The Sustainable Prosperity Manifesto: The New Good Life and Path to the Future

(To understand the urgency for applying the Sustainability Principles described below, we strongly recommend first reading about the coming global warming consequences and its related widespread collapse consequences. After you have finished the booklet below, click the following two links to review Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan, which will provide additional essential emergency preparation and survive and thrive adaptation steps for the new realities we all are now facing.)

We all wish for prosperity (abundance) and for it to go on as long as possible (sustainability). But in these uncertain times, of escalating climate change and global warming and the world's other major 11global challenges can we really count on having this?

As we move toward making homes and raising families, wouldn't it be nice to know that we, others, and our environment will continue to prosper in a sustainable way? Of course, we want that.

That's why one way or another we wish to transition toward a world that is built around the new ideas and strategies of Sustainable Prosperity.

The core concept of Sustainable Prosperity is that:

there is an intelligent way for everyone to have ample sufficiency as well as abundance (prosperity) in the vital and meaningful areas of life, and to have this prosperity sustainable over the long term.

This new Sustainable Prosperity has strategies and principles that support one person's prosperity contributing to another's without detracting from it.

This is the most basic idea of Sustainable Prosperity. There is much more to understand its principles and achieve its strategies as you will find out in the following pages of this online booklet.

The new Sustainable Prosperity principles can also:

a.) sustainably improve most areas of your life besides just physical prosperity.

b.) help us resolve the great adaptive challenge of escalating climate change and global warming and their consequent climate destabilization caused by fossil fuel burning. (Practicing the many action steps of Sustainable Prosperity can also do a lot to help us get close to meeting the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.)

c.) help us resolve many of our 11 other major global challenges facing humanity.

d.) help us also create new sustainable economics and a new sustainable consumer (prosumer), driven economy. (This would be to replace the current modern environment-destroying, "consume, waste and pollute" consumerism.) And,

e.) create hundreds of millions of well-paying new jobs as we transition from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution during the next 20 years.

At first, the idea of sustainable consumerism may seem like an oxymoron if you use only the definition of the word consumerism. But as you continue reading this online booklet, you will discover new definitions and meanings for both Sustainable Prosperity and sustainable consumerism (the new prosumerism), that will both make sense and open up amazing new opportunities for the quality of your life.

"The principles of Sustainable Prosperity are necessary evolutionary adaptations for our current economic, social, and political systems. These adaptations will help humanity both thrive and overcome the harsh realities of Earth's diminishing resources, as well as the challenges of supporting humanity's exponentially rising population. The new Sustainable Prosperity adaptations are critical to resolving climate change, global warming, and its consequent climate destabilization. These principles are derived from evolution's time-proven rules for sustaining success in an individual, group, or system. If humanity wishes to go on as a species, the collective principles and actions of Sustainable Prosperity will need to be embraced globally."

--Lawrence Wollersheim

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All 38 pages of the Sustainable Prosperity Booklet:

  1. The Sustainable Prosperity Revolution: The New Good Life, Hope for the Economy and the Future of Job Creation 

  2. An Overview of the Implications of the New Sustainable Prosperity

  3. Why the Sustainable Prosperity Revolution Now? The Full Sustainable Prosperity Definition

  4. How to Resolve the Next Great Global Jobs Crisis

  5. What are the Billions of Good Paying and Meaningful New Jobs of the Sustainable Prosperity, Sustainable Consumerism, and Sustainable Economy Revolution?

  6. Sustainable Prosperity and Financial Success, Maintaining the Essential Energy Balance

  7. How to Create a Sustainable Prosperity Lifestyle, Livelihood, and Global Society

  8. How to Use the Personal and Collective Action Steps of Sustainable Prosperity

  9. Live Within the Carrying Capacity of the Local, Regional and Global Ecosystems

  10. Recognize That All Physical Growth Contained on Earth has limits!

  11. Divest Out of Companies With Poor Environmental Records and Unsustainable Practices

  12. Reduce Your Personal, Your Business, and Your Nation's Eco-footprint

  13. Waste Nothing or Nearly Nothing!

  14. Learn the Difference Between What you Want and What you Really Need!

  15. Create Personal, Group, and System Reserves and Resilience

  16. Embrace the Sustainable Prosperity 5,000 Year Rule and the Reduce, Recycle and Reuse principles.

  17. If You Are of a Spiritual or Religious Nature, Use the Power of Your Faith to Help Make Sustainable Prosperity For All a Reality!

  18. Use Temporary Personal "Deep Divestment" Where Needed as a Stepping-Stone Solution to Our Currently Unsustainable Societies and Values

  19. Promote Sustainable Prosperity to Create More "Prosumers" and A Better World

  20. Begin Creating or Join a Supportive Microculture (communities of local communities) Dedicated to the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity

  21. Create Organic, Bottom-Up Democratic Self-Organizing Governance Within Sustainable Prosperity

  22. Align All of One's Individual and Group Actions With the Progressive Directionality of Universe Evolution

  23. Protect the Climate From Global Warming and Escalating Cataclysmic, Irreversible, and Extinction Level Climate Destabilization!

  24. Evolve Global International Laws, Courts, and Enforcement Mechanisms For Natural Resource Management

  25. Support and Create the New Third Industrial Energy Revolution of Green Energy From Non-Polluting, Renewable, and Near Inexhaustible Energy Sources

  26. Create and Demand a New Sustainable Manufacturing Culture

  27. Get Your Home and Business Converted Over To Green Energy Systems As Quickly As Possible!

  28. Divest Out of Companies With Poor Environmental Records and Unsustainable Practices

  29. Stop All Current Toxic and Dangerous Environment Polluting Practices

  30. Restore All Destroyed and Polluted Ecosystems Wherever Possible

  31. Protect, Steward, and Build Resilience Into the Natural Environment

  32. Use New Technologies to Help Create Affordable and Sustainable Abundance For All

  33. Ensure Justice For All. Justice is the Essential, but Often Invisible Structural Foundation For Holding or Expanding Sustainable Prosperity

  34. Ensure Women Play a Larger Role

  35. Who is Practicing Sustainable Prosperity Today?

  36. Conclusion: Becoming a Sustainable Prosperity Movement Evolutioneer

  37. A New Science-Grounded Worldview that Supports the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity

  38. Technical Notes on Where the Key Principles for Sustainable Prosperity Come From

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