The Job One for Humanity 2023 Mission Accomplishments

Last Updated 11.24.23

At or near the end of every year, our climate change think tank shares what we have done together for a better global warming future. 

What is most remarkable about the following list of 2023 accomplishments is that we have no paid staff! We do it all on a humble annual budget.

Yes, everything was done by Job One volunteers (or a rare temporary independent contractor with critical skills that no one on our all-volunteer team has.) 

Here are just a few of our many 2023 education and action accomplishments as of November 20, 2023:

1. According to Google:

a. More than 414,000 unique visits have occurred at our climate change facts and solutions website as of this date.

b. More than 3,900 hours of free online education on the global warming emergency and what we must do for sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods.

2. We have had double the shares, likes, and comments on our posts and original articles on 30 Facebook and Internet climate change and environmental newsgroups and our websites!

3. Total Memberships in 2023 have reached over 7,000.

4. I've launched the ClimateSafe Villages Movement with about 400 plus people joining up in its first few months.


5. We are just about to launch our new Climate Justice NOW program. It supports victims of climate change worldwide getting their just climate damage restitution in the legal system from the global fossil fuel cartel. Click here to see one part of it.

6. Guidstar, the non-profit monitoring service, awarded us its highest financial transparency Platinium rating.

7. We have continuously updated our detailed cutting-edge analysis of new climate research and worsening climate conditions. Click here to see our continuously updated climate change condition and consequence information.

8. More individuals than ever are working through the preparation, adaptation, and other critical action steps of the highly relevant and effective Job One for Humanity Climate Change Emergency and Resilience Plan

As global warming consequences accelerate, these steps make their lives and businesses far safer and more stable.

9. We are serving more individuals than ever before!

10. Our independent climate change think tank's uncensored dialectical meta-systemic analysis of the climate's many complex adaptive systems steadily influences the leadership of other climate change and environmental organizations.

We can see the growing influence of our detailed climate analysis work in the changes in their global warming terminology and their new discussions about its most serious global warming consequences. Click here for the master list of primary and secondary global warming consequences.

11. We have many more new volunteers, increased our membership, and now have over 8,000 global warming emergency petition signatures.



12. We extensively upgraded our website software (which now costs about $4000 a year). Using the new system, we set up new online support systems to help our members and volunteers stay motivated and get more done to help get our climate change nightmare under control.



13. Many more Job One-educated individuals are now working through their climate change and global warming emergency preparation, adaptation, and other critical personal and collective fossil fuel reduction action steps found in the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan

14We have continued the bi-weekly to monthly updating of our ongoing team analysis of our worsening climate conditions. These updates are based on the newest research and current fossil fuel reduction activity or inactivity. (Click here to see that continuously updated climate consequence information.)



15. Because of our candid climate education, many more individuals have become activists and have realized the seriousness of the global warming emergency and value the many effective action recommendations found within our Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan. 



As global warming consequences continue to accelerate, the regularly updated Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan makes the lives and businesses of those using it far safer and more stable!


16. We have been actively pushing for declaring a worldwide Global Warming State of Emergency since 2010. We are nearing the 10,000 signatures level in 2022.



17. We have created more alliances with other climate and environmental organizations.



18. Because we are educating and motivating far more individuals and executing our mission, we have had far more new donors and more donation support than any other year since 2009! 

Last but not least,

Together, we have done a lot this year! To help us do even more in 2024, we invite you to help keep this work going and be an essential part of the global warming solution by supporting our mission. So, if you can afford it, please become either a one-time donor or an annual member!



If you can make a tax-deductible donation, you also will get wonderful gifts and a whole lot more! 

To make a secure one-time online donation, click this donation link. 

To make a reoccurring monthly donation, click here. 

Yours for our children and the future,




Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director

Job One for Humanity & Universe Spirit

PS: If you would like to see how we will wisely and frugally use your donations in 2024, click here. 

Click here to see a profile of our members and the audience of visitors who will most benefit from our website.

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We always are profoundly grateful for any size donation! 

Job One for Humanity is part of the 30-year-old 501c(3), IRS-recognized, US tax-deductible not-for-profit organization called Factnet. Guidestar (the respected guide to ethical nonprofits) recognizes us for our financial transparency with their highest Platinum rating.

For answers to all of your remaining questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


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