Your Guide for How to Join or Build a ClimateSafe Village

Last updated 3.29.23 

Welcome to the original CSV master model for everything you ever would want to know about ClimateSafe Villages (CSV), the climate-resilient eco-communities of the future. Of course, the ongoing discussion forums at CSV will continue to add to the factors found in our 6-page CSV master model. 

Review this page only if you are seriously interested in the benefits and possibilities of:

a. the ClimateSafe Villages movement,

b. joining a ClimateSafe Village (CSV),

c. or creating an independent local version of your own.

We have four ClimateSafe Village models; urban, rural, hybrid and virtual. With local modifications, our four ClimateSafe Village models can be adapted to almost every worldwide urban or rural location and situation.

If you are just browsing or want to get a quick beginning-level sense of who we are and what we are doing, we strongly recommend you first start explore the new ClimateSafe Villages website to more easily introduce you to the many benefits of these unique and necessary new communities. Please click here to go to our newfar less detail filled ClimateSafe Village website to start exploring the many positive possibilities.


Nowhere on Earth will be 100% safe from ALL climate change consequences. But we can create climate-safer locations and communities using the practices of climate change preparation, adaptation, and resilience building. ClimateSafe Villages will help you make wherever you live as climate-safe as possible using our information." 

Here is our new CSV introductory video on CSV done as an interview by the Climate Emergency Forum.



Welcome to Page 1, An Overview of ClimateSafe Villages (CSV)

Please feel free to skip directly to any linked section title below that most interests you. You can return to the other section titles later. 

Here are the sections you will find on this page:

1. What are ClimateSafe Villages


2. Key reasons to Join and Support Our Urban, Rural, Hybrid, or Virtual ClimateSafe Villages Models or Build Your Own 


3. A Quick Overview of the CSV Design Goals and Qualities


4. The Short and Long-term Purposes Behind the creation of CSV and its four model


5. Features of the Rural Model


6. Additional Goals of Our Four Models


7. Principles for How We Will Achieve Our ClimateSafe Village Goals


8. What New Members Will Start Doing When They Join


9. The Motivations Behind the Creation of Our Four Models


10. What Organization is Behind the Four ClimateSafe Village Models


11. How to Get Started and Join Any One of Our Four Models




1. What are ClimateSafe Villages (CSVs)

Welcome to our "survive and thrive" ClimateSafe Village online guide for the not-for-profit, educational ClimateSafe Villages social benefit organization and the Climatesafe Villages Movement.

ClimateSafe Villages and the Climate Safe Villages Movement are far more than just places better equipped and ready to survive the increasing climate change and other consequences many intelligent individuals see or sense are coming. ClimateSafe Villages are, first and foremost, places of peace where you can live lives of sustainability, equality, justice, and safety away from the increasing levels of ecological, societal, economic, and political pre-system failed dysfunctionality.

As we prepare for the climate change emergency and humanity's many other challenges, it is easy to lose focus on the primary meaning of the ClimateSafe Village movement. Our focus is not on mere survival like thousands of survivalist communities worldwide. 

Yes, we must deal with the climate emergency and the many other problems/crises arising in our globalized society. But, while we honestly acknowledge and prepare for the apparent climate and other survival problems, in the CSV movement, we focus most of our attention, energy, and resources on creating the physical, environmental, social, cultural, and psychological quality of life that will model the critical new solutions for eventually resolving our currently worsening problems, injustices, and inequities within humanity and the greater society which will cause widespread eventual multiple human systems collapse described in great detail here.

Among many benefits you will find within this 6-page CSV guide, in a ClimateSafe Village, you will be able to live in balance with nature and live healthy values in a kind and rational community that does not support the endless "extract, consume, and waste" cycle of modern consumerism as the cultural measure of success, personal worth, or character. You can live a sustainable and peaceful way of life, described in great detail further down this page and in the other five pages of the CSV guide. 

If you are looking for an "us vs. them" survivalist community, we are not that or even close to that. You will be far happier and better suited to join one of the thousands of existing survivalist communities worldwide. 

If you are here to promote investment schemes or seek personal profit either off our members or from the worsening climate emergency or from the suffering of the other crises humanity is experiencing, these negatively exploitive private profit-seeking behaviors will not be tolerated within our communities. 

If you are interested in living your best possible life, dealing with our current and challenging reality, and building something beautiful for the future and future generations, read our 6-page guide, and you will have no doubts about who we are and where we are going.

If our vision and values align with yours, welcome aboard. If they do not, we wish you the best in your endeavors and adventures. 

Our four village models

Our four new ClimateSafe Village models, Urban, Rural, Hybrid, and Virtual, also have similarities and significant differences from what most people consider a traditional ecovillageEcovillages in Wikipedia are defined as small, self-sufficient communities living from and around their natural surroundings.

They are found mainly in rural areas where their inhabitants build small societies and mini-cultures based on cooperation, self-sufficiency, renewable energies, and ecological materials. There are already about 10,000 ecovillages worldwide.

Our four unique urban, rural, hybrid, and virtual CSV models contain and forward the following qualities/goals which are both similar and yet significantly different from eco-villages.

They are:

a.) designed to be safer, more secure, and highly climate change and disaster-resilient to be better positioned to ride out the transitional worsening of our coming climate change consequences and the worsening of most of the world's other 11 serious global crises. 

b.) designed to grow substantial food organically in urban homes, gardens and greenhouses or on small rural farms.

c.) built around living in a sustainable and thriving balance with the surrounding environment and its ecosystems in both urban and rural areas. (In ways that also take into account healthier living design initiatives and help address climate change risks such as drought, flooding, heatwaves, long-term blackouts, air pollution, etc.)

d.) places where you can live progressive (non-climate change-denying) values like respect, fair exchange, and economic, social, and racial justice, etc. 

e.) interactive with other communities. They will trade, interact, and share our information and our evolving optimal community models with individuals worldwide and with communities surrounding our rural and urban communities. In classes, classrooms, and online, CSV will educate individuals, businesses, and surrounding communities about accelerating climate change consequences, necessary climate emergency preparations and adaptations, and other critical climate resilience-building and resilience actions needed in homes, businesses, and large and small urban or rural communities worldwide. And,

f. a necessary sanctuary and refuge from the world's escalating dangers and currently intractable problems during the world's rapid transition toward widespread ecological (climate change-drive), economic, political, and social disruption, disasters and multiple systems collapse. CSVs will also act as an essential sanctuary and refuge to help preserve the necessary peace and stability for a healthy body, mind, and spirit to help its members survive the coming disruption, disasters and eventual transition to a more just equitable and sustainable world and society.

CSVs are science-grounded social, environmental, and cultural quality-of-life communities where you would really want to live your best lives and values, even if we were not facing the climate change emergency and today's other enormous stresses. 

To better understand the thriving quality of life primary focus of CSV's, we strongly recommend:

1. you carefully read about the physical, cultural, environmental, social, and psychological values CSV holds on this page to quickly determine if we are a good match for you, above and beyond any better survival benefits we offer. If you are not aligned with most of our values for creating a better future while still surviving the present we have created for ourselves, then we are not a good match for you.

2. you watch the new Netflix show, Live to 100, the Secrets of the Blue Zones. It also speaks to the many quality of life and human connection practices we will focus on developing within CSV.

Another way to overview what ClimateSafe Villages are NOT --- is to also see them as communities that do everything possible to prevent the dysfunctionality, biases, and pathologies of the larger outside society and culture from entering or growing in our sustainable, equitable, and just new mini-cultures and communities, which we are consciously assembling, building together, and modeling for others to see and freely use.
2. Please read this quality of life page from the original big CSV vision to come to a deeper understanding that we're not just trying to survive what's coming. We are primarily trying to thrive in every meaningful way while we work out and model better solutions to the unhandled problems that exist today. 
Here is another good, quick, and simple way to think about who we are and what we do:

We are a non-profit educational organization providing open-access information and classes designed to help create a network of sustainable, climate change, and disaster-resilient urban and rural eco-communities we call ClimateSafe Villages. 

To do this, we teach the subjects needed to protect, preserve, and expand humanity's viability and evolve a safer, more equitable, and just world and a better future. We focus on the world's most dangerous and destructive problems, but more importantly, their solutions (such as establishing climate change-resistant and resilient organic food production and creating climate change and disaster-resilient eco-homes, eco-buildings, and eco-communities.


The ClimateSafe Villages project's long-term goal for humanity's future is...

ClimateSafe Villages' long-term goal is for their communities to help save as much of humanity as possible and to serve as "beacons of light," modeling time-proven new ideas, values, and behaviors needed for future generations. ClimateSafe Villages are designed to make it through the climate change emergency and widespread global collapse, which, when finally resolved, will also eventually facilitate a Great Global Rebirth.

(To see in detail what these new ideas, values, and behaviors might look like for a better future for future generations, click here and look at Benefit 2.)

Using systems thinking and dialectical meta-systemic thinking principles, modeling, and analysis, ClimateSafe Villages looks out 50 years into the future. We even plan and prepare for what our communities must do to survive and thrive if all goes wrong and if we enter a post-collapse New Dark Age.

The above brief CSV description will give you an excellent introductory overview of what ClimateSave Villages are. Still, many other essential and exciting longer-term CSV goals are described further down this page and on other pages of this online guide. Even if you have not considered joining our community, we have much to offer you in the form of open-access information on preparing, adapting, and building climate change resilience in your home or business right where you live today.


A powerful video worth watching as well

You might want to watch this Earth 2100 video sometime while you're exploring CSV. Just click on the image below.



Why individuals and families join the ClimateSafe Villages Movement

We have observed that most people join or start building a change-resilient community because they understand and finally realize one or more of the following:

a. they want to live in a vibrant community that matches their core values and not the many dysfunctional, inequitable, and unjust values of today's society and macro culture. 

b. there is so little time left to prepare, adapt, and build resilience and

c. by themselves, these individuals realize that they will be unable to manage or survive the accelerating climate change emergency, no matter how wealthy they are or supported by a private security team.

Beyond living the value-driven life they desire, they know if they do not prepare, adapt, and build resilience now, they, their loved ones, and their businesses will needlessly suffer near-unrecoverable climate change and other related consequences.

They also realize and understand the following:

1. no government can protect or help them recover from the skyrocketing financial losses from escalating climate change consequences sometime after 2025. This 2025-2031 period is when climate change consequences go from the dramatic increase in the severity, frequency, and scale of climate consequences we see today to a near-exponential rise in the severity, frequency, and scale of climate consequences. This dramatic increase in climate consequences will occur because we will cross key climate change tipping points beginning around 2025. 

2. the value of having access to the CSV emergency preparation, adaptation, and climate change resilience-building knowledge base, tools, forms, contracts, affordable architectural designs, equipment designs, and other critical specification lists for soil quality, best locations, etc., already existing or soon being completed. Wise individuals do not want to waste money or valuable time "reinventing the wheel" in an emergency when that wheel has already been invented. 

3. the value of a worldwide CSV support team: They know that even though it will be them making all of the critical preparation, adaptation, and climate change resilience-building changes DIY style (do it yourself), they know that having a similarly dedicated support team will be a significant reason they will be successful in achieving their climate change preparation goals.)

4. by bringing and contributing their knowledge, skills, experience, or resource piece of the solution, "their brick," they know they will walk away with a "house" because of the open access sharing principle of ClimateSafe Villages. CSV shares everything in their master models: knowledge, tools, forms, contracts, affordable climate change-resilient home, building, and community architectural designs, etc. (This "bring a brick, get a house" principle comes from the open source software industry; where programmers contribute their software piece to the master program and "walk away" the ability to use the whole software program freely [the house]). 

5. being a CSV member is a wise "insurance policy" type hedge against a future predicted to exponentially worsen before it gets better. They see the ClimateSafe Villages project as a critical element necessary to "insure" their overall future well-being and survival. In a way, for those who value the role of insurance in managing risks, ClimateSafe Villages offers an ultimate form of a climate change life protection and extension policy.

6. some retired grandparents seek a climate-safer place for their later years where they can also leave this home to their children and grandchildren for their future climate safety. Many young children's parents also think similarly; although not near retirement age, they too want their children to have a place for long-term safety.

7. things are going to get a whole lot worse before getting better. Many individuals have also watched the riveting Earth 2100 video by ABC TV, linked and described in this article. That video and review in this blog article not only make climate change facts simple but also put our painful climate change future in a perspective that is hard to deny. Many have also watched the Extrapolations show on Apple Plus.

8. there are many additional reasons and benefits for people joining the ClimateSafe Villages movement. They are the many benefits you and your family will receive as you, and we work on fixing and managing the climate change emergency and its accelerating consequences. You also will get to participate in the possibilities of a Great Rebirth after we make it through the coming trials and hardships.

Click here to review those dozens of other climate change-related benefits on the Job One website, including the post climate crisis's Great Rebirth's possibilities. 

If you think widespread collapse could not occur in multiple human systems because of the worsening of the many crises that humanity now faces, please click here and read about the normal collapse processes of evolution and the evolutionary history of life. This page is a real mind-opener! It will provide a healthy, big-picture perspective on humanity's current crises and help balance the anxiety and other negative emotions surrounding the challenges in front of us.

ClimateSafe Villages promote members living peaceful, progressive, value-aligned lives away from the many economic, political, and social dysfunctions causing the climate change emergency and our other 11 largest crises facing humanity. New ways of living more equitable,just and sustainable lives are being researched, tested, and enacted. Hence, CSVs can create better lives for members that also be shared with other communities. 

ClimateSafe Villages are also working to realize the 17 sustainable goals of the UN are guiding models of sustainable living and social-ecological transformation of the society!



Our members 

ClimateSafe Villages are filled with cooperative and reciprocating individuals who create solutions in difficult situations. They do not come only or primarily to take, receive, or be helped. They come to give and share knowledge, experience, and skills. They come to assist others while assisting themselves and being assisted.

Without finding and focusing on individuals with reciprocating cooperative natures, building the worldwide ClimateSafe Villages network would be impossible to create before accelerating climate change consequences make things too unstable. If you are a natural reciprocator with a collaborative and cooperative nature, you will love Climatesafe villages and feel at home with others of a similar nature.

Our organization

ClimateSafe Villages, as a non-profit organization, is also not the project of "or owned by" any single individual or group. A single individual or group could never achieve it. 

It is an open-access vision and not-for-profit project that is the goal and the creation of every prudent individual who protects themselves, their families, their communities, our unique and critical biological systems, our world, and the best of our diverse cultures and civilization. Everyone who shows up At CSV is helping to protect themselves and our future from the climate change emergency and the worsening of most of the world's other 11 serious global crises. 

ClimateSafe Villages is not "our" project. It is your and everyone's project if you see its merits and choose to join with others of similar mind and spirit. 

"ClimateSafe Villages is far more than just prepping for climate change or becoming a climate change prepper. Among its many benefits, it offers uncensored and un-politicized climate change causes, facts, tools, analysis, and effective climate change resilience building, preparation, adaptation, and solutions." Lawrence Wollersheim

ClimateSafe Villages is unique in other ways.

When we say we are creating survive and thrive ClimateSafe Villages worldwide, people have many different ideas of what that means. They often think of similar things like intentional communities, co-housing communities, sustainability communities, resilience communities, prepper communities, degrowth communities, ecovillages, conservation communities, simplicity communities, deep adaptation communities, evolutionary communities, agrihoods, eco-prepper communities, farmers cooperatives, eco-spiritual communities, even survivalist communities. 

While our four new ClimateSafe Village models may include and combine the best elements from many of these kinds of other communities, they are something new and quite unique. Please continue reading to explore more about who we are, what we do, and what is different about our new ClimateSafe models.


Who is the driving force behind the ClimateSafe Villages movement 

It is you. It is not the CSV directors, staff, team members, or volunteers! And, it will always be you. 

Please do not wait for anyone else to lead you in getting what you need to be done to protect yourself, your family, and your business, as we are a leaderless movement. All we have is willing and wise collaborators and cooperators sharing knowledge and efforts.

If you want to get something done on creating a ClimateSafe Village or preparing for what is coming, do it! You never need anyone's permission to do good in the world.

Be the lead coordinator and let other cooperators gather around you with similar circumstances and interests.

While there is no need to panic, we are running out of time before we cross critical climate change tipping points (from 2025-2031.) Things will get much worse during that 2025-2031 period, far faster than they can be prepared for or adapted to.

Additionally, once things get far worse and many more people finally recognize we are in an accelerating climate change emergency, many of the critical supplies you will desperately need will be unavailable or unaffordable. Also, please keep in mind that it takes about 3 years for most people to build and buy everything you will need to protect yourself and your loved ones from what is coming with the climate's destabilization and other global crises.

All this only means what it has always meant in every area of your life. 

You are the driving force behind the ClimateSafe Villages movement and the growth of new ClimateSafe Villages.

Please select and start your first CSV-related project. Other wise collaborators with similar circumstances and interests are already looking for you.

Our current focus

Currently, our primary focus is building the Bellingham ClimateSafe Village while we also help support others in creating ClimateSafe Villages in other locations. The Bellingham, Washington, USA location will be our new headquarters and is designed to be a high-level master model for sharing with other ClimatesSafe Villages locations like ClimatesSafe Villages Inverness Scotland, ClimatesSafe Villages Berlin, etc.

We plan to share everything we learn in an open-access manner the Bellingham community's climate-resilient architectural layout, home and building designs, legal structure, land leasing contracts, and member contracts, as well as all other information we have gathered over the years to create a thriving long-term climate-resilient community. Other ClimateSafe Village locations may choose as much of the Bellingham master model to use or as little as they like.

Accordingly, ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham continuously gathers additional information to create and demonstrate the best master model that can be duplicated worldwide. Having almost every piece of the master model together, done, and easily transferable to other locations will significantly expedite other locations' building and growth process and prevent costly and time-consuming unnecessary delays or mistakes.

(Please note you will never be required to join the ClimateSafe Villages project or team to access our information. You can create an your own independent community version and use our information or use our data to enhance your existing community. All we ask is that if you do it by yourself, please share any information you discover that also would be helpful to our worldwide CSV growth efforts.)


How long does becoming climate change resilient in an urban or rural CSV community take?

In general, if you are working part-time on the necessary emergency preparations and adaptations (described on this preparation page and this adaptation page), it will take 2 to 3 years to make your home or business in an urban CSV climate change-resilient. If you are building a rural CSV, you could easily be looking at 3 to 5 years. 

If you do it full-time, it will be quicker. Many things, like using permaculture to build high-quality food-growing soil, will still take several years to complete.

Construction companies are extremely busy dealing with the housing shortage and repairing climate change damage. Many of them will put you on a waiting list for up to six months or even a year or longer before they even start your remodeling, upgrading, or construction project.

These additional long build-out times mean that there is a real urgency to get started on your emergency preparations and adaptations today because after we cross critical climate change tipping points from 2025-2031, things will get much worse very fast. They also will continue to worsen from 203o to about 2050, which also means emergency and adaptation supplies will steadily be harder to get. And their costs will continually rise far faster than other commodities. 

This time-sensitive issue does not mean you should ever panic. You have adequate preparation and adaptation time before the worst consequences occur. This time-sensitive issue only means getting busy today while you also "Keep calm and carry on."



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2. More Great Reasons to Join and Support Our Urban, Rural, Hybrid, or Virtual ClimateSafe Villages Models or Build Your Own 

Joining a ClimateSafe Village, or even using our guide to create your own community, is a significant life choice. Understanding the best reasons for taking this step can help you make the right decision for your future and the future of the planet.

A. Understanding Climate Change
Most people will only join and support the ClimateSafe Villages project if they:

Grasp the Climate Facts: You accept the ten essential facts about the climate change emergency, no longer misled by underestimated consequences and predictions from media and government.

Wish to Protect Future Generations: You want your children and grandchildren to be shielded from the worsening effects of climate change, and you recognize that supporting a ClimateSafe Village can help ensure their protection.

Recognize their Government's Limitations: You realize that even massive human and biological extinction events may not prompt governments to adequately address the climate change emergency.

B. More About What ClimateSafe Villages Offer
If you've explored the ClimateSafe Villages design and goals, you know that our urban, rural, and virtual communities provide:

Information and Strategies: Essential knowledge to protect yourself, your families, and your businesses from climate change and global crises.

Community Support: Without proper preparation and a supportive community, facing climate change will become increasingly challenging. Without being in a ClimateSafe Village:

A. Comfort and asset loss prevention will be difficult after 2025-2031.

B. Collecting necessary emergency resources will be unaffordable for most individuals or families.

C. No one will have all the critical skills to manage or recover from climate change-related consequences.

D. Isolation will leave you unprepared for accelerating climate change consequences.

E. Emergency preparation and adaptation will be easier in a ClimateSafe Villages environment.

F. Awareness of regional risks may prompt you to relocate to safer places.

G. Individual or family defense against desperate migrants from climate-stressed regions will be impossible.

H. Living sustainably and thriving will be easier in a cooperative ClimateSafe Village.

I. Supporting ClimateSafe Villages helps others prepare and survive as well, sharing our models and designs openly.

Please read the rest of this section 2; only if You are NOT yet convinced to join a ClimateSafe Village (or creating your own).

(Warning the rest of this section two contains an uncensored, comprehensive and unsettling analysis of the climate change emergency and how this worsening emergency with interact with our 11 other global crises.) 

If you are convinced you want to explore more about joining an ClimateSafe Village,

skip the rest of section 2 and go directly to section 3 below. It is called A Quick Overview of Our New ClimateSafe Village Model and its Basic Design Goals and Qualities. 



The getting-up-to-speed links below for first-time visitors are an uncensored analysis of humanity's 12 worsening crises. After carefully reviewing and considering these worsening 12 global crises causing our escalating current extinction and collapse risks, you should consider joining our four models. The links below are humanity's uncensored extinction and collapse risks, including their reasonable probabilities and their best current projected timetables:

1. Click here to read a summary of the current climate condition. (This is a quick and uncensored summary overview of the climate emergency and its soon-arriving catastrophic consequences. 

2. Click here for a summary of the future-critical four climate change extinction-accelerating tipping points. (This article is crucial for understanding the time frames of the four climate change-related, extinction-accelerating tipping points and the time left for establishing these new eco-communities before what is needed is either too expensive or no longer available. Soaring prices and critical product unavailability will happen as others finally realize things will get a lot worse before they get better, and they need to prepare before it is too late.)

3. Click here to read the step-by-step processes and consequences for extinction and global collapse caused by accelerating climate change, amplifying and multiplying the consequences of humanity's 11 other global crises worsening.

4. Click here for why we have only until about 2025-2031 (if we are lucky) to get prepared for an exponential increase in climate change consequences. 

You now have a good basic overview of humanity's current risk and threat condition. If you are a science person and want to learn more about the science and analysis concerning the many serious risks humanity faces, we also recommend spending additional time reviewing the additional links below.

1. Click here to read about why humanity will not likely go totally extinct, but we could get very close to it. (This link is critical to maintaining the proper perspective about what we can still control for our future and why we must push forward and create these new eco-community models worldwide.)

2. Click here to learn who we are as an independent climate change think tank. Learn about our research materials and analysis processes. What you have read in the links above is not the highly censored and underestimated climate change information you hear in the fossil fuel-influenced media or from our governments. Knowing our research and analysis processes will help you judge their accuracy and usefulness. 

3. Click here to understand why because of 60+ years of ineffective action by our governments, humanity can no longer avoid a climate change-driven extinction process for about half of humanity by mid-century. 

4. Click here to see a summary of the 30 painful predictive reasons why our governments will most likely not fix the climate change emergency before humanity suffers mass to near-total extinction.

We know the above is upsetting and shocking if this is your first exposure to uncensored climate change information, but we have a well-designed and balanced plan to deal with it, as you will soon discover. 

And do not forget, where you live today will be a significant factor in how often and how bad the climate change consequences you will experience will become. The areas between the 35th parallel North and the 35th parallel South will generally suffer more severe climate change-related consequences sooner than many other parts of the world.

Although there are many reasons to want to be in a ClimateSafe Village, at this particular time, because it is a major life change, one should only consider joining or creating one of the four new models described in this guide if they also strongly feel and believe that we are:

a. facing a severe climate change emergency (described briefly here.) or 

b. we are facing other major world crises that are worsening to dangerous, unstable levels. (Described in detail here.)

If you are not seriously concerned about either a or b above, there is no reason to keep reading about the four survive and thrive "stay where you are or move" models described in this guide. 


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3. A Quick Overview of the ClimateSafe Village Model, its Basic Design Goals, and Many Qualities

For over a decade, the Job One for Humanity has worked on sustainable ClimateSafe Village models that could survive and thrive through humanity's 12 major global crises. The result is four modles designed in wise and balanced ways to help manage the unfolding real threats and future we face. 

When we say we are creating a survive and thrive new ClimateSafe Village, people have many different ideas of what that means. They often think of similar things like intentional communities, co-housing communities, sustainability communities, resilience communities, prepper communities, degrowth communities, ecovillages, conservation communities, simplicity communities, deep adaptation communities, evolutionary communities, agrihoods, eco-prepper communities, farmers cooperatives, eco-spiritual communities, even survivalist communities. While our four new eco-community models may include and combine the best elements from many of these kinds of communities, they are also something new and quite unique.

Our four ClimateSafe Village models also strive to transcend what we perceive to be the limitations, missing parts, or flaws in these other above types of communities. So, if you must give us a label, please do not think of us as preppers or survivalists. We are much, much more than having a few necessary prepper elements.

Think about our type of ClimateSafe Village composed of science-grounded progressives (individuals who value nonviolence, compassion, curiosity, respect, etc.), social activists, and sustainability visionaries being wisely practical. Yes, we are preparing for what is coming (as any wise person would who saw a train in a tunnel racing toward them,) but by far, we are focusing a significant amount of our resources on creating what will be needed to create a better future for ALL. (Even though our ClimateSafe Village are primarily designed for progressives, conservatives can also set up their own independent eco-communities using parts of our models. We have even researched and designated climate-safe areas for conservatives to relocate in our Member's website area.)



Here are a few of the qualities, characteristics, or benefits that show up regularly throughout our four ClimateSafe Village models:

1. All four models were designed to be wise choices and great places to live your progressive values and to live sustainable, equitable, and meaningful lives, even if climate change and our 11 other global crises were not worsening and the damages they will cause were not nearly as severe as described on our website and in the links in section 2 above. 

2. Creating and living in these "survive and thrive" ClimateSafe Village to model new solutions to humanity's most profound challenges will also provide a meaningful and creative adventure for many community members' lives. 

3. Several model variations (rural, urban, virtual, or hybrid) are designed to be located in areas safer from climate change consequences and other anticipated future emergencies.

4. Individuals from all races, ethnicities, generations, gender orientations, and life stages are welcome (singles, couples, families, and the retired.)

5. Individuals familiar with or identifying with the following movements or philosophies will find living in our four eco-community models easier transitions. Those movements or ideologies are:

a. progressive,

b. environmental,

c. resilience and sustainability,

d. Deep Adaptation,

e. DeGrowth, 

f. Integral philosophy, 

g. the Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries, and Evolve movements,

h. Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit members, 

i. Unitarian Universalists, and

j. the global and universe citizen movements.

Although our ClimateSafe Village models do not hold every idea or principle from each pre-mentioned category, they do utilize the best wisdom already developed within these movements or philosophies.

6. Some of these new communities will also be incubators that will create, test, and refine new economic, political, and social models for themselves and the potential post-collapse times after humanity has resolved its current 12 major global crises. This way, these communities will not repeat the most profound causes and mistakes that have helped to create our worst current global and national problems. (Those global problems, to mention a few, are climate change, overconsumption, pollution, injustice, economic, political, and social inequality, and a widespread and profound ignorance of the many reasons from humanity's evolutionary history that have caused these global and national crises to exist today still.)

7. We will freely share our four open-access ClimateSafe Village models with the rest of the world. (Open-access also means you do not need to work directly with us.) So, please feel free to use the best of our ClimateSafe Village models and create a separate new community model variation and experiment. We hope you will share what you learn in your community-building experiment with us so we and others can benefit. 

8. We attentively listen to the wise feedback of our ClimateSafe Village members and visitors and quickly adapt to that feedback to create more successful individual and community evolution. 

9. Detailed lists of the many common physical and social ClimateSafe Village characteristics are covered on the following pages. (Our ClimateSafe Village shared values and collective goals are described both on this page and the other eco-community pages.)

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4. The Short and Long-Term Core Purposes Behind The Creation of ClimateSafe Villages and its Four Models 

The four variations of our new ecovillages are about creating community and individual well-being that will survive and thrive through the tough times ahead. You can call them your and Humanity's Plan B backup because Plan A is not working so well.

ClimateSafe Villages must come into existence quickly because:

a. by 2025- 2031, climate change-related consequences will increase from their current linear progression to an exponential progression because of crossed climate change tipping points and triggered climate feedback loops described in detail here.

b. when climate change-related consequences go from their current steady escalation form 2023-2025, then through the next wave of steep consequence increases from 2025-2031, then to exponential consequence increases from 2032-2040, our governments will never be able to adequately provide climate catastrophe and disaster assistance, recovery, or other protections for their citizens. If individuals have not prepared well before the 2025-2031 timeframe, they will be on their own in increasingly turbulent seas with little to no government backup or safe harbor. 

Our new ClimateSafe Village are not designed to be individual profit-making investment opportunities or property development ventures. Community collective well-being, survival, and preserving what is best about humanity are vastly more important than any individual profit-making and real estate investment concerns, particularly at this critical evolutionary juncture where humanity and our civilization are at risk.

 The Short and Long-Term Core Purposes Behind The Creation of ClimateSafe Villages and its Four Models: 

1. to be educational non-profit organization and share our critical knowledge in open-access schools, classrooms, and an online college.

We will educate about:

a. how to adapt and prepare for the climate change emergency and these 11 other global crises. (We are also preparing to adapt to other potential new global crises besides the 11 mentioned in the link above.)

b. how to build climate change resilience and disaster resilience in your home, business, or community.

c. how to create small, sustainable, climate change-resistant, and resilient organic farming, which also incorporates homes and business spaces (also known as Agrihoods.) And,

d. how to build a better post-crises world of universal justice, sustainability, and equality for ALL of humanity by creating among other things, better economic, social, health, religious, and political models.

2. to create a safe and healthy place where: 

a. our new ClimateSafe Village are designed to be safer through the accelerating climate change-related economic, social, and political instabilities, crises, and eventual chaos. This will require extensive, detailed emergency preparations, new adaptations, and resilience building. 

Creating a safe and secure place is always one of our first priorities because it is practical and provides the continuous stability crucial for realizing all other ClimateSafe Village goals like justice, health, and finding better solutions for the present and future. It also has to be the first priority because the stability of our climate, environment, and many aspects of our national and global society is deteriorating rapidly.

Click here for our Job One Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan's detailed list of our general emergency preparation actions.

Click here for our Job One Plan Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan's detailed list of necessary adaptations and resilience-building strategies for the coming climate and other emergencies.

(Please note creating a secure ClimateSafe Village at some point may also require appropriate, balanced and ethical means and strong local relationships to help defend members and the community from the anticipated   social upheaval and chaos created by the worsening of humanity's 12 major global crises estimated to begin occurring about 2032-2040.)

b. to create a place where individuals can live sustainably with nature, live cooperatively with each other and live their progressive, evolutionary, integral, and universal values, minimizing the many negative environmental and community consequences of the current advertising-driven and highly competitive consumerism. 

This new ClimateSafe Village culture-supported values balance will allow members more time to live purposefully and pursue knowledge, relationships, health and wellness, personal growth, peace, art, and leisure. Additionally, by spending less time working and competing merely to consume and waste more things that we really do not need, we save our beautiful planet from the rapidly escalating resource overshoot.

Resource overshoot is a major cause of our accelerating climate change emergency and many of our 11 other global crises. 

c. to be a place where community, individual, and environmental freedoms and responsibilities are in appropriate balanced. Humanity, the individual, and these new ClimateSafe Villages must also return to a better balance with nature so that our natural ecosystems can survive and thrive. This re-balancing is critical because humanity's immediate and long-term future depends wholly upon the well-being of nature's natural ecosystems.

3. to create, live, and enact new solutions and compassionate responses to our current 12 global crises while reducing crisis suffering and saving more lives and the natural world.

Visionary individuals within our communities will work on how to build a better post-crises world of universal justice, sustainability, and equality for ALL of humanity by creating among other things, better economic, social, religious, and political models.

4. to create a new democratic, cooperation-driven model for just, sustainable, and equitable lifestyles and livelihoods, which will transcend our current destructive global and national crises, inequities, and injustices of today's hierarchal, patriarchal, and dominance-driven economic, political, and social systems. 

5. to collect and preserve the best aspects of humanity's knowledge, art, literature, and wisdom from humanity's evolution to ensure it will be available for future generations in a possible post collapse world. Collecting and preserving all of the truth, beauty, and goodness that our civilization has created for whoever survives what is coming is critical.

These new ClimateSafe Village will also eventually have an extensive library of the most useful and essential pre-industrial human knowledge (in case we also have to endure a long post-collapse period or even a transitional dark age and loss of most of our modern technology before life re-normalizes. These communities would even collect and hold in reserve essential hand-powered tools and preindustrial supplies and processes.) 

Measures would also be taken to help reduce the impacts of post-collapse loss of critical knowledge. These include protecting and preserving CSV's knowledge hubs. This would also include high-tech digital security knowledge to protect against preserved knowledge getting compromised, wiped out, or destroyed.

6. to create as many new independent ClimateSafe Villages as quickly as possible worldwide. Evolution's best guarantee of success and survival is having many experiments and variations going on simultaneously, which means lots of ClimateSafe Village experimenting and adapting to changing local conditions. With lots of CSV and similar communities operational, at least some of humanity should make it through what is coming.

7. to build a better post-crises, post-collapse world of universal justice, sustainability, and equality for ALL of humanity by creating, among other things, better economic, social, health, religious, and political models.

The first purpose of the carefully researched and chosen policies, procedures, and physical, cultural, and individual member qualities of the ClimateSafe Villages models is to create sustainable and climate change-resilient communities worldwide with the best possibilities to survive the many catastrophic climate change-related primary and secondary consequences many of which are now unavoidable, and the worsening of most of the world's other 11 serious global crises. 

Our core purposes and goals will not be accomplished simultaneously but in well-planned phases. If you would like to join our ClimateSafe Village as a co-founder, co-creator, project manager, member, or founding funding member, please continue reading more about our overall vision and then contact us. (After five years of an extensive land search for our rural land-based models, we already have several global warming-safer land areas pre-screened and selected.)


We believe that the best chance of surviving a global warming-triggered Great Global Collapse and the unavoidable extinction of much of humanity by mid-century is by being a part of a well-prepared, well-designed, value-based, climate change-resilient ecovillage. 

Because it is unlikely we will come close to the extinction-preventing 2025-2031 global fossil fuel reduction targets, in addition to creating urban resilience hubs for those who cannot or will not relocate, it is a major goal of our organization to support the creation of many ClimateSafe Villages in rural global warming safer locations. 

To build these new ClimateSafe Villages, we are looking for new leaders that understand the urgency of the climate emergency and have the skills to recruit others and help develop these new ClimateSafe Villages. Our organization will not build all these models by itself. It will be people like yourself.

As an organization, we have decided to put most of our resources into doing everything possible through education to prevent a global heating-driven near-total extinction event. We also have focused on gathering the most critical information needed to make these new ClimateSafe Villages successful in the global warming-safest possible locations. 

(Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Building these new ClimateSafe Village is also critical because individuals, small family groups, or clans will not be large enough or able to provide enough resources or backup support and defense necessary to make it through the later stages of a great global collapse and if all goes really bad or into a post-collapse transitional dark age. Only those ClimateSafe Villagethat are well-prepared, well-defended, and have the deepest emotional, philosophical, and shared spiritual roots and values (if you are of a spiritual nature) will have the physical, psychological, and spiritual resilience needed to survive the daily horrors and traumas and the many difficult life and death decisions they will be regularly forced to make to survive.

Job One for Humanity will provide much of this critical physical information these new ClimateSafe Villages need. This physical knowledge will give these new ecovillages a far better chance to make it through the coming Great Global Collapse to build a better world (the Great Global Rebirth) using the painful lessons learned by surviving. 

Hopefully, many individuals and businesses will use our information to:

a. help slow global warming (Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

b. make emergency preparations for accelerating global warming consequences and the world's other 11 major global crises (Part 1 of the Job One Plan), and

c. adapt to these crises as they unfold so they can survive and learn from the coming painful lessons. (Part 2 of the Job One Plan),

If the lessons of the Great Global Collapse are learned, those lessons can become the foundation of a new and Great Global Rebirth. 

We also support creating as many new ClimateSafe Villageas possible, even if they do not use the same physical, philosophical, or spiritual models as our eco-community models. Only by having many of these new experimental ClimateSafe Villages come into being can we reasonably hope that at least some will survive. Nature always runs multiple evolutionary experiments at once, and so must we. 

And finally, creating these new ClimateSafe Village in global heating safer areas is best done by younger individuals from all genders, races, religions, ethnicities, and nations in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s whose values are compatible with the values discussed in the following pages. However, if you are older and already living in a global warming safer place, creating or being a part of a new ClimateSafe Village could work for you as well. (Please note older individuals are welcome in our community, but if you cannot share in normally shared community gardening and other community maintenance and management tasks, you will be expected to make a larger monthly membership contribution.)

"There is little margin for emergency preparation errors when there is a soon-arriving real threat like climate change mass extinction." Lawrence Wollersheim

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5. The General Features and Qualities of the Land-Based Rural ClimateSafe Village Model

The description below mostly focuses on what we call our first rural land-based community. All four variations of our new ClimateSafe Village model can use any or all of the features and qualities below except for the virtual and urban ecovillage variations because of their land space limitations. 

The ideal rural location was designed to be within 30 minutes of a progressive urban area close to all other needed or essential services such as medical, fire, repair, retail, etc. For our first rural ClimateSafe Village, we envision an initial land purchase of about 20-200 + acres in a four-season, global warming-safer location and in a progressive area.

The project's first phase would consist of 10-25 independently owned or long-term leased net-zero, fire-resistant, tiny, or small homes. (Depending on the initial land purchase size, more homes would be added in phase two.)

As currently envisioned, community members can get a 99-year lease for the land to build their homes. Members will also pay an agreed-upon monthly amount to cover common costs, not unlike a homeowners association fee. (We are still working out details on this.) When members are gone or traveling, they may rent or lease out their tiny net-zero homes to other pre-approved individuals aligned with the ClimateSafe Village's shared sustainability, conservation, and social values and worldview.

This first land-based ClimateSafe Village would have a community center with a common event area, a large community event kitchen, laundry, and a gym. The community center would also have multiple rooms that could be used for community education, socializing, meetings, specialty classes, watching or projecting big-screen TV for cultural events, etc.

There will be dormitory-style housing for singles. A section of community buildings will be set aside for value-compatible businesses and manufacturing that individuals can bring into the community. This first eco-community would also have community member meditation and reflection areas.

This first ClimateSafe Village would also have a community 4-season organic and permaculture garden assisted by LED grow lights for additional food growing and heat in the winters. Individuals could also have personal gardens in their personal home spaces. In addition, the eco-community will have common solar and wind power, independent water, sewage, and water capture systems, as well as hydroponics and aquaponics systems.

This first ecovillage will embrace the critical principle of technology balance known as appropriate technology.

It will tend toward consuming only what you truly need and being happy and satisfied with less, in alignment with many of the anti "consume and waste" principles of the Degrowth movement. This community will reflect and promote all types of conservation, sustainability, and living simply with minimum consumption lifestyles and livelihoods.

We will also have a full-cycle recycling system for all forms of recyclables and waste. Reduce, reuse, and recycle will be a strong sustainability value forwarded within the community.

Members of this community will share common community expenses and maintenance responsibility for the more expensive tools or modes of transportation purchased for the common good or use (snow plows, large farming tools, equipment, etc.) Community members would also have the option to engage collective bulk purchasing outside the community for needed products that would not get grown or produced within the community. (Please note our ecovillages are not communes.)

Ideally, a community could even come together in work parties, follow the lead of local expertise, and build things themselves. (I. E. Habitat for Humanity style or in Amish "barn raising" type events.) 



This first rural ClimateSafe Village will also have extra RV or tiny home spaces available so that individuals can live in the community temporarily and see if it is right for them and their families.

Initially, we will purchase or have the options on enough land so the community can build 25-50 tiny homes (about 150-500 people per community at maximum.) We may start with only 10-25 tiny/small independently owned or leased homes.

All community member-purchased homes will be net-zero, fire-resistant tiny or small homes built on or brought to the property. (All delivered homes must be approved for fire and wind survivability and other climate change safety issues before moving into the community.)

In addition to selling all kinds of community value-compatible online educational courses and services, the community would have other forms of eco-business or eco-friendly manufacturing or crafts that would help fully support the community's needs financially and provide the appropriate economic exchange within and outside communities. This way, all working community members could have a steady and dependable cash flow. 

These ecovillages could also offer all kinds of eco or other educational retreats or week-long or monthly live-on-site sustainability, permaculture, and organic gardening classes as additional ways to make these communities viable.

These first ecovillages could be the ideal places for former professionals to retire to have relative climate stability for their remaining lives and as places of safety for their children's future. Adequately funded retirees at the core of these new eco-communities could provide some initial startup funding stability and valuable multi-generational life experience and wisdom to help ensure community success.

Of course, there are no guarantees that these eco-communities will survive ALL of the coming climate destabilization consequences or a widespread collapse of critical economic, ecological, social, and political systems. That is why we did not call them climate safe ecovillages but ClimateSafe Villages. But, it is reasonable to believe that, if these ecovillages are well prepared and adapt quickly to changing conditions, these new ecovillages should survive far longer with more security, stability, and comfort and considerably less suffering than individuals or groups who have not properly planned and prepared for what is needed for the coming climate change emergency and our 11 other major global challenges.

It is even possible that these ecovillages might become essential seeds and successful examples for supporting a Great Global Rebirth. In these carefully designed communities, we can preserve a realistic measure of appropriate hope for the future, the best of our civilization, and, hopefully, our dignity.

In addition to the first ecovillage co-founders, this new community will need teachers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, mechanics, permaculture and gardening people, nurses, doctors, psychologists, and others like skilled administrators that can make a thriving, self-sufficient, and balanced community.

We are looking at multiple ways to fund the initial large land purchase and build the community common spaces and infrastructure. Our initial community funding ideas include everything from:

a. wealthy individuals willing to put up the initial community funding.

b. initial members buying/leasing the land for their homes plus contributing a certain amount to a common fund for the construction of common buildings and the needed infrastructure described above.

c. crowdfunding donations. 

d. other exploratory fundraising ideas.

The success of our new CSV community models is based primarily on our ability to educate members (and others) about the climate and other cries that are coming and about our ecovillage values and how to live them successfully. Consequently, skilled educators will always hold among the highest value, priority, and honored of positions within our eco-communities.

"If you are in a high-risk climate change location and want to suffer far less and live another 5-15 years, start preparing and adapting now. If you are in a normal risk area and want to suffer far less and live another 15-30 years or more, join or build a ClimateSafe Village. If you want to suffer far less and live 30-50+ years in a lower risk area, join or build a ClimateSafe Village in a remote, isolated location." Lawrence Wollersheim

For more information on how these eco-communities will be organized, please see the rest of this page and the other pages in this ecovillage guide listed at the bottom of this page.       Return to Overview


6. Additional Equity and Justice Goals of Our Four ClimateSafe Village Models

A fundamental goal in creating these new communities is to bring together caring, intelligent, progressive individuals with similar science-grounded worldviews into a mutually supportive relationship. This new union will give us a far better collective chance to survive and thrive through the pending and future crises.

Our goals also align well with the UN's current global sustainable development goals. The illustration below will give you a quick snapshot of much of what we value in the form of sustainable human development.





Another useful way to continually think about these new ClimateSafe Villageis that they will be doing what any wise and informed individual would do in creating a healthy, just, sustainable, and equitable lifestyle and livelihood --- even if global warming was not accelerating and most of these 11 other crises were not worsening

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7. The Principles for How We Will Achieve Our ClimateSafe Village Goals

1. We use the principles of science, rationality, and the principles of successful universe evolution to build our new ClimateSafe Villages (our small-scale micro-cultures). Using these tools, we are more likely to survive what is coming and preserve what is best about our civilization.

2. We use a science-grounded understanding of the deep causes of today's problems as corrective information to adapt, create and evolve the new behaviors, values, policies, and models needed within our small-scale ClimateSafe Villages. We strive to make the best choices even when left with bad or painful options. We always focus on working toward the best possible option while still preparing for the worst.

Our deepest hope is that our new ClimateSafe Village micro-culture models and example will eventually inspire a more equitable and sustainable macro-culture (world) for ourselves and future generations.

We will do 1 and 2 above in such a way that we:

a. help reduce the coming harm and suffering,

b. create new possibilities for a more evolved and healthy future while still 

c. experiencing as much meaning and joy as possible each day throughout the painful process that is to come while

d. helping to save and salvage whatever we can.

4, We do not seek perfection or ideological purity, only evolutionary progress. 

5. We do not fight with the far larger macro-culture. We do not have the time or additional resources to do so. The macro-culture is collapsing because of bad decisions, lack of genuine international cooperation, structural inequalities and injustices, and environmental destruction. Instead, we focus on the limited good we can do within our micro-cultures before anticipated catastrophes intensify, i.e., we prepare for them and slow them down where possible.

6. We will spend the educational time and resources necessary to ensure all members understand their freedoms and responsibilities within the community, the freedoms, and responsibilities of the community toward the individual (and toward itself). Establishing a healthy and proper balance between individual and community freedoms and responsibilities is crucial. (This information will be a part of our social contract each new member signs in some of the four eco-community models.)

7. We will build our ClimateSafe Villages in well-planned phases, starting with the easiest, fastest, and most crucial eco-community survive and thrive actions.

The above also means that if you join us, you too will get to help co-create the urgently needed solutions that will help protect and preserve the future, and you and your family will also get to enjoy the many rewards of doing so.

We are now facing an unparalleled moment of peak collective challenge far beyond the recent hardships of the Covid pandemic and the recent economic disruptions. This unprecedented collective moment will require wisdom, tremendous sacrifice, massive changes, and enduring new hardships that humanity has never faced before to survive and thrive through what is coming.

If you are looking for intelligent and balanced actions to make it through the unfolding 12 major global crises for as long as possible, our four ClimateSafe Village models, the Job One website, and the Job One for Humanity Plan was developed for this unique moment in time. 

"Only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable." Surprisingly, a quote from Milton Friedman, an economist.

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8. What New Members Will Start Doing When They Join One of Our ClimateSafe Villages Models

After some initial member introductions, connections, and ClimateSafe Village education, in most cases, new members in all four models of our eco-communities will start on needed emergency preparations and needed adaptations for themselves or their chosen village model or both simultaneously (depending upon which model they have chosen.)

Click here to review a list of all currently needed emergency preparations found in the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan.

Click here to review a list of all currently needed emergency adaptations found in the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Resilience and Recovery Plan.

There are three good reasons we generally start everyone off working on their needed emergency preparations and adaptations of the Job One for Humanity Plan:

1. There is a real urgency to get these needed emergency preparations and adaptations done because of the worsening of our twelve major global crises, particularly the climate change emergency, which is predicted to get exponentially worse from 2025-2031 because of climate change tipping points and feedback loops being crossed and triggered.

2. It can take as long as several years to get all of the needed emergency preparations, gardens, and adaptations done before everyone sees the unfolding emergency and prices soar, and supplies disappear.

3. Completing emergency preparations and adaptations can sometimes be challenging. Having the ready support of your chosen ClimateSafe Village helping you is powerful when you are working through completing the many needed emergency preparations and adaptations we all will need to get done as things continue getting worse before they get better.

There is also a lot more normal daily life that goes on in these villages, besides the emergency preparations and adaptation actions and education.  

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9. The Motivation Behind the Creation of the Four CSV Models

As a non-profit organization, we are supporting the urgency for the creation of new and diverse sustainable CSV eco-communities worldwide for several reasons:

1. See this article.

2. Most of these 12 escalating global crises are rapidly worsening! 

2. People will need good information and a supportive ClimateSafe Village to endure the many things necessary to survive and thrive on the difficult road ahead.

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10. The Organization is Behind the Four CSV Models

Job One for Humanity is a 100% publicly funded, independent climate change think tank. It is a DBA of a 30-year-old US, IRS-recognized, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization called Factnet. Factnet has received the highest possible nonprofit trust rating of Platinum Transparency from Guidestar/Candid. Guidestar is an independent organization that examines other nonprofit organizations' financial and administrative effectiveness and ethics in executing its mission. 

Click here for more information about Job One for Humanity. Also, see the links on the About top navigation menu on this website for information on its executives, advisory board, etc.        Return to Overview



11. How to Get Started and Join Any One of Our Four ClimateSafe Village Models

If you have read enough and see the value and need for our various ClimateSafe Village models, please join and help with this worthy and meaningful work. We invite everyone interested to help us grow and enhance our models with your ideas, wisdom, and efforts.

If we cooperate and get started now, we can still be prepared for the critical 2025-2031 threshold. From 2025-2031, climate change consequences will go from their current linear progression into an exponential progression because of many climate change tipping points crossed and climate feedback loops triggered.

Here are the most critical initial areas where new members, volunteers, and especially project managers are needed. These areas are law, fund-raising, finance, eco-friendly architectural community design, online and offline education, sustainable general contracting, construction, plumbing, electrical, administrative management, recruiting and human resources, medical services, wellness services, therapeutic psychological services, internet security, software design, permaculture, organic gardening, animal husbandry, and public relations. 

Here are the getting started steps:

1. If you have not done so already, join this "survive and thrive" ClimateSafe Village by clicking the Join link on this page. This will also start the process for you to gain access to our private CSV discussion forum, help you locate a CSV location and model option right for you, and allow you to join one of our CSV advisory committees to add your knowledge, experience, and perspective.

2. Please fill in the following survey by clicking here.

3. Learn more about us by reviewing our CSV online guide table of contents here. Be sure to read at least our CSV quick overview page here.

4. If you have questions not covered in our CSV online guide, please also check our CSV frequently asked questions FAQ here.

5. And finally, if you did not fill out the above survey, please email [email protected] to let us know:

a. which model of CSV do you want to join: the rural, urban, only virtual community or the Bellingham headquarters CSV,

b. that you want access to the private CSV group discussion forums,

c. let us know about your skills and experience, which would most apply to the CSV model you selected.

d. if you have remaining questions.

6. In your email to us, tell us that you agree to our online communication rules found here, and you agree to the principles found in our social contract found here. After we receive your email, our ClimateSafe Villages support team will get back to you within three business days or less with your next steps and possible other connections. In addition, they may ask for additional information before accepting you as a member, depending on the information you provide in your email. 

7. Become a subscriber on the Job One for Humanity website by going to the Sign-in link at the top left of every page and creating a new subscriber account. Then, go to your personal profile area as a new user and fill in as much information as possible. This unique profile information will be kept confidential and will help us connect you with the right support team. The Job One website will provide the latest climate change news and alerts.

Please note: We also have set up a special online team project collaboration tool called BaseCamp for all members and CSVs. It is open to individuals actively helping to create any CSV community model. 

Once we receive your email, we will get back to you, let you know your next membership application steps, and if applicable, connect you with the ClimateSafe Village project leader or lead member in the area closest to you.


Return to Overview


11. Other Pages in the ClimateSafe Village Guide

Page 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals

Page 2: ClimateSafe Village Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards

Page 3: The Four ClimateSafe Village Models and Their Operations

Page 4: Our New Personal Democracy ClimateSafe Village Management Model

Page 5: About ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham

Page 6: Our ClimateSafe Village Bellingham Application Process

Appendix Materials

The ClimateSafe Village Social Contract Page

Online Rules for Our Virtual ClimateSafe Village

Procedures and Policies for Exiting Our ClimateSafe Villages or Applying for Membership 

Personal Democracy White Paper

The ClimateSafe Villages Issues FAQ of frequently asked questions for only issues directly relating to ClimateSafe Villages issues

The ClimateSafe Villages Climate FAQ of frequently asked questions for every question you have about climate change

Click here for our ClimateSafe Village online guide master table of contents


Sign up for our ClimateSafe Village information and alert mailing list by clicking here or by clicking on the image or link below.

Receive Free ClimateSafe Villages Info!



Other Helpful Evaluation Information:

1. Please click here for a critical new 2.3.23 article for more about what will need to happen within these new communities to be successful and what people will need to be and do within these communities. You will be surprised, and your spirit will be lifted by its vital contents.

2. For answers to all of your questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.

3. If you want to understand the science and analysis procedures we used to present the above climate change-related information, click here for details about our climate change research and analysis processes.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit ClimateSafe Villages (CSV) organization by clicking here. Every donation helps us expand and assist everyone coming to us for climate change resilience-building information and support.

Your tax-deductible donation also helps pay for all CSV models' ongoing research and development. This funding allows us to add more knowledge, tools, forms, contracts, and architectural net-zero and climate change-resilient building, home, and community designs for all worldwide ClimateSafe Villages, other eco-villages, and intentional communities. Our information is always shared with everyone trying to manage the climate change emergency in an open-access manner.

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