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The five free ebooks and the 1-year free membership to the members-only sections of this website (a combined $50 value) are part of a collaborative and supportive arrangement that we have made with the organization that has given you this gift offer.

Here are the climate change relocation, migration, and managed retreat topics found in our members-only section

Hundreds of thousands of smart individuals are already relocating because of climate change. Here is the essential information you will need to do it without making serious location mistakes or wasting time and money.

It includes:

What is the most updated information about climate change migration, relocation, or managed retreat? 

How to Know Where and When to Migrate Because of Accelerating Global Warming and Climate Change? 

Before relocating, what must I know about climate change migration and relocation? 

What Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Evaluation Factors are the Most Important? 

What are the Climate Change Safer Zones Within the United States and Worldwide? 

Do you have a robust checklist for climate change safer, land and home purchasing, migration, relocation, or managed retreat? (This 6-page checklist will help keep you from making poor or inadequate land or home purchases that will not add to your climate safety and longevity.)

Why find, join, or create a ClimateSafe Village-like resilient eco-community to significantly improve my long-term climate change survive and thrive possibilities? Click here.

What are the worst migration challenges and difficult choices that I must face in a high-probability climate change-driven Great Global Collapse? Click here.

Here are the Other Critical Topics Covered in Our Members-Only Section

It includes:

What are the most critical climate change consequence timeframes I will need to know to plan a safe future for myself, my family, and my business? 

What are the seven new climate change rules for real estate buying, selling, and investment in the age of accelerating climate change? 

What are the financial loss timeframes and percentages for the coming local, state, national, and global financial losses due to accelerating climate change consequences?  (Learn how climate change will destabilize the world economy to levels that will take decades to recover.)

How will Climate Change Create Stock Market Opportunities and Massive Future Market Losses and Instabilities? (What stocks will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

How will Climate Change Cause Wild Fluctuations and Unpredictability in Future Commodity Prices? Click here. (What commodities will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

The predictions for how climate change will affect political conflict or instability probabilities, particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

What are the Basics for Recovery From Climate Change Losses and Related Disasters? 

How do I get All of the Free Climate Change-Related Ebooks available to all Members? Click here. 

What is the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and its Timetables for a Climate Change-Driven Global Collapse? Click here. 

Do you have Special Member-Only Briefings and Alerts On Climate Change? Click here. 

How will escalating climate change break down the strongest democracies, roll back existing human rights, and threaten worldwide political stability

We continually update the members-only information as new climate change research arrives.


Here is a list of the available five climate-related ebooks you will also recieve:

"In Our Hands" by Wilford H Welch is a $9.99 ebook. In Our Hands is the result of extensive research into climate science and the use of systems thinking and driving forces analysis. Using these methods, Wilford makes sense of the climate crisis and what we all need to do to address it. He lays out two futures, one looking back from 2050 and the actions we took to save ourselves; the other, entitled "The Road to Ruin," shows how the world collapsed into chaos by mid-century due to our failure to take effective actions. Here are some reviews of just updated great book on Amazon.


"Climageddon: the Climate Change and Global Warming Survival Kit" by Lawrence Wollersheim is an $8.95 value. The Climageddon book will show you the scientific evidence on how bad global warming really is, how bad it will get, and how soon the worst of the now unavoidable consequences of global warming will destabilize you, your family, business, or nation. Climageddon describes the 20 worst global warming consequences. It also lays out the 11 most critical global warming tipping points. These tipping points are striking terror in the minds and hearts of everyone involved in short-term, mid-range, and long-range essential planning. Understanding the 11 global warming tipping points is critical because crossing a few more of them, left unchecked, will initiate the end of humanity and civilization over the next several decades. The systemic analysis found within Climageddon also shows you how to stay ahead of the coming global warming-related financial market unpredictability and drops. These will occur naturally because of the escalating consequences of continually rising temperatures on food crops, related businesses, and global political stability. Climageddon has scores of great reviews on Amazon. You can download it in one of the three most popular ebook reader formats. 


For those who do not like reading complex climate change scientific research and still want to be entertained and educated, we have the ebook version of "On Vestige Way" by David Spielberg (a $9.00 ebook value.) It is an emotion-packed CLI-Fi (climate fiction) novel about how global warming affects the future and fate of Millennials, Generation Z, and corporations. It also describes a massive rearrangement of the political alliances we take for granted. It is so hard to put down that you will be missing work and sleep wondering what happens next to the story's heroes and heroines struggling with the genuine global heating future the younger generations will face. Yet, it is one of the most scientifically accurate CLI-FI books on the market. You can read the Amazon reviews on this book here.


Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions that Will Soon End Humanity" by Michael Mielke. This $8.95 value ebook explains and elaborates in great detail on the carbon capture technology delusion and the many other global crises we face, such as resource Overshoot—a necessary read and update on new technology delusions that will not save us in time.


You will also receive a free ebook copy of "Collapse 2020, Vol 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization" by Bruce Nappi. This $8.95 value ebook lays out a strong case on why we must prepare for the first-ever climate change-aggravated, global collapse coming within mere decades. Collapse 2020 digs into the major chaos of today's world: climate change, liberal-conservative polarization, gridlock in governments, and massive social injustice. (PDF format only.)

And, there are several other important additional gifts included:

1. You also will get the one-year Job One for Humanity membership a $9.00 value. You will have full members-only access to nonpublic climate and global heating website information as described below:

critical prediction information on how, when, and where the escalating global warming emergency will affect:

local, regional, and national real estate values and finances,

stock market values, specifically corporations whose stocks and bonds will be most affected as the global warming emergency worsens,

commodity prices as regionalized crops and other commodities fail because of increased heat or other global warming consequences, as well as which food prices will rise the fastest, etc.,

2. increased political conflict or instability probabilities, particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

3. first alerts and early warnings about the coming global warming catastrophes,

4. exclusive global warming emergency preparation and adaptation information for your family, home, and business.

5. well-researched global warming family and business migration options for the sparse global warming safer zones (For those of you who live in global warming high-risk areas.)

The members-only area of our website will provide critical details on how and when the consequences of the global warming emergency can affect your investments, financial transactions, real estate, and even your individual or business physical survival. 

2. You will also receive one year of online email support to help you prepare for the worsening global heating consequences. This online support will help you get through all parts of the Job One for Humanity Global Heating Resilience Plan. This global heating plan will help you reduce your fossil fuel use, become more sustainable, and keep you motivated and demanding your government acts before it is too late!

You also will be able to ask global heating plan questions and share your successes, knowledge, and experiences via this new online support system. 


For answers to all of your remaining questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.

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  • Mohamed Fatu Kargbo
    commented 2022-06-11 19:02:44 -0700
    In the first place I must give thanks and praises to our creator and our elders the organizers of this great event.
    All human beings should stand firmly for climate action in order to save our soil for we all and generations yet unborn. Better income countries should stand firmly and support low income countries to create awareness in remote areas. People living in remote areas are busying cutting down the trees for charcoal burning especially in Africa without afforestation there by contributing more heat to the environment.
    Destruction of microorganisms that should have given more manure to the soil for food production. The youths should be involved in key developmental decession making especially in Africa wherein most of the politicians uses youths to course damaged for their selfish interest by giving them alcohol.
    I am a voluntary tutor at Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Center SLOIC Makeni Campus, teaching electrical engineering principles with no salary but I am still continue to share the little knowledge that our creator gave me and what I learned from elders to my colleagues youths for a better world.
    I have no support from anyone, I sent myself to school after the eleven years civil war in Sierra Leone with no surviving parents.
    Lastly I give thanks and praises to Alice Grossman Guntert matchmaker for sacred solution permaculture Global Ecovillage network Africa as a good friend to me who always shared valuable information to me for me to achieve my dreams and help humanity and save the soil.
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    published this page in Us 2022-04-19 15:03:54 -0700
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    published this page in Us 2022-04-19 14:56:45 -0700
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