The Benefits of Fixing Runaway Global Heating and a Deteriorating Environment Can Create a Great Global Rebirth


As of 6.23.2022, this article below has been read well over 2.1 million times. It covers many direct and indirect surprising benefits that we will receive by better managing climate change and runaway global heating, our 11 other major global crises, and the positive possibilities of a post-climate change Great Global Rebirth.

We have discovered that regular review of these climate change and global heating benefits below was critical to keeping our Job One staff and volunteers from worrying too much about the awful current climate news. These materials are potent! They have successfully kept our team motivated and stayed on our difficult educational mission over the last 13 years. 

This page also was designed to help provide emotional support to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who feel any of the following climate-related: grief, worry, sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, depression, defeat, doom, collapse fear, extinction fear, resignation, or even climate apathy about our seemingly out-of-control global heating emergency. This page was also designed to help those experiencing any environmental deterioration grief, worry, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, depression, defeat, fear of collapse or extinction, ecological doom, resignation, or even apathy about our many other major global environmental crises. 


A Little About the Coming Climate and Global Heating-Driven Great Global Collapse and the Possibilities of a Great Global Rebirth

After reading this page, you will be the one to decide that if by wisely playing the horrible runaway global heating "cards" we have already been dealt, we can make the best of a bad situation. Furthermore, you get to decide if this global heating nightmare could turn into a huge opportunity that would not have arisen any other way.

We are now in what many call a runaway global heating-triggered Great Global Collapse process. It is triggered by accelerating climate and runaway global heating-related consequences and those consequences interacting with and worsening our 11 other global crises.

(If you have not done so already, we strongly recommend reading this description of the Great Global Collapse process. This way, you will understand what humanity is facing in a more precise and complete way if we do not rapidly get runaway global heating under control; while we still can.)

The good news is that by preventing the Great Global Collapse process from unfolding entirely, we will eventually experience equal to (or even greater than) longer-term benefits in what we call the Great Global Rebirth. Moreover, these long-term benefits also hold the hope of reaching well beyond the soon-arriving climate-related global suffering, financial losses, and massive die-offs described on this Great Global Collapse page. 

One also could call the following collection of runaway global heating-related benefits the beginning of a possible Great Global Rebirth and even a necessary framework for creating such a Great Global Rebirth.

The following runaway global heating benefit materials are vital to your survival because they:

a. can help you create a more balanced and healthier perspective concerning any sad, angry, or other negative feelings you might have about the conditions of our runaway global heating emergency. 

b. contain all of the good things that will happen as we work together toward achieving our new future and the Great Global Rebirth after eliminating the threats and consequences of runaway global heating emergency looming over our heads. 

c. contain links to a practical, honest, and comprehensive plan for managing the runaway global heating extinction threat. (At the end of this article, you will find a link to our comprehensive four-part plan.) And,

d. these materials even contain the darker benefits of the runaway global heating extinction emergency, which the natural forces of math and physics will bring about even if we fail to manage this emergency successfully.

(We have bolded the many benefits below so you can review them quickly.)

There are many positive benefits that we will experience by at least, getting close to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

As you will begin to discover from the benefits below, while we are working together to slow down the runaway global heating extinction threat so that more of us can survive, we also can be creating the basics of a Great Global Rebirth and what some might even call a Second Enlightenment era, not unlike the Enlightenment period which followed our Dark Ages.

Here is the first list of achievable positive benefits if we can get climate change better managed and slowed down:

Benefit 1  - When we fix the climate and runaway global heating we also help significantly improve or fix many of the world's other major critical challenges.

When we work together to resolve the single greatest disruptor and threat multiplier and threat amplifier of the 21st century (climate change and runaway global heating,) we will be simultaneously reducing many of the other negative consequences of the world's environmental and other most critical systemic challenges. 

Here is a brief listing of some of these other critical global systemic challenges that will significantly improve as we get runaway global heating under control.

We will lessen:

the general environmental degradation, (Fixing the global warming emergency will force us all to live more sustainable lives and livelihoods.)

the loss of animal and plant biodiversity (This is because of global temperature rise and other global warming pollutants.)

resource depletion, to resolve global warming, we will be forced to live far more sustainable lives and livelihoods. This new sustainability will lead to a wiser and reduced use of non-renewal and renewable resources. 

the escalating pollution of our air (with carbon methane, and other greenhouse gases.)

the escalating pollution of our lands (with acid rain and other pollutants.)

the escalating pollution of our seas and waters (by overheating them and from the carbon fallout turning our waters more carbonic making it more difficult for many animals of the seas to survive.)

rising mass migrations (growing global heating-driven mass migrations of desperate climagees harm multiple environments and animal populations.)

escalating conflicts, war, and terrorism (with rising mass migrations and resource depletion because global warming is destroying crops, water, and so many other human and animal resources, there will be more conflicts.)

increasing global economic instabilities (all of the above will cause far more global economic instability.)
new COVID-19 like pandemics and other new or old epidemics will likely occur every decade. (This is because of the stresses put on the world's health systems and all of the previous issues.)

increasing political instability and collapsing governments (This is because of all of the earlier issues.)

growing economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty (with failing governments and rising conflicts, the resolution of economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty will suffer.) If the billionaire 1% of the world does not act to fix runaway global heating in time, nothing will work faster to remove that wealth than the global collapse which will follow.


overpopulation, to be able to live the sustainable lives and livelihoods that we must eventually live to get global warming under control, we will also have to collectively realize that our current population of about 8 billion far exceeds the carrying capacity of the Earth (about 1 1/2 to 2 billion people.) At that point of collective insight, we will install global incentives and policies to get Earth back to a sustainable population level without overshoot. On the other hand, suppose we fail to self-regulate human reproduction and the accelerating global warming emergency. In that case, nature will reduce the population for us through the process of global collapse. (To see what an overpopulation global warming-driven global collapse process would look like, click here.)


our failure to evolve effective global governance, (Solving the global emergency of runaway global heating will also require and force us to evolve more effective global governance.)

As we resolve runaway global heating, we will also be making most of the world's other critical global challenges (above) far, far easier to resolve! Additionally, most of our best social, economic, and political values, goals, and human rights will also become far easier and more probable to achieve once we get the great disruptor of the 21st century (our runaway global heating extinction emergency) resolved. (Those values, goals, and human rights are shown in the Sustainable Development illustration below)



We can build a new world of far greater peace, justice, and security in the world by fixing runaway global heating. Said in a slightly different way, here are just a few of the evolutionary changes in values, goals, and processes that will be far easier to improve or initiate once the runaway global heating extinction emergency is under control. We will be better able to:

a. end racial and educational injustice, 

b. create universal healthcare, 

c. end wealth and income equity, 

d. create housing and employment equity,

e. reduce our destructive consume/pollute/waste consumerism, 

f. end critical resource depletion and create resource rebalancing, 

g. allow for the return and strengthening of biodiversity because of reduced pollution and encroachment into natural habitats, 

h. create the next evolutionary economic fair exchange system beyond our current corporate greed-based capitalism. This new economic system will not rely upon the false fundamental principle of unlimited growth within the closed and limited Earth system. And,

i. create effective global governance based on the collective wellbeing of all planetary citizens vs. our current corporatocracy for the benefit of a wealthy few that we have now. (To begin to repair corporatocracy we would need to remove all personhood rights from corporations, hold them strictly responsible to the principles of the triple bottom line and make them pay for all pollution and harm they have caused by exporting their waste and pollution upon and into the public commons.) 

All of the previous items will help build a sustainable prosperity and a just and equitable future for ALL of humanity, including all of the biological life which also sustains us. All of the above things can help create a global civil society with individual human rights and responsibilities held in appropriate balance with community and government rights and responsibilities. (To learn more about the many new principles of the sustainable prosperity of the future, click here.)

Before reading on, please take a moment and visualize how much better your life and our world will be when all of the beautiful values and goals listed above are improved and eventually achieved! 

Resolving runaway global heating will allow us to make continuing progress on addressing all of the world's other critical systemic challenges! On the other hand, if we do not get the global heating extinction emergency resolved, and the climate continues to de-stabilize at the current rate, there will be no practical way to fix the other major global challenges or to make continued progress on, sustain, or ever realize most of the above Sustainable Prosperity and Development values, goals, and human rights. (To see a detailed and expanded description of each of humanity's other critical global challenges to better understand how important it is for us to manage our global warming emergency, click here.) 

Please note that even if we fail to manage global warming and endure a global climate collapse process (as described here), we can still achieve many of the benefits on this page. This success is possible because almost all of the institutions, organizations, and governments supporting the climate and other policies that either block or that make the above benefits impossible to achieve will themselves have mostly collapsed in a accelerating global heating-driven global collapse!

Thus, for those survivors who have learned the hard lessons from this great global heating collapse trauma, there will be fresh and fully cleared "ground to build anew." On this cleared ground the Great Global Rebirth can still take place, possibly even easier than it could have been built by having to fight the well-established, supremely powerful, and entrenched vested interests for every change that would benefit the common wellbeing. Once the ground has been cleared, any survivors can build new more sustainable systems and structures from the ground up based on what they have learned from the great collapse and that will finally help resolve almost all of the other current global crises.

They will not have to fight a powerful and rigged system that now appears to be working against the common best interests for all humanity and for the interests of the privileged few.

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Benefit 2 - Having a beautiful world and having any livable future that we get --- if we make the right choices fossil fuel reduction choices.

Imagine a world with clean, fresh air that did not kill us or make our children ill. Imagine a world of new livelihoods and lifestyles where former fossil fuel workers transform our transportation system. Imagine them building fast, green bullet trains and expanding universal access to self-driving electric vehicles eliminating the need for most private transportation and parking lots.

Now imagine existing parking lots and the roofs of our many buildings becoming organic gardens or parks or, solar panel farms. Imagine our cities transformed into safe and healthy places and healthy forests, soils, waterways, and oceans again helping to clean our air and water and feed us sustainably.



Imagine we make the right 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target choices, and in doing this, we also become good stewards of the world and our futures.



And finally, imagine that we have preserved the hope for both ourselves and for future generations that life will go on and that the quality of our lives will get better. By acting responsibly now we get to experience and preserve for ourselves and future generations the opportunity to survive and thrive and experience a sustainable prosperity.

To see this super-benefit in another critical way, know that when we solve the global heating emergency, we will not have to live through the painful road of escalating economic, political, and social chaos and collapse. In addition, we will not have to watch humanity's final members pass away with much of the Earth's other biological life. (For more on this process of collapse and extinction, see this critical page.)

Benefit 3 - The currently excessive power of global corporations will have to come back into balance to create a more sustainable world for all. Corporations like the fossil fuel industry currently wield too much control over our politicians and over the interests of our collective wellbeing. We can not solve the global heating extinction emergency unless we begin acting for the public well-being and reducing the influence and lobbying powers of the mega-corporations over our governments. Addressing and fixing the global warming sub-step will also help do much to help resolve the world's other critical systemic global challenges.

Benefit 4 - Evolution teaches through pain, loss, stress, and discomfort. Modern society has become obsessed with convenience, comfort, consumption, and waste. The world is now moving in the wrong direction when you view the global systemic challenges it now faces.

The unsustainable "consume and waste" mess we have put ourselves in with climate change and the other global challenges is going to cause us a lot of unavoidable pain, loss, stress, and discomfort until we adapt and make the needed sustainability changes. If we do not adapt, evolution will keep increasing the pain until we do adapt or we will die off as a species. We will eventually adapt because "almost all people change when the pain going forward is less than the pain of staying where they are." The key here is to adapt before it is too late to avoid the worst climate outcomes!

Benefit 5 - We now face herculean challenges and unavoidable chains of catastrophes from the global warming emergency as well as the world's 11 other critical systemic challenges. The global warming emergency will cause many individuals to re-examine their lives, lifestyles, and livelihoods. These chains of catastrophes will be powerful catalysts for change that may not have occurred if we were not so challenged! 

When deeply understood these catastrophes will create life-changing and life-empowering moments of metanoia (in most of its wonderful meanings here,) and catharsis. These catastrophes will help us and even force us to embrace new values and behaviors and take the new paths needed to ensure a better future for all. 

Benefit 6 - There are unique spiritual, purpose, meaning, and character-building benefits for individuals and faith communities in dealing with this global heating emergency and forwarding the climate re-stabilization and a global ecological, economic, and political justice and equity re-balancing process. The fact that with accelerating global warming we are truly facing mass to near-total extinction within our lifetimes will likely serve as a catalyst to bring many individuals closer to the Great Mystery and origin of life. (Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Benefit 7 - By being forced toward a sustainable future to survive, we create hundreds of millions of new, well-paid green energy generation and transition jobs. 

Benefit 8 - Resolving the global warming emergency while the world's other critical systemic challenges are also getting worse will be extremely difficult. Working through the challenges of this evolutionary adventure will be equally or even more rewarding, not only in having a safer and healthier world but also in increasing the overall meaning and purpose we bring to our lives.

Benefit 9 - We still have time to get prepared and adapt, and to build global warming emergency reserves and resilience into our local and international preparedness systems. Click here for how to do this.

Benefit 10 - There will be positive climate wildcards that will at least, benefit some parts of the world, at least temporarily. Some of those wildcards might also be in the form of new technologies that could help us dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage and radically increase green energy generation and consumption to slow down global warming.

Benefit 11 - Ongoing scientific research is now more effectively warning more individuals about the great global warming challenge and extinction emergency before us. More individuals and organization will get prepared and more likely survive.

Benefit 12 - Our accelerating global warming will inevitably force us into new levels of local, national, and international climate cooperation.

Benefit 13  - Without a doubt, accelerating global warming is the single greatest collective adaptive challenge and evolutionary adventure in human history. As the single greatest "exterior" global threat and disruptor humanity has ever faced, it will eventually and literally force us to transform and grow in global cooperation, evolutionary maturity, and as one human family.

Seen from this transformational perspective, our global warming emergency may also become the greatest opportunity in human history for intentional, well-reasoned social, economic, and political evolutionary growth. If humanity wants to survive this emergency, it will force humanity to live far more sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods. 

Benefit 14 - In resolving the global climate extinction emergency, we will be forced to pilot new and more effective models of global governance. In fact, we will have to evolve some effective form of global governance with legislative, executive, and judicial powers or we will not be able to solve global warming in time.

Benefit 15 - We are intelligent and adaptive beings and we are able to resolve or adapt to almost anything. As we fully engage with ending the global warming emergency and the climate re-stabilization process (using the Job One for Humanity Plan), we will also be continuing to advance the natural foundation for long-term Sustainable Prosperity for everyone.

Benefit 16 - Despite the escalating threats before us, we can still fully enjoy our normal daily lives for quite a while longer (depending on our current location,) as we work together to resolve the many challenges of the rapidly escalating global warming emergency.

Benefit 17 - We do not have to "polarize to mobilize" because ultimately, we are all in the same boat when it comes to the global heating extinction emergency and the other global challenges we now all now face. To be successful we have to do this together.

Benefit 18 - We can trust 13.8 billion years of evolutionary progress, success, and momentum to help get us through this emergency and adaptive challenge. Click here to see an amazing, beautiful, and longer explanation of precisely what this means.

Benefit 19  - it is your privilege, honor, and responsibility should you choose to accept it, to be a part of the forward-thinking team and movement to help prepare and adapt as well as to save and salvage whatever we can, while we are also doing every we can to slow down the ongoing and near-unavoidable mass extinction event, while at the same time we work tirelessly toward preventing a near-total extinction event. It is hard to imagine a more meaningful, exciting, and wise way to protect yourself, your family, and future generations while living out as comfortably as possible whatever years you may have left.

Benefit 20 - Although it will take centuries or thousands of years, once we do stop adding new carbon and methane pollution to our atmosphere each year, we can eventually establish a new and stable global average temperature and climate that will support the flourishing of humanity in sustainable ways. 

Benefit 21 - If we start immediately, and we can work together using an effective, prioritized plan like the one we have created called the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan, many of us will still survive and thrive the many now unavoidable global warming consequences. In order to create the best possible outcomes for ourselves and those we love, we are still able to squarely face this emergency and prepare for and adapt to it. (Click here for how to get started on the just upgraded Job One Plan to protect you and your loved ones, and start making the best of our difficult global warming emergency!)

Benefit 22 - In some ways, from the broadest possible evolutionary perspective, the global warming emergency and our other 11 systemic global challenges can be seen through the lens of being just another period of evolutionary compression and regression. Despite our great technological advances, this social, economic, and political compression caused by many new stressful challenges and what looks like a collective human maturity period of retrogression is a natural reoccurring part of our evolution where evolution seeks to reach higher levels of unity and cooperation. (For More on this evolutionary compression and regression issue click here as well as for more and expanded positive perspectives on our current emergency and global challenges.) 

Benefit 23 - As global warming accelerates many colder areas will get warmer and will be able to grow warmer climate crops that they could not grow previously.

Benefit 24 - Those of us who do survive and thrive through this emergency will likely do so in part by creating new eco-communities and more sustainable towns and cities. These new eco-communities and towns and cities will be more in harmony with the natural world and become "beacons of light" and living examples that will demonstrate that some of us have learned how to live sustainably and as one human family. Hopefully, these new eco-communities will have evolved and be overseen by a cooperating and facilitating new global governance system working for the common benefit of ALL humankind, and not for just wealthy individuals or corporations or narrow national interests.

Benefit 25 - Because we cannot eliminate all of the coming pain, suffering, and death due to global heating's many unavoidable consequences, we can at least still work together and build more and better relationships to effectively slow and MINIMIZE those unavoidable consequences. This will allow us to save and salvage as much as we can so that more us survive longer and better to be there to build the Great Global Rebirth.

Benefit 26 - The accelerating global heating emergency is a real and legitimate emotional issue! You have every right to be sad or angry for a while.

The global warming emergency is real because if we do not radically change our global fossil fuel burning ways to come close to the challenging 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will face a global heating-driven mass extinction event within the next 30-50 years. But, there is good news and benefits even here.

This is because even though it may no longer be possible to avoid a mass extinction event because we have done so little over the last 40 years to fix global warming and we have crossed key climate tipping points, we still have time left to reduce global fossil fuel use to get as close to the 2025 targets to avoid near-total extinction over the next 50-70 years (Getting very close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will take nothing less than the greatest government-directed mass mobilization of resources, personnel, and actions ever attempted in human history. 

Never forget that we still can create the world in which we and future generations will love to live. We can build a new world of far greater peace and security and be co-creators of a Great Global Rebirth!

To do this, first we have to get the runaway global heating extinction emergency resolved.

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Even if we fail to come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, there are dark benefits that also can be the necessary processes and framework needed for a Great Global Rebirth

Suppose we do not manage the runaway global heating emergency correctly. In that case, there is little doubt that the unstoppable forces of Mother Nature (the immutable laws of math and physics behind accelerating global heating) will fix the climate and global heating problem for us and save as much as 50% of the human population.

Unfortunately, mother Nature's solution will be very painful and destructive to humanity. Below are the dark benefits Mother Nature will exact from us if we do not come close to achieving the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction and we fail to control the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Here is what the forces of Mother Nature will do for us to help the remaining wise and most adaptable of us survive:

Benefit 1  - Our failure to fix the global heating emergency will also help resolve all of these many of the following issues within our other 11 critical global challenges. 

This benefit is crucial because an unavoidable future global warming extinction event will reduce the human population by half or more by mid-century. This massive global die-off, once completed, will also dramatically reduce or improve issues of global starvation, income inequality, wealth disparity, housing shortages, healthcare shortages, racial inequality, educational inequality, employment opportunities, inequality, and most of our other current pollution, religious intolerance, and environmental issues. 

This significant improvement is because the infrastructure for 8 billion people will remain for the 2 -4 billion survivors, (or even far less,) and there will be far less demand for natural and human-made resources (like fossil fuels). Additionally, because of the severe and unprecedented trauma of the great collapse process, survivors will be less likely to allow the previous income, wealth, housing, healthcare, racial, educational, and employment inequalities and disparities to be tolerated or continue any longer.




Benefit 2 - The benefits of evolutionary "creative destruction" may become the most powerful force behind The Great Global Rebirth. Creative destruction is the evolutionary recycling of parts or wholes of a system or subsystem unable to adapt. This core meta-pattern of evolution for breaking down and recycling non-adaptive parts and wholes allows the resources of these parts and wholes to be reused to support future experiments in the evolutionary process. 

The tremendous "creative destruction" of the global heating extinction emergency (its resultant catastrophes, chaos, and consequences,) further disrupting and multiplying our 11 other critical global challenges, will eventually also cause the eventual structural collapse or destruction of most or all remaining resistant and non-adaptive economic, social, religious and political structures. These would be the very structures that were either causing, maintaining, or benefiting from the runaway global heating emergency and would not likely be removed by any other social or political means other than uncontrolled, sudden and near-total collapse of much of the global society. 

Once these change-resistant economic, social, and political structures have fallen, it will be far easier to envision and create something more sustainable and equitable for ALL survivors, the Great Global Rebirth. Survivors will not likely repeat the past painful mistakes or keep using the same economic, social, and political systems that have so horribly failed them in creating the runaway global heating emergency, mass extinction, and widespread global collapse. 

By allowing the natural evolutionary processes of "creative destruction" to clear out harmful or non-adaptive social, economic, religious, and political structures, the most significant extinction event and global collapse in human history can be fully transformed by the survivors into humanity's greatest opportunity for a better and new future --- a true global rebirth. Survivors can utilize this unconscionable tragedy as the perfect opportunity and leverage to make the massive and needed changes for our intentional new collective evolution.

For whoever survives, here are just a few of the potential evolutionary changes in values and processes that will be far easier to make once the highly-resistant existing social, economic, religious, and political structures have failed or collapsed.

Here are the benefits of destructive creation by removing non-adaptive and change-resistant structures:

1. the reduction of our destructive consume/pollute/waste consumerism, 

2. the ending critical resource depletion to create resource rebalancing, 

3. we will be able to make any additionally needed reductions in global fossil fuels use and its massive carbon pollution of our air and water,

4. the ending racial and educational justice, 

5. we can create universal healthcare, 

6. ending wealth and income equity, 

7. we can build housing and employment equity, 

8. we will allow for the return and strengthening of biodiversity because of reduced pollution and our encroachment into natural habitats, 

9. we can create effective global governance based on all planetary citizens' collective wellbeing vs. our current corporatocracy, which operates for the benefit of a wealthy few that we have now. (To begin to repair corporatocracy, we would need to remove all personhood rights from corporations, hold them strictly responsible to the principles of the triple bottom line and make them pay for all pollution and harm they cause upon the public commons and wellbeing.) And finally, 

10. we can create the next evolutionary economic fair exchange system beyond our current corporate greed-based capitalism. This new economic system will not rely upon the false fundamental principle of unlimited growth within the closed and limited Earth system.

All of the previous items will help build a balanced and sustainable prosperity and a just and equitable future for ALL of humanity, including all biological life. All of the above things can help create a global civil society with individual human rights and responsibilities held in appropriate balance with community and government rights and responsibilities. (To learn more about the principles of the sustainable prosperity of the future, click here.)

If we have a future at all, in some form, it will likely be a "post-unlimited-growth, post-greed capitalist, and post-fossil fuel society world. If we are lucky, this future will arrive in part by:

a. a bit of proper management by ourselves,

b. by intentional design, and

c. in part by the pain and trauma of the horrendous mass extinction disasters and the great collapse. 

If you notice, these post-collapse aspiring values and processes are many of the same ones that we will need to work on to prevent global collapse and address the other 11 critical global challenges we now face. (To see what is meant by this, look again at the Sustainable Development Goals illustration above.)

"The climate and global heating-driven extinction collapse may be the greatest opportunity in human history (and the greatest opportunity in your life,) to re-build and rebirth a better world because most of the most powerful change-resisting societal structures and systems will finally be cleared away." Lawrence Wollersheim

Benefits 3  - We will resolve the global overpopulation problem, the global resource depletion, and the resource overshoot problem. Much of the world's population will begin to perish if we miss the 2025 targets by mid-century. One way or the other, Mother Nature will do what we were unable or unwilling to do. Mother Nature by way of accelerating global warming will initiate The Great Global Collapse and Die-off and force us back to a planetary population level that the Earth's carrying capacity can sustainably support (about 1 and 1/2 to 2 billion). (Some researchers say that the true root physical cause of the global warming emergency is overpopulation and the resource overshoot caused by overpopulation.)

Benefit 4 - There is also another possibility that will allow some of us to survive. If we do not successfully cut fossil fuel use to the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and the COVID-19 pandemic or something else causes the world's economy to go into a severe and lasting recession or depression cutting fossil fuel use radically, Most of us will die. This mass die-off will occur in part due to soaring food prices, massive crop failures, mass starvation, and the many other consequences and chaos linked to and caused by rapidly soaring global warming temperatures. 

As billions die of starvation, or in migration and new resource wars, or because of the 20 worst consequences of global warming occurring, fossil fuel use will drop radically in what may be the dark last resort solution and "benefit" that saves some of humanity and civilization in the end. But even if this happens, it will still take centuries to thousands of years before the average global temperature and the planet recovers from what we have done to it. 

Survivors will be living a nightmare of high temperatures, extreme weather, and chains of horrible global warming-related consequences we can barely envision. (Please see this page on our out of control global warming, which explains this dark benefit in detail as well as more about the difficult and life-critical 2025 fossil global fuel use reduction targets.)

Benefit 5 - Even if we do not stop escalating global warming in time for most of humanity to survive, from a "Big Picture" evolutionary perspective, there are still many benefits for our remaining biological planetary life and the evolution of any surviving humanity and our universe. Other species will not have their habitat destroyed as it is happening now, and fewer species will go extinct because we are currently being such poor stewards of the earth. 

Benefit 6 - It may take thousands to hundreds of thousands of years, but nature will always somehow recover if we work together to prevent the final and worst Climageddon Scenario, which is our atmosphere being ripped off into outer space because of the last stages of run-a-way global warming. Even if humanity goes completely extinct and we somehow prevent global warming's sixth and last Climageddon phase total extinction from occurring, nature and the unstoppable forces of evolution will eventually recover from the damage we are doing, and some new apex species will evolve to take our place. 

Who knows, it may even be our prodigy in the form of robotic artificial intelligence (AI) life forms.

Benefit 7: - At this time, we can still hope that we will slow and lessen what is coming just enough so that some of humanity and civilization will survive in the global warming safer zones of the future. If we finally work together, instead of near-total extinction, we only experience an unavoidable mass extinction.

Get started today on an honest solution to the runaway global heating extinction emergency 

The not-for-profit Job One for Humanity organization is primarily a place focused on educating individuals and businesses on how to both survive and thrive through the soon-coming climate change and global heating catastrophes. Our Job One for humanity Plan will also show you how to reduce global warming. Get started with our Job One for Humanity Plan to resolve the global warming emergency and improve our other 11 critical global challenges by clicking here or by clicking the image below.

Here are the three most important reasons why we must press on and meet or get as close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as is possible in spite of all the many challenges we will face

The most important reason that we must press on and meet or get very close to the 2025 targets is simple and powerful. If we do get close to the 2025 targets, as much as 50% of humanity will suffer and die due to starvation over a relatively short period (1-2 decades.) As horrible as much as 50% of humanity, as well as a lot of animal and biological life suffering and dying, is, this outcome is still far better than having 70-90% (or even all of humanity,) suffer and die over the next 3-5 decades if we fail to reach or come very close to the 2025 targets. 



There are three things we can always be sure of during this global warming extinction emergency. In spite of all of the challenges and adverse global warming outcomes that are possible and discussed above, the single constant truth for the best possible outcome for humanity is that; the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting or getting as close as possible to the 2025 targets:

a. the more people that will survive longer to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization into the future, (See Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan for how to do this.)

b. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences and catastrophes, and

c. we will "buy" ourselves more time to prepare and adapt to what we can no longer avoid, (see the global warming Plan B and survival kit here.

More people surviving longer and more people having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared for what is coming is an undeniable good particularly when you weigh it against the unavoidable consequences of doing nothing or failure to make the needed sacrifices to get global warming under control. 

Never forget, we still have some time left:

1. to make the required critical fossil fuel reductions,

2. to complete the necessary emergency preparations, and

3. to adapt to soon-arriving global warming consequences that we can no longer change.


1. You now know the benefits of fixing global heating and climate change and creating a Great Global Rebirth.

2. You now know the dark benefits if we fail.

3. You should be able to stay better motivated to make the needed changes to help save the future.

4. You now have access to a practical and effective plan to resolve the global warming and global heating emergency.

5. This website will help you understand this real and multifaceted global emergency that we all now face.

6. Periodic and cyclical collapse is just another normal part of the evolutionary process.

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The essential positive perspective for all of the disruptive global warming and climate and global heating news

Despite the many types of challenging global warming consequences and past fossil fuel reduction mistakes that we now face, we can still learn from their feedback, and we can adapt and evolve to make life as good and as happy as is possible. No matter how severe the coming global warming consequences might become, if we wisely play the remaining cards that we have been dealt with, we can still achieve the best remaining possible outcomes

We can yet make a significant difference to reduce global fossil fuel use to stabilize and save the future of humanity by executing a comprehensive reduction and survival plan like the Job One for Humanity Plan

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will unfold as we work successfully on this together. (Click here to review those benefits.) 

We can persevere through this time of emergency. We just need to remember that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities.

We are engaged in nothing less than the most critical and meaningful evolutionary opportunity, challenge, and adventure in human history! It is our last opportunity to slow down the mass human extinction threat by getting close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Only reaching these targets will fully remove the near-total extinction threat. In reaching these targets, we also significantly improve many of the world's other major challenges.

Get started today on the Job One for Humanity Plan. Help save and salvage as much of humanity and our beautiful civilization as is possible.




The big last bonus benefit if climate change and global heating are still getting you down

As you learn more about the enormity of our runaway global heating emergency now unfolding within our lifetimes, you like many others may become disheartened. You may even join the millions around the world who have become legitimately depressed as they face the genuine probability of a human, animal, and biological mass extinction event occurring within a few decades. 

Do not feel alone if you are feeling sad or depressed about the sometimes seemingly unsolvable problem of climate change and global heating. Psychologists and psychiatrists from all over the world also are now reporting an increasing amount of clients bringing anxiety, anger, and depression about the global warming crisis in their therapy sessions. Numerous religious and social groups also have created global warming support groups to deal with this growing issue occurring all across the world.

To help you with any lingering upset about our global warming emergency our whole staff also strongly recommends you also read the following new media article to help you see more benefits and to particularly manage any remaining anxiety, anger, or depression that one can feel once they understand how bad global warming has become. The following New Yorker Magazine media story has many unique perspectives and benefits not covered in the materials above that also will emotionally help you make it through this crisis and still find a way to have a good, purposeful and meaningful life.

(Please click here to read this fantastic article in the New Yorker magazine called, "What if we stop pretending." Read this article to the very end.)

If you have not done so already, please also see this page! 

It explains several techniques that will help you directly process any negative emotions about our deteriorating climate and environment.

Additional Interesting and Important Perspective, Benefits, and emotional support

Until one processes their distressing climate or environmental emotions in a healthy way, one may continue to feel upset by them. Therefore, in addition to what is on this page, to help you, we also have provided: 

1. This critical additional page to proven techniques for processing the above difficult climate emotions.

2. For a super-powerful new video that we highly recommend for emotional and spiritual support due to global warming or environmental emotional upset, click here.

3. To see some additional interesting and important benefits and positive perspectives on the many challenges before us told as a narrative, please click here. You will be glad you did!

4. If you are of a spiritual nature and you would like to expand your emotional and spiritual support as we go through the hard times ahead, please click here. It will take you to our sister website Universe Spirit where you can explore Evolution Spirituality, an open-source, science-grounded new form of personalizable spiritual practice. 

5. Next, please click here for the "Big Picture" evolutionary perspectives on how the post-collapse Great Global Rebirth will likely come about.

This is a Great Global Rebirth must-read and the second part of The Great Global Rebirth materials!

6. Be sure to see this practical page on the many challenges of the Great Global Rebirth as well!


(This page is derived in part from the 2016 book, Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. It has been updated with new climate research since 2016 as applicable. Climageddon is Available on Amazon.)

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The not-for-profit Job One for Humanity organization provides a unique "big picture" view of the many interconnected and interdependent climate system factors behind the climate and global heating emergency. Unlike other climate change educational organizations, we do provide critical-path, prioritized solutions based upon the REAL global fossil fuel reduction targets and the global warming tipping point deadlines we currently face. 

Our website focuses on educating individuals and businesses about surviving and thriving through the future climate change and global heating challenges. We also integrate the complex "big picture" math and physics-driven interactions of the climate's many sub-systems into easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. 

As you will soon discover, you have found a very special climate change educational website and you will soon be reading the most read page on our website.

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