For Whom was the Job One for Humanity Website Created?


Our website was designed to help those individuals who are wise enough to either figure out, sense or learn about major catastrophes before they happen. This way they can be prepared or get out of the way.

For example, imagine you were Jewish and living in Germany before Hitler rose to power. You somehow grasped, sensed, or learned about what was about to happen.

You then wisely got prepared and migrated out of Europe before the Holocaust took place. 

This website serves the function of warning you about what is coming as well as helping you to prepare for and to adapt to today's most dangerous global threats particularly, our rapidly accelerating global warming.

Today's most dangerous threats are the global warming emergency interacting with the world's other critical problems and emergencies 

As you review our website, please keep in mind that our governments and political leaders in most countries have utterly failed to recognize the coming suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor did they adequately prepare for it. Our government leaders are equally not seeing or adequately preparing for the global warming emergency and its interactions with the world's 12 other major emergencies.  

What we all face currently includes both the COVID pandemic and the global recession or depression. But things are far worse than COVID-19 and our current economic worries! 

The new reality of all of the critical global emergencies (which includes global warming) interacting simultaneously means that you too will need to be prepared and rely on yourselves (not on your governments) to survive the coming catastrophic events.

As you will discover, this website is not only a place to learn how to survive but also to thrive through the accelerating consequences of global warming and other critical global emergencies.

To deal with the current threats and emergencies our organization has enacted the following mission

Our mission is to inform and inspire you:

1. to do everything you can to live more sustainably so that while we work to slow down global warming as much as possible, we are also building a sustainable and thriving future. (Click here to see what to do to live more sustainably.)

2. to do everything possible to save and salvage your family, business, humanity, and our civilization for as long as we can. This "save and salvage" action is necessary because, as it looks now, our odds are not favorable for successfully managing the global warming extinction emergency by radically reducing our global fossil fuel use. (Click here to see why our odds are so low for successfully managing global warming. For how to prepare, adapt, survive, and save and salvage as much as possible, see the Job One for Humanity climate change and global warming emergency Plan B ) And,

3. to do everything you can to help prevent a global warming-caused total extinction event. This means helping the world by way of worldwide government action to slow down an already unfolding and unavoidable mass extinction event for most of humanity by about mid-century." (Click here to see how we can slow down the global use of fossil fuels which will also improve many of the other major global emergencies.

Why we are a better source of information for what is coming

Most other global warming educational websites continue to present subtly "flawed" or politicized analysis by other climate research organizations like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which have undisclosed political biases, vested interests, or inherent conflicts of interests.

Other educational organizations present these partial and/or flawed analyses, which are not based upon a comprehensive Hegelian dialectical and meta-systemic analysis. This results in underestimated, incorrect, and/or inadequate consequence timetable and consequence severity predictions for the relevant climate, biological, and human systems involved.

Why our climate summary analyses are better

Our global warming educational efforts are derived from a meta-systemic analysis of current global warming research. A meta-systemic analysis of global warming involves the detailed analysis of climate multidisciplinary processes, contexts, relationships, and the continuously evolving transformations occurring among and between the interconnected and interdependent systems and subsystems of the climate and humanity interacting with it, which are causing global warming.

This meta-analysis process considers global warming's systems and subsystems both as stand-alone and individual systems as well as being interconnected and interdependent with and upon each other. This analysis also creates a critical "big picture" overview as well as a Hegelian dialectical consequence progression model and timetable for the unfolding of the worst coming global warming consequences. 

Unlike much of today’s research analysis and interpretation, we offer an over-arching analysis and interpretation of existing climate research free of vested interests, political influences, or marketing/donor considerations. We speak the often disturbing truth to power about our current global warming extinction emergency to a level which you will not find elsewhere on the internet. 

As an example of this candidness, please review our analysis of the correct levels of global fossil-fuel reduction that must be achieved by 2025, or we will quickly cross three global warming extinction-evoking tipping points. Crossing these global warming tipping points will result in the extinction of most of humanity by about mid-century and possibly even total extinction. (For the real 2025 reduction targets, see

We are also a respectful disruptor

We are an organization of respectful disruptors. We do this by being a respectful disruptor when we challenge any organization or individual that presents false or misleading analysis or information about our current global warming extinction emergency or, that minimizes or diminishes its real threat or, what we must do to save humanity in time. (Click here for precisely what we mean when we say we are respectful disruptors.)  

And, we have an honest plan to make things better

Based on a careful and continuous meta-systemic analysis of the global warming emergency and its real urgency, we have also created and continually update a systematic 4 part plan for dealing with the contingencies of this emergency utilizing a critical, prioritized, and deadline-driven strategy quite unlike any other global warming and fossil fuel reduction plan. (Our meta-systemic analysis and evaluation results have also produced a set of prioritized and practical, urgently needed global warming and fossil fuel reduction solutions to the global warming extinction emergency in the form of the Job One for Humanity Plan.)

The best way to start reviewing our website

We invite you to start reading our website by clicking here. It will take you to the most important things to learn and do on our website. After starting on this page then go anywhere your interest carries you and you will quickly discover that we are on the leading edge of original meta-systemic, dialectical and multidisciplinary climate studies summary analyses and we have created more honest consequence severity and timetable predictions for the coming global warming consequences.

A little bit more about us and the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization

Since 2008, the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization has been educating about the global warming extinction emergency. We are unique in that we are an all-volunteer organization. 

Some websites believe that you are too weak to deal with the increasingly bad global warming news or, they dummy-down their information so much, it is near useless. They act like, if they did tell you the disheartening new research concerning the global warming emergency, you will not stick around to help, volunteer, or donate.

We will never do that. Our nonprofit global warming educational organization will tell you what few other global warming websites will tell you.

We will always give you the most accurate and current science available no matter how painful.

We will make it understandable with lots of illustrations. 

We will always treat you as an adult who can deal with and manage the truth about our current global warming emergency. And,

We believe that once you do understand the science of this emergency, you will do your part to help us fix or adapt to it.


The staff and volunteers of Job One for Humanity

(To read more about the importance of the power of meta-systemic analysis tools click here.)

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