A climate well-informed 83-year-old writes about dread and the Climate Change Emergency

I started writing this essay on April 3, 2023, but have been unable to generate any enthusiasm to write. Then tonight...

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Did James Hansen and other climate scientists release the scariest climate change research paper ever?

James Hansen, the former NASA scientist, first warned us that climate change could drive humanity to extinction. He now has...

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One Third Of Forest Fires Are Spurred By Global Carbon Companies — And They Will Be Accountable

In Alberta alone more than a million acres of forest have been consumed by fire this year.

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Job One for Humanity is a nonprofit climate change think tank that is 100% publicly funded. We provide independent and uncensored climate change analysis. We also provide a comprehensive plan for preparing for, adapting to, and recovering from the climate change emergency. Our plan is based on the most current climate change science. Our plan provides practical, prioritized, and effective steps to start today.

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