We have been warning about how dangerous climate change tipping points are to the Future, And...

A very good new article was published recently that underscores what we have been warning about for years. It is...

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Thoughts on Energy and Our Climate and Ecological Crises

All life is based on energy.  For all but the last one hundred and fifty years, every creature on Earth...

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If Climate, Environment, or Sustainability Concerns You, You Must Get this New Book ASAP!

We take our climate book recommendations very seriously. Currently, only two books must be read by everyone seriously concerned about the climate,...

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Climate Crisis Preparation, Adaptation, and Recovery Solutions

Who Are We?

Job One for Humanity is a nonprofit climate change think tank that is 100% publicly funded. We provide independent and uncensored climate change analysis. We also provide a comprehensive plan for preparing for, adapting to, and recovering from the climate change emergency. Our plan is based on the most current climate change science. Our plan provides practical, prioritized, and effective steps to start today.

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