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We are in a global warming extinction emergency. In a state of emergency, one has little time left to act and fix the emergency. Therefore, we must operate at levels of urgency and direct intervention not utilized before which is commensurate with the larger danger to ensure this emergency will get resolved.

The Job One for Humanity organization has adapted to the new reality we are in a global warming extinction emergency. Accordingly, we have become a respectful disruptor of any individual, company, not-for-profit environmental group or any global warming educational peers who are unintentionally or intentionally presenting false, misleading, diminishing or significantly underestimated global warming information about the real dangers of our global warming extinction emergency.

What exactly do we mean by respectful disruptor?

A. Being a disruptor means that in peaceful and nonviolent ways, we will publicly challenge any organization or individual that presents false, significantly underestimated, diminishing or misleading global warming analysis, facts or solutions or, otherwise misrepresents, dummies down or "markets" global warming information in such a way that it becomes counter-productive to resolving the true urgency of the global warming extinction emergency.

We will disrupt this flow of false, underestimated, or misleading information wherever we find it to the best of our organization's abilities and resources. We are compelled to disrupt because our current global warming emergency is so great and the time to prevent a massive human, animal, and biological extinction event from occurring within our lifetimes is so short (only until 2025.)

B. Being a disruptor also means that we hold that no well-intended or global warming ill-informed organization or individual has the inherent right to forward false, underestimated, or misleading information unchallenged when their actions and ideas lessen either the urgency or the effective means of our global warming extinction emergency.

Our unwelcome role as a respectful disruptor is not just necessary, it is required! Any distress that we might cause by challenging an offending organization or individual is infinitely less when compared to the suffering, death, and damage that such unchallenged information could or will eventually cause to the world's efforts to reduce global warming in time to save humanity and the future.

What exactly do we mean by being respectful?

Being respectful means that we will respectfully challenge any organization or individual that presents false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading global warming analysis or, facts counter-productive to resolving the global warming extinction emergency. We will act respectfully because most individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations are composed of good people and have done many good things for global warming education. In some cases, these same entities may have made essential and significant contributions to the global warming educational movement over many years.

We also understand that in most cases, these organizations and individuals are probably not doing this awarely or intentionally. They are just doing the best they have with what they have.

We believe that when they have unintentionally presented false or underestimated global warming analysis or, facts or, that they have misrepresented other important global warming information, it is often because they have:

1. Failed to adequately challenge the existing "authority endorsed" paradigms of global warming climate models, analysis and interpretation for missing critical inputs, hidden political manipulation or manipulation by other hidden for-profit vested interests (the fossil fuel industry,) which have skewed or warped the integrity of other honest climate researchers results. 

2. Failed to have any single individual or executive within their organization put in the tens of thousands of pages of challenging deep research reading with the requisite high IQ, complex adaptive system and systems theory analysis skills to have an adequate meta-systemic understanding of one of the most complicated issues of our time.

3. Listened to marketing advisors within their organizations, causing them to self-censor and treat their members like children who cannot be told or deal with the hard painful facts of the global warming extinction emergency.

In Summary

We will be respectfully disruptive toward the incorrect facts, false beliefs, and ineffective global warming reduction plans of anyone presenting them. We do this only to call attention to more effective actions or more useful global warming facts and analysis.

When you read our website and see us enacting our respectful disruptor policy, please keep in mind that our government leaders have utterly failed to see the coming pain and suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor did they adequately prepare for it! Our government leaders are also not seeing or adequately preparing for the global warming extinction emergency, which is already happening and, will be far, far worse than COVID-19! Because of this in-action by our governments, we must find a way to compensate for that failure.

We promise

We will provide useful and accurate information on the global warming state of emergency. This way, we can more quickly reduce global fossil fuel use by executing all of the prioritized and deadline-driven actions necessary to prevent a massive human, animal, and biological extinction event occurring within our lifetimes because:

a. The faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the more people that will survive to carry on humanity. 

b. The quicker and more we reduce global fossil fuel use, the less future generations will suffer from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming catastrophes.

We believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. We also believe that anyone can and should be publicly challenged if the result(s) of their unchallenged opinions will cause grave harm to others and the future of humanity and the biosphere!

Therefore, if anyone is forwarding false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading ideas that will make it more difficult to slow or resolve the global warming extinction emergency, we will:

1. directly, indirectly, or tacitly recognize their legitimate accomplishments and we will first present them with the information on this website privately to help educate them to where they are in error. (By going to the individual or organization privately first we seek not to polarize, but educate. Only if they reject private education and changing their false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading ideas do we result to step two below.)

2. recognize their legitimate accomplishments and if they continue to forward false, underestimated, diminishing or misleading ideas about the global warming extinction emergency we will publicly attack the errors in the information they are presenting the public forums that will provide the most correctional benefits and fully disrupt the status quo of their erroneous educational actions.

We do not seek to polarize or lessen the efforts of any individual or organization seeking to legitimately educate about global warming, but at the twelfth hour of this greatest of all human emergencies we can not and will not allow false, underestimated, diminishing, or misleading ideas about the global warming extinction emergency to go unchallenged.

If you have any doubt why this respectful disruption policy is so important with so little time left to solve the global warming emergency, please click here and see where we are on the Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock.

Other Key Organizational Positions

Our position on the current global warming extinction emergency as of 9.29.20:

1. As an organization, we no longer feel the science and facts support a realistic possibility of reaching the global 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets for these global warming-related reasons.

2. Because we will not get close enough to meet the 2025 targets, and we are also failing to manage these other critical global challenges, we will experience horrific and unavoidable global warming consequences, including the extinction of most of humanity by as soon as mid-century. 

3. We will experience these horrific consequences because we will cross over these four critical global warming tipping points.

Because of 1-3 above, our organization now focuses on helping people prepare, adapt, or possibly migrate to mitigate the coming global warming consequences. We are also focusing on helping to create new sustainable communities that might even survive what is coming. We call this our Job One for Humanity Plan B.

While we believe that slowing down accelerating global warming will allow more people to live longer and suffer less, we will leave that difficult task to larger global warming and environmental educational organizations. We are making this change of focus because we now believe that preparing, adapting, or migrating is what is most needed to save and salvage whatever we can of our current civilization from the now unavoidable consequences of global warming.


The Job One for Humanity Team







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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-07-26 12:36:20 -0700
    Thank you Bruce.

    All we are really battling is ignorance.

    And, thanks for any support that you are willing to share with the organization.

    The Job One team
  • Bruce Audley
    commented 2019-07-25 18:02:00 -0700
    I love this approach! I have followed for years when I used factnet.org to battle Rapport Leadership International. The climate issue has escaped my interest but this policy statement resonates in its civility. The battle needs this approach. I will send a donation to help with this cause.
  • Bruce Audley
    followed this page 2019-07-25 17:45:54 -0700
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    published this page in About 2019-07-19 15:33:46 -0700
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