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Last updated 10.25.23

If you do not understand what climate change and global warming are or what is causing them, first click here for this essential explanation of how climate change works, then come back to this page and continue with the six-part action checklist below.

Step 1: Click here (or on Greta Thunberg's image below) to sign a simple climate change and global heating emergency personal action pledge.



Greta Thunberg, the teen global climate activist, urges declaring a global climate change emergency and committing to personal climate education and action! Humanity's future survival depends upon getting as many individuals as possible through the climate change action steps on this page and, most importantly, getting our politicians to get our governments to fix climate change before it goes out of our control sometime between 2025 and 2031.

Step 2: Click here or the image below to discover the most dangerous things people do not understand about the runaway global heating emergency. 





Step 3: Start telling everyone you love and know about climate change and the global warming emergency. 

Now that you have read the above ten most important climate change facts and read about our Job One for Humanity Plan B, it is up to you to get our climate change and runaway global heating analysis and remedial climate actions to all of your open-minded friends, neighbors, work associates, and local media. If you do not tell others, they will believe the grossly underestimated climate summary reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spread by the media worldwide.

Then, falsely thinking they are safe and there is little urgency, they will do little to nothing to prepare for the coming climate consequences or help fix this escalating emergency. Consequently, we will ALL suffer needlessly, and far too many of us will perish.

We need everyone working on this! Please do not wait to start educating. We are almost out of time. We only have until 2025-2031 at best, to prevent a near-total extinction event from occurring over the following decades! Getting others aware of the real urgency of the climate and global heating emergency is the absolute least anyone can do to do their part to help themselves and humanity out of this rapidly worsening climate nightmare! 

We have provided the following suggestions to help you get started educating others as everyone's climate Project 1. You can do the following in any order you like, but it is critical that everyone does their part in reaching out to others before it is too late to prevent the worst coming runaway global heating consequences:

Part a: You can begin by using our simple climate change and global heating "elevator pitch" found here to start conversations with friends, neighbors, work associates, and strangers and let them know how serious the current climate emergency is. In these conversations, personally share what you have learned about the runaway global heating emergency. Or,

Part b: You can start conversations with friends, neighbors, work associates, and strangers and let them know the many wondrous benefits they, the society, and the world will receive when we get the runaway global heating emergency under control. Click here to read about the many benefits of global heating and climate change if you have not done so already. This benefits page is the most read page of our website, with over 2 million visits. Or,

Part c: You can email your friends or the people you talk to this critical link to the ten critical climate facts on the Job One website. This one page and its links will quickly educate anyone on our perilous climate change condition. You can also email them the global heating benefits page if you think that will be better.



Step 4: Get busy letting your local, state, and national politicians know they must act now before it is too late to avert unconscionable accelerating climate change consequences.




Click here or on the image above of our inactive, bumbling, and sad politicians (above) who are not protecting us from the accelerating climate change emergency. This link has effective ideas and tips for getting the climate change emergency message to your politicians.


Step 5: Become a Job One for Humanity volunteer and do more to help clean up our climate emergency and nightmare.

Click here or on the image below. We will immediately email you a set of possible first volunteer projects.




Step 6: Become a donor and supporting member of the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization and community.

All donors will also get five free amazing climate-related ebooks, a $42 value!

Click here or on the image below to become a member or make a donation.



Four things you can always be sure of in the climate change emergency and about our climate future 

Despite all of the climate change challenges and severe global warming consequences that are possible and discussed on this website, the single constant truth for the best possible outcomes for humanity is that; the faster we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting or getting as close as possible to the 2025 global targets:

a. the more time we will "buy" and have to prepare and adapt to the many global warming consequences that we can no longer avoid! (See Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One Plan.)

b. the more people that can survive longer and more comfortably to carry on human and biological life, and our beautiful civilization into the future (See Parts 3 of the Job One Plan for how we can still get our governments to act in time to save us from climate destabilization and catastrophe.)

c. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from accelerating  global warming consequences and catastrophes, and most importantly

d. we preserve a fighting chance to avoid our own near-total extinction.

e. we can also obtain these other amazing benefits and even bring about a Great Global Rebirth.

More people surviving longer and more people having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared to ride out what is coming is an undeniable good, particularly when you weigh it against the consequences of doing nothing or the failure to make the needed sacrifices to get climate change under the decent survival-for-humanity, level of control. 

Never forget, we still have time left (until 2025 and maybe as long as 2031 if humanity is very, very fortunate) to:

1. get close to the required radical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and after that,

2. complete the necessary emergency preparations and,

3. adapt to soonest-arriving global warming consequences, which, unfortunately, are already "baked in" and which we can no longer avoid or change!

For Information about the Job One for Humanity climate change think tank and organization, click here.

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