Here are the most current and critical climate change consequence time frames that everyone should know

The timeframes for the most dangerous consequences of climate change will continue to evolve and change as humanity crosses more climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and points of no return.

In general, the timeframes below apply to individuals, families, and businesses:

a. If you and your loved ones want to live another 10 to 15 years in relative comfort and stability, start your emergency preparations, adaptations, and climate change resilience-building now!

b. If you and your loved ones want to live another 15 to 30 years in relative comfort and stability, build a climate change-resilient community with adequate emergency preparations, adaptations, and common defense strategies.

c. If you and your loved ones want to live another 30 to 50 years and beyond in relative comfort and stability, build a region of many climate change-resilient communities working together with adequate emergency preparations, adaptations, and mutual defense strategies.



Why the evolving climate change consequence timeframes are a genuine matter of avoiding unnecessary personal suffering and death

Many people today believe that a climate change-driven collapse and extinction cycle is highly probable for humanity's future. They see that humanity faces 12 major global crises described on this page and that climate change is worsening most of them.

They also believe it is a horse race to see which one of the 12 major global crises we'll destroy us first. While the above may be entirely true for many people, several far more critical extinction and collapse questions are seldom fully understood or addressed.

Those questions and their sub-questions are:

a. How much of humanity will go extinct, and how many of the world's economic, political, and social systems will collapse? Will we experience partial extinction, mass extinction, near total extinction, or total extinction? Will only the poorest countries collapse, or will some of the strongest nations also collapse?

b. How, in practical terms, will you, your family, your business, your local community, state, or nation survive this? Most people have either denied or discarded careful thought about the unbelievable pain, suffering, and loss that will engulf them, their businesses, and their communities. 

Most people believe they can survive what's coming but have not looked at the crucial details of what is coming. They never think that they or their loved ones could be turned into enslaved people, raped, and continually tortured until they die because of the other starving individuals who must steal and kill to survive and keep their loved ones alive.

No one who thinks about what the future will be like for their family and community should neglect reading the following two books as soon as possible. These two spellbinding fiction books describe in excruciating detail the horrible human physical and emotional consequences of climate change after individuals wait too long to prepare for it in time or migrate away from it.

These books are by an award-winning black female writer. They are:

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Sower. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993. (This is part one of the two sequential novels. It is set in 2024.)

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Talents. Seven Stories Press, 1998. (This is part of two of the Parable duology. It is set in 2032.)

These two books are absolute must-reads to see the daily ordinary and extraordinary suffering that runaway global warming will impose on our future. These two books will educate you in detailed ways we at Job One for Humanity have not yet been able to do with the many climate facts and consequences found on our web pages. 

Our website lacks the finely detailed, phase-by-phase emotional power and astute psychological and character insights into what happens to and between people, families, and communities in deep crisis (the climate emergency) as things worsen.

Franky, we are baffled as to how Octavia Butler could so accurately depict the tortuous lives of individuals who waited too long to get prepared and migrate because of global warming and then suffered endless horrible consequences. She skillfully compels the reader scene by scene with a brilliantly written cast of families trying to migrate up the California coast through crisis after crisis. It is impossible not to be drawn into the painful personal lives and details of what happens to these decent, regular families when societies break down at every level because of the consequences of late-stage global warming.

Many people believe we are going to experience total human extinction and the complete collapse of modern civilization. That may become an excruciatingly painful position if the collapse level is significantly below total extinction and worldwide collapse. Some of the same people who believe in total extinction and total collapse are adapting by living out their bucket lists. Many of those bucket lists have a focus on kindness and meaning.

Unfortunately, suppose the total extinction and collapse believers are wrong. What if the extinction and collapse levels are significantly less than they believe? In that case, they will be utterly unprepared for the suffering they and their loved ones will experience, as described so elegantly and entirely in the above two books by Octavia Butler.

These additional documents will help you understand the ever-evolving climate change consequence timeframes and which locations will be hit the worst

Here are those articles:

Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. This page will explain precisely why the 1% only have 3-9 years left to maintain some level of effective control over their climate future before the immutable laws of climate and atmospheric greenhouse gas physics take over. 

Click here for the climate-driven processes of global collapse and mass to near-total extinction. Here, you will see the cascade of almost 80 primary and secondary climate change consequences unfolding and interacting with humanity's 11 other major global crises. After reading this page, you will understand why the extinction of half of humanity by 2050 is already an unavoidable reality. All that remains now is to fight to prevent our near-total extinction. 

Click here for only this year's climate change consequence forecast.

Click here for the critical MIT and related studies on the timeframes for global collapse. This is essential reading if you think it is just our think tank discussing likely climate change-driven collapse scenarios and their time frames.

Click here for the most detailed information on the evolving timeframes of climate change consequences and locations in our Members Only section. You will need to become a member, so click here to see all the Members Only access to additional critical information and benefits you will receive. (Membership cost is very reasonable.)

How to prepare for these evolving climate change timeframes

1. Click here for the necessary climate change emergency preparations.

2. Click here for the necessary climate change adaptations.

3. Click here to build climate change-resilience and a climate-resilient community. Improve Your Climate Future: Be Part of a Visionary, Self-Sufficient, and Climate-Resilient community in a ClimateSave village.

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