The Major Runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency Decisions and Coping Strategy Options


It is time to make your decision about the climate and the runaway global heating emergency 

This page assumes you have read the ten most critical facts about the runaway global heating emergency found here. The following short page also assumes you have read the single most important fact about the global heating emergency and the critical decision that everyone on Earth now faces. If you have not read those two pages, go to them to help make the best possible informed decision. This may be the most crucial quality-of-life decision you ever make for yourself and your loved ones. 

Assuming you have read the above two pages, you now have a climate researcher's level of understanding of:

  1. how bad the runaway global heating emergency will get and, 
  2. how challenging the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions will be to save us from a near-total extinction process. 

Everyone (including our long-term staff and volunteers) sooner or later weigh out and then decide upon one or more of of the first four decision options listed below. 

Additionally, our organization does not blame or render judgment on any individual or group choosing any of the four "how should I handle this emergency" decision options listed below. 

The most common choices individuals make about what they will do about the global heating and climate emergency

Click the link below you are most interested in exploring first:

Action 1: Force our Governments to ACT

Action 2: Start your personal emergency preparations and adaptations that are needed 

Action 3: Accept runaway global heating extinction and collapse and do not try to stop or slow it

Action 4: Combine elements from the above three strategies, and

Action 5: Here is what Job One for Humanity has decided 

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