We face difficult global warming choice options as we stare down a high probability Great Global Collapse and possible later Great Global Rebirth

Global warming is fueling a Great Global Collapse, but it also could be setting the stage for a Great Global...

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World's Leading Authority on Climate Change Says We Can No Longer Prevent Climate Change Consequences Only Adapt to Them

Do you know the horrible consequences you will need to adapt to and be aware of to replan your life?

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The Climate Change Doomsday Clock has just been updated and, you are not going to like it!

Almost everyone has heard about the Doomsday Clock created by a group of nuclear scientists not long after the advent...

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Global Warming and Climate Change Solutions, Adaptation and Migration Information

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Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization with a complete plan for how to prepare for, adapt to, and slow and lessen the global warming and climate change emergency. This plan is based on the most current global warming research and science. It provides practical, prioritized, effective steps you can start today.

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