Handout for Local Politicians and Government Agency Officials on How to Prepare and Build Resilience to Survive the Climate Change Emergency

Last updated 12.4.23

Use the information sheet below and send it by email, snail mail, or hand deliver it to your politicians, city, county, state, national disaster emergency response agencies, local officials, and zoning departments. This will help them, for the first time, see the true magnitude of what they face in the climate change emergency.

No matter what else you may do to manage the climate emergency, there is a new urgency for personal climate educational activism. The staggering questions below will bring up many serious climate issues that politicians and other government leaders you depend upon may not have considered.

Eventually, we are going to be asked by our governments to make many difficult sacrifices to get our climate emergency under control. However, the most critical sacrifice everyone is being asked to make today as a volunteer is to get our governments in action and to engage in some local level of climate educational activism at the minimum!

If we all are not educating our politicians and peers about the accelerating global heating extinction emergency, there is little hope that our governments will enact and enforce the necessary global fossil fuel reductions.

Yes, with things as bad as they are, you still need to enjoy your life while the climate remains relatively stable. But, at the same time, if you want any future life you would like to live, you also need to become an effective climate educational activist.

How Job One for Humanity can help you become a better climate educator and activist?

We have been thinking about this issue and what new tools we could provide to help you educate many more politicians and government leaders about what is coming. As a result of that evaluation, we have created the following email and hand-out information sheet, and we are asking all Job One for Humanity visitors, subscribers, and members to start emailing, snail mailing, or handing it out.

The information below should go out to local zoning boards, city, county, state, and national politicians and local agencies, and city, county, state, and national emergency preparation agencies. To open a climate dialog, you could even send it to your friends and neighbors and ask them what they think about the serious issues it raises.

Be especially sure to see that your most progressive and climate-friendly politicians get this document too. Many still do not understand the radical and real fossil fuel reduction amounts we must achieve or the insane costs of not solving the climate emergency as our top priority.

Most politicians, emergency response leaders, and local agency and zoning officials have a poor to outdated understanding of climate science and current climate conditions, as found in the regularly updated climate change consequence summary. Therefore, this document is designed to potentially sneak around the typical climate consequence ignorance, illusions, or climate denial surrounding how bad the climate crisis will get.

It is specifically designed to get local politicians and local government agency heads thinking about the insane costs and gigantic climate problems that are already here and will get far worse as we clean up after extreme weather climate emergencies and try to adapt to the next even worse climate event. 

Because we are almost out of time to save a significant part of humanity from large-scale extinction, this document should go to every mayor, city or county council person, governor, state and national senator, and representative for your nation. It should also go to all local, state, zoning, and emergency preparedness agencies. 

Please do your personal climate education activist part and get this handout in the hands of those with the power to act. It will make a difference.

Please note: You will often need to get your local politicians and government agency people a copy of this page on how the global fossil fuel cartel's lavishly financed global disinformation campaigns have censored almost everything they currently believe about the climate change crisis. Until they realize they have been intentionally deceived by censored climate information designed to protect fossil fuel cartel profits, they will often keep believing what they hear in the media or on official government channels. Click here for this global fossil fuel cartel mind-opener and icebreaker.

The following is the politician, local agency head, and city zoning committee handout to question their climate change plans and preparedness:

Part 1: How will you recover from, adapt to, and pay for our accelerating climate catastrophes on a local, state, and national basis?

Current and new climate change consequences directly harm our local communities. The accelerating climate emergency will require the creation of many new local zoning and building regulations. The increased climate risks will also significantly affect local insurance rates for homes, businesses, and farms and require a radical increase in new local, state, and national taxes.

This document is meant to bring into view many unforeseen climate costs and consequences so that local, state, and national politicians and relevant agencies can begin ALL necessary actions relating to these present and soon-to-be worse climate issues.

The following is a list of known and accelerating global warming consequences already occurring in many local, state, and national areas. In addition, reliable and uncensored predictions indicate that most global warming consequences listed below will accelerate radically in frequency, severity, and scale from 2025 to 2031 and then worsen significantly beyond that.

Therefore, as a citizen, I want to know how you and our local, state, and national emergency agencies and politicians plan to deal with the following accelerating climate consequences:

How will you manage and provide relief to your local, state, or national citizens with the predicted increase in frequency, severity and scale of Climate change-driven extreme weather events, which are defined in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods and flooding, seal level rise, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal unseasonal weather.

More specifically, what is your plan for the following current and coming climate changes consequences:

How will you deal with the massive flooding as we experience more frequent, severe rain bombs of 10- 30 inches or more of rain over short periods covering ever-larger areas? Specifically, how will you expand our sewer systems to handle those vast amounts of water? How will you protect your water purification, sewage, and electrical stations from flooding from the predicted rain bombs?

How will you deal with ever-increasing flooding emergencies at the lowest levels of your highways and neighborhoods, which will be repeatedly flooded and impassable because of escalating rain bombs?

How will you relocate critical infrastructure (police, fire, hospitals, emergency supplies storage, etc. from high-climate risk areas to lower-climate risk areas wherever needed? (If this is not done soon, local emergency services will become difficult to impossible to deliver properly during the next climate emergency.)

How will you and your zoning departments deal with current climate change acceleration, making previous 100-year floodplain warning levels obsolete? Accelerating climate change consequences indicate that we must now use at least 1,000-year floodplain levels in all zoning codes and city planning to be safe. 

How will you deal with the massive insurance cancellations, failures to renew, and exponential increases in home, mortgage, and crop failure insurance? This is occurring already as local, state, national, and international insurance and reinsurance companies rapidly quit all global warming high-risk areas and move those anticipated climate losses onto local state and national governments and nonprofit organizations.

The world's insurance agencies are doing this already because of the anticipated hundreds of trillions of dollars in climate consequence losses worldwide. (Climate change consequences are predicted to soon cost nations 5% or more of their total GDP.) Smart insurance companies will not make themselves responsible for or expose themselves to out-of-control escalating climate risks because they know it will bankrupt all of them! (On renewal, many insurance companies are already adding new climate change exemption clauses to their existing policies. These new exemptions specifically deny climate change-related damages for most extreme weather events; such as heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal unseasonal weather. The rising result of more insurance companies declining more high-risk climate change-affected coverages will be many more homes, businesses, and farms suddenly losing all or most of their value because they could not be insured (or the rates for that insurance would be beyond affordability.)

What is your current "managed retreat" plan for purchasing all homes, businesses, and farms that will be repeatedly destroyed by climate change consequences or soon be uninsurable in the new 1,000-year global warming high-risk zones and being in high-risk zones for the other climate change consequences?

How will you deal with the initial 2-3 feet of seal level rise and then over the following decades an additional 7-10 feet of coastal sea level rise coming from the glaciers behind the Thwaites doomsday glacier sliding into the sea along with all of the additional melting glaciers and snowpack from all over the rest of the world? How will you manage the Thwaites doomsday glacier-driven massive sea level rise and disruption to the coastal areas and their highways, sewage treatment, water treatment, and electrical power facilities, all of which will be below water along the coastal areas where half of humanity now lives?

How will you deal with the climate justice needs and costs of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions, then the hundreds of millions (and eventually billions) of climate refugees migrating out of the areas between the northern and southern 35th parallels to the safer northern regions? If these people don't migrate, they will die because of climate change's many escalating primary and secondary consequences. This means they have no choice. Either they migrate or they die. (Unlike northern developed nations, these climate migrants come primarily from the nations that had little to do with causing our current fossil fuel-caused global warming extinction emergency.) 

How much will you have to increase and levy new taxes on the local, state, and national citizens and businesses when you are economically forced to cover all the accelerating recovery costs from escalating local, regional, state, and national climate disasters? (These tax increases would, at the minimum, also have to cover all the "managed retreat" home and business purchasing costs and the costs to move or raise affected highways, expand sewer systems, move or upgrade sewage and water treatment facilities (to make them climate consequence-safer,) and move electrical equipment and critical supplies and replacements threatened by flooding, rain bombs, and other climate consequences.)

And for your final question, ask your local politicians and agency heads what they have learned from the above questions and more importantly, what they will do about and how will they manage the escalating nightmare of Garett's Climate Change Dilemma.

Please send your personal and your organization's answer and position on the above issues and what you will do about them and their costs to (your email address here.) 

(Be sure also to contact your local, regional, state, or national media and give them a copy and let them know who you gave or sent this handout to. Let the agencies and politicians know you have given copies of this to the media so they know they are on notice and need to respond.)


Part 2: How soon will you begin restitution litigation against the fossil fuel companies causing climate change consequences and damages so the taxpayers do not have to pay for these cartel caused damages on a local, state, or national basis?

Our politicians must be warned about the rising tide of thousands of lawsuits being filed against the global fossil fuel cartel. These lawsuits concern the cartel's products causing worldwide consequences and damages related to climate change. These lawsuits are prosecuting the cartel's disinformation and undue influence programs on politicians to prevent passing effective laws that would enforce meaningful reductions in global fossil fuel use. Their disinformation programs have prevented the public from understanding the real climate change threat. 

These politicians must be warned that they will soon be on the wrong side of history. They could have any past involvement in squashing legitimate fossil fuel use reductions exposed as more lawsuits are filed, and more whistleblowers come forward to tell more of the hidden story. 

When you begin protesting politicians as described below, be sure also to warn them the tide is turning and not to be on the wrong side of the fossil fuel cartel's sinking ship. (if you haven't done so already, please read the three parts of the powerful Climate Justice Now program, which starts on this page. They will help you create many new ways to get the sinking ship message across to our politicians. As of 12.4.23 the Climate Justice Now program is our most recommended action to lower global fossil fuel use under current conditions.)





Additional Information for the Handouts

You can also make a powerful handout from our annual climate change consequence predictions found here. Just ask the people you give it to, "How are we going to deal with and pay for these consequences?" 


What is Managed Climate Retreat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Managed_retreat
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(Special Notice: If you have been harmed by climate change consequences, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Climate Justice NOW program, which helps the victims of climate change consequences get financial restitution. Obtaining legal restitution is another powerful way to make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for the damages it has caused worldwide and to inhibit its future ability to harm millions more people with the toxic atmosphere-polluting poison from its products. Click here for our Climate Justice Now program.)


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