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All member's receive three ebook copies (a $26.00 value) of critical books relevant to global warming and other global issues:

a. The first free ebook is Climageddon; the Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive it. It is an $8.95 value. This ebook is getting great reviews on Amazon and, you can download it in one of the three most popular ebook reader formats. 

To download this ebook go to Once at this URL, enter your email address, and you will immediately be sent all of the downloading instructions to instantly receiving the Climageddon ebook in 3 different popular ebook reader formats. If you do not get a download location email in 5 minutes, check your spam filter file. (For more information about the Climageddon ebook before you download you can read an overview here or read its many great four and five-star reviews at Amazon here!)

Don't forget there are also free updates for the Climageddon book since it was published. These regular updates are based on worsening global warming conditions and far less global fossil fuel reductions than were agreed to and executed.

All of the free Climageddon book updates can be found on this page. (We strongly recommend you look at these updates after you have familiarized yourself with Part 1 of the Climageddon book and before you begin the other parts of the book!)

And finally; when you have finished reading Climageddon, please go to this Climageddon book review link at Amazon and write a book review. The more reviews Climageddon gets, the more people will see it because more reviews make it more visible at Amazon. The more people that read Climageddon means that more people will be better prepared for the coming painful consequences of the accelerating global warming emergency.

b. The second book is Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions that Will Soon End Humanity by Michael MielkeThis $8.95 value ebook explains and elaborates in great detail on the carbon capture technology delusion and the many other global crises we face.

To download and read Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions that Will Soon End Humanity by Michael Mielke, click here.

c. The third ebook is Collapse 2020, Vol 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization by Bruce Nappi. This $8.95 value ebook lays out a strong case on why we must prepare for the first-ever global warming-aggravated, global collapse coming within mere decades. Collapse 2020 digs into the major chaos of today’s world: climate change, liberal-conservative polarization, gridlock in governments, and massive social injustice. It provides a NEW understanding for what has and is going wrong. It also provides revolutionary solutions for those who survive to build a world that will NOT repeat the 10 millenniums of carnage that have defined humanity.

To receive and read Collapse 2020, Vol 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization in either a Pages or Word format, email us at [email protected]@org and put only "Collapse Pages" or "Collapse Word" in the email subject line depending upon which format you would like to receive. 

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