Get 2,000 Billionaires Pushing Politicians to Prevent Climate Change-Driven Human Extinction

Last updated 12.8.23. 

Because of our politicians and government's 60-year delay in taking any truly effective climate change action, there are two remaining and practical ways to save humanity from near-total extinction in the little time we may have left to do so (2025-2031.)

If possible, do both things below at the same time for maximum effectiveness with so little time left: 

1. Engage in continuous protest of our global politicians everywhere they go until they act as described on this page. Our politicians will need to create, vote in, and enforce all of the new laws required to successfully get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets needed to save us in time from near-total extinction. (Those laws and actions are described on this page.)

2. Directly influence our politicians through protesting billionaires and the world's 1% wealthiest individuals and corporate executives to get them to use their powerful influence on our politicians. To do this, we must convince the world's wealthiest individuals what will happen to them if we do not hit the 2025 targets. 

We have to make sure the world's wealthiest individuals, corporate executives, and politicians clearly understand the unthinkable, climate change primary and secondary consequences, and how the climate change emergency is the ultimate no-win/no-escape game for them, their children, their assets, and their legacies. If we reach the politicians (and those 1% wealthy individuals and executives that influence and control them) with the real no-win/no-escape message, we have an excellent chance to be successful! 

The article below contains many tools and tips for individuals who can directly influence the ultra-wealthy to convince their local, regional, and national politicians to act.


This page contains a program to educate billionaires, the 1%, and their critical advisors about how the accelerating climate change extinction emergency will adversely affect their life expectancy, assets, and legacies. In painful detail, it also covers what will happen to them if they foolishly continue to believe that their isolated secret security compounds will save them from the ravages of the accelerating climate nightmare that humanity has created for itself.

Over the last four decades, from the chart below, you can see that no national or global climate conference, government action, mass public protests, or educational movement by ANY climate or environmental groups have done anything genuinely effective to slow or stop the rapid increase of dangerous carbon in the atmosphere! In fact, truth be told, increased carbon in the atmosphere, which causes ever-rising global heating, has gone from rising at a gradual and linear rate to rising exponentially



Atmospheric carbon (CO2), as measured in parts per million (ppm), is the simple, best, and easiest way to tell if we are making real climate progress in reducing global fossil fuel use and if our current climate change reduction strategies are working. It is the best way to measure our climate management success because of the immutable laws of physics. These immutable laws dictate that if atmospheric carbon ppm continues to rise, the average global temperature will continue to rise as it has faithfully done since the fossil fuel-powered industrial revolution began. (Carbon was at about 270 ppm level before the Industrial Revolution. It had been at about the 270 ppm level for hundreds of thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution began in around 1770.)




As you can see from the charts above, the current exponential increase of carbon in our atmosphere (primarily from burning fossil fuels) signals the collective failure of 40 years of strategies to slow climate change and that the climate emergency is getting worse at an even faster rate! (See the steeper line slope in the charts above as they approach 2022.)  

The rising carbon ppm chart above painfully demonstrates that EVERYthing that is currently being done by the climate and environmental movements is not working enough to alter our dangerous climate change trajectory! Therefore, the climate and environmental movements must face the factual reality of their failure and radically shift tactics to something that will work with the very short time we have left to save ourselves (about 2025-2031.)

The carbon ppm graph below further highlights our collective atmospheric carbon management failure. It shows the steady rise in atmospheric carbon since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution when we started using fossil fuels intensely. Please also note that the average level of carbon in our atmosphere was around carbon 270 ppm for hundreds of thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution.

As hard as it is to digest, we have already squandered six decades in all kinds of ineffective and failed actions and strategies to reduce global fossil fuel use to the critical levels that will prevent near-total extinction. The only thing that will save us from near-total extinction now is simple. At this critical juncture, only radical, painful, and immediate global fossil fuel use reductions to get close to the 2025 global reduction targets can prevent our near-total extinction! 

No amount of desperate last-minute tree planting, bogus carbon capture schemes, carbon-sequestering, carbon trading, blocking a few fossil fuel pipelines, or other strategies or tactics other than this direct, immediate, and radical reduction of global fossil fuel use can scale up adequately and in time to save us with just the 3-9 years we still have left to prevent out-of-control runaway global heating.

Our four decades of fossil fuel reduction failures, denial, and inaction have already ensured half of humanity will die off by mid-century due to accelerating climate consequences and tipping points interacting, multiplying, and amplifying each other and our existing other global crises. 

We can no longer keep doing the same things repeatedly and expect a different result. (The working definition of insanity.) We can no longer soothe ourselves with bits and pieces of "feel good" media pumping progress when we need to be entirely focused on the remaining prioritized critical path actions that can and will save the rest of humanity from extinction in time!

With the minimal amount of time left to prevent our near-total extinction, we courageously have to ask ourselves:

1. What could or will work to get our politicians to make the global radical global fossil fuel cuts now needed? 

2. Next, we have to ask, who has the power or influence over our politicians to get to our politicians to push them to execute the necessary global fossil fuel reduction actions in time to save us from near-total extinction? 

The only individuals with that kind of immediate direct or indirect influence and power are the 1%, the world's wealthiest billionaires, and the CEOs of our mega-corporations. (There are only about 2,000 billionaires worldwide currently. But technically, there are a lot of other high net-worth individuals that we could also include who have hundreds of millions of dollars.)

However, this ultra-wealthy 1% definition also includes 1% of celebrities who also have unique national and international relationships of influence over politicians or the ability to influence mass public opinion.

Luckily, individuals or organizations with immediate direct or indirect influence on the 1% can be included in the lists of people we must reach with the information in this article to get to the 1%. Those individuals would consist of all types of financial and legal advisors to the 1%, such as investment bankers and banks, hedge funds, and the foundation and trust lawyers of the 1%. Also included would be the think tanks and risk assessment firms the 1% use and even children or relatives of the 1%. 

The next logical question is how do we get the self-absorbed, greedy, and highly self-interested 1% to want to influence the politicians they already directly or indirectly control? This 1% motivational action is more straightforward than one would think.

What do the 1% care about the most? There are three critical things:

  1. Expanding or preserving their comforts, advantages, and lives,
  2. Expanding or preserving their wealth,
  3. Expanding or preserving their reputations and legacies.

Of the three above, expanding or preserving their reputations and legacies may be one of the most important. The above list now means getting the world's politicians to execute the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets has become much more manageable. 

First, we convince the 1% that the runaway global warming extinction emergency is the ultimate no/win game for them, their assets, and their legacies--- no matter how much wealth they have! We need to powerfully convince them they will fully capture all of the same final climate consequences the poor will capture and that there is no "ultra-wealthy card" that will allow them to escape the coming pain and suffering. Then, if we are successful, their excessive greed and finely tuned self-preservation interests will kick in, and they will push our politicians to save themselves.

We also have to convince the 1% that stopping climate extinction is the only way their legacies will survive.

What makes things a bit easier is that we don't have to start from scratch to educate the 1% that runaway global heating will cause mass extinction by mid-century. The 1% already know this. The one percent's on-retainer risk analysis advisory firms have already briefed them.

They have already paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to top risk analysis firms to tell them they needed to buy land in global warming-safe areas and establish well-stocked, well-defended survival compounds to preserve their wealth and legacies from what is coming. The 1% has been secretly doing this bunker-building in the background for decades because they know exactly what's coming.

Knowing this, educating the 1% about the dangers of climate extinction will be easier. All we have to do now is convince them that they are not only facing a "possibly survivable" mass extinction. They are now facing near-total extinction. We need to help them realize the climate emergency is the ultimate no-win game, and if they use their influence to fix it, they too, secure their lives, assets, and legacies. 

As climate activists and as climate and environmental organizations, we finally have an opportunity also to stop trying to make a "dog's" wagging tail (bottom-up public actions) move the dog (our politicians.) Instead, we can and should go directly to the dog's master (the 1%) and get them to move the dog wherever the dog now needs to go.

The rest of this document will show you how to convince the 1% that no amount of wealth and power will save them from the whirlwind of death, chaos, and collapse that is coming if they do not use their power to protect all humanity.

It does not matter if you have direct connections to the 1% or no direct connections to them at all. Section 1 and Section 2 (linked at the bottom of this page) offer many powerful direct and indirect strategies for those having either a direct connection, an indirect connection, or no current connection of influence to the 1%. 

Everyone should read Section 1. However, if you do not have direct connections to the 1% (or connections to those that are directly connected to the 1%), then Section 2 is available to you, full of indirect action tactics to help get you into action. Engaging in the action steps of Sections 1 or 2 will also help lower your climate anxiety and upset!

"Once a certain number of key climate tipping points have been crossed, a process of collapsing global ecological, economic, social, and political systems cannot be stopped. This will result in the eventual extinction of humanity. Unfortunately, this climate tipping point fact is the most critical thing billionaires, the 1%, (and their high-priced advisors) least understand about the most dangerous outcome of climate change. 

Climate change cannot be stopped once key climate tipping points have been crossed because those tipping points trigger a climate tipping point falling domino effect. Moreover, this falling domino effect will cause even worse climate tipping points to be rapidly crossed. 

Billionaires and the 1% will lose ALL control of their futures when the immutable laws of physics and Mother Nature take over once the climate tipping point falling domino effect takes place. Billionaires and the 1 % currently also have little idea how close we are to triggering a climate change-driven falling domino effect." Lawrence Wollersheim

One last thing, what the 1% will experience described below, for the most part, will also be what the other 99% will experience who have far fewer resources available to protect themselves from the coming climate consequences.


To prevent a mass human, animal, and biological species extinction event within our lifetimes, we must be successful or get very close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. To reach those challenging targets, we must influence and compel our politicians and do several things:

1. get them to understand why the 2025 global targets are correct and compensate for 60 years of ineffective fossil fuel reduction programs, and

2. get them to understand we are already in a Runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency. They need to viscerally understand the endless extinction-evoking horrors of what will happen if they do not pass the required verifiable and enforceable new laws or treaties. (These new climate laws and actions are described fully in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

3. get the billionaires and the world's wealthiest individuals to fully realize that an accelerating climate change-driven mass human extinction and global collapse, under no conditions, will be good for them, their children, their assets, and their legacies. Using the specific individualized protest actions described and adapted from on this page and further below, if needed, we must convince the billionaires that an accelerating climate change-driven mass human extinction and global collapse is the ultimate no-win/no-escape game. (In Step 2, further below, you will see the details on how horrible things will get for the wealthy who did not do their part to stop the climate nightmare and its subsequent consequences.)  

We do not have enough time left (before 2025) to do almost anything other than somehow get to our politicians to make and change the needed climate laws and enforce them immediately! 

We do not have enough time to waste on tactics or strategies that do not directly or indirectly influence the world's politicians, so they act immediately. If we do not convince them that they, their children, and everything they love will be lost if they do not act now to protect themselves, us, and the future, we ALL will share the same extinction fate

We will be ok if you keep the two above operational truths in mind, and we do not waste time on mass education or bottom-up political tactics that will not get to our politicians in time to turn this monster emergency around. 

Please, do not be like many individuals and organizations who think that frantically rearranging the climate deck chairs on a sinking "Titanic" will somehow save them. All it now takes is --- directly steering away from the iceberg by getting to the 1% who will force the world's politicians to act. 

(Please note: This is is a critical part of the Job One for Humanity Plan for how to get our politicians and governments to slow and lessen runaway global warming and prevent a near-total human and mass biological species extinction event from occurring within our lifetimes. It focuses on why the 1% wealthiest individuals and corporations will want to help us solve the climate extinction emergency. At the bottom of this article is a link to failed past popular activist strategies designed to stop climate change and runaway global warming that did not work or that can not possibly work in time to save humanity from runaway global heating extinction.)

And finally, if you have any remaining doubts about either the 3-8 years left urgency (2025-2031) or the critical importance of why everyone needs to work on the billionaires part of the Job One Plan at this time, please click here and review the ten most important facts about runaway global heating and our destabilizing climate; before continuing with this page.

How can we steer the "Titanic" of accelerating runaway global heating away from crashing into the iceberg that will sink us all? 



The key principles behind Part Four of Job One's 1% and billionaires influence solutions are:

Our political systems have been so influenced and "corrupted" so disproportionately by the financial incentives and special interests of 1% ultra-wealthy corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals that the educated or informed will of the people, as well as the general well-being of the public, is no longer effective enough in directly influencing politicians to act in the best interests of the people within the brief time periods of global warming reduction action now needed.

Not only do the world's 1% wealthiest corporations and individuals own the world's politicians, but they also own most of the world's media, which currently informs and educates the public in biased ways which are aligned to and supportive of the goals and profits of those individuals and corporations. (The 1% also own most of the biggest global corporations.)

a. We need to educate the 1% world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies that they are the most responsible parties for the current runaway global heating extinction emergency for numerous reasons described below.

b. We need to educate the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, and philanthropies, that they too will undoubtedly lose ALL of their wealth and everything else they value (and we do mean everything) if they do not hedge against it and drive to completion the 2025 fossil fuel reduction actions needed (found in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.) We also need to resoundingly convince these 1% entities that there is no reliable long-term safe location to hide from the nightmare that is coming-- no matter how much money they have or where on Earth they move. (The rest of this page will show you how to do that.)

Once they finally see that truth, they will act out of their selfish self-preservational instincts. Because of their powerful and well-financed drive for their self-preservation and retaining their vast wealth and legacies, the rest of us will be saved as well. It's that simple! 

At the 11th hour, just before our climate change doomsday, few besides the world's 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, celebrities, and philanthropies have the influence needed to get the politicians to enact the needed enforceable laws and treaties necessary immediately. (In Part 3 of the Job One Plan, we mentioned national intelligence agencies, but they have a far more limited financial and political influence than our 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies.)

"Only the governments can slow down global warming enough to save some of us. Only the elites have the most power and can get to the governments in time to get them to act to save us!" Greta Thunberg

"The future of humanity is most likely now in the hands of the world's 2,000 billionaires. If these billionaires immediately use their massive access and influence with our politicians to get our governments to act, it will be our best chance to prevent our extinction due to the primary and secondary consequences of accelerating climate change." Lawrence Wollersheim

Some Good Billionaires-in-Action News

At the 2022 Davos meeting of the world's wealthiest nations and individuals, they just are starting to understand the runaway global heating extinction emergency. They posted this video on their website but suddenly took it down.

This video will show you that some of the world's wealthiest individuals and nations know something terrible is coming. However, they still do not truly understand how bad it will be. This faulty understanding is because they based this video on the grossly underestimated fossil fuel industry-influenced IPCC summary climate reports, which are about 30 to 60% off. So, when you view this new Davos video, add at least another 30 to 60% to the severity of the consequences predicted and then reduce the dates indicated by another 30-60%. You will then get a better yet incomplete sense of what is coming and what the billionaires still need to learn.

Section 1: The Big Picture Best Tactics for Influencing the 1% 

We have several more challenges in getting the 1% wealthiest individuals and corporations to save us. We need to get as many of them as possible to cooperate and work together. But unfortunately, even with their vast individual wealth, no one or even several of these 1% individuals alone has enough influence over the world's politicians to get the needed climate changes done in time to save us.

Fortunately, it is considerably easier to overcome this 1% group cooperation barrier for the one percent than for the 99 percent:

  1. Not all one-percenters initially need to cooperate to achieve the requisite critical mass of political influence and power. We can start with the few that are most open and build from there.
  2. It will be manageable and much easier to educate the one-percenters on their climate extinction threat because it will soon become apparent that they will capture the same consequences as everyone else. On average, they are considerably brighter than most individuals who have not attained such levels of financial power.
  3. We already know the effective and prioritized critical path climate tactics that will still save us in time. This means it is easier for the 1% collective to immediately start on these remedial climate tasks collectively and get them done. For example, the first task would be to get all governments to declare a runaway global heating emergency. This would allow mass mobilization and release of all necessary personnel and resources.

There are many other challenges to getting the 1% into action, which will be covered in the rest of this article. To start the process of getting the 1% ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations educated to want to enact the critical and effective governmental actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan, it is necessary to start with the tactics in Section 1, The Big Picture Tactics for Influencing the 1%. 

In Section 2, further below, we will precisely lay out the common consequence fate that awaits the 1% if they fail to act. Finally, we also make detailed action suggestions for what you as an individual (or as a climate or environmental group) can do to get the 1% to act to save us all.

To maintain your motivation to complete these new and challenging tasks listed below, we strongly recommend that you regularly read and re-read this page with the many individual and collective benefits we will receive when we successfully get the runaway global heating under control. It is the most-read page on our website, with well over 2 million views.

Step One: Start with a Positive Educational Approach with the Wealthiest 1% 

Think about both the positive and negative approaches below as the various pressures that would be brought to bear on the 1% to incentivize new 1% members to join the collective efforts. The goal of both the positive Section 1 and negative Section 2 approaches below is to educate the 1% fully that they can participate with the other 1% members and collectively slow runaway global heating and near-total extinction, which is also consistent with their individual interests.

We strongly recommend starting with the positive educational approaches listed below in step one. If those fail to work, move to the greed and fear negative strategies in Step Two further below. 

Action One: Educate the 1% (or their key and trusted advisors) that the accelerating runaway global heating emergency is the ultimate, rapidly approaching no-win game for them, their assets, and their legacies.

Many of the 1% have expensive risk analysis think tanks on retainer that have already told them 1/2 of humanity will be dead by mid-century. When that happens, fossil fuel use will drop radically. These firms also have said the climate wouldn't worsen after this mass extinction because of the massive drop-off in fossil fuel use. These risk analysis firms have told the 1% they would have the resources and locations to ride out this climate-driven mass die-off process.

While these risk analysis firms are right about the unavoidableness of 1/2 of humanity dying by mid-century, they are dead wrong about the survivability of the 1% in safer locations. There are many climate factors these risk analysis firms did not consider or just got dead wrong. By the time 1/2 of humanity is dead by mid-century, so many additional extinction-evoking climate tipping points will have also been crossed that we will have entered a state of uncontrollable runaway global heating. When this happens, we are facing near-total extinction within just a few more decades in a process that will be a living hell that no one in their right mind would ever allow to occur. 

If you are dealing with a 1% individual who still thinks they have the resources and know-how to survive the accelerating climate extinction emergency, have them and their trusted financial, legal, and risk advisors read the following. It covers the many interconnected and interdependent complex human and climate systems that will pass points of no return, cross critical tipping points, and trigger destructive feedback loops that will unleash, multiply, and amplify a global chaos and collapse process resulting in our eventual near-total extinction.

Below are the initial educational links that should convince the 1% and their key advisors that we have already passed the mass extinction point and are now dealing with our last 3-9 year opportunity to prevent out-of-control runaway global heating and near-total human extinction.

A little additional background is needed about the lives of the 1%. The 1% do not live paycheck to paycheck. Because they have the resources, they plan their lives, legacies, and asset transfers to their heirs 20-50 years in advance or more. The long-term planning of the 1% tries to compensate for every possible factor that would interrupt or stop the smooth and eventual transition of assets and power to their heirs. 

Unfortunately for the 1%, runaway global heating presents a near-insurmountable roadblock to honest, long-term survival and legacy planning for the 1%. This long-term planning roadblock exists because if the 1% does not get the global climate extinction emergency fixed in the next 3-9 years, the planning and transfer of assets and power to their heirs will become an irrelevant issue. Failure to solve the runaway global heating emergency by the 1% in the next 3-9 years will result in the unpredictable chaos of the global collapse and near-total extinction processes.

Below are the critical links that explain the climate-driven global collapse and extinction issue behind the dangerous trap the 1% now face. Unfortunately, some one-percenters are not themselves science-trained individuals, and reading complex science-driven matters is not something they like to do or do well. 

If that is the case, we strongly recommend they have their brightest, most trusted advisors who have backgrounds in current climate science, climate tipping point theory, the principles of systems theory, and the multiple perspective tools of dialectical meta-systemic thinking; read the following links. Then, they can explain to the one-percenters the critical climate-related relationships, processes, transformations, and contexts taking place within the many climate and human systems and subsystems creating this soon-to-be-uncontrollable threat and risk to everything the one-percenters own and for which they have worked!

Here are the most critical links to understand the current reality of the climate extinction threat:

Click here to see the ten most critical illustrated facts about the climate and runaway global warming. It and its links will explain runaway global warming, what near-total extinction vs. total extinction means, and why we face only near-total extinction, not total extinction. Finally, it will explain humanity's tiny but real hope for a livable future if billionaires act with many of the world's citizens.

Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. This page will explain precisely why the 1% only have 3-9 years left to maintain some level of effective control over their climate future before the immutable laws of climate and atmospheric greenhouse gas physics take over. 

Click here for the climate-driven processes of global collapse and mass to near-total extinction. Here you will see the cascade of almost 80 primary and secondary climate change consequences unfolding and interacting with humanity's 11 other current major global crises. After reading this page, you will understand why the extinction of half of humanity by 2050 is already an unavoidable reality and that all that remains now is to fight to prevent our near-total extinction. 

Click here to read the ten most dangerous things almost everyone does not understand about the runaway global heating emergency. It is critical for the 1% to understand the gross underestimation and other flaws and factors not being fully accounted for in current climate risk assessments based on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) calculations and modeling. This will also offer additional critical climate momentum and inertia factors and other climate insights as to why the 1% only have 3-9 years left to maintain some level of effective control over our climate future. 

Click here to understand why the very painful 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are the one-percent's honest, last-chance fossil fuel reduction targets they need to make before it is too late to prevent near-total extinction. In addition, it has detailed technical notes on the many factors behind the correctly adjusted 2025 target calculations.

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 30-60% or more. This page and its linked pages will help explain why the current 2025 global fossil fuel reductions are so severe to compensate for the 40-plus years society has delayed and failed to make the required gradual fossil fuel reductions. 

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the fossil fuel reduction calculations" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations by including unproven, non-existent, and unscalable "carbon-sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. 

Click here to see the eleven major runaway global heating tipping points that have been all but excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use the 1% must cause to be reduced each year globally. It also contains the tipping point theory and why crossing these climate tipping points is so dangerous to all aspects of our globalized society.  

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate change conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see the IPCC's huge atmospheric methane calculation problem.

Click here to see the latest 2022 IPCC climate change summary report on the critical climate sensitivity error. Because of only this ongoing climate sensitivity error, the IPCC's newest climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information will be underestimated by as much as 25% or more. (This 25% does not include the effect of the other IPCC errors described in the links just above.) 

All of the above-linked decades of IPCC error, calculation, and polarization problems mean that the IPCC is an unreliable partner for truthful and accurate climate change information. Their climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information are grossly underestimated by 25 - 50 %+ and possibly more!

As a last resort and almost as comic relief, we also recommend that 1% watch the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is about a wealthy 1% megalomaniac enlisting the other 1% of individuals who want to deal with a runaway global heating emergency by intentionally wiping out most of humanity. In a manner of poetic justice, this movie will show how well that "1% versus the 99%" survival strategy works for the 1% trying to save themselves from an endless cascading convergence of climate catastrophes.

Action Two: Convince the 1% that we really are out of time to prevent near-total extinction.

There isn't enough time for anyone else without sufficient immediate influence over the world's politicians to remedy this emergency. We should have started making the necessary fossil fuel reductions 60 years ago. Unfortunately, at this critical juncture of human history, no one else is available with the required levels of immediate controlling influence over our self-interested politicians other than the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, and celebrities. 

To solve runaway global heating before we cross more global warming tipping points, we need to act at levels of effective government-coordinated global action and mobilize as we've never seen before in human history. Unfortunately, we do not have adequate time left to build a movement of individual citizens from the bottom up, as was done in the past to influence our politicians to pass new laws or treaties to resolve this rapidly escalating emergency. Only the 1% can save us now!

This link will help convince the 1% that we are out of time. Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. 

Action Three: Convince the 1% that if they do fix the runaway global heating extinction emergency, they, their names and legacies will become true legends in human history, and they will be seen as the founders of a critical and transcending new level of world cooperation and collaboration.

Besides saving themselves, their wealth, and their legacies, another significant incentive for the 1% to act on the climate extinction emergency may very well be to become the real heroes of humanity and, in so doing, garner genuine gratitude and respect from the world's citizens. Moreover, by working in concert to save humanity at the last minute, by the nature of their cooperative actions, they also will become the emergent founding fathers and mothers of a new and more effective collaborative future pathway for all nations and people to live and work together.

Action Four: Convince the world's 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies they are the most responsible for saving us from near-total extinction BECAUSE we are almost out of time, and they have the immediate power to do so!

When we talk about who is responsible for runaway global heating, we need to think about it in two distinct ways—moral or ethical responsibility (climate justice as it is often called) and practical responsibility (someone who has the responsibility and can do something about it).

Moral and ethical responsibility is a relatively simple concept:

The more you created or contributed to the problem, the greater your moral responsibility for fixing it.

The moral or ethical responsibility for resolving runaway global heating lies proportionately with those corporations, nations, wealthiest individuals, and philanthropies that have directly or indirectly helped to create, support, or enable the fossil fuel-burning global warming problem since the First Industrial Revolution in the 1880s. While this is morally true, in practical terms, it presents a considerable challenge. 

We could spend many more decades (which we do not have) trying to determine or litigate the proper proportion of moral and ethical global warming responsibility for every nation, corporation, and individual on earth. Next, we would have to try to enforce that moral and ethical responsibility on the nations, corporations, and individuals all over the planet. This alone could take many decades if it could even be done.

This presents another imposing dilemma. Because many of these individuals, corporations, and nations have varying and frequently conflicting cultural, religious, or other value criteria and definitions for responsibility, morality, ethics, and justice, finding some kind of agreed-upon determination of the common and universal meaning of moral and ethical responsibility is all but impossible within the dwindling time window for meaningful control over this emergency that we need.

In other words, as wonderful, fair, and reasonable as it sounds to simply enforce moral and ethical responsibility proportionately on all of the 1% creators of runaway global heating to achieve true climate justice, the practicality nightmare is that we could still be arguing about implementing such enforcement issues many decades from now long after we have tumbled past our current state of irreversible runaway global heating into extinction.

If we can't successfully take a moral and ethical responsibility approach to solve the runaway global heating extinction emergency in the very limited time that is left to save ourselves, we need to find another approach. We at Job One propose a practical responsibility approach.

Practical responsibility in the context of runaway global heating is defined by several factors:

1. Who has enough influence and power to create verifiable and enforceable national and international global warming remedial laws or treaties in time to slow and lessen the 20 worst consequences of our current state of irreversible runaway global heating and slow extinction?

2. Who has the most to gain or lose?

3. Who has good reasons for also bearing at least some additional moral and ethical responsibility?

4. What will take into practical account the unbearable reality that we do not have enough time left to bottom-up educate the masses of humanity about the incredibly complex and difficult issues of runaway global heating as a complex adaptive climate system? We also do not have enough time left to slowly build political will person-by-person from the bottom up until the growing public will finally demands that its self-interested politicians create these critical new laws or treaties.

So this then leads us to the 600-trillion-dollar question: Who has the greatest practical responsibility for resolving runaway global heating? You and I, as average individuals, do have a moral and ethical responsibility for runaway global heating to the degree that we have contributed to it in our lifetimes, but we do not hold much effective practical responsibility for resolving it, as we have so little real influence in the necessary areas.

Because the United Nations, the IPCC, and our national governments have failed so horribly over the last 40+ years, the six key entities that now bear the greatest practical responsibility for resolving the runaway global heating extinction emergency in order of highest influence priority are:

the world's wealthiest individuals,

the world's wealthiest celebrities (they can promote the message of extinction and needed change as good as anyone.)

the world's wealthiest corporations (they and those named in numbers two and three below have the most immediate and powerful influence over the politicians and actions of the nations of the world,)

the world’s intelligence agencies (as discussed in the Job One plan,)

the world's wealthiest nations,

the philanthropies of the world.


Action Five: Educate the 1% about their historical moral and ethical obligation to act in our common crises.

This step is left close to last because most one-percenters have not made their fortunes by doing business with the highest ethical and moral standards. This tactic will only work on the tiny segment of the one-percenters who value and strive to live a moral and ethical life. 

This step argues that the 1% have a historical moral and ethical obligation contained within the concept of "wealth obliges," similar to the old French idea of noblesse oblige. Today's updated notion of noblesse oblige also implies a moral and ethical obligation for possessing great wealth that extends far beyond mere economic influence, comforts, and privileges. 

It also requires the person or entity who holds such status to take on reasonable and rational social and leadership responsibilities to promote and protect the common well-being. Under this updated concept that wealth obliges, the world's wealthiest nations, corporations, individuals, and celebrities are, in fact, far morally and ethically bound to act and lead. 

Action Six: Remind the 1% they have caused far, far more fossil fuel pollution in creating and maintaining their vast wealth and assets than the rest of us. This difference is because they continue using more fossil fuels to maintain their current luxury jet-setting lifestyles and many businesses.

We have included this next ethical argument even though it is much less powerful than the other 1% self-interest-driven arguments.

In both moral and practical terms, the world’s wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies are the most responsible for fixing our current runaway global heating nightmare. It has been estimated that the richest 10 percent of the world's population accounted for over half (52 percent) of the emissions added to the atmosphere between 1990 and 2015. The richest one percent were responsible for 15 percent of emissions during this time – more than all the citizens of the EU and more than twice that of the poorest half of humanity! It is reasonable also to believe that in 2022 those fossil fuel use percentages for the wealthiest have increased even more.

Action Seven: There is a growing backlash against the 1% ultra-wealthy growing worldwide. Suppose a coalition of the 1% was widely seen acting for the wellbeing of humanity on such a critical issue. In that case, the growing backlash of proposed new regulations and taxes involving the 1% ultra-wealthy could be somewhat mitigated or at least not worsen.

Action Eight: Educate the 1% about the minimal action needed to ensure their survival. We need to get the 1% to fully understand that saving the collective (humanity) is the only thing at this point that will save them (and their self-interests) from an almost completely out-of-control climate-driven extinction process.

Most of the 1% will act when they genuinely see that saving the collective (humanity) from extinction is the absolutely essential minimum they must now do and the only way to save themselves from extinction. In some ways, this "save the collective to save yourself" idea is parallel to the logic behind the policy of nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD.) MAD has prevented a global thermo-nuclear war since the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan 70 years ago.

Action Nine: We must convince the 1% they need to join this new 2,000 billionaires near-total extinction prevention coalition because there will be many unforeseen and significant group horizontal benefits and connections that will happen naturally. These additional high-level benefits would not have been possible had they not joined the coalition to prevent humanity's runaway global heating-driven extinction.

How to get started

1.  If you have direct contact with the world's 1% wealthiest individuals (the 2,000 billionaires) or other entities discussed above or below, please contact the lead billionaire project coordinator John Stewart (so that he might coordinate with you. John's email is ([email protected]).

John Stewart is an Australian evolutionary scientist and member of the Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. His main interest is the development of a science-based evolutionary worldview that helps us understand who we are and what we should be doing with our lives. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals. A number of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity,' and The Evolutionary Manifesto.

2. Read the links in the section below called, The Necessary Billionaire Project Rationale and Documentation from Evolutionary Theory. This way, you will understand the theory behind why this project and program can work and how it will work. 

3. When you start the influence actions of this part of the Job One Plan above or below, please email us at ([email protected],) put Billionaire Project in the subject line, and let us know what you are doing so we can connect you with the Billionaire team manager.


Step 2: It's Time for the Negative Fear and Greed Approaches If Positive Approaches Do Not Work on the 1%

At this dangerous juncture in the evolutionary survival of humanity, it is wholly appropriate and critically necessary to educate about real climate fears as a tactic. Moreover, fear is an entirely legitimate tactic because of the many soon-arriving extinction-level climate consequences also causing the worsening of these 11 other global crises

When fear is generalized, fear can paralyze, but when fear is specific and straightforward with clear solutions, there are powerful positive evolutionary reasons that the emotion of fear exists. The positive use of fear exists for those rare times when there are REAL threats to your survival. This positive use of fear super-mobilizes the observant and wise to act before it is too late! And isn't that precisely what we need right now with our climate extinction emergency?

Additionally, never apologize for using climate facts that produce fear and discomfort when creating a better world. Fear is also one of the two most powerful emotions that evolution has given us to keep us safe.

Those who tell you not to use fear or do not themselves use fear for accurate climate education insult and patronize their audience and treat them disrespectfully like small children who must be protected from adult things. (At Job One, we always treat our climate audience as mature adults who want to know the climate facts to manage them before it is too late.) 

That being said, it is vital to cover another bit of realism concerning the 1%. Despite the 1% and their advisors reading all of the above information and considering all of the positive materials in Section 1, some of the one percent will not ever believe near-total extinction is possible or inevitable. They will also refuse to acknowledge the deadline that if global warming continues to accelerate past our 2025-2031 last chance window of opportunity to fix it, we are doomed. These fixed beliefs will be due to many factors of personal psychology or even the arrogance that their wealth will somehow allow them to survive anything.  

Because we will face rigid near-total extinction disbelief by many of the one-percenters, we must use Section two to convince them that no rational person would ever, under any circumstances, want to try to survive or live through what is coming. The horror, suffering, financial loss, death, and physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas that will be experienced and will continue to grow as runaway global heating and climate change accelerate will be physically and emotionally wholly unbearable to the point that life will not be worth living! In Section 2 below, you will discover the next level of climate consequences and suffering, loss, and trauma that awaits the resistant 1% unless we get our governments to enforce the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel targets.

And finally, we will only use the following Step 2 negative fear and greed approaches if the 1% of individuals or corporations are not responding to our positive educational efforts found in step one above. To help you understand why it is ethical to use the tactics in this section, if you have not already done so, please read our policy on Necessary Disruption. This climate policy will guide and motivate us in completing the many challenging tasks we have ahead of us to save our future. Also please read about how to individualize your billionaire education and protest actions described for adaptation on this page.

Here are the fear and greed tactics to get to the 1% to help solve the climate extinction emergency. It will help convince them that even though the inevitability of near-total extinction can be questioned by them, they will not want to try to survive the unbearable suffering of the coming climate-driven consequences. This should further convince them this is a total no-win game for their survival, assets, and legacies: 

1. Things will get so bad that national and international courts worldwide will begin convicting and severely punishing everyone (individuals, corporations, and even politicians and governments) for all acts of commission or omission that directly or indirectly caused, contributed to, or enabled the ongoing runaway global heating-related financial losses and the mass human and biological extinction. The wealthiest 1%, who control most of the world's assets, corporations, and governments, will pay more and more damage, recovery, and penalty costs in the courts as the world goes down.

2. The courts will be driven by the rising anger of the world's suffering citizens demanding punishment for the one-percenters (and all politicians) who fail to get on board with climate sanity. The public will also begin to call out and publicly shame those one-percenters who continue to fail to act on a climate future and live lavish fossil fuel lifestyles. They will not want to live under the public anger against those arrogant one-percenters who do not share in the sacrifices that ALL must now make to come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. No matter where these resistant one-percenters try to go or hide, they will be confronted and called out for their greed, selfishness, and abject failure to protect the common well-being. 

3. As we move into more of the 20 worst consequences of irreversible runaway global heating, millions of their customers, citizens, and fans (not to mention themselves) will begin to suffer and die. First weak and then stronger national economies will begin to crash. As national economies crash, so will governments. Many governments that now protect and shield the 1% will grow too weak to hold back the demands from the general public for legal and financial accountability.

4. Normal corporate business as we have known it will become impossible to conduct because the safe, stable, and consistent environment needed for any kind of reliable and continuous manufacturing, supply distribution, retail, or other business operations will be so unpredictable and so disrupted that maintaining a continually profitable business of any kind will be all but impossible. Over the next 30 years, so many customers of corporations and the ultra-wealthy will die (hundreds of millions to billions) or have no available assets due to trying to survive a continuous crisis that remaining profitable or maintaining one's wealth will also be all but impossible. Irreversible runaway global heating is a no-win game for everyone, no matter how much wealth you have, but it will be particularly devastating for ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations.

5. Corporations, individuals, philanthropies, and celebrities are already buying land and facilities in northern countries, but eventually, they will not be safe there. Mass migrations of desperate, aggressive, and armed climagees (climate refugees) and national armies will eventually overrun any and all border security measures, angrily take their fair share of what's left, and severely punish anyone who they even remotely believe had any significant part in letting this horrific runaway global heating meltdown and catastrophe occur either by commission or omission.

6. Eventually, even the private security companies of the ultra-wealthy corporations, individuals, and celebrities will eventually turn against their affluent bosses, realizing that they now live in a late-phase Climageddon Scenario world where only firepower and military-style personal training determine survival, final ownership, and safety. Worse yet, and worth repeating, the climagee survivors of the most painful and devastating catastrophe in human history will be so angry and traumatized they will seek a horrible vengeance on everyone and anyone they hold responsible for causing or contributing to the catastrophe or for failing to act when they reasonably could have slowed or prevented the worst of it.

7. In their unimaginable anger and pain, some of the remaining climagee survivors who desperately fight their way into the remaining temporarily safe zones, like some survivors of the Holocaust, will relentlessly hunt down anyone who they believe knew about the escalating runaway global heating extinction emergency and had the influence or resources to address it, but did not. Those individuals and corporations of great wealth will most certainly lose all their power and resources in the massive global backlash of anger and punishment directed toward them. There will be no place on earth or Swiss bank that will be able to save them and their assets from what will be viewed by the survivors as justifiable punishment for their gross runaway global heating crimes of omission against the survival of the whole of humanity.

8. One thing that the 1% of individuals who will still try to survive the climate extinction emergency seldom plan for is that it will go on for many decades, maybe centuries or longer. They completely underestimate how hard it will become to order or get resources and replacement parts for the many essential mechanical and non-mechanical items that will break down, or they will need until global order and balance are re-established.

They also underestimate that in as little as one generation, the necessary knowledge and skills needed to build, maintain and operate the machines that produce the parts and sub-parts they will need to survive could be lost and even more so as the climate chaos deepens over the decades. They do not grasp that their lives will not continue to look like or be anything like what they were used to as their security compounds break down physically. 

9. Things will be even worse for wealthy corporations, individuals, or celebrities who act in ways to profit from the escalating, runaway global heating catastrophes, real estate and market crashes, and the coming 20 worst consequences as they are unfolding. When those wealthy individuals or corporations are identified by the enraged climagee survivors for their unconscionable commissions and omissions, it is highly likely that ALL of their wealth will be removed from them as well as from all of their trusts, secret bank accounts, businesses and heirs for their genocidal-enabling crimes against humanity and the future. It is also highly likely that such responsible individuals will be put into hard labor camps for the rest of their natural lives.

10. All of the above losses for the 1% do not adequately cover how the 1% will ultimately lose what they may value most, their personal freedom. If things continue going bad as they are now, it is only a matter of time before the courts come after them. If we roll on into mass extinction, they will be hunted down, pulled out of their ill-conceived bunkers, and held accountable as the individuals most responsible for allowing the climate extinction emergency to go out of control.

11. Additionally, because these billionaires did little to nothing to stop climate change-driven extinction and global collapse, as their punishment, the angry survivors will make certain ALL of their wealth will be removed from them as well as from all of their trusts, secret bank accounts, businesses, and heirs for their genocidal and biocidal-enabling crimes against humanity and the future. It is also highly likely that all responsible individuals will be put into hard labor camps for the rest of their natural lives to enforce the "never again" lesson.

Part of the reason for this removal and redistribution of unconscionable wealth after the great climate-driven collapse will be because the survivors will want to remove all of the painful vestiges of the inequalities and injustices of a world that caused humanity's worst catastrophe and trauma in all of recorded history. Click here to look at the world of a possible post-climate collapse, great global rebirth that the surviving small portion of humanity will rebuild. Unfortunately, it is not a world that today's billionaires and wealthiest individuals would voluntarily ever want to live in because they and their heirs will lose all of their current privileges and advantages.

12. If you still have doubts about how this nightmare will unfold into a climate change extinction emergency, please read the following two documents that describe the science, consequences, and processes of extinction and collapse in painful detail. 

Click here for the climate-driven processes of global collapse and mass to near-total extinction.

Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. 

Please do not mistake that the Job One organization promotes any form of individual survivor or group vengeance against the 1% wealthy corporations, individuals, or celebrities in any way whatsoever or at any time! We are disclosing here the most probable and natural holocaust-like anger reactions by surviving individuals who have suffered unthinkable consequences and have probably lost everyone and everything they loved. Our organization promotes and believes only in the peaceful execution of fair and equitable justice by impartial individuals, properly constructed courts, and the rule of law.

As an organization, we hold that what is transpiring now (allowing runaway global heating to worsen to near-extinction levels beyond recovery for all but a few in less than centuries) is ultimately a matter of ignorance. runaway global heating is incredibly difficult to understand in the first place, but the ignorance of personal greed or excessive comforts being valued over the common well-being of society makes solving this challenge even worse. We only mention the highly probable outcomes for those ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations who act to make matters worse or fail to act when they should act to educate about the problem and in the hope that through this education, the ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations will wake up and, we never go down such a dark path.

We also hold that to punish the 1% ultra-wealthy individuals or corporations by unlawful vengeful acts by distraught or impassioned climagees is also ultimately a wrong act of ignorance. One would have to be just as ignorant of runaway global heating causes, human history, human nature, and most importantly, the critical role of fair and equal justice administered impartially to ever unlawfully punish without due process those who have caused runaway global heating extinction emergency or allowed it to continue by their omissions.

And, it gets even worse for any of the world’s 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, and philanthropies trying to hide in the temporary runaway global heating safer zones

As if the preceding list of horrible consequences was not enough to convince the world's 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, philanthropies, and celebrities they need to do everything they can to slow and lessen runaway global heating so they will survive, there is still far more un-survivability factors. The fate of those who migrate to the temporarily safe global warming zones near or above the 45th parallel north or south will also have to deal with four other devastating realities:

  1. Decommissioning hundreds of nuclear reactors in global warming unsafe zones between the 45th parallel north and south, which will no longer be able to be kept secure or maintained by stable or functioning governments. If these nuclear reactors melt down or go critical, it will not matter where you are. No location will be safe from fallout and radiation that will go on for centuries! (On a lesser note, the same holds true for all toxic chemicals and biological and chemical weapons stored within unsafe global warming zones. Once those zones are generally abandoned, these commodities will slowly leak out and affect areas far beyond their original locations.)

  2. No underground shelter without the ongoing support of outside manufacturing, part replacement, and resupply can be entirely self-sufficient over hundreds of years after a nuclear or biological disaster. Every underground shelter can be compromised from the surface by cutting off or poising its air or water supplies. Sooner or later, the security doors on any underground shelter can and will be broken down. No safe underground shelter or compound can survive what is coming!

  3. How to solve the critical food production issue above the 45th parallel north or below the 45th parallel south where the soil quality and seasonal sunlight will be grossly inadequate using traditional or existing methods to grow enough food for the massive migrating populations.

  4. If the northern countries do not allow enough individuals from the global warming unsafe zones to migrate, there will not be enough human genetic diversity to survive the waves of new diseases that will occur in the far north or far south because of unknown pathogens released from the melting permafrost (which humanity has never seen before) as well as from the existing pathogens that are always mutating.

  5. How to quickly move enough of the world’s key infrastructure for modern civilization to continue into the global warming safe zones above the 45th parallel north or below the 45th parallel south? All of this must be done within about one to two decades using the relative stability that many parts of the world will still have while runaway global heating escalates.

At some point, even the world's 1% of wealthiest corporations, individuals, philanthropies, and celebrities will recognize their money and power won't save them from this monster. They will realize that this is the ultimate no-win game. We either cooperate and work together, or we die together.

They will understand that the consequences of our current out-of-control runaway global heating will last from centuries to thousands of years. They will understand that at this point, all we can do is slow and lessen it enough so that some of us will survive as long as we do not let carbon parts per million in the atmosphere cross 600 ppm.

At some point, the 1% and their trusted financial, legal, and risk advisors will understand that any sacrifices or compromises they have to make during the climate extinction emergency are not actually sacrifices or compromises because what they really are is acts of informed and educated self-preservation! In other words, one is not genuinely self-sacrificing when there is literally nothing left to lose. But unfortunately, that is precisely where the 1% will eventually wind up (with nothing left but their lives to lose) if they do not step up, cooperate, and handle this emergency.

There will also come the day when the majority of the 1% and their trusted financial, legal, and risk advisors understand that even if they believe they can somehow avoid the runaway global heating-driven near-total extinction, the life they will have will be so miserable, stressful, and difficult, they will wish they had perished in the earlier waves of mass extinction. As things worsen, those who die early in the extinction process will eventually be considered by the survivors as lucky. 

Never forget the trusted financial, legal, and risk advisors of the 1% are in the same sinking boat as their 1% clients. If they give the wrong climate advice, they and their families will suffer the same horrible consequences as their 1% of clients. It is also likely that these trusted financial, legal, and risk advisors could be held legally liable for gross negligence or severe professional omissions. This could occur if they fail to disclose the new climate extinction analysis described on this website and its many crushing consequences and risks to their 1% of clients.

Why this 1% last chance strategy will be effective with many one-percenters even, despite the doubts they may have about climate extinction

The 1% always keep a hedge (or multiple and layered hedges) against every possible risk they can think of to prevent them from losing everything (their lives, assets, and legacies.) But, unlike us, the 1% plan and hedge for the future many decades ahead, both for themselves and their heirs.

These long-term planning and hedging actions are because one of the biggest of the one-percenter's fears is to lose everything! So at the minimum, our remaining job has a very low bar. We only have to raise sufficient doubts within the 1% (using solid climate science) that their previous hedging strategies are dangerously incomplete. Their current hedging strategies are insufficient and will not save them from losing everything unless they also include a hedging strategy that deals with a runaway global heating-driven near-total extinction scenario described in this article and its links. 

And the good news here is that we do not have to convince them that climate extinction for them is 100% true because that is nearly impossible for many reasons. We only have to create enough climate extinction doubt that the new and intelligent hedging strategy will require them to act on the climate extinction emergency before it is too late. (Some of the reasons we will never get most individuals to accept that near-total extinction is likely, highly probable, or certain has to do with most people not being able to face their deaths. Thoughts of their death or reasonable views of likely mass extinction will create such daily cognitive and emotional turbulence that denial is the must-go-to mental and emotional survival strategy.)

All we have to do is create a reasonable and well-founded amount of doubt about the 1% and their heirs surviving accelerating climate extinction, and we will get their assistance. The 1% pay their specialty advisors and think tanks for the generally accepted scientific consensus and the future direction in those areas and what may be wrong with the generally accepted scientific consensus. They want cutting-edge information that is not yet widely known because they want the advantage of knowing this information first so they can profit from it or hedge against its downsides.

Even if the 1% still retains doubts that we face near-total extinction or that we only have 3-9 years left to prevent it, they are trapped and must still focus a significant portion of their hedging strategies on the next 3-9 years of climate mitigation (2025-2031.) If they do not do this, they face an unacceptable and very uncomfortable risk of total loss. This area of unacceptable climate extinction risk is because, at the minimum, the probability is "greater than not" (51% or more ) that the accelerating runaway global heating extinction emergency is real and cannot be controlled for much longer. They will come to realize that no amount of later planning or hedging later will save them from the total loss risk and climate extinction if they do not hedge now against this outcome.

At some point, the 1% will realize that their previous climate hedge strategies (mentioned above) will not give them the effective hedge against the climate extinction emergency they desperately seek. They will also recognize that their previous hedging strategies will eventually wipe out everything they fear losing.

This means that we only have to raise reasonable doubts within the 1% that a vital and legitimate remaining hedge for them to make for the runaway global heating extinction emergency is to manage and eliminate it by cooperating with one-percenters who also influence the world's politicians. At some point, the 1% will also realize that the normal influence and power they wield in normal times will not be available to protect themselves as the global chaos grows with rapidly accelerating runaway global heating consequences.

Here is how we start to create a coalition of a majority of one-percenters all working together to prevent the runaway global heating-driven extinction of humanity

Please note: We envision this coalition of one-percenters will work on the correct climate extinction remedies quietly and discreetly in the background behind the scenes with our politicians. We do not imagine anything like the Davos-like collective public relations spectacles that accomplish next to nothing for the common well-being.

Our first coalition-building tasks must be to:

a. Immediately begin collecting names and contact information for the 1% from everyone who can help. Our 1% list includes you if you are directly connected to or are a trusted advisor of the 1% through a hedge fund, investment bank (like Goldman Sachs,) stock or commodity markets, a think tank, trust fund, foundation or philanthropy, a risk evaluation firm, or a national or international reserve bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum, etc. As such, you have a senior ethical, moral, and legal responsibility to work with us to get the above information to the 1%. 

This list of 1% contacts also will include others like family, friends, and x-wives of the 1% who have direct contact or significant influence with the 1%.  And finally, this 1% contact list would include any contacts you have to someone who does have direct contact with a one-percenter.

This 1% name collection effort implies that if you know about our climate extinction emergency, you too are responsible for ensuring that the 1% understand what is coming and that there is no escape for them or their legacies. Never forget that the climate-driven extinction risks described on this website are avoidable and unnecessary risks to humanity. We can still slow and mitigate if we work together with the 1%!

If you have any information for any of the preceding 1% possible routes of possible contact, please immediately email us at [email protected] and put "1% Contacts" in the subject line to get it to our 1% contact team. Our 1% recruiting team will get back in touch with you and strategize how to best approach your contact(s). 

Here are lists of one-percenters that we plan to begin contacting sometime in February of 2022. We will first review the list of one-percenter leads sent to us and work with those with a history with that contact. Here are some 1% contact name lists to check to see if you have any connections to them.

Richest 250 People In The World

Top 100 Richest Actors

Top 100 Richest Actresses

Top 100 Richest Athletes

Top 100 Richest Baseball Players

Top 100 Richest Basketball Players

Top 100 Richest Businessmen

Top 100 Richest Businesswomen

Top 100 Richest CEOs

Top 100 Richest Celebrities

Top 100 Richest Comedians 


b. Next, our recruiting team contacts the 1% wealthiest individuals who are most open to the climate analysis and climate action arguments we present. In particular, these 1% individuals could also be those who already believe in the moral and ethical climate issues we raise.

c.Once we get the 1%, the first group of one-percenters to realize that the climate extinction risks that they also are facing are both ultimate and, at the same time, avoidable and unnecessary risks, it is then time to enroll the 1% in a prioritized action program that deals with real deadlines. This program would include an agreement they would sign that would commit them to take specified actions that would lead to runaway global heating mitigation such as those found here. These actions also would be political, involve manipulating the media, buying or pressuring other corporations, or recruiting their other 1% friends, etc.) However, these commitments would only have to be implemented once a specified minimum number and kind of 1% of members have signed up. This way, no one in the forming collective of the 1% grouping would be disadvantaged by joining the efforts.

d. Once we have recruited our first most empathetic one-percenters, we will ask them to fund a small group of qualified individuals who will work out and refine the next level of best strategies for recruiting the rest of the one-percenters. Once that is done, this group will begin executing those recruiting strategies until a critical mass of one-percenters has been reached, recruited, and is capable and ready to start powerfully influencing the world's politicians collectively. 

e. Next, using the most effective strategies for reducing global fossil fuel in time to save humanity from near-total extinction, the critical mass collective of one-percenters starts to use their political influence to get our politicians to execute those strategies. This leverage will allow us to reach the critical needed level of influence over our global politicians to finally get them to make the critical global fossil fuel cuts and take the other essential required actions. Besides getting our governments to enforce the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions, the other essential actions to be forwarded by the 1% to compel our politicians to act can be found in Part 3 of the Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan.

f. Additionally, and only as a last resort, if the contacted one-percenter does not respond to our extensive educational efforts and they continue to act against the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions needed, it will also be necessary to engage in a massive and continuous public shaming campaign until we get their attention and they finally take some responsibility for the obligations of their wealth and influence and use it to protect the public wellbeing.

This last and highly resistant 1% needs to be called out and publically protested by volunteers and climate activists around the world on every possible occasion for their immoral failures to act, their selfishness, their fossil fuel extravagant and conspicuous consumption lifestyles, and their omissions wherever and whenever they appear in public. The media will likely also help amplify your call-outs and shaming in many cases. 

Please also note and be aware that public shaming will never work on the 1% that are narcissists or sociopaths but will work on most of the rest. So, we cannot hesitate to use this public shaming tactic on the 1% most resistant to climate education because they do not EVER have the right to commit acts or omissions that will lead to the near-total extinction of humanity! 

Special Disclaimers Concerning the 1%

It is important to explain what we must watch out for dealing with the 1%. We are not talking about having the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, nations, philanthropies, or celebrities individually setting up new companies and/or research projects to find new technological and non-technological solutions to runaway global heating. That will never work in time. We need them to get our politicians to create globally enforceable and verifiable warming reduction laws or new treaties and get a global Fee and Dividend program already in place.

This also does not mean that the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, nations, philanthropies, and celebrities cannot privately invest in global warming remedial solutions; it just means we can't exclusively or primarily rely on their individual or private wealth to solve the runaway global heating problem. That being said, there is the successful experience in the world's wealthiest corporations that they can bring to the table to help national governments plan and execute the largest energy generation transition project in human history.

As far as the world's wealthiest celebrities are concerned, their importance in educating the masses about the seriousness of the emergency and the necessity of the changes we must all endure cannot be overestimated. The celebrities of the world command the attention needed to be successful.

We also have to be diligent with the very slippery 1% because...

From many experiences over the last 30 years, we have learned that some of the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, and nations greenwash their political and profit-making activities to make themselves look like good citizens while not actually doing anything. Their real motivation for greenwashing remains to increase profits, often in some other area of their existing carbon-polluting activities. For more information on greenwashing, see this article by Tim McDonnell.[1]

Greenwashing allows wealthy corporations, individuals, and nations to look like good global citizens in public while continuing to do business and pollute as usual. In the Job One collective action steps, we avoid this fatal flaw that, unfortunately, too many previous big environmental groups have embarrassingly fallen prey to.

Wealthy corporations, individuals, and nations should not be allowed to greenwash. Rather they need to be educated and inspired to use their influence and control to get the politicians of their respective nations to enact the necessary runaway global heating remedial laws or treaties previously mentioned. They need to be exposed if they try to greenwash with insincere and hypocritical actions.

While not ignoring the greenwashing risk—in fact, being vigilant about it instead—it’s still true that the world's 1% of wealthiest corporations, individuals, nations, and celebrities, without a doubt, have the necessary direct and indirect influence and control to get the attention and/or compliance of the world's political leaders to create and enforce the new laws or treaties that must be enacted if we are going to survive.

There is one last issue with billionaires and ultra-wealthy corporations. They almost always try to modify and co-opt the real changes you seek to achieve --- to their benefit! In part, they do this by putting agenda control, content, and strategy restrictions on their financial help. They will often want to join your board of directors or have their people on your board.

They will try incessantly to change your goals and tactics so that they cleverly maintain their current position of power and advantage and the general status quo. When you work with them, be firm. Make sure they understand that they are joining you and your movement to do REAL good in the world. You are not joining them!

They will be treated like any other non-ultra-wealthy contributor or volunteer. It is their privilege to do their part to save our future like the rest of us.

Why some of the 1% will never help resolve the climate emergency

It's important to qualify the preceding statement. It will not be all of the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations. It will only be a very small percentage of them.

This reality was recently expressed in a new book called Winners Take All, The elite charade of changing the world. Its author Anand Giridharadas presents rational arguments and plenty of hard-to-refute documentation about how the elite are co-opting social change movements with their money and influence to protect their own power, water down the changes needed, or slow down the necessary changes.

“For when elites assume leadership of social change, they can reshape what social change is — above all, to present it as something that should never threaten winners,” he writes. At best, the book makes the compelling case that of all the ultra-wealthy corporations, individuals, and philanthropies, only the rarest and fewest of them are actually working effectively for the common good!

This means that the possibility of getting the ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and philanthropies is a long shot at best. This also means that the only thing that will be effective with the ultra-wealthy is to educate them that runaway global heating is truly a no-win game for them and that no matter how much money they have, they will not be able to buy themselves out of the horrible consequences coming for them, their children and their estates!

There is little doubt that this will be a challenging job for some very dedicated people with the time, resources, and hopefully access.

There are many other reasons for how hard the task of finding that very small percentage will be. Approximately a third to a quarter of the world's wealthiest corporations and individuals derive their wealth from fossil fuel-related operations and industries. They will not give out that wealth or watch it dissipate without a long, drawn-out fight.

The bit of good news here is that 2/3 to 3/4 of the rest of the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations do not derive the greatest portion of their wealth from fossil fuels or fossil fuel-related industries. This means they will not want to see their wealth destroyed as runaway global heating escalates beyond any controllable level. This also means they will have considerably more resources and far greater numbers to defeat the counter efforts of those unwise wealthy individuals and corporations who obstinately link their futures to a rapidly dying industry.

To start, all we have to do is communicate to those two-thirds of the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations that their lives, futures, and financial survival depends upon overriding any and all well-funded counter efforts to stop the rapid transition to 100% green energy generation. By wisely targeting the two-thirds, we will hopefully find within that group the tiny percentage that will actually work for the common good (and ultimately their own good) rather than primarily their own good, as described in the new book Winners Take All, The elite charade of changing the world.

We must never forget what was said by Oscar Wilde more than a century ago about wealthy slaveholders trying hard to improve society. “Just as the worst slave-owners were those who were kind to their slaves, and so prevented the horror of the system being realized by those who suffered from it, and understood by those who contemplated it, so, in the present state of things in England, the people who do most harm are the people who try to do the most good."

This tactic we can use on the ultra-wealthy is an ironic turnabout. Since time immemorial, the world's wealthiest individuals have been playing other classes or groups against each other to forward their own interests. This time, as the general public, we are doing it to them, not for private gain but to protect and preserve everyone's ultimate self-interest.

The supporting action steps found below will help us begin educating the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities about the many deadly reasons why they will want to lead the call for an emergency meeting of world leaders and push for new enforceable and verifiable laws or treaties to resolve the runaway global heating extinction emergency. Hopefully, we will find the few that will actually help us survive. The following supporting action steps will make the critical collective actions of Part 3 of the Job One Plan potentially possible and successful.

Last Thoughts on How We Can Help Get Verifiable, and Enforceable Runaway Global Heating Laws or Treaties Passed

1. The climate activism movement must stop doing the same things repeatedly and expect a different result. If we are going to solve this runaway global heating extinction emergency, we have to let go of old solutions that no longer work in the unique circumstances and severe time limitations we now face. We must surrender all such illusions or die. 

Only a top-down solution that begins with the immediate enactment of verifiable and enforceable national and international laws or treaties that will get us to come close to achieving the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will save humanity and civilization. There's really no other way to say it. The far superior access, influence, and control of the world's 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, and celebrities have the best last chance of saving us from extinction.

2. We must use the power of self-interest, greed, and fear as those powers have worked since the dawn of civilization. Politicians and governments are highly susceptible to the influence of the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities, as evidenced by the lavish ongoing favors, subsidies, and special interest laws they have passed—actions that greatly favor wealthy individuals and corporations over the interests of common citizens and our collective well-being.

Because of this, it is now our individual and collective job to repeatedly and compellingly work to convince the world's wealthiest 1% of individuals, corporations, and celebrities that it is also in their highest self-interest to embrace the climate extinction emergency cause as their own. 

3. Many of us know someone who has direct or indirect connections to the 1%. Accordingly, we all have to use what we have to reach those who can save us. If we fail to do what we can do to educate and motivate those who have the power to remedy this situation immediately, there is no long-term or viable real backup “Plan B” here. If the world’s wealthiest nations, individuals, corporations, and celebrities don't turn this Titanic of a disaster immediately away from the iceberg of crossing more tipping points, all will be lost in the ensuing climate meltdown and chaos.

4. Particularly, members of generations X, Y, and Z must be willing to publicly call out and shame those of the 1% who do not act to save humanity or solve the runaway global heating extinction emergency worse.

5. The only things that could realistically cause total extinction would be a global nuclear war and missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets by so much that the Earth's temperature keeps rising uncontrollably until we boil off our atmosphere into space. Please also note that runaway global heating caused near-total human extinction is not total extinction. Nor is near-total extinction the same as our unfortunate and unavoidable current path to the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

This critical difference between the two is that total extinction is highly improbable because of the many natural and human counteractions that will ramp up as runaway global heating consequences worsen. So, if you want to see the good news (which we strongly recommend) about why total human extinction caused by the consequences of runaway global heating is not our future and should not be worried about, please click here.)

6. As of 12.4.23, we have created a new Climate Justice Now program to help victims of climate change bring lawsuits against the global fossil fuel cartel for the worldwide climate change damages they have caused with their products and actions. We also need some billionaires to help fund our new Climate Justice Now program, which contacts climate change victims and connects them with law firms to help them sue the cartel. (Click here to see this program and how and why it works.)

7. We are currently building a team of exceptional volunteers who will help us contact the 2,000 billionaires administratively. Do you know anyone who would volunteer to help us reach the world's 2,000 billionaires, many of whom are celebrities? 

Volunteers on this team will work directly with the Executive Director of Job One for Humanity and its senior management. This volunteering position will be exciting and fun for those passionate individuals with good administrative skills and a positive disposition.

If you would like to receive specialized support exclusively focused on your actions in forwarding actions on this section of the Job One Plan, click here.


  • We should have started making the necessary changes to end global heating 60 years ago. Now, no one else has the necessary immediate direct and indirect influence over today's self-interested politicians other than the world's 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities.
  • The runaway global heating extinction emergency must be put squarely on the shoulders and backs of the world's 1% wealthiest corporations, individuals, and celebrities. It is no longer the little guy’s responsibility! You and I simply do not have the necessary influence and control over our politicians in time to save us, no matter how many of us unite together.
  • We do not have enough time left to adequately educate the public, mobilize politically, and then use the public’s bottom-up momentum and consensus to sway our politicians. Our collective job now is to get the world's 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities, to realize that immediately shouldering that responsibility is in their own highest self-interest and the only way left to save the future.
  • There is no ultimately viable backup “Plan B” if we fail to educate the 1% who have the power to remedy this situation immediately. If the world’s 1% of wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities don't turn this Titanic of a disaster immediately away from the iceberg of crossing more climate tipping points, almost everyone and everything will be disrupted or lost in the coming destabilizing climate chaos. 
  • All we really have to do is resoundingly convince the world's 1% wealthiest individuals and corporations that runaway global heating is a no-win game for them too! They too will lose their assets, their lives, and their legacies. We just have to convince them that there is no escape for anyone, no matter how much money they have. Once the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations truly understand this, they will follow their own highest self-interests to save themselves, and, in doing so, they will save us all!
  • If we provide enough creative influence and pressure at the correct points of maximum 1% leverage as described in the Job One Plan, we will be able to convince the world’s politicians to do all of the needed actions to save humanity in time.
  • Because of the lack of empowered global governance and the little time remaining to save us, there is no perfect solution to the runaway global heating extinction emergency. But there still are reasonable, creative options and workarounds.
  • Yes, we know this is a BIG ask of you to work on the billionaire project, but what is the alternative? How else will we ever get our politicians to do the right thing to save the many beautiful creations of our civilization and much of our planet's life? Isn't it worth the effort and sacrifice of doing this now rather than suffering slowly until most of us are dead simply because we are too distracted or too busy and miss our last opportunity to act (by getting our governments doing the only thing that will save us in time, getting close to the radical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets?)



The Necessary Billionaire Project Rationale and Documentation from Evolutionary Theory

The billionaire project to save humanity from climate change was developed after careful thought and based on sound evolutionary theory. The first document below covers all dialectical pros and cons of working with billionaires and shows a clear path for how the world's billionaires could be motivated and organized to cooperate and help evolve us through the climate extinction emergency and other emergencies. The documents below were created by John Stewart.

John Stewart is an Australian-based evolutionary scientist and member of the Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals.

A number of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness.

He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity.' More recently, he has finalized The Evolutionary Manifesto, which outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity. It demonstrates the potential of an evolutionary worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence.

His recent work also focuses on the evolutionary imperative for humanity to organize itself into a cooperative and evolvable planetary society that is underpinned by appropriate global governance.

His latest paper on these issues is The Self-Organizing Society: A Grower’s Guide, which is freely available at

More about his work is at

Click here for the most updated and current evolutionary theory on how to organize billionaires (and the 1%) to save us from the climate extinction emergency and other global existential threats. (This link also contains a discussion of the pros and cons of getting billionaires to work together from an evolutionary perspective. We do not hide the many negatives that can be anticipated when you try to get billionaires working together on a worthwhile project.)

If you want to see the original evolutionary theory behind the principles of How ‘The One Percent’ of Billionaires can be Organized to Fix Climate Changeclick this link. 


Your successes and suggestions relating to this section of the Job One Plan are important to us!

They can also inspire and help others who are also working on the various action steps of the Job One Plan. To send us your feedback, please email us at ([email protected]).

Now that you know more about what we are doing, please help support Job One for Humanity with a tax-deductible donation! Our all-volunteer organization works hard to prevent runaway global heating extinction within our lifetimes with honest facts and programs. And we are significantly underfunded for what we could do.

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If you are curious

To prevent a runaway global heating-driven extinction, in addition to getting the world's 2,000 most influential billionaires to lobby our national politicians, we also need to get our national intelligence agencies to take over key climate research, consequence predictions, consequence timetables, remedies, and progress tracking and also get that information to our politicians. To learn more about this additional intelligence agency climate research take over from the IPCC action and getting that climate information directly to our politicians, click here.

A brief history of what has not worked for decades to reduce global fossil fuel use to reduce climate change and runaway global heating

We have listed numerous remedial climate change strategies and tactics that we have abandoned on this page because they will not work in time to save us from extinction. We have maintained this "what won't work" page to help educate other climate change educational organizations. In this climate extinction emergency, it is important not to keep doing the same unsuccessful thing over and over and expecting a different result!

What's next?

You are urgently needed, and you can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something meaningful to contribute and do in the many action steps of the four parts of the Job One Plan.

Click here for Part 1 of the Job one Plan on how to best prepare yourself, your family, and your business for the unavoidable 20 worst-coming consequences.

Click here for Part 2 of the Job One Plan on the best individual actions to slow and lessen the unavoidable coming consequences.

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan for the critical collective actions we must get done to slow extinction. Part 3 is all about the simultaneous actions governments worldwide must enact if we are going to have any chance of achieving the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and saving the future.


Section 2: What you can do if you do not have direct connections to the 1% to help us with resistant one-percenters is found in this link.

Section 2 will not make much sense unless you have read the above Section 1 materials. Please do not start this Section 2 indirect strategies until we post the first list of one-percenters who are still doing nothing despite our educational efforts.)

Section 2 action strategy sections are designed for individuals who mostly do not have any direct connections to the 1% of the wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities who also want to help us influence the education-resistant one-percenters. These are those one-percenters resisting joining the climate emergency collective of other one-percenters working to influence our politicians to enforce the required global fossil fuel reduction laws that will get us close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to begin Section 2, indirect influence strategies!

Special 8.24.2022 Urgency Update

We have also just released a critical timeframe update for coming climate consequences and catastrophes based on newly released climate science.



Things have changed recently with the climate in big ways. The climate change emergency is getting worse far faster than most people understand. Our new climate timeframes update affects ALL previous climate emergency preparation and adaptation timeframes we have previously provided. This critical update shortens those timeframes considerably.

Do not let your family or business get caught off guard without understanding why the climate change preparation and adaptation timeframes have recently changed so significantly.

If you are a member, log in to this location using the same email address you used when becoming a member. Then go to this Critical Climate Change and Global Heating Timeframes link in our Member's section.

If you are not a member, it is easy to become one, and you can still get some great gifts by clicking here. Your membership will also help keep our unpoliticized, unbiased, and non-profit climate think tank operating.

End Notes

[1] Tim McDonnell. "The fossil fuel industry is bankrolling the Paris Climate talks." Mother Jones. December 2, 2015.

[2] "Not Reality TV by James Cameron." YouTube video. 5:27, posted by "Democratic National Convention," July 28, 2016.

[3] Katie Kilkenny. "What can celebrities do for climate change?" Pacific Standard. October 8, 2016.

[4] Chris Mooney. "People really do pay attention to climate change — when Leonardo DiCaprio talks about it." The Washington Post. August 5, 2016.

[5]Wikipedia contributors, "Self-organization," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed January 2, 2017).

[6] Steve Crabtree. "Worldwide, 13% of employees are engaged at work." October 8, 2013.

[7] Association for the Tree of Life. "Visioning for a better world: why and how." Accessed December 11, 2016.


A climate and runaway global heating risk analysis, adaptation, relocation, and migration consulting service

For individuals, businesses, or governmental bodies that desire individualized assistance, qualified members of the Job One for Humanity team are available for custom consulting on all aspects of climate change and runaway global heating consequence risk analysis, adaptation, relocation, or migration for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, or local, regional, or national governments. Click here to learn more about our individualized consulting services.

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