Our last Climate Change monthly newsletter: COP 27, Climate Change Insurance Crisis, Cool Videos, Our Partnership, and ...

After 10 years this is our last climate change monthly newsletter and climate issue update, but we will not be...

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The Dirty Secrets Behind the Gargantuan Failure of the 2022, COP 27, International Climate Conference

Did fossil fuel-dependent industries, fossil fuel-producing nations, and their lobbyists and climate greenwashers co-opt or secretly control COP27? You be...

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Why Are Worldwide Insurance Companies Racing to Cancel or Deny Climate Change-Related Policies for Homes, Businesses, Mortgages, and Crop Failure?

Accelerating climate change consequences are driving an avalanche of insurance cancelations or denials for existing and new homes, businesses, mortgages,...

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Climate Crisis Preparation, Adaptation, and Recovery Solutions

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Job One for Humanity is a not-for-profit climate change think tank providing independent and uncensored climate change analysis. It also provides a comprehensive plan for preparing for, adapting to, and recovering from the climate change emergency. Our plan is based on the most current global warming science. It provides practical, prioritized, and effective steps you can start today.

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