Biden's New Climate Change Bill, Far Too little, Far Too Late and, Half of Humanity Dead by Mid-Century

They used horribly wrong fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines for saving humanity, now they are celebrating their bill.

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Why is "Thwaites" the MONSTER Climate Tipping Point Everyone Always Needs to Be Watching?

Everyone should pay very close attention every time you hear the word "Thwaites" in the news. Thwaites is the name of...

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Our July 2022 Global Warming Newsletter, Good Climate News and Not-So-Good News

This month's July newsletter is about some good climate news and not-so-good climate news. It also contains new climate articles, updates,...

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Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization with a complete plan for how to prepare for, adapt to, and slow and lessen the global warming and climate change emergency. This plan is based on the most current global warming research and science. It provides practical, prioritized, effective steps you can start today.

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