous and incorrect because, when they occur, society thinks things are safe or that adequate climate change progress is being made. Then society does not feel the appropriate urgency and does little to demand its politicians resolve the emergency. 

Politicians that intentionally or unintentionally create illusions about current climate change reduction progress or the correct fossil fuel targets and deadlines we now must meet are the most dangerous! Because of those climate change illusions, a nation, group, or individual believing those illusions may even try to solve the wrong problem or enact the wrong solutions without ever realizing they are on the wrong course. 

5. For 60 years, our politicians and governments have allowed the primary and secondary climate change consequences to escalate to the point where these consequences have or will soon reach the level where the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century is all but unavoidable. 

That inaction on a known emergency is a moral and human evil far beyond mere climate change ignorance or incompetence. 

An even worse human evil is for our politicians and governments to continue to fail to resolve the climate change extinction emergency, subjecting billions of individuals to near-total extinction and possibly total extinction.

This is not only a genocidal evil for humanity but also a biocidal evil that will kill off much of earth's biological life. Worse yet, many politicians and individuals high in government positions believe that no matter what happens to the rest of us, somehow their privileged position will protect them, their families, and their assets from the whirlwind of climate chaos that is coming.

This despicable and climate-consequence irrational belief is also a great moral evil because current politicians are not more worthy of survival than any other citizen, particularly when they were the individuals who could've averted the very emergency causing the mass extinction and chaos. Because of this unprecedented and historic threat to human existence and biological life and ultimate evil, do not hesitate to publicly call out politicians at every opportunity for allowing this unconscionable ultimate evil to continue to unfold. 

6. Never forget that if these politicians do not do their sworn duty to protect us from widely-known and severe climate change harms, the suffering, financial loss, and death that they will cause to billions of people worldwide will eventually force any angry survivors to put them on trial.

They will be put on trial for their omissions or other actions that created or contributed to what will eventually be the largest human extermination in history and the destruction of biological life.

These traumatized and wildly angry survivors will quickly convict these politicians of crimes against humanity, biological life, and crimes against future generations. Once convicted they will send them to a hard labor prison for the rest of their lives.

In addition, all these politicians' assets, trusts, foundations, and businesses will also be seized and given to their victims. Today's calcitrant politicians who fall into this climate change dead-ender category will become infamous in history and pariahs while alive.


















7. Always prioritize which politicians to protest first by which ones are doing the most climate harm.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that the fossil fuel industry lobbyist disinformation and misinformation has so thoroughly duped so many non-high-security clearance politicians. On the other hand, do not neglect to protest any politician still forwarding "feel good," or "too little, far too late" ineffective climate change programs like the Green New Deal.

8. When any politician, organization, or individual is endangering the lives of billions of people because of their climate change ignorance, incompetence, cowardice, or self-serving conflicts of interest, it creates an obligation in those who know about this to protest and act to prevent a crime against humanity of such unprecedented magnitude. 

An example will illustrate how different levels of threat scale and severity will make some public protest actions obligatory. For instance, if an unjust war using conventional weapons will break out between two small regional countries and cause many people to die, and you knew about it ahead of time, this would call for necessary public protests. But, if you knew that a global thermonuclear war would likely soon occur between these two nations and would escalate to kill almost all of humanity, you would then be morally and legally obliged to publicly protest and do everything you could to the best of your abilities to make known and prevent such an irreversible catastrophe from occurring. 

Climate protest and activism become obligatory when the known scale of probable climate change damage and consequences is so large and severe that one must protest those activities once they are understood. Hopefully, this helps you understand why the scale and severity of damage determine the difference between what is necessary and what is obligatory. You should also now understand why the climate change extinction emergency and anything that speeds it up or prevents us from seeing it honestly or resolving it requires the obligatory public protesting of our politicians until they fix this nightmare.

9. Don't get yourself arrested.

Instead, do your protests legally in every way you can. Getting arrested may draw media, but for most viewers, it does not create a favorable impression or education on the critical protest issues.

Getting arrested also takes you off the protest lines. It will take a lot of people to track and protest everywhere that politician goes 24 x 7, always covering entrances and exits. 

10. Because of our time-limited current climate change emergency, climate change activists publicly shame, blame, and protest every politician who supports or allows the fossil fuel industry's highly profitable "business as usual" disinformation and misinformation operations and tactics now being used to stop us from effective action.

Wherever these protests occur, sometimes climate protestors will unintentionally create discomfort, disruption, or inconvenience for others not directly involved in the protest action or benefiting from the fossil fuel industry polluting our atmosphere and killing the future of humanity. 

Unfortunately, these unintentional smaller-scale discomforts, disruptions, and inconveniences may be unavoidable. Therefore, you will need to accept that some unintended side effects will occasionally occur at your protests. 

The minor distress, disruption, or inconvenience that others may go through when viewing or passing by your protests against resistant politicians is insignificant compared to the financial and physical suffering and death these passing viewers and billions of others will suffer later if the politicians do not act and the fossil fuel industry is allowed to continue with "business as usual."  

Be sure you let the know about the rising tide of lawsuits against the cartel for climate change damages and that the cartel is a sinking ship!

11. We therefore also strongly recommend you do your public shaming and blaming politician protests in a way that does not disrupt the usual daily activities of regular citizens passing through the protest just trying to get to their jobs, homes, etc.

There are several good reasons for this "do not disrupt" the activities of regular citizens' guidance:

1. Normal citizens almost always have no direct influence over the politicians they may see you protesting.

2. It often only makes some of them very mad at you because they do not understand the urgency of the climate change emergency.

3. Public disruption was an older, ineffective, and indirect climate protest strategy that will yield more problems than it is worth, particularly when we have so little time left for effective, direct protest actions.

So please plan your protests not to disrupt anyone who is not directly working for, serving, associating with, or directly knows and could influence this politician.  

12. When a politician redeems themselves and starts taking real climate change remedial actions that will save the other half of humanity, ensure they get lots of media recognition and attention for their new actions.

13. There is no longer enough time to continue using any type of indirect climate change protests, such as generalized mass protests or walking the streets, to get politicians and governments to enforce the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

In the little time we have left, our protesting must be wholly focused upon those with the political power to get our governments to do what is necessary. 

Protesters can no longer try to lead the climate change emergency "dog" by "wagging" the dog's tail or targeting its hindquarters. Instead, protesters must go directly at the "head" of the climate change emergency "dog" and, from there, direct it to where it must go. (Please see this link for more about the history of the failures of generalized mass protests and why they are now ineffective for the current climate emergency.)

14. To be a successful protestor, it is also critical to understand the difference between prioritized, effective climate change remedial actions that meet the critical extinction prevention deadlines and merely some level of climate change remedial progress. 

Many good things are being done by climate and environmental groups worldwide that can and should be honored as incremental climate change progress.

Unfortunately, we have so little time left to save ourselves from near-total extinction; we must now focus only on those prioritized, effective climate change remedial actions that will successfully get what is required done and meet critical extinction-prevention deadlines. As you would suspect, effective, correctly prioritized climate change remedial actions and deadlines are also the most difficult to complete and meet.

To create a prioritized climate change remedial action plan, one must first know the most critical climate change deadlines and where the climate change emergency goes beyond humanity's meaningful control. Unfortunately, many climate activists and climate and environmental organizations still do not know where these critical survival deadlines are. 

Consequently, they develop climate change remedial programs and actions that do not fit the true urgency for the survival-critical deadlines of this extinction emergency. Fortunately, the correct survival-critical climate change deadlines are known and available here. This means everyone can quickly correct this major barrier to climate change remedial success. (Please see the following information for the correct survival-critical climate change deadlines.)

If climate and environmental organizations do not shift their climate tactics away from the many feel-good, off-critical path actions that do produce some level of discernable climate change remedial progress, which will not save humanity us in time, we are in very deep climate trouble. Therefore, if you see any climate and environmental organizations or climate activists focusing on executing feel-good, off-critical path climate change progress, or minor climate progress steps, it is necessary to quickly educate them about their "too little, far too late" climate change activities. Of course, this applies even more so to politicians pushing incremental or gradual progress, but not the real critical path, deadline-driven actions that will prevent humanity's near-total to total extinction.

With so little time remaining (2025-2031,) we do not have the luxury to soothe or delude ourselves with bits "feel good" off-deadline and off-critical path mere climate "progress." Instead, we must focus entirely on the effective prioritized, deadline-driven actions that can and will save as much of humanity as possible.

Do not be shocked or surprised if big environmental and climate groups do not adopt these direct politician protest recommendations for our last chance to turn the climate change "titanic" away from our mass extinction "iceberg." Many of these groups have been taken over by "dummy it down and don't upset or hard challenge the donors" marketing teams, or they have been co-opted at the board level by very large donations from fossil fuel-related industries. Do not let this stop you from acting independently and forming your Greta Thunberg-like direct action groups.

15. Do not protest politicians in front of their children under 13 unless it is evident that the politician is intentionally using their under 13 children to shield themselves from your continual protests.

Children under 13 deserve to have a child's future and not be confronted with such a severe and mature adult matter.

16. If you run into long-term, continually resistant politicians, as a last and indirect protest to their failed climate change policies, consider replacing them through the election process with yourself or someone like yourself. 

But, never rely on this "vote them out" for their policies as an essential or direct climate strategy because it will usually take far too long to replace this politician with little time we have left. 

17. Your knowledge of the above critical climate change issues and deadlines and the direct climate change politician protest strategy implies an obligation for YOU to take personal responsibility for helping to distribute the link to this article to:

a. The senior management of global environmental groups like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Earth Island Institute, Rainforest Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Global Footprint Network, and the World Wildlife Fund.

b. The senior management of worldwide climate change groups like Greta Thunberg's groups, Extinction Rebellion, 350.org, Climate Foundation, Climate Reality Project, Fridays for the future, and the Sunrise Movement.

c. Independent climate activists, 

d. All internet climate change newsgroups worldwide, like Facebook, Reddit, and Google Groups. And,  

e. Your networks of friends and associates so they too can get active to help reverse the climate change extinction emergency.

Please copy this document and translate it as needed. We are a small climate change think tank, and we do not have the vast networks or connections required to get this critical information widely distributed in the little time we have left.

18. The strategy discussed above will work if these direct politician protests:

a. get the correct climate change emergency facts to the politicians (and their staff.) Then creatively and continually push them to understand these uncensored and non-politized facts. 

At some point, you will get the politicians to stop believing climate change information coming from fossil fuel disinformation campaigns and well-financed fossil fuel industry lobbyists (who are also making sure these politicians' reelection campaigns are well-funded by the fossil fuel industry.) 

b. are constantly in the politician's faces 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where they go or what they do.

c. are creative and draw in regular media coverage with their cleverness and the power of the climate political inaction controversy.

d. are adaptive and evolve continually as the politician and his team try to avoid your protests. Think of it as a chess match and a game you must win!



e. are worldwide.

f. encourage many new individuals to come out and begin new and creative direct protests. Ideally, these direct politician protests would evolve into a worldwide friendly competition between all politician protestors. On the internet, they would compete (and share) who has come up with the most effective protests, best protest signs, most and best media coverage, and who had created the most politicians changing their positions or beginning to do what is required to save us as described on this page.

Never doubt that the greatest majority of politicians (and their staff) will eventually read uncensored climate facts and change their positions mainly and first to save themselves in their families. But wouldn't you do the same if you knew what was coming in the next wave of accelerating primary and secondary climate change consequences and how little time is left before the worst of them arrive?

The only remaining question is, will enough individuals and organizations worldwide use the above strategy in time to get our politicians to prevent accelerating climate change from reaching the second phase of irreversible runaway global heating sometime between 2025-2038?



5. Ideas for Creative Politician Protest Posters

Be creative. Be bluntly honest.

Make your signs illuminate shame and blame upon the politicians for their climate ignorance, incompetence, selfishness, or the pure evil of their hidden conflicts of interest. Make signs that make the people who know, serve, work for, are associated with, are closest to, or regularly see this politician question what kind of human being and politician this person really is.

Questions on signs are powerful. Publicly questioning a politician's competency, issue ignorance, or hidden conflicts of interest is very difficult for the politician to ignore. 

Be the next Greta Thunberg. Be patient, persistent, and peaceful. Create attention-grabbing protest signs for those who will witness them and, more importantly, for media coverage. Wear costumes or make the protest an art or street theater project if you think it will improve your influence with the politician and get more media coverage.

Never forget that the media loves a creative show and especially loves controversy surrounding politicians' ignorance, incompetence, or hidden conflicts of interest. Remember, politicians are among the least respected and least liked individuals of all professions. Media audiences absolutely love to watch unethical, incompetent, or ignorant politicians fall from grace.

Make powerful signs like:

a. Your climate change action has already condemned about half of humanity to death by mid-century. 

b. We are out of time; if you (politician's name) do not act on climate change today, humanity will experience near-total extinction by 2070-2080.

c. (Politician's name), you WILL be personally held legally, morally, and financially responsible for your gross negligence and lack of proper due diligence for failing to prevent the climate change extinction emergency.

d. (Politician's name) Are you ignorant, incompetent, or have hidden conflicts of interest regarding the climate change extinction emergency?

e. (Politician's name), your climate change ignorance, incompetence, or hidden conflicts of interest will eventually cause the suffering and deaths of your own children and relatives if you do not act now.

f. Politicians like (politician's name) have failed to protect us for 60 years from the known dangers of the accelerating climate change extinction emergency.

g. You (politician's name) will be held personally responsible for killing off more than half of humanity if you do not act now. 

h. You (politician's name) will be held personally responsible for failing to prevent the costs of climate change bringing chaos and collapse to our economic systems. 

i. You (politician's name) are destroying the stability and future of our nation because of your climate ignorance, incompetence, or hidden conflicts of interest.

j. You (politician's name) are killing the world's children and future generations because of your climate ignorance, incompetence, or hidden conflicts of interest.

k. Your (politician's name) climate change action delays have condemned half of humanity to death by 2050. That is pure and ultimate EVIL.

L. How will (politician's name) prepare the world for the billions of climate migrants, financial collapses, and climate wars due to your climate change inaction?

m. Why do you (politician's name) falsely believe that your privileged position will protect your family and assets from the coming climate chaos and catastrophes?

n. (Politician's name) your climate change inaction and incompetency will destroy the wealth of our nation and the world. 

o. (Politician's name) it is pure and ultimate evil to kill billions of people by failing to act to stop accelerating climate change.

p. (Politician's name) allowing a climate change-driven mass human extinction is nearly the same as causing it.

q. (Politician's name) allowing a massive climate change-driven human extinction is a crime against humanity and future generations.

r. (Politician's name) you will be convicted for crimes against humanity and crimes against future generations for your climate change legislative omissions and incompetence.

s. (Politician's name) to not fix the climate change extinction emergency is pure and ultimate evil.

If you are not already a member of a climate or environmental organization, recruit or find a group of similarly committed local individuals to help ensure that no matter where this politician goes day or night, no matter what they do, there is always one or more protestors with powerful, clever, and creative protest signs blaming, shaming or telling them about humanity's climate change extinction emergencys' painful facts. 

Be sure your protest team always covers all entrances and exits so the politician cannot escape your protests.

Here are some additional tools:

Click here for a climate change activist handout to stimulate more protest sign ideas and to get politicians thinking about the climate emergency in surprising new ways. 

You can make a powerful politician (and their staff) climate educational handout from the many climate change consequence predictions for the current year and the coming years found on this page.

Use this page for more facts and ideas for your protest signs.


6. An Additional Politician Protest Strategy for Using the Current Influence of Billionaires to Get Our Politicians to Act



In addition to direct individual or organizational politician protest, we also need to simultaneously near-directly influence our politicians through engaging (or protesting as required) the billionaires, the world's 1% wealthiest individuals, and wealthy corporate executives to get them to use their powerful influence directly on our politicians.

To do this, we must also convince the world's wealthiest individuals what will happen to them, their families, and their legacies if we do not come close to the 2025 targets. 

To do this, we also have to make sure the world's wealthiest individual and corporate executives clearly understand the unthinkable, climate change primary and secondary consequences, and how the climate change extinction emergency is the ultimate no-win/no-escape game for them and their assets. If we also reach the politicians through that 1% of ultra-wealthy individuals and executives that currently directly influence or control them with the climate change extinction no-win/no-escape message, we greatly expand our chances to be successful in time to save much of humanity! 

In your pan and where you can always also protest the world's wealthiest individuals. Demand they do their civic climate change duty using the same protest tactics as those listed above whenever required.

 Click here for all the details for effectively protesting the world's wealthiest individuals.

How to get the best results getting politicians to act

To help get this most critical part of the Job One for Humanity Plan done, we offer the following essential tips:

Step 1: Email us at ([email protected]) if you have any questions or suggestions relating to this part of the Job One Plan or you feel stuck. We will get back to you in three business days or less. Ongoing email support is critical if you want the best chance of success. Extensive research has shown that having support for completing a task can be up to 90% of the reason that task was completed successfully. 

Step 2: Join one of our eco-communities or create your own local eco-community dedicated to getting our politicians to get governments to act on the emergency preparation, adaptation and climate change solution actions discussed above and on our website. Click here to learn all about these supportive new eco-communities.


7. Conclusion

No one, whether a politician, government, or a "well-intended" organization or individual, EVER has the right to directly endanger the lives of billions of people because of their climate change ignorance, incompetence, or self-serving conflicts of interest. Laws will be changed in the future. Grossly negligent politicians who failed to do proper climate change due diligence will be prosecuted in the future post-climate change catastrophe for their crimes against humanity, all biological life, and their crimes against future generations. Politicians will finally be personally held responsible for their climate change omissions, incompetence, conflicts of interest, and commissions which allowed the many climate change-driven horrors to occur.

There is no time left for any indirect methods for getting the climate change extinction emergency under control that do not meet these critical deadlines. Global climate protests must now focus on ONLY actions that directly confront our politicians.

The $28 trillion dollar-a-year fossil fuel industry has the world's highest-paid, most competent lobbyists. But these lobbyists are few, and we are many. 

From this day forward, consider yourself a climate activist/lobbyist working for the benefit of humanity, being paid the greatest treasure anyone could ever be paid. Your pay and reward will be a healthy and long life and a future free from extreme suffering, unbearable financial loss, and the death of almost everyone and everything you know and love. 

Do not let the greatest disruptor, threat multiplier, and amplifier of the 21st century, the accelerating climate change extinction emergency go out of the tiny remaining window of our meaningful control. 

Climate is the ultimate personal context. It conditions in qualifies all things taking place within it.

If your local and regional climate gets worse and fully destabilizes, so too will go the stability of your lives, businesses, and future. Unfortunately, sixty years of climate inaction and ineffective actions by our politicians and governments have already condemned humanity to an unavoidable extinction of about half of us by mid-century.

Please do your part and do not let insufficient protesting of our worldwide politicians allow a still avoidable near-total (or even total) human extinction to occur by about 2070-2080 because of our rapidly accelerating primary and secondary climate change-driven consequences.

Never forget that:

a. We still have a small amount of time and a narrowing window of opportunity to reduce the suffering and literally save the lives of billions of people who can still be saved. And,

b. In fixing our climate change extinction emergency, we will experience many benefits and opportunities that will equal or become greater than the many challenges we now all face. Moreover, once we have fixed the climate change extinction emergency, there is also the possibility of a great global rebirth and a new golden age.

We are doomed collectively, if we fail to get our worldwide politicians to understand the climate change extinction danger and that they and their families are also doomed by the accelerating climate change consequences. They also need to understand that no one will get a "climate change catastrophe pass" because of their position, wealth, or even their extensive emergency preparations. 

If we do not enact the above-mentioned actions to get our politicians to act, we may also soon discover that it is time to start our end-of-life bucket lists and get them done before the worst climate change consequences take over our daily lives.

Everything in the article above boils down to one simple thing.

All generations must immediately begin directly protesting their politicians until they act on the climate change extinction emergency. It is also the only way to keep yourself and your children alive as long as possible and not suffer the many unbearable climate change consequences described on this page.

Never forget YOU are the leader you have been waiting for. 

YOU are the Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi knight you have been looking to follow.

If you do not act and do your part on this issue NOW, the unimaginable suffering and excruciating deaths of billions of people who could have been saved will become greater than ALL the suffering and death that has occurred in ALL of the wars and conflicts in human history.

Now that you know about this article and its survival-critical contents, the article's distribution and implementation responsibilities are fully transferred to you, the reader. Please immediately distribute this article link and updated politician protest strategy worldwide and then get protesting.

In addition to the above, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Climate Justice NOW program, which helps the victims of climate change consequences get financial restitution. Obtaining legal restitution is another powerful way to make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for the damages it has caused worldwide and to inhibit its future ability to harm millions more people with the toxic atmosphere-polluting poison from its products. Click here for our Climate Justice Now program. 


8. Important Documentation and Potential Question Links

Here is additional information to answer the most common questions asked about the nature of the climate change extinction emergency, critical remedial deadlines, solutions, and why we need the politician protest policy described above:

1. Click here for why we only have three to, at best, eight years left (2025-2031) to make critical global fossil fuel reductions to prevent near-total extinction

2. Click here for why the 60 years of politician and government climate change inaction has produced many unavoidable climate consequences that condemn about half of humanity to near-certain death by about mid-century.

3. Click here if you do not believe that it is possible that half of humanity will be dead by mid-century or that near-total extinction by around 2070 - 2080 is an exaggeration or not likely.

4. Click here for why total human extinction exclusively caused by climate change consequences, while possible if we do not act soon, is not likely. 

5. Click here to learn about the required and correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Fossil fuel industry disinformation programs have seeped into the media and our governments. They have people believing fossil fuel reduction targets that will eventually kill them and their children and destroy their businesses and futures.

6. Click here to read about the four extinction-triggering climate change tipping points and the five phases of runaway global warming, four of which are irreversible for centuries to millennia.

7. Here are the real and required climate change remedial actions that our politicians and governments must get done if any part of humanity is going to survive.

8. Click here to understand the many climate change-driven consequences and processes of mass, near-total, and total human extinction.

9. If you want to know even more about why we have only until 2025-2031 to make the life-critical global fossil fuel reductions, and also learn about the climate system's many inertia and momentum factors here.

10. Is it true that our politicians and governments have completely failed to manage the climate change extinction emergency for over 60 years? Click here and decide for yourself.

11. Click here for the many benefits and new opportunities fixing climate change will provide. Is the most red page on our website. 

13. Please see this page for our regularly updated summary of today's current climate change condition.

14. For additional analysis of other climate change protest strategies used by environmental and climate education organizations worldwide that will not work on time, click here

15. Please see this article for other ineffective "too little too late" ways to protest politicians and get them to act.

16. This link will take you to over two dozen reasons relating to how challenging the climate change problem is to resolve, particularly if you do not have the world's politicians acting and enforcing the laws needed to fix it. 

17. The Job One for Humanity climate change think tank has adapted to the above-updated climate change strategy of the direct protest of worldwide politicians because it is indispensable and because:

a. We are in a global warming extinction emergency, and we will experience many unavoidable and severe global warming consequences

b. We most likely can not avoid the extinction of much of humanity by mid-century (because of our politicians and governments' decades of delays in acting to resolve this emergency.

18. To learn more about our independent, 100% publicly funded climate change think tank, click here.

19. To learn more about our analysis process and research materials, click here.

Other Helpful Information:

1. Click here for a new climate change activist handout to stimulate more protest ideas and get your politicians thinking about the climate change extinction emergency in surprising ways.

2. You can make a powerful politician (and their staff) climate educational handouts from the many climate change consequence predictions for the current year and the coming years found on this page.

3. Here is an illustration of key climate tipping points and feedback loops driving the climate change extinction-driving processes and consequences.


4. Even near-total extinction is not the worst consequence humanity faces if we do not immediately reduce global fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets. If humanity does allow itself to get close to near-total extinction, within just a few decades after that, humanity will lose much of the knowledge and skills it will need to build and repair the machines that create our critical products and infrastructure.

It will also lose the knowledge and skills required to obtain the natural resources necessary to maintain daily life and even for alternative energy sources. Without these things, within just a few decades, humanity will rapidly enter into a painful new Dark Age of ignorance, chaos, and suffering that could last for centuries.

Please Do Not Forget When Distributing and Sharing This Article

Your knowledge of the above critical climate change issues and deadlines and the direct climate change politician protest strategy implies an obligation for YOU to take personal responsibility for helping to distribute the link to this article. Please get it directly into the hands of the board members and executives of the following organizations.

Get the link to this article to:

a. The senior management of global environmental groups like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Earth Island Institute, Rainforest Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Global Footprint Network, and the World Wildlife Fund.

b. The senior management of worldwide climate change groups like Greta Thunberg's groups, Extinction Rebellion, 350.org, Climate Foundation, Climate Reality Project, Fridays for the future, and the Sunrise Movement.

c. Independent climate activists, 

d. All internet climate change newsgroups worldwide, like Facebook, Reddit, and Google Groups. And,  

e. Your networks of friends and associates so they too can get active to help reverse the climate change extinction emergency.

Please copy this document and translate it freely as needed. We are a small climate change think tank and do not have the networks or connections to get this information widely distributed in the little time we have left.

For answers to all of your questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


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    I have sent your article to my local weekly newspaper and to many of my friends as well as to the 200 people of my residence. This is what I said: I know that this is not uplifting, humorous, or something you like to read. However, I think that it is important for all of us, who have unthinkingly contributed to the predicament in which humankind now finds itself, to understand.

    As you know, I am very concerned about climate change. I believe that a series of extraordinary disasters will follow within the next decade if governments and financial leaders do not act immediately to stop the flow of CO2, methane, and Nitrous Oxide into the atmosphere. The post listed below describes the only remaining way that imminent physical disasters might be avoided.

    If our political and economic leaders fail us, massive ecological disruptions and the death of billions of people will occur within the lifetime of our grandchildren and their children. I do not think that I am overreacting. Instead, I am taking a realistic position of the predicament we have created through our personal inertia in living “the good life” and our leaders’ lack of awareness and inaction to address the natural, physical problems created by modern life.

    This is not an optimistic or hopeful view. It simply lays out the last available actions that might lessen the worst disasters caused by climate change. It does not address economic and political problems that will result from implementing the changes to prevent the physical disasters caused by atmospheric pollution. However, for billions of humans to survive the ways of nature (by stopping climate change), economic or political actions, (which are amenable to human, not natural, physical processes), must remain subordinate.

    I believe that this is post explains the necessity for everyone to take immediate action. The evidence presented in the article is, to me, overwhelming. I recommend it to you as the most important article that you can read.

    Written by Al Urquhart, Posted with his permission
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