Our Policy on Necessary Disruption


Over the last three decades, no climate conference, no government action, and no mass educational movement by any climate or environmental group has done anything to slow or stop the increase of dangerous carbon in the atmosphere. In fact, global warming-causing carbon in the atmosphere has gone from increasing at a gradual linear rate to rising exponentially. This exponential carbon increase signals not just failure but that the climate emergency is getting far, far worse.



These painful facts mean that what is currently being done in the climate and environmental education movements is not working! Therefore, we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We have to radically shift our tactics to whatever will work with the extremely short time we have left.

The current climate extinction emergency

We are in a climate extinction emergency, and we are running out of time. Because we have squandered four decades in inaction or on ineffective actions, half of humanity will be dead by mid-century. All we have left now is to do everything necessary to prevent a global warming-driven total extinction event! (Click here if you think half of humanity dead by mid-century or total extinction beginning by 2070 is an exaggeration.)

To prevent our total extinction we must now make radical changes. We only have until about 2025 to reduce global fossil fuel use sufficiently to maintain any reasonable control of our futures and prevent the total extinction of humanity. 

Our continually escalating emergency implies that we must adjust our strategies accordingly. Necessary disruption is what we call this required adjustment to the extreme extinction emergency we now all face. 

Accordingly, we must protect our futures and the futures of generations X, Y, and Z. If that means peaceful, necessary disruption, so be it! 


In a state of emergency, one has very little time left to act and fix the crisis. Therefore, we must now operate at levels of true urgency and direct peaceful and legal disruptive intervention commensurate with the large-scale dangers we face. We do this only to ensure that the global warming extinction emergency and its related consequences will be resolved in time.

We can still prevent total extinction, but only if we act immediately and get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets. How we can most effectively get close to the 2025 targets is prioritized in Part 4 of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan.

We will also have to manage our 11 other global crises and disruptively speak out about the painful truths of this emergency until more of the world is listening. If we fail to act in time, there is no collective or individual escape for anyone (even the 1%) from the climate extinction emergency and the 11 global crises we face.

Why we disrupt

We all are now compelled and obligated to disrupt. We disrupt because the last remaining window of opportunity is so small (we have until about 2025 to prevent a near-total or total extinction event from occurring beginning about 2070.) 

We disrupt because, after the horrible failure of the 26th international climate conference, we have now indeed entered into a new era of Mutually Assured Climate Extinction (aka MACE.) (If you would like to learn more about the failure of the 26th conference and the 25 prior conferences, click here and follow the key links within the short article)

Accordingly, we have become a necessary disruptor of any company, not-for-profit environmental group, or any global warming educational peers who unintentionally or intentionally presents illusions or false, misleading, diminishing, or significantly underestimated global warming information about the real dangers and deadlines of the global warming extinction emergency! Our disruptive actions also focus on the spreading of illusions about real threats of global scale and severity with massive negative consequences.

We do this because anyone presenting illusions, delusions, false, misleading, diminishing, or significantly underestimated global warming information about the facts, dangers, and deadlines of our global warming extinction emergency is also hiding the real risks and urgency from society. They can do this many ways:

a. by making society think that the problem is being correctly solved or,

b. that we are making the correct and necessary progress to avert catastrophe.

Both assumptions are dangerously incorrect because, when they occur, society thinks things are safe or that adequate progress is being made. Then society does little to nothing. 

Organizations that intentionally or unintentionally create illusions about current progress or the correct solutions are the most dangerous! Because of those illusions, a society, group, or individual believing the illusion may try to solve the wrong problem or enact the wrong solutions without realizing they are on the wrong course. 

Creating illusionary solutions is particularly dangerous when it denies the correct answers to the right problem, which are critical to averting real crises, deadlines, and tipping points. Moreover, when illusions block seeing reality for what it is, it is far harder to make any changes that would be appropriate in that current reality.

What does a Climate Necessary Disruptor do?

1. They disrupt dangerous climate actions and statements by educating about those large-scale harmful actions or statements.

2. They are unafraid to use climate facts that can cause fear and discomfort. At this dangerous juncture in the evolutionary survival of humanity, it is wholly appropriate as well as critically necessary to educate about real climate fears as a tactic. Moreover, fear is an entirely legitimate tactic because of the many soon-arriving extinction-level climate consequences also causing the worsening of these 11 other global crises

When fear is generalized, fear can paralyze, but when fear is specific and straightforward with clear solutions, there are powerful positive evolutionary reasons that the emotion of fear exists. The positive use of fear exists for those rare times when there are REAL threats to your survival. This positive use of fear super-mobilizes the observant and wise to act before it is too late! And, isn't that precisely what we need right now with our climate extinction emergency?

Additionally, never apologize for using climate facts that produce fear and discomfort when creating a better world. Fear is also one of the two most powerful emotions that evolution has given us to keep us safe. Those who tell you not to use fear or do not themselves use fear for accurate climate education insult and patronize their audience and treat them disrespectfully like small children who must be protected from adult things.

At Job One, we treat our climate audience as mature adults who want to know the climate facts to manage them before it is too late. Never forget fear has been generously used by governments, employers, and even your parents to control you in the past for far less important issues than saving us all from extinction.

Necessary disruptors use the power of reasonable fear to justly motivate and free themselves (and all of us) from having to live with the far greater fear of total extinction. Whenever you use fear to motivate action on the climate extinction emergency, ALWAYS refer those individuals to the effective and practical steps they can take to manage and remove that fear and threat. Click here to see many areas of straightforward and effective actions to choose from on the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan.

3. Only after all educational efforts have failed, publicly call out and shame individuals, organizations, and corporations, enabling or making dangerous climate actions or statements. We are in the 11th hour trying to prevent a climate-driven total extinction. We must use all of the peaceful tactics we can to create immediate improvement and a lessening of the climate extinction emergency. Publicly calling out and shaming is an essential tool at this late stage of trying to save the future.

The peaceful calling out and public shaming of individuals, corporations, or organizations is also a long-accepted and legitimate social protest action. It is often a highly effective way to get an individual or corporation to change its destructive and damaging climate behavior. 

When billions will be dying, and total human extinction is threatened, and where peaceful public shaming can make a difference, it is a necessary tool. So, if you have any reservations about the power and necessity of public shaming, we hope you get over them for the sake of your future and your loved ones.


Being a disruptor also means that:

A. to the best of our abilities, in peaceful, legal, and nonviolent ways, we publicly challenge and disrupt any organization that presents illusions, false, significantly underestimated, diminishing, or misleading global warming analysis, facts or solutions, or, otherwise misrepresent, dummy down or "markets" threat-resolving information in such a way that it becomes counter-productive to resolving the true urgency of resolving the global warming extinction emergency or our other critical global threats. Our non-violent, peaceful protests are ones that would make Gandi and Martin Luther King proud.

B. we hold that no well-intended or global warming ill-informed organization has ANY inherent right to forward illusions, incorrect, underestimated, or misleading information unchallenged when their actions and those ideas lessen either the urgency or the effective means of resolving our global warming extinction emergency or our other critical global threats

C. we can and should shame individuals, organizations, or corporations acting in ways that directly or indirectly enable accelerating climate change and global warming to continue! 

D. we must publically call out and shame any media that does lazy research and promotes dangerous illusions, false, underestimated, or misleading information. 

E. we are always guided to use means of necessary or obligatory disruption that would make Mahatma Gandi and Martin Luther King proud.

F. we mainly focus on the power of education, facts. If that does not work use public shaming to disrupt.

Particularly if you are a member of generation X, Y, or Z (or any other generation,) and you have any other ideas for non-violent and legal disruption of the climate extinction emergency, please email them to us at ([email protected]).

A legal tip

Always say somewhere in your videos or written materials that the materials in your video or writings represent your humble opinions. In the US, and many developed countries as long as something is clearly labeled as a personal opinion, you cannot be successfully sued for saying any opinion or sharing it.

When does Necessary Disruption become Obligatory Disruption? 

Necessary disruption becomes obligatory disruption when the scale of damage is so large and severe that one is obligated to disrupt the activities causing the genuine threat once they are understood. For example, if there were a real and probable threat that you understood that would cause the soon-arriving extinction of humanity or destroy the biological or climate systems upon which humanity depends for its survival, one would be obligated to disrupt any organization and its ideas and actions causing that threat. 

Another example will be helpful to illustrate how different relative levels of scale and severity can make some types of disruption obligatory. For instance, if a war using conventional weapons will break out between two small countries causing many people to die, and you knew about it ahead of time, this would call for necessary disruption. But, if you knew ahead of time that a global thermonuclear war would occur soon, and it would kill all of humanity, you would then be obliged to disrupt this threat to the best of your abilities. 

Hopefully, you now understand why the level, scale, and severity of damage determines the difference between what is necessary and what is obligatory. You should also see why the global warming extinction emergency or anything that speeds it up or prevents us from seeing it honestly and resolving it requires our obligatory disruption. 

With the enormous threats we face today, the role of being a necessary or obligatory disruptor is not just needed; it is required! Moreover, any distress that one might cause by challenging and disrupting any offending organization is infinitely less when compared to the suffering, death, loss, and damage that such unchallenged illusions, incorrect information, or actions will eventually cause to the world's efforts to reduce global warming and its other 11 biggest global crises

To be a successful Necessary Disruptor, it is also vital to understand the difference between climate change progress and prioritized, truly effective critical path climate actions that meet key extinction prevention deadlines 

Many things are being done by climate and environmental groups worldwide that can and should be honored as climate change progress. Unfortunately, we have so little time left to save ourselves from total extinction; we must now focus only on those prioritized, truly effective critical path climate actions that will successfully achieve crucial extinction-prevention deadlines. Unfortunately, these truly effective prioritized, critical path climate actions are also the most difficult.

If climate and environmental education and action organizations do not shift their mission tactics away from the many feel-good, off-critical path actions that produce minor climate progress and cannot save us in time, we are in very deep trouble. 

Therefore, if you see any climate and environmental organizations focusing on many feel-good, off-critical path climate progress minor steps designed (often to keep members motivated and donating,) it is necessary to disrupt them and these activities as well.

When disrupting the climate and environmental organizations, start with our climate educational tactics first! Then, once they see their minor climate progress actions in the light of "all hands on deck" for the rapidly approaching climate extinction point of no return, many will change strategies. Many of them also will begin to work on critical path actions like those found in Part Four and Part Three of the Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan. 

We do not have the luxury with the little bit of time remaining (2025-2031) to soothe ourselves with bits and pieces of "feel good" off deadline and off critical path minor climate progress. Instead, we need to be entirely focused on the effective remaining prioritized critical path actions that can and will save the rest of humanity from extinction before it is too late!

We will also try to be respectful disruptors whenever possible

We will take this posture whenever possible, especially where we can see the companies and nonprofit organizations are composed of good people and have previously done many good things for global warming education. 

In some cases, these same entities also may have made essential or significant contributions to the global warming educational movement over many years. While we will recognize and honor the many good actions they have done in the past, but we cannot stand with any current action or information that directly or indirectly threatens our ability to resolve the global warming extinction emergency and to save humanity's future from the other 11 global crises.

We also understand that in most cases, organizations are not presenting illusions, false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading global warming analysis or facts counter-productive to resolving the global warming extinction emergency awarely or intentionally. They are doing the best they can with what they have studied or understood on this complex issue.

We believe that when organizations have unintentionally presented illusions, incorrect or underestimated global warming analysis or facts, or that they have misrepresented other important global warming information, it is often because they have:

1. Failed to challenge the existing:

a. "authority endorsed" or established paradigms or incomplete or inadequate computer models of global warming futures, 

b. used popular "it has to be good for the economy" endorsed analysis and interpretations for missing critical inputs and possible solutions, 

c. allowed hidden political manipulation or manipulation by other hidden for-profit vested interests (the fossil fuel industry) that have skewed or warped the integrity of other honest climate researchers' results. 

2. Listened to marketing people within their organizations, causing them to self-censor and treat their members like children who cannot be told or deal with the many worsening and painful facts of the global warming extinction emergency.

3. Failed to have any single advisory individual or senior executive group within their organization put in the reading on tens of thousands of pages of challenging climate research. This individual would also need the requisite Mensa-level IQ, math, and physics grasp, as well as a deep understanding of complex adaptive systems, tipping point theory, systems theory, and an adequate dialectical meta-systemic analysis understanding of one of the most complicated issues of our time.

We at Job One for Humanity promise

We will provide valuable and accurate information on the global warming state of emergency. This way, we can more quickly reduce global fossil fuel use to the 2025 targets by executing all of the prioritized and deadline-driven actions necessary to prevent a global warming-driven total extinction event because:

a. The faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the more people will survive to carry on humanity. 

b. The quicker and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the fewer future generations will suffer from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming catastrophes.

We believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. However, we also think that any organization can and should be publicly challenged if the result(s) of their unchallenged views will cause grave harm to others and the future of humanity and the biosphere!

Therefore, if an organization, particularly in public positions of influence, is forwarding illusions, false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading ideas that will make it more difficult to slow or resolve the global warming extinction emergency, we will:

internally honor and recognize all of their legitimate accomplishments and, we will publicly attack the errors in the information they are presenting in the public forums that will provide the most corrective benefits and most disrupt the status quo of their erroneous educational actions.

We do not seek to polarize or lessen the efforts of any organization seeking to educate about global warming. But, at the twelfth hour of this greatest of all human extinction emergencies, we can not and will not allow dangerous illusion incorrect, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading ideas about the global warming extinction emergency to go unchallenged.

We must protect our futures and the futures of generations X, Y, and Z. If that means peaceful, corrective, necessary, and obligatory disruption, so be it! 

(If you doubt why this necessary disruption policy is so important, with so little time left to solve global warming and related emergencies, please click here and see where we are today with the global warming emergency and our other world crises.)

How you can start today to disrupt the entities and systems protecting or forwarding global warming and the 11 other global crises

1. Make your voice known to your politicians, governments, and any corporations or systems protecting or forwarding global warming causing actions and the 11 other global crises.

2. Work to remove all of your or outside economic support from any group, corporation, or system protecting or forwarding global warming and the 11 other global crises.

3. Only buy what you absolutely need and be an example of sustainable low energy use living.

4 Create other innovative ways to apply the principles above to produce the critical 2025 level of global fossil fuel reductions.

In Summary

Our organization will be disruptive of the incorrect facts, false beliefs, and ineffective global warming reduction plans of any organization presenting them. We will also disrupt any individuals or organizations that by acts or omissions is enabling the rapidly accelerating climate extinction process and emergency. We do this only to call attention to more effective actions or more useful global warming facts and analyses.

Please join us and act as necessary disruptors as your location, skills, and resources allow. For example, one small first act of disruption could be to sign our global warming extinction emergency petition. 


The Job One for Humanity Research Team

Verification Links

1. If you want to know why we have only until 2025 to make the life-critical global fossil fuel reductions:

 a. Learn about the many inertia and momentum factors in the climate system here.

b. Learn more about the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets here.

c. Discover the detailed primary and secondary global warming-related consequences that will lead to the extinction of humanity and global collapse here.

2. The Job One for Humanity organization has adapted to the new reality that disruption is now necessary because:

a. We are in a global warming extinction emergency, and we will experience many now unavoidable severe global warming consequences

b. We most likely can not avoid the extinction of much of humanity by mid-century (because of our previous decades of delays in acting to resolve this emergency.

c. We still have a reasonable chance of preventing the near-total or total extinction of humanity due to accelerating global warming and the other 11 global crises we face if we act now!

d. Please see this article for some of the ways we are respectfully disrupting.


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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-07-26 12:36:20 -0700
    Thank you Bruce.

    All we are really battling is ignorance.

    And, thanks for any support that you are willing to share with the organization.

    The Job One team
  • Bruce Audley
    commented 2019-07-25 18:02:00 -0700
    I love this approach! I have followed for years when I used factnet.org to battle Rapport Leadership International. The climate issue has escaped my interest but this policy statement resonates in its civility. The battle needs this approach. I will send a donation to help with this cause.
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