For Whom was the Job One for Humanity Website Created?


Our website gets a lot of traffic and interaction with a unique group of individuals. According to Google statistics as of March 5, 2022, over the last 5 years, 4.5 million unique visitors have come to our website to review our candid, non-politicized climate change analysis and research. Additionally, scores of climate newsgroups regularly display, like, and comment upon our climate analysis articles.

What Types of Individuals Most Enjoy and Benefit from Our Website?

1. Individuals wha are science people who already sees how bad runaway global heating is going to get.

2. Individuals who many not be a science people, but whose generally reliable intuition is quietly nagging them that they soon need to make some big changes in your life and get prepared for and adapt to our accelerating runaway global heating and what looks like a bumpy and dangerous climate future ahead.

3. Climate researchers and scientists, global warming activists such as Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg's Fridays for the Future, and Sunrise Movement groups, etc. 

4. Individuals considering relocation or migration to safer areas because of the accelerating consequences of climate change.

5. Individuals what to be a part of an effective plan to reduce climate change to prevent humanity's mass to near-total extinction.

6. Individuals who were already caught unprepared in previous climate change disasters and have suffered significant personal and financial loss, and what to know more so that they do not get caught again. 

7. Observant, intelligent, or open-minded individuals that are both aware and brave enough to acknowledge that things in the world are not going well (i.e. accelerating runaway global heating, other ecological disasters, resource shortages, social inequity, etc.) They are aware that these things also will likely worsen before they get better, which will be very bad for both society and their future. 

8. sustainability advocates, environmentalists,

9. cultural and spiritual progressives, global citizens,

10. Eco-preppers and traditional Preppers interested in managing the effects of escalating global warming and our 11 other global crises, and finally,


It doesn't matter what caused you to find our website. Reviewing the information on it will help make your future more secure and safe and help reduce the anxiety that you may feel about the future. Our website was designed to help those individuals who are both open and wise enough to learn about major catastrophes before they happen. This way, they can be prepared, adapt, or get out of the way.

For example, imagine you were a Jew and living in Germany before Hitler rose to power. You somehow also learned about what was about to happen with the Final Solution. You wisely then got prepared and migrated out of Europe before the Holocaust took place. 

Like those people or organizations who warned the Jews before the Holocaust so they could get ready or migrate, Job One for Humanity also serves to warn you about what is coming soon. It is also here to help you prepare for and adapt to today's 12 most dangerous global threats, particularly our rapidly accelerating global warming. 

An Important Runaway Global Heating Update for our Mission

Overall, our mission strategy is based on the principle of focusing on working for the best possible outcomes while simultaneously preparing for the worst possible effects.

In March of 2022, Job One For Humanity reviewed current climate science and updated its position on climate change and runaway global heating. It concluded that:

As the result of ignoring 60 years of valid scientific warnings and our not resolving the climate change and rising global heating emergency, we have already locked ourselves into the beginning phase of runaway global warming and the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Mass human extinction is inevitable because we have already gone over the runaway global heating climate cliff when we reached the carbon 386 ppm level. Unfortunately, at our current 420+ ppm level, we are making our extinction occur even faster because we will cross even more climate tipping points and amplifying climate feedback loops at faster rates. The good news is that we can still save much of the other half of humanity, but only if we get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as soon as possible. 

This first mass extinction-level event will result primarily from mass starvation due to climate change-related crop failures, low crop yields, and soaring food prices. It will also be caused by growing regional conflicts as tens of millions of starving climate refugees seek to find new homes and eat to survive.

If humanity does not get close to making the required radical global fossil fuel use reductions (as described in detail on this 2025 global targets page,) humanity will face an even worse second extinction-level of near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070. (Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Accordingly, we have had to update our prior mission and goals because of the preceding and the increasingly severe global climate change and global heating consequences. Because the likelihood of coming close to the 2025 global targets for fossil fuel reduction is so low, part of our mission upgrade was to create a new Plan B for the runaway global heating extinction emergency. 

In a nutshell:

With our new Plan B, while we are still working on preventing near-total extinction, we have shifted a significant amount of our mission focus to helping individuals, families, and businesses to become aware that they now need to start preparing themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically for what can no longer be avoided; the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

We are actively helping them adapt and build climate resilience (and other kinds of resilience) both in their homes and businesses and in essential local, regional, and national systems. Our new Plan B reflects our upgraded mission and focuses on maximizing all the possible human, biological and ecological good within our extremely difficult and painful current climate position by:

A. preparing for, adapting to, and building enhanced human and biological resilience to survive climate change's ongoing catastrophic or unavoidable consequences while time remains to do so.

This getting prepared step also means that it is time to educate and prepare humanity for the many huge sacrifices we have to make to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And it is also time to start getting humanity ready for the unimaginable and unavoidable, soon-arriving suffering.  

while simultaneously,

B. pressing our governments hard and continuously to enforce radically cutting global fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets to slow down runaway global heating sufficiently so that we can avoid near-total human and biological extinction and, more of humanity can live a little longer and more securely. (We can no longer save half of humanity, but we still have a chance to save much of the rest of humanity.)

C. pressing our governments for the creation of effective global climate governance that has the power to make effective global climate law with the ability to verify, enforce, and punish violators. Without effective global climate governance, we will never be able to:

1. slow down the current climate-driven extinction and collapse,

2. manage the coming and now unavoidable climate-driven population collapse and sudden global decline, and 

3. wisely and equitably create and manage the post-global heating collapse recovery processes.     

D. And, if we do not get close to the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, with the hope that a good portion of the human population will survive we:

1. help younger individuals and families migrate from high-risk global heating areas to safer areas before it is too late to make these moves, (We forward the position that younger generations (X.Y Z, and A) who did not create or ignore the runaway global heating extinction nightmare have a far greater right to occupy the remaining global heating safest lands and to survive longer.)

2. support building many urban and rural new ecologically sustainable communities worldwide for our younger generations that:

1. might also allow at least some small part of our younger generations to survive where they are currently living, through the coming climate-change-propelled global collapse, extinction, and possible rebirth process and cycle, 

2. might learn from and apply the many hard lessons of runaway global heating and the other ecological, economic, and political consequences which will happen to us because of the ultimate consequences of our current overconsuming, highly unsustainable, and inequitable lives.

If there are survivors in these eco-communities, they and their eco-communities would serve as "beacons of light" modeling the critical new ideas, new values, and new behaviors for an eventual Great Global Rebirth. To see what these new ideas, new values and new behaviors might look like click here and look at Benefit 1.

(Please be aware that the continuous pain and suffering any survivors will go through is so immense and unimaginable that many survivors will wish they had died in the Great Global Collapse. For most, survival will be closer to a subsistence existence. Because surviving runaway global heating will be a living hell, we must lessen that hell for survivors by getting as close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as is possible.)

3. help our governments develop crisis plans for managing the sudden and massive loss of life and unfolding social and economic chaos from now until mid-century from the unavoidable runaway global heating consequences. 

Because of our 60 years of inaction and ineffective action on the global heating emergency, the informative creative destruction that will occur as half the human population unavoidably goes extinct is unconscionable and the greatest horror in human history. Yet, it is also an equally powerful opportunity to create a better world and even a great global rebirth. (To learn more about the many benefits, improvements, and new societal values that could emerge for humanity from this unsought-after evolutionary challenge and opportunity, click here.)

Humanity's Future

Humanity's future depends on how fast we can slow and lessen the worst effects of the runaway global heating extinction emergency. Our next 3 to 9 years will determine the future viability and survival of humanity. (If you would like to see the analysis of many factors that bought us to the realization that, at best, climate change is only 3-9 years away (2025-2031) from going out of our control for centuries to millenniaclick here.)

We understand that the above is a distressing and problematic climate update. But, the good news is, if our governments mass mobilize and get us close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we still will be able to save as much as half of humanity! We will also be able to save many of the plant and animal species and other living systems of our beautiful planet. 

So, let's get busy and work together to save and salvage what we need to survive and what we dearly love.

(Please note: The above climate and runaway global heating facts are currently being censored or altered by the actions of powerful fossil fuel industry lobbyists upon the media and our governments. Yet, widely visible climate and runaway global heating consequences and current climate science-based predictions support the above statements as accurate.)

The above-updated mission means that our primary organizational focus is to support and work with individuals and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable and severe global warming and environmental consequences, while at the same time, some of which are working to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can. 

Things are going so bad in global efforts to slow accelerating climate change that our nonprofit organization has recently focused our mission to serve those individuals and groups who want to adapt to, survive and thrive through the coming Great Global Collapse and the extinction of much of humanity.

The higher purpose for trying to adapt to and survive what is coming (beyond survival itself) is to take the painful lessons learned from the causes of the Great Global Collapse and use that wisdom to create a Great Global Rebirth for humanity's survivors. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to help individuals, groups, and their children survive this long-term climate nightmare so they may eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society.

Since 2008, the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization has been educating about the global warming extinction emergency. Some websites believe that you are too weak to deal with the increasingly bad global warming news or, they dummy-down their information so much, it is near useless. They act like, if they did tell you the disheartening new research concerning the global warming emergency, you will not stick around to help, volunteer, or donate.

We will never do that. Our nonprofit global warming educational organization will tell you what few other global warming websites will tell you.

We will always give you the most accurate and current science available no matter how painful.

We will make it understandable with lots of illustrations. 

We will always treat you as an adult who can deal with and manage the truth about our current global warming emergency. And,

We believe that once you do understand the science of this emergency, you will do your part to help us fix or adapt to it.

More About Job One for Humanity

Job One for Humanity founded in 2008 is a non-profit and independent climate change think tank that provides a "big picture" holistic view and analysis of the inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems creating our current climate change emergency.

While we do not do in-house original climate research, we use the published research papers of independent and respected climate scientists and climate research from organizations like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA.) 

Many climate research papers and summary materials reviewed or used by this organization in its analysis, prediction, or recommendations are also found listed:

1. in this extensive but still partial master list of these related or relevant climate research papers and summaries.
2. in many available video presentations by the climate scientists or researchers describing their own research. Click here to see an example in the video of the renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson presenting the climate emergency at Oxford.
3. in the body of many of our web pages, in the links on those pages, or in the end notes or technical notes found at the end of many pages.

We provide our climate and global heating educational information for individuals and organizations with the understanding that they will independently evaluate it and decide upon its usefulness and accuracy based on the best climate science and analysis currently available.

As an organization, we speak climate truth to power and we always treat our visitors and members as adults who can process often painful facts. We candidly speak climate truth to power also because there is no time left to hide or sugar-cote the facts surrounding the runaway global heating emergency.

We are the only non-profit think tank telling the whole and unvarnished truth on how bad the runaway global warming extinction emergency will become and preparing individuals, businesses, and nations for the unavoidable, soon-arriving climate and global heating consequences.

How Our Research, Review, and Analysis Processes are Unique 

Using the principles of system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we review and then analyze current and past climate change research and public climate summaries for:

1. errors, 

2. omissions, 

3. previously unrecognized positive or negative patterns in or between climate studies,

4. unseen interconnections or consequence connections within and between climate studies, and 

5. the unseen and hidden politicization, censorship, or the watering down of climate science by governmental agencies or other types of agents in public climate summary reports. 

The problems in 1-5 above can significantly affect the validity of current and future statements or positions concerning climate consequence timetables or the frequency, severity, and scale of climate consequences. Using system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we also review research papers and public statements on the climate for:

1. discernable or hidden biases, and

2. undeclared financial or other conflicts of interest.

The above two problems have recently become far more prevalent and have significantly underestimated negative climate consequences in public climate summaries and statements. Climate think tanks, individuals or groups operating as unknown fossil fuel lobbyists, and climate researchers funded by the fossil fuel-related industries have become the biggest offenders in this area. 

Instead of our analyzing only one area of specialized climate study like the oceans, glaciers, ice and snow packs, planetary temperature history, water vapor, soils, forests, or greenhouse gas factors on temperature and the atmosphere, we analyze climate research on how it holistically applies and interrelates to all different areas within and between the climate's interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent systems and subsystems. 

Using the tools of dialectical metasystemic thinking, we examine climate studies, their positions, and the related interactions of the climate system and subsystems through 28 different dialectical analysis perspectives and lenses. This allows us also to see, consider and value natural or human counteractions that may occur in response to the various primary and secondary consequences of climate change and global heating.

After that extensive analysis, we make climate consequence severity and time frame predictions and remedial recommendations for the correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts to minimize human loss and suffering. Our final analysis, forecasts, and recommendations always include all needed adjustments to compensate for any problems, errors, omissions, underestimation, or politicization which we discover in current climate research or summaries. Click here to see the many errors, underestimation, and politicization we found in a major recognized source of global climate research and recommendations. 

Unlike many other climate change think tanks, we do provide prioritized, critical-path, and deadline-driven solutions to the climate change emergency. These solutions are based upon accurate global fossil fuel reduction targets and avoiding the most dangerous climate tipping points and feedbacks deadlines that we currently face. 

Job One for Humanity is currently helping expose the current intense politicization of climate science. This intense politicization of science by the media, governments, and even the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acts to forward a gross underestimation of our actual and current climate consequences, timeframes, remedies, and condition.

Unexpectedly, our independent climate change analysis has turned us into reluctant whistleblowers exposing how popular and politicized climate data has been distorted to serve the hidden interests of those who gain financially (or in other ways) from the ongoing global use of fossil fuels and hiding the real danger the public faces from the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Please note that our education materials, because of their serious and adult nature are not meant for adolescents under 16! 


Our all-volunteer organization, which is very rare these days. Our volunteers are independent, self-organizing individuals who have a passion for fixing climate change before it is too late. 

The core of our organization is made up of think tank climate analysts and researchers who have volunteered their time. One could also think of us as a unique and partially crowdsourced think tank in many ways. 

Our volunteers self-organize to handle our social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. In addition, our volunteers do all of the Climate Change Blog postings as they have done for years. Click here to see a profile of our members, volunteers and the audience of curious visitors who will most benefit from our website.

According to Google statistics, as of March 5, 2022, 4.5 million unique visitors have come to our website to review our independent and non-politicized climate change analysis and research over the last five years. Additionally, scores of Facebook climate change newsgroups regularly display, like, and comment upon our original climate analysis and articles.

Our website has easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. Our website illuminates the "big picture" physics and math-determined interactions of the climate's many complex adaptive systems. 

Our mission is currently educating individuals and businesses on preparing for adapting to the climate consequences we can no longer avoid! Our focus is to support and work with those individuals, businesses, and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable, severe climate change consequences. At the same time, those groups are also encouraged to work to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can.

We will do everything we can to help individuals, businesses, and groups survive this long-term nightmare so they might eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society, what we call the Great Global Rebirth.

Our Advisory Board


We are here to help you prepare, adapt, survive, and thrive!


We have an honest plan to make things better

Based on a careful and continuous meta-systemic analysis of the global warming emergency and its real urgency, we have also created and continually update a systematic 4 part plan for dealing with the contingencies of this emergency utilizing a critical, prioritized, and deadline-driven strategy quite unlike any other global warming and fossil fuel reduction plan. (Our meta-systemic analysis and evaluation results have also produced a set of prioritized and practical, urgently needed global warming and fossil fuel reduction solutions to the global warming extinction emergency in the form of the Job One for Humanity Plan.)

The best way to start reviewing our website

We invite you to start reading our website by clicking here. It will take you to the most important things to learn and do on our website. After starting on this page then go anywhere your interest carries you and you will quickly discover that we are on the leading edge of original meta-systemic, dialectical and multidisciplinary climate studies summary analyses and we have created more honest consequence severity and timetable predictions for the coming global warming consequences.


The staff and volunteers of Job One for Humanity

(To read more about the importance of the power of meta-systemic analysis tools click here.

Additional Reading

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will occur as we work successfully on this project together. Although we are now in what could be called a Great Global Collapse process triggered by accelerating global warming, this collapse process will eventually offer equal to (or even greater than) long-term benefits in the form of a potential Great Rebirth beyond the coming suffering and loss.

First on this page (that has been read almost 2 million times,) and then this other critical global warming benefit page, you will find the many often hidden surprise benefits of the global warming challenge. You also will find a framework and the possibilities for what could be called a post-collapse Great Rebirth, no matter how bad the collapse process gets.

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