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The Job One for Humanity team spent many years anticipating the need to build climate-resilient communities. We designed and helped create the model to save lives in the accelerating climate emergency.

During those years, we designed a master plan for what we hoped would become climate-resilient communities that could simultaneously survive the climate change emergency and other global crises. Initially, we called these climate-resilient communities eco-communities or the Universe One community. 

In May 2023, with the ClimateSafe Villages (CSV) new leadership, Job One helped create a new CSV non-profit organization. The primary purpose of this new CSV organization was to develop new climate-resilient communities and to support individuals in completing the many essential and complex actions of climate change emergency preparation, adaptation, and climate resilience-building.

Job One sponsored the new CSV until December 31, 2023, just after the US government granted it full non-profit status.

We also helped create CSV to collect and share all the information that anyone anywhere in the world would need to develop a climate-safe village in their location.

In March 2024, one of the lead Job One team members resigned from the ClimateSafe Villages board of directors because ClimateSafe Villages had the necessary skilled management team in place and that Job One team member needed to return to their research and analysis work at Job One.

Today, many Job One team members are active ClimateSafe Villages members for the survival of themselves and their families. 

Almost everything on the Job One website describing ClimateSafe Villages is from our original master model research for creating individual and community climate resilience.

The current management of ClimateSafe Villages has full access to these materials for their work. Job One for Humanity continues to collaborate with and regularly promotes ClimateSafe Villages' work.

Click here to visit the new and fully independent Climatesafe Villages organization and website!

Introduction to the original ClimateSafe Villages Master Model

No matter where you currently live, our four models of ClimateSafe Villages are designed to provide individuals and families with a secure, supportive, and sustainable living environment amidst the growing climate crisis challenges. By prioritizing self-sufficiency, adopting green technologies, and fostering a supportive community culture, we help ensure our members have the resources and skills to weather the many future uncertainties.

Even if you are not or have not considered joining our community, we have much to offer you in the form of open-access information on preparing, adapting, and building climate change resilience in your home or business right where you live today.


Embrace Sustainability, Unity, and Resilience Amidst Global Challenges



Understand the Climate Emergency

The climate crisis is rapidly escalating, with devastating consequences for our planet and its inhabitants. Extreme weather events, biodiversity loss, and rising sea levels are just a few of our challenges. In response to this urgent situation, our ClimateSafe Villages initiative seeks to build resilient, sustainable communities that can adapt to these changing conditions. By adopting innovative models and fostering collaboration, we aim to create a more hopeful future in the face of unprecedented environmental challenges.


Ready to take the next step?

Don't miss the opportunity to become part of a forward-thinking community that aims to impact the world positively. First, watch the ClimateSafe Villages Introduction video below, then in the links further below sign up now to get more information and join like-minded individuals who are dedicated to building a better tomorrow.

Experience a unique blend of social, cultural, and environmental values that will enrich your life and help us collectively navigate future uncertainties. Let's create a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for all.


It is time to learn more about our four unique and groundbreaking Urban, Rural, Hybrid, and Virtual ClimateSafe Village models and discover their distinctive approach to sustainability, climate change resilience-building and community.


A good quick way to think about who we are and what we do is:

We are a non-profit educational organization providing open-access information and classes designed to help create a network of sustainable, climate change, and disaster-resilient urban and rural eco-communities we call ClimateSafe Villages. 

To do this, we teach the subjects needed to protect, preserve, and expand the viability of humanity to evolve a safer world and a better future. We focus on the world's most dangerous and destructive problems, but more importantly, their solutions (such as establishing climate change-resistant and resilient organic food production and creating climate change and disaster-resilient eco-homes, eco-buildings, and eco-communities.

Sign up here to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages.

Click here for our ClimateSafe Village online guide table of contents.





Read More About Our Innovative ClimateSafe Villages

"ClimateSafe Villages is far more than just prepping for climate change or being a climate change prepper. Among many benefits, it offers uncensored and un-politicized climate change causes, facts, tools, analysis, and effective climate change resilience building, preparation, adaptation, and solutions." Lawrence Wollersheim

When we say we are creating survive and thrive new ClimateSafe Villages worldwide, people have many different ideas of what that means. They often think of similar communities like intentional communities, co-housing communities, sustainability communities, resilience communities, prepper communities, degrowth communities, ecovillages, conservation communities, simplicity communities, deep adaptation communities, evolutionary communities, agrihoods, progressive preppers, eco-prepper, farmers cooperatives, eco-spiritual, even survivalist communities. 

While our four new ClimateSafe Village models may include and combine the best elements from many of these kinds of communities, they are also something new and quite unique. Our four ClimateSafe Village models also strive to transcend what we perceive to be the limitations, missing parts, or flaws in these other types of communities, and they are what you also could call true climate change-resilient survival communities.


Click here for our ClimateSafe Village Online Guide's Table of Contents.



Sign up here to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages


Please Note: Nowhere on Earth will be 100% safe from all climate change consequences. But we can create climate-safer locations and communities using the practices of climate change preparation, adaptation, and resilience building. ClimateSafe Villages will help you make wherever you live as climate-safe as possible using these practices." 


Why does the ClimateSafe Villages nonprofit organization exist?

Why are the wise preparing homes, businesses, and farms for rising climate change consequences? 

The following article reviews, discusses, and links you to a professional video made by ABC TV in 2009 called Earth 2100. We are reviewing it and promoting it because it is even truer today than it was in 2009

This ABC TV video also helps explain why ClimateSafe Villages exist, and it does so considerably easier than all the climate science links on the Job One website or the documentation links at the bottom of this page. It may send a chill through your whole being.

Please watch this gripping video and share it with anyone you know who is seriously concerned about climate change and their future.  

A little Job One history is relevant here

ClimateSafe Villages (CSV) grew from the climate research at the Job One climate change think tank. The networked climate researchers there understood that the climate change emergency would get much worse before it got better. They also could see from their climate research that creating climate change-resilient communities would be essential for long-term climate change survival.

This means that Climatesafe Villages came into existence because a small group of networked climate change researchers understood three things everyone should know about their climate change future:

1. many severe future climate change consequences are now unavoidable. (This is  because our governments squandered the last 60 years with ineffective climate actions or no action.) 

2. because of these unavoidable and soon-arriving climate change consequences, emergency preparation, intense adaptation, and resilience-building have now become mandatory actions that also must be completed at a community level to survive long term. (Individuals or families alone cannot do everything that needs to be prepared and managed.)

3. their most probable unprepared future would be climate change suffering, disruption, and likely death, and they also wanted to protect their families, children, and grandchildren. 

Seeing their disturbing climate change future clearly, a team of volunteers at Job One then researched and developed a framework for what these new climate change-resilient communities must do to provide stable, long-term support and safety for their members. 

The next challenge these climate researchers and educators had was to make the complex climate change knowledge they had acquired from studying tens of thousands of pages of climate science and research understood more easily. Many other individuals also needed to understand why these new CSV communities would be needed.

They did succeed to a degree, but still, few people were willing to spend the time reading long, complex pages of climate change science. Luckily, they also discovered the Earth 2100 ABC TV video that tells the story of our climate change future well without difficult science reading.

For those who do not want to read long climate science pages, this ABC TV video will quickly visualize the basic facts of your climate change future. It provides this information framed in an intriguing story about a girl born in 2009 and what she will face over the decades. We believe it may get you thinking deeply about how you will deal with our escalating climate change emergency. 

This ABC TV video beautifully illuminates the future of humanity from 2009 to 2100. While we strongly recommend how good this video is, we also do so with important limitations and qualifications that we will share with you after you watch the video further down this page. 

When you are done watching the ABC Earth 2100 video below, please fill in the survey below and continue reading the rest of the article because you also need to know the ABC TV video's climate change information has limitations and inaccuracies. Unfortunately, these "limitations and inaccuracies" make the concerns expressed in the movie even worse!

To watch the spellbinding ABC TV video, go to



Here are a few of the 2009 ABC video limitations and inaccuracies and the 2023 climate updates

Over half of the above video's climate change timeframe and consequence predictions are relatively accurate. But many other critical consequences and timeframes are underestimated by as much as 20 to 40%. We suspect ABC TV was using the widely available climate science funded or influenced by the well-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation campaigns. (Click here if you are curious to see how the global fossil fuel cartel has wholly corrupted the process for fixing climate change, climate change severity predictions, and climate change timetables over the last 60 years.)

  1. Most of what the ABC video says will happen by 2100 will probably be happening between 2060 and 2070. 
  2. ABC did get very close to James Hanson's research, where he said once humanity crosses the carbon 386 parts per million in the atmosphere level, global warming becomes runaway global warming. That occurred in 2015. (Hansen is one of the world's most respected climate change researchers.)
  3. At the end of the video, where ABC proposes climate change solutions, they are far from being in the correct priority sequence, and those ABC solutions will not save humanity in time from the worst climate change consequences! This ABC climate solution error is critical because they assert that our lives could be better by 2050 if we did the solutions they recommend. If we follow their suggestions, half the world's population will die by 2050. (See the documentation section below for the correct solutions governments must enact.)
  4. Their proposed climate solutions are also tech and Wall Street finance-friendly. The idea we will "invest our way out of this crisis" is nonsense and shows they do not understand the real climate change timeframes and consequences. We have to radically cut fossil fuels right now to have any hope of having even a much smaller portion of humanity surviving. Climate change "business as usual" means we will cross more extinction-level climate change tipping points from 2025-2031. 
  5. Nowhere in the ABC climate solutions do they call for sacrifice for our own families and future generations.
  6. More 2023 climate change updates are in the documentation links below. 

Yet, despite all of the video's underestimation problems, the ABC video will walk you through the many layers of what your future will be like if we don't make radical global fossil fuel cuts before 2025 is over. Additionally, because it is doubtful we will cut global fossil fuel emissions by the required 75% by 2025, this video powerfully illuminates why you must start preparing, adapting, and possibly creating ClimateSafe Villages-like eco-communities worldwide so someone survives.

The ABC TV video is also great because it visually helps many understand why so many other individuals are waking up to their climate change-driven future and facing why they must immediately start preparing, adapting, and building climate change resilience in their homes, businesses, and communities. 

After watching this video, we recommend you take the survey below and learn more about how ClimateSafe Villages can help you survive and thrive through the climate change emergency longer and more comfortably. 

Now that you have viewed the Earth 2100 video, here is our brief CSV survey


Click here to do a quick survey about your possible interest in being part of an initial group financially contributing to the first ClimateSafe Village land purchase. This survey is merely a way for us to gauge potential interest and for you to indicate your openness to further discussions about the possibilities of this CSV village or its structure.

CSV is excited to announce that we are in the preliminary stages of forming our inaugural group of co-founding individuals who share our vision of creating a pioneering climate change-resilient eco-community. This community will be founded on the core principles and values that CSV holds dear, which include:

  • Climate Change Resilience: We aim to develop an eco-community (and an open access sharable eco-community model) that is not only aware of the challenges posed by climate change but is also prepared to adapt and thrive, and help others do so in the face of such challenges.

  • Equity: Our community will champion fairness and justice, ensuring that all members have equal opportunities and are treated with respect and dignity.

  • Education: We believe in the power of knowledge and will prioritize continuous learning and growth for all community members.

  • Environmental Sustainability: At the heart of our mission is a commitment to the environment. We will adopt practices that protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

If the idea of being part of this groundbreaking initiative resonates with you, we invite you to express your interest using this form.  Please note that filling out this survey form does not bind you to any commitment or guarantee a spot at this stage.

Here is the documentation for the article above

We have provided documentation links below if you want to read the climate analysis demonstrating the ABC video is overly optimistic and grossly underestimated by 20-40% in many areas. The climate science research and analysis below is based on the most updated climate science of 2023, not when the video was made in 2009.

The video above does a good job of telling the story of our future without having to read the complex climate science below. Here are the critical links needed to understand the current reality of the climate change mass disruption and extinction threat:

Click here to see the ten most critical illustrated facts about the climate and runaway global warming. It and its links will explain runaway global warming, what near-total extinction vs. total extinction means, and why we face only near-total extinction, not total extinction. Finally, it will explain humanity's tiny but real hope for a livable future.

Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. This page will explain precisely why we only have from 2025 to 2031 (if humanity is very lucky) left to maintain some level of effective control over our climate future before the immutable laws of climate and atmospheric greenhouse gas physics take over. 

Click here for the climate-driven processes of global collapse and mass to near-total extinction. Here, you will see the cascade of almost 80 primary and secondary climate change consequences unfolding and interacting with humanity's 11 other current major global crises. After reading this page, you will understand why the extinction of half of humanity by 2050 is already an unavoidable reality and that all that remains now is to fight to prevent our near-total extinction. 

Click here to read the surprising reasons why ALL of humanity will most probably not go extinct, but you will not like how bitter this “medicine” will be. 

Click here for accurate climate change-related consequence timetables relevant to massive global disruptions and system collapses in the environment, economics, politics, and society. These predicted timeframes have been reviewed and verified in multiple studies.

Click here to understand why the very painful 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are our honest, last-chance fossil fuel reduction targets they need to make before it is too late to prevent near-total extinction. In addition, it has detailed technical notes on the many factors behind the correctly adjusted 2025 target calculations.

Click here to review honest climate change solutions that will save the lives of most of humanity.

Click here to read the ten most dangerous things almost everyone does not understand about the runaway global heating emergency. It is critical to understand the gross underestimation and other flaws and factors not being fully accounted for in current climate risk assessments based on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) calculations and modeling. This will also offer additional critical climate momentum and inertia factors and other climate insights as to why the 1% only have 3-9 years left to maintain some level of effective control over our climate future. 

Click here if you are curious to see how the global fossil fuel cartel has wholly corrupted the process for fixing climate change over the last 60 years.

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more. This page and its linked pages will help explain why the current 2025 global fossil fuel reductions are so severe to compensate for the 60-plus years society has delayed and failed to make the required gradual fossil fuel reductions. 

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the fossil fuel reduction calculations" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations by including unproven, non-existent, and unscalable "carbon-sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. 

Click here to see the eleven major runaway global heating tipping points that have been all but excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use the 1% must cause to be reduced each year globally. It also contains the tipping point theory and why crossing these climate tipping points is so dangerous to all aspects of our globalized society.  

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate change conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see the IPCC's huge atmospheric methane calculation problem.

Click here to see the latest 2022 IPCC climate change summary report on the critical climate sensitivity error. Because of only this ongoing climate sensitivity error, the IPCC's newest climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information will be underestimated by as much as 25% or more. (This 25% does not include the effect of the other IPCC errors described in the links just above.) 

All of the above-linked decades of IPCC error, calculation, and polarization problems mean that the IPCC is an unreliable partner for truthful and accurate climate change information. Their climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information are grossly underestimated by 25 - 50 %+ and possibly more!

A bit more CSV history

In 2023, Leonora Camner (now executive director at CSV) came to Job One and proposed creating the new eco-communities as a project separate from Job One's ongoing climate research and analysis. Job One agreed. That was the CSV organization's official birth.

Please also note that since 2019, Job One has been aware of numerous climate change researchers who have been quietly moving their families to locations that are safer from climate change consequences. When climate change researchers move their families away from the higher climate change risk areas, it is reasonable to conclude that the escalating climate threat to our future is real.

We hope you liked the climate educational value of the  ABC TV Earth 2100 video as much as we did at Job One.



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