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If you make a one-time single donation of $9.00, snd you also will get:

Five free amazing ebooks (a $42.00 value) as our thank-you gifts (described below.) And... 

1-year members-only access to the members-only area of our website which is loaded with member-only information that will help you prevent global warming financial and related losses. This critical information can also help save your family and business from untold suffering.

Becoming a Job One for Humanity annual member is easy

Become a member with either a one-time donation or a monthly donation. The suggested membership is only $9.00 per year as a one-time tax-deductible donation or just $2.00 a month if you become a monthly donor with a monthly tax-deductible donation.

We intentionally make our annual membership reasonable so everyone can join and access valuable climate change information.

1. To make a secure online one-time, membership donation of $9.00, please use the donation fill-in form at the bottom of this page. 

2. To make a secure, online monthly $2.00 membership donation, click here.

3. To make a membership donation by mail, make your check payable to Factnet, PMB 2167, 1650 S. Casino Dr. Laughlin, Nevada 89029 

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5. If you truly cannot afford our $9.00 a year membership: 

We feel that everyone should have access to this critical climate change and global warming information, not just the ultra-wealthy. If you cannot afford $9.00 a year or live at the poverty level or below in your region and nation, please make any donation you can afford or email us at [email protected] if you cannot afford any donation. Send us details, and we will get you a free scholar's membership paid for by other members. This scholarship award will give you full access to all of our members-only areas and all member benefits. 

Here are Critical Climate Change-Related Topics Covered in the Members-Only Section

It includes:

What are the most critical climate change consequence timeframes I will need to know to plan a safe future for myself, my family, and my business? 

What are the safest locations around the world?

Our checklists for wise climate-resilient home and land purchases in safe locations.

What are the seven new climate change rules for real estate buying, selling, and investment in the age of accelerating climate change? 

What are the financial loss timeframes and percentages for the coming local, state, national, and global financial losses due to accelerating climate change consequences?

Special Member Only Briefings and Warning Alerts On Major Climate Change Events and News? Click here. 

How will Climate Change Create Stock Market Opportunities and Massive Future Market Losses and Instabilities? (What stocks will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

How will Climate Change Cause Wild Fluctuations and Unpredictability in Future Commodity Prices? Click here. (What commodities will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

The predictions for how climate change will affect political conflict or instability probabilities, particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences. Learn how escalating climate change will steadily break down the strongest democracies, roll back existing human rights, and threaten worldwide political stability

How to get Full Financial Recovery From Climate Change Losses and damage? 

How do I get All of the Free Climate Change Related Ebooks available to all Members? Click here. 

What is the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and its Timetables for a Climate Change-Driven Global Collapse? Click here. 

And, there is much more in the section below!

Here are the climate change relocation, migration, and managed retreat-related topics in our members-only section

Hundreds of thousands of smart individuals are already relocating because of climate change. Here is the essential information you will need to do it without making serious location mistakes or wasting time and money.

It includes:

What is the most updated information about climate change migration, relocation, or managed retreat? 

How to Know Where and When to Migrate Because of Accelerating Global Warming and Climate Change? 

Before relocating, what must I know about climate change migration and relocation? 

What Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Evaluation Factors are the Most Important? 

What are the Climate Change Safer Zones Within the United States and Worldwide? 

Do you have a robust checklist for climate change safer, land and home purchasing, migration, relocation, or managed retreat? (This 6-page checklist will help keep you from making poor or inadequate land or home purchases that will not add to your climate safety and longevity.)

Why find, join, or create a ClimateSafe Village-like resilient eco-community to improve my long-term climate change "survive and thrive" possibilities significantly? Click here.

What are the worst migration challenges and difficult choices that I must face in a high-probability climate change-driven Great Global Collapse? Click here.

We continually update the members-only information as new climate change research arrives.

You also will get five free ebooks, a $42 value 

With your membership donation, you will also receive five free important ebooks with a $42.00 value! Click here for a description of each of the five free climate-related ebooks you will get with your donation!



You will also receive one year of online email support

This support is essential to help you prepare for the worsening global heating consequences. This online support will help you get through all parts of the Job One for Humanity Global Heating Resilience Plan. You also will be able to ask climate change plan questions and share your successes, knowledge, and experiences via this new online support system. 

Member Donation Receipt Information:

You will always receive either an emailed electronic or mailed tax-deductible donation receipt for your donation. The name “ Inc.” will show on the PayPal payment screen if you are using PayPal online or on the electronic record of your donation to Job One for Humanity. Job One for Humanity is a DBA and subsidiary of Factnet Inc., which since 1993 has been a recognized 501(c)(3) IRS nonprofit and social benefit organization. Factnet has received the highest possible nonprofit trust rating of Platinum Transparency from Guidestar/Candid. (GuideStar is an independent organization that examines and rates other nonprofit organizations' financial and administrative effectiveness and ethics in executing their missions.)

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