Our Team

Our Team

We are an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers handle our social media, marketing, research, local events, and accounting.

Due to the growing harassment and targeting of global warming activists telling the hard truths about global warming by global warming deniers and those in the fossil fuel industry funding them, we do not publish information on our volunteer names or contact information unless they have specifically given us permission to do so as the executive director has done.

The Executive Director

Since its inception in 2008, Lawrence Wollersheim has been the Executive Director of Job One for Humanity. He is involved in all aspects of Job One for Humanity's mission including global warming research. He brings years of experience in successful social advocacy and social advocacy litigation.

As a social advocate, Lawrence also helped to win the largest California SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuit to date against an organization that was using excessive litigation tactics to unfairly financially overwhelm, harass and intimidate an under-funded non-profit social advocacy organization. His early SLAPP legal victory and precedent also has been a powerful legal aid to all non-profit organizations in legal battles with big corporations filing meritless lawsuits designed to silence and bankrupt their less-wealthy nonprofit opponents. 

Lawrence Wollersheim also is a director of Universe Spirit (www.UniverseSpirit.org) an organization that has helped birth the new Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview, the principles of Sustainable Prosperity, Universe Citizenship and Evolutioneer programs, and Religion 2.0 (AKA Evolution Spirituality,) the first open-source, meta-religion grounded in the sciences of universe evolution."

Since 2002 Lawrence has also been the Executive Director for all operational aspects of Universe Spirit's evolution science and Universe Evolutionary Worldview research, educational activities, publishing, web operations, online Universe College, and all related marketing. 

Since 1983 as a major part of his life’s passion, Lawrence has been continuously studying, experiencing, and being committed to forwarding the balanced and healthy relationship of science and spirituality particularly evolution science and the healthy and effective aspects of a personal direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality found within both science's discoveries and the world’s great eastern and western spiritual traditions. In addition to his management administrative and research and writing duties at Universe Spirit, since 2002 Lawrence also performs all of the normal ministerial functions of an Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitator.

Lawrence Wollersheim is also on the staff of the Universe Institute, (www.UniverseInstitute.org) and Universe Day (www.TheUniverseDay.org.)

Lawrence spent over 20 years earlier in his career as the founder and managing director of HealthKeeper Inc., a software company specializing in assisting dieters, diabetics, and individuals with cardiovascular problems related to weight and nutrition. At HealthKeeper, Lawrence designed software and invented the NutriCode, which is a colored bar code that allows the user to understand a food label’s nutritional content and its impact on their daily diet goals without having to do any math.

From his various experiences above, Lawrence has an extensive 30-year background in both day-to-day business operations and information technology, which he is able to draw from for his work in the non-profit, for-profit, and social advocacy sectors.

Lawrence Wollersheim is a polymath and autodidact. He is also dyslexic, which he credits with helping him to keep some sense of humor and humility in his personal life as well as his creative social advocacy work. (See Lawrence Wollersheim's Wikipedia listing here.)


Since 1993, Lawrence has also been a managing board director at FactNet Inc., (www.factnet.org) a nonprofit educational organization that was the oldest Internet resource for victims of cults and abusive religious practices who were seeking information and recovery.

For 20 years Lawrence was mentored by and was one of the few protégés of Dr. Margaret Singer, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley. Dr. Singer before her passing was the world’s leading authority on mind-control, destructive religious practices, and destructive cults. Dt Singer was also one of the co-founders of Factnet in 1993. 

Over a 32-year period, both before and during his tenure at FactNet and Job One for Humanity, Lawrence was involved in a series of 5 lawsuits against the infamous Scientology cult. His success in all 5 of these lawsuits against Scientology established important new legal precedents on freedom of thought and informed consent in alleged religious settings. These new legal freedom of thought and belief precedents are currently part of the first-year constitutional law studies of many US law students. To date, Lawrence Wollersheim has been the only individual to ever successfully sue, win in court, and fully collect over 9 million dollars in verdicts against the Scientology cult.

About 10 years ago Factnet evolved its mission from education about coercive and unethical influence tactics to a global warming educational focus.

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    You will need to drill down through the links and you will find lots of documentation.
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    Where can I find the science to back-up the ‘2025 fossil fuel reduction targets’ claim you make?
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