The Many Surprise Benefits of the Global Warming Emergency


The following is one of the most-read pages on our Job One website. It has been read well over a million times. Below you will find the many benefits and "silver linings" of the global warming emergency. You will also discover at the bottom of the page the most likely recovery process you will go through once you fully realize how bad global warming emergency is or, if you are feeling anxious, angry or sad about global warming's coming consequences.

As you learn more about the enormity of our global warming emergency (aka the climate change emergency, climate crisis,) now unfolding within our lifetimes, you like many others may become disheartened. You may even join the millions around the world who have become legitimately depressed as they face the genuine probability of a human, animal, and biological mass extinction event occurring within a few decades. 

Do not feel alone if you are feeling sad or depressed about the seemingly unsolvable problem of the global warming emergency. Psychologists and psychiatrists from all over the world also are now reporting an increasing amount of clients bringing anxiety, anger, and depression about the global warming crisis in their therapy sessions. Numerous religious and social groups also have created global warming support groups to deal with this growing issue occurring all across the world.

In a meaningful way, this page is here to help improve your sad, angry or other negative feelings about the global warming emergency. 

About the surprise benefits of global warming

We created the following global warming benefits list out of sheer necessity to deal with anxiety, anger, and depression on the Job One staff and to help us maintain our own mental well-being. This following benefit list turned out to work quite well.

We also discovered that regular review of this benefits list also was critical to keeping our staff and volunteers from worrying too much about how bad things are currently. The regular review of this list also helped keep everyone maintaining their motivation and on-mission doing whatever actions we could. 

The benefits list below envisions the many evolutionary benefits that are possible as we work cooperatively toward surviving the global warming emergency. It even covers the unexpected benefits if we fail to work together and have to experience a massive human, animal, and biological extinction event as well as extensive economic, social, and political chaos within our lifetimes.

We hope that you will read and regularly review the following global warming benefits list whenever to keep your emotional balance, motivation, and spirits up throughout the long and challenging global warming resolution and recovery process ahead of us.

Here are the benefits we will experience while we work toward achieving the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets:

Global Warming Benefit 1 - We are intelligent and adaptive beings and we are able to resolve or adapt to almost anything. As we fully engage with the climate re-stabilization process (the Job One for Humanity Plan), we will also be creating the natural foundation for a long-term Sustainable Prosperity for everyone.

Global Warming Benefit 2 - By being forced toward a sustainable future to survive, we create hundreds of millions of new, well paid green energy generation and transition jobs. 

Global Warming Benefit 3 - We still have time to get prepared and adapt, and to build global warming emergency reserves and resilience into our local and international preparedness systems. Click here for how to do this.

Global Warming Benefit 4 - Despite the escalating threat before us, we can still fully enjoy our normal daily lives for quite a while longer (depending on our curr3ent location,) as we work together to resolve the many challenges of the rapidly escalating global warming emergency.

Global Warming Benefit 5 - There are unique secular and spiritual, purpose, meaning, and character-building benefits for individuals and faith communities in dealing with this global warming emergency and forwarding the climate re-stabilization and re-balancing process.

Global Warming Benefit 6 - Because we cannot eliminate all of the coming pain, suffering, and death due to global warming's many unavoidable consequences, we can at least still work together to effectively slow and MINIMIZE them. This will allow us to save and salvage as much as we can so that more us survive longer and better.

Global Warming Benefit 7 - We can trust 13.8 billion years of evolutionary progress, success and momentum to help get us through this emergency and adaptive challenge.

Global Warming Benefit 8 - In resolving this emergency, we will be forced to pilot new and better lifestyles, livelihoods as well as more effective new models of global governance.

Global Warming Benefit 9 - There will be positive climate wildcards that will benefit some parts of the world, at least temporarily. Some of those wildcards might also be in the form of new technologies that could help us dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage and radically increase green energy generation and consumption.

Global Warming Benefit 10 - Ongoing scientific research on accelerating global warming and our destabilizing climate is now more effectively warning all rational individuals about the great global warming challenge and extinction emergency before us. 

Global Warming Benefit 11 - We can eventually re-stabilize the climate without making it a polarized battle of us versus them because we only can do it together!

Global Warming Benefit 12 - Our near out of meaningful control global warming will inevitably force us into new levels of local, national, and international climate cooperation.

Global Warming Benefit 13  - Without a doubt, accelerating global warming is the single greatest collective adaptive challenge and evolutionary adventure in human history. As the single greatest "exterior" global threat and disruptor humanity has ever faced, it will force us to transform and grow in global cooperation, evolutionary maturity, and as one human family.

Seen from this transformational perspective, our global warming emergency may also become the greatest opportunity in human history for intentional, well reasoned social, economic, and political evolutionary growth. If humanity wants to survive this emergency, it will force humanity to live far more sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods. 

Global Warming Benefit 14  - it is your privilege, honor, and responsibility should you choose to accept it, to be a part of the forward-thinking team and movement to help prepare and adapt as well as to save and salvage whatever we can, while we are also doing every we can to slow down the ongoing and unavoidable mass extinction event, while at the same time we work tirelessly toward preventing a total extinction event. It is hard to imagine a more meaningful, exciting and wise way to protect yourself, family and future generations while living out as comfortably as possible whatever years you may have left.

Global Warming Benefit 15 - Although it will take centuries or thousands of years, once we do stop adding new carbon and methane pollution to our atmosphere each year, we can eventually establish a new and stable global average temperature and climate. 

Global Warming Benefit 16 - Those of us who survive this emergency will likely do so by creating new eco-communities and cities. These new eco-communities and cities will become examples that will demonstrate we have learned how to rebuild and live sustainably as one human family. Hopefully, the new eco-communities will also be overseen by a cooperating and facilitating new global governmental system working for the benefit of ALL humankind, and not for just one individual national interest.

Global Warming Benefit 17 - The accelerating global warming extinction emergency is a growing, real and legitimate emotional issue! It is real because if we do not radically change our global fossil fuel burning ways to come very close to the challenging 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will face a global warming mass extinction event within the next 30-50 years. 

But, there is good news even here. This is because even though it is no longer possible to avoid a mass extinction event because we have done so little over the last 35 years to fix global warming and we have crossed key tipping points, we still have about 6 years left to reduce global fossil fuel use to get as close to the 2025 targets to avoid total extinction over the next 50-70 years (Getting very close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will take nothing less than the greatest government-directed mass mobilization of resources, personnel, and actions ever attempted in human history.)

Global Warming Benefit 18  - In order to create the best possible outcome for ourselves and those we love, we are still able to squarely face this emergency and prepare for and adapt to it. If we start immediately, and we work together using an effective, prioritized plan like the one we have created called the Job One for Humanity Plan, many of us will still survive and thrive the many now unavoidable global warming consequences. (Click here for how to get started on the just upgraded Job One Plan to protect you and your loved ones, and start making the best of our difficult global warming emergency!)

Here are the shocking other "benefits" or "silver linings" if we fail to reach or come very close to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets:

Global Warming Benefit 1: - We can still hope that we will slow and lessen what is coming just enough so that some of humanity and civilization will survive in the global warming safe zones of the future.

There is also another very dark possibility that will allow some of us to survive. If we do not successfully cut fossil fuel use to the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and thereby allow the world economy to go into a severe recession or depression cutting fossil fuel use radically.  

Another way that we might finally curtail our fossil for use is through a massive die-off of 50 to 70+% of the human population. This mass die-off will occur in part due to massive crop failures, starvation, and the chaos linked to soaring global warming temperatures. 

As billions die of starvation, or in migration and resource wars or because of the 20 worst consequences of global warming occurring, fossil fuel use will drop radically in what may be the dark "last resort solution and benefit" that saves some of humanity and civilization in the end. But even if this happens, it will still take centuries to thousands of years before the average global temperature and the planet recovers from what we have done to it. 

Survivors will be living a nightmare of high temperatures, extreme weather, and chains of horrible global warming-related consequences we can barely envision. (Please see this page on our out of control global warming, which explains this dark benefit in detail as well as more about the difficult and life-critical 2025 fossil global fuel use reduction targets.)

Global Warming Benefit 2  - Not fixing the global warming emergency will resolve the global overpopulation problem as well as the global resource overshoot problem. Much of the world's population will perish if we miss the 2025 targets. One way or the other, mother nature will force us back to a planetary population level that the carrying capacity of the earth can support.

Global Warming Benefit 3  - Not fixing the global warming emergency will also help resolve all of our six other largest global challenges. This is because a future global warming mass extinction event will reduce the human population by as much as 70-90% over as soon as the next 30 50 years. This massive die-off will also solve global starvation, income inequality, wealth disparity, housing shortages, healthcare shortages, racial inequality, pollution, education, and employment opportunity inequality as well as a host of society's biggest challenges as discussed here

We will solve all of the major global problems that humanity is currently having because the global warming emergency as it is being managed now will eventually kill most if not all of humanity.

Global Warming Benefit 4 - Even if we do not stop escalating global warming in time for most of humanity to survive, from a "Big Picture" evolutionary perspective, there are still many huge benefits for our remaining biological planetary life and the evolution of any surviving humanity and our universe.

Global Warming Benefit 5 - The "destructive creation" of the global warming extinction emergency and resultant chaos of its many consequences will a structural clearing of all remaining resistant and non-adaptive economic, social, and political structures that might not be possible by any other means and that were either causing or maintaining the global warming emergency.

Once the resistant economic, social, and political structures have fallen, it will be far easier to imagine and create something far more sustainable and fair for a better future for ALL survivors who are willing not to repeat old mistakes or keep using the same economic, social, and political systems that created the global warming emergency in the first place. In this way, the greatest crisis and human extinction event in human history can be transformed into humanity's greatest opportunity and brightest future. In this way, there is a deep truth in the new adage that "in every crisis, there is an equal or greater opportunity for evolutionary improvement and advancement." 

If everything goes bad, we may still be able to utilize the greatest emergency in human history as the perfect opportunity to make massive changes in our intentional evolution. For whoever survives, here are just a few of the potential evolutionary changes that will be far easier once resistant existing social, economic and political structures have failed or collapsed; a sustainable planetary population, reduction of destructive pollution and consumerism, resource rebalancing, the needed radical reduction of fossil fuel’s use (because of the great starvation or die-off,) one-world government, and the building of sustainable and equitable future for ALL of humanity including all biological life.

Global Warming Benefit 6 -Even if humanity goes completely extinct and we prevent global warming's last phase, run-a-way global warming from occurring, nature on this planet will eventually recover from the damage we are doing to her and a new apex species will evolve to take our place. It may take thousands to hundreds of thousands of years, but nature will recover if we work together to prevent run-a-way global warming. (See the Climageddon Book for a detailed explanation of this complex last non-human benefit.)

More about how to recovery if you are feeling sad, upset, depressed, angry or anxious about the global warming emergency and future consequences?

There is a lot of horrible news to digest about global warming. Any person who realizes that our governments are not telling us the real facts or doing enough to save us from unthinkable suffering and loss will naturally experience sadness, anger, depression, or significant anxiety.

The Job One for Humanity staff also has had to digest all the dreadful global warming new research and breaking news we post on our website. To get our team though it emotionally, we also learned about something called the Kubler Ross model of change. This emotional management model helped our team deal with all of the challenging emotions that today's global warming news evokes. 

We felt it would be irresponsible to leave our members and website visitors without some of these tools to manage the intense feelings that the global warming emergency can create. Accordingly, we are providing the following images and tools that should help you come to better emotional terms with the new realities of global warming. 

Here's how these global warming caused emotional reactions, transitions, and healings usually look for most people:

1. If you're like most people, what you have learned about the global warming emergency will cause you to initially react with denial and shock. 


2. If you have the tenacity to explore more concerning how bad our governments have let global warming become, you will likely also become frustrated and angry at "how could our politicians and governments ever allow this to happen.

3. If you continue examing the facts of the global warming emergency and its solutions, you will most likely then enter into a bargaining or experimenting phase to find some way to deal with such disturbing and disruptive information on your life and future.

4. If you still continue verifying the facts of the global warming emergency as well as it's honest but difficult and painful solutions, you will find on this website, you will most likely next enter into a transitional feeling of grief or depression. 

5. As you work your way through your grief or depression, you will eventually come to a level of acceptance of what is scientifically accurate though painful. (Even though this information is currently is being suppressed by the fossil fuel industry, mass media, and the politicians owned by the fossil fuel industry.)

A bit more about the Kubler Ross Model emotional management model

The five primary emotional transition levels above are vital parts of the Kubler Ross model. Even though the Kubler Ross model is most often used to help people deal with the medical news that they are going to die, it still has powerful relevance here.

This is true because as you wrestle with the new global warming realities, you will most likely go through these five emotional phases over and over again. You will do this in numerous waves until you finally reach a profound and deeply stable state of acceptance, peace, and hopefully motivation to do whatever you can to reduce this threat.

When you finally realize how bad our global warming emergency is, you will discover that the challenging emotional effects is also a real thing! If you don't believe us, please click here to read about a new report called, The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Why the U.S. Mental Health Care System Is Not Adequately Prepared.


Over time, this model will become a useful tool to help you deal with the global warming denial, anger, fear, grief or anxiety that any healthy person would experience once they truly realize the current nature of our global warming emergency.

The fastest healing is achieved by reaching emotional acceptance of our painful global warming emergency and then getting into action to do your part to help manage this emergency! 

Once you reach a level of emotional acceptance for what you have learned about the global warming emergency, you will be more willing and ready to begin new ways to help solve the global warming emergency. You also will find yourself being better prepared to make new decisions on how to prepare for, adapt o and integrate this critical information into your life and business. 

You may begin Plan B emergency preparations for the unavoidable coming global warming consequences. This way, you are better able to protect you, your family and business and wisely maximize the chances of staying out of harm's way.

Once one reaches the critical state of emotional acceptance of the reality of what one is facing, most mature adults do as they have done for millennia. They accept what they cannot change and start finding ways to adapt to it and make the best of it. They also accept the truth of the bad news, and they get busy working on whatever they can do to change and improve it. (In this case, they get active on the Job One Plan action steps.) 

We at Job One have found that the very best thing to help minimize the emotional pain, suffering, and trauma of the global warming emergency is to get into action on a meaningful goal and get busy completing the remedial action steps of the Job One Plan. This is so powerful it is true even if you have not fully reached the acceptance level of your emotional recovery.

Luckily, the Job One Plan's many action steps will proactively focus your attention on what can still be done. This focus on the needed action also minimizes your available attention on the global warming negatives (once they have served their purpose of redirecting you to action on the deeper truths of this emergency.)

It is also important to know that individual therapy or support groups also can help you work through having the painful realization that humanity is in the worst global warming-caused existential crisis of its history and, we do not have much time left (until 2025,) to effectively prevent a mass extinction event from unfolding within the next few decades. Where needed, individual therapy or support groups can also help get you motivated to do whatever you can on the many action steps of the Job One Plan.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are also reporting that more of their clients are coming to them for help in dealing with the global warming emergency. (You can search climate change or global warming therapy or support groups to find one in your area.

And finally, as you continue to understand the scale of our global warming emergency, you may also come to realize that our lives and our children's lives may be far shorter than we ever imagined. But, that still can be changed, if we immediately react to the challenge of radically reducing our global fossil fuel usage to meet or come very close to the 2025 global targets!

Somehow we hope that you too will realize that getting into action on the solutions (and not being a spectator) is the best way to heal and fix what we can while we still can. Getting into action on the solutions is also the best way to save and salvage as much of those things we can't fix while we are working toward creating a better post-global warming world.

One more thing we always tell our staff and volunteers to help build up their psychological and emotional resilience to survive and thrive through what is coming 

As things continue to get worse, one of the most important things for you to survive what is coming is for you to remain motivated. To stay motivated while you help to slow and lessen our global warming extinction emergency and to survive the now unavoidable catastrophes, you will need to preserve your psychological and emotional resilience (the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness,) and build reserves in these areas.

You can build and preserve this resilience and maintain these critical reserves by taking time:

1. every day to do the normal things you enjoy and that renew you,

2. for cultivating and enjoying your relationships, (you will need strong relationships as things continue to get worse,)

3. each day to do and experience things you may have delayed, and

4. to draw strength and renewal from your faith and faith community, if you are of a spiritual nature.

As we move into greater global warming consequences and catastrophes, it is critical to take one day at a time and always make time to have fun, renewing experiences. The importance of taking one day at a time and doing whatever you can each day to fully enjoy the life that you have right now is that it will allow you to emotionally and physically survive, as well as effectively contribute toward the hopeful eventual resolution of the global warming extinction emergency.

 "The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and to endure much." — William Hazlitt, English writer, philosopher, and critic

Never forget that the scope of the task before us is daunting and unprecedented. If one fully understands how much has to change in the world in so little time, one can get overwhelmed quickly.

This is why it is particularly important to embrace these perspectives of “one day at a time” and enjoy your normal life right now as one of the first actions you will need to do.


Because of the escalating harsh consequences looming before us and the fact that there are no guarantees we will resolve this emergency in time, another reason to enjoy each day now is that our current lives and conditions may, in fact, be the best they will ever be.

The Big Last Bonus Benefit

Our whole staff also strongly recommends you also read the following new media article to help you see more benefits and to particularly manage any remaining anxiety, anger or depression that one can feel once they understand how bad global warming has become. The following New Yorker Magazine media story has many unique perspectives and benefits not covered in the materials above that also will emotionally help you make it through this crisis and still find a way to have a good, purposeful and meaningful life.

(Please click here to read this fantastic article in the New Yorker magazine called, "What if we stop pretending." Read this article to the very end.)


All of the preceding and more information about the benefits of global warming as well as the escalating warming emergency can be found on this website and in the must-read Climageddon book. Get your copy now! 

To purchase the printed and ebook versions of Climageddon at Amazon, click here. 

Each purchase of Climageddon helps support the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization and our Job One plan to help you and the world survive global warming. 


This list is also continually being upgraded with new global warming good news and benefits as they are discovered or as they are shared with us. Last updated December 19, 2019.

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