What is the Climageddon Scenario?

(Please Note: These pages are greatly expanded, including extensive footnotes, in the new book: Climageddon.)

The Climageddon Scenario is a new global warming process prediction model to help individuals visualize the unfolding 6 phases of the escalating global warming emergency as one interconnected whole as well as one interdependent and continually evolving climate, human, and biological system. In a way never seen before, it sequences and integrates the most important global warming factors from the previous chapters.

Understanding the unfolding progression of the 6 phases of the Climageddon Scenario is life-critical for any individual, organization, or nation that takes planning for their physical security or financial future seriously. It is also crucial to anyone involved in:

  1. personal, financial or security mid- to long-range planning,

  2. threat, hazard, and insurance risk assessment,

  3. city, corporate, or national mid- to long-range planning,  

  4. planning, financing, or building mid- to long-term infrastructure such as highways, water treatment or sewage plants, power plants, transfer stations, power lines, hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing facilities, military bases, corporate headquarters, real estate developments, and telecommunications facilities.

The Climageddon Scenario will also help you to see and understand the escalating global warming emergency as a holistic gestalt. (A gestalt in holism is the idea that the properties of natural systems should also be viewed as an interconnected, unified whole and not simply as collections of, or summations of, separate and individual non-interdependent or interconnected parts.)

Please keep in mind that the temperature, carbon ppm, and loss or cost levels described below for each phase of the Climageddon Scenario are not hard and rigid boundaries, but boundary ranges designed to help you think about a set of related consequences and their intensities associated with that phase of the scenario. The temperature, carbon, cost, and loss phase boundary levels below may be modified by future research.

The Climageddon Scenario

The Climageddon Scenario is far more than just the sum of the individual global warming consequences and tipping points presented earlier. In the unfolding phases of this scenario, it becomes easier to see these heat-intensified individual consequences and tipping points churning into something far more dangerous than just the collective summation of individual consequences or tipping points. Collectively, all of these things create and fuel the deadly later stages of the Climageddon Scenario.

When you begin viewing the Climageddon Scenario model as an integrated climate, human, and biological super system, as well as seeing it from a meta-systemic perspective, you will also discover:

a. new critical relationships between the climate, human, and biological systems and processes,

b. new qualifying and conditioning climate, human, and biological contexts, and finally,

c. new phase-by-phase catastrophic interactions and magnifying transformations of interconnected and interdependent climate, human, and biological system consequences that will dramatically worsen our lives.

There is far more information about the escalating warming emergency in the new Climageddon book. Get your copy now! Your book purchase helps support the social benefit mission of Job One for Humanity to end global warming.


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